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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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coach has been arrested. he's accused of molesting four children related to him. did he also cross the line with children he had contact with in sports or through the boy scouts. nbc bay area's damian trujillo, i understand the suspect sometimes volunteered at that very complex. >> reporter: he did for several years. his name is antonio garcia but he went by tony. he's in jail tonight while detectives maker sure no one else on these fields was a possible victim. police say tony garcia was an assistant coach in gilroy. he did private coaching for some children. until yesterday when police arrested the 46-year-old at his daughter's school. brian hewitt was there during arrest. >> four or five marked cars. a gentleman in handcuffs getting put this time back of the car. i recognized him as one of the parents. >> the four identified victims that we know of at this point are extended family members of the suspect. >> reporter: police say two of
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the alleged molestations happened over a span of 15 years. the other in the last two years. and because of garcia's involvement with youth sports and the boy scouts, police fear the victims list could grow significantly. >> we have reached out to the little league as well as the boy scouts to get information out and specifically identify what involvement mr. garcia may have had with those organizations. >> reporter: garcia also owns tony's embroidery in gilroy. the business in an industrial park was closed for the day. >> your reaction to what he's accused of doing. >> shocked, i guess. you know what i mean? >> reporter: molestations charges were the last thing on brian hewitt's mind when he witnessed the arrest. >> we were thinking maybe tax evasion this time of year or drugs maybe. but not this. this is a real shock. >> reporter: i reached out to gilroy little league but i have not heard back.
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garcia was arraign in superior court this afternoon. live in gilroy, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. a santa clara police officer on the other side of the bars tonight. the 14-year veteran arrested on felony stolen property charges. officer tyson green seen here in this photo from his facebook page is accused of trying to sell stolen car parts worth more than $75,000 on craigslist. a suspicious potential buyer calmed police after seeing a post online. in a statement the police chief said "officer green has been put on paid administrative leave and that his actions are not a true reflection of the hard-working men and women of the department." if convicted officer green could face five years in prison. we have new video from san francisco where a japan town mugging has now turned into a murder. this is surveillance video. it's from february 18th. watch your screen carefully. last night the tourist stabbed during that mugging died. watch on the left side of your screen you can see the
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48-year-old british man run into post street traffic to escape the robber. the man in the hood yes, though, chases him around that car. we froze the video before the fatal stab wound was delivered to the man's head. the attacker ran off with an accomplice. it's a woman. they took the man's bag containing cash, cass port and credit cards. detectives are hoping that someone could help locate those killers, and they are offering a $5,000 reward for information that leads to that arrest. it's happened again. a gun stolen from a bay area sheriff's deputy is the latest in a series of thefts involving law enforcement weapons. but this one had one major difference. it was stolen from a home. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco. and christie, not only a gun but the thieves got a badge and bulletproof vest, too. >> reporter: that's right, terry. there have been a number of incidents of law enforcement guns taken from cars. but this is a little bit different. police say this was taken from a home this gun. and in a security lock box taken with other items from a deputy.
