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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: yeah, ves jessica, former stanford student brock turner found guilty on all charges of sexual assault just about an hour ago. the jury today heard testimony from a sexual assault response team nurse along with a stanford university student who said he saw turner on top of a woman who was not moving. the assistant district attorney says the victim feels vindicated by today's jury decision. >> as you can imagine, this has been a very traumatic experience of her, not just going through it, but reliving the night in court twice. she broke down upon hearing the verdict, but she feels validated that finally her voice has been heard. >> reporter: brock turner left the courtroom today with his parents. he department speid not speak t outside. we have been told that sentencing in the case will be the 2nd of june. turner faces up to ten years in prison. palo alto, scott budman, bay area news. what a difference a year makes. on the left, the snow survey from last year.
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you see governor brown in the sierra on dry ground. on the right, today. same spot, plenty of snow. n nbc bay area's chuck coppola. chuck, what does it mean? can we water our lawns, or do we still have restrictions now? well, we may have some more restrictions. today's snow survey of 87% of normal means frankly that we are in an average year. we're not going to wipe out several years of drought in one winter. despite the scene like you see behind me, lexington reservoir, 67% of capacity, and other reservoirs even higher. the state's two largest reservoirs, shasta lake and lake oroville, are 86% and 88% full. until then, they say it's too soon to ease conservation efforts. >> currently we plan to go back to our board in late april or late may and give, based on that, recommendations to the board as to what we do for the remainder of the year.
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>> reporter: these decisions are what's next after today's sierra snow pack measurement. 87% of normal. measurement nearest april 1st usually the highest of the season. before the spring thaw begins. reservoirs such as lexington off highway 17 and anderson reservoir in morgan hill are more than 67% full but that's more than 30% empty. consumers are not saving as much water now as they did last year. >> so tar this year the first couple months of this year, we're off to a slow start, but there's still time. >> reporter: east bay mud which discouragies watering more than twice a week say it's too soon to start lowering the surcharge. that decision may happen soon. >> right now we've been in a stage of drought for months now. our customers have been paying 25% more for all the water that they use. if we're in a lesser stage drought, we could see our drought surcharge lessen from 25% to 8%. >> reporter: now, if aproved, east bay mud says consumers could see a roll becoback take t
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july 1st. however, forecasters are already looking ahead to next winter. some are warning that this year may be a blip in an otherwise ongoing drought. reporting live in lexington reservoir, chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. implt april is almost near. jeff ranieri is with us. el nino is almost done. what now? >> immediate we are still tracking the possibility of rainfall as we head into april. we have high pressure offshore right now. so that is keeping any kind of rainfall off to the north into alaska. but as we take a farther look out here across the pacific, there's at least three chances of possible rainfall in april that would be connected to el nino. so just because we're heading into april does not mean we are finished with our rain chances. in fact, the way it looks now we'll have slightly above average rain chances also extending into may and june. that's good news there. but once we hit the summer, we'll head our typical dry
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months which will kind of reinvigorate the drought and conditions will likely get a little bit worse. some of the headway we've made with the drought will be lost. and then as we look ahead towards this upcoming fall, la nina will likely develop and that would most likely keep us with some average rain chances in the forecast. we'll have details, more in my forecast in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. our free nbc area app is another great way to keep our eye on our changing weather. download it for free on apple and android devices. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, shot in the neck days ago and back riding a bike today. an 8-year-old boy is home tonight after getting shot in his own front lawn. nbc area's elise kirchner is live at the police department. i know you talked to the boy today. he seems to be doing miraculously well. >> reporter: absolutely. in just five days after the 8-year-old was hit by a stray bullet, he's back at home playing with his brothers, just being a kid.
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you'd never know that a bullet is still lodged in that little boy's neck. joshua brathway is right where he belongs, back home. >> i didn't know he had a bullet lodged in his neck, you know, an 8-year-old. you know, that's not things that 8-year-olds go through. >> we're going to race all the way. >> reporter: the second grader spent three days in the hospital after being hit by a stray bullet. >> this is the bullet right here. >> reporter: last friday one day after his eighth birthday, joshua was standing in front of his concord home. >> i didn't know what kind of gun, but he just pulled it out. >> reporter: that's when police say family friend james gir ard started shooting at another person. >> the bullet ricocheted off the ground and into his neck. >> and i just felt something hurting. >> he was holding his neck and he looked dead in my eye and said mommy, my neck hurts. >> reporter: gerard fled. >> it made me so angry.
