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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, the rain isn't just going away quite yet. how much longer we'll see these scattered showers across the bay area. good evening to you. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. it is going to be a slippery commute tomorrow. you're looking at live conditions across the bay area right now. clouds over san jose. roads still wet in san francisco and in richmond. the scattered showers we saw today will continue tomorrow. meteorologist anthony with the details right now. >> the rain is going to continue as you mentioned. we're already seeing the showers right now on the radar. that's the green you'll notice moving through the tri-valley, the sunol grage, coming into redwood city, foster city and
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even some showers right now still making their way through the santa cruz mountains now. the forecast does keep light rain in the forecast on and off through the day tomorrow. so as you keep going you are expected to see slick roads. and that could add for some slowing on the roadway as you keep going or to the morning commute. we are watching some more clouds drifting in across the pacific right now. that's the next batch of rain that is expected develop. as soon as tomorrow around 7:00. then it's going to be on and off until about lunchtime. heavier rain moves through the north bay by the afternoon. same for the south bay of the tri-valley. we'll actually get some heavier cells move through there, unlike what we saw today. just a trace amount of rain for san jose international. now and if you're headed to san francisco for tomorrow, clouds will be with you to start the day. and again, some showers by lunchtime. heavier rain for that evening commute. we'll talk about the rest of the rain and let you know when we see sunshine, plus former temperatures 70s and beach weather in the forecast. we'll see you guys in about 15 minutes. >> all right, anthony. you can track the weather from your smartphone. it's free. download the nbc bay area app
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and click on the weather tab to find live doppler radar and a forecast for your neighborhood. well, it's a two-day trip aiming to bring an end to decades of turmoil. president obama arrived in cuba tonight. his trip to havana is the first time a sitting president has entered that country in nearly a century. traveling with the first family, the president spent this afternoon as a tourist, taking in some of havana's rich history. stops included the havana cathedral and also the city's museum. he also met with u.s. embassy staff members and their family, telling them that this trip is an historic opportunity that he plans to make the most of. >> young american children, young cuban children by the time they're adults our hope is they think it's natural that a u.s. president should be visiting cuba. they think it's natural that the two peoples are working together. >> but the president's visit was not all smooth sailing. this happened just a few hours before air force landed. about 50 cuban anti-government
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protesters were roughly detained by police. more details now on the president's trip to cuba. he has a one on run meeting with president raul mondesi and a state din they're will take place later that night. on tuesday he addresses the country, and will also take in a baseball game between the tampa bay bay rays and the cuban national team. >> of course, the bay area cuban community watching the president's visit very closely. nbc bay area's christie smith joining us from our san francisco newsroom with what this trip will mean for some local cuban americans. christie? >> tonight we spoke with a woman in the north bay who made a film about the cuban-american experience. whale she is hopeful what the experience will bring, she realizes some in the community just don't feel the same. from her home in the north bay, zuzy martin lynch is following president obama's visit to cuba. >> i think it's very exciting and i think it symbolizes hope. i know within the cuban-american community, it's a bit
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controversial. but try and keep politics aside and i want to take it as a sign of hope for change. >> this is a historic visit. and it's a historic opportunity. >> reporter: she is cuban-american, born and raised in the u.s. but her family came from cuba. and she has made a documentary. >> a film about the cuban-american experience. >> reporter: it explores many sides of a complicated issue. >> for the sense of pride of what my grandparents went through, we wouldn't disrespect them. >> reporter: without getting deeply political, though even in her family there are different opinions like her grandmother. >> she is upset that president obama went without their being more positive change. she feels that cuba should be giving more to this part of the deal. >> reporter: she says there is pain, but hopes one day family there will share the same freedoms and protections she has here. >> they deserve the change that they want. >> her film will show locally at the tiburon international film festival next month. reporting live in the san
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francisco newsroom, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. a legal congresswoman also with the president in cuba tonight. barbara lee tweeting out this picture of herself standing in front of air force one. she wrote that she had a, quote, front seat to history. she represents the east bay. and continuing coverage tonight of the ongoing delays for bart, riders should expect another difficult commute tomorrow morning. bart is set to continue operating a bus bridge between pittsburg and bay point and the north concord station because of problems there on the tracks. power surges knocked out 50 train cars on wednesday that led to delays all across the bay area. now crews are still testing the trains. they were even doing that today. bart is expecting to get an update on the situation tomorrow from engineers who are still trying to figure out the cause. new fallout for uc berkeley in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. a prized basketball recruit says he now no longer wants to play for that school. tyson jolly from florida
