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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> breaking news is another fight in the south bay jail. inmates brawling this morning. latest hearing from the santa clara county jail. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. this story developing by the minute. and what we know right now is that the latest inmate fight started in the last three hours at santa clara county jail. sources tell nbc bay area the jail is under lockdown. the latest brawl started around 8:00, in the south section a medium security area. sources add one person was taken to valley medical center for treatment. we're working to find how many inmates were involved.
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robert honda is at jail now gathering information. if anything changes during this newscast, we'll bring it you. more details on the intense scrutiny that jail has been under for months. three jail deputies facing charges after allegedly beating an inmate to death. and last month lori smith used her own money to buy surveillance cameras and days later, another brawl caught on camera, leading critics to ask whether that fight was staged. requiring companies to give six weeks of fully paid leave to new parents. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is in the newsroom. >> sounds good for families, right, time to bond but some aren't hot on the idea. owners of small to midsized businesses. the idea would almost double the current state-mandated amount. a state insurance program fits
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that bill. scott wiener's proposal woug require companies with 20 or more employees to pay the other 45% of paid leave. nationally half of first-time mothers take any paid leave and he wants to encourage new parents to take time off and spend with kids. opponents say this adds to a long list of burdens they have to deal with operating in the city, that includes health care coverage and paid sick leave. the supervisor says the proposal take all 0 that into consideration. >> we're trying to balance needs of businesses and many families strugging to get by, especially low income and working class families having to choose, spend time bonding with my new child or put food on the table, and that is a choice no one should have to make. >> there's a california bill on governor brown's desk to boost paid leave to 70% for the state. moves would bring other company closer to private employers, facebook and google give
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generous paid leave. yahoo! started to give moms 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and 8 for fathers. the vote will take place during the supervisor's 2:00 p.m. meeting and then heads no the mayors desk. it would go into effect for companies with 50 companies or more 2017. and those with 20 or more next year. traffic, meanwhile, getting back to normal on first street in san jose. this, after a vta light rail train collided with a car today. emergency crews had to use heavy equipment to extract the driver from an audi sedan. the person in the car prpted to regional medical center. police had to close that intersection for an hour but trains did pass through. >> temperatures in the spring time, heating up. we might even break some records
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this week. here's a live look across the bay with traffic cameras. sun shining, use sunblock this morning. here's meteorologist kari hall, also shining with that cautionary tale. >> we had a cool start to the day. but it's already starting to warm up outside. so, yes, you need sunglasses and shorts, as we go into the next several hours. looking at the temperatures that have made it up to 72 degrees already in concord, and livermore at 70 degrees. so in some spots, 13 degrees. whatt warmer than yesterday and five to eight degrees across much of the east bay. as we go into the afternoon, we are expecting potential to set new records here especially in spots like oakland. you may tie the record, livermore, you could set a new record and other spots very close but i think tomorrow we'll see more of those records being set all across the bay area. i'll talk more about that, how
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hot it gets and cooldown for the weekend, coming up later. >> thank you. stepping in after a charity is robbed. the city of san francisco and san francisco giants are helping out the make-a-wish foundation after it was targeted by thieves. nbc bay area's chuck cope pa la is live. i hear we have good news. >> reporter: good morning. there is a break in this case, we're on the eighth floor of the 55 hawthorne street building where make a wish has head quarters. the assistant's phone went off, a message from his chief that hunter pence's scooter, the stolen scooter from the make-a-wish foundation, has been recovered and police have arrested two people and they are searching for a third person, as we speak. the mayor was here a few minutes ago, as i mentioned, with a donation of eight ipads to replace those stolen, after the break-in here at make a wish
