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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> more rain in the bay area. sprinkles in some parts, heavier stuff in others. we're tracking the showers so you know what to expect. geek, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us. that rain hitting places including san francisco and the north bay this afternoon. take a look here, this is our live camera in downtown san francisco. so as you can see, some heavy cloud cover there. a lot of rain drops on the lens. we've been seeing rain on and off all day long. taking a look here at conditions in mill valley. this is just a few hours earlier. anthony slaughter joining us now. so, anthony, how much rain have we received. >> receive seen over a half an
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inch in some places. we are still bone dry in the south bay. just a few sprinkles, enough to get the ground wet. only a trace at the airport. kent fooild over ha kentfield over half an inch. a little over half an inch for santa rosa. this general trend of smaller amounts across the peninsula continued. even los gatos less than an tenth of an inch. santa cruz got about 0.5 of an inch. the rain is still falling across the bay area. light showers across parts of 580. near 880 in oakland. now as we move through the morning hours, we are going to continue to track showers for that morning commute. we'll time out the rain and get you through your monday coming up in a little while.
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back to you. >> sounds great. a great way to stay ahead of this weather and rain is our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to find live doppler for your neighborhood. the first presidential visit in nearly 90 years. tonight president obama and his family are in cuba. air force one touched down a few hours ago. first family greeted at the airport by cuba's foreign minister and other cuban officials. but this visit is not just for show. it could have a major impact on local companies trying to get a foothold in the country. tonight we have team coverage of this historic visit. we start with nbc bay area's marianne favro. >> right now president obama is taking in the sights with the first family, but tomorrow his agenda will be much more political with a meeting with raul castro. the president landed this afternoon joined by first lady michelle obama and their two daughters. the first family was greeted at the airport by cuba's foreign minister and other cuban officials as well as the top u.s. diplomat in cuba. the president then toured old
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havana and a cathedral. obama is trying to move forward after decades of hostility between the u.s. and cuba and he's trying to forge new relationships with the country. here is what he had to say when he met this afternoon with the staff of the newly reopened u.s. embassy. >> back in 1928 president coolage came cool a came on a battleship it took him three days to get here. it only took me three hours. this is a historic visit and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge new agreements and commercial deals, to build new ties between our two peoples. >> well, the president is trying to make good on a pledge to engage directly with long-time american enemies. many americans are criticizing the president's trip to cuba, including presidential candidate ted cruz. but nearly 40 u.s. lawmakers and a dozen business leaders are making the trip too to look at economic opportunities in cuba.
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still, persistent differences remain, including hava that's frustration with the u.s. economic embargo and washington's condemnation of cuba's human rights record. today cuban police in uniform picked up ladies in white yelling freedom while about 1,000 demonstrators linked arms to try to block a street. obama is scheduled to address the cuban people in a stretch tomorrow and will attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. he will also attend a state dinner tomorrow with raul castro and hold a joint news conference to discuss trade. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a historic visit. that's for sure. our team coverage of the president's cuba visit continues. christie smith is joining us from san anselmo with what this will mean for local cubans. >> reporter: we sought out a documentary filmmaker in the north bay with deep family
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hoots. she has been watching the president's visit very closely on television and online. susan martin lynch was born and raised in the u.s. on the east coast but her family is from cuba. her film is called "craving cuba." she realizes even within the cuban-american community some see it with skepticism but she thinks the president will see the beauty of cuba. >> i'm happy to see president obama landing in cuba because i hope again it will mean that the cuban people have a better future, and my dream for the future is that i could be a part of it. >> reporter: now, her film plays at the tiberon international film festival in april. christie smith, nbc bay area news. president obama's visit means good news for airbnb. yeah, the san francisco-based online lodging service is now
