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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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chuck coppola has more. >> reporter: i spoke to the land lady who told me she bought a security camera and plans to put it up in a weak or so. meantime it's getting a lot of support on social media. he says the support he's received on facebook has been overwhelming. that's since monday morning when he walked to his car and found a death threat on his windshield and found a death threat and derogatory comment. in the folder was quotes from the bible and "don't be gay," a demand that gays and smokers get out of the complex. >> when i saw it say out of "our complex" my stomach sank. i felt like i was in a movie, like i can't be real. someone in my own building is
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doing this. >> reporter: santa clara police are investigating this as a possible misdemeanor hate zplooim someone has to feel intimidated by the threat. our investigators have to go out there and find out what happened and once they do that, we'll be able to, you know, resolve this issue and hopefully if we have to arrest someone. >> it's a small apartment building on a quiet street. one neighbor i spoke with was unaware of the conflict but another said threatening notes began in february and recently prompted the landlord to send auto letters called for neighbors to respect each other. >> would like for them not to be just evicted but brought for justice. people need to know this is not okay. >> david vows to stay at that apartment complex. so far police have interviewed two of his neighbors. no arrests have been made. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news.
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>> chuck, thank you. this story into our newsroom. the fbi is telling local police it will help them unlock phones and devices. this comes after a surge of interest after the feds hacked into that iphone of the san bernardino shooter earlier this week. the fbi said it's testing the method. they've already agreed to help arkansas prosecutors unlock two iphone in a high-profile murder there. man has escaped. he was initially set to register with the petaluma police and stay at a hotel there, but those plans changed in the last two hours after the motel management recognized him from last night's story and then refused to give him a room. state officials say hop never will be staying somewhere in in sonoma county where he last lived and he'll be wearing a
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monitoring device. one day after more officer were accuse of sending racist and home ohphobic texts, the city's defender is taking action. christie smith has more. >> he put in his request with the district attorney's office looking specifically for those tests. police reports, looking at a thorough review. >> well, this is a huge bombshell. >>. >> reporter: this public defender sent this letter to the district attorney's office after four were accused of racist and homophobic texts. >> i sent a letter to the district attorney asking for every arrest these officers have been involved in over the last ten years. >> reporter: he questioned the timing of the notification.
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in addition some texts reportedly mocked first text scandal involving 14 officers. >> last time with the rafts texts, there were over two dozen. >> reporter: he said they dealt with them immediately and he's been clear on his position that these officers betrayed the department. they were referring for discipline up to termination. >> he seems to be very disappointed and angry over what is going on. >> teresa sparks previously served on the police's service commission. >> they're now getting educated on it on the explicit and implicit bias. i was a little disappointed this was still going on. >> he'll be asking questions of the police department and the district attorney's office on
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exactly how and when notification about this occurred. meantime two of the officers are no longer with the department. reporting live in sfrarngs christie smith, nbc bay area news. a hospitalized toddler. the american bulldog belongs to the girl's uncle who wasn't home there at the time. details are vague at this point but apparently the 3-year-old girl was alone with the dog when she was bitten in the face. she was rushed to the hospital. investigators say they don't know whether the dog has been aggressive in the past but it is now in quarantine at the animal shelter in martinez where it will be monitored. an development some parents are calling unacceptable. the kids will be shown videos of the lgbt community that are not age appropriate. nbc bay area's lilleli tan.
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>> reporter: as for any more changes. the school district says they're moving forward with the current plan oochlz parents say they're willing to pull their kids from school. >> we're going to boycott school for the week. we'll pull our children out for the whole week and deal with it that way. >> reporter: 30 people attended a closed meeting with the school's superintendent to voice concerns over a week-long lgbtq event. one issue, the video. the school's principal has already agreed to cut images of couples kissing and sharing intimate moments and students can opt out. >> when the kids opt out, they feel the repercussions of that. they're not wearing the shirt, they're not wearing the pin.
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they're saying they believe something different. >> if they do speak up, they will be labeled, so that's why a lot of the students if they feel uncomfortable, have few have spoken up and i have heard personally from them. >> reporter: this eight grader said students support it and are not fazed by the video. >> what's the problem with it? it's human nature. you can't stop it. >> reporter: parents agree. >> things have changed a lot. it's not a secret anymore. it's something we have to learn about. >> reporter: another teacher just stopped by and told me his lgbtq students appreciate the week of acceptance. some parents, however, will be trying to change the superintendent's mind through spring break which starts next week. reporting live, i'm lili tan, nbc bay area news. >> lili, thank you.
