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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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many habitats. they will remain in the plaza through the 26th. >> a beautiful display. >> right now, 6:00, sizzling heat and record breaking heat. the breakdown in your full mi o microclimate forecast in moments. >> not only does it look bad, it's bad for business. vandals tagging city hall in san jose and nearby businesses for the third time in recent weeks. i'm live with how the city is taking action to fight back. >> plus, a shift in momentum as bernie sanders and ted cruz win in wisconsin. what these victories could mean as the race for the white house moves forward. today in the bay continues right now. >> thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. just looking for a little shift in the wind to deal with the
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heat. good morning. >> it will be a hot one, talking temperatures 20 degrees above where they should be. the average high in san jose, get this, 60 degrees. we're headed to see temperatures close to 90. mostly clear skies and no fog. 86 degrees later on this afternoon in san francisco. expect low 90s for those inland locations including the north bay, tri-valley and south bay. it is going to be a hot one. if you have to work outside for a long period of time today, frequent breaks are urged. it can begin dangerous. and tomorrow's home opener forecast as well. and we'll see what's happening on the roads. >> we have the bay looking pretty nice. san jose is unusual slowing. 101, this picture really
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outstanding, looking at the slower drive. let's see how far that stret stretches. on the approach, we have a slower drive, heading from the scene, looks like i picked the wrong map, trust me it's there and this map, we see traffic moving nicely andhayward, moving nicely. we'll give you a better picture coming up. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake striking vanuatu, a small island in the south pacific. no reports of injuries or damage and no threat of a tsunami. this is actually the second large earthquake to hit that country recently. a similar one struck on sunday. here at home, vandals struck again in the south bay, the
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third time in recent weeks, now, city leaders are taking action. >> they say they're fed up with this. >> stephanie chuang joining us live in san jose. we can see the graffiti with you before and now new video surveillance of the taggers in action. >> good morning. it was security cameras that caught the vandals in action and we can see security guards patrolling 247, the city's plan. and saying they are routine targets. it only takes minutes and they captured them early tuesday morning shows a group of four people carrying bag packs t tagging a restaurant wall starting with a garbage can and working their way down with graffiti on a 100 foot stretch. the general manager of fourth street pizza says he's frustrated and says his business
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is targeted once a week. >> very annoying. i'd rather not have to worry about it. go to a nice restaurant, nice place downtown right across from the city hall, don't think you have to worry about it but you do. >> the manager of a local business that covers and cleans up graffiti says his team deals with 100 taggings every single day in the downtown area alone. this private around the clock security guard solution could be as early as wednesday night as they try to figure out a more permanent solution. >> thank you. to decision 2016 and presidential front runners hillary clinton and donald trump looking to bounce back after losses in wisconsin. bernie sanders and ted cruz both won their primaries. >> hillary, get ready, here we
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come. >> do not tell secretary clinton, she's getting a little nervious and i don't want her to get more nervous. i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york. >> both sanders and cruz have their work cut out for them when it comes to new york. the delegate rich state votes in two weeks and front runners hillary clinton and donald trump are leading the polls there. much more on the race to the white house coming up in a live report at 6:30. a robbery suspect took police on a high speed chase through several east bay cities and all along, there were children inside the suspect's car. police say charles justice of hayward robbed a nordstrom rack in hayward yesterday afternoon and armed at the time and police spotted justice and a chase followed. officers abandoned that chase after the suspect drove into
