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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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toy.. li lo atubl- summer in april, the heat is on in the bay area. we look live at dublin set set to be one of the hottest spots. we'll show you your neighborhood coming up. a change in momentum on the campaign trail, the underdogs come ing out on top. the big winners from last night's wisconsin primary. >> reporter: live in downtown san jose where taggers deface city businesses for the third time in recent weeks, what the city is doing to respond. >> a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> we want to get right to that microclimate forecast because you want to put ice cubes in the kids' water bottles. it will get hot across the bay area. live in san jose and san francisco, two places about to feel the heat in the next 24 hours and already started. >> anthony slaurgt h-- slaughte
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tracking the temperatures. i guess you want to bring water to work. >> this will definitely be one of the hottest days of the year so far, talking temperatures well above what we saw yesterday. some locations in our valley to the 80s. starting in the mild mid to upper 50s and some 60s across the tri valley like dublin. across the afternoon we see you may need an extra shirt because it will be hot. if you have to work outside, a word of caution, take frequent breaks. it can be dangerous. 93 for san francisin these arear san francisco. >> the whole area looking really
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good. the heat map will show higher temperatures all over the bay. anthony has been talking about that. the freeway moving at the limit. a smooth drive and we have the b.a.r.t. train moving from pittsburgh bay point to the concord station. no delays reported but we're tracking very closely. the bay bridge, we look at the live shot and the span moving very well, no real backup. and they did the retrofit after the last earthquake leads to the next story. >> it does. there is a 6.9 earthquake that strikes vanuatu, a small island in the south pacific struck hours ago. no reports of damage or threats of a tsunami. this is the second earthquake to hit that small country. a similar magnitude struck on sunday. new surveillance footage shows taggers defacing parts of
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downtown san jose. businesses say they're fed up. >> so is the city government. this is the third time in just weeks and now the city is taking action. >> reporter: yes, it is. you'll likely, if you're down here in this area, see security guards walking around 54/7 and city leaders. there was graffiti, it's been covered up and all happens in minutes. security camera video late monday to early tuesday morning shows a group of four people, young men in thats, some wearing backpa backpacks, tagging a restaurant and a garbage can and putting up graffiti within five minutes and then they tag city hall. the general manager says unfortunately this is far from the first time this has happened. in fact, he says it's targeted about once a week.
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>> very annoying. think you don't have to worry about it, a nice restaurant across from city hall, think you don't have to worry about it but you do. >> not good to hear as we're trying to send a message to the community we're doing everything we can to tackle graffiti we ourselves are getting hit. >> reporter: the manager of a local business that covers and cleans graffiti tells nbc bay area his team deals with about 100 tag spots everyday in downtown san jose alone. by the way, the private round the clock security guards hired by the city, you can start seeing those guys out here as early as tonight. live in downtown san jose, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 5:04 on your wednesday. the san francisco police commission will review the force policy today. san francisco's public defender is urging the attorney general
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to open a civil rights investigation, this coming after a new batch of officers were found to be sending racists and homophobic text messages to one another. the aclu made a similar request to the department of justice. santa clara county's main jail and we have a picture sh showing the aftermath of that inmate brawl at the jail happening on the second floor of the medium security wing yesterday morning around 8:00. the jail was on lock down about an hour before returning back to normal. >> they're 24 hours a day 7 days a week. this is not a rare occasion. we had about 25 fights just at the main jail and this year up to 78 fights. >> the jail has been making headlines lately. last month, newly installed cameras caught another brawl and last year a mentally ill inmate was found dead in his cell and
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three officers on trial for b t beating that inmate. a couple lore for disabled students have been found in violation of cal's sexual misconduct policies, after a request from the san jose mercury news. the report dates back to 2011. a diving coach, adjunct professor and asian studies professor all found to be in violation. eight staff members fired or re-signed while others demoted or received pay cuts. recent lay former law school dean and former basketball coach have been accused of sexual harassment. police say they have been trying to hunt down a person who attempted to sexually assault a student while she slept in her dorm at uc santa cruz's college early saturday morning and that suspect fled soon after he was confronted. a mother accused of stealing nearly 200,0$200,000 from a loc high school. this is her photo from facebook. 52-year-old cindy mauer from
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pacifica is charged with embezzling money from a parent run peer committee from a well-known high school in san francisco. she co-chaired a committee responsible for grad night and accused of stealing that money between 2007 and 2012. >> it's a really incredibly audacious and criminal thing to do. i think people like that should be punished. >> she was a mom, not a bookkeeper. now, they're expecting her to prove years worth of transact n transactions after the fact. >> mauer pleaded not guilty to those charges yesterday. a big night for the under g underdogs as we cover decisions 2016. ted cruz and bernie sanders, winners in wisconsin this morning. they beat their front runners, donald trump and hillary clinton and cruz calling his victory a turning point while sanders says