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the list of items taken in the burglary of a visitation valley home this morning exceptionally troubling for san francisco police. >> a 9 millimeter glock weapon that belonged to a sheriff's deputy. that weapon was locked in a locked box. however, there was also full duty belt taken, ballistic vest, and two magazines. >> reporter: taken from the home of a san francisco sheriff's deputy along with a flat san francisco police badge similar to this one. >> now is in possession of law enforcement equipment that could potentially be used to rob people and pose as a fake officer. >> reporter: police warn if you ever doubt whether an officer is the real deal you can ask to see both the badge and their police i.d. this theft is the latest in a number of recent burglaries involving weapons. some of law enforcement in the bay area and some used in serious crimes. >> we've seen in the past recently here in san francisco was weapons that were stolen in
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the auto burglaries. >> reporter: police say this time the gun was in home and security. a spokesman for the sheriff's department says the deputy reported the theft this morning. a radio was also stolen and "this is a matter of serious concern to the sheriff and the sheriff's department. any missing firearm is a danger to the public. we are hopefully it will be recovered quickly and safely." >> reporter: again the sheriff's department was able to disable that deputy's radio. they say they're going to do a number of things, the police department, including canvassing that neighborhood and trying to see if perhaps anything was caught on the neighbor's surveillance cameras. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. our investigative unit has spent months looking into the issue of stolen law enforcement guns one of the things we found is that police homes are popular targets because thieves can assume there are guns inside. if you want more on our investigation visit our web site, you'll find the story at the
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very top of the page. a violent home robbery and police chase in hayward. it began last night at 11:00 in the plaza verde departments. police say a kidnapped man may have led his three captors to a unit there. inside they pistol whipped two residents and robbed the place. neighbors heard the commotion and called the police. that led to a police chase and crash. >> there were firearms, handguns, possibly a shotgun, a handgun found another by the vehicle and a shotgun and possibly another handgun inside the car. >> police say they managed to catch two of the three. none of the victims or suspects are injured. their injuries are not considered life-threatening. police are now trying to figure out if the whole thing was drug-related. first anger, now action. tonight people in concord are pushing ahead to get a sexually violent predator run out of town. he's been released under transient status meaning he'll be living in hotels. but as nbc bay area's pete
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suratos tell us it's making many neighborhood members feel very concerned. >> reporter: i spoke to concord police and they were against that judge's ruling to place robert bates here in concord. the bottom line is they say if he's not doing something criminal there's not much they can do about it. a petition is now circulating to move 52-year-old robert bates out of concord. he's a man convicted for violent sexual acts with minors. it's a sentiment that's shared by city officials. >> it wasn't concord's decision to have him here. obviously we're against it. >> reporter: a superior court judge ruled that bates had to be released from a state hospital to contra costa county by march 21st. the state department overseeing these hospitals notified the city of concord that bates would live on a short-term basis at hotels around the county. he'll be under constant supervision by liberty health care and concord police will be able to track bates with the help of an ankle bracelet.
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>> i realize that he needs to try and get reintegrated into society. but i have to think that there are better alternatives than just moving him from hotel to hotel. >> reporter: concord police have received calls from folks who have already seen bates walking around downtown. but since he's currently not wanted for any crimes, there's not much they can do. >> unless he's acting in some type of criminal behavior, there's no reason to call the police and notify us that he's in downtown concord or anywhere else in the city. >> reporter: now, since bates is a transient he's required to check in with concord police every 30 days. but the ultimate goal for concord police is to work with the county to move bates elsewhere. live in concord, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thanks very much. they still don't know who he is but they know there's no foul play. yesterday we first told you about a body found in the canal in unincorporated bay point. this morning the coroner's office did an autopsy and determined this is not a homicide. police are now waiting the full autopsy findings.
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on this good friday governor brown continued his holiday tradition of pardoning several convicted offenders. among the many today 13 are from the bay area. none are household names such as robert downey who brown pardoned just before christmas. most today were convicted of other minor drug crimes or low level offenses. many people are wondering what the weather will be like on this sunday, especially with that big easter egg hunt planned. san francisco is on your left. san jose on the right. we bring in chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. and jeff, will it be good weather for the easter bunny? >> i think it will be pretty perfect throughout sunday morning. you see on the forecast for the morning hours we'll start with partly cloudy skies and 52 degrees. maybe a little chilly to start but not too bad. by 10 a.m. 60 and 1:00 p.m. 65 degrees. the only problem we're going to be running into is by the afternoon hours. we'll begin to see the wind pick up. for the morning 5 to about 10 miles per hour. but again once we hit about
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3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the evening winds will gust from 15 to about 25 miles per hour. we're tracking more of this windy and colder forecast for easter sunday and i'll have more coming up throughout this hour. >> thank you, jeff. you can download our nbc bay area app as well to find out the changes in the forecast ahead for that easter egg hunt. the app is free at the apple app store or on google play. backlash over a law that appears to lylize discrimination in north carolina. san francisco says it won't send any employees to the tar heel state. now nba's mvp, steph curry, is weighing in. people in one san francisco neighborhood are in a heated battle over a tree. i'm kim yonanaka in san francisco with the story. francis... is triered neighrhoo,
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a single tree, this single tree, has become wouldn't hottest top nix san francisco. it's triggered a neighborhood feud. restraining orders. now the city is getting involved. that issue whether a homeowner is allowed to cut down a pine tree in the backyard of his own richmond district home. now it appears there may finally be a conclusion. nbc bay area's kim yonenaka live in the neighborhood where tree advocates say this isn't any old tree. right, kim? >> reporter: right, terry. this is the tree at the heart of this battle. recently a renowned arborist declared that it is a rare
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hybrid pine tree, the only one of its kind in san francisco. now, the finding proved to be key in making this a landmark status and protecting this tree from getting cut down. but opponents warn that this outcome could come with severe consequences. this all began on cook street 11 months ago. new homeowner dale rogers chopped down two date palm trees and another pine tree like this one. all of which were on his property. neighbors were immediately outraged, saying the pine trees date back 100 years and make up the landscape and character of their neighborhood. >> so just because you own property doesn't mean that you can just act beyond the law above the law. you can't change the law. >> reporter: but at the time rogers didn't do anything wrong. none of the trees were recognized under the city's landmark ordinance. neighbors vowed to change that, using restraining orders to protect the remaining tree until they could convince city leaders to save it.
