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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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try resolve pet expert. attas in ussel joing us.'m sct mcgw. krisshota but rst bakingews -a runay toubus tt crash intoan frcisco uniosqua... hpen bicyist a smasd intsevel carandt underwarightow. today's pt is et
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utilies coissio alifnia plic ==anim== before this we already knew that the bus company was not appropriately registered with the california public utilities commission nor had it been inspected by the california highway patrol. we will continue to follow this breaking story. chuck will have the full wrap-up at 5:00 and 6:00 but he's tweeting updates. download our app for breaking news updates. returning to our top story of the day, after bombs ripped through brussels, president obama declared fighting the islamic state is his number one priority and pledged the united states will pursue the jihadist group till it's destroyed. >> here's a look at the growing memorial in brussels, belgium. it is colorful and there are lots of people gathered there and they are remembering brussels and the close connection with paris and the terror attacks that happened there back in november. >> right now there's an urge ent manhunt to find those suspects.
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the man in the middle is identified as ibrahim el bakraoui. police are still looking for this man in white, 24-year-old najim laachraoui. >> at the house along with an isis flag was a bomb, the same explosive used by timothy mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing back in 1996. >> certainly terrorism at the top of a lot of people's minds, including those wanting to be president. in less than ten minutes hillary clinton will speak about the issue to a crowd at stanford. >> bob redell is live at the campus. originally clinton was here to raise money but now this conversation has gotten a lot
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more serious. >> reporter: correct, kris and scott. senator hillary clinton was already scheduled to be in town for a couple of fund-raisers here on the peninsula so this speech will take place here in the building behind me and it's last-minute, something that she and her campaign decided on yesterday after the terrorist attacks in brussels. take a live look inside that building, this is the bechtel conference center on the stanford campus where clinton is expected to speak in 10 to 15 minutes about how she would combat isis, the terrorist group, if she were elected commander in chief. you can see this is a very small room perhaps, around 150 people in tendance, all invited guests is our understanding. this includes a handful of stanford students who received e-mail yesterday evening. not all students are 100% committed to voting to clinton in november. some are still on the fence. >> you're undecided between sanders and clinton. is there something that clinton could say this morning that
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might make you lean towards her? >> i think her foreign policy right now, i think sanders has an interesting foreign policy that's more passive for me. i think if clinton addresses some of these issues right now especially with terrorism that she has a concrete plan . >> i want to hear what she's going to do specifically, not just big ideas but what the specifics are and why she thinks it would be a good idea. >> actually in light of the attacks we really want to know what she's going to do about them and how the country will react moving forward. >> reporter: all five presidential candidates have put out some sort of response to yesterday's terrorist attack that killed 31 people in brussels. the candidates are taking this opportunity to prove their national security credentials. to demonstrate what they would do if elected commander in chief. when you compare the democrats to the republicans, the differences are drastic.