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you need to come -- help me. you just shot my child. help me. >> reporter: joshua came home from the hospital on monday. the same day someone spotted gerard in a fairfield parking lot, trying to escape police, the suspect was shot in the neck. >> now the bullet is in the exact same place that he shot my son. just go play with your brothers. >> reporter: even with the bullet still lodged in his neck -- >> i told my son when i first seen him, that he was my hero. >> reporter: joshua is busy getting back to being an 8-year-old again. >> i'm happy to be home because i want to see my brothers. >> reporter: the family tells me doctors say eventually they'll have to remove that bullet, but for now, he's made a full recovery. as far as that suspect, he's in stable condition at a hospital in fairfield. once released, he'll be booked in the county jail. reporting live from concord tonight, i'm elyce kirchner. >> good to see him doing so
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well. thank you. more fallout tonight in connection with this video of a man seen being struck by sheriff's deputies with batons. sources within the alameda county sheriff's department confirm now that a third deputy has been sidelined in the case. that deputy on administrative leave now, accused of bribery. witnesses say he stole a necklace from the beating victim and then gave it to them to buy their silence. the man who was beaten remains hospitalized. late today, a notable decision in marin county. prosecutors will not seek the death penalty in that murder trial of a hiker. three drifters are accused of killing two people during a local crime spree. this trio allegedly killed a tourist at golden gate park in san francisco last october. three days later, they're believed to have shot and killed a hiker in marin county. prosecutors say they did consult the victim's families when making this decision. sex tourisms and whether convicted felon should be identified on their passports is
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now in the hands of an oakland judge. president obama signed the international megan's law back in february and it requires the u.s. notify foreign countries when registered sex offenders travel there. but a group of californians is suing to block that designation from appearing on passports. the attorney for the group says that could expose them to danger. the judge did not indicate when she'll release her decision. irmgts new details tonight in the arrest of thefts of thousands of dollars worth of powerful narcotics on the peninsula. i want to show you surveillance video, this morning's robbery of a pharmacy. three suspects got away with some of the most powerful painkillers available. two men watch, enter the walgreens just before 1:00 in the morning. it's a 24-hour pharmacy. one man jumped the counter and pulled a knife on the clerk. >> it's very serious, properties, as far as their effects, similar to heroin. it's a very strong drug. and because it's so strong, it has very addictive properties, which is why people resort to robberies and other such violent
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crimes to sustain their addiction. >> police caught two of the suspects today, finding most of the drugs which estimated to be about $60,000 on the street. some hateful messages from an infamous hacker. uc-berkeley police and the fbi are investigating racist, anti-semitic and anti-gay flyers found right on campus. a hacker known as weave forced printers, so it took over printers to spew the flyers. some of which were emblazoned with swastikas. the same thing happened at 11 other universities across the country. the first round of flyers were found last week, then more showed up on monday. the hack is now being investigated as a hate crime. >> when you're part of the lgbt community here on campus, it's extremely important that students feel included and that they don't feel discriminated against in any way. >> cal says its information security team has already taken steps to block traffic coming from the source of the hateful messages. the university is also looking
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at upgrading the campus's network. well, it's a dream school for parents and teens alike. the bay area university at the top of a new list. >> reporter: i'm jodi hernandez at the richmond police department where a man with a long rap sheet is getting help from those he's been running from all his life. i'll have a live report coming up. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff raineri. beautiful skyline. we're tracking that warming forecast and i'll have details in just a few minutes. a home encament y be
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blamfor aarge rbagefi this could have been much worse. the homeless encampment may be to blame for a large garbage fire just after 11:00 a.m. behind a san jose police storage warehouse on monterey road. firefighters found a burning pile of garbage. at the time, no one was at the encampment or inside of that warehouse. the flames did not damage the building. well, he is no stranger to police, but tonight an east bay man with a long rap sheet is getting to know police officers in a whole new way. richmond police, it turns out, are coming together to support the man after his simple request for help. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live at the richmond police department with more on how it's a reversal for this two pairing. >> reporter: jessica police tell me that they were completely