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the clintons are in town. this time not hillary but george and chelsea. earlier today chelsea sat in on this contest. the goal is to inspire young people to explore innovation and creati creati creativity. okay. let's take you outside. we're kicking off the weekend with lots of sunshine and with baseball, what goes better. the giants are hosting the a's at at&t park. colin is on the field and we check on the forecast with jeff ranieri. >> it looks like we'll see the cool weather in san francisco as we take a look. we have sunny skies and 59 for the first pitch right here on nbc bay area. 55 degrees. by 9:00 p.m. the clouds are with us and 52. winds will be gusty.
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about 25 miles per hour. something else to think about when it comes to the san francisco giants players. they have to be well conditioned to play in all kinds of different weather. you can see here the temperature averages may, june, july continue in the 60s, but in july they could go for a game here with an average of 107 in phoenix. so certainly our players are the best, there's no doubt about that. >> san francisco's better than phoenix. >> thanks, jeff. >> hands down. >> colin resch got the best assignment of the newscast. take it away, colin. >> i'm not going to disagree with you. a couple of things. friday night, giants/a's. fans of both sides showing up and showing up early well before the gates open today. the passion for this rivalry from both sides of the bay as we
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know it. it's a rivalry that could divide a household if you let it. but michael and brandy stucci don't let it. they have been married for ten years. how did you get a giants girl agree to marry you? >> i didn't tell her i was an a's fan till we got married. >> he knew i was a giants fan. how you do keep it civil? >> i watch the a's game in the bedroom and she watches the giants on the big tv in the living room. >> you get the big tv. >> yes. >> smart move. reporting live at at&t park, colin resch, nbc bay area park.
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>> thanks, colin. first pitch is at 7:15. our coverage zarts at 7:00 right after this newscast. >> we had a few drivers call and say i know where all the potholes are. if i get a driverless car, will it know. >> and slowdown for self-driving cars. google's concerned that the robots won't be able to manage the poor roads. bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. it just reached the station. an oakland woman doing her part for the community rescuing abandoned dogs. we'll have all the details coming up in a live report.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community
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and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. itfir ca ofhe zi vis. thcouy hlo just into our newsroom. san mateo county has confirmed the first contracted zika virus. that person traveled abroad and has fully recovered. others have reported at least one case. officials say there's no reason for the public to be concerned of getting the zika in san mateo county. pets dumped to fend for themselves and a woman said it's becoming a disturbing trend. now she's showing us how bad it's become and what she's doing to save these abandoned animals.
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pete, they're fully aware of this issue as well. >> reporter: dogs from the skyline area were taken here to the east bay spca yesterday and that woman i spoke to said she's going to work hard to make sure other abandoned dogs get here safely too. pe trina has rescued her fair share of dogs in oakland hills. the latest barlow, a visible injury on his foot not showing him down. >> barlow was hit by a car two days ago after being dumped and i'm not sure what's going to happen with him. >> reporter: in the past six years pe trina has rescued 25 dogs, five in the past two weeks. she thinks the foreclosure crisis caused folks to abandon their dogs. she thinks it might have to do with their overcrowding housing market. she warns that dumping dogs into
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oakland hills could cause fatal consequences. >> these dogs and cats are domesticated. they're relying on us for their care. two dogs from the area were dropped off at this shelter yesterday. >> we see lots of animals that tend to be dumped up there. >> she admits rescuing dogs is timely and costly and she won't give up. >> you see dogs on the side of the road crying or injured, and i can't drive past them. >> reporter: now pe trina's neighbors have sent up a gofundme page to help her with expenses, but, of course, if you're having trouble taking care of a dog, take it to a local shelter in the bay area, and they'll be sure to help you out. >> good advice. thank you, pete.