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take republican senator ted cruz who is demanding that police in this country start to patrol and, quote, secure the neighborhoods of american muslims. >> anywhere where there is radicalization, where there is an expanding presence of radical islamic terrorism, we need law enforcement resources directed there. >> to say because you happen to be of another religion that somehow you have evil intent is just irresponsible in my opinion. >> that would be unconstitutional, it would be wrong. >> i would close up our borders to people until we figure out what is going on. >> i think there are a lot of things we have to do to intensify our efforts. i think closing our borders is not one of them. >> reporter: in this morning's speech here at stanford, senator clinton is expected to call on this country to do a better job of reaching out to muslim americans, to include them in the first line of defense when it comes to combatting terrorism. again, we are expecting the
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senator to arrive here at any moment for a speech that was scheduled for 11:15. reporting live here at stanford, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, let's take you out to sfo that was bathed in the belgian colors this morning, black, yellow and red. two americans who survived the attack at the airport spoke with matt lauer on the "today" show this morning. jeff hoffman, a consultant for nato, was dropping off his girlfriend at the airport when the bombs went off. >> and then i remember like a whirlwind. it was like a tornado going off and stuff flying everywhere. that hit me. i felt it before i heard it. i still didn't know what was going on. i didn't understand what was going on until he was coming towards me. i thought an accident happened or, i don't know. it was pretty clear after seeing the terror on his face that that wasn't an accident. >> now, the survivors say they don't want to step back into the brussels airport but probably
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they'll have to to make their trip back home once the airport is reopened. of course we have full coverage on our website, or download our free app as well for updates. three alameda county deputies caught on surveillance camera beating a suspect turned off their own body cameras. this video came out last november, caused an outrage. in the video you can see the deputies beating the suspect but none of the deputies' body cameras were turned on. the suspect rammed two patrol cars and finally ended in an alley in san francisco. an investigation into the deputies is under way. slow down or pay up. that is the message in the south bay today where a multitude of law enforcement agencies banded together to crack down on bad drivers. >> stephanie chuang is out in milpitas and they are writing up tickets all morning. good morning. >> that's right, scott and kris. a strong message here. we are here near one of the
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operations on milpitas boulevard. this is coming off of 237 so i'm told by police that it's notorious for speeding, a lot of accidents here. you can see some officers on motorcycles pulled over waiting to see if that's going to happen. instead of the usual five milpitas officers focused on traffic today you have five times that, 25 officers on motorcycles throughout the city. police officers from santa clara, los altos, campbell, all around. drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians at a crosswalk, sheriff's deputies were on this assignment ticketing drivers who didn't wait for the pedestrian. police say it's a moving violation that will cost you about $250 and they have also been looking for distracted driving, so having a phone in hand would add another $150 on top of that. this is the third time the south bay agencies have worked together to concentrate on one city. the point, high visibility and a strong message that there will be more eyes on the south bay roads on any given day. >> we want to make a statement
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in each city. we're going to rotate city to city throughout the year. it will be the impact to let people know there is enforcement going on and we take it seriously. >> reporter: so this month it's in milpitas, last month it was mountain view. it actually began in sunnyvale in january where this idea came up in the first place. it's an ongoing effort to crack down on bad driving. the hours and the days will change in the city so drivers won't know when this will happen. the point here is to keep drivers -- keep people on their toes and erring on the side of caution. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, a maritime mystery has been solved after a missing ship was discovered at the bottom of san francisco bay. the u.s. navy and noaa just discovered the remains of a navy tugboat that sunk way back in 1921. 52 crewmen were killed. the uss calistoga was believed
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to have sunk near hawaii and the search covered hundreds of thousands of square miles. it was then the biggest sea search ever. but it turns out the boat went down just outside san francisco. scientists are in the middle of a multi-year effort to map roughly 300 shipwrecks in the waters off san francisco. humiliation, mental anguish and lost wages are among the claims in a federal lawsuit filed against the city of vallejo. they say their civil rights were violated by the city and the police when they publicly called her kidnapping a hoax. today marks one year since an intruder broke into the couple's vallejo home. quinn claims police treated him like a murder suspect. this is the actual suspect, a harvard-educated lawyer, matthew muller, who was later arrested for the crimes and is now awaiting trial. their homes are literally hanging on a cliff but dozens of
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people want to go back. the pacific safety commission will rule today for several tenants in this apartment building. despite the fact the apartment complex is in danger of falling into the ocean, some of those tenants want to move back in. their apartments have been yellow tagged. that means residents are allowed to go inside to get their belongings but can't live there. the tenants want those tags removed. happening right now, the u.s. supreme court hears arguments on the obamacare birth control mandate. dozens of people lined up outside the high court hoping to get a seat inside the court chamber. at issue, whether nonprofit religious groups must provide health insurance covering contraceptives. the obama administration has offered the groups an accommodationment to respect their religious objections but the groups argue it is not good enough because it goes against their beliefs. it is the fourth time the supreme court has heard a challenge to obamacare. today's case is the second one
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targeting that birth control mandate. if the eight justices are evenly split, because there is a vacancy, the court would simply affirm the lower ruling that is already at hand. within the last hour, uc leaders have passed a new statement opposing intolerance. recent campus activism is spoking tensions between pro-israel and pro-palestinian rights supporters. this morning's declaration supports the free exchange of ideas but opposes any act of discrimination. up next at 11:00, using high tech to solve our water crisis. we investigate the solutions that are out there. the fight over rent at levi's stadium going into overtime. possible solutions as the 49ers and the city of santa clara battle over millions of dollars. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s. today we're going to see those highs near 70 degrees across all of our microclimates. i'll have a look at the complete
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forecast including the weekend, coming up.
