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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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steph teasam/voand a y that' gon histor- all the details coming up in a live report. i'm stephanie chuang live at apple headquarters in cupertino where the tech giant is set to make its latest announcement. what you can expect coming up in a live report. plus, a day that is going to go down in history for the u.s. and for cuba. two countries coming together once again. right now, president obama preparing to meet up with the president of cuba, a move that has not been seen in 88 years. we have full team coverage coming up "today in the bay" starts right now.
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>> i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. live look outside the golden gate bridge and on your left san mateo bridge out on your right. the sprinkles are happening across the bay area right now. more rain is on the way. >> more than just sprinkles. meteorologist kari hall tracking the radar for us. how are things looking? >> things are looking good for now. another batch of rain moving later throughout this morning and most likely during the main morning commute time and especially in the north bay. as we look at the radar, not a lot going on. most low clouds and some fog developing, which may also slow you down as you head out this morning. we have puddles on the road and i'll talk about that. let's head to oakland now with mike. >> don't let your guard down because you might find slicker roads. also watching this crash and all the activity now on the right shoulder. as you watch the folks in the slow lane they do get by without
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altering their course. this is right before the 66 off ramp. look at your map and smooth flow of traffic otherwise. at 5:02, happening today, apple in the spotlight once again as the company unveils a new, faster product. >> stephanie chuang joining us live in cupertino with what might be in store and the company is thinking smaller this time around. >> that's right, sam and laura. smaller and probably cheaper to appeal to more global markets, including china, which, of course, is a huge consumer of smartphones and turn around a decline in iphone sales worldwide. now, apple true to form has stayed very tight lipped about what is going to be announced today. but industry analysts say this new iphone will be called the se. this is a move to fight possible phones. it has been about six months since apple introduced the 6s. >> all right. it looks like we lost her there.
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well, maybe. we know they're introducing the 6s, as well. we do exnot expect a new apple watch but perhaps some new accessories to go along with it. we'll cover it live as the announcement is about to get under way. apple in the spotlight with the, you know, the whole unlocking of the phone incident, as well. apple expected to be in court tomorrow, in fact. the court wants apple to unlock an iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terror suspects. in world news now, president obama set to meet with raul castro in cuba. the two leaders have a lot to discuss. today president obama's focus will shift from tourism to the business of a new renewed relationship between the u.s. and cuba. the bay area cuban community watching very closely as the president makes this visit.
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>> i thought it was very exciting and i think it symbolizes hope. now, i know it's within the cuban american community it is a bit controversial. but i try and keep politics aside and i want to take it as a sign of hope for change. >> there will be an official state welcome today for president obama. he's been very popular in cuba. thousands have come and filled the streets of havana to catch a glimpse of the u.s. president. more details now on the president's trip. he has a full day planned today including a one-on-one meeting with raul castro and a state dinner tonight. tomorrow he addresses the nation and also attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. we're going to have more on the president's historic trip coming up in our next half hour. "today in the bay" jay gray will be live in havana and live with more details. for complete coverage head to our website, as well. or download our free nbc bay area app for
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updates. at 5:04 also happening today the trial continues for the former stanford swimmer accused of rape. brock turner was arrested in january of last year. three counts of assaulting a 23-year-old uc santa barbara graduate. turner was trying to assault the victim while she was unconscious. one of those witnesses also chased turner down after he tried to run away. turner withdrew from stanford after his arrest. new fallout for the cal basketball team in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal. a prize recruit is now abandoning his plans to play for the scal. tyson jolly tweeted over the weekend, "given the uncertainty at cal i decided to ask out of my letter of intent and reopen my recruitment. not an easy decision, but the right one." he signed with cal but chose to play one year at prep school. they fired yann hufnagel after