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a construction milestone. the parking garage is almost complete. according to the santa clara transportation authority the final concrete has been poured. the parking garage will have seven levels and 1,200 parking spots located near the future b.a.r.t. station which is still being built east of the santa fe flee market. it's set to open next year. a lot more people appear to be getting out of their cars into caltrans, which is good news. caltrans is announcing it's more than 100% of capacity during peak commute time so the schedule has to change. trains are full. you'll notice longer cars and more that can accommodate bicycles and schedules are being adjusted to give people time to get on and off the train. most changes will start monday. >> from historic droughts to warm weather, get used to it. stanford found that california
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is going to see more of these extreme patterns. here's why. it's because of a stubborn ridge over the pacific ocean that pushes storms away. now researchers found that the ridge has become more common since 1949. they believe climate change is a factor. >> all right. let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. we saw a bit of that warmup you were talking about today. >> yes, with that ridge of high pressure that's offshore. we have the blude ridge. numbers are backing off. currently 63 throughout downtown san jose. how about a sky cam tour. were you stuck in the office all day? are you ready for the weekend? let's take you to one of the best shots. mt. diablo looking spectacular. 10 miles plus visibility. also our most beautiful terrain here. a window oh bailiff skew back here tonight.
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as we head through tomorrow's forecast, we start with mostly sunny to cloudy skies. we don't expect a super sunny beginning to the day. san francisco, 50. for the south bay, 46. we will see temperatures go up a degree or two, but it's not exactly going to be hot for tomorrow. it will stay comfortable. it puts the tri-valley at 73. south bay in the low 70s. san francisco, in 62. and north bay, another 73-degree average as well. as we round out that forecast, we'll push right ahead to what we can expect for sunday and there are subtle differences here. 74 expected in the south bay on sunday. tri-valley, 72. and the north bay, 71. what i want you to notice is by monday there's a slight chance of showered expected in the north bay. beyond monday there will be better chances of rain fall coming to the bay area. check out our ten-day rain outlook. it shows a bull's-eye of two inches of rain.
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we'll talk about more when that storm door could open up and that's in 25 minutes. >> thanks, jeff. we'll see you shortly. >> reporter: are crumb bling roadways affecting driverless cars. why some car companies say yes. t ofhisewsst an g-t terae wk aar
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happening now on facebook. an lgbtq week has many parents
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upset. the superintendent is not backing down saying the week will go as scheduled. plus they celebrate april fools' day by going mexican. we have more news after the break. wontbe adyor oth 1.yes.nely 0-tm
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a lot of hype for a car that won't be ready for 12 1/2 years. it surprised even the boss. today elon musk, the ceo tweeted this. definitely going to need to rethink tesla planning. a spokesperson wouldn't say how many of the 200,000 orders came from the united states, but we do know this. all around the world people waited hours in line to hand over a thousand bucks as a deposit for a reservation. that was before tesla even unveiled what the car would look
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like. they finally did unveil it as you see here late last night. the most basic model starts at $35,000. it won't start shipping until next year. by the way, tesla's stock up more than 5% today. are local roads slowing the pace of driverless technology? >> they're annoying for us and computers. they warn about the bad infrastructure. our business tech reporter scott budman is in san jose with cars with people inside of them behind you. scott, what's the. >> reporter: yes, it's true. many of us fantasize about giving up this for driverless cars, but driverless cars use technology to sense what's around them and what they're seeing these days is messy. it's hard out there for a driver. bumpy roads, faded lane
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markings, keeping us frustrated, keeping towing companies busy. but the department of transportation says those problems affect robots too. tesla's ceo elon musk has been known to complain about bad infrastructure, hindering self driving cars. >> we get drivers saying where all the potholes are. >> we're known for developing driverless cars but with less revenue coming in, peopcities a having a hard time keeping the roads smooth. >> the cities are having a hard time. >> reporter: we reached out to google which says its technology allows for testing even on
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spotty roads, but there are a lot of people waiting for a self-driving future and some of the roads out there are still bumpy. other companies working on driverless cars responded. mercedes-benz, for example, said it will spend more money on more sensors because of crumb bling roads. reporting live in san jose, scott butman, nbc news. >> thank you, scott. google's april fools day joke failed. anyone who pressed it automatically had a gift, a minion dropping a microphone into their e-mail. pretty harmless. some were outraged when they included anymore important e-mails. some, it cost them the job. google apologized. it apparently caused more headaches than it did laughs. >> terrifying moment.
