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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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. nbc bay area news start news. >> right now at 11:00, families outraged over a hateful display at a local park. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker is off tonight. a zurich discovery at a quiet east bay park on this holiday. hateful graffiti now covered up. and it's the second time one city has dealt with it this month alone. christie smith in san leandro right now with that story. christie? >> reporter: well, terray, these slurs were spray painted in the back corner of a very popular park. as you said, they've since been removed. police said this whole thing is likely gang-related, but there are still questions about why. the racial slurs at san
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leandro's marina park were quickly painted over by city workers. but the impact didn't go away that easily. >> kind of shocking considering it's a nice area. >> very offensive, very offensive. i normally bring my kids to this park. so i for sure wouldn't want them to see that. >> reporter: it was near the tot town playground. they were notified this morning about racist words spray painted on an amphitheater wall. much of the graffiti appears to be gang-related. >> the graffiti itself we believe was done by a hayward based gang. investigators are looking into the possibility of who the suspects in this case really could be right now. we do not believe that this is a white supremacist gang. >> police say there was no threat made in the popular park, and that gang crimes are minimal in the city. they call this unacceptable and say there are real question. >> why would a gang that has different ethnicities as the members in that gang spray paint the words that are on this wall this morning, targeted primarily
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at african american and hispanic cultures. >> reporter: police see no connection to graffiti at a school office recently where man was arrest and charged. in today's incident, some believe it was about getting attention. they appreciate that it was painted over. >> you don't want to send the wrong message to young children on day like easter. >> reporter: and san leandro police say they have stepped up patrols in that area. reporting live in san leandro, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. now to a developing story. a manhunt under way on the peninsula for a driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. the crash happened about 7:00 tonight on highway 84 near sylvan way. police say a pickup truck traveling westbound crossed over into the eastbound lane and hit a car. the truck flip and officer says the driver of the truck ran into the nearby woods. the car's driver died at the scene. area still closed as police continue searching for suspect. no word on when that area will be reopened. new at 11:00, another
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head-on collision with deadly results. this one in san francisco's mission district just after 5:00 tonight. police believe the 64-year-old driver had a medical emergency and drove into oncoming traffic at 18 and guerrero streets. investigators are trying to determine if that driver died because of his crash or because of a medical condition. the driver of the second car was not seriously injured. new video into the newsroom tonight. witnesses reported explosions before this fire in santa rosa. basically destroyed a fourplex in the city's southwest neighborhood, and it prompted a massive response, including highway patrol, police, fire, even the sonoma county arson task force. >> we're told that there was someone trapped within the building. we went into rescue. we found that there was no one within the building and we start going into fire attack within the building. >> two people suffered smoke inhalation and all ten of those living in the four units must now find new homes. damage could reach up to a
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million dollars. the cause is under investigation. an easter celebration turned deadly in pakistan today. dozens were killed and hundreds injured in a suicide bombing attack. it happened at park in lahore, the capital of pakistan's punjab province. tonight we're hearing from people in the bay area who have family ties to that region. nbc bay area's pete suratos is joining us now. a tough night. >> very tough night. when you look at this park, it's been described as a family destination play, for families to let loose and have fun. but the folks i spoke to understand that today's attack could change all that a chaotic scene unfolds more than 8,000 miles away in pakistan. left those with ties to the region feeling helpless, including this san jose state student. >> i was like -- we can do nothing, just pray for them. we're far away from them. >> reporter: he moved to
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california from pakistan in 2011. it was painful for him to see the video of today's attack in lahore. pakistani officials saying a suicide bomber blew himself up at park during an easter day celebration. killing at least 62 people and injuring hundreds more. a group related to the taliban took credit for the attack. most of those injured were children and women. >> you can do nothing but just turn to the people and give them the strength. that's it. >> it's a place where people go to relax and kind of let go of their daily stresses of life. >> reporter: she shared an old picture of a trip to the pakistani park that was attacked. she was born in los angeles but visited family often in lahore as a kid. she knows today's attack will have a lasting effect. >> it's kind of taking their -- taking away their peace that they have when they go to this park.