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tweeting this today saying the uncertainty at cal, i have decided to ask out and reopen my recruitment. it was not an easy decision but the right one. last week uc berkeley fired assistant basketball coach jan huff neagle over allegations he sexually harassed a reporter. the head coach is being asked what he might have known. cal, two players injured lost in an upset in the first round of the ncaa tournament. all eyes will be on apple tomorrow. unlike years past, an kohl be thinking smaller, and some fans are just fine with that. nbc bay area's marianne favro live from cupertino. tomorrow it will be buzzing there at the apple campus. >> reporter: yes. and all eyes will be watching. industry analysts say the fact that the launch is going to be announced here in cupertino instead of a big examination center in san francisco is a very strong indicator that an legal likely be revealing some
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improvements on existing products. as you mentioned, going smaller with some. as opposed to launching a big blockbuster new product. what's next for apple? dedicated iphone user lisa cryia h -- qureiaia. >> i think a better camera. i like seeing pictures. i think they should update their camera a little better. >> reporter: industry analysts say don't expect an toll launch a brand-new iphone tomorrow. instead expect incremental improvements. >> expectations for possibly a new ipad air, new bands to the watch, a lower cost on the 5 sc expected to come out. >> that cheaper phone is expected to cost about $300. also rumored an updated four-inch iphone that could encourage people to upgrade their iphone 5. that would buck the industry
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trend towards bigger smart phones. whatever products are unveiled, apple co-founder steve wozniak says the company is still taking risks and thinking big. >> but apple is such a huge company that they've got to deal with very large markets and cars is a very large market. i think something we don't even think of right now would come it of apple. >> reporter: whatever tim cook announces tomorrow, you can bet the entire world will be watching. and that launch sat 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we will be covering it on air and on line. our business and tech reportler be tweeting out live updates. and the coverage begins tomorrow morning on today on the bay. reporting live in cupertino, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thank you very much. it is shaping up to be a very busy week for apple. the company's fight does continue with the justice department over a locked iphone that belongs to one of the san bernardino terror suspects. apple is expected to be in court on the issue on tuesday.
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we turn to developing news overseas right now. the suspect in the paris terrorist attack mace have been planning more violence. saleh abdelsalam told investigators he intended to, quote, restart something in brussels, belgium where he was arrested last week. now we're learning he may have been a logistic expert in the paris attack which killed 130 people in november. we'll have an in-depth report from the new developments coming up at 11:30. chelsea clinton is coming to the bay area tomorrow to help raise money for her mother's presidential campaign. chelsea is headlining an event at a private home in palo alto. one of the main hosts will be the founder elizabeth holmes. there has been some controversy. she is under intense scrutiny after it revealed that its blood testing technology is not as a accurate as it claims. the fundraiser was originally going to be held at the company's headquarters. however, that event was moved to
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the palo alto private home. airport secret agents and they're watching you. coming up, we'll reveal what they're looking for and how it might trigger a second look on your next trip. plus -- >> we drive around every day and look at all the lots getting cleaned up. >> a major milestone for the community that was ravaged by the valley fire. why this new home is something the entire community can celebrate. zebras on the loose again. the connection this video has to a recent incident in the bay area. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter track aguet commute for your monday. we'll time out the storm system, let you know when we you can see the rain and plus warmer temperatures ahead in the seven-day forecast. stay tuned. goa tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-88-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. any time y walk tough a major ae
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watchi you. t-s-a ages specily d to detect well, any time you walk through a major airport a,
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they're watching you. tsa agent as specially trained to detect the person that might pose any kind of threat. nbc bay area's damian trujillo recently spoke so some of these secret agents. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. >> how is it going? >> good. how you doing. . >> hello. >> hi. >> have you id and boarding pass ready. >> reporter: he works the security line at san jose mineta international looking like a normal security agency. good morning, ma'am. how is your day going? >> but this agent we've been asked not to identify for security reasons is what the tsa calls a behavior detection officer. >> they're basically looking for behaviors of passengers or people who are seeking to deceive, who don't want to get caught. who have a fear of being caught. >> good morning, sir how. is your day going. >> reporter: also we weren't allowed to record the actual questions the agent used when they talked to someone who fit the profile. but we were allowed to talk this agent if we didn't show his
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face. >> a walmart greeter, there are other things you have to be. you have to keep an eye on the area. >> thank you. >> reporter: behavior detection officers go through federal law enforcement training in georgia to work on this specialized unit. the team was developed after 9/11. and although they haven't spotted a potential terrorist, agents nationwide have detected kidnappers and drug runners. on this day they did briefly question several people at sjc. you were just questioned by a behavioral detection officer. >> oh, is that what he was? he was very nice. >> just asking where i'm traveling, long day ahead, some of the things that might be able to help him figure out if i'm here for the reason it seems. >> reporter: the agents are not profiling. >> it's actually an antidote to profiling. because it doesn't really target any individual person. it targets behavior. >> we have three lanes open. >> can i go that way? >> yes, you can. >> reporter: behavior that might trigger security concerns in the nation's airport. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news.