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a cruise ship slammed into a california pier. tonight we're learning what went wrong. green energy that may not be so green after all. i'm vicky nguyen. up next, new information that's received hundreds of millions of dollars. relats. ==aj/ht=seor vesgate roh
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senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen has been reporting on this for more than a year.
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she reports on this. vic vicky. >> we're talking about a power. the state collects money from your pg&e bill to help fund. as we first revealed no company has benefitted more but that public cash pipeline could be drying up. fuel cells like these made by bloom technology typically run on natural gas to produce energy. touted as a cleaner alternative to the traditional power grid, it has benefitted from $400 million in incentives, but in a report published late last year, they found electric fuel cells that run on natural gas pollute too much and are not worth further investment. the message reinforces what critics pointed out on air last year. the public should not be subsidizing technologies that
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pollute. >> we should not use our money to prop up polluting technologies. >> frankly, i expect more. >> since 2001 the program has provided more than a billion dollars in incentives to so-called green technologies. for years bloom energy received the lion's share but after state lawmakers ordered a review of the program, they looked at the benefits of the technology. they're recommending that fund nothing longer be provided for electric gas fuel cells. >> i'm rt pleased that they took a close look at the evidence. >> he's an energy attorney. they have long questioneded the benefits of it. >> they strongly support and funding over clean distributed generation. >> the technology that benefits from public incentives is
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supposed to cut carbon emissions but feel cell technology fails to meet the greenhouse gas requirement that they approved last fall and they concluded natural gas cells failed. >> it's not a surprise to me that fuel cells do not look good in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. >> first exposed in 2016, bloom boxes were not as good. we found they were producing more carbon emissions than advertised, something one critic called it. >> i love that it's bloondogle. >> they wrote blue energy meets all program goals and says the grids are lower than grid emissions. they look at the prior projects.
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the commissions goals are speculative and fundamentally flawed. the company claims has improved. >> these types of incentive programs are the foundation for the future. >> janet lynn is the founder for the energy storage alliance. they have recently started getting more s-chip funds. she supports the proposal saying it would make more money available to make california greener. >> we have children is. in the meantime half of this year's program's funds have already been given to companies that qualify under the old rules. the economics has not said whether to adopt the new rules. guys? >> if you have a tip give us a
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call at 888-996-tips. a whale watching ship of passengers panicked as the ship ran right into the dock. it actually happened yesterday in san diego at bark dare rowe. they say the horn sounded frantically but the ship didn't slow down. people ran for cover. an oakland woman made it to safely barely. the ship ran straight into the railing and into the dock's planking. >> she came in fast. she skirted the side and hit the side. she yelled something. i heard something. we were coming in fast and hard. >> passengers say the crew members were yelling brace yourself, hold onto something before the krarchlt more than 100 were on board. some suffered my yore injuries. it's believed the ship's
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throttle was stuck in the forward position. the coast guard is investigating the cause. a couple led police on a chase of a military base which ended in a deadly crash. he was driving a jeep cherokee when officers tried to pull him on. castillo was with miller. this happened late night in fresno. they sped off and eventually crashed to a fence smashing into the tail of a fighter jet. the o.j. simpson case back in the headlines. the police say now that the knife found at the estate is not the murder web weapon. a construction worker claimed he found it more than ten years ago on simpson's proper. they ruled out new discovery saying there's no evidence that ties the knife to the murders.
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the jury as you know found o.j. simpson not guilty of the murders of nicole brown and ron goldman. that murder weapon has never been found. >> we are four days away from another big primary, but wisconsin could shift momentum for both parties. on tuesday, donald trump predicted when he wins wisconsin, the primary will be all but over. but after a week of high-profile stumbles, he was nowhere to be seen today. the poll shows ted cruz leading in wisconsin putting anti-trump republicans one step closer to an open convention in july. >> what we cannot do is turn off wide swaths of the electorate, women, hispanics, african-americans, and that's what donald trump will do. >> hillary clinton on the democratic side is pulling behind bernie sanders, that has clinton and trump, both campaigns, looking down the road for home turf advances in the state of new york. march proved to be another month of hiring.