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>> reporter: the u.s. state department put out a statement regarding today's event, saying the u.s. condemns today's appalling terrorist attack, calling it a cowardly act, targeting innocent civilians. and that the u.s. sends their deepest condolences to the loved ones of those who were killed and injured. and that our thoughts and prayers are with the people of lahore. now that statement also went on to say that the lust continue to work with pakistan officials to combat terrorism in the region. terry? >> all right, pete, thanks so much. facebook activated its safety check feature in the wake of that deadly attack. and that allows people to check on friends or family to make sure that they're okay. but the feature malfunctioned today. prompting people all over the world to be notified that they could get ahold of their loved ones and see if they were okay, even if they were nowhere near pakistan. we're updating this developing story across our digital platforms. download our free app to get the latest information or check out our twitter feed. two more americans are
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confirmed dead in the brussels attacks. the names are not immediately being released but the announcement brings the u.s. death toll to four. earlier today, the white house announced president obama called the parents of the other two american victims. he offered his condolences and prayers to justin and stephanie shults as epitomizing all that is good about america. the couple lived in brussels and were seeing off stephanie's mother at the airport when the bombs went off. right wing protesters descended on brussels today gathering at a temporary shrine honoring victims of the brussels suicide bombings. violence broke out when some of them confronted another group of protesters who are in favor of refugees being allowed into the country. some right-wingers made nazi salutes. the police used water cannons to dispersion the crowd. ten people were arrest and two officers injured. > uc berkeley is moving forward with efforts to curb sexual harassment and sexual assaults on campus. today the chancellor announced
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that carla hecht has been appointed as the interim lead to the response team. this the dean of social sciences. she'll work with school officials to address sexual harassment and violence. uc berkeley is struggling to improve its image after the recent firing of an assistant basketball coach accused of sexual harassment and criticism for not adequately investigating sexual assault cases. an explosion in a vallejo warehouse has researchers searching for answers tonight. firefighters responded to the abandoned warehouse. witnesses told police they heard an explosion and then saw flames and smoke billowing out. crews put out the blaze soon after. thankfully no one was inside at the time. but firefighters found evidence that people may have been living there. no word yet on the cause of that fire. a 17-year-old boy is recovering after nearly being killed when concrete slabs fell on him in a construction accident. the crew was shoring up a
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foundation near san antonio park east of lake merritt. the man was working in a trench when the concrete came crashing down. >> our crews found that we had man about approximately six feet down, had slabs of concrete that had fallen from the foundation, pinning him against the ual wall. >> it took firefighters about an hour to get him out of there. despite the serious injured he sustained, he is expected to survive. a dangerous situation in the east bay last night. this lexus ended upside down in the berkeley marina. investigator says the driver veered off the road just before midnight right where berkeley avenue and marina boulevard split. police helped the driver and his passenger out of the water. a good samaritan also jumped in to action out there. no one seriously hurt, but the driver was arrested after being tested for driving under the influence of alcohol. the vehicle was leaking fluids this afternoon. crews working to prevent contamination. in mountain view, a bike
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shop is cleaning up after a smash and grab burglary. thieves shattered the front window. three suspects were involved but they have yet to release the descriptions. this happened at cognition. two bikes were stolen worth about $3,000 each. more than a dozen men are facing charges of soliciting prostitution after a sting organization by the fairfield police department. over the past two night, undercover officers posed as prostitutes. 14 men ranging in age from 19 up to 62 were arrested after allegedly bringing to pay for sexual acts. one of the men is charged with resisting area. 13 are bay area residents. one is from orange county. we're track windy conditions around the bay area tonight. and as we head towards tomorrow morning, you'll want to set aside your jacket for wind-chilled low to mid-40s as the weather system drops over the bay area, bringing increasing chances of rain and sierra snow. the latest changes in your forecast, coming up.
