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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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join you for local news updates like this. now back to "today" show. let us reset for you at 9:00 on a tuesday morning. 6:00 a.m. on the west coast. this is a special edition of "today" as we cover this morning's deadly attacks on the airport and subway systems in brussels, belgium. >> a morning of fast-moving developments. as it stands 26 dead at the airport and subway station and a major western european capital. all but shut down this morning. let's go to nbc and she has been traveling to brussels all morning. not an easy trip. but, kelly, good morning. tell us what you see and hear. >> good morning, savannah and matt. just arrived at the metro station where that blast happened several hours ago now. you can see behind me, some
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tactical police on scene. investigations ongoing. quite a ways down the street, as well. one of the entrances is just off to the left and another one a little bit farther down the street and out of view. we spoke to a witness here who was here at the time of the explosion and said he was on his way to work and traveling on the metro as he does. heard the blast first. he said everything went to black and when he could see, again, he saw many, many people injured. we now know that 15 have died at this attack site. and more deaths at the airport, as well. just in terms of how the city is functioning right now. we know that the metro stations have beened and the metro has been closed. trains are not coming into the main train station. euro star trains have been diverted, turned around as mine was. but there actually is quite a bit of traffic on the street. there are people out and about. traffic is extremely heavy
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getting out of the city and fairly heavy getting in, as well. some talk of closing the border between france and belgium. we were able to drive straight in and, again, into the city. so, no changes there. but in terms of travelers getting into and out of the airports. the airports have been closed and, really, the city now in sort of a state of shock. people trying to figure out what's next. do we go to work? do we stay at home and do we collect our children. are the phones working yet? some have been in and out. i have been able to get some phone calls through. but it is still sort of a city influx right now, guys. >> thanks, kelly, on the scene there. i know you'll continue to keep us posted. she mentioned she was able, matt, to just drive in rather easily. >> which i was surprised. >> on the other hand you have been remarking and you know this area very well. these are porousers. not one singular checkpoint that
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could be closed. >> kelly and her team were able to drive right to the area where that metro attack took place and not be stopped in the process. you can see the streets look basically deserted. pete williams has been joining us with information with his colleague sources. pete, what can you tell us? >> as we have been saying earlier today, matt. the administratior who will hav a big role is actually in brussels. coincidentally there for meetings and he is not at the airport. he is safe at the embassy now. by the way, tsa is checking on the safety of federal air marshals that regularly travel into and out of this airport as they monitor and fly on flights into the u.s. from brussels. so, some were coming in psome were going out.
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tsa is checking to see if they are safe. we have had no confirmed reports of american casualties either in the dead or injured at the brussels airport or at the bombing of the subway car. in terms of the u.s. response, there has been no recommendation from the federal government that airports or mass transit in the u.s. should do anything different. a number of federal agencies. the fbi, justice department, homeland security, tsa, the transportation department. they're all sending messages to the operators of these systems telling them what's going on in brussels. frankly, passing along what is being reported and social media and the decisions on what to do are up to local authorities. we've seen much more visible police presence at dulles airport here outside washington and at the airports in new york and also additional reports and the police in boston say they have adequate resources in place and all of that is because there is no intelligence, no specific
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information to indicate that there are any such attacks against these targets in the u.s. >> so, can i ask you a question. we learned that belgium officials have raised their terror threat level to the highest possible level. if you're a citizen of belgium, that means that you exercise the utmost vigilance. what does it actually mean for law enforcement in belgium or a country like that? >> it varies. it probably means that they have specific duties and special places they're supposed to go to. the teams that are responsible for rooting out these terrorists have kind of been working 24/7 for the last several days. and what it is going to mean is that as they investigate these attacks. as they find fragments of evidence that will give them new leads will then be additional things that they can follow up on. but it means a lot more viz presence guarding public
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facilities all throughout belgium. it is going to be very different duty for them than it would be here. >> one last thing don was just here and commented on this. the discovery of that undetonated suicide belt at the airport. that's a huge lead for investigators. >> absolutely. if that report is confirmed and turns out it be true, then that will be a huge cache of evidence they'll look at. they'll try to trace where all the components came from and looking for fingerprints and dna. people who make suicide vests tend to think they're not going it be left behind. so, they may not have been very careful in how they put it together. and the hope will be very high that there is going to be enough. remember, it was a dna trace found in one of the places where the police in belgium searched that led them to believe that the main terror figure was still alive and that also gave them an additional name of a person that they're looking for. so, those are the traces of