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they added 215,000 jobs. many of those in construction, retail and health care. a slight increase in the number of people. they're search for is season. the urgent concern is for pregnant women that zika can lead to birth defects. they met. they're considering it. they're figuring out how to best education the public. >> use a mosquito repel land. wear long sleeves, long pants. reduce standing water. >> now, the map you're looking at, those blue areas show where
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it could show up this summer. most of the parts are in the southern parts of the u.s. and that does include the bay area. >> up next, trading in pg&e for turbine. we're going to take you to the wind farm that's getting ready to power san francisco. plus, is it in bad test. >> why some are questioning a new apple ad that features taylor swift. tlorwifs n ador pplmuc" stkinst
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that was a new ad. the commercial shows swift playing a pop song and getting so involved, she false but keeps singing.
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here in silicon valley people may be more sensitive to treadmill falls. it's less than a year ago with the death of dave goldberg, the husband and executive of sheryl sandberg. bower transportation can no longer use muni stops to pick up the workers. bower's in conflict with drivers overpaid andionionization efforts but city transportation leadering say their decision had nothing to do with the conflict. bower disagrees saying teamsters are behind the decision. >> morin county tracking down on speeders, there have been serious accidents with hikers, walkers, and cyclists in the
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county's open based district. that includes 250 miles of roads and trails. the speed limit is 55 miles an hour or 5 if you're coming up on a blind corner. >> jeff ranieri is back with us. we're counting down to the first pitch. giants and a's in the bay area. a little chilly. >> i've got the popcorn and peanuts back in the weather center. i'm ready. i'm ready to kick it off. let's get a live look. have sunny skies and the sun sets across the east bay. daly city, you can see the clouds moving in. dangerous surf which have more details on. yes, at&t park right here in the nbc bay area at 7:00. we're tracking the forecast for that as well. >> it never goes away. the wind will always be -- will always be blowing. >> a unique opportunity for san francisco. the plan to let people get around pg&e. and you get another source of power. raing vitatn vleyomewi lis tstao
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we have breaking news to share with owe. police and fbi are raiding this home. petrov is that 29-year-old auto theft suspect who was severely beaten by alameda sheriff's deputies. sources now tell us the raid is tied to a federal gun investigation connected to petrov. an fbi spokesperson is confirming that a home on teddy street was raided around 3:00 p.m. today. you can look at the live picture. there are police vehicles right outside the home. they served an arrest warrant for one and another person. the operation is ongoing which you can see by the police vehicles there. we're going to continue to follow the breaking story. we'll follow on air and online when we get details and have full coverage tonight at 11:00. bird's landing is a small, small town in solano county.
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>> and yet the two cities have one thing in kmop. pow power. and it impact as lot of people. >> there's not much too much here. we have no school. we ran out of children. >> reporter: the solano town of bird's landing is hardly a town at all. >> there's nine homes. >> reporter: there's also shirley's tavern run by shirley since the '40s. >> i don't advertise. i don't make anything. they just show up. >> reporter: the specialty here is cold beer and peanuts. >> you can't cold an honest cold beer without salted peanuts. >> reporter: aside from the area's ubiquitous sheep farms, there's another feature to this landscape. hundreds of wind bins that surround huerta vern. >> they don't make noise, whine bark. i don't have a bad thing to say about them. >> reporter: they go by another name. >> called the mon zuma hills.