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this morning they got their wish. >> yes. >> reporter: the urban forestry council voted in favor of the landmark status. a move that rogers' attorney says sets a bad precedent. >> i'm more concerned about the message that this is going to send, particularly that developers or people with ill intent will go ahead and start removing trees in anticipation that this ordinance will be misused in this way. >> reporter: now, the next step is this matter goes before the board of supervisors who can overturn the council's ruling but historically that isn't likely, which means that this tree will stay put. reporting live in san francisco, i'm kim yonenaka, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, kim. the ripple effect of a new law in north carolina being felt here in the bay area tonight. mayor ed lee barring official city travel to north carolina. lots of protest across north carolina today against a new anti-discrimination law that deliberately excludes the lgbt
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community. the backlash includes combination from the bay area tech companies apple especially. the city of charlotte is set to host the 2017 nba all-star game. today the league said we are deeply concerned that this d discriminatory law runs counter to our mission. >> hopefully they can figure it out, keep it there. i think it's important for the city of charlotte. i'm sure we can figure that out. >> reporter: san francisco's issue is largely symbolic but it's seen as a good way to show national discontent with north carolina's decision. a woman turns herself into fremont police after allegedly stealing a truck. officers are saying it's possible that guilt got the best of her. police say not only did she v d surrender she also returned to the street of the crime. police say while officers were at the scene investigating a woman walked up, handed over the keys. she apologized and told officers
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she need the truck to help a friend. but the woman was arrested. well, another south bay woman said a retired san jose police officer has given her renewed faith in people. yesterday we introduced you to cecelia. her car was stolen. inside were her brother's ashes in the backseat. we shared her desperate plea for help. last night a retired officer was watching her story. he went out canvassing the neighborhood in east san jose. believe it or not he was able to find her car abandoned in a parking lot a few miles from her home. today cecelia has that car back. most importantly she has her brother's ashes, too. >> the things inside that car were the most precious things to me in my life. was this little box. it was great to have the retired police officer take his time to be able to go and do it. and that just proves to me that there's still goodness in this world. there's still people that care. >> he does care. we reached out to the man who found the car. he wants to remain anonymous. he didn't want to go on camera. very humble. he says he was happy to help.
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>> very nice. california has its first locally transmitted case of the zika virus. state health workers refused to say who or where, they do say it was sexually transmitted from a partner who had recently traveled to south america. zika can cause birth defects if a mother contracts it while pregnant. the state says both patients have recovered. no pregnancy was involved but they are warning people who travel to countries with zika virus outbreaks to only engage in protected sex for at least six to nine months after possible exposure. the delay almost over. local crab season is set to start in less than six hours. a single fishing boat set sail from san francisco today to test the quality of the crab. that will determine if more boats go out from fisherman's wharf. we're hearing fishermen are reporting high quality crab after a four-month delay in the season we can expect fresh crab to alive in the bay area tomorrow. easter weekend is upon us.