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evidence can be extremely important. >> been reports here and there and yet confirmed by us but weaponry recovered at the airport, as well. and that potentially could be a treasure-trove of evidence. pete, thank you very much. let's go to tom costello. i understand you have some news for us. >> couple pieces of information for you. vtm is reporting that the doctors who are treating the victims are reporting significant nail injuries. they believe that the bombs may have been packed with nails. they have been pulling pieces of nails and shrapnel out of the victims and there is from, that's from a doctor at a hospital in belgium. major trauma center. my kids were born there, actually. there have been one or more amputations already as a result of the injuries. also, the french security forces. french security forces have crossed the border and are
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responding to assist belgium authorities. they are arriving in downtown brussels. as you would expect, moving at great haste across the countryside tahelp pull up the main city center of the capital there. so, of course where the european is and then down through the brussels, belgian government offices. by the way, the u.s. embassy is not far that either. guys, back to you. >> they have been told to shelter in place. u.s. embassy officials are okay, no reported injuries among them. >> it goes without saying, but i'll say it anyway. in a story like this as it unfolds we'll start to get more and more images from the scenes of these explosions either images or from individuals who have taken pictures with their cell phones. we are going to be very careful in deciding what to put on the air and we'll warn you because, obviously, a lot of those images that we may see are going to be extremely graphic. >> that's right.
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let's turn to richard engel and always a wealth of information about the context on a day like this. richard, what more can you add? >> i can tell you u.s. counterterrorism officials are watching this very closely and are asking themselves, this is a quote, how big is this cell? so, they certainly believe or suspect that there are more people involved than just the bombers who carried out this attack. when asked what the u.s. officials think that this could be the start of a wave of attacks in europe by isis the answer i was given is likely. not good news coming from u.s. counterterrorism officials as they watch this. they think that there are more suspects involved in this cell and that this could be likely, i was told, a start of another wave of attacks in europe by isis. and that does dove tail with information we got earlier today
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from intelligent sources saying there are a few dozen. 50 to 100 syrian mill in europe at the moment looking for targets. so, none of this good news. >> chilling detail that we just got from tom costello who has been monitoring some of the local television and saying that some of the injuries that doctors are finding and treating there are consistent with nails. attack would nails. unfortunately, something we've seen before. on the other hand, richard as you well know, it may be as authorities get into the forensics and able to pore through that scene sometimes you can find a signature of a particular bombmaker or a style of attack. >> it's very standard that they pack suicide vests with nails or ball bearings and put other materials inside the vest. rat poison is one that sometimes is used.
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all of these things are, unfortunately now, readily available online. isis websites and platforms and magazines. they'll put the manuals out so people can learn how to make them. then law enforcement officials in a cat and mouse game trying to take them down only to see them reposted, again. but you can imagine what it would be like in that airport. i am looking right now at the scene with all the smoke hanging in the air. when these apparently nail incrusted suicide vests detonated inside the airport. >> sometimes, richard, it's not just the imnls but the sounds and this is video that has audio along with it. you can hear the cries for help and the screams and the seconds immediately following one of those blasts. it is very, very haunting and difficult to watch. richard, thank you. we'll be back with you in a little while, all right. >> sure. >> we'll be back with more of our coverage right after this.
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6:15 out west. we are continuing our special coverage of the terror attacks in belgium overnight. we are joined now on the phone by democratic presidential frontrunner hillary clinton. the former secretary of state. secretary clinton, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> from your time as secretary of state you know that area very well. you know belgium well. what was your initial reaction when you heard news? >> well, it was just terrible horror. the idea that terrorists are continuing to strike at the heart of europe and now brussels and the number of casualties from what looks to be fairly
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sophisticated, coordinated attacks is deeply distressing. we've got to stand in aul solidy allies as they have stood with us on so many occasions and we have to intensify our efforts to find and prevent terrorists from ever doing this, again. so, it's going to be a long challenge because there is a lot of factors, including, you know, the accessibility to powerful explosives and the mobility of terrorists in's world. but we've got to be absolutely strong and smart and steady in how we respond. >> secretary clinton, it's savannah guthrie. as you well know we aren't yet aware whether isis is taking responsibility for this. if isis directed this or if isis nearly inspired this.