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sexual harassment charges surfaced. cal is conducting an internal investigation. as for the tournament, hawaii upset the bears friday in that first round. >> a lot of us just trying to keep our brackets alive at this point. we have lost a lot of teams. 5:06 right now. >> tell them the truth right now, we're in competition. >> kari, do you have a bracket? how is it looking? >> i never bothered this year. it's so hard. still watch, but, you know, i would have had a busted bracket anyway. let's take a look outside now as you head out the door. wet roads and puddles in low-lying spots and temperatures now in the upper 40s to lower 50s and highs today reaching the 60s with off and on rain and be prepared for it all. cool temperatures today and breezy wind and the winds at times gusting up to about 25 miles an hour. after this clears out we'll dry out and warm up. i'll detail that in a few minutes. let's head across the san mateo
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bridge with mike. >> look at that westbound no problems. you can clearly see the high rise. we don't see evidence of the rain here but damp roadways around the bay. look at your map, also around the bay, you're at speed limit. that is a great flow of traffic. little build out of here over the west 580 and like last week we're watching over here and the b.a.r.t. disruption and the end of the pittsburg bay point line is out of service. folks hitting highway 4 and you guys continue the story today. a new day and the same story, mike. there are still traffic woes for b.a.r.t. riders for a sixth straight day now. commuters plagued with more delays as crews try to figure out what is causing a power surge on the track. pete suratos live in concord. any word on when this is supposed to be cleared up? >> well, we know that bus bridge will be in place at least for today. we're hoping to get an update from b.a.r.t. to see how much longer this will take place and we saw it also over the weekend
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and this whole problem started wednesday morning. b.a.r.t. said the power surge along the tracks damaged 50 trains altogether. they ran test trains between these two stations over the weekend and still can't pinpoint the root cause of this problem and the commutevers have to adjust. >> going to be kind of hard to get everything going but i have to get up a earlier, so, yeah, it's really hard. >> now, it's going to take months to repair these damaged trains, but b.a.r.t. says service between these two contra costa station will resume before then. b.a.r.t. riders should anticipate crowded trains. live in concord, pete suratos. >> their livelihood just trying to get to work. coming up next, six months later and the community is still in recovery mode. the reason hundreds of people
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living in an area ravaged by the valley fire have something to celebrate. a housing crunch on the peninsula has stanford university leaders taking action. the impact their plan could have on the surrounding community, next. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. milestoneome - foreveryone w lo
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at 5:11 a milestone moment for everyone who lost homes in the devastating valley wildfire. residents are celebrating the first new home to rise from the ashes. >> yesterday justin lord and courtney move under to a new home built with the help of donations and volunteer builders from local nonprofit agencies. other middletown residents helped celebrate that home's completion and lots of hugs and congratulations to go around. about 150 homes are now in the process being built for families who lost everything in last fall's wildfire. >> i'm really proud of us. we have not sat down and grumbled or cried. everybody stayed strong and we're going tafight to bring this community back. it's going to be stronger. i believe it. >> we drive around and look at all the foundations and framing and roofing. we see the progress. >> well, the same group that helped to build that home is going to start construction on five more homes over the next
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two weeks across lake county. a lot of good feelings to go around there. >> good to see. a warning right now to kindle users this morning. update by tomorrow or else you could lose your internet connection. >> for more on that and the rest of our news before the bell, let's say good monday morning to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hi, sam and laura. good monday morning to you, as well. the markets off the fifth straight day of gains and scale back towards rate hikes for this year. look for data on existing home sales and on friday the dow rose 120 points to 17602. the nasdaq up 20 to 4795. meanwhile, amazon is warning kindle users if your device is gathering dust update it by tuesday or owners will lose their internet connection, meaning you won't be able to get online and download books any more. but if you use your kindle on a
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regular basis or have one from after 2012, you're fine those devices update automatically via wi-fi. the average price of regular unleaded rising 25 cents to $2.02 in san jose. gas is at 2.$2.65 while it's higher in san francisco at $2.75 and reflects higher gas prices due to the higher dollar. refiners switch to the more expensive blend of fuel for the summer. sam and laura, back over to you. >> thanks, landon. skyrocketing rent and diminishing housing options on the peninsula have stanford university leaders taking some action. they want to build thousands of more beds on campus. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez with a look at that plan and the ripple effect it could have on the surrounding community, as well. >> good morning, sam and laura and happy monday.
