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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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very angry. >> reporter: the threat included a folder with quotes from the bible and words "don't be gay" written on it. among the handwritten papers a demand that gays and smokers get out of the complex. >> when i saw it say out of "our" complex, that's -- my stomach sank. i just felt like i was in a movie. like this can't be real. somebody in my own building is doing this. >> reporter: santa clara police are investigating it as a possible misdemeanor hate crime. >> a person has to feel intimidated by the threat, and that's what we're looking at here in this particular situation. th that's why our investigators have to find out what happened. once they do that, we'll be able to resolve this issue and hopefully if we have to, arrest someone. >> i want them to not just be evi evicted. i would like them to be brought to justice. people need to know this is not okay. >> reporter: a source at the complex told me that one of the
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persons of interest is moving out at the end of this month. regardless, police say they'll continue their pursuit of this case. as for david quinntana, he vows to stay. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you. we have a sfol follow-up on a bizarre and fatal crash on a military base in fresno. a south bay couple led police on that chase here is a picture of the man reported to be in the suv, 29-year-old anthony castillo of campbell. chp officers say they pulled up to the older jeep cherokee with castilla and 36-year-old melissa miller of san jose late wednesday night. the car then sped off and crashed through a fence at the lamore naval air station smashing into the tail of a fighter jet. the crash killed both people. a man is recovering after being shot by south san francisco police. he reportedly pointed a handgun at an officer. this happened late last night while police investigated a fight at a home on hem lock
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avenue. detectives say a man walked out of the front door holding a handgun. when he pointed it at an officer, police then opened fire. another twist in the san francisco texting scandal. could the cases be overturned? one day after more officers were accused of sending racist and homophobic texts, the city's public defender is now taking action. here's christy smith. >> this is a huge bombshell. >> reporter: the public defender's reaction to a new round of accusations regarding police officers related to texts. >> last time with the racist texts that came to light two years ago, there were over a dozen cases dismissed. so we are going to have to conduct a similar review. >> reporter: his office shared this request he sent out today. >> i've sent a letter to the district attorney asking for every arrest of these officers involved in for the past ten years rfrnlts the text involving
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four officers were uncovered during an unrelated investigation of officer jason line last year. some texts reportedly mocked the first text scandal involving 14 officers. the police chief says in this latest case he acted swiftly and suspended all four officers. >> he seems to be very disappointed and also very angry at what's gone on. >> reporter: teresa sparks is with the human rights commission, previously served on the city's police commission. >> now they're getting educated on some of the issues of both implicit and explicit bias, and so i was a little disappointed that this is still going on. >> reporter: now, two officers are no longer with the department and the matter was referred over to the police commission. we reached out to san francisco police today and they say they're standing by the statements that the police chief made yesterday. at this point, it's unclear how many cases might be involved. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. new at 5, an east bay toddler is in the hospital this
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evening after being attacked by a dog. it happened at the girl's home in pinole. animal services say the american bulldog belongs to the girl's uncle who was not inside the home at the time. details are sketchy at this moment, but apparently the 3-year-old girl was alone with the dog when that dog bit her in the face. she was rushed to children's hospital in oakland with 2-inch-long cuts in her face. investigators say at the don't know whether the dog has been aggressive in the past. it's now in quarantine, the dog, at the animal shelter in martinez where it will be monitored for ten days. well, let's talk about our weekend. take you outside, a beautiful kickoff to the weekend, crystal clear over the city. mccovey cove, a person night for baseball, the giants/a's game tonight. there is a warning as people might head to the coast to enjoy our warm weather. let ales bring in jeff ranieri with the sunshine in the forecast and the warning.
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>> yes. you can see that dangerous wave action we're tracking right now in our weather underground sky camera network from point reyes. look toward the coastline and you can see the white caps. that is the high surf that continues all the way to santa cruz we're concerned about. it's not that the waves are extremely high. it's just that the surf is very turbulent so you want to watch out if you're thinking about heading into the water this weekend. as we take a look at right now, you can cebuy reports reporting 5 to 7 foot waves water temperatures cold in the 50s. the largest concern is the rip currents associated with the waves 4 to about 8 feet this saturday and sunday. rip currents are a hidden danger it's hard to tell when those are occurring. so if you head in the water, you want to be extra cautious. waves will be very long in duration, possibly landing up to 17 seconds. we're tracking a much warmer forecast in about 15 minutes. >> see you shortly. the o.j. simpson case is back in the headlines.