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nonetheless, i think we all agree that isis is really at the heart of this. if you were president today, what would we be doing differently to try to get at this root cause? >> well, savannah, you're right that we're not sure yet. but it's also true that, you know, we have been confronting the threat of terrorism for quite some time. and this is the latest terrible manifestation of it. we have to tighten our security. i talked about a visa system and a passenger name record system. when i was secretary of state, we often had some difficulties with our european friends because they were reluctant to impose the kind of strict standards we were looking for. after paris has changed and we need to do much more to tighten things up. and i know security professionals are working to do
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that. but it's unreal isoic to say that we're going to completely shut down our borders to everyone. that would stop commerce, for example. that's not in anybody's interest. but we have to do a much better job in coordination with the europeans on tracking and following anyone who has any connection with terrorist activity or terrorism. >> secretary clinton, when the european union was established, borders became basically invisible. anybody could travel between different countries in europe, incredibly easily. do you think europe is going to have to reconsider that now that we see how easily terrorists have moved, for example, between france and belgium and other countries? >> you know, matt, i think they are already considering it. the dream of a whole bring europe back with that speech is one that should not be walked away from.
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it was an essential development after the horrors of world war ii. but, we dahave to be realistic with how people move from place to place and it has been my understanding that the europeans are looking hard at how to better protect their borders internally. and, of course, they are hoping with this extraordinary wave of syrian refugees and refugees from other products that the middle east and south asia. they have labored to do that on appropriate way. but that, too, poses extra burdens on them. this is a time for us, you know, to reaffirm our solidarity with our european friends and allies individually and for nato to support them as they struggle with how to best defeat the
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terrorist threats, they say. >> secretary clinton, this is a time to think about what the proper policy response is, what the law enforcement response is, but i just keep thinking of someone sitting at home and watching these images and thinking about europe and our friends in western europe and wondering, could something like this happen here? is this something that people should fear? >> well, savannah, i think we've got to recognize that the threat posed by the modern incarnation of terrorism is one that we have to be vigilant against. and i know that americans have every reason to be frightened about what they see and what happened to us in san bernardino. and, remember, the terrorists are trying to undermine the democratic values that are at our way of life. we cannot let them succeed.
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we have to intensify our efforts to keep america safe and to work with our friends and allies to help them be safe, as well, from these threats. >> you know, it seems, secretary clinton, that information is so vital when it comes to combatting terrorism and that is why, perhaps, perhaps you hear some people say when you get a key suspect like the one who was taken into custody in brussels last friday maybe you should use some enhance techniques to get information out of that person. it also may be why, if you look at this country in the wake of the san bernardino shootings that you just brought up a lot of people say, wait a minute, apple, you've got to unlock that phone that was left behind by one of theers because it is crucial that we get that information. is that just simply a logical step that people take after events like this and do you agree with it? >> you know, matt, i think it is understandable that people would
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be asking those kind of questions. you know, as to water dep boarding, you know, our countries most experienced and bravest military leaders will tell you that torture is not effective. it does put our own soldiers and increasingly our own civilians at risk. but we do have to give law enforcement and intelligence professionals all the tools they need to the job to keep america safe. and they don't need to resort to torture, but they are going to need more help. and, you know, just yesterday i said with respect to the question about the cell phone. i just can't believe that we can't find a reasonable path forward here. trying to help our law enforcement professionals get the information they need to follow up on a task. but most importantly, to prevent
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them. and that, you know, the privacy and safety of people who lose their lives or be injured in an attack have to be weighed against the privacy and safety of our information. and i just still believe there's got to be a way our great tech companies and our law enforcement professionals to figure out how to deal with that. it appears from the early reporting on the capture of the terrorist suspects in brussels that one of the ways he was tracked down was through the use of his cell phone. and we also know that terrorists are not stupid. they are quickly adapting and the more they use encryption to communicate, you know, the more difficult it is going to be to figure out what the heck they're up to. we have to work this through consistent with our values. >> all right, secretary clinton, wei joining us
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this morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. i appreciate the way you're handling this very serious matter. >> thank you very much. we're back right after this with more of our coverage.