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sanford university said it will bring more of their graduate students back on to the campus, but that is only half of the graduate students who currently live off campus in palo altond the surrounding community. the more students who live on campus, the fewer will be living campus. opponents, though, say that there are already families living at escondido village, the proposed site for this housing plan. will they be displaced and adding more beds means adding more bodies and with that comes congestion and other ripple effects. we talked with a real estate conant who said moving could help to free up housing and affordable housing in the community, but only if it finished all at once. >> which could create a ripple effect throughout the peninsula and the county. if housing opens up and there may be no impact.
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>> now, this project appears to be moving forward because santa clara county already approved the permit in december. stanford planners are only making their case to the city of palo alto. no power to approve or deny the project but make suggestions and weigh into the county about the project as it moves forward. the stanford team will present to the council at 6:00 tonight. at city hall it is a public meeting. if you want to weigh in, you can do that. among the impact, the housing availability and also the impact on traffic and on noise in this area. on the stanford campus, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." . let's get a look at weather and traffic together. they're really going to go hand in hand as the roads are slick this morning. >> we have seen a continuation of that but it will clean up pretty soon here, kari. gooding. >> it will clear up. as we take a look at the time lapse in san francisco and we did at times have rain pouring down and low visibility and we got a tenth of an inch of rain
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that was off and on throughout the day and now we had a little bit of time for the roads to dry out. as you go this morning, it is looking nice and clear. a look at the radar and satellite and a couple only light splotches of green here and a little bit of rain as you head out and most of us not seeing that as of now. hour by hour in berkeley. still have clouds out the the day and every now and then the sun will peek out and chance of rain through early afternoon and temperatures in the lower 60s. breezy and cool winds continue to blow through the bay area and that is the way we will start this new week and our temperatures much cooler and it will. still a chance of showers off and on this is the way it pans out. this is what the radar could look like at:00 this afternoon. we see some rain that is heavy at times, but very hit or miss and even continuing into tonight and into the day tomorrow, still some light showers. some light showers moving through. but the rainfall totals will only make it up to about 0.25.
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and, once again, yesterday we had 0.1 in san francisco and another 0.25 will be pretty good. over the next three days, we'll be in the mid-60s and then into the upper 60s as the sun begins to just as the clouds move out and we'll have a lot of sunshine in the peninsula up to 68 degrees and also some low 60s for san francisco up to 66 degrees there on wednesday. heading into the north bay some today, but clearing out tomorrow. some low 70s for wednesday and the east shore also looking at more about the same, the tri-vall tri-valley. we'll have cool temperatures to start this week and then it all clears out. we'll see that clearing throughout the rest of the workweek and our temperatures really warming up on thursday and friday. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up and let's head to the tri-valley now with mike. >> a lot more cars than half an hour ago when we took this live camera. the traffic flow still at the speed limit and we'll show you on the map the speed limit that the dublin interchange and not
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back over here out of the altamont pass and typical over towards the beginning of that lane and held up for the last few weeks as that started over there. highway 4 and possibly more traffic flow and folks have had a few days to get around that closure there for that one section of the pittsburg bay point line and pete suratos continues to cover that. no metering lights yet and to the south bay and the peninsula, no major problem quick look at palo alto and live shot from 101 and more folks towards university and maybe eventually across the dubarton bridge. coming up next, presidential candidates on capitol hill this morning. what might be disgsed at a private meeting reportedly between potential nominee donald trump and gop leaders as they try to iron out their differences. that story next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:20 am nbc bay area, we investigate. new thimning..==cu==we're w lean
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welcome back, everyone. new this morning we're learning all 13 students killed in a bus crash in northern spain were from other countries. the bus crashed yesterday between barcelona and valencia.
