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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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in the north day, conditions in the 50s. we're tracking that storm system and how much rain we'll get on sunday. that's it. on this saturday night, charged with murder. the dramatic new details tonight on how the suspect in the deadly paris bombing tacks was finally tracked down and captured in belgium, while the french try to bring him back to face trial. deadly crash. searching for answers in russia after a boeing 737 crashes and breaks apart, killing all 62 people on board. arizona battleground. ahead of tuesday's primary, we are out with the protestors who are blocking traffic and change themselves to cars in the ground war to try to stop trump. and road less traveled. why so many teenagers are deciding to wait before getting a driver's license. putting off a rite of passage. "nightly news" begins now.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news." reporting tonight, jose diaz-balart. good evening. he was europe's most wanted man. and today, one day after his capture in belgium after a four-month search, salah abdeslam was officially charged with murder in connection with the terror attacks in paris that killed 130 people last november. french officials say he played a central role in the planning and logistics of the attacks but then backed out himself before the first shots were fired. at the same time, dramatic new details emerged of how authorities tracked him down and how he got away from them one last time before he was finally caught. keir simmons is in brussels tonight with the very latest. >> reporter: jose, good evening. tonight police are standing guard outside the apartment why abdeslam was captured along the street there. they spent the day questioning him. and officials say he is providing answers.
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charged with participating in terrorist murder, salah abdeslam was transferred in a convoy, escorted by a police chopper to a high security prison today. shot in the leg in last night's raid, abdeslam is now cooperating, his lawyer says, admitting driving some attackers to paris, according a french prosecutor, claiming he planned to blow himself up, then backtracked. victims of the attack taking it in tonight. >> i wouldn't say it's a relief that he's been arrested. to be honest, the first thing i felt when i heard the news was numb. >> reporter: they want to see him back in france for trial. abdeslam is preparing a legal fight. >> he's refusing extradition to france. >> reporter: his capture stunning. nbc news has new details. tuesday, a routine house raid led to a shootout. one was killed. abdeslam escaped across a roof, according to a belgian
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terrorism expert. on thursday, at a funeral for abdeslam's brother, police confiscated cellphones from friends and families, a move that may have helped detectives track him friday. his capture potentially helping police track down more isis jihadists who traveled to europe last year. >> isis infiltrated at least between 25, 30, to 50, 60 people in europe during the last summer and the last fall. >> reporter: yesterday we won an important battle, belgian's prime minister telling europeans. "but we realized we have not won the war." >> the most that the family wants to ask salah abdeslam is why. why have you done that? with whom? it's a very important question. >> reporter: and tonight, 24 hours after these dramatic raids, borders across europe are on alert for accomplices who may be on the run.
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and tonight, the french prosecutor says abdeslam's first account of what happened here should be treated with caution. but if he really did leave here to head to paris to take part in the attacks, then that massacre could have seen even more killed. >> keir simmons in brussels, thank you. officials in southern russia tonight are trying to figure out what caused a boeing 737 jet liner to crash on landing, killing all 62 people on board. the weather is among the issues being considered. the plane had flown to russia from dubai. our report tonight from gadi schwartz. >> reporter: the impact sudden. the fireball all-consuming. the final moments, apparently caught on this security camera video. russian officials say the plane exploded trying to land during a severe storm. at dawn, emergency crews searched the wreckage in heavy wind and snow, sorting through debris and charred luggage. there were no survivors. the crash killed all 62 people on board.
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inside the airport, crews tried to comfort devastated families. the 737 jet was carrying 55 passengers, including four children and seven crew members. most russian citizens. the plane flying in from the united arab emirates tried to land but was forced to abort because of weather, circling two hours before trying to land again. this relative saying, it's terrible, they flew so many miles to die so close to home. russian investigators say they recovered both flight data recorders. the cause of the crash is not yet known. but investigators say weather could be a factor. they're also looking into whether a mechanical function or pilot error may be to blame. the ntsb sending a team out as well. >> i would like to express the devastation we all feel. >> reporter: the carrier, flydubai, is a newer budget airline with no historical of a catastrophic crash.
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today, in the city of ro rosston-von-don, families are grieving. an american marine was killed today in an isis attack in northern iraq. they say three others were injured in the attack south of mosul. the rocket was fired at a small outpost were u.s. service members are advising iraqi security forces. iraqi troops are preparing for an assault on mosul. two americans were killed among four people in a suicide bomb attack in turkey today in istanbul, in the middle of a busy shopping district. just last week another attack left 35 people dead in ankara, the capital. at least three dozen people were injured in today's explosion. the "stop trump" campaign heated up today in arizona as the republican frontrunner campaigned in that state, which holds its primary on tuesday. and where immigration is a key issue. we get the latest
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tonight from hallie jackson in arizona. >> reporter: stopping traffic, hoping to stop trump, protestors filled this phoenix street. an arrest, arguments, again, after these angry scenes in salt lake city last night. his supporters line up for trump's rallies in arizona. ground zero for the political battle over immigration. today trump appearing with governor jan brewer and controversial sheriff joe arpaio. >> you know, this country has a big, big problem with illegal immigration. >> reporter: and he's now ramping up attacks on mitt romney after the former nominee said he would vote for ted cruz in utah. >> the guy is a total stiff. did he let us down? this guy is a loser. did he let us down? >> reporter: trump, not mentioning romney's faith today in arizona, but taking aim in utah. >> are you sure he's a mormon? are we sure? >> reporter: it's argument that could backfire.