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oncoming traffic. police are still looking for justice. a mother accused of stealing nearly 200,0$200,000 from a bay high school. this is her photo from facebook. 52-year-old cindy mauer from pacifica is being charged with embezzling money from a parent run volunteer committee at st. ignatius high school, a well-known private school in san francisco. court commedocuments claim she organized grad night for the school and she is accused of stealing that money from 2007 and 2012. >> it's an incredibly audacious and criminal thing to do. i think people like that should be punished. >> she was a mom, not a bookkeeper and now they're expecting her to prove years worth of transactions after the fact. >> mauer pleaded not guilty to those charges yesterday. two down and one more to go. san francisco police arrested two men for allegedly stealing
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hunter pence's scooter, the same scooter the giants outfielder donated to the make a wish foundation raising 40,00$40,000. the hunt is on for the third suspect. all three were caught on camera breaking into the foundation's building sunday. officers spotted two of those spukt in t suspects in the tenderloin and promptly arrested them. >> you become very familiar with people in your area and suspects and people you arrested. they were able to recognize these folks. >> while the two men face multiple charges including burglary and possession of stolen property. do you recognize this woman? wanted by police for fraud. she falsely identified herself to get a car at pay less car rental last thursday. that car was later used in multiple thefts and burglaries. happening today, the new b.a.r.t. train will be unveiled. we showed you it being loaded
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onto a truck last month and it finally made its way in the bay area across the country. the new cars will be put into service late next year if all goes according to plan. and they will need air-conditioning inside today. a live look at downtown san jose this morning. we know the heat is about to spike today. >> and just a heat speak, nike t a heat wave but dangerous if you work outside? >> we will see one day today but back to normal tomorrow. we have temperatures starting off nice and mild, close to 60 discretion -- degrees in tri-valley. once the sun comes up, it will rise and warm rapidly. talking 86 degrees in san francisco. later on this afternoon, the north bay, tri-valley and south
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bay sees temperatures in the low 90s once we hit 3 or 4:00 this afternoon and cooler temperatures tomorrow and most of the bay area in the 70s tomorrow and we have rain in the forecast tomorrow and we will talk about that complete forecast for the rest of the weekend. to mike for the roads. >> starting on the bay bridge but we will talk about the south bay. take a couple extra seconds to put ice in that coffee. right now, the bay bridge does have a backup. trust me, if you're not used to this shot, this is not bad because you can see movement here. look at your maps talking about a smooth approach. the upper east showing a little slowing at bay point where we have b.a.r.t. trains running from bay point to north concord. second day in a row and no de y delays for that part of the line. meanwhile in the south bay, an earlier crash at 101 in oakland
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road. and it may have cleared because of activity going on and clearing by the time you get to oakland road. fremont shows a nice drive, give you an idea for the live volume, south bay past the truck scales. back to you. >> thank you. history never comes easy. the warriors road to the record books got a lot harder. >> a tough loss last night, plus a packed house to fight rising rents. the decision in oakland hours ago that could soon bring relief people struggling to keep up with rent payments. keeping secrets on your phone and tinder. coming up. talina hsincris.
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temperatures reach back to the 80s and even some 90s. take a look at that map. you'll notice widespread 90s for most of our inland locations today. we'll still have a few 80s in the coastline and inland bay. tomorrow, a huge shift in our weather. 70s to be replaced by 90s and even 60s for tomorrow at the coastline and along the peninsula and rain in the forecast as we start off the weekend with some big time cooling those 80s and 90s being replaced by 60s and 70s. we'll go over that full forecast in just a little while. >> one hot day and then a tape. thank you very much. tackling a housing crisis, oakland city leaders trying to find a solution to this problem.