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caught off guard by the man's call for help. they say they normally don't get people coming here to the police department to avoid committing crime, but that's exactly what happened last week. >> i have to do what i have to do to provide for my kids. i love my kids dearly. >> reporter: father of four trumain daniels had hoped to put a life of crime behind him. he's been in and out of jail since he was 12 years old. but out of work, out of money and with no place to live, the 35-year-old richmond man found himself on the verge of stealing food from a cvs store last week to feed his children. >> i was just going to walk in and grab it and just walk out, hop in my car and drive off. >> reporter: but instead, daniels drove to the richmond police department where he flagged down officer brian landy. >> he became very tearful and told me that he was hungry, that he was living in his car. >> reporter: what's happened since has blown daniels away. officers have dug into their own pockets to give him food, rent him a motel room, and help him
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get back on his feet. >> if you're doing this job and you're not giving back, you shouldn't be doing it. >> it felt important to really really demonstrate that when we say we're here to help people, that we mean it. >> reporter: the trained construction worker hopes to get a job soon. he's got a new outlook on police. and with their support, new hope for the future. >> i never thought in a million years, like, the people i've been running from all my life, that i would run to them and they'll actually help me. in disguise. they're the blessing that i've been waiting for that i never knew was there. >> reporter: officer landy tells me that he picked up daniels' four children from school last week and treated them all to dinner. he says they are uncredibly grateful. they are ages 8 to 15. now, the police department here hopes to help daniels find a stable job and permanent housing. reporting live from the richmond police department, i'm jodi
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hernandez, nbc bay area news. a lifetime of registering as a sex offender is not enough. prosecutors want jail time for a santa clara police sergeant convicted of indecent exposure. his name is thomas, he was found guilty on monday of expose himself and propositioning a store manager at a san jose shopping center. the minimum sentence is probation, but the prosecutor tells "the mercury news" that he deserves time behind bars because he's a veteran officer who knows better than to lie under oath. leepelt will be sentenced next week. well, a trio of suspects is in custody for a string of armed robberies in the east bay. men were arrested in connection with at least four holdups at sandwich and pizza shops in antioch and brentwood. the spree began nearly three weeks ago. video from one of the shops kept the license plate number of the suspect's car. now, on friday, officers arrested this man, jonathan sequoia. they say they found evidence in his home that links him to the
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crimes. and investigators believe that this man, nicholas bride, is the getaway driver. a third is a 15-year-old boy. an odd bank robbery, to say the least. it involved corn flakes at a wells fargo bank. employees say a woman stood in the middle of the wells fargo in fremont demanding money and then ripped open the corn flakes bag when she was ignored, scattering the cereal everywhere. workers tried to corral her when she started ripping keyboards from their work stations. but the woman did strike some of the workers. that's when they gave her some money and she left. when police caught up to the woman, she tossed the money into the air as a diversion. officers managed to subdue her and gather the cash. okay, students and parents agree when it comes to selecting a dream college, stanford is number one on the list. according to a new study by princeton review, stanford is the number one pick by both students and parents for a dream college. harvard came in second and the university of southern california in at number ten. the survey also highlighted
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anxieties felt by parents and college applicants. the main concern, debt. those high-priced teslas aren't so high priced anymore. tomorrow palo alto's tesla will unveil its long-awaited model 3. people are already camping out to be the first to just order the car. this is video today from the sunnyvale tesla store. tesla will start taking $1,000 deposits from buyers tomorrow morning. the car has a base price of 35,000 bucks. by comparison, the luxury model "x" is about 80,000 bucks. now, we still don't know what that new model 3 looks like. we'll have to wait and see until tomorrow. >> hopefully sunny skies for us to see it outside tomorrow as well when they do a test run. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. we're debating whether we should get in that line or not. >> does that come in a convertible? >> we'll have to ask elon musk. >> convertible weather tomorrow. a live look outside the sky camera network, currently 62 across san jose.