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it was filled with exchange students studying in barcelona. the students that died are all women between 19 and 75. yet six from different european nations. 23 others still in the hospital. investigators say road conditions were good at the time. authorities are now questioning the driver. at 5:23. developing news overseas. the suspect in the paris terrorist attack may have been planning more violence. he told investigators he intended to, "restart something in brussels, belgium. he was arrested last week and brought you breaking coverage on friday and now may have been the lojest gistics expert in the paris attack that killed 130 people in november. more boots on the ground in iraq after an isis attack killed a u.s. marine and injured several others this after he died in a rocket strike saturday. he's the first u.s. service member to die this year. officials issued a brief
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statement saying more marines will be sent to iraq, but the exact number is not being disclosed. facebook founder mark zuckerberg held a rare meeting during his trip to china. on saturday zuckerberg met with propaganda chief in beijing. coming as china is increasingly cracking down on internet use. facebook and other social media sites are banned in china. china's propaganda chief said he hopes facebook and chinese tech companies can work together to share technology to improve the internet. to decision 2016 now. today chelsea clinton in the bay area to raise some money for her mother's presidential campaign. chelsea headlines an event at a private home in palo alto. one of the main hosts the found founder theranos. intense scrutiny after a "wall street journal" investigation revealed that the company's blood testing technology is not as accurate as they claimed. cnbc reports that that
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fund-raiser was originally going to be held at the company's headquarters but was ultimately moved. in decision 2016 news. >> primaaries in arizona and uth and the democrats will hold a caucus in idaho. a big prize for both parties with 75 delegates at stake for delegates and 58 for republicans. latest polls show hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by a large margin. as you mentioned, hillary clinton, the former first lady and former secretary of state along with most of the presidential candidates will be on capitol hill later today. all but bernie sanders will be set to speak at a pro-israel conference and donald trump is meeting in secret with gop leaders. >> do we know? >> well, they are likely going to talk about whether or not the
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republican part y can remember last week just a few days ago another group meeting on how they could get around donald trump being the nominee. he wants to bring them together. nearly two dozen republicans movers and shakers behind the scene, including perhaps some lawmakers here on capitol hill are going to sit down and talk to about this. and then he's going to have a news conference at his hotel, the hotel he's building here and then going to this apec conference where trump has alienated himself from the other republicans saying he thinks that israel should try to get some sort of agreement with the palestinians. perhaps not a very popular opinion at this meeting. so, we'll see how he sells that to the apec conference today. hillary clinton speaks there this morning in advance portion of her speech she says that the u.s. must never be neutral in defending israel. we're also going to see john kasich and ted cruz here, as well. >> on an issue that is so
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sensitive and so important to national politics. interesting that bernie sanders is going to be conspicuously missing from that conference. 5:27 right now. coming up a face-to-face meeting being talked about around the globe is now just hours away. more on the historic visit from president obama coming up next. think smaller and cheaper. apple's announcement on its latest iphone and ipad. i'm stephanie chuang with a preview coming up. another day for b.a.r.t. riders heading from pittsburg north bay and we'll hear from commuters coming up. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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you made it to monday morning. at least you made it through the weekend, we should say. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. keep the slickers handy. the rain has stuck around so far. a live look at the bay bridge. a shimmering bay bridge. with just scattered showers right now, but more wet weather is on the. >> we could always use it. let's turn to meteorologist kari hall. she has the details for us. >> we had some rain in parts of the bay area yesterday that was just pretty much off and on all day long but in the south bay, we didn't see much of that and as we go into today, we will still have a chance of rain, especially in the north bay with some heavier downpours during thing commute. now, as we look out there in it's in the low 50s with highs today expected into the lower 60
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and even and temperatures warm up this week. let's get an update on the bay bridge toll plaza from mike. >> we expect this, also. the metering lights turning on right on schedule and a smooth flow on the proach approach. little blip at the toll plaza and getting sprinkles up in the petaluma area and no major concern as far as the roadway incidents go. a concern as far as the traction goes and damp roadways over the morning and keep that in mind, guys. all right, happening today we are just hours away from a historic meeting. a meeting that represents the new era for both countries. "today in the bay" jay gray live in havana with more on what this visit means for the two nations. good morning, jay. >> good morning, laura. good morning, sam. from here in havana, cuba. it's been a windy morning.