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allowing travelers from around the world to book stays in private homes in cuba. the moves come after airbnb got special permission from the obama administration to expand. airbnb has been operating in cuba for a year but only in a very limited way. that new authorization announced this morning allows anyone in the world to book a stay in cuba. our cuba coverage continues online. the president has a full schedule during this trip. to see where he's going next and any new developments, go to contra costa sheriff's deputies are investigating a body that was found in a car outside of a fire station. the body was discovered about 7:30 this morning in oakley. it was blocking the driveway of the fire station on o'hara avenue. at first investigators thought that the victim had been attacked, but they later determined the victim likely drove himself to the fire station after suffering complications from a pre-existing medical condition. we are continuing coverage continue about the ongoing
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troubles for b.a.r.t. riders. another tough commute expected tomorrow. b.a.r.t. is set to continue operating a bus bridge between the pittsburgh/bay point and the north concord stations. crews are still testing the tracks today. power surges knocked out 50 train cars on wednesday leading to delays across the bay area. new at 6:00, californians having trouble registering to vote. that's because there's an issue with the secretary of state's website. if you try to log on, this is the error message you receive. the secretary of state's office tweeted out they are aware of the problem and they're trying to fix it as soon as possible. if you have not yet registered to vote, you still have time. california's primary is on june 7th. trouble reported on board a flight bound for san francisco international. skywest airlines said they had to divert a flight from calgary, canada, because of an unruly passenger. this happened yesterday. the airline told our sister station in reno the passenger was refusing to cooperate with crew members, so the pilot made an emergency landing in reno
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before continuing on to the bay area. police in reno later interviewed the passenger. they described him as, quote, a little ornery but did not end up arresting or citing him with anything. but still they did the emergency landing. critical evidence discovered at the scene of the russian plane crash. coming up, why it could take a while to actually access the information inside the aircraft's black boxes. plus -- >> we drive around every day and look at all the lots getting cleaned up, foundations coming up, framing going up, roofing. we see the progress. >> a major milestone for the area ravaged by the valley fire. why this one new home is something the entire community can celebrate. and this evening we still have some showers across parts of the bay area. we'll time out the rain and when you can expect this activity to move out. plus a look at the morning commute coming up after this.
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can celebrate.
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experts are examining the black boxes from that jet that crashed in russia hoping they can provide critical clues to what went wrong. but both black boxes were badly damaged in that crash. airline regulators say it could take up to a month to decode them. they are being examined by experts from russia, france, and the united states. the flydubai flight nose dived while trying to land yesterday. all 62 people on board were
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killed. investigators say crew error or a sudden gust of wind could be to blame. a former california inmate who won the right to have a sexual reassignment surgery is now making plans to have that surgery on her own this summer. if you remember, last year a federal judge ordered the state prison system to provide the surgery to michelle. she was paroled before the operation could go ahead. she told the chronicle this week that she hopes to get the surgery this summer through california's low-income health insurance program. she says she's proud of her high-profile legal battle with the state because it's led to improved treatment for transgender inplates. it's been a little more than six months since the valley fire raferaged middletown. hundreds of homes and other structures were destroyed but today the community has something to celebrate. one family that lost everything in the valley fire now has a brand new home. nbc bay area chuck coppola is in middletown where more homes could soon be finished. >> in the pouring rain middletown had something to
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celebrate, the first of roughly 150 new homes for families that lost everything in last fall's wildfire is nearing completion. anyone who doubts the resiliency of middletown should talk with courtney. i'm really proud of us. we have not sat down and grumbled or cried or, you know, everybody stayed strong and we're going to fight to bring this community back. it's going to be stronger. i believe it. >> reporter: justin lord and courtney are proof that middletown is coming back. after last fall's wildfire that destroyed 1,200 homes. >> we drive around every day and look at all the lots getting cleaned up, foundations coming up, framing going up, roofing. you know, with he swe see the progress. >> they're moving into a new home building entirely donations and volunteer builders, a home they helped build. >> i did every crippling in every doorway. >> put the last shingle on and within minutes it started pouring. >> reporter: a group effort including nonprofit builders, lake service county providers