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los angeles police detectives now say a knife found at simpson's estate is not the murder weapon. you may recall last month the lapd revealed that they were testing a new piece of evidence in the case which is a knife, a construction worker claimed he had found it more than ten years ago on simpson's old property in brentwood. however, today investigators say they've ruled out the new discovery saying forensic tests for blood, dna and fingerprints indicate there's no evidence tying the knife to the double murders. a jury found o.j. simpson not guilty of the murders of nicole brown simpson his ex-wife and her friend ron goldman. the murder weapon was never found. there's a debate on campus about an event called acceptance week. some parents consider it unacceptable. they say their child's middle school, there are plans of showing a video of the lgbt community that aren't able appropriate, the video. here's the story in san ramon. what's the issue with the video and is there a final decision in all of this?
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>> reporter: well, raj, like you said, some parents don't believe the videos are age appropriate for middle school students. now, the school has responded revising the curriculum and taking out some of the video footage that may be considered controversial. but as for now, the program will move forward as planned. >> no compromise. no changes. no compromise. there's been no change. >> reporter: one after one, parents left a meeting unsay unsatisfied. >> it doesn't seem like our voices were heard. hopefully more will come out. >> reporter: 30 people attended a closed meeting with the school district's superintendent today to voice concerns over a week-long lgbt acceptance week in april. >> sexuality and things of that nature, you have to have a certain maturity level in order to understand it. and i think it would be confusing to children that are babies still. >> why should they be denied the right to share their life together? >> reporter: one issue? the video. the school's principal has
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already agreed to cut images of couples kissing and sharing intimate moments. and no students can opt out. but parents say acceptance week should be more inclusive. >> body image. foul language at the school. calling people names. >> cultural issues. >> people with accents, people that smell different. there are so many issues. >> reporter: a student leadership group created the curriculum. eighth grader christy says students support it and aren't fazed by the videos. >> what's the problem with it? it's human nature. you can't stop anything. >> reporter: i also talked to members of the student leadership group who created that curriculum. they say they are not backing down from what they believe in. a teacher, however, says that she's heard from many students who say they're afraid of speaking out. we'll hear from that teacher at 6:00. reporting live from san ramon, nbc bay area news. >> a big issue there. a big blow now for a bay area shuttle bus company. a well-known company bauer buses
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which transports all those tech workers will no longer be able to use san francisco muni stops to pick up passengers. this is video from the buses from bowers' youtube channel. bowers is accused of failing to follow traffic lows and for stopping at unauthorized leekss. the company is currently embroiled with a conflict with drivers over pay, benefits and unionization. city transportation leaders say their decision had nothing to do with the conflict but rather the traffic safety concerns. bauer disagrees saying teamsters are behind this decision. well, did you order one yet? nearly 200,000 people have in the first 24 hours. the incredible demand for tesla's model 3 electric car has even surprised the company's ceo. today elon musk tweeted this. definitely going to need to rethink production planning. a tesla spokesperson wouldn't say how many of those orders came from the united states, but we do know this. all around the world people waited for hours in line to hand over a $1,000 deposit for a
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reservation. and that was before tesla even unveiled what the car would look like. finally, the unveiling came last night. the most basic version of the model 3 starts at 35,000 bucks. it won't start shipping until late next year. by the way, tesla's stock up more than 5% today. it's heartbreaking. it takes a more practical level. it takes up a lot of time. >> an open hills woman doing her part for the community by rescuing abandoned dogs. we'll have the live report in oakland coming up. a new study out today suggests there may be more than just a relationship between bad roads and our driving. i'm scott budman. the possible relationship between the status of our roads and robots driving cars. stay tuned. also, it's drawn a swift reacti
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reaction. taylor and apple have teamed up for a commercial. why it's hitting a sour note. a stuingrenin e oaandill pel
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a disturbing trend in the oakland hills. people seem to be dumping dogs and in some cases leaving their pets for dead. we are at the east bay spca. pete, what's the story there? >> reporter: well, you know what, two dogs from that skyline
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area were brought here to the east bay spca just yesterday and that oakland woman i spoke to who lives in the hills tells me she's working hard to make sure the dogs get here safely. katrina has rescued her fair share of dogs in the oakland hills. the latest one is barlow, a visible injury on his left foot not slowing him down. >> so barlow was hit by a car two days ago after being dumped, and i'm not sure what's going to happen with him. >> reporter: in the past six years, katrina has rescued 25 dogs, 5 of them in the past three weeks. she takes them to shelters around the bay area. the grassy oakland hills have become a dumping ground of sorts when it comes to dogs. and the consequences could be fatal. >> we have a pack of coyotes, an active mama mountain lion. >> these dogs and cats are dm dmesty kated.