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unlimited visibility back towards downtown. and by tomorrow morning, we'll introduce a little cloud cover here, but we still should have a mix of sun as well. that will start the south bay off at 45. peninsula, 47. san francisco, 51. and the north bay at 42 degrees. by the afternoon tomorrow, temperatures will warm up slightly, but the heating event we're under is not by any means going to give us record-setting heat. it's going to stay really comfortable here. south bay at 71. witness at 68. san francisco, cool, 64. and the north bay at 71. so what i want to show you next is how the temperature trends evolve over the next couple days. in san jose, we max out on the heat by friday and saturday with low 70s. by monday and sunday, we go down a few more degrees. as we take you back here across dublin, you'll also find temperatures in the mid-70s by saturday. and a little bit cooler on sunday. and then notice monday down to 68 degrees. that's where we have a storm system moving close by. it will drop temperatures and provide a slight chance of showers at the immediate
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coastline and also for the north bay. let's get a look at a location that will not see any kind of major warming this week. and that is san francisco. you'll find temperatures in the 60s all the way through the extended period. and that's due to the fact that we have a westerly wind right up against the immediate coastline. so while it's dry in the intermediate, this obviously is great news for some of the headway we've made in the snow pack and also the rainfall. how are we doing so far? well, the northern see rare ra doing the best. some of the strongest storms rolled through in early march. they're at 97% of average. central sierra which includes lake tahoe at 88%. for the southern sierra which has been hard pressed for cold, wet storms this year is at 72% of average. we're still doing okay and a lot better than last year, raj and jess, look at this. it was just 6% this date one year ago. >> big, big change. thank you, jeff. the public weighs in tonight about a controversial development planned for los
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gatos. i'm marianne favreau. why many say it should be scaled way back. that story coming up. accoing tnbc ns:ontwitr:
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happening now, new concerns about the zika virus, getting a lot of buzz atwitter. according to nbc news, ultrasounds shows brain abnormalities after 17 weeks. plus a panther on a porch on our facebook page. check out the rare photo captured by the man in florida. we'll have more news after the break. gatoplaningommisoe. 30 mutes oms
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divided over developments, 30 minutes from now, los gatos planning commission will look at plans for the north 40 project. it's 40 acres of orchard land southeast of the intersection of highway 85 and 17. but many say the proposed development is just too much for that town to handle. nbc bay area's maury maryann favry joins us with more. >> reporter: well, the planning commission meeting begins at 7:00. can you see they've already set up additional chairs to handle the expected overflow crowd tonight. some people say the development will boost the local economy. but others fear it will bring nothing but traffic headaches. you've probably seen these poles with orange netting off highway 17. they mark the height of the
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buildings proposed for the north 40 in los gatos. the plan calls for tearing out this orchard. the town's last large piece of undeveloped land and putting in 501,000 acres of commercial space including big-box stores. the proposed development also calls for 270 housing units. but opponents fear the north 40 would cause huge traffic headaches in ab area that's already congested. >> we're about to put another santana road at the intersection of 85 and 17. how do you think that's going to make your commute to santa cruz? how do you think that's going to make your ability to get to a restaurant or a shop in los gatos? you're not going to be able to. >> reporter: the developer declined to comment but issued this statement, saying we have been working very closely with transportation agencies in addition to an unprecedented $12 million investment towards traffic and project improvements. he also says the project will help los gatos meet state housing requirements. at wellness pharmacy, a.j. cruz believes a new development will
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boost business. >> the benefit is, you know, we get more customers, we get bigger, we get better, we get more staff. >> reporter: but some fear with so much new housing proposed, the north 40 would lead to overcrowded schools, and they question whether the project is consistent with the small-town feel of los gatos. i just spoke with a nurse who said she's concerned that the additional traffic congestion will make it very difficult for emergency vehicles to get to the er, good samaritan hospital. that is just one of the concerns that will be addressed today during the public hearing with the planning commission. reporting live in los gatos, marianne favreau, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. the newest attraction at great america theme park is the rumor squasher. it's not a ride, it's a public relations campaign. the santa clara amusement park is squashing rumors that it will be shut down and redeveloped either by the city of santa clara or the 49ers. at a news conference today, the ceo outlined a lively and
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expensive high-tech future. >> whether we own the land or somebody else owns the land, we have the right to be here through 2074, and that's plenty of confidence for us in order to make the investment we want to make. >> 2074, he says the park's master plan calls for a lot more fun and attractions in the next six decades. i'm sam brock. in five months, athletes from around the globe are all headed to rio. but the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency questions if it will be a fair competition. tonight, we look at who's policing world athletes and if the system is designed to fail. that story coming up next on "reality check." donald trump making controversial comments when it comes to abortion. we'll have the local reaction to those comments coming up.