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his campaign has more momentum. trump's campaign released a statement last night blasting ted cruz calling him quote a trojan horse being used by party bosses attempting to steal the nomination. no word from the clinton cam pain. -- campaign and know she skipped wisconsin and headed to new york where there are a lot of delegates. >> these races are expensive, president obama heading back to the bay area to raise more money. he will be here friday for several fund raisers benefitting democratic candidates. the presidenteturns to washington, d.c. on saturday. can't say we didn't warn you, you knew about this, a live look at the bay bridge this morning if you're headed outside, make sure to bring water and sunscreen. we're about to get hit with record breaking temperatures. >> meteorologist anthony slau t
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slaughter joins us, we're talking pool and barbecue weather the middle of the week. >> yes. i was looking at my phone saying san jose, costa rica? 80s and 90s, unbelievable. talk about the hour by hour forecast and you can see traffic moving this morning talking 54 degrees by 9:00. even by lunchtime 80 degrees this afternoon hopefully have the fountains on downtown. it will be hot. 90 degrees by 3:00. by 6:00, look at that temperature, still close to 90 degrees. 87 degrees in downtown san jose. 91 in morgan hill. pacifica 83 degrees, same for ocean beach and san francisco and the coastline, you won't be able to escape the heat except by getting in the water. we'll talk about cooler weather in the next couple of days.
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in the meantime to mike for a look at dublin. >> in the tri-valley, right now not so hot. traffic well. we're looking at smooth traffic from the 580 westbound. we have one problem near the dublin energinterchange. not a lot here. and the san mateo bridge and bay bridge all good. back to you. >> sounds good. coming up, pushing lawmakers for millions, the reason you may be footing the bill for legal fees after the pipeline explosion. a tinder buster. i'll show i how it works in business and tech. a shake-up in the warriors chance trying to make history. a live look at the oracle arena after a rough loss last night
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losing in overtime to timberwolves. they had a double digit lead in this game and now take on the no san antonio spurs. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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another story you will only see in the bay area, state regulators asking for millions of dollars to pay for their legal bills after the
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investigation into the public commission and saying they need known pay for two law firms for the cup. a state senator says he will block it and when he tried to do it last year, they said they would cut programs. >> this is crazy, a slap in the face to taxpayers in the state of california. >> we reached out to the puc for comment and not yet heard back. good news for moms and dads in san francisco, the city the first in the nation to approve six weeks of paid leave for parents. the boards of supervisors approved that yesterday. companies with more than 50 employees are affected here. businesses with more than 50 people have until 2018 to
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comply. >> fully paid parental leave will make it more likely women will return to work and to their previous employer and with the same or higher wages. >> smaller businesses say this will force them to cut back on staffing or raise prices. >> the new law coming during a boom time in san francisco during a six or seven year boom psych until. >> this could be tough on businesses during a recession. >> it could and hopefully the supervisors took that into account. the decisions we're making now as unemployment is very low in san francisco and businesses are rich on venture capital money have to be able to stand up during the worst of time, can businesses comply with liberal benefits during a recession. it seems like forever ago san francisco went through the shock of the dotcom bust followed by the tremendous bust of 9/11 but those were very very tough times. one other thing to think about
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liberal parental leave can discourage businesses from higher people likely to become parents. that's illegal, yes, you only have to look at pay disparity between genders to know because it's wrong doesn't mean it doesn't happen. the chip-maker at marvel has been dismissed from her job and so too has her co-husband. marv marvell has been struggling with counter irregularities lately and both founders will remain on the board. we turn to susan li, live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, susan. >> good morning, scott. wall street looking to cover ground futures higher this hour. the dow posting its first triple digit loss in close to a month's time. investors have been raising concerns with the upcoming
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corporate earnings season. today, look out for the minutes from last month's meeting with the fed striking a cautious tone raising interest rates this year. the dow dropped 133 points yesterday trading off 73,603 and inside losing ground at 4843, a level we're starting off on today. back to you. >> a warning this morning to people who use tinder who should not be using tinder. a new website called swipe bu buster uses tinder data to find people on the dating site. for five bucks, you put in your significant other's name in a city and searches him or her out. the website is only using publicly provided data in a program. it's not a hack or anything and tinder shrugs its shoulders and turns out you can save five bucks and look for your cheater that way.