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we have a bit of wind, as well. this a very important day as you talk about for both countries here. after 88 years of silence. they are now meeting the leaders of cuba and the u.s. president obama expected to sit down with raul castro a bit later today and it will be an extensive discussion and bilateral talks betwaen the two leaders that the white house insists will include, "concerns" that they have with policies here in cuba, including human rights issues that have always been at the forefront of the tension between the u.s. and cuba. that will continue throughout the day. we expect the press briefing from both leaders once they are finally finished and then there will be a state dinner tonight where presumably the two leaders will talk, again. tomorrow, president obama will address the nation here in cuba. talking historically to the cuban people on cuban-run television. then he'll take in a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team before leaving the country.
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that is the latest live here in havana. now back to you. >> monumental trip there. thank you, jay. >> baseball, the great unifier. the bay area cuban community in the meantime is watching the president's visit very closely. >> i thought it was very exciting i think it symbolizes hope. now, i know it's within the cuban american community is a bit controversial. but i try and keep politics aside and i want to take it as a sign of hope for change. >> a documentary filmmaker. is a cuban american born and raised in the u.s. her documentary is about the cuban american experience. president obama's visit to cuba this week means good news for airbnb. the lodging service is now allowing travelers from around the world to book stays in private homes in cuba. that move coming after airbnb got special permission from the obama administration to expand its operations there.
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airbnb has been operating in cuba for about a year but only in a limited way. this allows anyone in the world to book a stay in cuba. for complete coverage of the president's visit to cuba, head to our website, or download or free nbc area app for all the updates. also happening today, busy week for apple. tomorrow the showdown between the company and the fbi over encryption will play out in court, once again. in just a few hours, apple will introduce its newest addition to its product line. >> stephanie chuang joining us live from apple's headquarters in cuber t cupertino. >> now in true apple form no official details on what is going to be announced today but speaking at the town hall theater and much smaller than the usual san francisco venue and we're not expecting some brand-new concept. now, take a look, we just got a
5:35 am
screen grab of thep alstore online this morning which is offline, so to speak. it reads, we can't wait to show you what's in store and that is in preparation for today's announcement and unveiling. now, industry analysts say the new product set to be announced today is the iphone. think 5s introduced in 2013. smaller korean expe eer screen s of the 6s. replace as the entry level phone and appeal to more buyers around the globe. analysts say this is a move, also, for the estimated one-third of customers who didn't upgrade to the larger screen. >> so, people who don't really care to have these larger screen iphones but maybe they don't want to be left behind from everything that is new right now, like apple pay. >> other expectation for this morning new accessories and bands for the apple watch, but no new hardware. they'll introduce a new ipad 9.7 inches.
5:36 am
in fact this quarter dip in iphone sales is the first since its introduction nine years ago. we're here for thevent that starts at 10:00 this morning. scott budman will be here and we'll have a previewed a mid-day. hear from co-founder in our next half hour on what he thinks. live in cupertino, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> throughout the day people checking their iphones and the nbc bay area aapp. >> it's free to download. >> free information at your fingertips. >> checking in with kari directly. >> keep checking the radar, too. you may have some rain moving in as we go through the day at any point. now we've seen things quieting down and still some puddles left on the road. 53 in oakland and 55 in san francisco and we're up to the low 60s today and some clouds mixing with the sunshine and, once again, some rain at times, too. that continues all throughout
5:37 am
the afternoon. but once this clears out late tonight, we'll have some sunshine tomorrow. i'll give you an idea of what to expect as temperatures rise this week. that's coming up. but let's get an update on a slow down in the tri-valley from mike. >> right in front of our camera at tassajara and see the slow down and speed up from time to time. pan the area with the live camera and we saw no incidents but look at your map right in this area approaching the dublin interchange. we do have little bitty slow down right here. typically see this later in the morning. we'll watch for that. no other surprises out of the altamont. then once you're west of there, a smooth drive. typical backup at the bay bridge and highway 4 a little build and a little slowing and last week, the last couple days we had extra traffic over there because of b.a.r.t. issues at the end of the pittsburg bay point line and you might see that today because we continue with that report and continue with the issue on the rails and continue with the story over to you guys.