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fw morning. we continue to follow horrifying and tragic news from belgium. killing 26 people and a fresh wave of terrorist attacks. nbc news covering that throughout the morning and we'll get back to that momentarily. >> first, we want to get you updated when it comes to our local weather and kind of drizzly out there. let's check in with kari. >> we have wet conditions out there as you head out this morning heavier rain moved through the south bay earlier and we're still left with the wet roads as you head out the door for work or school. much of the rain has pretty much tapered off and we're only seeing spotty, light showers across parts of the peninsula and for the most part chilly temperatures. it's now 39 degrees in santa rosa and 40 in napa and 50 now in san car rose and san
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francisco 54 degrees. high temperatures today will be topping out around the low 60s. even some upper 50s in some spots like redwood city. the embarcadero up to 6 o0 degrees and 61 in san rafael and hayward 59 degrees and livermore 59 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds. even though much of the rain has moved out, we will have a chance of spotty shower or two. this is a look at the rain timeline and it looks like what the radar can show up and moisture streaming through that could be enough to give us spotty showers throughout the early afternoon, even into the evening. but mainly over the hilltops. the wind forecast keeps it breezy through the day. the winds up to about 15 to 20 miles an hour and then even increasing as we go into later tonight. up to 25 miles per hour. so, it will be breezy and cool today behind that cold front that moves through and our high temperatures today much cooler than where we should be for the middle to end of march. the rain ending today, but we will still have, once again, some of those spotty showers
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moving through and then some cool conditions heading into the rest of the day. a high surf advisory continues until 9:00 this evening. that storm system also kicking up some high swells. up to 20 feet today and also some strong rip currents. and then our temperatures warm up. it will feel like spring over the next couple of days with highs in the next low to mid-70s in the south bay and low 70s in the north bay by thursday. in the east bay, we'll be up to 70 degrees by thursday, as well. mostly sunny skies and a chance to dry out after a couple of soggy days. let's see what's happening on the roadways when we check in on oakland with mike. >> the nimitz freeway and shot from the coliseum. northbound is the concern north of here. taillights move well and look at your map turns from green all the way to red and from fruitvale up towards fifth where a crash occurred in the backup because of this ongoing north 880 at grand avenue. two lanes blocked and a person
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was hit and killed earlier this morning and investigation continues. i'm looking at 7:00 at the earliest to have those lanes open. traffic may shift over to 580 westbound and a much easier drive to get to the end approaching that maze. from 24 that is where you have a slower drive. the rest of the bay is predictable and watch the slicker roadways. b.a.r.t. from pittsburg north point and a train every 15 minutes is different than the bus bridge we have been seeing. the rest of the bay moves well we'll look at the san mateo bridge and shows you more traffic westbound 92 and moves well and, still, you're getting contion here and that will start on the dumbarton bridge to the south in just a about 20 minutes. back to you. we are going to continue to rejoin the "today" show as they continue the special coverage about what is going on in brussels. we, of course, are also gathering local news with any connections there. we'll bring you update on facebook, twitter and >> terrorist threats at the
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highest possible levels in brussels, belgium. send you back now to the "today" show coverage of today's terrorist attacks in brussels. 9:30 on a tuesday morning. more of our continuing coverage of this incredibly difficult situation and tragic situation in brussels, belgium. 31 people dead following at three explosions. two at the airport there. one in the subway system. earlier in the morning, kelly, one of our correspondents was making her way on a train toles. that train was stopped and not allowed to proceed. she then got in a car and was managed to get into the area very close to where that metro explosion took place. kelly, good morning, again. what can tell us? >> good morning to you, matt. yes, we're just about a block away, really, from the entrance to that subway station. this street has been coordened
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off by police and evacuated. investigations ongoing there. it's difficult to see the entrance, really, from where we stand. there is one just to the left and then beyond your eye sight is another entrance and that is where investigators are carrying out their work at this point. we understand now that more than 70 people were injured alone. i believe you reported the numbers of deaths now gone up, yet again here at the subway. at the metro stop. extremely terrifying moment for morning commuters. this explosion happened at the height of the morning commute and this is truly the center of brussels. the european commission building very close to here. the sign of nervousness in this city right now.
