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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 4, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today." it was a weekend of dangerous, even deadly weather. 45 million people faced huge wind gusts, snow, and anything but springlike temperatures. the presidential race in wisconsin is shaping up to be a pivotal moment for both parties. exposed. leaked documents show how the rich and famous used offshore accounts and tax havens to avoid paying the irs. plus a huge night at the academy of country music awards. these kids form a human arrow to help police in hot pursuit. and important new details for anyone with heart trouble. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm dara brown.
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sanders people say one date offered was the day of the ncaa finals and it was the latest in the increasingly contentious democratic primary kristen welker has more. >> reporter: hillary clinton spent the morning visiting churches in brooklyn. >> i want to just under score how honored i was to serve as your senator for eight years, to work with you. >> reporter: clinton had started to pivot to the general election and donald trump but now praying bernie sanders's newfound momentum slowed. on "meet the press" hillary clinton acknowledged she still has a fight on her hands. >> i know i still have work to do to win the nomination and i'll going to keep reaching out to every voter everywhere in these contests. >> reporter: clinton's poll
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shows a double dij lead in new york but sanders is catching up. still sanders' path to the nomination is narrow and winning wisconsin on tuesday is crucial. >> if people begin to come out and young people who never voted start coming out we will win on tuesday. >> reporter: and sanders repeated his claim, he would do better against donald trump. >> poll after poll shows we're doing much better against trump than she is. >> clinton pushed back arguing she would be the stronger candidate. >> as i said before about donald trump's appearances, rhetoric, demagoguery, when you insight violence, you are acting like a political arsonist. >> reporter: clinton's campaign dogged by the ongoing controversy over her e-mails. the fbi expected to interview her soon, although she says she hasn't been contacted yes and isn't concerned. >> no, i'm not because i don't think anything inappropriate was done, but i'm not at all worried
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about it. >> reporter: clinton's focus now, staying on top with sanders surging. kristen welker, nbc news new york. on the other side, the republicans are focused on tuesday. that's when wisconsin voters head to the polls. donald trump is joining ted cruz, calling for ohio governor john kasich to get out of the race. >> if i didn't have kasich, i'd automatically win. look, if i get 50%, lots of good things happen, right? i'm way over 50%. but with kasich it's hard jeer in a campaign e-mail kasich kicked back, a vote for hillary clinton a vote for donald trump is a vote for hillary clinton. in an interview with "new york times" columnist trump expressed his regret of a retweet of a picture of heidi cruz saying if i had to do it again, i
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wouldn't have said it. cruz meanwhile is pushing hard for the badger state. he said it shows he can compete never. amtrak says business should be back to normal. an accident happened when the train rammed into a backhoe on the tracks. >> reporter: passengers on board amtrak's train 89 describe a fire ball. >> some people were pretty bloody. it was a big explosion. then it was a fire. >> reporter: 15-year-old was traveling to north carolina to visit his father. officials say the train hit a backhoe on the tracks outside philadelphia. two people were killed. >> we now have our second doa. >> stephanie burrow snapped
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these photos. she says passengers went up in the air on impact. >> it was such a harsh thud. >> reporter: the 341 passengers and seven employees were evacuated to a nearby church. nearly three dozen were hospitalized with nonlife threatening injuries. one person was killed when an amtrak train bound for california hit a car in northern illinois. the driver was pronounced dead at the scene. amtrak officials say no one on the train was hurt. a train smashes into a double decker bus in thailand. local media reports at least three people were killed including the bus driver. 30 passengers were also injured.
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documents showing how a global industry of law firms and banks sell financial security, including 40 years of suspected tax havens, money laundering, arms, and drug dealers have now been exposed. more than 11.5 million documents from a panamanian law firm were leaked. as part of an investigation by a german newspaper working with the international consortium of journalists, the so-called panama papers are considered the largest leak of inside information in history. among the findings, details of 12 current and former world leaders' offshore holdings. and although his name does not directly appear, the papers show associates of russia's vladimir putin secretly moved around up to $2 billion through banks and shadow companies. in a statement the panama law firm mossack fonseca said in part it had operated beyond reproach for 40 years and had never been accused or charged with criminal wrongdoing. former u.s. soccer star amy
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wombach was arrested. according to officials the retired soccer star failed sobriety test. a soccer legend, the 35-year-old is a two time olympic gold medalist. wombach holds the world record for most international goals scored. wombach apologized on facebook saying i let myself and others down. this is all on me. i promise i will do whatever it takes to ensure that my horrible mistake is never repeated. we are now two weeks into spring. over the weekend devastating winds and blinding snow toppled trees, tore down homes and ripped through power lines. it left thousands of homes without electricity. this is the first sna series of
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clippers move in bringing winds up to 66 miles per hour. in massachusetts two people were killed after a tree fell on their car trapping them inside. bill karins is here with this latest winter blast. >> it is more like early march than early april. it is snowing again this morning. i know in the west it was warm. this does snow in april in this portion of the country. today is pretty nice. warming up in phoenix 93. l.a. at 79. we have showers in the northwest. that has changed a little bit. the week ahead starting in the beginning of the week with the weak system in the west.
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that will move across the country. that returns the sunshine and warmth to many areas in the west. late in the week this is when things could change. we may get a cutoff low and possibility of rain and moisture. it is possible even in southern california. as far as temperatures go continuing much above average. as the ridge builds we get well above average temperatures. so definitely changeable weather as we go through the elevations. there is a peek of warmth building in the desert southwest. after a cool stretch it is about time. usually end of april we start talking about our first 100s.