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the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> to the woman. >> yeah. >> donald trump igniting another firestorm. the republican front-runner says he wants to make abortion illegal and initially said he would punish women who have abortions. now, trump's controversial comments instantly went viral with people on both the right and the left denouncing his position. >> realizing the backlash he caused, trump quickly backtracked. nbc bay area's pete suratos with reaction. >> reporter: in talking to folks around town, it seems like they're getting accustomed to this type of rhetoric coming from donald trump. but with that said, they were still caught off guard when they heard these comments. >> there has to be some form of
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punishment. >> for the woman. >> yeah. >> reporter: donald trump telling chris matthews, women should be punished if abortions were illegal, but the gop presidential front-runner was unclear as to how. >> why not? >> i don't know. >> reporter: now, he has since changed that position, saying in a statement, if congress were to pass legislation to make abortion illegal, the doctor or provider should be punished, not the woman. democratic party front-runner hillary clinton retweeted trump's position, saying, just when you thought it couldn't get worse. horrific and telling. even locals accustomed to trump's past statements were shocked. >> for some reason treat him different, like they hold him to a different standard because he's not a politician. but i don't know. people still shouldn't, like, be okay with saying stuff like that. >> i think, like i said, it just makes me sick, kind of, to hear that. >> i'm sure it's going to cause quite a bit of stir. >> reporter: keally mcgrid is a politics professor at the
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university of san francisco. and she says the likelihood of his stance becoming a reality is unlikely. >> i think it's highly unlikely, right. i mean, the supreme court would have to be willing to change that legal precedent. >> reporter: now, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders also weighed in on this. calling trump's comments shameful. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. the so-called abortion pill is getting a new label okayed by the federal food and drug administration. that could impact some state laws. the fda has notified the maker of the drug. under its new label, a smaller dose of the drug can be used later in pregnancy. that increases the number of days a woman can use the drug from 49 days to 70. state laws mandate that a doctor strictly abide by label directions. abortion rights groups say the updated label will undo some abortion guidelines. 15 bucks an hour. california is one step closer to
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adopting a $15 minimum wage. we would be the first state in the nation to do so. the assembly's appropriations committee easily passed the bill today along party lines. democrats in favor, republicans opposing it. the issue could go before the full assembly and senate as early as tomorrow. a legislative analyst conudes the bill could cost the state more than $3 billion a year just in extra pay for government workers. the increase would be gradual, not hitting the full 15 bucks an hour until the year 2022. okay, there's smartphones and smart cars, why not smart cities? san jose leaders say their proximity to the world's technology hub gives them a head start. city council made it official, voting in favor of a smart city vision. that embraces technology as a way to better serve people who live in san jose, and it's a way to efficiently invest in the future to improve everything from energy use to traffic. the goal is to become the nation's most innovative city by
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the year 2020. leaders are introducing a new program aimed at helping homeless veterans. the mayor gathered with leaders of nonprofit and religious organizations this morning to launch what's called housing one hero. the idea is to chip away at the homelessness in the silicon valley by starting with those who already have housing vouchers. faith leaders and nonprofits are expected to work together. they hope to get 260 veterans with vouchers in the housing as soon as possible. >> the idea is to keep identifying populations we believe we can get passed quickly so we can start to get traction on this challenge. >> it's estimated at least 700 veterans in the silicon valley are homeless. that's only a fraction of the overall picture where 6,000 people in santa clara county identified as homeless. okay, five months until the summer olympics in rio, and like previous games, doping among athletes is a major concern. >> there's a global watchdog for doping, but does it work? or is it a system set up to
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fail? nbc bay area's sam brock has tonight's "reality check." >> reporter: hurdles on the race to rio. >> i did fail the test, and i took full responsibility for it. >> reporter: tennis star maria sharapova, just the latest pro athlete caught doping. and it's still unclear if she can compete in the olympics this summer. enter wada, the world anti-doping agency, formed by the international olympic committee. it's funded by sports groups and world governments, and here's how it works. every country has its own anti-doping agency which along with sports federations tests athletes before the olympics. wada sets the rules for all of them. ben nichols is wada's spokesman. >> we oversee testing. we oversee the list of banned substances and methods. >> reporter: but some question wada's impact. travis tygard, ceo of the u.s. anti-doping agency told "usa