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if you are not supposed to be on tinder, now this is time to quit. >> do you have to give your real name on tinder? couldn't you call yourself -- >> that is a very good point. >> that would be scott mcyou muffin -- stud mcmuffin for sure. >> stud mcmuffin. >> harry potter opens in los angeles tomorrow. >> universal studios getting ready to show off the california new theme park in a spectacular way last night. it includes hogwarts castle and the shops of hogs -- and here is harry's rival, draco malfoy. >> i came here three times as a 6, 7 and 8-year-old. the idea that i can come here now and be a part of it is a lot to take in. >> for those of us that only saw the first couple of harry pot r potters, remember that? that guy was a little kid.
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he's all grown up now. tickets $95 on the weekday, 10$5 on the weekend. coming up in 25 minutes, we talk live with the weasley twins, ron's brothers and we will chat to them about the nyoew park an what they're up to. nbcuniversal is the parent company of nbc bay area. >> you read it yourself as an adult and read it again with your kids. probably a good day to have inside reading at your library. cool haven. >> you want to make sure you can get inside and stay away from this heat. at noon:00 or 4:00 is when the heat is the strongest and you wanted to make sure you take breaks if you work outside and if a construction worker, get inside this afternoon. the golden gate bridge, no fog this morning and once the day gets going, sun comes up, already at 80 degrees in san francisco, topping off at 86, 92
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for the north bay, close to nircht in the east bay. up against the waters, a little cooler heading to the inland vall valleys, south bay, 92 degrees, same deal for the tri-valley. maybe thinking about the beach, have the day off. pacifica, 83 degrees this afternoon. water temperature nice and cold mid 50s and half moon bay, 89 degrees and the warm wind will warm up santa cruz, a north wind there, 90 degrees your high. on the satellite, we don't have much in terms of cloud cover. look what's happening here. we have an area of disturbed weather. tonight, we have showers in the forecast moving from san diego and l.a. through the central valley and coast and by friday morning we will have our own showers in the forecast lingering by saturday. something that will break this heat. by tomorrow, south bay, 75
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degrees, friday and saturday, 60s across the entire bay. san francisco, 80s today, back in the 60s and saturday, low 60s. the same for the east shore and tri-valley. everywhere you go today, while it will be hot in the next couple of days, we're expecting temperatures to cool off to normal and more tolerable temperatures can be expected. what's happening on the roads? >> look at the northbound traffic coming toward me. the map will show you the same thing in the silicon valley. we don't expect a lot of traffic to build. 101 live shot should get a little more crowded. we'll track that. big look at the bay shows no problem, the altamonte pass, a smoother drive, 205 and 580 and the bay bridge and maze. and looking at the toll plaza, you don't see an issue.
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spring break is rotating around the bay, i think san mateo, foster city have spring breaks this week, we will continue to see a lighter traffic flow. >> for traffic and correspond t correspondents. >> multiple hats, mike. the proposal that will insure sea life does not get caught up in crab pots as the season gets under way. ram seistuselas bes t
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a new fault line is discovered right under downtown santa rosa.
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scientists used laser beams to map the fault for the first time. seiferts say there's a 31% chance a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake could strike the rogers creek or hayward fault lines within the next 30 years. people very happy the crab season has finally started. >> yeah, we are, right? fishing comes with a big problem. hundreds of crab pots get left behind and pose a danger to marine mammal. reporting a proposed state bill will inensure the crab pots are pulled out of the ocean. a bill would pay fishermen for recovering that lost gear and they have to pay to reclaim them or risk losing them. staying in the ocean, a sea lion found in february and in a popular san diego restaurant back out in the wild this morning and jumping in the water. the up.