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we were told to move to the side of the street. the street that i am now facing which had been open with traffic flowing had been blocked off. counterterrorism police appearing very nervous. telling all of us to stay back. because of a suspicious car. this is the kind of thing that has been happening throughout the city since these explosions happened. again, we don't know if there is anything specific about this car. we don't know if it is something connected to thutacks, but, again, a sign of nervousness. a sign of tension in this city that everyone has been told to sort of stand back while they investigate it. >> all right, kelly, thank you so much. we want to turn to a guest, who i think is joining us by skype a technology reporter for politico and worked in brussels for the last five years and was at the airport this morning. we see you. you're looking well. first of all, how are you and what did you see and hear? >> well, i actually was not at
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the airport. i was at the maalbeck train station right after the blast occurred. which is the place we're hearing now looks like 15 to 20 people have died there and there are dozens more who are injured. >> and what did you see and hear? >> i was outside the train station as they were bringing people out. there were people who had been laid down on the sidewalks and on the main street that goes between the european quarter and the embassies on the other side of the area where the u.s. embassy is. there were probably half a dozen to two dozen people who were on the ground. some of them were covered in white sheets. as far as i could tell, these were not people who were dead. they were people who were injured. many, many people crying. some of them covered in blood and just a general state of
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panic. >> how long have you lived in brussels? >> i have lived in brussels for a year now. i moved here last year. so, when i was here after the paris attacks and during the brussels lockdown. so, this is not, this is the sort of thing that brussels is becoming used to now. >> as you say that, the reason i asked you in the last few months and weeks even with so much talk about increased security and tension and then after the arrest of abdeslam just four days ago and people started talking, again, about the potential for other attacks or incidents, was there concern about gathering in places like subways? were people talking about it in the groups you hang out with? were people worried about traveling that way? >> people weren't worried directly after the capture of abdeslam. on friday is when this all occurred and he was caught. and in the next few days, we did
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start hearing a little bit more about how this could increase the terrorist threat in brussels. the terrorist threat stayed at three until a maximum four after this morning. suddenly after the brussels airplane airport attacks as soon as that happened we were on our way to cover it and am to the city to cover it and among the reporters at politic were basically saying, look, nobody catch the train. no one get on the metro. and we did expect this was something that might be problematic. >> you said you were right near the train station. you described what you saw in the aftermath of that attack. were you able to talk to any witnesses or anybody who had been underground? what is your understanding of where and how this exmroeshz took place? was it on a platform or on a train car? >> it seemed to me the explosion happened on a train car and under the maalbeck train station and quite close to the actual
6:36 am
station itself. we've seen some photos of a train car that looks completely wrecked and looks like a bomb has exploded within it. certainly the indication is that this was something that happened in the train itself. a malalbeck, so, the sense is that the european commission and european council and generally those involved in eu offense are probably the targets of that attack. >> let me ask you what this will mean in your opinion moving forward in brussels. there are all kinds of reports of this cell that existed there is larger than perhaps originally thought and there are a good chance that there are more people and accomplices detected. how do you think that will impact daily life in that city as you move forward from this event? >> i think daily life is unlikely to be hugely impacted in brussels because, certainly, in the past when these sorts of
6:37 am
attacks happened in the immediate aftermath, people do tend to avoid large gatherings and avoid train stations but generally things get back to normal because this is one of the things where, what can you do? you can't stop living your life and you can't stop going to work and you have to continue doing what you need to do. my personal feeling is that people are more cautious now and more scared, but not that much more they can do and avoiding public places. >> reporter, correspondent from politico. thank you for your time this morning and we wish you the very best as i imagine it is difficult to recover from this. let's bring pete williams back in. every time he's not on the phone, he is either broadcasting on msnbc or on the phone to his sources. anything you found out, pete? >> couple things, matt. number one. the transportation security
6:38 am
administrator in brussels is safe and accounted for. we're told the transportation safety administration is doing a security check of several air marshals to see if they're safe. we're waiting for word from the state department on whether any americans were injured or casualties in these two attacks in brussels and we have not gotten confirmation of that. the state department is asking americans in brussels to check in. there are lots of schools that have students there. they're checking in with them. so far we have not heard of any americans involved in these attacks or injured in these attacks. in terms of what's going on here in the u.s., many cities are stepping up security on their subway systems at their airports simply because of the pictures and the kind of thing you're seeing right now. not because of any intelligence information because there is not much. they are responding to the obvious. they're looking at what the news media reports. the social media reports and the
6:39 am
information they've gotten in bu bulletins from agencies here and department of homeland security and transportation department and passing along what is known about these attacks in belgium. on their own deciding to step up security. we've seen it here in washington, d.c., at the airport and on our subway system known as the metro. we've seen it in new york on bridges, tunnels at the airport and subway station. we're seeing it in chicago and we're seeing it in l.a. all these cities taking these steps on their own so when you go to these places today, when you go to take the train or the subway or take a ride at the airport, you're going to see more officers with weapons and with the bomb sniffing dogs. you're going to hear a lot more announcements and see something, say something. a lot more vigilance on packages or luggage or anything that is abandoned even for a few seconds. much more of that kind of
