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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 5:00, pakistan from a deadly terrorist attack, the second massive attack overseas in less than a week. good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker has the night off. a joyous easter celebration turns to tragedy in lahore. >> reporter: according to pakistani officials at least 63 were killed and more than 300 were injured. they are telling us most were women and children. the suicide bombing took place
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in the playground area. a large number of christians were at the park to celebrate the easter holiday weekend. nbc news is reporting a splinter group of taliban is taking responsibility for this attack. a spokesman for the group telling nbc news they were targeting members of the christian community celebrating easter. a spokesperson stating this is the first in a series of attacks they are planning for this year. the body of that suicide bomber was found. this is considered a major setback for pakistani security forces which stepped up efforts in the recent years. the u.s. state department released a statement condemning the attack calling it a cowardly act. facebook has activated its safety check feature. it allows people to check on friends and family to make sure they are safe. the feature malfunctioned
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prompting people all over the world to be notified to let loved ones know they are safe even if they were nowhere near pakistan. police say they discovered racist graffiti. nbc bay area's christie smith with that story. >> reporter: police are very concerned. racial slurs found spray painted on a very popular park. they do believe in this case it is more gang related type activity. an image that is known to be tied to gangs was also found spray painted along with slurs directed at african-americans and hispanics. this did not include threats but appeared on an amphitheater wall. it has been painted over and many people were out enjoying easter. >> the graffiti appears to be not only gang related however
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there are racial slurs that were painted on the wall in addition to that gang graffiti. the graffiti we believe was done by a hayward based gang and we are looking into the possibility of who the suspect really could be. we do not believe this is a white supremacist gang. >> reporter: police say there is no connection that they see from recent graffiti in that case a 21-year-old man arrested and charged. reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. an east bay construction worker is recovered this evening after nearly being killed when concrete slabs fell on him thmpt accident happened in oakland when the crew was shoring up a foundation. the man was working in a trench
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and the concrete came crashing down. >> our crews found we had a man approximately 6 feet down with slaps of concrete that had fallen from the foundation pinning him against the wall. >> it took firefighters about an hour to get the concrete off the victim and pull him out. despite serious injuries he is expected to survive. uc berkeley is moving forward with efforts to curb sexual harassment and sexual assault. karla hess has been appointed as interim lead for the school's response team. she will work to address sexual h harassment and violence. more than a dozen mean are facing charges of soliciting prostitution.
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under koev officers posed as prostitutes. 14 men were arrested after allegedly agrees to pay for sexual acts. one of the men is charged with resisting arrest. 13 are bay area residents. one is from orange county. in mountain view a bike shop is cleaning up after a smash-and-grab burglary. police have yet to release descriptions. this happened at cognition cyclery. two bikes were stolen worth about $3,000 each. drivers headed down the peninsula into tomorrow morning should expect long delays. cal trans is shutting down a section of highway 101 in preparation for a new interchange. the closure will be a few miles south of sfo. southbound 101 will be closed completely starting at midnight tonight. crews hope to have the lanes reopened by 7:00 in the morning.
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the project expected to be finished by the fall of next year. brisk weather around the bay today and more changes could be in store for the work week. for more on that here is meteorologist rob mayeda. >> santa cruz sunny skies. sunol had mist and drizzle to start the morning. you notice the increase in the high clouds. you are seeing that around san francisco. 59 degrees. if we check the wind speed in san francisco gusts up to 40 miles per hour. very blustery. san jose running considerably cooler. right now 64 degrees and wind speeds in san jose. gusts up to 20 miles per hour. overall around the bay area 50s and low 60s. the temperature change about five to eight degrees cooler out towards the trivalley. setting the stage.
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cold system dropping down the coast will bring a chance of showers to our east tonight. no rain expected for tonight but gusty winds continue into tomorrow morning. chilly temperatures as we start the work week. there is an increasing chance of seeing showers popping up in the hills of the north bay tomorrow. speaking of more than just some showers, snow in the sierra down to about 4,000 feet. winter like weather sticking around for the middle part of the week. we'll show you how much rain we are expecting and impact in our temperatures over the next few days coming up. coming up next, bring you out to the campaign trail where bernie sanders thinks he has the support to overtake hillary clinton. plus plenty of people enjoying the easter holiday. going to show you celebrations from the bay area to the vat can. there are better ways to use our money than to pay some guy to sit in his car and do that. seriously. >> parents outraged by what hidden cameras under covered.