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nicknamed "marina" was extremely malnouri malnourished, weighed only 20 pounds when found after asian wee -- eight weeks of rehabilitation she can be leads. >> and another one being dropped in. are we protecting his identity? >> firefighters in the east bay are using high-tech tools to help with an old-fashioned rescue. >> the alameda fire department used a thermal imaging camera and power tools to rescue this kitten in san leandro. the little guy had been wa wandering around the attic when it fell between the wall studs, they used a camera to track the curious kitten behind the wall. once they knew where to cut they rescued the cat and posted it online. >> down to eight lives now. a shift of momentum. after a humbling loss from both
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front runners, the reason ted cruz may have just slammed the door on trump's best chance to seize the nomination. >> i'm stephanie chuang, live in san jose. city hall tagged along with other restaurants across the street, the third time in weeks and how the city is fighting back. >> if you're getting outside later on this afternoon, it will be a hot one, temperatures 20 degrees bov where they should be. if you're getting out, san francisco 86 this afternoon. we'll take a closer look after this. joings. i'krisanez
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock on a steamy day. baseball season officially under way. the weather coming with it like it is the dog days of summer. a live look at pnc park with the san francisco giants, the heat is about to set in. >> and how hot it will get in your neighborhood today. anthony, where are we headed and who are we visiting to get out of the heat? >> we won't go anywhere unfortunately. 80s at the coastline. pacifica, half moon bay, even santa cruz hits 90. you can see the numbers behind me setting the stage for a very warm day. don't be deceived, baseball starts tomorrow, the home opener
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and much different story. we'll be back to the 60s and 70s. today, we have to make it through very hot weather. 90 degrees, 86 in san francisco, 92 as well as in napa, 86 in hayward and oakland close to 90 and the tri-valley will be toasty, low 90s there. we'll go over the forecast tomorrow again, much cooler weather expected and rain in the forecast this weekend. all of that coming up in a bit. mike looking for a crash in san jose. >> looking at north 101. typically slows and looks slower than usual and headlights off the screen. on the maps right before oakland road 880 change right out of our view and you see the slowdown already. we'll track that because it's in the middle of the roadway right now with no injuries reported. we hope the no injuries part stays. the rest of the bay moves well at the bay bridge toll plaza,
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you see the metering lights on any minute and right now registering not on. back to you. the decision 2016. crucial wins last night in the wisconsin primary. ted cruz pulling out a wide victory over donald trump and john kasich. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders stealing another state from hillary clinton or earning one. sanders won by 57% of the vote. tracie potts joins us live. what does last night's win mean for cruz and sanders? we know it's not a game changer for the front runners but could be for the second in place? >> it could be but still an uphill climb for them when you look at the delegates gained and where they need to go. still a tough one. another big winner was the stop trump movement. we saw them tweet late last night they think he's trying to hijack the party and donald trump's response to his loss in
5:33 am
wisconsin slamming ted cruz s saying cruz is trying to steal the nomination. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> ted cruz won double differentiates ov differentiates -- double digits in wisconsin showing he dominated over wealthy voters looking for experience and those republicans determined to win in november. >> hillary, get ready, here we come. >> reporter: trump downplayed wisconsin. >> i'm millions of votes more than anybody else. >> reporter: in fact, cruz and his supporter admit it could take a second vote at july's convention for cruz to win the nomination. >> this is a guy who can bring the party together. >> reporter: bernie sanders celebrated his double digit victory in wyoming caucuses but he's already headed for new york. >> do not tell secretary clinton, she's getting a little nervous and i i don't want her to get more nervous, but i
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believe we have an excellent chance to win new york. >> reporter: clinton tweeted to all the voters and volunteers who poured your hearts into this campaign forward. sanders benefitted from a huge turnout of men and young voters who signed up the day of the primary. republicans also saw a record turnout, nearly 1 million voters. today, we have democrats in pennsylvania, the top two republicans in new york, governor kasich back home in ohio doing a state of the state address. that new york primary is going to be the big focus, coming up pretty quickly, less than two weeks now. >> thank you very much. we know you'll be watching it. the music will play the controversial new concert venue in san francisco just got the green light. the armory at 14th and mission will now be able to host 4,000 people. before the concert, they will have to put in a new security plan. some neighbors opposing that plan are still appealing that