6:40 am
vigilance. but nothing beyond that that we've seen. nothing that would, for example, restrict where you can drive at the airport or whether you can drop your baggage off curbside. we haven't heard of any changes like that. and as to our knowledge, none of those are contemplated right now based on everything that's known. >> i was going to say, pete, just to keep it in perspective because, naturally, you see something like this and you start to worry, wow, could that happen here? these things are so familiar to us and take place in any city in the world and on the other hand you talked about this this morning and we are somewhat fortunate in this country that we don't have the same exact situation that the authorities and the counterterror officials in western europe are dealing with right now in terms of the number of people that they want to be surveilling. >> so, you know, just a step back from this for a second. this is an isis-inspired or directed or associated attack in brussels. every reason to think so.
6:41 am
there are unconfirmed reports about that. all the previous attacks have been connected to isis since the paris attack. the people that have been rounded up and the arrests, the frequent raid that we've seen in brussels all have those connections and there's every reason to think that. what is the isis threat the u.s.? it is somewhat changing and it still continues to some extent to be home-grown extremists. people that are consuming isis propaganda that isis reaches out to and try to go out and get and do something. low-level attacks and go out and stab somebody and go out and shoot somebody and we have seen people in the u.s. follow up on those attacks. isis is also trying to get people into countries all over the world to carry out larger scale attacks. which is what you're seeing in europe. but the contrast you're talking about is this. if you look at the total number of people in the united states suspected of either having
6:42 am
successfully gone to or tried to get over seas and get toeria and join up with isis, that number is somewhere around 150 or so, according to american officials. the number of successfully gotten there and are actually fighting with isis is considerably smaller. contrast that with western europe. 6,000, almost 7,000 people in western european countries have done that. they have either tried to or succeeded to getting syria to come and join isis. flooding back to their home countries overwhelming the ability of authorities to keep track of them. that's the totally different secure posture you're seeing and that is it's so different here. >> don't go out and look for strategic targets. go for any targets. do whatever damage and create whatever carnage you can create.
6:43 am
in the airport in brussels, that is textbrook what they're asking their followers to do. >> and airports and subways have been consistent targets of terrorists. in the u.s., in spain, mass transit, airports, trains, subways for the last two or three decades. >> all right, pete williams. thank you very much. we expect president obama to comment on this morning's as in about 45 minutes or so during a much-anticipated speech to the cuban people. nbc's andrea mitchell is in havana traveling with the president. andrea, good morning, again. >> good morning, again, matt. the president should be speaking, as you say, around 10:20. that was the time he was going to go on cuban television and speak to the cuban people an unprecedented speech speaking of human rights and now, of course, he's going to begin that speech, i understand, with comments. the first comments from an
6:44 am
administration official about the paris attacks. we expect that he will try to come calm fears and talk about communication with our counterintelligence officials and foreign ministers in other capitals about conversations with belgium counterparts as well as french and british and others and how there is coordination. that said, a lot of concerns among national security officials that there has not been enough coordination within europe and that borders have not been secured. that borders are still open as matt and savannah, you have been reporting. according to the european system, but that european union system is now going to be closely examined. the president did in december, december 17th, he met privately with print columnist and then later jeffrey goldburg in a series of exclusive interviews for "the atlantic" about his foreign policy. he has acknowledged that he did not respond quickly enough. reassuring the american people
6:45 am
after act paris. he was about to travel to the g-20 in turkey. similarly san bernardino there were concerns the president did not respond and certainly after paris. he did not immediately go on television and talk to people in america about how they should feel and how the government was responding. so, i think you'll see an attempt today by the president to respond. he is still expected to meet with the dissidents at the embassy. then we don't know whether he will complete the schedule. they say he will. he was scheduled to attend that cuban/american baseball game and that follows his loosening of regulations last week that would allow for the first time cuban players to sign with the mlb potentially without having to e defrom cuba. >> matt, important trip, but, of course, been overtaken by these
6:46 am
terrible vents in brussels. andrea, thank you. >> pete was talking a little bit ago about no direct orders to change anything in the way that security is carried out at train stations or bus stations that you can expect to see more of a police presence at some of those locations. it's something we're very familiar with here where we broadcast from. you can see, i think, some police officers larger number than normal behind me here. i think a lot of this is a visual deterrent but, also, i think a lot of it it is to comfort people and let them know that things are being looked after. i know here in rockefeller center we see what is a special tactical unit arrive on the street corner next to us some people think it makes them nervous. i find it makes me feel much more secure and much more comfortable and i often say to those police officers, thank you for being here. you'll see that ats all around the country. >> it's nice to say thank you because these are intense times for them, as well. we'll continue our coverage of what has been happening in
6:47 am
brussels, belgium, after a short break. we'll be right back.