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a lot of people doing outside stuff. chilly easter egg hunt. >> we have change coming your way for easter weekend. on the sky camera network we have beautiful conditions from weather underground in our ocean beach view. we have some rough surf but all in all a really nice day throughout our local beaches. that continued down towards san jose where you can currently see that blue sky continues with an unlimited visibility here throughout the santa clara valley. in terms of saturday morning's forecast, what we will find is temperatures continuing to drop off from their current levels. 70 in saratoga, 68 in campbell, 68 morgan hill. we'll likely see numbers go down as low as 50 for the south bay, peninsula 49, back towards san francisco 53. the north bay expecting 46. through the afternoon it's going to be another mild day with plenty of sunshine, some of our warmest temperatures coming right here across the south bay at 73. also for the trivalley at 74. and the north bay topping out at 75 degrees.
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as we look ahead in the forecast, the largest problem for saturday will be the pollen going closer to the high levels for mulberry, ash, and also oak. so you want to watch out for that if you do have allergies. coming up later on in the show we'll have details on how this area of high pressure will continue to weaken, allowing some colder and windier weather to move in. how much colder? we'll have that in about 25 minute minutes. just like walked through security. >> he's describing the terror in brussels. former bay area basketball stars reliving those attacks and talk about how life in europe has changed. plus a new deal for the raiders. not talking about relocation threats. but alameda county looking like a winner in these negotiations, anyway. ==revealcaffne lied toertily
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probms --or bo men d twitretting loof hi on happening now, caffeine linked to fertility problems for both men and women getting a lot of hits on twitter. a new study says women who drink three or more cups of caffeine a day will have a harder time getting pregnant. for men drinking that much caffeine could affect their fertility the spring migration of monarch butterflies is in process. check out our link site for pictures. bart lears adt the late
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trac in t eastay, heot continuing coverage on bart now. leaders admit their latest efforts to get back on track in the east bay just haven't worked out. today what they'll return to full-time train service between the pittsburg bay point and
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north concord martinez station full time. engineers still can't figure out what's led to that voltage spike that's damaged 50 cars and forced the agency to use bus bridges for days. the agency says riders should continue to expect delays and stress they're working around the clock to try and fix the problem. bart riders taking the fremont line are also being warned to expect significant delays this weekend. bart is halting train service between the san leandro and the bay fair station but this time it's for maintenance. crews will be replacing the tracks with some ties. work can't be done at night which is why they need the closure. a bus bridge will be in place, but the riders could be delayed by more than an hour. >> they'll be closed in both directions. passengers that will need to go up to fremont will need to transfer back to a richmond-bound train. we're recommending people do that at lake merritt station and people will need to transfer onto a fremont train here at bay fair. >> now, the work is expected to make the travel on the rail lines quieter and safer eventually when they complete it all. in need of that extra cash
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from your tax return? well, state tax board members say it may take a little longer this year. the tax board said it's holding onto returns longer in order to prevent fraud, tax theft and other illegal activities. the irs says the crimes are becoming more common. >> it's frustrating to have your refund delayed. but it's definitely not as frustrating if we sent that money to a fraudster. because in those cases it could take months or even years to get that resolved. >> the state franchise tax board says so far this year they have issued more than 4.2 million refunds, and the average refund is right around $700. a live look right now at oakland's odotco coliseum home of the raiders for at least another year anyway. members of the coliseum's joint powers authority just approved a new deal which will cost the raiders more money to play there. last year the team paid just under $1 million for rent this. year, $3.5 million. oakland and alameda county