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offices south of market street over the weekend. a number of laptop computers also stolen with hunter pence's electric scooter that he had donated to the make-a-wish foundation to raise money. reaction, support from mayor lee. >> we're delighted. he's been a tremendous supporter of ours. so unexpected to have the support from him because it came so quickly. we're delighted to those ipads again, they're things we use to help grant wishes. >> video caught two men in a stairwell carrying off a scooter with bags of other items that have been missing from the make-a-wish foundation. we're told that at least one of the individuals in the surveillance video is among the persons arrested. the foundation has been burglarized twice since it moved here in 2010. behind me, one of the board of directors, from the make-a-wish
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foundation fielding questions after the latest development. we are told that they beefed up security after the first burglary after they moved in. they're going to do that again. live at make-a-wish foundation headquarters in san francisco, chuck coppola. >> who robs make a wish? a deadly shooting in san francisco neighborhood after 9:00 near silver and san bruno avenues. we know one person was shot, that person taken to sf general, and died at the hospital. waiting to hear more information from police. we will update you just as soon as we get it. how did bones end up underneath a san francisco dry cleaning business? plumbers came across a human skull and bone, and now the medical examiner's trying to determine whether the bones belonged to a woman or man, whether it's one person. >> now, it's a matter of, you know, doing digging of our own
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and trying to find out what exactly happened, do we have a homicide here? if so, where's the suspect? >> city records indicated that building is more than 100 years old. a forensic pathologist tells us the deceased person may have been buried there for months, maybe centuries. mississippi's government signed a law allowing people to refuse service to gays. human rights groups rallying against the bill on the steps of the state capitol. legislation's author says it's not about forcing one group's belief on those whose religion teaches otherwise but opponents argue it legalizes discrimination. the law allows churches, religious charities, privately held businesses and individual government employees to refuse service to people who violate their beliefs. >> on a related note, paypal, based in san jose, canceling plans to expand into north
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carolina because that state enacted a law restricting protection for gay and lesbian people. last month north carolina's governor celebrated the announcement that paypal was opening a global operation center in charlotte. 400 jobs at stake, but days later governor mckrory signed the legislation into law. paypal's president issued a statement today saying new legislation goes against the company's core values of fairness, inclusion, and equality. big test in the race for the presidential nomination for both republicans and democrats today. polls are open in wisconsin. nbc's edward lawrence is in washington to show us last-minute attempts to get those votes. >> reporter: cold weather did not stop people from lining up to vote in wisconsin. huge numbers are expected to turn out to decide their choices in the republican and democratic primaries. donald trump went to a diner in
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wau waukesha. >> trump, trump, trump. it's going to be interesting tonight, it's going to be interesting to see what happens. i think we're going to do great. >> reporter: he again said governor kasich should drop out of the ray because he can't win the nomination. senator cruz wants kasich to throw in the towel. kasich's response -- >> glad they're both nervous about my taking delegates the more we can get a message out there, i think the better we do. >> reporter: williasconsin wiscn loss by hillary clinton could give bernie sanders the boost he needs. >> momentum that you are feeling and that i am feeling in this campaign. >> reporter: sanders campaigns in wisconsin, clinton moves on to new york, targeting republicans. >> they all want to take us back to trickle down economics. we cannot allow that to happen. >> reporter: still, santa clara holds a slight edge in wisconsin polls. a new national nbc news survey
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monkey poll shows hillary clinton up nine points on bernie sanders. the same poll shows donald trump leading republicans by 17 points, then senator cruz, followed by governor kasich. two more politics, out of europe. iceland's prime minister will resign amid controversy there. he was seen earlier today leaving his office in the ice land d landic capital. the offshore holdings amount to a major conflict of interest with his job. he is the first politician to be brought down after the panama papers were released. more than 11 million documents from a law firm shows that how the rich were avoiding paying taxes. up next at 11:00, emergency response times. waiting time is sometimes twice as long as it should be to get