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then where did it come from? the not so subtle attack on presidential candidate donald trump. plus a six-star hotel complete with your own personal chef and assistance opens in the bay area tomorrow. the all inclusive experience taking luxury to a new level. and a dramatic police chase through a southern california police neighborhood. you've got to say this. but it's how it ended that has so many people stunned. we'll be right back. earlr tod.pi car aseunfold on e
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suli chas thisar jaing a heart stopping car chase unfolded on the streets of simi valley in southern california earlier today. police chased this carjacking suspect as she recklessly sped through freeway yauofframps. officers finally brought the truck to a stop after a pit maneuver, but the woman didn't exactly give up. university going to see her inch over and she tries to get into the police cruiser. wild. she didn't. police grabbed her, slammed her down and arrested her. actor robert de niro at the center of controversy after he
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decided to pull a documentary on the link between vaccines and autism from the upcoming tribeca film festival. the film called vac: from cover up to catastrophe" was cowritten by andrew wakefield. he is the man who wrote a debunked study showing a relationship between childhood vaccines and autism. that study was retracted, and wakefield lost his medical license for ethics. de niro said after viewing the film with members of the scientific community and organizers, it did not contribute to the discussion of autism. still, some film makers are calling it censorship, and we should note that de niro has a son with autism. an extreme and creative way to protest gop front-runner donald trump. this fake tombstone of trump's surfaced at central park in new york and the photo spread all over the internet. you can see at the bottom a new take on his presidential campaign slogan. the epitaph says "make america
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hate again." park employees removed the headstone tonight. no word on who put it there. this story is garbage. it is tabloid smear. and it came from trump and his henchmen. >> ted cruz lashed out at donald trump again today over a tabloid story claiming the texas senator cheated on his wife. trump adamantly denies planting that story and says cruz started the feud. ohio governor john kasich says the feud is make him the clear choice for the republican nomination. as for the democrats -- >> we have the momentum. we have won five out of the last six contests in landslide fashion. >> bernie sanders making hay out of yesterday's caucus sweeps, winning the states of washington, alaska, and hawaii. nevertheless, hillary clinton maintains a commanding lead in the delegate count. pope francis delivered his easter sunday message in front of tens of thousand in st. peters square today. he de announced terrorism while recalling victims of recent attacks in belgium, turkey, africa, and iraq.
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he also condemned the failure to help migrants fleeing war and poverty. as european countries squabble over the crisis. he rode through the square after mass as the crowd cheered and waved. across the bay area, people stopped to celebrate the easter holiday. san francisco's glide memorial church held its annual surface with a lot of music. even though it's an institution in the tenderloin, the reverend cecil williams says the church is always in need of a little extra help. >> we need more volunteers because there are more people and there is less money. so therefore we really need more people to volunteer. >> williams says upwards of 10,000 people volunteer now to help glide serve the poor. meals are served every day, but easter and christmas are especially well attended. the so-called biggest little parade in san francisco ended just a few minutes ago. this is the 25th annual easter
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parade. that's not true. this ended this afternoon. anyway, whenever it ended, it happened at down union street between goff and fillmore and packed with families. it was great place to bring the kids a lot of action, face painting, petting zoos and bounce house. >> i want to do something fun with her where i knew there would be a lot of kids she could see and activities. and she is having fun so far. >> one of the main attractions is an easter bonnet contest where kids, adults, and even pets could win prizes for the most outrageous easter hats. tomorrow is a big day for the long delayed crab season. fishermen hope to come to an agreement with distributors on a price. the season officially opened early saturday morning, but only a couple boats went out to collect samples from crabs for testing. commercial crabbers say they expect to have fresh crab for sale at bay area goyx friday. crews are expected to work this week to remove a san francisco fire boat from the
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water off ocean beach. that's after a training exercise went bad yesterday. all seven firefighters were rescued after a rogue wave capsized that boat. four firefighters were taken to the hospital. one stayed overnight, but they're all expect to be fine. meteorologist rob mayeda here now with your microclimate forecast. if you think we're all done with the wet weather, rob, that's not the case. >> not quite. especially around the hills a chance of seeing some showers and pretty chilly temperatures out there. first we've got to talk about the wind. we're going see a lot of that over the next couple of days. outside this evening, we've seen wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour at sfo. and the winds being very blustery across the water, actually helping to lower the sea surface temperatures through upwelling as the wind blows across the surface of the water. colder water comes up from below. so we're seeing offshore in the low 50s. as the air blows across the water, gets into san francisco, right now we're at 52 degrees. and speaking of the wind gust, last check of that out towards sfo, still gusting close to 40 miles per hour. and those wind gusts likely will
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turn a little bit stronger, heading towards tomorrow afternoon and evening. so 50s outside right now as you wake up tomorrow morning, mid-40s. the wind-sheltered valleys. maybe not so much tomorrow morning. but as we head towards monday night and tuesday morning, may drop into the upper 30s and low 40s. so it's going to feel a bit more like winter for the next couple mornings. and during the day, you may even keep that jacket on, as you'll see here, hour-by-hour. forts and 50s through 9:00. and then by noon, 50s. our average high this time of year should be at least in the mid-60s and upper 60s in the warmer spots as you'll see towards mid afternoon. only low 60s. and all-day breezes probably not going to feel all that warm. san jose near 63 tomorrow. notice los gatos out towards the santa cruz mountains, the hill tops near morgan hill. slight chance of afternoon showers. sft upper 50s to near 60 for a high. around the north bay, we had mid 70s for highs tomorrow. mid 60s in the forecast.