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security guards to watch for at risk teens. we'll show you what some were doing instead. closed captioning responsed by -- turningo decion 26... the nal n.
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the final numbers are in on the big wins for bernie sanders. he took caucuses in three states over hillary clinton. sanders believes he can win the democratic nomination after
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winning 70% of the vote yesterday in washington, alaska and hawaii. will clinton hold the commanding lead in the delegate count. >> we have the momentum. we won five out of the six last contest. >> on the republican side donald trump and ted cruz are going at each other over their wives. a national inquirer story led that cruz had extramarital affairs. john kasich says their feud is making him the best presidential candidate out there. they were hired to keep young people safe but are they doing the job? an nbc bay area investigation has uncovered accusations of criminal behavior and neglect by security guards. senior executive reporter vicky nguyen broke the story about the rogue guard. she has the details about the new guards on the job and many want to know has anything changed. >> that is the question we set out to answer after our first
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report palo alto city leaders assured us they hired a new watch program. they said the new guards would be more alert and more professional. our hidden cameras documented a different story. with neon vests the security guards are hard to miss but when night falls some guards are hard to find. >> it's been an hour. >> they are supposed to stand watch around the clock every day at three train crossings. and the california avenue train station in palo alto, sites where vulnerable teens have taken their lives. >> still no guard. >> reporter: who watches the watchers? the investigative unit spent four nights on surveillance. >> churchill 10:01 guard post is
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empty. >> reporter: night after night our cameras caught guards absent from posts for hours, texting on phones and one guard fast asleep in his car for more than an hour. the city hired cypress security to replace val security after finding guards absent from their posts and being intaentive. last month our investigation uncovered something city leaders say they didn't know. three val guards with criminal back grounds arrested while working for the track watch program. one convicted of burglarizing several homes while on the clock. the new $400,000 contract with cypress will cost more paying guards $22 an hour. the city implemented more stringent requirements saying guards must demonstrate a minimum of average intelligence. another track watch arrest this time cypress security guard luke
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sour pleading not guilty to charges of lewd behavior after police allegedly found him near the track slumped near his car with a bottle of wine and his pants unzipped. according to records he said for every night shift he worked in palo alto he masturbates in his vehicle. >> these are our tax dollars. better ways to spend our money than to pay a guy to sit in his car and do that. >> reporter: a mother of twins. she says her daughter had struggled with depression for years. she reached out to us because she said they want to destigmatize the conversation about mental health. >> she was like in fifth grade. it was pretty early. and we were surprised because i didn't realize that kids that young can be depressed. >> reporter: she supports the effort to protect teens but questions the city pfs lack of transparency. >> what do you want to see at
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the track? >> more transparency. i want them to utilize input and stop pretending they can use our tax dollars anyway they see fit. >> reporter: city manager is in charge of overseeing contracts. we caught up with keen before a council meeting after the city declined our request. >> what we have done is we spent lots of money contracting and hiring guards to guard the track. we are developing technology. >> come on. remote technology right now. >> keene says palo alto is doing more than any city in the country to address melt mental health. >> reporter: the guards we watched left their posts unattended during critical hours in the night while trains were still running. >> and the guard has been in his
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car text messaging. >> reporter: one guard texted fraan hour in his car left for another hour and then came back to eat for a half an hour. he finally took a quick stroll to his post. we reached out to cypress security. the owner acknowledged the concerns but says guards have intervened in several instances to prevent injury. city leaders tell us they have not received any complaints about cypress but declined to say if they will make any changes. >> you are the one paying the bill. and we as stakeholders need to know what is going on. you're accountable to us. thankfully the media is helping us to be on top of it. >> reporter: the city says it has received feedback from mental health experts that the track watch program has deterred
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teen suicides. all of this under scoring the importance of finding the right people for the job. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. ♪ coming up next, it wouldn't be easter at glide memorial church without a lot of music, singing and food for hundreds in need. we'll show you. pope anc delived hiseaster sd m
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petes sque tod. pope francis delivered his message in front of tens of thousands. he denounced terrorism while recalling victims in recent attacks. he condemned the failure to help migrants fleeing war and poverty as european countries squabble over refugee crisis. francis rode through the square as the crowd cheered and waved. san francisco's glide memorial church fed am 3,000 today for easter sunday. this came after a rousing service with plenty of music even though it is an institution in san francisco's tenderloin he says there are always potential troubles on the horizon when so many depend on you. >> we need more volunteers
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because there are more people and there is less money so therefore we really need more people to volunteer. >> williams says upprds of 10,000 volunteer now. meals are served every day but easter and christmas are especially well attended and well celebrated. let's see what your microclimate forecast looks like. very nice on this easter sunday. >> still pretty nice outside. a little bit windy from the north bay down to san francisco. 64 degrees. wind gusts from downtown heading down towards sfo airport up to 40 miles per hour and breezy. north winds at 10 to 20 miles per hour. right now numbers in low to mid 60s. 59 in san francisco. as we head towards tomorrow morning we see mostly mid 40s. next couple of mornings could hit upper 30s to low 40s out there towards livermore.