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hundreds of oakland residents filled the city council to demand action. the plan unanimously accused by the council there of freezing rent for 90 days. that does not apply to units built after the year 1983. >> nobody used to wants to live here. now with gentrification, everybody want to live here and they're pushing us out. >> renters say they've seen prices jump 13% in just the last year. hotel and townhomes coming to dublin and last month appr e approving new hotel and townh e townhomes coming to the city at grafton and dublin streets. and this is just the beginning hoping it will attract more businesses to the area. no word when it begins. plus, a fight brewing for a while and now csu faculty are
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planning to strike over raises. a statewide strike has been proposed april 13th through the 15th and again april 18th and 19th. we're expected to find more details how it will impact students. faculty asking for 5% salary increase and csu countering with 2%. an arbitrator argues the faculty deserve the 5% raise. and approving a law requir requiring businesses to give six weeks paid leave. >> not everybody likes this plan. >> small business in particular worrying about the cost of big businesses, some offering way more weeks than san francisco requires. this calls into question the future of san francisco itself. is it going to be dominated by big business and not by smaller mom and pop companies. another concern, the new law giving parents paid time off comes during our economic boom but will presumably still be on the books during the next down
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turn or recession. right now, everyone knows san francisco is humming along with venture capital money. can it require businesses to be generous when the money runs out? that's the bottom line. just encrypting its entire system end to end, means nobody not the fbi not the cia can read your messages, this as the fbi becomes more aggressive trying to read messages. the founder have whatapp says it's personal. i grew up in the ussr and the fact that people couldn't speak freely is one of the reasons my family moved to the united states. twitter, you see re-tweet and favorites and direct mess e messages to encourage people to use twitter more as a chat app. stock to watch for, the polycome phone systems, talk is
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they may be bought and a website called tinder buster to find people on tinder. for $5 you put in your significant name and it searches him or out on tinder. the website is just using publicly available data called api. it's not a hack or anything, tinder is shrugging its shoulders saying you save five bucks, join tinder yourself and look for your cheat the heart way if you want to. >> what if your partner thinks you are on there because you're the cheater? that is very ro romeo and julie >> that is very complicated. >> if you're going on tinder anyway, don't be a dumdum. that's the bottom line. >> such a romantic. >> yes. all about romance. we love our warriors, unfortunately, history will be on hold. >> they have to wait for tomorrow night for their next shot at the win.
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>> they ended up losing in overtime to minnesota timberwolves, 124-117. here's what it means. warriors have to win their last four games this season to break the record for the most is wins an nba season, taking on the spurs at the oracle arena and that is the other best team in the league. >> they always do pretty well. anthony slaughter is here with the fraeft, a scor -- fore scor scorcher. >> if you haven't heard, the hottest day of the week, 80s and 90s. get ready. i hate to be the bearer of bad news. if you have air-conditioning, a cool plays to get to, at least you will be warned. we're already starting in the 60s, 74 by lunchtime in downtown san francisco. later on this afternoon, 2:00, 83 degrees. by 3:00, 86, then, it will still stay warm by 6:00 or 7:00,
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hanging out in the 70s. the rest of the bay area, hot across the south bay. late 90s in san jose towards morgan hill. the peninsula will see high 80s in pacifica to low 80s in palo alto and san francisco low 80s embarcadero and ocean beach. low 90s expected from santa rosa over towards mill valley. the east by a good mix of upper 80s for places like oakland to low 90s like concord and low 90s livermore towards san ramon towards danville. it will be hot today. look at these numbers for tomorrow. much cooler, a burr ermuda tria. tomorrow's first pitch, 20 degrees cooler expected for tomorrow. more clouds and expected to be muggy as giants take on l.a. dodgers. we have something else coming in from the south. we have a disturbance moving in from the south tomorrow brings in more clouds and cooler
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weather. by friday a chance of showers and sierra snow that will continue saturday and those temperatures are really going to come down. look at the temperature over the next three days. no 80s and 90s tomorrow for the south bay, back to the mid-70s and 60s for friday and saturday. thursday, across the peninsula, more cloud cover and friday, showers spread across san francisco and parts of the north bay, east shore and tri-valley will be seeing showers friday and saturday. look at those temperatures. that looks much more bay area-like, nothing like these 80s and 90s. we'll send it back to socal after we beat the dodgers. >> across the san mateo bridge, a drive into foster city, had my eyes peeled for any signs of a crash reported. i did see traffic increase a bit coming off the highways, there may have been something over the eastern side. speed sensors show a problem getting over here approaching the toll plaza there as well as