5:35 am
decision. >> this is a venue that had a lot of unpermitted events and neighborhood complaints and really hasn't become part of the culture. >> no one wants a madison square garden of the west. this is bringing it back to its former glory and will secure the future of the building. >> they voted to cite the owner for holding an unpermitted event in the armory earlier this year. vandals caught in the act. new surveillance footage shows t taggers in downtown san jose. this is the third time in weeks they were hit with graffiti. >> stephanie is live where they are trying to stop this. it could be a more visual presence of security. >> reporter: hopefully a deterrent. in the last half hour we showed you city hall. just across the street on 4th street. two restaurant owners are here and really frustrated because they say this has become routine
5:36 am
and soon you will see security guard s walking around city hall to prevent this from happening again. two saturday c two security cameras showing a group of four people tagging this wall, appear to be young men wearing thats and backpacks and a garbage can work their way down, all happening in just about five minutes and one hour later, the vandals hit city hall. >> it's not good to hear as we're trying to send a message out to the community we're doing everything we can to tackle graffiti we ourselves are getting hit. >> disrespect. people come here all the time, family orientated restaurant, disrespe disrespectful. >> reporter: so the city is working on its plan to hire private security guards to patrol 24/7 and could be as early as tonight.
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seeing 100 taggings everyday just in san jose alone and that falls in line with what the general manager of the pizza restaurant behind me says this area hit at least once a week. live here in san jose, stephanie chuang. the search continues for a robbery suspect who took place on a high speed chase through several east bay cities and all along there were children in the suspect's car. police say charles justice of hayward robbed a nordstrom rack store in hayward yesterday afternoon. he was armed. police spotted justice and a chase followed. officers abandoned the chase after the suspect drove into oncoming traffic. police are still looking for him. >> a look at this x-ray. do you notice anything that stands out? circular. that is a ring inside the suspect's body. good guess, kris. police believe he swallowed it to hide it from officers, the
5:38 am
suspect stole that ring from a walnut creek home. the homeowner called 911 after hearing stephonson break into his house. he led police on a chase eventually crashing his car into a b.a.r.t. track way. later during an exam doctors noticed something unusual, that ring. the suspect admitted to stealing more than just the ring. tackling a housing crisis, oakland city leaders seeking a solution to this problem and hundreds filled the council last night to demand action. the plan nmunanimously approved freezes rent for a certain time and does not apply to those after 83. >> nobody want to live here and after gentrification, everybody wants to live here and pushing us out. >> they say rents have risen 13% in the last year. another thing rising is the
5:39 am
thermometer. about to get a major dose of summer-like temperatures. one spot will feel the heat in matter of hours. >> anthony is tracking the weather and i am saying, no way, i am not cooking tonight. too hot. >> it will be an evening you want to be sure you have air-conditioning and fans if you don't have air-conditioning and a pool, get buckets of water ready, it will be warm. clean out the freezer and ice c cubes and i had to do that last night, clean out the fridge. running pretty wild, in the 80s. san francisco bay, low 90s and east bay temperatures close to 90 in the inner bay and 90 for the peninsula and 92 for the south bay. if you're like kris, you're not cooking this afternoon, you should be cooking later on.
5:40 am
a crash, what's happening out there? >> it's starting to ease up a little bit. at the top of the screen we saw this chp vehicle at the top of the screen and approaching here it's starting to ease up a little bit. look at the map. slower than you'd expect for a longer portion of that san jose drive. all the way to oakland road, that crash over on the shoulder. major damage to one of the cars and no updates on injuries. the rest of the bay moved very well, a good drive here. bay bridge toll plaza, no major problem, managetering lights ar. the new partnership between caltrans and popular app that could make your commute go smoothly. >> what do yahoo! and olive garden have in common? i'll let you know on that.
5:41 am
a live look at the oakland coliseum, home of the as, the team taking another rough loss last night against the chicago white sox, final score of 5-4. giants back in town for their big home opener starting the season off, 2-0. we will be live on the field starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. back in two minutes.