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>> mitt romney is known as kind of the mormon jfk. you don't usually go to a state adopted by a religion and question one of the heroes of that religion. >> reporter: trump has raised eyebrows by raising questions about his rivals' religion before, as cruz discovered himself. >> not too many evangelicals come out of cuba, okay? >> reporter: now cruz is calling on trump to, in his words, stop going to the gutter. >> that has no place in politics. that is wrong. it is disgraceful to call into question the faith of another. >> reporter: cruz backing up the man who is giving him begrudging backing. not a full endorsement from ram omney, but one that could still help. cruz campaigned with mike lee today. the establishment is still not sure who they want. 2400 miles away, protestors know who they don't want. outside trump tower in
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manhattan, staging a die-in, even as the frontrunner keeps alive the movement that could propel him to the white house. late tonight in the midst of near constant interruption here in tucson, a violent incident. someone kicking a protestors who was walking out, then taken out by police. trump pointed to where it happened, jose, and called it disgraceful. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. as this protest movement against trump and his campaign heats up, we want to get a better sense of what it's all about. we sent our jacob rascon to the event in phoenix. here is his report. >> reporter: it happened just as they planned it. the arrests. the clashes with police. and bystanders. are you worried that you'll be arrested? >> that's a risk we're willing to take, if donald trump continues, and becomes president, and his rhetoric continues, families will be hurt. >> reporter: they
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prepared in secret for days, making signs, preparing maps. then their moment of truth. >> we're here to end it and shut that down. >> reporter: we tagged along as this human rights organization which fights for the rights of local undocumented immigrants shut down the main road to the trump event for hours, trapping hundreds of cars. they were ready for the deputies. they chained themselves to their cars. they were arrested. all part of the plan. in salt lake city last night, hundreds of protestors, mostly bernie sanders supporters. >> you want donald trump to know that his message is not welcome here? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: rallying, they say, against hate. but clashing angrily with hundreds of trump supporters. and then with police. the grassroots effort to silence the frontrunner more organized, bold, and urgent than ever before.
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the billionaire business mogul never more popular. never more hated. jacob rascon, nbc news, phoenix, arizona. >> and much more on the campaign tomorrow morning on "meet the press." governor john kasich will be among chuck todd's guests. officials in newark, new jersey began testing water for lead today in the faucets and fountains of all of the city's public schools, as newark deals with what could be a growing threat to children exposed to elevated levels of lead. we get the very latest tonight from morgan radford. >> reporter: anger and frustration as parents in newark drop their kids off at school. this weekend water was shut off at 30 public schools with unsafe levels of lead. >> the moment they knew something was wrong with the water, the school should have called us. >> reporter: students are now being offered free blood tests. >> we're getting lead in our own bodies,
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without our knowing. >> reporter: lead levels were at or over the federal limit in samples dating back to 2012. now the school superintendent is demanding water tests at each of the city's 67 schools. what do you say to concerned parents? >> first of all, i understand that sentiment, that you're far more likely to get inappropriate levels of lead from a chip of paint that has lead or dust that has lead in homes. roern >> reporter: the data shows newark's lead levels were nowhere near as high as they were in flint. for some parents, that doesn't give some parents peace of mind. >> christie, where are you? >> reporter: districts weren't required to report to the state. >> the school districts are solely responsible for this situation. >> reporter: newark's mayor says even he didn't know, and that officials not reporting information is part of the
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problem. so by keeping it a secret, they stripped the people of newark of their power? >> yes, you absolutely strip the people of the city of the authority to make a decision about what's right for themselves and their families on a personal level. that's where the problem really lies. >> reporter: a problem in need of a solution to protect its most precious natural resource. >> if you don't have the will to do it for ourselves, at least we can do it for our children. >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, newark, new jersey. as you've probably heard, there's snow in the forecast, for many people in the east, on the first day of spring. meteorologist dylan dreyer has been studying the forecast models. >> good evening, jose. it looks like this storm will stay farther out to seas which the american model, ironically, has been saying this whole time. the european model had this developing. the whole storm system is still organizing itself. it will strengthen really throughout the day on sunday. we have winter storm
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watches in rhode island and southeastern massachusetts, because as this storm stays to the southeast of nantucket, that's where we could see accumulating snow, especially the arm of cape cod. into sunday morning, this area of low pressure develops, scattered rain showers through virginia and north carolina. into sunday night, the storm intensifies off of southeastern massachusetts. eastern long island, southeastern massachusetts, and rhode island have the best chance of seeing accumulating snow with outer parts of cape cod seeing as much as 6 inches of snow. the european model still hanging on to 1 to 2 inches possible in new york. the american model doesn't have a lot of accumulating snow for the big cities, just mountain snow in the appalachians. i do think this is going to be a near miss. most of it is going to stay offshore and southeastern mass has the best chance of snow. >> dylan, thanks so much. when "nightly news" continues on this saturday, why
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growing numbers of teenagers are deciding they don't need a driver's license right away. later, bring on the air dancers. their role in trying to keep unwanted visits off the dock.