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to lee h percn happening now, hundreds of people have paused on their way to work in seattle to check out the man refusing to leave his perch near the top of an 80-foot sequoia tree. many people pulled out their phones to take photos of the silhouette against the gray, drizzly sky. we'll keep you updated with the market. dressbarn, i always thought that was a strange name. markets are mildly lower. airlines are not doing well. there is one exception. keep your eye on yahoo!. starboard ventures has till the end of the week to name a slate of nominees for the board of yahoo! and then the real fight will begin. starboard is that hedge fund that swoops in to take over
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companies that are in trouble and they're trying to take over yahoo!. they tried to take over olive garden as well, threw out the entire board of that company. the activists, investors, all spent time waiting tables to learn how the business worked. the recording industry says streaming music now makes more money than digital downloads. streaming is services like spotify and apple music. the music industry has been largely critical of streaming but a significant amount of the industry's revenue comes from spotify. shares in virgin america jumped 10% this morning on talk the company might sell itself. bloomberg reports virgin america has reached out to potential buyers, attributing that news to company insiders. virgin has a reputation of being slightly more cool and friendlier than older, bigger airlines. well, a new wave is headed to california that could help solve our historic drought. not a wave of water, but a wave of cutting edge technology.
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this follows an nbc bay area investigation into california's drought. senior investigative reporter has the details that caught national attention. >> reporter: less than six months after nbc bay area traveled to israel to show how that desert country had changed the dynamic by using technology to solve its drought and water shortage -- >> that very high bar on the left is the state of the california. >> reporter: innovators from california gathered with 200 other water experts around the country at the white house for a water summit. among those in the audience at the white house, san francisco entrepreneurs aaron and mark, co-founders of the israel-california green-tech partnership. a partnership featured by the white house at this summit. >> we're looking at the best and brightest of israeli startups to come to california. >> reporter: green-tech used the occasion to announce it will team with the city of los
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angeles to build a business incubator and attract up to ten israeli companies to come to california to build high-tech solutions to solve our drought. >> israel has been a world leader in the water secretary for a long time. israel is water independent, which means if it doesn't rain, israel is going to be okay. that's the type of approach we want to have in california. >> reporter: the plan, endorsed by the white house, would have those ten israeli companies build systems to address california's water crisis. everything from storm water recovery to recycling to agricultural use. >> it really just shows how much excitement is there for water and how israel and california can partner to help address california's drought. >> change can happen, innovation can happen, but it's been stagnant for a while but i think we're at the beginning of a water revolution in california and the rest of the country. >> reporter: stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> this venture is expected to be up and running this summer. also featured projects in sonoma county and monterey.