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the dumbarton bridge. starting to build as well. continued recovery, northbound 101, a smooth drive after an earlier crash at oakland road and 87 north towards 280 not a surprise, in fact lighter than we see on a wednesday. at the bay bridge, northbound 101, approaching the skyway, a crash there blocking lanes and more details as chp arrives and the eastern side we look towards oakland and live shot to the toll plaza. a backup with the live shot, somewhere along the curve we have a fender-bender and i will see if i can get that reverse angle. >> thank you very much. a long term road closure going into effect in east palo alto that will affect traffic through that busy part of 101. traffic contrkrocontrol at lane starts today that will last
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through december. workers replace the bridge and 101 and embarcadero exit will also be closed for construction. coming up, an update on the chihuahua that brought traffic to a stand still on the bay bridge. >> chihuahua mix. and chaos breaking out at a theme park as a popular ride kicks over, sending riders flying. good morning, everyone. coming up on today, did wisconsin just reset the presidential race? this morning the takeaways from last night's big win for ted cruz and bernie sanders. also ahead, are you being shortchanged by coin counting machi machines? what our report found when we put them to the test. milk does a body good. should you be drinking low fat or whole fat milk? dr. oz weighs in on surprising new findings. the science of sleep, why some people need a little and others need a lot. al's eye opening trip to a sleep center on today.
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♪ ♪ maxx life in store and online. find brands you love at prices that work as hard as you do.
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maxx life in store and online. is teupsidethcenal rucr the aftermath of a video of a theme park in tijuana mexico. it failed and the people in teacups went flying. 12 people were injured including several children and a pregnant woman. certainly a very very disturbs scene there. >> scary. >> a long-time friend of brian stowe is heading to spine spread stowe's message of anti-bul anti-bullying. >> 61-year-old andrea duncan is
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calling her journey steps for stowe. she's going on a 500 mile pilgrimage across northern spain. she plans to walk 10 to 12 miles each day and record her progress online each night so we can follow her. >> almost a half a marathon of walking every single day. >> we have an update on the wayward chihuahua mix that made national headlines. three days after sprinting across the bay bridge, no one has stepped forward to claim that up. . you may remember the chp officeofficer officers cleared off the bay bridge. if nobody claims him by sunday he will go up for adoption. you got any room in your home? that's all right. i'll take him. >> a three day mu stick festival is returning to its roots. >> in august, some of the thousands of fans there could have deja vu, because radiohead
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that outlined the first one in 2008 returns, lana del rey, duran duran and lionel richie. >> the original one. >> we're talking record breaking temperatures across the bay area today. things just starting to sizzle before major change comes our way. we break it down for anthony slaughter in for kari right after the break. >> front-runners lose in wisconsin. i'm tracie potts. what's next, new york. a live look at at&t park this morning, giants looking for a sweep today in milwaukee, first pitch at 10:40 this morning, but the boys will be back in town tomorrow for a home opener against the dodgers and our team will be there as well. starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning we will be back with you this morning in two minutes. (vo) one hundred million pounds.
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that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of
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making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura. you want to see how hot it is in your neighborhood today? >> san francisco, no fog this morning a sign of what's to come. we are not expecting fog. it will be warm, the main story,
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high temperatures twenty degrees above where we should be. average in san francisco mid-60s, low 80s this afternoon and 90s for our inland locations today. if you have to work outside, drink plenty of water and take frequent breaks. this can be dangerous. tomorrow, temperatures dip and a quick spike in temperatures today and then back to normal tomorrow. we'll go over that plus rain in the forecast. hope to see you in 10 minutes. mike has a quick update on the roads. we take you out to the berkeley curve. we said we would look at the reverse angle. we can see all the approaches from the bay bridge and i found flashing lights just past this sign that cleared three or four minutes ago and made their way to the east parking lot. look at your map. they approach toward the berkeley curve jamming up, rippling to university and maybe golden gate field. they should start to recover even in the morning commute.