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life-saving help. coyotes on campus, they're not mascots. new warning, wild nature returns to san francisco neighborhood. (stad bs rke)
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welcome back here. markets are mildly lower this morning. the dow industrials losing about 30 points. no, correction, 90 points. still not very much. nasdaq down 30. let's talk about baseball. baseball is often full of statistics, but now siri will be able to help. just programmed with all kinds of baseball facts. for instance, when everybody's talking about the new giants' play denard span, you can say i know about him. >> denard span has 38 home rupps, on base percentage of .400. >> twitter and the nfl announced streaming ten thursday night games this fall, not just clips or highlights but the whole game. it will be the same games you
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can watch on tv. there could be a bin war from the raucous, when the company ipo'd in 2012. brocade offering $1.2 billion but recode says other companies may jump in. it's run by an interesting ceo. she sold her last company for more than $7 billion. this is not the first time she's done well for her investors. she's also a super interesting personality. calls herself the toughest boss in silicon valley. ink magazine said she ran her companies with a pounding fist and a sarcastic wit. she's mellowed in the years and turns out to be a nice person. >> do you have to say that because you're afraid of her or because it's true? >> i'm not going to tell you. so, riders end of the pittsburg bay point line
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scheduled for the first time in weeks. running normal service at bay point and north concord stations. two weeks ago a surge started knocking out the train cars. bart is trying to figure out what the root of the problem is. coming up, our investigative reporter will look into how the problems are plaguing bart and how those problems started decades ago. san mateo leaders reportedly shot down a plan to help struggling renters. the bay area news group reports city council members voted against an ordinance that would have frozen rents and forced landlords to payee vikz fees. council members plan to re-examine the measure next week. a coyote spotted at a san francisco elementary school. the wild animal seen roaming around on the playground of commodore sloat school before classes yesterday. nobody was hurt but there was a warning sign posted at school, and the principal is educating
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kids what to do if they spot that animal again. >> my girls here, and i have a little girl at the school nearby. so i, i kind of scared. >> get back, go inside your house or inside somewhere and tell an adult. >> a neighbor took a picture of this coyote near by on coronado street sunday. the coyote activity is on the rise. in march a coyote killed a dog in balboa terrace. time it's taking firefighters in one bay county to arrive in an emergency is growing. it's not sitting well with many who live there. neighbors are worried about fire danger. >> reporter: bob clark saw the need firsthand. >> we need that protection.
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>> reporter: he says it took so long for firefighters to respond to his neighbor's burning home, he watched it go up in flames. >> me and my neighbor standing out there ten minutes and they showed up. by that time, it was a bonfire. >> less resources, you're getting increased response times. >> reporter: the chief hugh hadn't derson says how quickly firefighters can battle a blaze comes down to simple math. this district covers 249 square miles with more than 100,000 people. >> we're doing that with three engine companies on duty, nine firefighters on duty handling calls. >> reporter: response times are now over eight minutes. that's almost a minute more than they were last year. the chief says, it's a direct result of reducing engines and closing two stations. >> we need to have a lot better response time, and the community
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really needs us. >> reporter: henderson says a tough combination of growing i population and budget cuts are to blame. >> as it gets warm, drying out, we'll have a challenging vegetation season. >> that was alece kirscher in. the firehief says increased response time comes when voters shot down a measure that would have raised more than $4 million over the next five years. they do not want the taxes. kari hall. whenever we see a spike in the temperature we always are worried about fire danger. >> fire danger and also heat exhaustion, things like that, that we normally worry about in the summertime, we're dealing with it now in the spring. but at least it doesn't last long. as we take a live look at pacifica now, we take a look at this beautiful, clear blue day and i think the beaches will be a popular spot as we see temperatures quickly rising.