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it is a rite of passage, getting a driver's license and enjoying the freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel. but more and more teenagers are saying no thank you, at least
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for now. >> reporter: when the school day comes to an end, this is where the rubber meets the road for many students. even though millie jones is nearly 18, she walks just about everywhere because she doesn't have a driver's license. >> i don't know, i don't feel like i'm really missing out on that much by not having a car. >> reporter: at this high school in seattle, millie is far from alone. who here does not have a drivers's license? everybody here released on the city bus and their own two feet. >> i would say it's like 50/50. >> reporter: far fewer teens nationally are rush to go the dmv when they turn 16. a report found that in 1983, 80% of 18-year-olds had a license. by 2014, that number dropped to 60%. why? >> i can't afford it. >> insurance. we don't have the money for insurance. >> mainly because i think my mom is a little scared for me to get one. >> reporter:
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researchers also say teens are still busy and, surprisingly, can still rely on the family taxi. >> there's a recent phenomenon with parents driving the children to school instead of taking bus. >> reporter: ride uber and lyft also offer a way to get around. >> even though it's uncomfortable, even though it can be tedious and annoying to ask people, it works. >> reporter: for students who are getting a license, many must now pay commercial companies like defensive driving schools because fewer public schools are offering driver's ed. >> i feel okay without a driver's license. >> reporter: millie is in no rush. life is fast enough already even without a license to drive. nbc news, seattle. and up next, the newest instant instagram celebrity.
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the scene on the coast of oregon this week, where it has come to this: air dancers. yes, air dancers placed on the docks to scare away the sea lions that cause tens of thousands of dollars of damage each year. everything else has failed to keep them away, including plastic fenced and a fake orca whale. officials are hoping the dancers will have the right moves. some cheetah cubs are getting special attention at the cincinnati zoo, born after an emergency c-section. cheetahs are an
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endangered species with a worldwide population estimated at 9 to 12,000. he's already a social media star on facebook and twitter. and now pope francis is on instagram as his name in latin. the pope's first post, captioned "pray for me" in nine languages, racked up 23,000 likes in its first few minutes online. in case you missed it, confirmation that march madness is well under way. with under 10 seconds left, texas brings it down the court last night, ties it up. with less than three seconds to go, paul jesperson with one final heave, and there it went. northern iowa wins it in stunning fashion, 75-72. we're back in a moment with the sounds of cuba, and dreams of change among artists here and there.
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finally tonight, when president obama travels to cuba tomorrow, it will be the most symbolic action yet as the two countries normalize relations. so many people are anticipating the possibilities this new era will bring, including musicians, both here and there. ♪ >> reporter: she has arrived and is living her dream. >> when you're a jazz
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singer or when you try to be a jazz singer, to be in the u.s. is to be a musician. >> reporter: the rhythms race through her veins. >> it can go calm, but at the same time can get like crazy. >> reporter: much, she admits, like her caribbean homeland. >> it can become -- in one moment everything can change. >> reporter: change seen by the warming relations between the u.s. and the cuban government, now opening the door to a new era of young cuban musicians. but that change cannot come soon enough for this miami musician. he left cuba over 20 years ago. in his song "nostalgia," he longs to return. >> i talked bad about the government. >> reporter: for speaking out, he was detained, threatened with a long jail
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sentence, uncertain of his fate if he returns, he left behind his mother, a daughter, and has a grandson he has never met. >> i spent all my life without a family. it's very sad. very, very sade. i'm sorry. >> reporter: they now enjoy newfound opportunities outside of cuba. he dreams of bringing his music home. >> for the musicians, it's okay. >> reporter: both believe change will take time. >> i hope. i hope we have a very good future for cuba. i hope. >> i'm hoping. we need it. ♪ and a reminder. lester holt will be reporting from havana tomorrow on president obama's historic trip to cuba. that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz-balart reporting from new york. thank you for the privilege of your time. for all of us here at nbc news, thanks for
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watching. good night. a big, black puffy smoke coming out. >> a fire at a south way walmart store while customers are shopping inside. live, what's happened and what's being done to clean up the damage. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. we begin with a developing story
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in the south bay. shoppers and workers forced to evacuate as flames shoot out from the roof. firefighters still on the scene cleaning up. joining us from the store, mary ann, sounds like investigators are targeted solar panels as possible cause? >> reporter: i can tell you that employees say that it does appear the fire started on the solar panels on top of the roof. firefighters are still investigating. more than 100 customers and employees were forced to evacuate, and right now you can see that many employees are standing outside of the walmart waiting to hear what to do next. the fire broke out shortly after 3:00 this afternoon. employees on break reported thick, black smoke pours from the roof of the building. a witness said the fire started on the solar panels on the roof. everyone inside the store, including all employees and customers, were foerpsed to evacuate and some employees tell >> some people panicked.


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