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traffic around the bay during the spring breaks plural rota rotating around the bay tends to be lighter. and because of the spring breaks we see a slower drive across the brid bridges. to the victors go the spoils, bernie sanders, ted cruz gaining ground in the race for the white house thanks to big wins in the wisconsin primary. >> all candidates are turning their attention to new york as that state plays a meaningful role in the nominating process for the first time in decades. >> tracie potts joining us from washington, d.c. what the wins mean going forward and for trump, more destructive as he has a very thin margin he's p y playing with. >> the question will be can the underdogs replicate what they did in wisconsin in new york? they certainly hope so. the numbers don't seem to suggest they can do it easily.
6:33 am
that stop trump movement is still out there and claiming victory after last night. >> tonight is a turning point. it is a rallying cry. >> reporter: ted cruz won double differentiate differentiate -- digits over donald trump and he won wealthy sh voters and those looking for experience for november. >> hillary, get ready, here we come. >> trump downplayed wisconsin. >> millions of votes more than anybody else. >> reporter: in fact, cruz and his supporters admit it could take a second vote at july's convention for cruz to win the nomination. >> this is a guy that can bring the party together. >> reporter: bernie sanders celebrated his double digit from wyoming, caucuses open this weekends but already looking ahead to new york. >> do not tell certificates cs n
6:34 am
clinton, she's getting a little nervous and i don't want her to get more nervous. i believe we have an excellent chance to win new york. >> reporter: clinton tweeting to all who poured their hearts in this campaign, forward. a huge turnout of men and young voters who turned out and republicans saw a record turnout nearly 1 million voters. now, we're looking ahead as we said to new york and today where democrats are in pennsylvania. the top two republicans already in new york. john kasich, governor kasich is back home in ohio doing a state of the state message tonight. it's really new york everyone is focused on at this point. that primary now, less than two weeks away. sam, kris. >> thank you very much. president obama is headed back to the bay area.
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>> in the south bay, there could be security guards patrolling the streets near city hall, part of the effort to crack down on t taggers. >> live in san jose this morning, city hall has been hit three times in the past three weeks. >> reporter: that's right. look at 4th street pizza, not just city hall, he says his restaurant gets tagged at least once a week and it looks bad and bad for business. you will soon see security gu d guards patrolling the area around here. there are already at least two security cameras pointing this 100 foot stretch tuesday morning. a group of four people tag the wall, appear to be young man with at that time tats and bac hour later, vandals hit city hall. >> it's not good to hear as we're trying to send a message
6:36 am
out to the community that we're doing everything we can to tackle graffiti we ourselves are getting hit. >> disrespect. people come here all the time. family oriented restaurant. just disrespectful. >> reporter: the city is working on its plan to hire private security guards to walk this area 24/7 and could be out as early as tonight. this could be a short term fix as they try to figure out a permanent solution. how frequent is this? the manager of one business who deals with covering up graffiti says his business deals with 100 taggings everyday in the bay area alone. back to you. >> thank you very much. the scandal growing, 19 employees including a counselor for disabled students have been found in violation of cal's sexual misconduct policies. that data was just released by uc berkeley after a request from the san jose mercury news.