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>> ell rnc rnc >> reporter: two dogs from the area were dropped off yesterday. >> animals are dropped by misguided people. >> reporter: katrina admits rescuing dogs is timely and costly. but she won't give up. >> you just drive down the road and hear dogs on the side of the road crying. or injured. i can't drive past them. >> reporter: katrina has set up a gofundme page. it's on our web page. of course if you're having trouble taking care of your dog, take it to a shelter and they'll help you out. >> good information, thank you pete. the arrival of the zika virus in the u.s. has health professional scrambling to be ready for the summer mosquito season. this is the mosquito species blamed for spreading the virus. the urgent concern is for pregnant women due to evidence that zika can lead to birth defects. today scientists from across the country met at the centers for
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disease control in atlanta. they're considering appointing zika coordinators for every state and how best to educate the public. >> use mosquito repellent. be safe in pregnancy. wear long sleeves, long pants, mosquito proof your house with screens, potentially indoor spraying, and reducing standing waurlt. >> there is some local impact. take a look at the map. that blue area shows where the zika mosquito could show up this summer, mostly across the southern united states but also in the bay area. well, potholes are a headache for most of us and it turns out they're a headache for computers as well. bay area roads might be slowing down technology as in driverless cars. a report today from the department of transportation with the notable warning. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman who joins us from san jose to explain. scott? >> well, raj, self-driving cars have to sense what's around them, whether it's another car or a lane marking. and this new report today suggests our messy roads are
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might be slowing our progress. you already know your commute is a bumpy one. but what if it was a robot driving you to work each day? >> if i'm driving down the road or riding down the road in a google car and, bang, we hit a pothole, you know, i spilled my coffee rfrnlts the bay area is the prime spot for testing driverless cars, but the department of transportation says infrastructure problems like potholes and hard-to-see dividing lines make it tough for autonomous vehicles to find their way. >> all model 3s will come standard with autopilot hardware. >> reporter: even elon musk has complained. at issue, crumbling roads and local cities with less money from gas taxes to fix them. >> the cities have gotten hit really hard because they get something like 35%, 40% of their funding for street maintenance from that. >> reporter: less money and
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bumpier roads. for us and our future robot drivers. we reached out to google about the study. the company says it can still test its cars here because its technology is not affected by those problems. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. speaking of not driving, a lot more people appear to be getting out of their cars and on to caltrain. caltrain is announcing it's more than 100% of capacity during peak commute times. with that said, schedules are changing. trains are as well. you'll notice longer trains as well as cars that accommodate bicycles and schedules are being adjusted to give people more time to get on and off the trains. most the major changes begin next monday. this really happened. some panic-filled moments as a whale watching ship runs right into the dock. this happened yesterday in san
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diego. witnesses say that horn sounding frantically, the ship didn't slow down. people on the pier running for cover an elderly woman just made it to safety. the ship slammed into that railing and into the dock's wood planking. >> it just came in fast. she kind of skirted the side and hit the side, and she yelled something. i heard something. and then we just were coming in fast and hard. >> passengers say crew members were yelling, "brace yourselves" right before the crash. more than 100 people were on board, 7 hurt, thankfully no serious injuries. it's believed the ship's throttle was stuck in the forward position. the coast guard is investigating what went wrong down in san diego. back here in the bay area, let's bri ae's bring in our chi meteorologist jeff ranieri. jeff, happy friday. it's gorgeous outside. >> i know. it's so nice. as baseball begins to kick off in the bay area, san francisco giants and the a's taking on
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each other here at 7:00 right on nbc bay area, and that cool typical weather expected at at&t park. as we head through the first and second inning we'll have a chilly fae. you need the jacket as normal. winds will be gusting 15 to about 25 miles per hour. now, in other parts of the bay area, we did warm up into the low 70s like in the east bay. but we're xparting to drop to 67 and the south bay currently 68. tomorrow morning, cloud cover comes back in for your saturday morning. it will be a partly sunny to mostlyloudy start from 5:00 through 8:00 a.m. that will drop temperatures down to 44 in the north bay, east bay 43 and for the south bay 46. high pressure is offshore, and that's going to keep it mild as we head throughout this weekend. but it's not as simple as saying it's going to be sunny and in the 70s across the bay area because this area of high pressure is not setting up to give us warmer winds at the immediate coastline.