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with happingoda..thnewartar ll uniles
5:44 am
. happening later today, the new b.a.r.t. car set to be unveiled. >> we showed it to you, the new train being loaded on the truck from new york state. it made its way across the country, 1 of 10 delivered this year for testing. then, if all goes according to plan, it will be red late next year. a partnership between caltrans and a popular new app. fremont, usually one of the busiest areas and it is teaming up with waze, and caltrans will give wase information on construction projects and other conditions. >> scott and netflix. >> you're familiar with the roku
5:45 am
device, similar to apple tv. lately manufacturers have been turning them into small plugs that connect into your tv. they're about to come up with a new one that looks like the old one but has a feature that sends the audio to your phone and put your head phones and earbuds in your phone jack and listen to the tv through the phone wirele wirelessly, very clever. >> let's talk unlimited breads sticks. olive garden says it made way more money than expected. i bring this up because olive garden was taken over by corporate raiders a year and half ago and turned the company around and those same activist investors are the ones trying to take over yahoo!. while yahoo! is not olive garden, shareholders may look what they did for pasta and wonder if they can do that foria hao. it will -- yahoo!.
5:46 am
voters have to decide whether to vote for the current board or vote them out in favor of a new nominated board. we get the fed meetings later today the notes from the federal open markets committee and give us a chance to see what the committee was thinking when it decided not to raise rates last time, the klose we can get to tea leaves to understand what they're thinking. >> i love that gadget, roku. my father-in-law has a hard time hearing the tv, it's always bla blasting. this is great. >> perfect except don't watch your favorite shows without your significant other because then you get in more trouble than if the music is blasting. >> that's bad. >> a look at weather and traffic, things starting to rise. >> yes. i'm waiting for season two of
5:47 am
unbre unbreakable. >> that's right. >> especially today. a perfect day to stay in, maybe for the movies. they have air-conditioning there and definitely think of a place or way to stay cool today. look at these temperatures hour by hour in san francisco, by lunchtime mid 70s above average 5 degrees. by 3:00, 86 degrees and once the sun starts to set still in the mid 70s in san francisco. for the rest of the bay area, it is a toasty one away from the water, 92 today. 86 for the east bay. 90 for the peninsula and hot again across parts of the south bay reaching back to the 90s. tomorrow, we have a completely different story, we will see cooler temperatures, opening day for giants, taking on dodgers and good to see temperatures back in the mid-60s, more cloud cover and a little muggy and i think we'll take 60s over 80s and 90s, just speaking for
5:48 am
myself. i'm pretty sure you agree with me sitting in the hot sun. tomorrow, a disturbance brings rain for the weekend. friday, we're expecting more showers and that will continue to saturday. the other thing it will do is cool our numbers off big time. look at these high temperatures for tomorrow. nothing like today. talking temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow across the entire bay area including the peninsula and a chance of rain for friday. a completely twist of change headed our way. the plot seems to thicken here each and every day across the bay area. cooler temperatures tomorrow and then rain by friday. we have it all in that 7-day forecast. mike, on the roads? >> the plot thickens for you. the commute builds a bit in the north bay. and the south bay where the san jose slowdown is shaping up. look at your map, nothing really significant, we don't have enough to set off the sensors to
5:49 am
the san rafael bridge. we have changes in 80 a-- 880 ad hayward city. 580, reports of pallets in the roadway. chp cleared them from the roadway but not before one car hit one of the pallets and there may be wood debris scattered the last few minutes until they can clear that out. south bay, 101 the worst of it. we may see more traffic but haven't seen that just yet. traffic is backed up from 680 from tully to mckee an earlier crash north of there. that distraction slowed things a little bit. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> if you ever dreamed, i think you have, of receiving a letter to hogwarts, now might be the chance with harry potter.
5:50 am
>> i'm discovering the magic with my children as they're discovering harry potter. transforming the wizarding world of harry potter a parent company of nbc bay area and we're doing it because the new attraction opens tomorrow, very cool. lots of magical mystery for fans to uncover there. >> let's experience two people participating direct lin it, james and oliver phelps also known as fred and george weasley. >> guys, thanks for joining us, people will feel like they're stepping into harry potter's world now. >> good morning. >> yeah. like you say, it's something i'm excited to see tomorrow morning when the fans walk in and you see their eyes light up because they're actually going into the wizarding world. >> this goes across generations. you guys were in the movie when you were just 14 years old. i won't divulge your age now but you're not 14 anymore.