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>> speaking of flights, trouble reported on board a flight bound for san francisco international. skywest airlines said they had to divert a night from calgary, canada yesterday because of an unruly passenger. the airline says the passenger was refusing to cooperate with crewmembers so the pilot made an emergency landing in reno before continuing on to the bay area. now police in reno described him as, quote, a little ornery, but did not end up arresting or even citing him. two burglars in the east bay busted thanks to the help of an alert citizen and also a k-9 officer. this is the hero police dog perched in front of the stolen property found inside the white sedan. good job. this turned out to be all stolen. police say neighbors spotted a man and woman in concord this morning stealing several items from cars and porches. police tracked down the two suspects. the man did get away. that's when the k-9 officer found him nearby. it's been a little more than six months since the valley fire
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ravaged middletown in lake county. hundreds of homes and structures were destroyed. tonight the community has something to celebrate. one family that lost everything in the valley fire now has a new home. nbc area's chuck coppola reports from where more homes will be finished. >> anyone that doubts the resiliency should talk with courtney van leuven. >> i'm really proud of us. we have not sat down and grumbled or cried. everybody stayed strong. and woog we're going to fight to bring this community back. it's going to be stronger. i believe it. >> reporter: justin lord and courtney van leuven are proof that middle town is coming back. after last call ace wildfire that destroyed 1200 homes, which drive around every day and lock at all the lots getting cleaned up, the framing going up, roofing. we see the progress. >> reporter: out with their daughter amelia, they're moving into a new home built entirely with donations and volunteer builders. a home they helped build. >> i cut every board for the railing outside. i did every doorway.
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>> put the lash single on and within minutes it started portion. >> reporter: a group of nonprofit builders called the hope crisis response network, lake county service providers and the middletown ranch ria representing the tribe pooled resources for construction. >> every dollar that comes in goes towards the project there is no admin fees. 100% of every gift goes towards the materials to help build a beautiful home like this and then we match that with volunteer labor. >> thank you. >> the rain from this el nino winter slowed progress a little. homes aren't all that is being built. >> we're building tradesmen and craftsmen right now with this construction project. because a lot of the young guys who volunteered have now picked up skills that they're going to able to carry on and help with the rest of the rebuilding. >> chuck coppola, nbc bay area news that. >> is great to see indeed. meteorologist anthony slaughter joining us with your microclimate forecast. >> we saw rain on and off all
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day long. it's been within of those days where we've been gray and may want the stay inside and enjoy the rain from inside. but we have more rain in the forecast. if you've got to get outside for tomorrow, let's talk than. you can see we've got rain still falling across parts of the tri-valley. the sunol grade right. now even across parts of the east bay near the san mateo bridge and coming over the 101 and 280 corridor across the peninsula. this will be the general trend overnight. nothing really heavy expect. and it's going to continue through tomorrow as well. another kind of a repeat performance like what we saw today with the on and off showers. we've got another band of cloud cover starting to stretch on in. and that's going to produce some more rain as we head into overnight hours. right now we're generally cloudy. starting to dry out. but still slick spots across parts of the south bay. across parts of the east bay, drizzle for san francisco and even drizzle and mist for north bay. temperatures already at 48 degrees in the north bay right now. tomorrow it's going to stay cooler. but limited sunshine across the entire bay. 62 for the north bay. 61 for san francisco tomorrow. 63 for the east bay.