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>> reporter: 100 turbines are generating thousands of meg wots of clean energy. and starting in june, some of the energy generated here will make its way back across the san francisco bay to san francisco. which is launching its new clean power sf program. >> for the first time san francisco residents and businesses can choose to have renewable power provided by the city. >> reporter: san francisco will become the third program in the state to allow customers to buy clean power provided by the city instead of pg&e. >> what we're doing is providing for a different choice on where the electricity comes from. >> reporter: rates will run a little less or a little more than pg&e based on the percentage of clean power customers want. >> the ultimate goal is to have san francisco have the option for 100% renewable power. >> that's when it started on the hill up there. >> pelini remembers when the
6:48 pm
turbines first began to dot the hills 40 years ago and although not much has changed it's smack dab in the middle in the winds of change. >> it doesn't bother me. >> it doesn't bother me. >> we turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. not a particularly windy day for us, but it sure was sunny. >> it was certainly sunny. we're starting to see the fog rolling back in san francisco and that's helping to cool temperatures off. right now, 59 degrees at at&t park. we've got the game right here on nbc bay area following this program. 7:50 first pitch and clouds start to move in. winds will be out of the west at 15 to 20 miles an hour. that could help to burn a few home runs out. let's hope there are some runs for the giants. let's take you to the rest of the sky camera. we have 66 across the south bay. 64 in the east bay after a few low 70s. numbers cooling off as the
6:49 pm
numbers continue to set. through tomorrow morning's forecast, we have the cloud cover coming on back. also areas of fog will be thick in san francisco with 50 and 43 with patchy clouds for the east bay as well. now, we do have high pressure sitting overhead and that's been giving us the mild weather. it's going to be great outside. there is going to be danger at the immediate coastline and that is the fact that the waves are going to be kicking up. they're not going to be super high but they'll be ranging anywhere from 4 to 8 feet this weekend and the hidden danger you want to watch out for is rip currents. you can't see them. so you don't want go in past your knees because the rip currents can take you out and pull you out fast. there will also be a long duration in between the wave set. so make sure you don't turn your back to that water because, of course, as you know already this year, it can turn deadly. as we move into the forecast, we do have some drastically different weather coming our way. we'll have cooler temperature at the coast with temperatures in
6:50 pm
the 60s. then by next wednesday we bump up into the 70s. that 74 in san francisco, it's going to jump up more. let's go ahead and get a preview of our temperature trend as we look at one of the warmest spots we expect over the next five days. we'll keep it right through this weekend. by tuesday, 78 degrees. and then as we hit wednesday, 82. so well above average. possibly record-setting temperatures. as we take in your microclimate, 72 in cooper teno. san jose, 73. then toward palo alto, 70. we'll keep the snipe in the financial district but it will be cool with 63 degree. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley we have our warmest weather across danville.
6:51 pm
we'll also see mid-70s and low 70s for fremont. now, in terms of this weekend, we'll see a few minor differences once we hit sunday's forecast. that's going to put the south bay at 74 degrees. for san francisco, we'll stay in the 60s. the biggest change by monday's forecast will be a slight chance of showers in the north bay, but let's get to the other changes we were talking about and that's the potential of more rainfall coming our way. possibly some substantial rainfall. looks like next friday and saturday there will be a change here. raj and jess, it looks like the storm door could open up for possibly a couple different storms. we're going to track it each and every day and we'll given you updates as we know more. >> one last kick here in april. >> so excited about that. thanks, jeff. >> thank you, jeff. >> i'm colin resch as at&t park. he had a breakout season a year
6:52 pm
ago. is he feeling the pressure this upcoming season. i'll ask him about that. that's coming up next. gian e jt muteawafr hoinghe s. r
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are you ready? they're minutes way from hosting the a's. >> yhe's not even pitching. you were dying to say mad bum a lot. >> next monday texas real thing, take it away. >> yeah. real things start on monday. first things first. the giants took game one of the series last night, 3-1. trying to milwaukee it two straight against their rival tonight. we'll see what happens.
6:55 pm
fichbt pitch 20 minutes away. matt duffy, two hits in last night's game. what a story the kid out of long state has become. the duff man hitting 300 so far this spring. he basically came out of nowhere last season to contend for national rookie league honors. he's the every day starter in late may last season and really never looked back. i caught up with the giants' rising star a short while ago. >> more pressure, less pressure, what do you apply to yourself when you're trying to make the club every at-bat count now that you know you're the guy change? >> i think it depends how you look at it. last year i could have thought, you know, hey, it's a long shot. just go out there and play hard. this year i can put pressure on myself or say, you know, i have the job gorks out there and play hard. you've got nothing worry about. i think it just depends on your perspective on the situation and
6:56 pm
also job security is something you have for as long as you do your job well. that's in any line of work, not just here. >> 12 home runs, 77 rbis a year ago for matt duffy. i clearly picked the wrong sport. i played basketball in college. we're the same height, same build, but i guess you need really good hand/eye coordination. i'm missing that. reporting live from at&t park. first pitch, jake peavy on the hill. back to you. >> nbc sports caller. you did great. >> thank you, kol p. here's programming note. due to the giants game, i think we told you a few times, some of your favorite shows will be showing on a different channel. dateline will air right after the game and we'll be back as well. >> nice to have baseball back. we'll send you now to the broadcast booth. john miller and krukow.
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enjoy the a's. thanks for joining us. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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