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leaders must still give this their blessing. the deal calls for a one-year lease exception, the option for two additional years. the raiders by the way are hardly making ate secret they are still looking for a permanent new home. i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant arts culture. >> making sure artists have a place to create in the city, even as rents continue to skyrocket. the good news tonight for san francisco's art scene. and california athletes who barely survived the bombings in brussels. i'm elyce kirchner. ahead why they say they aren't coming home anytime soon. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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right now at 6:30, a nbc bay area exclusive. several california college basketball stars talking about the fallout after witnessing the terror attacks from inside the brussels airport. the plays were inside the terminal not far from the blast site as the bombs were detonated. >> the three men are all in europe playing professional basketball. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner joins us live from our contra costa news room with how they're coping. and what a difficult thing to have to continue playing in the midst of all of this. >> reporter: absolutely. and the players tell me it's been a lot to process. in total there are five americans playing pro basketball in the brussels area. and the bombings happened to go off when they were at the airport. >> it's been four days since
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quame vaughn, brad waldo and mike mckinney barely escaped the bomb zblgz it's hard to think about. >> reporter: they've just returned from playing a basketball game in italy. >> there was maybe 15, 20 like police officers in uniform at the game just walking around. that's something that we haven't seen too much of. >> reporter: waldo is a former st. mary's college basketball star. vaughn an oakland native played ball at cal state fullerton. and mckinney played at sacramento state. they are among five americans playing pro basketball for the port of antwerp giants just outside of brussels. the team was at the airport about to fly to that game in italy when waldo says he had a gut feeling that something wasn't right. in the departure area of the airport. he told vaughn they needed to leave. >> we literally just like walked through security and we were about to go through and that's when it happened. >> reporter: mckinney was already at the gate. >> you look up and people are
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starting to run towards the exit of the airports trying to get outside. everything happened so fast. >> reporter: they all ran as quickly as they could, seeing the injured including sebastian bellan, a form european basketball player who also happened to be at the airport. the three made it out, and a team bus eventually met them a few miles away. >> we took a bus at midnight that night after the bombings. >> reporter: now back in brussels, they say their saying because leaving would be giving into the terrorists. >> if you stop living your lives daily then they win and they get what they want. >> reporter: and the players tell me they have a game on tuesday. they expect security to be heightened for that game. just as it was right after the paris bombings. as far as that former pro basketball player injured in the attacks, he's recovering at a local hospital and is expected to survive. reporting live from our contra costa news room tonight, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, elyce.
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there are new blasts being heard across bus lels tonight as police raids take place in the neighborhood where the suicide bombers behind the attacks in belgium once lived. one of today' raids captured on cell phone video. you're looking at it right there. it shows police approaching a man waiting for a tram. the man grabs a woman, took her hostage for a bit, then steps away. police shot the man in the leg. belgian prosecutors say nearly a dozen suspects have been detained and two more were arrested in germany as well. the man who's second in command of isis is dead tonight. the pentagon won't say where or how he was killed, but as nbc bay area's brian moore shows us, his death is considered a strategic blow to the terror group. >> reporter: u.s. officials say they've eliminated the isis terror network's second in command and finance chief. a man known as haji imam. >> now we've taken out the leader who oversees all the funding for isil's operations, hurting their ability to pay firefighters and hair hire recruits.
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>> reporter: a strike earlier this month claimed the life of the group's war minister known as omar the chechen. >> these leaders have been around for a long time. they are senior, they're experienced. so eliminating them is an important objective. >> reporter: u.s. and coalition forces say they're hacking away at the isis core in iraq and syria, neutralizing its ability to export violence like this week's brussels bombings and november's attack in paris. while the pentagon claims it's building momentum, there is no end in sight. >> but by no means would i say we're about to break the back of isil or that the fight is over. >> reporter: others are willing to pick up the black battle flag. >> we are thought we were done with bin laden and it turned out to be more brutal. less focus on individuals and more focus on defeating violent extremism and the root causes. >> another isis leader dead, but fight goes on. >> reporter: u.s. officials insist killing haji imam will