6:37 am
the report dates back to 2011, a diving coach, adjunct professor and asian studies professor were found in violation. eighth staff members were fired or re-signed while others dem e demoted or received pay cuts. rece recently, a former law school dean and former basketball coach have also been accused of sexual harassment. the san francisco police commission will be reviewing the department's use of force policies today. soon, the state investigators could be digging into the department as well. san francisco's public defender is urging attorney general to open a civil rights investigation. this comes after a new batch of officers were found to be se sending racist and homophobic text messages to each other. the aclu has made a similar request of the department of justice as well. the music will play. a controversial new concert venue getting the green light in san francisco. the armory at 14th and mission will be able to host 4,000 people. but before the concerts, the
6:38 am
armory's owners,, will have to put in a new security plan. some neighbors opposing that plan are still appealing this decision. >> this is a venue that had a lot of unpermitted events, neighborhood complaints and haven't become part of the cultural area. >> and in to the '20s and '30s, it was quite renowned and this will bring it back to the former glory and security of the bui building. >> they also cite the own information holding an unpermitted event in the armory earlier this year. >> take a look at this x-ray. that is a ring inside a suspect's body. police believe the suspect swallowed it in order to hide it from police officers. police say the suspect then stole the ring from a walnut creek home. that homeowner called 911 after hearing stephenson break into the house and he led police on a
6:39 am
chase eventually christia lly c car. and nothing else slhowed up on the x-ray. turning to our forecast, a live look outside, san francisco, the city skyline looks so beautiful and peaceful. the heat will rage later. >> when you know it's clear, that means there's no fog to cool things down, anthony. >> that's right. we want to show you another shot from san francisco. notice this camera, notice the flag blowing, the direction of the winds is blowing offshore this morning, another sign it will warm very quickly, winds out of the east and northeast. those are warming winds. the tri-valley starting off at 61 discretion and temperatures rising 23 degrees in the bay area, it's an exception tacking 10 degrees on top of that. warm air coming in. hot in san francisco.
6:40 am
>> for tri-valley and same for north bay and south bay. much cooler weather expected tomorrow and rain in the forecast by friday. we'll go over all of that. right now, mike has to look at the traffic on the roadway. do you have a new crash? >> we do have a new crash, one of my traffic terms for those not familiar. it's slow, another technical term. not so bad on the map. the live shot looks dramatic. we see an even flow of traffic up towards sjc. north 87 looks like all the activity should be off to the shoulder and south bay and the rest of the bay looks pretty mild. and san mateo bridge. a crash cleared to the shoulder there as well and the earlier crash leaves the berkeley approach slow. making their way down to the berkeley curve and to the east parking lot, the flashing lights there, not much of a distraction.
6:41 am
>> thank you. >> screen monitors that double as windows, new technology coming up. plus, welcome to the wiza wizarding world of harry potter. a sneak peek at the place where all the magic happens. a clever way to keep your tv quiet. industrial mildly lower, down 35 points. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups.
6:42 am
it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. suh
6:43 am
muni riders keep an extra quarter handy. adding a 25 cent surcharge to fares boosting it to 2.$2.50 expected to bring in millions over the next two years part of
6:44 am
the new biggeyoew budget that i lowering towing costs and goes to the supervisors for approval. this might seem like a new tool but an old one, caltrans teami ining up with waze to giv information for millions of users an in exchange they will give information on construction projects and other conditions as well. we have all seen this that allows you to change your view. kind of cool. >> smart windows, check it out. check weather, play music, open the window, change your view, all designed by a japanese company. they are working on linking the smart windows to smartphones. the windows are not for sale right now and the company hasn't said when the windows will hit store shelves or a wall near you. >> makes you feel like you're doing something, pushing butt buttons, you're smart. controlling the surface. >> i am smart.