5:38 am
>> no doubt you'll see more cars, again. now looking at a sixth day of delay for b.a.r.t. riders and they can expect another difficult commute as crews struggle to figure out what caused this power surge on the b.a.r.t. tracks. >> a lot of people had to adjust their schedules. meet suratos live in concord with how much longer people can expect these delays. good morning, pete. >> we're expecting this bus bridge at least this morning but b.a.r.t. will give us an update with how long commuters will have to deal with this. dates back to wednesday morning when they said there was a power surge along the tracks damaging cars. on top of a similar situation where 80 cars were damaged going through the transbay tube. going to take months to repair these damaged trains but they're expecting service between the two contra costa stations. some of them they use this bus bridge last week and this time this morning they decided to drive directly to this north concord b.a.r.t. station.
5:39 am
>> because i didn't want to be late and i had brother with me and he had to be working before me. i needed to get him here so he could get on time. >> as i mentioned, it is going to take months to repair some of these damaged trains. b.a.r.t. saying this has to do with their aging infrastructure and some of their fleet dates back to the 1970s. b.a.r.t. riders should anticipate crowded trains as these b.a.r.t. repairs continue. >> all right, staying patient. thank you very much, pete. 5:39. coming up a pivotal day in the sierra lamar murder case. what could be decided in court today that could actually delay the trial for months. i'm chrkris sanchez at stanford. coming up what that means for affordable housing in the region. and a live look outside now at the golden gate bridge. you see a little bit of blurriness with the lights there. we're still seeing a little remnant of rain this morning.
5:40 am
remnants of rain. kari has a look at more waves of wet weather coming through later today. we'll be right back. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. a former liforniinmate o
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won the rig to havsexualeassigni a former california inmate who won right to have sexual
5:43 am
reassignment surgery is making plans now to have that surgery on her own this summer. you'll recall last year a federal judge ordered the state prison system to provide the surgery to michelle, but she was paroled before the operation could go forward. she told "the chronicle" this week that she hopes to get that surgery this summer through california's low income health insurance program. she says she's proud of her high-profile legal battle with the state because it's led to improved treatment for transgender inmates. today could be a key day in the sierra lamar murder trial. the suspect attorney is asking for more dna evidence and that could delay the trial for months. 12 dna profiles found on lamar's pants. one of those profiles was of him. the judge is expected to rule on that request today. if the defense gets his way, the trial might not start next month as scheduled. her body has never been found.
5:44 am
her family spent the weekend in morgan hill. as they do often, looking for her. police right now are stepping up their patrols in downtown palo alto after a late night armory. happened in a parking lot on emerson. police say two men robbed and assaulted a man in his 20s tag team style. one punched the victim while the other man stole his phone. >> he began screaming for help at which point the suspect grabbed him in a head lock to keep him from prevent him from yelling for help. as he continued asking for help -- >> the victim did not suffer any serious injuries and police say it's possible that a gray toyota camry near the scene of the mugging might be connected but officers never located the suspect. sky high rents on the peninsula are driving people out, but a new plan in stanford to try to help students and
5:45 am
other people, as well. >> we'll tell you more about that program coming up. they want to actually change some of the housing in that area. >> and more on-campus housing like 2,400 units and hoping a trickle down effect for all the people who are renting in the area right now, as we said, at very high price points. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us with more on the story. good morning. >> good morning, sam. good morning, laura. you mentioned the beds, 2,400 -- >> you know what that live shot is breaking out so much. we'll tell you that story in just a moment. pg&e wants tawarn you about a scammer. unidentified callers are demanding money for customers. now, the callers say the electricity will be disconnected if the payment isn't made right away. they want the money via prepaid cash cards. kind of like pay pal.