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hurt isis because he was the top money man. he also had the closest ties to the group's reclusive leader. brian moore, nbc news, washington. a richmond man accused of making threats against muslims is now agreeing to a plea deal to avoid a trial. contra costa county prosecutors say will yum shelly is admitting to a civil rights violation. this all stems from an incident back in december. he's reported to have yelled a death threat outside the islamic society of west contra costa county. the plea deal means prosecutors will drop charges that shelly made criminal threats and will remove hate crime enhancement. you may remember the area around his home had been evacuated when they arrested him back on december 20th, saying they were worried about potential explosive materials inside. he made the wrong choice. that's what the father of the so-called bearded bandit is saying tonight about his son's suspected crimes. kenneth ellis remains in custody accused of 11 bank robberies across northern california. on wednesday he was spotted by a
6:35 pm
brentwood safeway buying raizor. a man recognized him and called police. the father says the man owned a struggling business in modesto. >> i don't know if he felt trapped. i don't know if he felt bad because he couldn't pay his employees or what made him do it. but he did do it. >> ellis is being held at the contra costa jail in martinez on a $100,000 bond. trapped under a pier but refusing to surrender. san francisco police went to great lengths to catch a wanted criminal. police say he was going in and out of the water yesterday under pier 48 right across from at&t park. they say he refused to come out and the tides were rising. officers tried to give him a life vest. he wouldn't take it. the man eventually swam over to a barge that was tied to the pier and police were able to corner him. officers used pepper spray to help take him into custody. the man was cold but except for the pepper spray uninjured. place say he has several
6:36 pm
warrants out for his arrest. new at 6:00 tonight we've all heard the stories about artists and galleries being forced out by rising rents and sold buildings in san francisco. but this week artists there got a bit of good news for a change. nbc bay area's joe rosato shows us how some will have a new home. >> there's not a week that goes by they don't get an e-mail from somebody saying oh, i've decided to move back home. >> reporter: there are plenty of horror stories among san francisco's art world, and artist kathryn wagner has heard many of them. >> so many artists have had to leave the bay area because of the costs of rising rents. >> reporter: but at least wagner's latest art piece has found a home. >> so i made these various configurations if you will. >> reporter: it's made it onto the wall of the new venue for artists and art lovers it was inspired by called the minnesota street project. >> these are pieces of the venting air conditioning systems. >> reporter: this 100,000 square foot former furniture repair shop in the city's historic dog patch neighborhood is getting a new life. this rebirth is courtesy of the
6:37 pm
art collecting entrepreneurs debra rappaport and her husband andy. >> it's a public building of the minnesota street project. >> reporter: the rappaports bought this building with the the idea of creating a secure home for at least some of the city's orphaned art galleries priced out of downtown. >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant arts culture. we've done very well in this area. it's our responsibility to give back. >> reporter: along with the main building and its dozen new galleries which opened last week, the rappaports are turning a warehouse across the street into artist studios. >> we're providing below market rent to our galleries and to our artists. we're trying to solve a real estate problem in the area. >> reporter: the story of this affordable new public gallery stands out against the usual tales coming from the city's struggling art scene. it's allowing artists and gallery owners like ed gilbert to actually focus on art. >> this is really the forum for galleries to show the art and maybe not have to deal so much
6:38 pm
with the rest of the mechanics. >> and i just think this is an encouragement for artists who stay in the bay area. >> reporter: rappaport expects the project will become self-sustaining in just a few years. she hopes others with an eye for art and mind for business will open similar spaces. >> i think people have started to realize that maybe at the light the end of the tunnel isn't the train coming at them. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. i don't think that it's detection. i think it's price discrimination. and it's unfair. >> anger over netflix's admission of the south bay company says it only did it to protect its customers. and an oops from google maps. how an error led to the demolition of the wrong home. they s verytng's gger texa-- --
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they say everything's bigger in texas, even the mistakes. and this one is a doozy. a demolition team in a suburb of dallas tore down the wrong house. they're blaming google maps. the crew was supposed to demolish a house at 7601 calypso drive. the crew says google directed them to 7601 cousteau drive. the story's gone viral. the woman who requested the tear down told a british newspaper quote that's what their job is to wreck it. and they really wrecked my life. she only weighs a few pound and she can't use facebook but she's already got a huge connection on the social network. clearly mark zuckerberg's daughter macdidn't need a keyboard to connect with the ceo of facebook. both look amazed at each other in this photo.