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and the middletown rancheria pooled resources for construction. >> every dollar goes towards the project. there's no salaries no,,ed a minute fees. 100% ever every gift goes towards the materials to build a beautiful home like this and we match with that volunteer labor. >> jess, courtney, welcome to your new home. >> though rain slowed progress a little, homes aren't all that's being built. >> we're being tradesmen and craftsmen right now with this construction project because a lot of the young guys who volunteered have now picked up skills that they're going to be able to carry on to help with the rest of the rebuild in the community. >> reporter: each home will cost between $51,000 to $55,000 to build. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area. >> such an uplifting story. we were both up there covering that fire, and now the comeback is under way. >> great to see so many people happy about that. good to see outside a few rain
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drops. meteorologist anthony slaughter is watching those. we know it's not the past couple weeks when we got a lot of rain. >> any rain is good news, especially once we start getting into fire season. we know what happened a couple months ago there. rain all in all across the bay area. gray skies. look at this, san francisco, yes, this is a live camera action. we've got rain drops on the lens there and kind of dark skies there as well. you will notice the rain drops still coming down across parts of the peninsula. same deal north of redwood city. san mateo. oakland airport seeing rain and even over to hayward. all this stuff is pretty light. that's the general trend all evening long into tomorrow morning. we may get another burst of heavy rain for the north bay tomorrow morning and another burst of heavy rain for the south bay tomorrow afternoon. then we'll be done with the rain for the next few days. now, temperatures again staying cool. right now back into the 60s, and that's where we have been all day long. hasn't warmed much across the bay area today. tomorrow another repeat performance. kind of a carbon copy. 61 degrees for san francisco
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tomorrow. 62 for the north bay tomorrow. 63 for the east bay. and 65 for the peninsula. 66 tomorrow for the south bay. now, we'll continue to see on and off showers tonight and tomorrow as well as this cold front swings through the bay area. it's also going to bring in cool winds. this was the first weekend of spring, but you couldn't tell by looking outside. especially across parts of the bay where we've seen on and off rain. kind of gray skies. temperatures right near average though. we've kind of been spoiled with above-average temperatures. moving forward we will continue to see this rain through tomorrow morning. some light stuff across parts of the bay and then tomorrow afternoon heavier pockets will start to develop across parts of the tri-valley. same deal for the south bay but we're not expecting widespread heavy rain. the evening commute, things will start to dry out and by tuesday morning we'll see a few more sprinkles before the son comuns up. and then we'll see more sun, temperatures starting to rebound back into the 70s on wednesday. at the bottom of the screen, that seven-day forecast showing what you we're expecting looking
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ahead. in the meantime, we will continue to track showers. rain totals tonight into tomorrow will be generally light anywhere from less than a quarter of an inch, maybe higher amounts across parts of the north bay and hopefully san jose will actually get some of the showers because we haven't seen much all day long. now, as we head into the overnight hours, we are going to see the winds start to kick up. it's going to start to die down though right around midnight. then as we move towards the sunrise and lunchtime tomorrow, winds will start to pick up anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour and then they'll start to die down by tomorrow evening. if you're doing any traveling towards the sierra, heads up, winter weather advisory posted for tomorrow through tuesday. they are expecting about 4 to 8 inches of snow above 4,500 feet. wind gusts about 30 to 45 miles per hour at lake level and they're again expecting 4 to 8 above 4,500 feet but you get way up there, up to about 7,000 feet, another foot of snow is on the way across the high sierra. guys, back over to you. >> that's all good news. and good news for sunshine for the easter bunny. >> that's right. >> thanks, anthony. coming up, what will apple do next.
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company co-founder steve wozniak has some ideas about tomorrow's big product launch. also catching potentially deadly problems in kids. what one nonprofit is now doing to make sure that local kids stay heart healthy.