5:46 am
employers never ask for payment on the spot or personal information. if you get a call, you should call police. speaking of being robbed, two burglars in the east bay busted. this all thanks to the help of an alert citizen and a canine officer. this is a police dog that was perched in front of stolen property found inside that white sedan which also turned out to be stolen. police say that neighbors spotted a man and woman in concord yesterday morning stealing several items from cars and porches. police eventually tracked the two suspects down and one got away. that's when the canine officer came in and found him nearby. >> don't think i can trust that dog. water main break caused a mess in santa rosa over the weekend. happened about 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning on college avenue. crews were able to shut off the water quickly and the line, thankfully, is now repaired. drivers were diverted around that area, but the road was eventually reopened. never too early on a monday morning for a good riddle,
5:47 am
right? >> why not? >> what is black and white and running all over? two zebras on the loose on the streets of oakland. >> this is actually pretty funny. they were loose on friday. here's a photo of the pair on the lamb after escaping from a traveling circus that was set up near coliseum. they managed to wrangle both fairly quickly and brought them back to the circus. but, wait, there's more. >> there is. the idea of escape is, obviously, growing on this zebra. check out this video. imagine just riding around in philadelphia and seeing zebras. >> not on a safari. >> you're not in africa. >> a similar thing happened last november to the same circus company. that's when two zebras from the universal circus escaped for more than a half hour. no word yet if those zebras were the same two behind this jail break. of all the animals from the
5:48 am
circus that could escape and be on the loose, better the zebras. >> no kidding. let's check the forecast right now with kari. the rain falling out there. >> we've seen it in some spots. we start out this morning with wet roads and in parts of the north bay yesterday, we did have 0.5 inch of rain and a lot of people heading out and we'll check in with mike in a bit to see what else is happening as you drive this morning. looking now at a couple of splotches of some green here. mainly in the far north bay. the rest of the bay area dealing with some fog and clouds and still, once again, those puddles from the rain yesterday. so, we do still have the cool and wet conditions. some breezy winds today and we will still have the off and on showers through at least the early afternoon. and then we'll start to see the rain tapering off later tonight. there still will be a chance of some rain in the north bay tomorrow. so, looking at a mainly dry conditions for the rest of the bay area.
5:49 am
but that slight chance that we could have some rain dropping at any point and the rainfall totals may get up to about 025 and, once again, that comes down on top of the 0.5 in the north bay and o.1 we had in oakland. winds rushing onshore that will keep our temperatures down and the winds gusting up to about 25 to 30 miles an hour. maybe a little bit higher at times and then starting to calm down as we go into tonight. that chance of rain today and then partly cloudy skies tomorrow. temperatures in the lower 60s. we'll have more of the same in the peninsula into the upper 60s. san francisco getting a chance to dry out, as well. and some sunshine for the middle of the week. in the north bay, we'll be up to 70 degrees on wednesday and those temperatures continue to go up from there. even into the upper 70s for spots by the end of the week and we stay dry today. pretty much that last chance that you'll get a measurable
5:50 am
rain for the next seven days. i'll have another update on that, but let's head to the bay bridge now with mike. >> kari, no surprises. bay bridge metering lights on. the whole camera is out. lets prr move over towards oakland. the backup still is in the whole toll plaza. over here oakland 880 southbound watching for a crash that just cleared a couple minutes ago from the shoulder here and traffic now, again, at speed. and no more problems over on the right side of that southbound direction. the map will show you that overall the entire area and highway 4 shows more traffic and over towards 242 and we typically see a slow down there and the end of the b.a.r.t. line still closed as far as bus trains go and we do have a few more folks hitting the road. tri-valley and hayward with no surprises over there and getting over the san mateo bridge. 87 shows some slowing over the last ten minutes and live look at fremont heading down into the south bay. 880, as well, coming down into
5:51 am
the area. the flag not moving a whole lot here and damp roads around the bay and as kari said in the north bay, some sprinkles coming down and that will continue on and off around the bay. happy birthday, twitter. san francisco company turns 10 years old today. just a young buck in the corporate world. on this day, a decade ago, co-founder and ceo jack dorsy sent the social network's first tweet. 140 character tweets have given the arab spring and the black lives matter protest. despite seeing the stock prices drop recently, twitter has maintained over 320 million active users. >> birth certificate for each one of them if you go to your twitter birth certificate. >> i'll find out your first tweet. >> i'm scared to know what it was. embarrassing, i'm sure. speaking of things that are embarrassing, back to the campaign trail for a lighter note this half hour. >> something that may get your monday started on the right foot or make you sick. check it out.