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it's now 70 degrees in the east bay. 72 in the peninsula, 62 degrees in san francisco. already nice spread. low 70s in the north bay. navato, 71. napa, 65. if you're heading to the game today, a lot going on in the east bay between the giants -- warriors and the a's. we will have baseball and basketball going on, and we will have great weather right at 70 degrees at first pitch for the a's game tonight at 7:00. then mostly clear skies throughout the evening with light northeasterly wind. look at all of the microclimates. up to 87 degrees in los gatos. 85 in palo alto. 72 degrees in the outer richmond district. 86 napa. 85 oakland. 89 antioch. we could have spots close to 90 today and i think we'll see more widespread 90s into the day tomorrow. high pressure's building right
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off the coast. and it will be right on top of us tomorrow and keeping us from getting onshore flow. so we are looking at record high temperatures. warmest day of the week tomorrow. a quick change as area of low pressure moves in that will bring in scattered showers and a drop in those temperatures. the records that we are expecting for the day tomorrow, san rafael, forecast is 92. but the record temperature set back in 1898 -- 1889 was 87 degrees. in san francisco, it may not set a new record there, it's been this hot on this day before in history, and in oakland, looking at 90 degrees when the record is 86. some records will fall, many other spots very close. and then we see those temperatures really take a dip in time for the weekend. even on thursday, we'll have more clouds moving in, and a dip in those temperatures and it continues into friday with scattered showers moving in. this is one example of where we will see those temperatures
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really cooling down after a quick spike and some heat all across the bay area. i'll have another look at forecast coming up later. back to you. next at 11:00, dozens of homeless moved out. once again, the problem the city of san jose is facing as it tries to solve this -- but first, happening now, tweeting up dates about the inmate fight at santa clara county jail. the jail's on lockdown. they also tell us one injure ud person was taken to valley medical center. on our app everybody breaking news of two arrests in the burglary of the make-a-wish foundation and theft of hunter pence's scooter which was a fund-raising item. clroutgai anheromess cament-
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forced out again, another homeless encampment cleared out. those living near interstate 101/280 in san jose the latest group forced to pack up and find somewhere else. nbc bay area has more from san jose. >> reporter: walking through what he calls his temporary setting, a place he stops just short of calling home. >> no, it wasn't a tent. it was some tarp put up because i didn't have a tent. couldn't afford it. >> reporter: he's lived here
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beneath interstate 101 and 280 exchange in san jose for about a year. he moved here shortly after being kicked out of the nation's largest homeless encampment, the jungle, back in 2014. now, he has to move again. he says caltrans and city crews began dismantling the camp, scattered around are torn notices to vacate. >> we'll probably go to family members. it hard. we'll find somewhere until they start kicking us out. >> reporter: sergio, who lives in a house next door, is relieved to see the encampment go, because he's feared for his family's safety. >> two times they assault him. >> they were going to stab him? >> yeah. >> applauding the city's recent effort to combat homelessness but says they, along with caltrans and big businesses, need to do more. >> i think it's a disgrace. we have -- we're in the richest city in the richest valley, in the richest country of the world
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at the richest time of our history and this is the best they can do for homeless people, then we've got a serious problem. >> nbc bay area reached out to caltrans for comment and they have not commented. san jose's cracking down on massage parlors in city limits. police want tighter restrictions on the nearly 300 parlors in town. city council approved ordinance restricting where they can operate. san francisco giants are getting off on the right foot, wouldn't you say? >> yeah. >> today in milwaukee, they shoot for two in a row to open the season. >> giants will return to at&t park thursday for a home opener. we will be there, too. that team's going to tough. our team on the road, live on the feel thursday. that all starts at 4:30. next at 11 k, bart's problems go back decades. >> a lot of the decisions made
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50 years ago about this system really limit what we can do today. >> next, we expose why old age isn't the main problem for bart's track troubles. prlemforartit anll o fili sitfo
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>> problems continue for bart, all too familiar sight here for passengers who haven't seen normal service in two key stationed in nearly three weeks. breakdowns on bart cannot all be blame on an aging transit system. >> some problems bart paces were built from the very beginning. as dis covered, there is no easy fix, and in many cases there is no fix at all. >> there isn't a project named
11:31 am