6:36 pm
today" whether wada is going to relegate itself to another toothless bureaucracy, or are we going to fight this battle for clean athletes to win it? that's the question before us right now. and it's a question wada knows comes back to playing fair. >> they all must carry out without influence problems from other bodies, from their government. >> there's a big conflict of interest, and that can lead to a lot of problems. coming to light with russian athletics. >> reporter: ben jacques-mayne became a pro cyclist by age 20. he plays clean and he's proud of that fact. now jacques-mayne is retired and advocates against doping in sports. >> i still beat dopers at my best and i did it clean. and those are victories that i am supremely proud of. >> reporter: jacques-mayne is concerned about wada. he points to a 2014 german
6:37 pm
documentary which exposed widespread doping and falsified test results in russia. it wasn't until that documentary came out that wada investigated and suspended russia from world competition. the country's athletes may not compete in rio. >> what we have to do is make sure that people realize that things are being corrected. that's the challenge we face and we make no bones about how serious that is. >> reporter: nichols says another challenge is money. wada's budget is simply not enough. >> as an organization, we have a $76 million a year budget to focus on catching athletes, to educate them, ensuring that there's a level playing field in place. >> if you see a good, athletic effort and that's worthy to you, cheer that person on. and all you can do is hope that they did it clean, they did it all themselves. >> reporter: we talked to the international olympic committee, and they told us they do on-the-ground testing during the olympics with more tests each
6:38 pm
year. but some say that testing comes too late. >> how effective is that? we're going to test you at this time and this place, but you won't be tested for five months before that, so go ahead. it's green light, open season. use all the drugs you like. that's a tremendous message, isn't it? >> that's the second part of our story airing tomorrow night. for "reality check," i'm sam brock. back to you. the catch of the day after a four-month delay. a lot of smiles along the coast and at restaurants. we're going to check in with local crab fishermen to see their haul. plus, chances are your car's headlights are really not working well enough. the problem that researchers just revealed. ht, you m be hing tuble eingwhildri
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you may be having trouble
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seeing while drive at night. the majority of headlights studied by the insurance institute for highway safety were rated as either not very good or just plain bad. the prius 5 is the only car with headlights that ranked good. the headlights give the driver, going 70 miles an hour, enough time to stop if you see something. the bmw 3 series, one of the worst with beams reaching less than half of that of the preis 5. expect more delays at airports this summer. the tsa is short staffed, so the agency is warning travelers already ahead of time to get to the airport two hours before that flight. the tsa cut its airport screening staff by 10% in the past three years, anticipating the precheck program would speed up the process. but enrollment in the precheck program has been sluggish. so the agency tried to speed things up by randomly placing passengers into the express lanes. even if they didn't qualify. but now they've scaled back on that effort for safety concerns.
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we may be the golden state, but we're also one of the greenest when it comes to energy-efficient buildings. this is good news. washington, d.c., came in first in the epa, the environmental protection agency's ranking of the top cities for energy star buildings. l.a. came in second for the most green commercial buildings followed by san francisco and atlanta and rounding out the top five, there you go, we're going to show you new york city. now, energy star buildings use 35% less energy and are responsible for 35% fewer co2 emissions than typical buildings. jeff joins us now. you guys are talking a lot about allergies, pollen levels, everyone's sneezing, including you two. >> i know, i posted something on twitter, and i got more feedback from that than when we have rain coming in. people are, like, oh, my god! this is why i haven't felt good! look at the beauty we get as a result. blue sky here across the oakland hills looking good on our sky camera network back towards mt. die aub low. we're tracking that pollen
6:43 pm
forecast. and where we may have shower activity to help wash that away. >> right now is when you want to get them. >> we want to get them. we'll show you how well bay area fishermen did in these first 24 hours of crab season. aft a lo fouronthsthe crabeason
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after a long four months, the crab seen sewn ason is on. the boats are returning as we speak with the first haul of 2016. from dock to market, this is a big deal. >> reporter: it's the latest-ever start for the california commercial crab season. >> the waters are gorgeous today. >> reporter: high winds and rough seas last week delayed the already-delayed season. fishermen in half moon bay were hit hard, but today excited to get back out on the open water.