5:52 am
♪ donald, donald stay by me >> all right. so, that's donald stand by me. he's being cereinated the gop frontrunner in palm beach, florida, after an event over the weekend. a man close to him sang "stand by me" and donald trump and ben carson. this depends on your definition of joining. >> who i like is the security guard in front. he's kind of looking like what are thesal doing. >> i don't know them. >> donald even sang along singing his own name, donald, stand by me. >> he's moving. he's awake. there you go, ben. >> strange monday morning tv for you. coming up next, a milestone moment. dozens of residents devastated by the valley fire had reason to celebrate this weekend. the beautiful bay bridge washed clean with a little rain
5:53 am
across the area. how much? how long? we'll check in with kari coming up. at 5:52, happening now. apple fans wondering what it is going to be. the tech giant rolling out its latest products believing what is going to be a smaller iphone and tablet. steph chuang has a live report on the way and posting updates on our twitter feed. the bay area should be wet on and off. minutes from now we'll post our morning weather alert. sign up for alerts on our nbc bay area alert. northern sin .. werfrom
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
at 5:56. we're learning all 13 students killed in a bus crash in northern spain were from different countries. it was filled with exchange students studying in barcelona. the students who died are all women between 19 and 25. seven were from italy. the six from different european nations. 23 others are still in the hospital. investigators say road conditions were good at the time. authorities are now questioning the driver. developing news overseas. the suspect in the paris terrorist attacks may have been planning more violence. told investigators he intended to "restart something in brussels, belgium." arrested last week and brought
5:57 am
it to you as breaking coverage on friday and now learning he may have been the logistics expert in the paris attacks. more boots on the ground in iraq after an isis attack killed a u.s. marine and injured several others. this after lewis cardon died in a rocket strike saturday. he is the first u.s. service member to die this year. officials issued a brief statement saying more marines will be sent to iraq but the exact number is not being disclosed. some east bay firefighters found a body right outside the front door of their station. the victim, a man was in the car blocking the driveway and it happened yesterday morning. at first investigators thought he had been killed and later said the man died after suffering complications from a pre-existing medical condition. milestone moment for everyone who lost their homes in the valley fire last year. residents are celebrating the first home from the ashes.
5:58 am
>> move under to a new home built with the help of donations and volunteers from local nonprofits. other middletown residents helped complete the home's completion. >> we have not sat down and grumbled or cried and everyone stayed strong and we're going to fight to bring this community back. it's going to be stronger. i believe it. >> we drive around every day and look at all the lots getting cleaned up, foundations coming up,ing going up, roofing. we see the progress. >> the same group that helped to bri build that home will start construction on five new homes across lake county. right now at 6:00 the slick morning commute to start across parts of the bay area. how long will the rain stick around? kari hall will tell you and the impact your morning drive with mike inouye in just moments. the big announcement for
5:59 am
iphone might be that big announcement. what we are expecting from the apple event that starts in just four hours. that bus bridge continues for b.a.r.t. riders between pittsburgh bay point and north concord. all the latest in a live report coming up. "today in the bay" starts now. it sure does, pete. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. kari hall keeping us on our toes. what are you seeing on your radar, kari? >> most of the rain has cleared out, sam and laura. we will have that chance of rain at any point today. tracking some showers and mist and drizzle in parts of the north bay and mostly clear in the south bay where patchy, dense fog may develop. now our temperatures are in the low to mid-50s as you head out and be sure to grab the umbrella and you may only see the puddles left on the roads from yesterday but more rain falling from the sky as we go into this afternoon with highs today reaching the low to mid-60s and some gusty
6:00 am
winds at times. may even have some sunshine peeking out and more sunshine as we go through the week and show you that coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> we're looking at rafael and smooth drive and more traffic and glow to the lights north of san rafael kari is talking about and sprinkles and damp roads around the bay and the map shows you no real problem for the map we show you. the bay bridge toll plaza and there is the backup there and typical build for your upper east shore and folks pass by chicago highway and that's the end of the line for the bay point line and right now pete is following that story. and tri-valley, there's hayward and northbound 87. we had traffic backed up and then extended up towards 280. looked like something was going on. chp doesn't have anything in their reports right now and announcing the backup from capital expressway to kirtner. and chp doesn't have anything really in their grid and look at the pattern there and that's


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