for this region, for this area. >> at the dawn of the space age, the people who built bart wanted ultramodern transportation system. the first to be built after world war ii. sleek, lightweight, smooth. nothing like the rattle trapped subways of new york and chicago. >> it wasn't too far away from the monorail idea. >> reporter: transit commission spokesman says designers wanted a wow factor. >> where families would go on bart like a disney land ride. you'd get on it, almost luxurious in its feel. >> reporter: designed by a team of engineers from it aerospace industry, bart was built to impress but not with failure in mind. >> in the aerospace business, failure equals catastrophe. in our business, failure united states a fact of life. >> reporter: the manager is a veteran of the new york subway system. a network built to handle failure. >> they have express tracks,
11:32 am
local tracks, crossovers between every station. >> reporter: crossovers are switches allowing trains to be side tracked. bart's are few and far between. >> the ones we have are in the wrong location. >> reporter: that inflectionibility is problematic starting in west oakland where four lines with trains coming every 2 1/2 minutes converge on to one track in each direction all wait to daly city. >> basically, if anything happens in that core part of the system, the delays to our passengers and other trains propagate very quickly and impact many, many trains. >> reporter: it's a bottleneck that designers didn't anticipate and it's just one of many design limitations. >> a lot of the, you know, decisions made 50 years ago about this system really limit what we can do today. >> reporter: the bart board member explains the system is built around ultralightweight aluminum cars. riding on extra wide gauge
11:33 am
tracks then can go up to 80 miles an hour with a smoother ride, that's a price. >> we couldn't order off the shelf railcars, we had to have them customized, custom made. there's a lot of testing. >> reporter: because of that, bart pays nearly twice as much over standard rail considers for its new fleet. >> because of bart's unique's technological, it's a project. >> reporter: cheaper stainless steel cars are too heavy for columns supporting the elevated tracks. wheels have to be custom made out of aluminum and steel there you can't put air-conditioning units on the roof, which are standard in public transit. >> reporter: why? the tube isn't tall enough. air conditioners must be mounted underneath the cars, a maintenance headache that will take a car out of service for hours rather than minutes for a rooftop unit. it's not just the cars and the track, it's also electrical
11:34 am
propulsion system, station design, ticket machine. when you have a custom-built system, you get a couple of extras. >> one is, your projects are costlier. the other challenge is your projects take longer. >> reporter: oh, one more thing with the project. >> there's a chance it won't work or won't work the first time. >> they are significant challenges. i wouldn't argue with that. >> reporter: for all of the problems, larry believes in the design. >> the people who designed bart and sold bart did an incredible job for the community. >> former bart manager says that he believes that the system got overcrowded and that maintenance took a backseat to expansion. that's the story jackson is working on for tonight. watch it here at 6:00. federal officials are inspecting the yorba buena tunnel because concrete is
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crumbling and it's not just because of normal wear and tear over the last 80 years. corrosion to blame. a piece, you'll remember, of the wall fell on a car in january. and then caltrans found more than a dozen damaged areas along the bridge. the federal highway administration and caltrans using equipment that can see inside that concrete. >> getting a real good look what they look like, not just the surface, several feet back as well. and an idea if there's any problems farther beyond tunnel from what the eye can only see. >> now, caltrans says no serious dangers to drivers. >> high-risk sex offender is now free and in reasohnert park. this man jonathan hoppner is in their city. released on parole after serving jail time on molestation and sexual battery on young girls there's a high chance he could strike again. petaluma police plan to release
11:36 am
hoppner to a hotel in petaluma but the hotel wouldn't accept him. no word where he is in rohnert park. the family of a 19-year-old san jose shot and killed by a police officer is suing the pleasanton police department. they say the officer should not have been on the streets. police say john broke into a car dealership, jumping on cars, attacked an officer. the officer was acting in self-defense but the family's lawsuit claims that the officer was going through a preexisting emotional stress situation and should not have been on patrol. >> after her son was beating by sheriffs deputies, petrov's mother is accusing law enforcement of more beatings. she said her son was moved to the jail where deputies it there beat him. a marin county sergeant denies those allegations. this comes after fbi agents raided a house in san francisco last friday where they say they found a weapon and, once again,
11:37 am
aest ared petrov. his mother says her son's being targeted. >> this horrible event which we saw and the news on friday, it's -- >> olga is suing alameda county over the beating in november. she says her son suffered serious brain injuries and posttraumatic stress. stanford students asking for a new survey on sexual assaults on their campus. the university completed a survey but the survey is not good enough. 9,000 students took part in the survey back in october, and the results show that fewer than 2% said they were sexually assaulted. critics are saying that the survey was flawed and under estimates the problem. >> i think the types of questions could be changed better fit the student body and also the way in which the survey was sent out. i think if it was more clear it