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65 for the peninsula and 66 for the daytime high in the south bay. the cold front that is swinning on through, that's going bring us very chilly winds night. and it's going to kick up our winds tomorrow afternoon as well. right around lunchtime it's going to be breezy and it's going to be rainy. so again, if you've got to get into the cities, you've got to do anything outside, just make sure you've got rain gear with you as well. time to put the futurecast into motion. there is the heavier rain. that's going to move around lunchtime. around 12:00. parts of the north bay heavier rain as well. and that band of rain will stretch into the south bay right around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. and eventually will start to dry out as we head towards the evening rush hour. even still by 9:00 and 10:00, there will be showers developing, making the way through the bay area. they could produce some quick bursts of moderate rainfall. we're not expecting anything heavy. because rainfall amounts are not going to be overall impressive. we're talking about maybe a half of an inch across parts of the north bay. and lesser amounts has we get
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down into the san francisco, less than a quarter inch. really not a huge event. but again, none the less, it only cause as little amount of rain to cause huge problems, especially when you have the morning commute and the evening commute. so keep that in mind as you have got to do some traveling. those are the hours. the wind will start to pick up as well. around lunchtime into the evening and start to die down about 5:00, 6:00. if you're doing traveling towards the sierra. we have a winter weather advisory posted there for tomorrow around 11:00 through tuesday early morning. they're expecting about 4 to 8 inches of snow above 4500 feet. and wind gusts of about 30 to 45 miles per hour, especially at lake levels. so if you're traveling there just a heads up. snow is expected to pile up as soon as tomorrow morning. and then taper off by tuesday. up to one foot of additional snow is expect above 7,000 feet. now after tomorrow, things really start to dry out. we enter into a dry and warm pattern. you'll notice that seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. it's going get warm.
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it's going to be nice. and if you're making plans for easter sunday, here is your forecast. it's bog to be chilly in the morning hours. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. rebounding nicely, though. skies back over to the 70s and 80s by the afternoon. back to you guys. >> is it easter? is it easter? >> sunday. >> give it a week and say yes. >> they're looking forward to it. thank you, anthony. >> coming up, a police chase involving a cement truck caught on camera. wait until you find out who is behind the wheel. luis, oakland's longest running boy scout program in jeopardy tonight. the help they need providing a safe haven in a neighborhood. after we exposed security guards committing crimes instead of protecting teens, a peninsula city promised big changes. >> how is the city ensuring that armed guards are on duty and doing their job? >> we spent lots of money. >> wednesday at 11:00, we went undercover. >> these are our tax dollars there are better ways to use our
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money than to pay some guy to sit in his car and do that. seriously. >> wednesday at 11:00 on nbc bay area.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ behind the 11-year-old
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wild action. police in hot pursuit of a stolen cement truck. behind the wheel of that truck, an 11-year-old boy, behind the wheel of that truck right there. yes. this is going on in southern minnesota not too far from rochester. someone managed to take this cell phone video. pretty good video. they say the child stole the truck from a local contractor. why? why do 11-year-olds do anything? it was fun. thankfully, nobody was hurt. obviously the police car got a little sideswipe there. and the boy was taken to juvenile hall. >> wow. well you don't see that every day. and you don't see this every day either. two zebras running around the streets of oakland. we're learning this has happened before. police say the animals escaped from a traveling circus that was set up near the coliseum on friday. they were running free on nearby roads before circus employees were able to wrangle the zebras and take them back. it happened to the same circus company months ago. this is footage of that. >> do you think this is a
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publicity stunt? >> i think the zebras don't want to be in the circus anymore. >> or they're trained. >> i think they're sending a pretty clear message here. this is from november when the zebras went running through west philadelphia. our nbc station there reported that police chased the zebras for miles before they were finally caught. >> all right. oakland's longest rung boy scouts program is in jeopardy tonight because of money. troop 409 is chartered by the baptist church. today four scouts earned their eagle scout badges, a big deal. but the troop is worried without help from the community they won't be able to mentor more at-risk kids. the east oakland program is seen as a safe haven in a very tough neighborhood. one of troop 409 says earning the distinction will be something he'll appreciate for years to come. >> persevering through it all, it's a tough challenge. balancing school and sports and