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napa, is about rosa and livermore seeing the slight chance of showers. the low pressure dropping in cooler air. most of the moisture is bog to be off to the east. but at times we'll see little batches of moisture coming away from the sierra. the cool air aloft. may see some of the showers trying to form around the hill tops. see the clouds building up around the diablo range from 3:00 to 5:00. a slight chance of showers near the hilltop locations. and another chance towards tuesday evening. looks like targeting the north bay. accumulations expected to be relatively light unless you get caught underneath one of the showers in the north bay. you can see between now and tuesday night, not adding up to a whole lot. enough if you're around the hills of the east bay, north bay and the santa cruz mountains between now and wednesday, still a chance of seeing showers at times the next couple of afternoon. . you're seeing better accumulation as low as 4,000 feet. this is great news as the sierra year to year is an amazing change. 88% of average right now. only 9% of average last year,
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which is is the difference in terms of how much snow. it's almost 18 inches deep as of today. last year at this time, only 2 inches deep. so the sierra picture continues to improve. we're going see more chances of snowshowers the middle part of the week. and if the snow and temperatures in the bay area staying cool through wednesday. then by thursday and friday, around san francisco back to average. san jose as you finish the workweek after some windy conditions the next couple of days, back into 70s by friday. average high should be 65 around dublin. we'll get there by wednesday. thursday and friday, a warm-up that we think should take us at least to start next weekend. some 70s in the forecast. and notice on sunday pour the north bay, a chance of some showers late. that will be our next chance of seeing some sprinkle showers late next weekend and into the beginning of next week. so not quite done with the rain just yet. and you'll not want to pack away the winter coat. the temperatures could be upper 30s and low 40s proaching the middle part of the week. >> thanks a lot. our free nbc area app is a great
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resource to track the weather. click on the weather tap for live doppler radar or to get a forecast for your neighborhood. coming up, a six-star hotel right here in the bay area. what does that mean? the innovative new hotel opening on the peninsula allows you to customize your stay. plus, parents gone bad. easter egg hunt that descended into chaos today. an easter egg hunt. we'll show you straight ahead. got a tip is for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996 of tips or emale nbc bay area, we investigate.
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drivers headed down the peninsula tonight into tomorrow morning should expect long delays. caltrans is shutting down a section of highway 101 in preparation for a new interchange. the closure will be just a few miles south of sfo southbound 101 will be closed completely in burlingame starting at midnight tonight, 35 minutes from right now. crews hope to have the laneress opened by 7:00 tomorrow morning. workers are getting ready to replace the existing four-lane overpass with a seven-lane overpass from 101 on the broadway. the project is expected to be finished by the fall of next year. so the closures will be intermittent between now and then. another luxury hotel opening its doors tomorrow in silicon valley. but this hotel has not five but the elusive six star rating. this is the clement in palo alto. it's an all suites hotel with a lot of attempts. you get a personal assistant, meals prepared by an executive chef, private cabana, and a mini
11:27 pm
fridge with your favorite snacks. that last one i've had before. but you get all this stuff for 800 bucks per night per guest. if you want to bring a friend, it's another $150. all right. the hotel is on el camino next to the stanford campus. by the time i had found my 4-year-old, he was hysterically crying. >> still ahead, a large easter egg hunt canceled after parents get a little too greedy. we're going to show you the chaotic scene. and the easter bunny tries to make grand entrance. patiently he is trying to hide eggs where no one is going to find him. we'll be right back.