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san francisco-based imagine h2o and a $4 million grant given to the public policy institute of california. the credit, a lot of it, goes to our series of reports which first aed last november. to see the entire series, you can always go to our website, and just click on surviving the drought. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a cop at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the two presidential front-runners picked up huge wins yesterday. last night hillary clinton won arizona and 46 delegates there. she has 1,637 delegates. she needs about 700 more to get her nomination. bernie sanders won utah and idaho. he has 928. on the republican side, donald trump won arizona, ted cruz won utah. trump, however, way ahead in the delegate counting. he has 744 delegates to cruz's
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468. this morning jeb bush endorsed senator cruz for president. in a written statement, mr. bush called cruz a consistent, principled conservative who has demonstrated the ability to appeal to voters and win primary contests. >> are we surprised he didn't endorse donald trump? well, a super bowl-sized rent dispute between santa clara and the 49ers. last night city leaders punted on an agreement. in a nutshell, the city said the niners should pay about $25 million in rent for play at levi's. the niners say it should be closer to $20 million. the team is asking for a rent reset. last night councilmembers received new numbers from the team reflecting development costs and expenses and they agreed to alot 15 days to kruchlg the numbers and come to an agreement. if not, a third-party mediator will be called in. >> maybe having a totally
11:21 am
independent set of eyes looking at the data will point out some factors that both sides haven't seen. >> the niners issued this statement afterwards saying in part we are disappointed that the council decided to discard months of negotiations between the city, their outside counsel and the 49ers and instead commence outside dispute resolution procedures. let's check your weather. kari, i have to admit i haven't been out since 4:00 a.m. and it was freezing. >> it was cold this morning. we've got some beautiful weather the next couple of days. cool mornings but warm afternoons. a look at mt. tam and you see that sunshine coming down and a lot of green there. we've had quite a bit of rain recently and our temperatures are starting to trend a little bit warmer. we had a really low temperature this morning. it started out at 39 degrees. now we're up to 58 degrees in the north bay. 58 degrees also in san francisco and the south bay at 57. as we get a closer look at the
11:22 am
east bay, we do have anywhere from 59 to 61 in brentwood. 67 in oakland so a nice little spread in those temperatures there, and we will continue to see it warming up through the rest of the day. as we take you to the peninsula and palo alto, 67 degrees at 3:00 and also 4:00. windows down and a beautiful day to wear the sunglasses, some short sleeves and take in some of that extra sunshine. mostly clear skies will be with us as we go into tonight and looking at all of the microclimates, we'll have supper 60s to lower 70s. the financial district today 65 degrees and some upper 60s as well for the north bay. while we will see a couple of spots hitting the low 70s like antioch and pleasanton. as you get outside you may be noticing that your allergies are acting up and we have a lot of tree pollen in the air. it's mostly oak, mulberry and ash. we have moderate to high levels
11:23 am
of that. also a low amount of mold allergens in the air as well. in the south bay over the next couple of days we will have some mid-70s as we continue on to our spring-like trend and the warming trend over the next couple of days. into the 70s for the peninsula and san francisco, reaching into the upper 60s. in san jose just looking at the temperature trend, we're supposed to be at 67 degrees. that is average. we will be just about there today and trending above average for the rest of the week. on sunday we'll have more clouds in the mix and those temperatures will start to come back down. the storms will stay well to the north of us. as we've seen some of those showers being blocked by this high pressure, that is giving us the clear skies and also allowing those temperatures to make it into the 60s and 70s. early next week, this is on monday, we will have a change with some cool temperatures starting to move in. also some rain and snow for the
11:24 am
sierra. i'll talk more about that coming up a little bit later, but scott, now that you're back, i had to make sure that the weather was perfect. >> indeed it is, even better than mexico. kari, thanks. >> what? up next at 11:00, the muslim community here in the bay area reacting to the attacks in brussels. their growing concerns about new backlash. happening now, the university of california's governing body just unanimously approved a new policy statement opposing anti-semitism. jewish groups say pro-palestinian activism on several campuses has created a hostile environment for them. trending on our facebook page, critics claim new york's one world trade center bundled its truck you the by displaying the wrong colors.
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ad-lib. we'vwatch thiscene t back to brussels, belgium, where the memorialto continues grow. it is nighttime there right now and you can see many people leaning on each other during this tragedy. certainly a lot of output of support from around the world. back here at home, some muslims in the bay area worry that the brussels terror attack will spark backlash against their community. members of the council on islamic -- american islamic relations met last night in fremont. their goal, to educate people on what being a muslim is about.