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everything, it was really difficult. but in the end, it really proved to be a momentous occasion in my life. be something that i'm really proud of. >> the troop has seen 39 scouts during their earn their eagle scout badges since 1993. >> it is so difficult to get that. that's amazing. good for them. well, coming up next, expect a rainy commute tomorrow morning for your monday. taking a live look at the satellite radar. showers moving across the bay area. >> going to be back with a look at how long this off-and-on rain will last. also airbnb making a move into cuba how. the president's visit to the country is affecting the san francisco-based company. an east bay firefighters find a body outside their station. strange circumstances surrounding the discovery. tonight -- 're wating theweathe
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across thbayrea. getting ready for the start of a new workweek. tonight we're watching the weather and tracking rain across the bay area. >> today's off and on rain continuing into tomorrow. so your commute will probably be slippery. meteorologist anthony slaughter here now with a look at how much we've got and how much we're going to get. >> yeah, well i want to show you this time lapse. because we actually started off the day kind of gray. had the rain pick up towards the afternoon. this is from mount tam. and we finished the day with just a little sunshine. at least enough to catch the sunset right there. nice colors in the sky. we pick up some really impressive amounts across parts of the north by, north of mill valley. over half an inch. petaluma close to a quarter inch. you'll notice you get south of san francisco over towards the east bay. laugh yet a little more than quarter inch. everywhere else less than a tenth of an inch all the way down to the south bay. los gatos close to a quarter inch. even right now we're seeing showers near gilroy and is an
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martin. santa cruz a little less than a quarter inch, near tenth of an inch there is the rain fallen right knew now near the south county area. moving up towards the peninsula, we're seeing showers near foster city and redwood city. same deal for hayward and fremont, the tri-valley and sunol grade. more on and off rain for the commute. san jose does keep things gray. and heavier rain expected for the evening commute. we'll time everything out for you in a little while, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. a grate way to stay ahead of the rain is with our free app. you click on the weather tab to find live doppler radar and your specific forecast for your neighborhood. a car pulls up to the front door of a fire station and inside that vehicle a dead man. the contra costa sheriff's office investigating. the body discovered about 7:30 this morning in oakley. the car was blocking the driveway of a fire station on o'hara avenue. at first investigators thought the person had been killed. but they later said the man died after a suffering complications
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from a preexisting medical condition. well pg&e wants people to know about a recent telephone scam around the bay area. here is what has been happening. unidentified callers are demanding cash from customers for alleged past due bills. the callers also say that the electricity will be disconnected if the payment is not made right then and there. they want the money via prepaid cash card or paypal. pg&e says its employees never ask for payment on the spot or for personal information. if you do get a personal call, you're urged to call police. crews in the north bay scramble to fix a water main break today. this one happened about 2:00 in the morning on college avenue near brookwood drive. that's north of the downtown area. crews were able to shut off the water quickly, and the line is now repaired. drivers were diverted all around this area this morning. but the road now has been reopened. >> a former california inmate who won the to have sexual reassignment surgery is making plans to have that surgery on her own this summer. you remember last year a federal
11:33 pm
judge ordered the state prison system to provide the surgery but she was paroled before the operation could go ahead. she told the chronicle she hopes to get the surgery this summer through california's low income health insurance program. she says she is proud of her high profile legal battle with the state because it's led to improved treatment for transgendered inmates. president obama's trip to cuba means good news for airbnb. they're now allowing travelers from around the world to book stays in private homes in cuba. the move comes after airbnb got special permission from the obama administration to expand. airbnb has been operating in cuba for about a year. the new authorize announced this morning allows anyone in the world to book a stay in cuba. as we reported earlier in the newscast, officials in belgium said today that the newly captured suspect in the paris terrorist attacks could have been planning for violence.
11:34 pm
they hope to learn more from him about what happened in terrorist and the broader threat from isis in europe. keir simmons reports now from brussels. >> reporter: salah abdeslam arrested a amid gunfire and explosions may have been planning another attack. >> he was ready to restart something from brussels. and it's maybe the reality. because i said we have found weapons, heavy weapons. >> reporter: but it's his knowledge of the paris massacre last november that may be crucial. since salah abdeslam was discovered in this building in brussels, he has been talking. and there are questions surrounding the attacks in paris that he could answer. the explosives used in the terrorist attacks tatp require an experienced bomb maker. who was he? and where is he? according to "the new york times," which says it has seen a police report, french investigators describe salah abdeslam as the logistics guy.