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sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. eventha 10,000 eggs for an easter egg hunt? it sounds like a lot, but that wasn't even enough as chaos broke out at the family event that left children in tears. the pez candy company in connecticut hosted yesterday's
11:30 pm
egg hunt. employees had three fields filled with eggs and planned to stagger the start times according to the ages of the children. fair enough. but company says parents rushed the field and knocked down kids in the process. >> pushed me and take my eggs. and broke my bucket. >> it was ridiculous. the parents were literally a poster for everything not to do. >> the company apologized on facebook saying they only wanted to help the local community. kids in pennsylvania got a visit from a fuzzy daredevil. this easter bunny decided to sky dive into an easter event, but got a little lost, ended up in the woods. he was okay. you see him there making a good comeback here. hopping over to the field to the awaiting kids. and there he is. he helped kick off the easter egg hunt. kind of a hero. still ahead, the war wror -
11:31 pm
warriors continue their quest. there is better way to save our money than to pay some guy to sit in a car and do that. >> parents outraged by what they uncovered. security guards to watch for at-risk teens. we'll show you what some were doing instead. steve! hey! come back here! steven, stay strong! wh-what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that! he did! very quietly. y-you can't hear from back there! don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, try our chocolate-y brownies, tangy lemon bars and creamy cheescakes! fiber one. go on, have one. has unveredccusaons ocrimon
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they were hired to keep young people safe, but are they doing the job? nbc bay area investigation has uncovered accusation of criminal behavior and neglect by three security guards paid to watch the railroad tracks on the peninsula. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen first broke the story about the rogue guards.
11:33 pm
she has details about the new guards on the job, and has anything changed. >> reporter: that's the question we set out to answer. after our first report last month, palo alto city leaders assured us they hired a new company to man the track watch program to spot at-risk teens. they said the new guards would be more alert and professional. but our hidden cameras documented a different story. with their neon vests and plastic pods, the cypress security guards are hard to miss. but when night fall, some guards are hard to find. >> it's been an hour. it's been an hour that no one has been here. >> reporter: they're supposed to stand watch around the clock every day at three train crossing and the california train station in palo alto. sites where vulnerable teens have taken their lives in one of the country's worst series of suicide clusters since 2009. >> 39 at charleston. still no guard. the pod is open. it's been over an hour.
11:34 pm
>> reporter: but who watches the watchers? the investigative unit spent four nights on surveillance. >> 10:01. >> churchill 10:01. guide post is empty. >> reporter: night after night guards absent from their post for hours, texting on their phones. and even one guard fast asleep in his car for more than an hour. the city hired cypress security to replace val security after finding val guards absent from their post and being inattentive. but last month our investigation uncovered something city lead sayers they didn't know. three val guards with criminal backgrounds arrested while working for the track watch program. one convicted of burglarizing several homes while was on the clock. the new $400,000 contract with cypress will cost the city more, paying guards nearly double the wage at $22 an hour. the city also implemented more stringent requirements saying guards must demonstrate a
11:35 pm
minimum of average intelligence and dependability. but days after our first story aired, another track watch arrest, this time cypress security guard luke sour. sour pleaded not guilty to charges of lewd behavior after police allegedly found him near the tracks slumped in his car with a bottle of wine and his pants unzipped, according to records obtained by the investigative unit, he told police for every night shift he worked in palo alto, he masturbates in his vehicle. >> these are our tax dollars. there are better ways to use our money than to pay some guy to sit in his car and do that. i mean seriously. >> reporter: dena dersh is the mother of twins. she says her daughter has struggled with depression for years. dena reached out to us because she says they want to destigmatize the conversation about mental health. >> she was in fifth grade, yeah. it was pretty early. and we were surprised. because i didn't realize that kids that young could be depressed. >> reporter: she supports the
11:36 pm
effort to protect teens. but questions the city's lack of transparency. >> nobody is telling us anything. >> reporter: what is it that you want two see at the tracks? >> i want there to be more transparency. i want them to utilize parent input and stop pretending that they can use our tax dollars any way they see fit. >> we weren't going to do that. >> reporter: city manager jim keen is in charge of overseeing contract. >> how you? we caught up with keen before a council meeting after the city declined our interview request to answer questions about track watch. >> what we've done is we've spent lots of money contracting and hiring guards to guard the track. we're developing technology and. >> come on in. >> remote technology right now. >> reporter: keene says palo alto is doing more than any city in the country to address mental health. do you think the city is being transparent about this? >> yes, i do. >> reporter: meanwhile, back on