11:28 am
organizers first came up with the idea to form a group about a decade ago called meet a muslim. >> we cannot close our eyes but we need to unite and stand together against all the hate that's being spewed and all the actions that are happening in the world. what isis is doing is trying to divide us. >> organizers say the recent anti-muslim rhetoric in the presidential race is only fanning the flames of hate. the next meet a muslim event takes place on april 5th. up next, a live report from brussels as people come together to heal and investigators try to track down a terror suspect. they call them structurally deficient bridges, and millions of folks drive across them each day. we'll tell you which three bridges made that list from the east bay and what's being do to keep them safe.
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welcome back to you as we continue to cover the situation in brussels. we just learned secretary of state john kerry will head to
11:31 am
belgium on friday. meanwhile, police say they're still looking for one of yesterday's bombers who they indicate is part of a larger cell. >> nbc's steve handelsman is in the belgian capital today. he's live with the latest. what do we know now, steve? >> reporter: kris and scott, thanks. good evening. a bit of worrisome news from here in belgium. as the sun drops on this wednesday. officials have decided to keep this nation's largest airport, the brussels airport, the one that was attacked yesterday, closed at least until friday. it's recognition by authorities that not all of the isis team has been either killed or caught or even identified. as police in belgium work to head off another attack by catching remaining terrorists on the loose in brussels, belgium's central prosecutor today confirmed, yesterday's suicide bombers were brothers.
11:32 am
ibrahim and khalid bakraoui. the third suspect is still being sought and the fourth individual, police say today, is now being questioned. after the attacks that killed 34, including the bombers, and wounded over 270, sources tell nbc news police found at the brothers' house along with an isis flag and unexploded bombs, ammonium nitrate, the same easily made explosive used by tim mcveigh in the oklahoma city bombing in 1995. last week they arrested salah abdeslam in an apartment rented by one of yesterday's bombers. it's all one isis cell and belgians expect more attacks. >> there might be more in this town but you never know. >> reporter: but the public here is not in hiding. >> carry on. we're not going to be defeated.
11:33 am
you have to live your life as normal. >> reporter: and this was the scene downtown, belgians honoring the dead and defying the terrorists. t police here who admit they were not able to stop this isis cell from planning and carrying out the triple bombing and the mass murder, they admit there could be more attacks. live from brussels, belgium, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. more than 24 hours after the bombing, family members have not heard from a tennessee couple. justin and stephanie schultz had just dropped off stephanie's mother at the airport when one of the first explosions rocked in a check-in lounge. stephanie's mother is fine. the state department does not have anyone on the casualty list. the couple's phones still go straight to voice mail. another american, though, is telling his story about surviving not one but two terror
11:34 am
attacks. 19-year-old mason wells from sandy, utah, was bly hurt in yesterday's attack. he is one of nine americans who were injured. he was standing just feet away from where one of the bombs exploded in brussels. he's expected to make a full recovery. he was in brussels finishing up a mormon mission. just three years ago he and his father were watching mason's mother run in the boston marathon when that pressure cooker bomb went off, set off by the tsarnaev brothers about a block from where they were standing. >> the attack highlights the difficulty of preventing a terrorist attack on soft targets. that's where small groups of terrorists can relatively easily cause a large-scale devastation. it's a nightmare scenario for security experts and terrifying for the public. you walk through them every day. experts say being aware of your surroundings is key. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: look around. soft targets are everywhere. buses, schools, hospitals,
11:35 am
restaurants, shopping malls, any place where people come and go freely without significant security can be considered a soft target, easy for terrorists to attack. >> if you have a determined terrorist who's willing to give up their life, it's almost impossible to prevent that across the board. >> reporter: we've seen it multiple times with devastating effect. london, 2005. 52 dead, 700 wounded after coordinated suicide attacks on the subway and bus systems. in paris last year, terrorists struck a theater, a restaurant and a kosher market, all soft targets. 130 killed, hundreds wounded. and in this country, a self-radicalized couple working out of their home shot and killed 14 people, wounding 21, at a holiday party. police later found three pipe bombs and speculated the terrorists had planned more attacks. >> in democracies, there are certain places whereby definition you need lots of people to go there, and you