11:38 am
was a completely anonymous survey. >> a good job trying to give concrete examples rather than vague terps. >> stanford says october survey said that nearly 60% of students participated in it. >> new details, $5,000 reward offered to the person shooting wild animals in berkeley. a groundskeeper at berkeley marina found three raccoons, ferrell cat and possum dead or clinging to life. an investigation showed the animals were shot with a pell let gun. a wayward sea lion delayed traffic in north bay. this is a scene yesterday morning near highway 37 in scaggs island in napa. the same sea lion found several times in odd locates. they think he's suffering from neurological damage. it's possible the toxin may have
11:39 am
delayed dungeonous crab season. now to the investigation into that amtrak train crash that killed two workers working on the tracks. it looks like human error may have been a factor. the train's black box revealed the engineer slammed on the brakes five seconds of about the crash. the question is why the maintenance crews were there in the first place. >> reporter: this morning, investigators want to know why amtrak maintenance equipment was sitting on two sets of tracks sunday morning as train 89 approached at 106 miles per hour, just under the posted limit of 110. >> we're still gathering facts on that information, as to who had the opportunity to be on that track. >> reporter: the train slammed into a backhoe, killing two amtrak workers with decades of experience. later today, investigators plan to interview other members of the work crew. among the questions, did miscommunication play a role? why was the crew repairing rail
11:40 am
ties an active amtrak line? investigators reviewed the boxes and camera that captured the crash. >> the damage on the train was unbelievable. i mean, the luggage from the top rack was strewn all over the place. >> reporter: a pennsylvania doctor who helped injured took these photos of the ripped and twisted cars. >> the window had been torn out of the side of the train and was lying across two sets of the chairs. there was metal. there's broken glass, plastic. it looked horrific. >> up next at 11:00, a game for the centuries. villanova wins the national championship. how one lucky boy celebrates his winning bracket. and this is what it looks like for some of our friends and neighbors across the country. but what will our forecast hold? definitely none of that.
11:41 am
no snow here but record heat. we are expecting that today and tomorrow. we'll take a look at numbers, coming up.
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>> while we'll deal with summer-like temperatures for the start of spring, much of the midwest and east coast waking up another deep freeze, creating dangerous conditions. nbc meteorologist dylan dryer reports. >> reporter: winter has an extra spring in its step. >> not enjoying it. >> reporter: overnight, round three of the deep freeze. >> it's like getting a snowball in the face. >> reporter: april anomaly. >> i have no idea. >> reporter: and a deadly one. this crash in upstate new york left one person dead on monday. the death toll in the winter blast now at three since sunday. and it's wreaking havoc on the roads. in upstate new york, this bus carrying college kids rolled over on to its roof. 20 of them got hurt, but they're expected to be okay. in massachusetts, it's wicked slippery. cars and big rigs swerving off the highway and into trees. and just released, police dash cam video shows a frightening
11:45 am
scene, wind knocking a tree down on to the road in new jersey, a truck smashing into it head-on. >> you all right? >> reporter: no one injured. the conditions so bad, at least three baseball teams delaying or postponing opening games. and there's little end in sight. this morning, it feels frigid. temperatures with windchills in teens from detroit to boston. as for people bracing the cold, they hope this is winter's swan song. at least until next year. >> i'm ready to just be done with it. >> it's pretty but it needs to stop. >> good to be here home. even if february was a tough month when it came to saving water here in california. believe it or not we missed the mark by a lot. instead of the mandatory 25%, californians saved just 12% in february. and the state is now in the fifth year of drought. a winter of rain and snow has just near average, made it near
11:46 am
average in northern california. el nino, though, not kind to southern california. they got less rain, so their reservoirs are very low. >> probably no chance of rain, i remember seeing 90s on the forecast. >> yes. we'll have some 90s, cooler air, and a little bit of rain for the weekend. we'll throw it all in there, all in a matter of a couple of days. let's take a look outside now at outer sunset. not a lot going on here, but i'm sure people will be flocking to the beach there and enjoying all of the sun and warmer weather. it's now 70 degrees. temperatures are rising fast in the east bay as well as peninsula. and as we get a close look at the south bay, we also have low 70s. almaden, 73. san martin, 70. let's compare our temperatures here to what they're seeing elsewhere. we know that we just saw dylan dreyer told us it's cold out
11:47 am