11:37 pm
the tracks, the guards we watched left their posts unattended during critical hours in the night while trains were still rung. >> and the guard has been in his car text messaging. >> reporter: one guard texted for an hour in his car park down the street from his post, left for another hour, then came back to eat for half an hour. he finally took a quick stroll to his post, then returned to his car. we reached out to cypress security. the owner acknowledged the concerns, but said guards have intervened in several instances to prevent injury, and he noted the company conducts unannounced checks of each site to assure compliance with company policies and expectation. city leaders tell us they have not received any complaints about cypress, but declined to say if they will make any changes. >> responsible. you're the one paying the bill. ands we as stakeholders need to know what is going on. you're accountable to us. thankfully the media is helping us to be on top of it.
11:38 pm
>> reporter: the city says it has received feedback from mental health experts that the track watch program has deterred teen suicides. they say the goal is to increase safety and fosse area positive relationship with the community. all of this underscoring the importance of finding the right people for the job. guys? >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at still ahead at 11:00 -- >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant arts culture. >> ensuring artists have a place to create in the city, even as rents continue to skyrocket. the good news for san francisco's art scene. we'll be right back. the gillette mach 3 turbo
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we've all heard the stories about artists and galleries forced out by rising rents. but this week san francisco artists got a bit of good news future a change. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. shows us how some will have a new home. >> there is not a week that goes by that i don't get an e-mail from somebody saying oh, i've decided to move back home. >> reporter: this are plenty of horror stories among san francisco's art world. and katherine wagner has heard many of them. >> so many artists have had to leave the bay area because of the cost of rising rents. >> reporter: but at least wagner's latest art piece has found a home. >> so i made these various configurations are f you will. >> reporter: it's made it on to
11:42 pm
the new wall of the minnesota street project. >> these are pieces of the venting air conditioning system. >> reporter: this 100,000-square-foot former furniture repair shop in the city's historic dog patch neighborhood is getting a new life. this rebirth is courtesy of the art collecting entrepreneurs deborah rappaport and her husband andy. >> it's a public building of the minnesota street project. >> reporter: the rappaports bought this building with the idea of creating a secure home for at least some of the city's orphaned art galleries priced out of downtown. >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant art culture. we've done very well in this area, and it's our responsibility to give back. >> reporter: along with the main building and a dozen new galleries which opened last week, the rappaports are turning a warehouse across the street into an artist studio. >> we're providing below market rents to our galleries and to our artists. we're trying to solve at least a sliver of the real estate
11:43 pm
problem for people in tarts. >> reporter: it stands out against the usual tales from the city's struggling art scene. it's allowing artists and gallery owners like ed gilbert to actually focus on art. >> this is really the forum for galleries to show the art and maybe not have to deal so much with the rest of the mechanics. >> i think this is an encouragement for artists to stay in the bay area. >> reporter: rappaport expects the project will become self-sustaining in a few years. she hopes others with an eye for art and a mind for business will open similar spaces. >> i think people have started to realize that maybe the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the train coming at them. >> reporter: joe rosato jr. >> there might be hope. >> nbc news. let's get your weather right now. might be a surprise or two. >> in terms of the chilly temperatures to wake up to tomorrow morning, you're not going to have to worry about any fog. and we're certainly not seeing that in dublin. at 52 degrees. and from belvedere, looking back
11:44 pm
to san francisco. clear skies there, nice view from the weather underground camera. 54 breezy conditions. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. san francisco at 52 degrees. low 50s mostly across the board and 54 in san jose. still some cloudy skies. but we're beginning to see some clearing from north to south in terms of the high clouds we saw around sunset. so for tomorrow morning we'll wake up to partly cloudy skies. breezy conditions. mid-40s for most of the bay area. except for the wind sheltered valleys. i think the winds will stay up enough that will stay mainly in the 40s for tomorrow morning. by monday night and tuesday morning, there is a chance we may see a few upper 30s to wake up to as we go into tuesday morning in the middle part of the week. wind will be the big story tomorrow. just a slight chance of showers around the hill tops. but notice how the winds feel relatively light as we head towards tomorrow morning in napa. and if that sets up at the cool dry air settling in. that's one of the spots that could get close to maybe a 40 or 38 degrees for tomorrow morning. notice the wind speeds picking up again from noon to 5:00.