11:36 am
can't have choke points set up where there's security because then you simply couldn't have the flow of people you need. >> reporter: in the wake of the brussels attacks, security at airports worldwide had been beefed up this morning, but outside security screening areas, they can be as vulnerable as shopping malls. >> airports are not built like castles, they're not built with security in mind. a lot of them are built for shopping, transportation and shopping. >> reporter: experts say especially when it comes to soft targets, the public has to be extra vigilant, looking out for people who seem to be surveilling a location, gathering information about things like shift changes and testing security with false alarms. >> it boils down and this is a saying that's a cliche but i truly believe in it, see something, say something. >> the bay area based companies are using technology to help out in brussels. airbnb activated a special response tool. they're asking people to list their homes for free to anyone
11:37 am
who needs help in the area. so many folks stranded at the airport. people are using #host in brussels to let people know they have space available. facebook set up a safety check feature following the explosions there and that option lets users living near the attack sites to mark themselves as safe. wireless carriers are offering free calls and texts to belgium. verizon, sprint and at&t are all participating. we are updating any information we get on air and online. find us at our social media platform is being updated around the clock. antioch city leaders have agreed to beef up surveillance in two key locations. the contra costa times reports antioch councilmembers have approved increased surveillance at both ends of sycamore drive. police consider that a high crime area. auto center drive and l street of busy intersections as well. criminals are likely to pass
11:38 am
through when leaving that area. those cameras may cost up to six figures. a follow-up now. san francisco looking for solutions to its homeless problem. last night it declared a state of emergency failed. a board of supervisors were trying to pass a resolution that would urge the governor to take action. the resolution was defeated by one vote yesterday. supervisors will reconsider that resolution soon. more than half of san francisco voters are unhappy with the direction the city is taking and they say homelessness is their number one concern. a few of the bay area's busiest bridges are getting national attention but for all the wrong reasons. >> the american road and transportation builders association released a list of what it calls the more structurally deficient bridges in america. three of the top 25 are in the east bay. nbc bay area's pete ceratos was near one that made the list. he has more.
11:39 am
>> reporter: the 680 bridge over monument road has its challenges. >> it's a whole bunch of up and down, up and down. >> reporter: in a new report by the american road and builders association won't make drivers feel any better. it claims this bridge is structurally deficient. or in layman's terms, in need of repairs. for full disclosure, the washington, d.c., based firm who put together this report lonnies on behalf of construction and design firms for more funding to build infrastructure around the country. the report is based off of data from the federal highway administration. >> usually it's either the superstructure, which is the part above the bridge, the deck, which is where cars are traveling across, or the substructure, which is the part underneath and holding up the bridge. >> reporter: also on this list is the 880 bridge over whipple road. according to the report, the deck portion of both bridges have been classified as being in poor condition. but caltrans says drivers shouldn't worry. in a statement to nbc bay area
11:40 am
regarding this report, they said all of california's bridges that are open to traffic are safe. structurally deficient doesn't mean that a bridge is unsafe. in california, 95% of those bridges considered to be structurally deficient could just have minor cracks or aging paint. >> caltrans says routine inspections have been done on that bridge and they say it's safe. they went on to say that safety is their highest priority. up next at 11:00, starbucks has a new way to give back when their stores close their doors. the charity that's going to be getting a lot of food. can you feel it in the air? spring allergies are back. the city suffering from the worst. we'll tell you. we'll have a lot of sunshine and people spending time outdoors. taking a live look at the golden gate bridge, more of this kid of weather coming up in the microclimate forecast. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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starbucks is pledging to donate 100% of its unsold food to america's needy. all leftover food will be donated through a program called food share. that program will allow starbucks to donate perishable ready-to-eat meals from 76 company operated stores to food banks nationwide. starbucks will donate almost five million meals by the end of the first year of its program. flowers are blooming, which means allergy season is here.