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so we're going to have two drastically different forecasts as the microclimates go into effect. let's take you to the coastline you'll see how cool it will be. san francisco staying in the low 60s through the weekend. we'll get up to 69 by tuesday and then with some warmer air moving in across california by next wednesday, check it out. up to 74. there's a little bit of warming for you next week. but it's good to get a lot hotter for the interior valleys. we'll keep 70s this weekend, 78 by next tuesday, and 82 degrees on wednesday. we may even have to warm this up to about 85, 87. we'll see how things go. but right now expect at least 82 degrees as we head throughout next week. let's take you to the microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday. there are the 60s we can expect across san francisco, the marina 61, the peninsula, palo alto up to a sunny 70 degrees, and 4 degrees cooler in san mateo at 66. for san jose, 73, cupertino, 72 and morgan hill also at 74. for the north bay, east bay and
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also the tri-valley, my warmest temperature for tomorrow again is across danville with 75 degrees, pleasanton 73 and then up towards the east bay. it will be cool in oakland, but you'll go up a few degrees from what we experienced today at 67 degrees. maybe you're heading up to wine country, an awesome, awesome start to the weekend with low 70s in the forecast. this trend continues as we head throughout this weekend. you're going to be able to see on sunday's forecast for the south bay 74. for san francisco, low 60s and the tri-valley and north bay also low 70s. the next chance of rainfall coming our way, looks like friday and saturday. more coming up at 6:00 p.m. up next, dropping the ball on the mike drop. google's april fools' joke kind of backfired. also, taylor swift and apple teaming up for a new commercial but not everybody thought it was such a good idea. we'll explain next. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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happening now, former president bill clinton and his daughter chelsea are leading a discussion on the cal campus this weekend beginning tonight. they'll be speaking about education, human rights, details on our website. here we go again, sharknado 4 officially announcing its title and premiere july 31st on the sci-fi network. the full story on our twitter feed. ==vogooeddesomhincald a"m dr bu
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google added a mike drop button next to the reply button in its g mail service. anyone who pressed it automatically had a jif or gif of a minion dropping a microphone added to their e-mail. sounds pretty harmless, right? even kind of cute. users were upset when they accidentally included the minion during important business e-mails. some people even claimed the character cost them their jobs. now, google eventually apologized and turned off the feature, saying that due to a bug the mike drop inadvertently caused more headaches than laughs. well, taylor swift's new ad for apple music is striking some in the silicon valley as off-key. the commercial shows swift playing a hip-hop song on apple music and then getting so involved she falls but keeps on singing. now, swift has made fun of her klutziness before, notably in
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her shake it off video. here in the silicon valley we're perhaps more sensitive to treadmill falls less than a year after the death of dave goldberg, the husband of sheryl sandberg. we're back with news about the popemobile. stay with us. tog at. fotheirst - er -an
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tonight at 6, for the first time ever, san franciscans can choose what kind of power will light up their homes. pretty cool. if you choose the clean energy feature, this is where it will come from, the wind farm helping to make the green transmission. we'll take you there on our 6:00 newscast. and we have a programming note to pass along. because of tonight's giants/a's game here on nbc bay area, some of your favorite shows will be airing on a different channel. you can find caught on camera and grim on comcast channel 186. as for "dateline," it will air here on nbc bay area immediately following the game. and finally at 5:00, it's a true holy roller. the car that pope francis rode during his visit to new york city sold at auction today for 300 grand. that's not an april fools' joke. the money from the sale of the fiat 500 hatch back will go to catholic charities in new york. the car aers owner is a businessman who plans to store
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it in his personal museum. >> they should make a special logo for him on the car. >> by the way, it's a $25,000 sticker price. >> wow. >> see you at 6. shocking video tonight. a man shot while streaming live on social media. the horrific moment a gunman opens fire in chicago as murders soar. the city's most violent start to the year in two decades. weather whiplash. tornadoes touch down across the south as temperatures soar into the 70s in the north, about t take a plunge into the 30s. spring snow on the way. nuclear nightmare. president obama warns of deadly consequences if isis madmen get ahold of nukes. arsenic warning in the food millions feed their kids. the fda now making a move. an alert every parent or grandparent should hear. and drunk shopping. more and more people sipping and clicking the buy button late at night. how to prevent a big hangover


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