6:46 pm
>> it's been nice to hear that there's some emergency relief maybe coming. and then everybody was gung ho to try and see what we could accomplish now. >> reporter: the season was halted last november when samples of dungeness were contaminated. it's a neurotoxin known to cause seizures and even death. >> it's a big hit. everybody's going to come up $50,000 to $200,000 short this year. >> reporter: but after two months of clean tests, the crab is in the clear. >> they've had four extra months to get heavier and heavier and happier and happier. and really, really big ones are going to just be monster-size crabs. >> reporter: he says each crab will be two to three pounds. and for visitors like walter and carolyn mccoy who came here just for the seafood -- >> we're from denver. >> reporter: -- nothing but dungeness will do. >> we don't want crab cakes. we want big pieces of dungeness. >> and sand dabs. >> and they're good. we like that.
6:47 pm
but we want to go home and have had the real thing. >> we like that. and the price for all this, about $6 a pound for this fresh dungeness crab at your local grocery store. if you live in san francisco and you thought you're seeing more tourists, the latest numbers are going to back you up on that. san francisco travel association found a record number of visitors last year. 24.6 million. that's an increase of nearly 3% over the year before. also, tourists spent more than $9 billion in the city which amounts to more than $1 million an hour. well, it doesn't happen that often, but it did in the bay area. sanford hospital performing a domino transplant. and this is the result, two healthy women. tammy griffin on the left donating her heart. tammy unable to sacrifice her heart because she was getting a combination heart/lung transplant. they're very rare, only done at
6:48 pm
stanford eight other times. >> you see the smile on their faces. let's bring in our chief meteorologist and talk about our midweek forecast. sunny and a little crisp outside. >> yeah, it sure is. we're going to see temperatures go up a few more degrees throughout this week. still very, very beautiful outside. the only problem we've been mentioning is the pollen. i know your allergies are bugging you. and if you're looking for the highest thing that's floating around in the atmosphere right now, it is oak as we have been talking about. it's off the charts. also near the new category, juniper, ash and alder. scattered showers by monday, and that would certainly help that pollen. as we head into your forecast now across the bay area, what you'll find are temperatures in the low 60s here for the most part. then as we head throughout tomorrow morning, we'll start off cold with 45 in the south bay. east bay, 44. san francisco, 51 and down to a chilly 42 in the north bay. we'll introduce a few clouds but i don't think it's going to be super overcast to begin.
6:49 pm
here's the deal. high pressure is offshore. this is stealing any kind of rain chance we have here for the bay area. and it's pushing it all well off to the north into alaska. it's not even close to seattle or portland. that's where high pressure usually steers it. it's just so overreaching and large that there's no sign of any rainfall here across the west. that is beginning to impact our rainfall averages. so i do want to show you that next. what we're finding here is oakland is starting to see the numbers drop the most at 86% of average. still doing pretty good there in san francisco at 103%. and 100% in san jose. so let's take you to that microclimate forecast as we head throughout thursday. and you can see not everybody's going to be warm. for san francisco, we'll have low 60s here with a mix of sun and clouds. but then you head up towards the peninsula, palo alto, far enough from that bay breeze to allow us 69 degrees. for pacifica, 60. so chilly at the coast. for the south bay we retain some of this warm air with 71 in san jose. north bay, east bay and also
6:50 pm
tri-valley, sunny and fantastic. i like to call it chamber of commerce weather into napa. low 70s east bay. oakland, 65. walnut creek, five degrees warmer at 70. for the tri-valley, warmest weather at 71. and a little cooler there for livermore and 69. so how do things play out this by this weekend? we'll still have the chance of those above-average temperatures for the south bay. this will put us at 74 on saturday. 73 on sunday. for san francisco, it remains in the 60s for the tri-valley. 73 and 72 respectively and for the north bay, we'll remain in the 70s as well. this is very, very beautiful. i'd love to see rainfall on here, but it's not going to happen. the next chance of any kind of showers to move our way, once this area of high pressure begins to weaken, would be on monday. and that is only a scattered chance of showers. i believe we have a better chance of measurable rainfall by april the 8th and 9th. that's how things look right now. sit back and enjoy dry weather right into the weekend.