11:44 am
>> to those who suffer, some suffer more than others. erica edwards has more about the worst places in the country if you have spring allergies. >> reporter: if these are the sights of spring, then these are the sounds. flowers and trees are bursting with pollen, and doctors say they're seeing a surge in patients with typical spring allergy symptoms. >> in the last two weeks we've seen being a lot of patients with itchy eyes, stuffy nose, coughing. >> reporter: some places are worse for allergy sufferers than others. the asthma and allergy foundation of america has ranked the nation's largest cities according to how much pollen they have, how many residents are speaking treatment for their symptoms and how easily they can access allergists. coming in first, meaning the worst place for spring allergies, jackson, mississippi. >> the primary issue in jackson and many cities in the south is the pollen. >> reporter: memphis, tennessee, scored the second spot. number three was a bit of a
11:45 am
surprise, syracuse, new york, which last year ranked 20th. meteorologists in syracuse blame a warmer than usual winter. >> syracuse h had its sixth warmest winter from december to february. as of today, we're four feet shy of our normal snow total. >> reporter: an allergist can pinpoint triggers and prescribe medication. you can also cut down on pollen exposure by showering and changing clothes when you come home at the end of the day and wiping down outdoor pets. or consider a trip to daytona beach. the city ranked as the best place to breathe easy during spring allergy season. erica edwards, nbc news. >> i never thought of wiping down my pet. he'd beut there getting full of stuff. just leave him out there. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. certainly a lot of things in bloom in our neck of the woods. >> and it's mostly trees at this point. i have noticed since i've moved to california that my allergies are not nearly as bad as they
11:46 am
were in kentucky. looking at the pollen levels now, once again moderate to high level of oak, mulberry and ash. we have a little bit some of mold in the air, but we're all spending more time outdoors with this beautiful weather. just make sure you take those allergy pills. looking now at ocean beach, you can see quite a few people out there enjoying the sunshine and now temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s. we will continue to warm up, but getting a closer look at the north bay. petaluma, 61 degrees. 63 in santa rosa and yountville is also at 63 degrees. so feeling a little bit more comfortable going hour by hour in san jose. we will be in the upper 60s, mostly sunny skies and then those clear skies tonight will allow our temperatures to plummet very quickly and it will be another cool start to the day, pretty much like we have this morning. as we go into the next three days, we will be in the mid-70s in the south bay by the end of the week. it will feel definitely like springtime and no rain in the
11:47 am
forecast, at least not for the next several days. we are looking at some highs in the low 70s for the east bay as well as the tri-valley. looking at the temperature trend in walnut creek, we are going to be in the upper 60s today. now, average is 66 degrees. we go well beyond that for the end of the week and we keep those above average temperatures until sunday when we start to see a change in that pattern. the storms are staying to the north of us and getting some rain across the pacific northwest but high pressure is blocking it from coming into the bay area. as high pressure returns, we're going into the 60s and 70s and then early next week that's when we start to see this area of low pressure dropping in from the north and that will bring us a slight chance of rain on monday and some snow showers for the sierra. looking at this weekend's forecast, it does stay dry. beautiful, warm weather into the mid-70s in the tri-valley as well as the south bay. on sunday we're looking at some slightly cooler temperatures with more clouds mixing in.
11:48 am
we will be in the mid to upper 60s as we go into sunday and even cooler on monday, once again as we get that slight chance of rain moving in. right now it doesn't look like a significant storm but something we'll be watching over the next few days. now back to you, kris and scott. >> thank you. up next at 11:00, security ramped up around the world. officials worry that train stations have now become easy targets. the new measures going in place to keep passengers safe.