11:35 pm
so can he detail the original plan? while reports confirmed by nbc news reveal the suspect ringleader hid in bushes for three nights after the attack, had something gone wrong. ultimately, he died during a paris police raid, leaving abdeslam as the only living member of the paris cell. how much does he know? >> extremely professional. and i don't see these people sharing all the information. >> reporter: abdeslam relied on a large network of friends to stay hidden, the belgium prosecutor says, to continuing and most urgent question tonight, how many more isis operatives are on the run in europe. keir simmons, nbc news, brussels. turning to decision 2016. in an effort to win over the gop establishment, donald trump is
11:36 pm
set to meet with two dozen key party leaders tomorrow afternoon in washington. the meeting comes on the heels of yet another violent rally, this one in tucson, arizona yesterday. a protester was punched and kicksed as he was being escorted out. earlier they blocked the road to phoenix delaying that rally. trump said if the gop tries to block his nomination, there could be riots. his republican rivalress fuse to drop out or consider being his running mate. >> i don't know what is going to happen. but i will say this. you are going to have a lot of very unhappy people. >> donald is the nominee, hillary wins. >> maybe ted ought to get out because he can't win in the fall. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders campaigning in washington state, fighting to keep his campaign afloat. hillary clinton plans to rally in arizona tomorrow. arizona and utah have primaries on tuesday. ♪ donald, donald, stand by me >> look at this. you can't look away. that's donald trump and dr. ben
11:37 pm
carson kind of swaying along to "stand by me" the donald version yes, peggy? >> how does this happen? >> it's right after the gop front-runner spoke to the palm beach republican party. that's just the craziest thing. >> they got into it. what do we do? do we dance? it's a big awkward. and who is in the pink tie there? there you go. although he is we should tell fallon smith that terry and i had a duet of our commercial break. >> we were asked not to repeat it ever. >> i bet you guys were a great pair. >> i appreciate your faith in us, fallon. thank you. what's happening in sports? >> well, coming up in sports, another nail biting finish as march madness continues. we've got the highlights straight ahead. plus, the warriors hitting minor speed bumps in their pursuit of nba history. find out how the dubs plan to bounce back. that's next in sports. the dubs mayave lefsan
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antonio wi a lossesterda.. how is thatossibleorconfidce. the dubs may have lost san antonio with a loss yesterday but they gained even more confidence. how is that possible? well, it was a rare off shooting night for steph curry. and they were shorthanded. despite all that, they only lost by eight points. though they leave texas with their heads held high as their quest for history continues, the dubs are still on track to set the all-time single season win record set by the bulls back in 1995-'96. the warriors are one game ahead of chicago with 13 games remaining. they would need to go 11-2 to break the record. so draymond green says hey, why
11:40 pm
not? >> we know we can't do. it's possible. we going after it. >> you've never been shy about saying that either. >> why would i be? >> some people like oh, we just wan to win. >> i want that pressure. i like the pressure. i'm not going to shy away from saying we want the record. absolutely we want it. we going after it. to madness that is march. illinois versus texas a&m. get this. aggies were down by 12 with 35 seconds left in the game. then with about 15 seconds to go, alex caruso the bucket and the foul. now northern iowa rebounding after the free throw. in trouble. whoa, are you kidding me? turned the ball over and we're all tied up. we're going to ot. northern iowa fans must be sick. a 14-2 run for texas a&m to end
11:41 pm
regulation in ot. aggies down two. caruso, the runner. and we're going to a second overtime in double ot. daniel house. a nice play here. driving, the floater. it's good. texas a&m comes back to win, 92-88. they'll face oklahoma in the sweet 16. to the east region. wisconsin versus two seed xavier. edmund sumner with the reverse lay-up. the badges next possession, from downtown. game tied at 63. two seconds left, wisconsin inbounding. that three in the corner. beat the buzzer. lord have mercy. that was amazing. bill murray, he is stunned. can't believe it. xavier upset. wisconsin wins 66-63. they face notre dame in the sweet 16. second round of the nit. two seed st. mary's hosting
11:42 pm
three seed georgia. nice ball movement here. dane wide open inside for the lay-up. puts the gaels up 12. st. mary's goes on to win 77-65. and in the process, they set a school record for wins with 29. they'll face valparaiso next. to the ice. sharks hosting arizona. first period, no score until this, brendan dillon puts it on goal. joel ward dips it home for the 20th goal of the season. ward's third goal the last two games. 1-0 san jose. second period, san jose on the power play. in front, ping-pongs in. puck deflects off the defender and past the goalie. shuts out the coyote, 3-zip. they're one point away from clenching a play-off spot. and the dubs pursuit for 73 wins continues tomorrow as they wrap up their road trip in minnesota. terry and peggy, you can catch pregame live on csn bay area