11:45 pm
20 to 30-mile-per-hour winds. and probably some gusts closer to 45 miles per hour out on the coast. it's going to be a bit of a windchilled afternoon. sunshine comes out. the of temperatures aren't going to warm up a whole lot. low 60s for san jose with partly cloudy skies. morgan hill and los gatos in the hills nearby. you may see a mid afternoon to early evening showers. highs in the low 60s. san francisco feeling that breeze. upper 50s to 60. to the north bay, napa and santa rosa, the hilltop spots a slight chance of showers. the temperatures for first half as the seven-day forecast shows on the bottom of the screen, running fairly cool. so there go the clouds. now passing way from san jose. snowshowers right now in the sierra as that cold air drops in. the weather system that is dropping down out of british columbia. and it's going to kind of hang out here for a while, giving us two to maybe even three days for a chance of the hilltop showers and blustery conditions. wind speeds 20 to 30 miles per
11:46 pm
hour. in terms of accumulating rainfall, doesn't look like we're going to get a whole lot. best chances will be up towards the north bay by tuesday. a few passing showers coming on through. closer to where the area of low pressure is, that's where we should see the snow that is coming down maybe about half foot, close to 8 inches of snow around king veil at relatively low elevations. should see that close to 4,000 feet. with the cool air in place, our temperatures for the first half, san francisco close to 60 degrees. we saw the water temperatures we show you'd in the last half hour. low 50s offshore. the winds coming out of the northwest. it will feel pretty breezy. as the winds ease thursday into friday, temperatures climbing on up. you see the temperatures starting to come on up. and for dublin, you'll see your average high 65. by the time we get towards the start of the weekend, that's when the temperatures climb on up. the next chance of showers after this upper-level low moves on by wednesday. probably won't arrive until very late next weekend. so some 70s to look forward to
11:47 pm
on saturday. and a bit of a cooldown as we head towards sunday and the first weekend of april. terry, back to you. >> wow, rob. thanks a lot. a new wave of technology is headed to california that could help save our historic drought. last week the white house announced that nearly $5 billion in private money will go towards developing new technologies to help solve water shortages. not only here in california but across the country. this follows an nbc bay area investigation into california's drought. senior investigative reporter stephen stock has the details that caught national attention. >> reporter: less than six months after nbc bay area travelled to israel to show how that desert country had changed the dynamic by using technology to solve its drought and water technology -- >> very high bar on the left is the state of california. >> reporter: innovators from california gathered with 200 other water experts from around the country. >> already exceed the available flow. >> reporter: among those in the
11:48 pm
audience at the white house, san francisco entrepreneurs aaron and mark donig, co-founders along with ashley tolberg of the israel california green tech partnership, a partnership featured by the white house at this summit. >> we're looking for the best and the brightest of israeli startups to come over the california. >> reporter: green tech used the occasion to announce it will now team with the city of los angeles to build a business incubator and trach up to ten israeli comes to come to california to build high-tech solutions to solve our drought. >> israel has been a world leader in the water sector for a long time. liz sweetheart independent. which means if it doesn't rain, israel is going to be okay. that's the type of approach we want in california. >> reporter: the plan endorsed by the white house would have the ten israeli companies build systems to address california's water crisis. everything from storm water recovery to recycling to agricultural use. >> it really just shows how much excitement is there for water issues and how israel and california can partner to help address california's drought.