5:51 am
and you can see the book and movies with a younger generation, how is that like for you? >> pretty surreal, as you say, new generations coming into it. you see people going to the theme park who weren't even born when the first film came out. it's pretty cool to see those guys there and they say, didn't you used to have ginger hair? we can slide around a bit because of that. >> that is something that you don't have red hair. >> i notice, james, on your twitter handle you say the guy who dyed his hair for 10 years out in the public now. >> i thought i would say it straightway. >> everyone has that association with you and characters. talk about the physical the size of the park itself, you tweeted out a picture on instagram of the skyline and this harry potter standing out, a nice
5:52 am
edition. >> it's a new feature to the l.a. skyline now. amazing work they've done and you really feel you're there. are we going to feel like we're part of the harry potter world when we go there? definitely because they thought of everything and even the guys who work here have to speak with an english accent. not like you're in southern california anymore, like you're in the atlantic. very again accents as well. >> my 7 and 9-year-old run around the house going, it's not worth it! we've got our english accent down pat, i think. thanks so much for joining us. very cool to see you all grown up. perhaps we will see you in a western some day? >> that would be awesome. >> that would be wicked.
5:53 am
the next attraction in nbc studios in hollywood. thanks for joining us. >> harry potter was their first movie, start of their acting career. >> they're 30 now. >> 2001 was the first movie, wasn't it? >> yeah. >> they're like 35 or -- 14, math not my strong suit. don't quote me on that. let's go some place magical. returning to its roots for the ninth year, it takes over the park for the first weekend in august. some of the thousands of fans could be feeling deja vu because radiohead is returning this year, and also lana del rey, duran duran and lionel richie. tickets go on sale thursday. star-studded lineup there. coming up next, more fallout stemming from the deadly
5:54 am
pipeline explosion and the bill taxpayers are asked to foot if regulators get their way. major win for bernie sanders and ted cruz in the wisconsin primary. if you go to our home page you see the break-down of the vote and the ad spending for all the candidates vying for the white house. plus the strange story of an uber passenger taking over the wheel to get away from police. back in two minutes.
5:55 am
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. ste rulars e ainglaake fomiion
5:56 am
5:57 am
a story you see only on nbc bay area, state regulators are asking for millions of dollars to pay for their legal fees s m stemming from corruption investigation after the san bruno pipeline explosion. pg&e says it needs another $6 million to pay for lawyers. a state senator says he will block that but when he tried it last year, they threatened to reduce programs and they ended up caving. >> this is not good for the state of california. another fight at the main
5:58 am
jail. we are showing the aftermath of an inmate brawl again happening on the medium security ring yesterday morning. that jill was on lock-down about an hour before returning to normal. >> they occur 24 hours a day 7 days week. last year we had 25 fights in just the main jail and this year already up to 78 fights. >> the jail has been the subject of headlines recently. last.month, newly installed cameras caught another brawl between inmates and last year a mentally ill inmate was killed in his cell and three police officer s on trial for allegedly beating him. the san francisco board of supervisors approved six weeks of paid leave for new parents. and companies with more than 50 employees have to do it and businesses with fewer than 50
5:59 am
employees have time to comply. >> it will make it more likely mothers return to their work and previous employer and with the same or higher wages. >> others say it will force them to cut back on staffing or raise prices. there is a real shall we say he hare raising event in san francisco. >> we told you about this but now we have the pictures to prove it. five inflatable rabbits in san francisco. an artist trying to get the message to highlight the damage caused by nonnative species. rabbits though cuddly and cute were introduced to australia as a nonnative species in 1788 and since then they have destroyed
6:00 am
many habitats. they will remain in the plaza through the 26th. >> a beautiful display. >> right now, 6:00, sizzling heat and record breaking heat. the breakdown in your full mi o microclimate forecast in moments. >> not only does it look bad, it's bad for business. vandals tagging city hall in san jose and nearby businesses for the third time in recent weeks. i'm live with how the city is taking action to fight back. >> plus, a shift in momentum as bernie sanders and ted cruz win in wisconsin. what these victories could mean as the race for the white house moves forward. today in the bay continues right now. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. just looking for a little shift


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