6:45 am
the south bay -- >> i'm trying to feel smart. scott mcgrew, something that x mixes tv and your phone together. >> you know this. it fits into your set top box and lately behind your tv. coming out with this latest streaming stick. i admit it looks like this old one but a clever feature sends the audio to your phone and put your earbuds in the phone jack and listen to the tv through the phone wirelessly. earlier, i gave you a heads-up about polycom. i'm told it may be purchased by a smaller canadian company. chip-maker marvell, the
6:46 am
president has been dismissed from her job, so, too, has her co-founder and husband. marvell has been struggling with counting ir leglarities lately. both will remain on the board. and just in crypting its entire system, means nobody, not the cia, not fbi not whatsapp can read your messages, this comes as the fbi becomes more aggressive. apple i messages already does this end to end but not everybody does this especially in developing country. more than a billion people use wh whatapp. the only bigger one is facebook itself. this will change a lot of things for people in countries in which they do not want their governments reading and seeing what they're sending. >> thank you. global impact there. everyone around the world knows harry potter, right? how about the wizarding world of
6:47 am
harry potter in los angeles. >> they opened the brand new theme park in a spectacular way last nights. >> of course, there had to be fireworks. the world of harry potter includes hogwarts castle and the shops of hashogsmead. listen to what his rival, draco ma had to say. >> i came here as a 6, 7 and 8-year-old. to think i can now be a part of it is a lot to take in. >> he has to be jazz about it. the attraction opens tomorrow. tickets about $95 on a weekday, 1$105 on the weekends. we should mention nbcuniversal is the parent company of nbc bay area. and the chair she sat on writing
6:48 am
all those potter books is going up for auction. >> painted on that chair, i wrote harry potter while sitting on this chair. she got that chair for free while living in government subsidized housing in 1995, perhaps an inspiration for her. the chair was already auctioned for 29,0$29,000 back in 2009. for this current action the bidding starts at 65,0$65,000. do we have any bidders? >> i think i'll sit where i am. a little pricey for me. >> collectors of harry potter. the numbers we're looking at are actually pushing 90 today, anthony. >> we're talking record heat for most of the bay area. if you're just waking up with us we are expecting the hottest day of the bay for today. if you have to work outside, take frequent breaks and drink water. the sun coming up and by 7:00 in 15 minutes we'll be at 60 then
6:49 am
and you notice by lunchtime temperatures in the mid-70s in san francisco. we won't stop there. 3:00, 86 degrees and in the mid-70s. across the rest of the bay area, it's hot. if you know it's hot in san francisco better believe it's hot in the inland valleys. >> degrees for the south bay and north bay and 90 expected for the peninsula. what we're experiencing today is because of a high pressure extending to northern california towards socal. for us, it's driving in very warm air from the desert southwest and 90 for inland location and 80s for coastal. look what happens tomorrow. we go all the way back to 70s and 80s are out of here and we will have 60s tomorrow with the coastline. we don't stop there. by friday, we replace our 90s with 60s for most of the bay area. that comes with showers as well. big drop in temperatures
6:50 am
expected. wouldn't you know it just in time for opening day at the giants stadium at at&t park. we're talking temperatures for the first pitch giants take on dodgers, 68 degrees. more clouds and temperatures falling through the 60s and winds kicking as well out of the west-southwest. the area of high pressure we have in place today will be replaced with a disturbance moving in from the south from socal along with dodgers moving in here, showers and cooler weather friday to saturday. the three-day outlook brings our temperatures down out of 80s and 90s to 60s and 70s as we approach the weekends and sho r showers in the forecast just in time for the weekend. we need the rain and great news especially on the heels of such a hot day. if you haven't left just yet, grab the water and sunscreen. it will be a scorcher of a day. cooler weather just in time for baseball. >> we're going to an earlier crash and backup what's going on now is some recovery.