11:49 pm
>> change can happen. innovation can happen. but it's been stagnant for a while. but i think we're at the beginning of a water revolution in california and in the rest of the country. >> stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> this venture with l.a. is expected to be up and running this summer. next at 11:00, he is a sad grandpa. he took the internet by storm. but this weekend hundreds turned out to celebrate him. a remarkable show of support after a simple photo goes viral. plus -- >> the warriors easter basket runneth over as they welcome the team with the worst record in the league to oracle sunday night. klay thompson had an especially big night. why his teammates gave him grief for his outstanding performance. that coming up in sports. mindi 00-1warriorscor
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
the warriors' chase for an nba report 73 wins continued sunday against the 76ers who have only nine wins this season.
11:52 pm
the last time golden state faced philadelphia, they needed a harrison barnes buzzer beater to escape with the win. this time it did not take that long to put philly away. warriors and 76ers. maurice speight is going to be the big man tonight off the bench over carl landry. for three. he pitched in 17 in this one. under two minutes to play in the half. draymond green driving for the bucket and the foul. green is going to back up that flex as he posted a franchise best 12th in triple double. fourth quarter, klay thompson, that's one of his seven three-pointers. thompson had a game high 43 points for a second straight game. that's a career first. his teammates jokingly called him a ball hog as he had only one assist. they don't really care. win number 66 with nine to go. >> i learned in my five years that you can't think too much. you've got to play and never
11:53 pm
lose confidence. because when you do, i mean, you're ineffective as a shooter. for me, it's just not force nothing and stay aggressive and know that i can be a great shooter in this league and scorer if i just stay within myself. note game against number one north carolina. vijay beecham getting his bench absolutely pumped. look at their reaction. the fighting irish down five going into the half. the second half, tar heels on a fast break. theo pinson to isaiah hicks. north carolina up 11. bryce johnson had a team high 25 points and 12 rebounds. he misses this one but gets help from justin jackson. the tar heels are going to the final four for a record 19th time. they win 88-74. unc will face the winner of number 10 syracuse and top ranked virginia. tyler falls down, catching the pass. and he kicks off his shoe and watches this. he is going to go to the wing, get the ball, and just bury the
11:54 pm
three. he would have three three-pointers in this game. syracuse trailed by 14 going into the half. then it was malachi richardson with the stepback three. syracuse down six. then michael finds richardson who scored 21 of his 23 in the second half to lead the comeback upset. syracuse, the first ten seed to make to it the final four. they win. and to the cactus league. it was buster posey's 29th birthday on sunday. but he was a late scratch for the giants game against the white sox due to hip tightness. the giants did lose 13-9. the a's beat the royals. kendell had a greating out, only one earned one in ten outings of work. that's all for sports. there will be more news right after the break. it's theower the terne
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
hundds ofeopleame togeer-- om c germy-- tceleb it's the power of the internet. hundreds of people came together from california to germany to celebrate a happy cookout for the so-called sad paw-paw. you might remember this photo of the oklahoma grandpa, kenny harman from last week. it went viral after he tried to get his family together for a cookout. he made burgers for six grandchildren. only one showed up. the partygoers showed up to meet the sad paw-paw himself. >> i always thought the internet you can say anything you want, you don't have to act on your saying. but the internet has really stepped up today and showed fathers that they do care about the elderly. >> paw-paw's family member says the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. a tough day at work led to the cookout message not getting passed along. still, the grandchildren are out of the. just kidding about that. >> good to see paw-paw happy
11:58 pm
again at the barbecue. you know, it might be a good time to huddle next to one of those around the bay area. tomorrow morning low 40s, 50s around noon. and low 60s for a highs. get ready for some windy weather the next days. and more snow in the sierra. it is not done yet. the high country snow levels near 4,000 feet this week. >> great news for us. great news for the ski resort. thank you very much for joining us. have a good night. have great week. take care.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
♪ our whole lineup's back. >> the excitement is at an all-time high. >> if we can keep people healthy this year, it could be really good. ♪ >> i really do believe that we can win a lot of baseball games. >> just the undertone and the vibe of the team is so strong. >> it is out of here! >> we got a great group of talent. >> the front office and ownership did their part. they put together a team that on paper -- now it's up to us to do our part. >> the dive of matt


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