6:51 pm
>> we're enjoying it. thank you, jeff. a big-name coach has arrived on campus. can he resurrect the struggling santa clara basketball program, colin reche joins us next. bay ar...not st fothe th job
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
=rajsut t baskball bs? a lot of people moving to the bay area not just for the tech jobs. how about those basketball jobs? >> we have three new head coaches hired this week. today santa clara's turn. our colin reche joins us from campus. >> reporter: the last time the santa clara men's basketball program had this much buzz surrounding it, that guy, steve nash, was doing his thing right here in the levy center. herb sendek is a nationally known name with nationally known
6:54 pm
credentials. he's the 2003 a.c.c. coach of the career and the 2009 pac-10 coach of the year. >> i've been blessed with some great opportunities and very fortunate to have outstanding coaching staffs and terrific players to coach. it's certainly been a learning experience. you know, i love what i do and really looking forward to this opportunity. >> reporter: his record speaks for itself. during his 22 seasons as a division 1 head coach, sendek has let his teams to postseason play 17 times. the broncos have looked up at them for years. santa clara hasn't won a west coast title since 1997. so does sendek have a two-year plan? a five-year plan? >> i more have a one-day plan, to be honest with you. and i mean that half-jokingly but kind of seriously. the only way that you can get to those kind of destination places that you referenced is to take one step at a time. you know, to stay in the present, roll up your sleeves and just keep grinding and
6:55 pm
working. >> reporter: under the guidance of sendek at n.c. state, julius hodge was the a.c.c. player of the year 12 years ago. now he'll be a first-year assistant for his former coach, and he believes a return to league prominence is only a matter of time. >> i know coach sendek and he wins games. he's a winner. everywhere he's went, he's turned the program around. so i'm very confident in our staff. >> reporter: in santa clara, colin resh. nbc bay area. >> a lot of excitement. we have santa clara, sanford and also usf. today on their website, the dons announcing that they've hired kyle smith. smith comes to usf from columbia. if his face looks familiar, he was an assistant coach for nine seasons at st. mary's. he knows his way around the area. it's going to be big and a big traffic mess as well. baseball is back. we'll show you a live look at at&t park. giants host the a's tomorrow and friday at 7:15. yes, they're exhibition games, but of course they'll have big
6:56 pm
crowds. so prepare for extra delays. muni is telling every rider to go ahead, get that ticket in advance, to keep things moving. don't be holding things up. the game, by the way, can be seen right here on nbc bay area news. and you don't even need a ticket. and no delay. it's perfect. >> you can watch it right here. and now we're going to start asking you in the next couple weeks, how's baseball weather and you're going to be okay, okay, let me get all this straight. >> yeah, i was going to say, for the game friday, 60s, looking pretty good. you know, everybody loves those 60s at the ballpark out there at at&t. tomorrow morning, we'll start off cold. 42. 51 in san francisco. 47 in the peninsula and the south bay, 45. tomorrow, yeah, it gets a little warmer. but we're not talking about hot, 71 in the north bay, 72 in the tri-valley and 68 for the peninsula. we may have a slight chance of some showers by next monday until then. beautiful. >> we're enjoying it. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00.
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trump on the grill. the donald skewered in two combative new interviews. >> that's the argument of a 5-year-old. >> now on "extra"! ♪ ♪ locking horns with anderson -- >> she was grabbing me. >> going to the mat with lauer. >> are we going do destroy a man's life? >> has the tide turned on trump? the candidate under siege today from his campaign manager's battery scandal to his so-called war on women? >> who is saying underneath it all trump's really a nice guy? jlo and jco, their crazy carpool karaoke and their text spoof on leo dicaprio. and jen


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