11:43 pm
starting at 4:00 tomorrow. >> they are unstoppable. >> that sounds like a plan, fallon. thank you so much. coming up, sky-high rents on the peninsula are driving people out. but there is a new plan at stanford to help students and others. facebook founder mark zuckerberg in china. helping to improve technology overseas. after we exposed security guards committing crimes instead of protecting teens, a peninsula city promised big changes. >> how is it that you're ensuring the guards are on duty and doing their job? >> we spent lots of money. >> wednesday at 11:00, the investigator that goes undercover. and you won't believe what one security guard was doing. >> these are our tax dollars there are better ways to use our money than to pay some guy to sit in the car and do that. seriously. >> wednesday we investigate. sky-high pris on the ninsulahav
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
so the median income in palo alto is 500, $6,000 a month. >> ow. sky-high prices on the peninsula have stanford leaders looking to build something more affordable. the university wants to add thousands more beds on campus. >> that could have a ripple effect across the peninsula. more housing and hopefully cheaper rent. nbc area's jessica aguirre has the story. >> reporter: for some stanford students, it can take months to find a place on campus. >> it took me almost one year. >> reporter: this ph.d student had no choice but to move from his offcampus studio after his landlord raised the rent $400 a month. >> people definitely are taking advantage. >> reporter: the grad students say even rents on campus eat up about 70% of their monthly income. some students would like to move -- >> but i don't get very far in the search process because it's immediately apparent that the prices are even higher than they are on campus. >> reporter: stanford is responding, applying to build four on campus complexes with 2400 beds. that's enough to house about half the grad students currently
11:47 pm
living offcampus. and moving them on campus could impact all renters in the area. >> which could create a ripple effect throughout the peninsula and the county. >> reporter: real estate consultant dale says rental prices could relax for a year or two. >> it could be an apartment, a house, that the median rent in palo alto is $5,600 the last few days. >> but only if they finish the units all at once. >> if housing opens up and units a month, there may be no impact. >> reporter: stanford says the completion state is the summer of 2019. and students say it couldn't come soon enough. >> stanford has to do something for on campus housing or they'll end up having trouble getting ph.d students. >> that was jessica aguirre reporting. still a lot of questions, however, what the new units would do for traffic in the area a. the university will present these findings to the county for approval tomorrow. tasebook's founder mark zuckerberg held a rare meeting during his trip to china.
11:48 pm
yesterday he met with china's propaganda chief in beijing. the meeting is come as china is increasingly cracking down on internet use. china's propaganda chief says he hopes facebook and chinese tech companies can work together to share technology to improve the internet. all right. checking in right now with meteorologist anthony slaughter. he has been watching the skies, watching the rain, seeing how our monday morn willing look. >> it's going to be a little wet. on and off rain as we continue. it's not just going to be the north bay this time. it's going to be throughout the rest of the bay. showers across the east bay. even now making their way into san jose. finally starting to see some showers in the south bay after just picking up a trace amount in san jose. now we do have clouds streaming in ahead of our next round of rain that is going to move in as soon as tomorrow morning and continue through lunch time. that's when it's expected to be at the heaviest tomorrow around lunch and into the evening. cloudy skies across much of the by area a, still looking at slick roads in the entire bay with on and off showers across
11:49 pm
parts of the east bay. that's where we're finding the heavier rain. on and off will continue. 61 for san francisco. 63 tomorrow for the east bay and 65 for the peninsula. 66 for the south bay. we've got this cold front swinging on. in it's going to pick up the wind and bring in very chilly air over the course of the next several days before we see a warm-up by the end of the week. this cold front started to make its way through and that's going to kick up more showers as we move towards the morning hours. this is lunchtime. the heavier showers moving through around lunch in san francisco, oakland, same deal pour the peninsula. even in the north bay we'll see heavier rounds of rain move through around lunch. early afternoon we'll see for the tri-valley and the south bay. eventually it will clear out. but we'll see another round round of heavier rain around 9:00 to the south bay before we eventually get rid of this rain for tuesday morning. here is how much rain we're expecting. not a whole lot. but we could see half an inch for the north bay. a quarter inch or less and the winds are going to start to kick up as well.