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no, no, no, no, [music] people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. the brussels airport reopened sunday nearly two weeks after 16 people were killed in a terrorist attack there. passengers on three flights were subjected to new security screenings and a temporary check-in area. the first flight took off just after 1:40 local time bound for portugal. a groundbreaking new study found that using a statin lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease by 25%. astrazeneca manufactures the drug used in the research. recommendations were submitted to the faa to allow small drones weighing about half a pound to begin flying in unrestricted areas over people.
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other drones of varying weights would be allowed to fly at least 20 feet up. the faa would look at all the recommendations before setting rules. >> jeff bezos's space company blue origin is another step closer to being operational. they successfully launch and landed a suborbital capsule for the third time. the team even got a shotout from the boss, congratulations. >> and a bull that escaped from a clean slaughterhouse friday already received a comedian friend. he arranged for the bull to be spared. freedom does come with a price. the bull will be castrated so it can live safely with other livestock.
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the batman v superman movie declined. it weren't from $68 million to just over $52 million. globally the warner brothers movie has made over 3 million since its relet. globe preorders for the tesla model 3 continue to sky rocket. 276,000 orders of the electric car were made by saturday evening. the company's ceo made the announcement on twitter. tesla's stock soared about 60% since february. and starbucks teaming up with microsoft. consumers can now schedule a meeting and order a coffee drink via their outlook. the partnership is anvolving theme which is focussing on the mobile strategy after a decline in pc sales. >> just ahead, we now have the ncaa championship matchup plus a
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this morning on "today" snooze news. find out why sleeping on the job might be a good thing. let's get you to some sports now. your top four college basketball teams, they're set for the finals. for the women, no surprise, number one seed.
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uconn steam rolled oregon state. and in the other semifinal syracuse tonight the men will battle for the national championship. roy williams' tar heels favored by two points. north carolina has beaten villanova five of six times in ncaa history. and nova coach jay wright is winless in three games in his career against roy williams' team. but ahead of the big team jay wright was named the 2016 naismith coach of the year, second and earlier. he also took home the big east coach of the year award. tonight's big game villanova and north carolina tar heels. the royals raised their
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championship banner on the field and managed an early 4-0 lead against the world series rival mets. they battled back but they were short. in the other opener the pirates beat the cardinals 4-1 in chilly pittsburgh and toronto took out tampa bay, 5-3. and racing fans, check this out. >> oh my god. oh, my god. how are you. i love you all. oh, my god. kyle busch poses this encounter. he sure made that lady's day. that was pretty epic i would say. some big moments from the academy of country music awards. a simpson's character makes a big announcement. you're watching "early today."
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e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. now to entertainment. the academy of country music awards aired last night with a big musical duet featuring dolly parton and katy perry. perry went on to give parton her award for "coat of many colors." >> jason aldean winning
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entertainer of the year. >> the i heart music radio awards opening with justin bieber. but it was taylor swift who was big winner of the year. taylor swift also got a lot of attention this weekend for her new apple music ad. it reflects a change of heart who briefly removed her music. she is making things happen. caitlyn jenner will appear on the popular series "transparent." transparent creator says the cameo is a dream come true. jenner will begin filming her role next week. after a lot of hinting, they finally revealed that the
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character smithers is gay. the move was inspired by a simpson's writer relationship with his son. and "snl" took over the donald. >> there was a lot of violence. his campaign manager was arrested for assaulting a woman. a young woman was pepper spray. >> donald trump does not personally condone violence. >> right. let's randomly see what's happening right now at his rally. >> i'm voting for you. this is "early today." > th hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love
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leading the news on nbc news, revered indian leader joe "medicine" crow, last war chief crow dies at 102. the respective historian of the crow tribe was awarded the presidential medal of freedom by president obama in 2009. he was the sole surviving chief who earned his title through stealing horses and other exploits in world war ii. and in the "washington post," u.s. special operations units are using faulty rifle sights. they continue to face life-threatening scenarios from faulty rifle sights. military officials say no equipment has yet been recalled or replaced since the u.s. government sued the manufacturer last november. now the major issue is a thermal drift where extreme temperatures cause shooters to to be off target by 6 to 12 inches, and
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this can be dangerous for soldiers in combat. nine children in southern england are being hailed local heros after turning an easter egg hunt into a hunt for burglars. look at that. they formed a human arrow for the chopper overhead and led to the suspect's capture. good for them. the world's second largest underwater artificial reef has an art gallery. they have installed plexiglass encased images on the weather deck. the images created by an austrian art photographer are located off the west of florida more than 90 feet below the ocean's surface. >> beautiful. thousands of pillow fighters from across the globe, they battled it out saturday in honor of international pillow fight day from cleveland to hong kong. fighters of all ages, shapes, and sizes joined in on the fun,
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many brawling for at least an hour before going home exhausted and hopefully they have some pillow left from that. and a wild police chase shut down part of california's bay bridge on sunday. the culprit. a chihuahua. the california police tried luring the dog to safety but he quickly sped off leading on a slow speed chase. officers recaptured the dog and are working to reunite it with its owners. let's get you a look ahead. california is expected to become the first state to commit to raising the minimum wage to $15 state wide by 2022. governor jerry brown will join supporters from across the state to sign the landmark legislation into law. happy birthday to "zoey 101" jamie lynn spears who's 25, illusionist and endurance artist david blaine, 43, and "iron man" and "sherlock holmes" actor robert downey jr. turns 51. thanks for watching "early today.
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we'll see you back here tomo brang re an st she twthies- whb
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breaking more than wishes. two thieves that broke into the make a wish offices and two items meant for kids still on the run this morning. with a stroke of the pen, california set tabecome the first state in the country to bump up minimum wage to $15 an hour. and take the shorts out of the attic, if that's where you keep them. we are warming up this week. kari hall tracking the system that will have you glowing and maybe sweating this week. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> i like the glow instead of sweat. >> you always glow. >> good answer. >> my first day back from vacation. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam


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