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apple's marketing team is working feverishly to prepare for tomorrow's product launch event. as usual, the cupertino company is not releasing many details but analysts and tech blogs say they are anticipating a four-inch iphone, a smaller ipad pro, and new bands for the apple watch. the same analysts predict the investors will be underwhemed with the launch but steve wozniak says it's only a matter
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of time before the company comes out with a spectacular product. >> we're talking about self-driving cars, electric cars. who knows what apple might come up but apple is such a huge company they have to deal with very large markets and cars is a large market. so i hope that something we don't even think of right now would come out of apple. >> got to love his enthusiasm still. it's nice. >> absolutely. >> tomorrow's event starts at 10:00. it will take place at the cupertino headquarters. nbc bay area will be there. we'll have full coverage for you on air and online. shaping up to be a very busy week for apple. the company's fight with the department of justice over a locked iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terror suspects continues. on tuesday the u.s. government is calling an expert witness to the stand. the fbi is looking to apple's top security expert to testify. the last-minute request reportedly took the company by surprise last week. when you think of heart problems, you don't often think of children, but up to 10,000
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children die from sudden cardiac arrest each year in the united states. one bay area nonprofit is working to identify children who are at risk before serious symptoms show up. about 400 kids were screened for free by the via heart project at thomas heart middle school in pleasanton. simple cardiac screenings are not part of typical exams for physicals. >> we've identified three kids at risk and it's only 11:30 in the morning. so potentially today we've already saved three lives. >> another priority at today's event wation teaching kids and adults how to use defibrillators and do basic cpr. >> wow, three kids already. that's pretty amazing. got a lot of sports to talk about. good to see you fallon. >> good to see you guys, too. coming up, another nail biting finish as march madness
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finishes. plu plu plus, the warriors hit a minor speed bump in the pursuit of nba history. that's next in sports.
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the ducks may have left san antonio with a loss yesterday but they may have gained more is deps. the warriors were short-handed playing bout bogut and andre eg
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da la. despite all that they only lost by eight. the quest for history continues as they are still on track to set the all-time single season wins record set by the bulls back in 1995. 96 at 62-7 the warriors are one game ahead of chicago's pace with 13 games remaining. they would need to go 11-2 to break the record. draymond green says, hey, why not? >> we can win 11 games in a row. it's possible. we're going after it. so it's possible. >> you have never been shy about saying that. >> why would i be? >> some are like we just want to win. >> i like the pressure. so i'm not going to shy away from saying we want the record. absolutely we want it. second round of the ncaa tournament. in the east region, tiptoes the
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baseline and lays it in. tied the game at 70. next possession, for three. money. he had 16 points. lumberjacks up three. final seconds, last chance for the fighting irish. jackson, no good. second chance, no, but three times a charm. freshman tips in the game-winner. are you kidding me? wow. notre dame wins 76-75 advancing to the sweet 16 for the second consecutive year. over to the west region, vcu taking on oklahoma. we pick it up in the second half. jordan burgess gets the ball inside. up and in for two. vcu takes a one-point lead. later in the half, buddy took over this game. turnaround "j." you betcha. then a couple possessions later. got it.
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21 of the sooner's last 25 points. he finished with 36. oklahoma wins 85-81 to clinch a spot in the sweet 16. we finish up with some hockey. no your eyes are not deceiving you. that's brodie brazil out there on the ice. it's part of this year's shark for a day fantasy camp. 32 fans got a chance to suit up and get the full team teal experience. the proceeds benefit the sharks foundation for underserved youth and families in the community. the shark host the coyotes tonight. just two wins away from clinching a playoff spot. plus the st. mary gales are heading to the third round of nit. they beat georgia tonight. that game just finished up. >> fallon, brodie is with the shark. shouldn't you be with the 49ers? >> no, raiders. wrong team. joule see me out there.
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>> looking forward to that and that sharks game. coming up, silicon valley's comic-con is coming to a close. we'll be right back with that. shark.
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tens of thousands of comic fans turned out for the final day of comic-con at the mcenery convention center. stan lee, this is the man who created spider-man, the x-men and the hulk. people packed a conference hall.
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he also appeared with steve wozniak who had his own wax image made. >> a good one, too. >> see you at 1
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