11:50 pm
they've already subsided for the night. tomorrow around lunchtime, we're expected to see the rain and heavier winds. up to close to 30 miles per hour for the north bay. so anywhere from about 15 to 30. but nothing overly gust city, at least nothing more than that expected. if you're doing any traveling towards the sierra, winter weather advisories for tomorrow into tuesday morning. they're expecting about 4 to 8 inches of snow above 4500 feet you. get way up there about 7,000 feet, you could see another foot. and wind gusts will start to pick up as well. about 30 to 45 miles per hour there. now you'll notice as we zoom in and show you what is happening as far as the snowfall is concerned, again, you can get another foot at twin bridges. nearly half of that at lake arrowhead. as this system moves out tomorrow, we're going to start to see our skies clear out. temperatures really warming up. you'll notice in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. next weekend expect widespread 70s. perfect beach weather, terry and peggy. maybe you want to make plans, the outdoors unlike this weekend
11:51 pm
where you're stuck inside with the rain. >> i kind of liked it. i hope it wasn't the last of it, anthony. thank you so much. catching potentially deadly problems. coming up, what one nonprofit is now doing to make sure local kids stay heart healthy. when you thkf heartroblems-- yo
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
childr. from sden carac arreeach yr in when you think of heart problems, you don't often think of children. but up to 10,000 children die of sudden cardiac arrest in the united states every year. one nonprofit is working to identify children who are at risk before serious symptoms show up. about 400 kids were screened for free at thomas hart middle school in pleasanton. organizers say contrary to public popular belief, simple cardiac screenings are not part of typical exams or physicals. >> today we have already identified three kids at risk. and it's only 11:30 in the morning. potentially today we've already saved three lives. >> another priority at today's event was teaching kids and
11:54 pm
adult house to use defibrillators and perform basic cpr. this is all part of their effort to make schools more heart safe. runners from all over the world made their way through oakland today. this was the seventh annual oakland rung festival. marathoners came from across the u.s., even ten foreign countries. there were several races including a 5 k, a half marathon, a full marathon, even a shorter race for the shorter people. for the kids, that is. nbc bay area's philip did it. i think he did the marathon, am i right? i am right. about 10,000 people showed up with philip. that may sound intimidating, but one runner says it just added up to the fun. >> it's a blast. i mean, you weave in and out of people that you get to pass, but you get to meet a lot of new freen friends and meet people along the way. >> it began seven years ago. more than $1.5 million has been raised for local charities. way to go. >> well done. tens of thousands of comic fans turned out for the final
11:55 pm
day of comic can. the big headliner stanley. he created spider-man, x men and the hulk. >> i hope he got a commission kirks you imagine? >> heavy-duty. >> people love the hulk. and spider-man. people packed the conference room for q&a sessions. he also appeared with apple co-founder steve wozniak who you might remember from last night he unveiled his own wax figurine. very well done on the likeness. >> what i should get you for your birthday, your own wax figurine. >> so when i'm out sick you can put it right here? >> we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
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how about this for lunchtime activity. this was in downtown l.a.
11:58 pm
yesterday. a helicopter hoisted the sky slide into place. the lied is part of a new sky space renovation at the u.s. bank tower, the tallest building west of the mississippi. it's a glass slide a thousand feet above ground. riders will glide from the 70th store to the 69th in the glass tube. the trip ends at a deck expected to open in june. so you can risk your life to go down one floor. >> i don't even like the elevator much less than slide. >> that high up. >> thanks for joining us. have a great week. >> and a great week ahead. >> see you. watching an nbc bay area news
11:59 pm
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