6:48 am
6:49 am
back with more of our special edition of "today" on a tuesday morning. following the terrorist attacks in brussels, belgium. as you can see flags lowered outside of some of the european union buildings in brussels. it is a day already of mourning in that european capital. at least 31 people killed in three separate explosions. at least three separate explosions still trying to determine what happened at both airport and the subway stop. nbc tom costello with an update on what was said to be a suicide vest or belt found at the airport undetonated. tom, what can you tell us? >> so, the bomb on this now is
6:50 am
that that has now been detonated. either belgium military or the tactical police unit moved in and they disposed of that. they blew that particular belt up. they believe that that was an unexploded belt that was perhaps belonging to a suicide bomber who might have gotten away. they have been looking for that potential suicide bomber, as well. by the way, also talk around one or more of the suspects at the airport. 11 thought to have died at the airport and 20 at maalbeck which is the eu stop. the metro stop near the european union. by the way, not to be confused where the isis sympathizers were living. and also surgeants continue to report horrific injuries sufffrd by injuries reported deep shrapnel and nail wounds and several of them reporting also
6:51 am
amputations that have had to occur. limited train service we're told is going to start up, again, in the brussels capital region but i underscore limited. the schools still on lock down and this is interesting. the free taxi rides now. several of the taxi drivers have now come back to the brussels airport because you saw all those people standing out on the streets outside of the brussels airports. they get out. they had no place to go because there were no planes any more and the subway shut down and the buss and trains shut down and the highways really taken over by emergency services. so, people were walking down the highways carrying and pulling their bags and now taxi drivers have come back to the airport, we're told, and are picking people up free of charge and taking them where they need to go. to me, it remind me of 9/11 and those ferry operators that came back across the hudson river picking people up on manhattan island. i was among them to get us back over to new jersey on that day. so, there is, as we've seen so 
6:52 am
often and these terrible instances the sense of community and coming together to help people in their darkest hours. guys, back to you. >> we had an american natosultant we spoke to earlier on the phone and had been at the airport and dropped off his girlfriend and winced ttnessed explosions and if there is any silver lining, always that there is humanity in the midst of all this. >> tom, thank you very much. it interests me that belgian law enforcement detonated the belt that they found at the airport believed to be an undetonated suicide belt. i guess they have to do that because those things are unstable and could cause harm to anyone working in that area in terms of a police or first responder. but you have to wonder then what do you lose in terms of potential evidence to help track down these terrorists. who they were and whether there might be more out there.