6:42 pm
mark posted it's the most important meeting of the day. watch how when max meets riley curry. the two could take over the planet with cuteness. >> we'll have no chance. >> let's check in with jeff rainieri right now. big weekend coming up. >> beautiful weather outside right now, you guys. check it out from point reyes. one of our best cameras. going at the immediate coastline, surf kicking up and also of course blue sky up to lake tahoe with 53 degrees. we're tracking your full easter weekend forecast and wohl hae'l that in a few minutes. why netflix said it was intentionally lowering video quality it claims to protect customers. your pho. you y havbeen ying e
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if you or your kids have been watching netflix videos from your phone, you may have been paying the same price for lower quality. >> the company now admits to downgrading streaming videos to mobile devices it says to protect customers from high data
6:45 pm
fees. nbc bay area's michelle roberts explains what that means for netflix customers. >> reporter: devoted house of cards fans who log on for a netflix marathon from their phone or ipad may have been watching a slightly more pixel ated version of president underwood. until today those people had no idea why. >> if netflix starts doing this, will it be -- will other people in the market do the same? >> if i want to pay one gigabyte i'll pay it. i don't want them to decide for me. >> reporter: netflix says the company has been intentionally slowing data rates to protect consumers from provider's data overage fees. in a statement a spokesperson said "it's about striking a balance that ensures a good streaming experience while avoiding unplanned fines from mobile providers." published reports say teen mobile and spring customers aren't affected by the downgraded service due to their so-called flexible data policies. only the two largest providers,
6:46 pm
verizon and at&t. some users say they support the decision if it means a cheaper cell phone bill every month. >> i don't necessarily need the best quality. >> reporter: while others say it's less about the pixelation and more about transparency and customer service. >> you should be free to be able to use it how you want to. >> reporter: consumer experts point out it is legal but in many days doesn't line up with the company's stance on an open internet. >> netflix has been a huge advocate of net neutrality. they didn't like the idea these same folks would be throttling them. now to be caught for throttling themselves is a bit of a p.r. nightmare. >> reporter: the company says they expect to roll out a new feature in may that allow customers to decide the quality of video as it relates to data usage. minu michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. breaking news to tell you about. an 8-year-old boy we're hearing has been shot in the east bay. nbc bay area's pete suratos just got there.
6:47 pm
tell us the location where you're at and what you know. >> reporter: we're here at baldwin park. the police won't confirm whether the gunshot victim is an 8 or 9-year-old. they're saying this may be drive by related. the reason we're here at baldwin park, that victim is going to be transported by helicopter to children's hospital in oakland. so that's why you see concord police here. now they're saying this took place on the 2900 block of la salle in concord. the suspect is outstanding at this time. we still don't have any information as far as a description for the suspect. but like i mentioned in just moments you're going to have the helicopter descend here in baldwin park is going to transport that victim. we don't know the injuries at this time. they're going to transport that victim to children's hospital in oakland. of course as we get more information we'll bring it to you in the news room, guys. >> okay. thanks you very much, pete suratos. of course we'll have complete coverage for you on what happens tonight at 11:00. right now let's check in with jeff rainieri with your easter weekend forecast. jeff. >> it still looks great, you guys, as we look ahead towards
6:48 pm
the next 48 hours you can see in the sky camera network right now plenty of sunshine continuing here through the south bay and 68. for the east bay 67. san francisco continually with that cooler wind keeping you at 57 degrees. and holding onto some of the heat from today with 71 in the north bay. through saturday morning's forecast, we're going to start you off right for the first part of the weekend. we'll be mostly clear. it will be cold, though, for the north bay and 46. possibly a little bit of patchy fog in san francisco and the peninsula. and we're looking at a nice bright start in the south bay and 50 degrees. high pressure has been with us for just about the entire week. and that has kept it sunny and warm. but we're on the cusp of some big changes with high pressure. it's going to weaken and push off towards the east. and that's going to set off a new change for this weekend. namely by easter sunday. this trough of low pressure out here in the pacific will eventually help to transition our weather to a cooler and also windier pattern. so that's what i really want to focus on next is exactly how windy is it going to get for
6:49 pm