11:49 am
11:50 am
welcome back. happening now, a live look at hillary clinton as she is speaking about counterterrorism at stanford. let's listen in for just a second. >> prevent future attacks. isis knows this too. at the same time, there are legitimate worries about privacy, network security and creating new vulnerabilities
11:51 am
that bad actors, including terrorists, can exploit. there may be no quick or magic fix. in the apple case, the fbi may have found a work-around, but there will be future cases with different facts and different challenges. so the tech community and the government have to stop seeing each other as adversaries and start working together. >> hillary clinton is speaking at stanford. certainly, kris, she knows her audience there. she speaks not just about brussels but also speaks about apple. >> more like the secretary of state like she was rather than a candidate for president. the deadliest of the attacks in brussels was the bombing that happened at the subway station. rail and subway security now have been stepped up even here at home. >> rail commuters can expect to see more security on the ride to work and airline passengers will see it too. pete williams reports. officials say there is no intelligence warning of a similar attack here.
11:52 am
>> reporter: on commuter trains and subway systems from washington to los angeles, police are out in a highly visible show of force. beefed up security too in miami, chicago and atlanta with heavily armed foot patrols. more security too at many of the nation's airports, especially in the outer lobbies where the airline ticket counters are. nationwide, more specially trained units and bomb-sniffing dogs. more plainclothes officers and extra searches of bags. >> we want communities to feel confident that we're here, we're able to respond. we have enormous capability if we need it tactically. >> reporter: amtrak is adding additional transit police and randomly screening luggage as passengers board the train. it's an especially aggressive presence in new york city with 50 officers surging into times square. the mayor made a point of riding the subway to demonstrate its safety. >> but expect to see extraordinary nypd presence out over the coming days as a sign of our readiness to protect
11:53 am
people at all times. >> reporter: new york police say protecting mass transit there is a big chore. >> we employ a lot of technology and we pay very close attention and learn from attacks that have gone on around the world. we deploy and train accordingly. >> reporter: but most commuters say they're taking the extra security in stride. >> i'll just continue to be cautious and be aware of my surroundings, but i also want to have a choice not to let it hold me back. >> reporter: train and subway riders and airport passengers will see more security for at least the next several days. >> and that was pete williams reporting. officials there reminding all passengers once again to report anything suspicious. again, the mantra is if you see something, say something. >> and we will be right back. there's new pyer igoogls
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
compitiono buila there is a new player in google's competition to build a moon rover. >> japanese telecom giant kddi is in the hunt for the lunar xprize competition, joining an existing japanese team. there are 16 teams from ten countries building machines that can land on the moon, travel more than 1600 feet and send high-definition video back to earth. the first team to reach that goal will take home $20 million in prize money. there's some really neat documentaries on youtube about it as well. >> and i'm looking forward to seeing those pictures too. now take a look at our forecast. we will have some sunshine all
11:57 am
throughout the day and we're slowly making it into the 60s. we'll be in the upper 60s for a high today. 70 degrees in the north bay as well as the tri-valley and our temperatures are right at about average. over the next couple of days we'll be warmer than where we should be for the end of march and our spring-like weather continues. we have a slight chance of rain in the forecast early next week. >> we just need to get the plants in the ground. >> i'm still waiting on my tulips and wondering what happened to them. >> i've seen them around the neighborhood. maybe yours are just late bloomers. >> well, thank you for joining us. our next newscast is coming up at 5:00. >> and as always, you can get the latest information any time of day at have a great day. we're going to go check out the tulips.
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11:59 am
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today on "access hollywood live," the stache is not yet in the house but will be in the house. geraldo is here. >> i think i spotted him, i think. but i did see his partner edyta, the legs on her. >> i was so excited with her return, then they had geraldo. >> they can go the distance, do not count them out. >> and dr. harrison, is he tv's new mcdreamy? he might be. >> he is. >> "heartbeat" star david edible is with us. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. ♪ >> stand by, billy and kit. stand by, camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >>


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