east. they're not going to see that change. but we will see our weather changing fairly quickly as that heat started to roll into the midwest. and a look at all of the temperatures today. expecting 87 in los gatos. palo alto 85 degrees. mission district today at 76 degrees. and mid-80s for napa, 8 the livermore. and it feel like summer in april. and the hottest day of the week will be tomorrow. so we won't stop here. in fact, we may set new records in spots like oakland. record is 86 degrees. and the forecast is 90 degrees. also we may set a record in livermore. we'll be close in other spots. as the high pressure continues to move right overhead we will have very warm air and not much of an onshore flow but it does kick in thursday, brings relief. and on friday, the area of low pressure quickly rolls in and brings scattered showers for
11:48 am
friday and saturday. sunday we will also have very cool temperatures. looking at that trend, from where we go, i mean this is crazy. 91 degrees on wednesday. and then thursday, 76 degrees. and then we dip below average for the weekend especially on saturday where we only get to 65 degrees. you need to, once again, be prepared for it all. if you're planning to go out to the giants game on thursday, the home opener, we will have some great weather but it will feel muggy with more clouds moving in we start out at of 8 degrees. a look at weekend forecast. scattered showers friday and saturday, dry on sunday, scattered sierra snow but it does get going for next week in the sierra. we may have snow there. so that is definitely great news. this week there will be a lot of that melting and our temperatures will be warm here and beginning to cool down in time for the weekend. we'll head back to average with
11:49 am
60s and upper 60s in parts of the north bay on friday. back to you. >> next at 11:00, it is a popular drug to help cut cholesterol, but can statins do more harm than good? the proof that some patients are actually suffering coming up after the break.
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thank you so much. did you say honey?
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hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast woerso pvenhea news about the blockbuster cholesterol drug statin. >> many patients say side effects are too painful for them. so now, for the first time, doctors say there is proof that the patients are right. nbc's rehema ellis has more. >> reporter: some of the most popular drugs in country are statins. taken by 25 million americans,
11:52 am
to lower cholesterol and reduce heart disease. but they can also cause debilitating side effects, muscle pain, weakness, cramp, report by 5 to 20% of patients. diane was one of them. >> everything was sore and i -- every time i moved i'd get this more of an achy, bad, achy feeling. >> reporter: for years some doctors thought the complaints might be psycho sem mattic, all in their head. but a new study concludes the pain is real. >> this confirms, for the first time, that muscle intolerance to statins is a real problem affecting a significant portion of patients and if those patients now we need to develop alternatives to treatment. >> reporter: the good news is, there is potential relief. >> the drug has been approved. >> reporter: already, two cholesterol-lowering drugs have been approved by the fda. one repatha cuts levels of bad
11:53 am
cholesterol by more than half, according to the new study. diane says the medication changed her life. >> it does the same thing but it done have the side effects that the statins have. >> reporter: but the bad news is, they're expensive. about $14,000 a year. and only fda approved for people with hereditary, high cholesterol. the question now is, whether the fda will approve them for a wider group of patients to cut their clesz rcholesterol and pain. >> 14,000. >> that's a lot of money. >> we'll be back in a minute.
11:54 am
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three seconds. for the championship! >> villanova going wild. drains the three at buzzer to lead the wildcats to ncaa basketball championship over north carolina. the final, 77-74. the fans in the corner pouring out on to campus to celebrate. villanova canceled classes today to let students keep that celebration going. some are saying that might have been the greatest ending to the history of -- in the history of the national championship game. >> last night's heart-pounding finish made or broke brackets everywhere. one shot pools decided around the nation. >> nbc bay area's morning crew.
11:57 am
>> yes! yes! >> he doesn't -- the winner of the pool, though, will is 7-year-old son of the member of our morning team. he was in the pool. will asked to take part and dad let him fill out the bracket. sam brock would have won if north carolina had won but instead, sam, the 7-year-old. >> i usually let my husband do it, i have no clue. >> i picked the warriors. >> this year he was like no, i'm not going to do it. >> my record is immaculate because i won the one time i did it. >> very smart. thank you for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> have a great day. find anything you need at any time of day. =risnimionu
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today on "access hollywood live," kristin bell is with us and brought her costar. >> she's adorable. >> so cute, from "the boss." >> we'll hear secrets about the movie and "frozen" maybe. >> the ladies have invaded the barbershop. >> eve is back, talking about her role. i love her tattoos. >> wait until you see the tattoos. paw prints on the decolletage. lock the doors, turn the lights down low, scotty mcqueakrooeccr with us. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> welcome to


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