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wind really a big part of the story. breezy outside. areas towards 7:00 tomorrow morning out around napa briefly can see light winds and clear skies. that can set the stage for temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s and throughout the afternoon all day gusty winds out of the north. hour by hour bundle up for the morning. a pretty thick coat as most temperatures going to make it feel chillier. 40 to start the day. as we head towards noon gusty winds continuing especially out of the coast. could have gusts to 40 miles per hour. daytime highs running cool. depending where you are the showers are a possibility tomorrow and may increase the possibility slightly come tuesday. notice tomorrow out towards morgan hill a slight chance of showers. highs in the low to mid 60s. north bay santa rosa and napa, not only seeing 60s with breezy conditions but those are most likely to see a chance of showers given the weather pattern we are going to see.
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cold area of low pressure just east of the sierra an unstable environment. heating below. towards tomorrow evening around north bay you can see a few stray showers and down towards morgan hill for monday late afternoon and evening. tuesday perhaps a better chance of showers across the east bay and north bay hills. not expecting a lot of rain out of this system. it is mainly across hill tops but it may measure up by the time it gets towards tuesday evening beginning to see numbers move a little bit. given how the low is pretty cold and moisture is east of the sierra you will see bigger precipitation totals in terms of snow fall as low as 4,000 feet. bigger impact on temperatures. seven day forecast shows going to be a cool start to the week with numbers staying in the low 60s from san francisco towards san jose and dublin. not until thursday and friday those temperatures start to rebound as high pressure
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returns. nothing about looking like spring. you can see temperatures that were in the 50s today dipping into the 30s and 40s as we head through monday and tuesday. could pick up another foot of snow in the sierra which is absolutely great news when you look at the snow pack today compared to about a year ago and the numbers are amazing. we will have a look at that at 5:45 and a look at next weekend's forecast, first weekend of april may include more of those april showers. >> thank you. still to come, forget about five star hotels a new hotel is bragging about being a six star hotel. what is a six star experience? we'll find out in just a few minutes. she may only be 10 years old but is already running a successful candy company.
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another luxury hotel is opening doors tomorrow in silicon valley. this hotel has not five, but the illusive six star rating. this is the clement in palo alto. an all suite hotel, a lot of amenities. you get a personal assistant, meals prepared by an executive chef, a private cabana and a mini fridge with your favorite snacks. at this place it costs $800 a
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night per guest. if you want to bring a friend it is another $150. the hotel is next to the stanford campus. 10-year-old candy will be the only candy served at the white house. like all kids she is a candy lover but they are bad for your teeth. three years ago she created a good candy special ingredients help reduce risk of tooth decay and neutralize acid after eating. business is booming. this is the second time her candy will be served at the white house's easter egg roll. coming up next protesters, mourners and police clash in the streets of brussels. the latest on the unrest following tuesday's deadly terror attacks. >> change can happen. i think we are at the beginning of a water revolution in california.
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>> an nbc bay area investigation prompts innovators from california to travel to washington for a national summit. we will show you how they will use new technology to help solve the drought.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm
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you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast covege ofhe teoristattas in ussr we turn to continuing coverage of terrorist attacks in brussels. president obama reaching out to the family of an american couple confirmed dead. justin and stephanie shuls were listed as missing until yesterday. the president called to express his condolences. described the two as epitomizing all that is good in america. they were watching her mother walk through security when the bombs went off. justin is


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