that easter sunday. you'll be able to see as we zoom in right here for easter sunday easter egg hunts happening there winds 5 to 15 miles per hour. not super gusty. by the evening hours up to 27 miles per hour in santa rosa, out of the northwest 23 in san francisco, temperature redwood city, 22 san jose avenue. those windier conditions may even take down a tree or two. you want to watch out for that easter night with our ground that's been saturated from quite a bit of rainfall this past month. as we take a look at your microclimate forecast for saturday, you can see that great weather continues right up into san jose. that will put us at 73 for tomorrow, morgan hill 72, for the peninsula fantastic at palo alto 71 degrees. over to pacifica 63. and san francisco coming in with 60s as well. for the fwhooirt north bay, east bay and trivalley, one more day of warm weather with high pressure off shore. this places napa at 75 degrees
6:50 pm
and santa rosa 73. east bay more 70s, fremont 74, oakland 72 and we'll keep with this trend here through the trivalley our warmest location danville at 75. so for the easter weekend forecast we're going to give you a nice comparison here so you can break it down once again for that cooling that's coming our way. and for the south bay we'll have 73 again on saturday for the average. then by sunday we go down to 69. not super cold but definitely maybe some light jacket weather. then by monday, 63. so again, from 73 on saturday down to 63 by monday. and also those breezier conditions coming by the back half of the weekend. what about easter egg hunting forecast? we have this for you earlier in the show. but i know a lot of kids are wondering exactly what it's going to be like. it will be perfect for the easter bunny to get his job done early in the morning. by the time you're doing that easter egg hunt. 53 degrees at 7:00 p.m. 69 at 10:00 and by 1:00 p.m. 65.
6:51 pm
the warriors continue to chase history. a very special ceremony for an old friend. up next from the xfinity sports desk.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
good evening. brodie brazil here in our csn news room. the golden state warriors have a second straight title in their sights. also home seed and home court advantage throughout the western conference playoffs. that single seasons wins record of 73, something steph curry says gives his team a little extra motivation as this season winds down.
6:54 pm
>> last year we didn't have a record to fall on. we were pretty much sealing the first place and still finished the season off with momentum because you don't want to just coast into the playoffs then have to like turn on another level of intensity. you don't know if it will click or not. you got to test yourself and keep yourself focused. and just find a way to grind it out these last 11 games. we want to get the record, obviously. that means we've succeeded at finishing the year strong. >> curry and the defending champs by the way are in action tonight against the dallas mavericks, a game you can watch on csn. the mavs are a team that could potentially play in the first round of the post-season. dallas will be without both dirk nowitzki and deron williams but they'll have the services of a man warrior fans know quite well. that would be forward david lee who played in more than 300 games during his time with the
6:55 pm
warriors, who turns to oracle for the first time this evening since being traded away. he will receive his championship ring in a ceremony that also will feature steph curry before tonight's game tips off. >> it's great to be back. we got in here late wednesday night. even coming to san francisco staying a few blocks from where i used to live is a great reminder of some five wonderful years here. and this will be great to do the celebration pre-game and to look at some of the things we've accomplished. then it will be game time. >> to college where jared haas is the new basketball coach at stanford replacing the fired johnny dockins. haas grew up in tahoe and played a season for cal. for the past four years he's been the head coach of university of alabama birmingham improving the blazers' win total every year. haas is 41 years old. he played his freshman year with jason kidd at cal before transferring to kansas. he started for three years for roy williams prior to that at
6:56 pm
uab. spent 13 years on williams stay staff with the jayhawks and tarheels. bruce bochy made official his starting rotation will be led by madison baumgartner opening day. is there anything else i could tell you tonight? >> brodie, thanks a lot. from brodie to a bunny. a big big bunny. look at it. this bunny needs your help. his breed is a flemish giant. and for good reason. he weighs 20 pound. the rabbit was just adopted by the spirit sanctuary in brentwood. he need a name. volunteers plan to take bunny in visits to help people in elderly care facilities. right now the name they're giving him is mr. big like sex in the city so he needs a carrie or family to take care of him. >> so cute. >> yeah. thanks for watching. >> see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
garry shandling talking about his own funeral in his eerie final interview. >> what i want at my funeral is -- >> from jerry seinfeld to amy schumer, the comedy world reacts today, now on "extra." >> the sudden death of a comedy legend. breaking new details on garry shandling's final hours, his worried trip to the doctor, his emergency call to 911. adam sandler today. an emotional conan o'brien revealing how he leaned on shandling after his tonight show debacle. >> i was at a real low


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