6:51 am
behind me plenty of traffic to consider. the standard flow right there at university. look at your map. slow from the racetrack to university. on the approach, richmond not looking so bad and the berkeley curve, recovery, things looking better as well. you can do that on spring break weeks rotating as we have right now. the next one is a big one. in the north bay nevada towards san rafael, nothing surprising there or across the bay except for peninsula south bay, 280 at woodside, report of a tour bus or shuttle bus on the side of the road and smoke and maybe flame from underneath it. folks on the shoulder, a little distraction. southbound from university to embark der re. you have that lane shift and not a lot of slowing. back to you. now to a story you will see only on nbc bay area. state regulators asking lawmakers for millions of dollars to pay for their legal
6:52 am
fees. this stems from the corruption investigation into the public utilities commission and pg&e after the san bruno pipeline explosion. they say they need another 6 million dollars to pay two law firms. san bruno's state senator, jerry hill, says he will try to block this request again. when he i tried to do that last year they threatened to cut programs and state lawmakers ended up caving. >> this is ridiculous, crazy, an outrage and slap in the face of taxpayers in the state of california. we have reached out to the puc for comments and they have not returned our request. another fight at santa clara county's main jail. we have this picture showing the aftermath of the inmates. it was on lock-down about an hour before returning to normal. the jail has been making a lot of headlines recently, last month, newly installed cameras
6:53 am
caught another brawl between inma inmates. last year a mentally ill inmate was beaten to death. and three police officers on trial for allegedly beating michael tyree. in san francisco the city is the first in the nation to approve six weeks of paid leave for parents. the board of supervisors approved this measure yesterday. companies with more than 50 employees are affected and the new rules begin next year. businesses with fewer than 50 employees have until 2018 to comply. >> fully paid family leave will make it more likely that women will return to work, return to their previous employer and return with the same or higher wa wages. some small business owners say this will force them to cut back on staffing or raise prices because they have to back fill that 45% of salary not covered by state employment insurance. coming up next, a possible solution to keep rents from r e
6:54 am
rising in one bay area city. >> using grad night to grab money. the mother now accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her own child's school. first happening right now, san francisco giants busy preparing for their home opener in at&t park and so too its the bay team. join us for our special edition tomorrow watch the live stream on your cell phone or tablet. plus, "snl" and politics. talking about the presidential candidates and some of their spou spouses, you can listen to the impression of melania trump. right now on our home page, back in two minutes. vanuatu ere u hd o thdoo-he ar.
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welcome back, 6:57. the top stories. you could see private security guards patrolling the downtown area of city hall. vandals targeting the building for the third time in recent weeks and nearby businesses as well. this is video of suspects seen tagging the walls of 4th street pizza monday night and the same group hit city hall shortly after. tackling the housing crisis, oakland city leaders are trying a solution to this problem. hundreds of oakland residents filled the city chambers dema demanding the city take action. it approved a unanimous plan
6:58 am
that freezes rent for 90 days. a catch does not apply to units build after 1983. renters say they have seen pr e prices jump 13% in the last year. a mother accused of stealing nearly 200,0$200,000 from her o child's high school. this is her photo from facebook. district attorney says 52-year-old cindy mauer from pacifica is charged with stealing 200,0$200,000 from st. ignatius high school, a well-known private school in san francisco. and she headed the committee sponsoring grad night for the high school and is accused for stealing the money from 2007 to 2012 and she pleaded not guilty to those charges yesterday. keep the cooler handy today. those are wise words from anthony. >> you're making stuff up. get ready for hot temperatures
6:59 am
bottom line. 80s and 90s most of the bay area this afternoon. yep. whatever you heard me say in tv land know it will be a hot one. 86 degrees in san francisco. >> for the north bay. same for the tri-valley and south bay. tomorrow, we've got cooler weather and rain in the forecast for friday. just hang in there today. cooler s and all. >> you see people driving errat erratically, they might be trying to find a cool spot in the bay area. >> if you don't have automatic window, you have reach across. >> we have a nice smooth drive without crashes. we see here all the way past. look at the san mateo bridge, a slight build there. we have a typical pattern, a pleasant drive and build here as well as the dumbarton bridge and cannot escape the backup there, escaping the heat a little bit. a little shady here and it will get hot as well.
7:00 am
>> look at that sun. that is what's happening in the bay. we'll be back with you in 30 minutes with live and local news. >> we leave you with a live shot of the bridge and that beautiful sunrise. good morning. turning point? the big win for ted cruz in wisconsin deals a big blow to the trump campaign. >> wisconsin has lit a candle, guiding the way forward. >> bernie sanders notching his own double digit victory in the democratic race. >> bernie! bernie! >> his seventh win in the last eight contests. the next big prize, new york. could the front runner see another upset in their own backyard? new state, new controversy. mississippi embroiled in a debate over religious freedom and gay rights. the governor signed a law allows groups to refuse


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