6:53 am
>> keir simmons has been following this for us. good morning. what are you learning? >> hey, savannah. good morning. we're hearing increasingly from witnesses, particularly who are at the airport who are describing what they saw and heard. i just want to take you through some of the other accounts because they are distressing as we look at the pictures of the smoke and debris that was left at that. one witness saying people were crying and shouting. it was a horrible experience. i don't want to think about it. but i would probably have been in that place when the bomb went off this person says. clearly describing that they were close to being exactly where the explosion happened. many people saying that as they were entering the airport or moving through the airport, the exhappened and that one of their first thoughts was, what about if i had been there. i was about to go there. i had just been there. another witness saying 20 meters
6:54 am
from us we heard a big explosion. like when you are at a party and sudly your hearing goes out from like a big noise. another one saying it took a very long time for the ambulances to come. maybe half an hour. another witness everything was coming down. it was unbelievable. and people were running away. a lot of people were injured many of these accounts from the airport that you're seeing there and it is a fairly open space and there would have been a large number of people who were able to be witnesses, but, thankfully, were not injured. much more difficult in the metro where the third explosion happened around an hour later. because as you guys know a bomb goes off in an enclosed space and anyone around it is going to, well, frankly, they're going to struggle to survive. one person saying about the metro, though, it was panic
6:55 am
everywhere. there were a lot of people in the metro this person says. it was, again, around 9:00 local time. so t will have been just past rush hour. but, still, as you guys will know from there and from anyone who travels by subway to work or back, that kind of time is a time when people would have been crowded on to that train. 20 people on that train we are hearing have been killed. 11 at the airport and 31 in total. >> all right, keir simmons, really helping us understand the human toll that we've seen this morning as we continue to cover these attacks in belgium. we're going to take a quick, quick momentarily break and let other stations join us and we're back right after this. good moing -e connue twatch e l out ofrusse thiso good morning. we continue to watch the latest
6:56 am
developments out in brussels this morning. we'll get right back to our special coverage with "today" show in a few minutes. >> right now let's bring inany chuan g. how they reacting to today's events? >> they are taking it all in stride, sam. i just spoke with the on-duty manager here at sfo who says everyone is being extra vigilant but extra orders for extra law enforcement here. no direct flights from san francisco to brussels but several connecting flights. 7:00 in the morning and then 9:00 in the morning from atlanta to brussels. any flights in and out of brussels are canceled. i did speak with that couple flying back home to germany. they expect heightened security that hit after the paris attacks in november, but will not let today's attacks change how they live or travel. >> i don't know what will happen about security.
6:57 am
crazy guys always find something. >> now, the important message here is that the u.s., the government does not have any intelligence so far to indicate that there are any threats here in the u.s. so, there has been no formal recommendation from the department of homeland security and airports in the u.s. or to any mass transit agencies. so, we'll keep you posted, of course o, on that status. live here at sfo. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." let's check in with kari hall right now and look at our forecast for today. kari? >> we had some rain that moved through parts of the bay area earlier this morning and we are starting to see that activity tapering off and that rain winding down as skies clear in some spots. still tracking a couple of very spotty showers moving up to 80 from between woodside and just to the west of san mateo. now, as we get a look outside, we see those temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. a bit chilly as you step out the door and below average heading into the day with a high of 60
6:58 am
degrees in san francisco and 62 degrees in the peninsula. a few spotty showers will still be possible today. much of the rain staying well off shore and over the hilltops with valleys look to be dry as we go into this afternoon. a couple of light rain, light, spotty showers moving through parts of the east bay. so, we'll be breezy and cool behind that cold front today and then seeing warmer temperatures heading into the next couple of days and a high surf advisory that continues with waves up to 20 feet and strong rip currents that will be possible. mike is tracking an issue in oakland. what is happening now? >> an update and when we have the lanes open. a bigger backup from 66 and look at the jam on the map all the way to grand avenue. where at 5:they declared someone had been killed in the roadway there. two lanes are blocked and westbound 580 is a great alternate for you. the rest of your bay operates pretty standard as far as that flow of traffic and some slowing here and the earlier crash has cleared. no surprises south of there, the
6:59 am
typical northbound builds kicking in. show you palo alto a crash northbound right around university and not visible this screen and see slowing on the southbound side and the slick roadways, as well. mist through this area and kari showed you rain west of san mateo. back to you. >> take it easy on morning commute. we'll keep checking back with mike. >> as the images continue to come in from brussels this morning. we will be continuing our coverage. this a live look from the brussels airport. one of the targets of this morning's terror attacks. there were two. the brussels airport and the metro station there in total 31 people have been killed in brussels, belgium. >> and many other injured. heightened alert right now for many travelers in the area. we're talking to local contacts, as well, bringing you the local angle of the story. but we will to follow the "today" show this morning as they give us extensive coverage on the terrorist attacks inles.
7:00 am
>> also expected to hear from brez president obama in the half hour. right now back to the "today" show coverage of the terror attack. >> the first explosion didn't sound horrible but was followed by a lot of screaming. the second explosion was greeted by dead silence. >> a hunt potentially for suspects under way.


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