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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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go moingandhan fojoingsin kr/2st believe is or not there is a change in the forecast. thank you for joining us this morning, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the calendar says spring but it's feeling a lot more like summer out there. >> we have team coverage. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco but first anthony slaughter starts our coverage. anthony, a heat spike. >> yeah. in fact we're just going to see temperatures warm today into the 80s and 90s and then we're back to seeing things as we should be. the maps tell the story.
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it is 76 degrees right now in san francisco, 75 in san jose. maunlt ray is at 77 degrees. now, to compare things we like to show you how the rest of the country is faring. we are just about the same temperature as miami, florida. and you know that's a place that's always hot, so we're talking about summertime temperatures here today. 86 degrees is where we're headed to san francisco later on. low 90s expected for our inland valleys, tri-valley, south bay and the north bay for today. as we move toward the day tomorrow we will see temperatures cool down in a big way. we've got more cloud cover and will see the potential of seeing some showers as we start off friday. that's going to kick off the weekend and we are expecting to see those showers continue on and off at least for the first half of the weekend. we'll talk more about that, how much rain we can expect and how cool those temperatures will go coming up in 15 minutes. guys, back over to you. >> anthony, thanks. many people enjoying the weather outside and that means heading to the beach to soak in
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some sun. >> stephanie, the fire department warning people to be safe. this is actually a dangerous beast, but look at that sun behind you there. >> i know, it is gorgeous out here, scott and kris. it is expected to get to 86 today. the record high is 91 so it's pretty close. the fire department saying any time it gets into the 80s there is an influx of calls because it is hot here in san francisco. now, check out what we stumbled upon. this training with the coast guard has been happening all morning long and they didn't schedule it for today per se for the great weather but they lucked out. they say they usually are in fog and having to deal with that. it was also a great day for this training, the two choppers out here running through drills all morning long, a nice clear and sunny day, allowing the coast guard to practice its rescue skills, pulling people up into the choppers. a sight that brought out large crowds here to enjoy the beach
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and weather already. locals say this is a rare day and they also have a warning mostly for those visitors who try to go into the water today. >> you can paddle in and it will be kind of calm and then maybe like 15, 20 minutes later it's big and then it will shift around. so you just have to be cautious. >> i grew up here and basically it was foggy, cold, you know, we were the original hoodie wearers back in the day. if i saw the sun in the sky, i'd be like, mom, what's that? it's yellow, it's scary. it's awesome but it's also very, very uncommon. >> and his take is just stay home so we locals can enjoy the beach. the san francisco fire department says heat-related emergencies are people getting dehydrated, not wearing proper clothing. drink a lot of fluids, wear lightweight and light-colored clothing, use sun protection and don't leave any pets in a vehicle for an extended period of time. you're looking at the coast
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guard training. they have been hoisting people up and down, getting ready to leave shortly. the fire department is saying that it does have the usual staffing so no additional people today but they are ready for the potential in higher volume of calls on a hotter day like today. but otherwise very beautiful out here. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, steph. don't forget your sunscreen, it is the fountain of youth. our nbc bay area app is a great resource to track our changing weather. download it for your iphone or android device and click on the weather tab to personalize that forecast. new at 11:00, a shuttle bus carrying more than a dozen apple employees burst into flames in menlo park. everybody got out safety. our chopper flew over the charred remnants of the bus on 280. about 15 people were on poured when the bus caught fire. this happened just before 7:00. the chp closed the two right lanes of the freeway while crews worked to remove that bus.
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nobody was hurt. two hours earlier, dozens of people in san jose were evacuated from an apartment building after a kitchen fire. that happened around 5:00 this morning. firefighters made short work of that fire. new details on the burglary of the make-a-wish offices in san francisco. the last outstanding suspect is now under arrest. here he is, police just released the mug shot of 35-year-old jacques manns. we'll find out how police caught up with him. san francisco police already arrested two other men for allegedly stealing hunter pence's scooter among other things. the giants outfielder donated the scooter to the make-a-wish foundation. it had raised $40,000. all three suspects were caught on camera breaking into the foundation's building on sunday. they have recovered pence's scooter and are looking to find the rest of that stolen property.
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it is b.a.r.t.'s fleet of the future. just about an hour ago b.a.r.t. unveiled it's new fleet of the future. this is the first of ten cars that will be sent to the bay area to make b.a.r.t.'s new test train. that train could carry passengers by the end of the year. it is the first of. they are scheduled to have 800 train cars up and running in the next five years. the entire price tag is $2.5 billion. coming up, buys parts off ebay is one of the things workers have to do to keep b.a.r.t. running. we look at the all of the expensive maintenance problems that are starting to pile up. patrols could start tonight near san jose city hall on the lookout for taggers. new surveillance footage shows vandals defacing part of downtown san jose. a group of four people can be seen tagging first a restaurant wall and then a garbage can,
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working their way, spraying graffiti on a 100-foot stretch. all of this happening within five minutes. about an hour later vandals targeted city hall. the general manager of fourth street pizza says unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. in fact he says his business is targeted once a week. >> yeah, very annoying. i'd rather it not happen so i don't have to worry about it. there's a nice place downtown. you wouldn't think you'd have to worry about it, but you do. >> it's not good to hear as we're trying to send a message out in the community that we're doing everything we can to tackle graffiti that we ourselves are getting hit. >> the manager of a local business that cleans up graffiti tells us his team deals with hundr100 tag spots every day in downtown san francisco alone. state investigators are deciding if they need to be involved in a review of
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policies. the public defender is urging state attorney general to open a civil rights investigation. this comes after several police shootings and after a batch of officers were once again caught sending racist and homophobic texts to each other. the aclu would like the feds to get involved. moms and dads in san francisco now have more time to bond with baby without worrying about how they're going to pay the bills. the city is the first in the nation to approve six weeks of paid leave for new parents. >> the board of supervisors approved that measure yesterday. companies with more than 50 employees are affected. these new rules begin next year. businesses with fewer than 50 employ is have until 2018 to comply. fully paid family leave will make it more likely that women will return to work, return to their previous employer and return with the same or higher wages. >> some small business owners
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say it will force them to cut back on staffing or raise prices because they'll have to backfill the 45% of employee pay that isn't covered by the state. san francisco based twitter went one step further. new parents get 20 weeks paid leave as long as they're a full-time employee. it starts may 1st. two southern states are embroiled in battles over competing rights. a new law in mississippi makes it okay to refuse services to gay couples if it is based on religious beliefs. now, in north carolina battle lines are being drawn over a new law preventing civil rights protection for gay people. many worry a backlash by high-profile businesses will soon hit mississippi. >> reporter: with a stroke of his pen, the governor of mississippi setting in motion a giant controversy that's reverberating across the country this morning. opponents say the new law legalizes discrimination.
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the governor says it protects religious freedom. >> if a baker or photographer says my deeply held religious views is i cannot participate in a religious ceremony like a wedding, the state cannot fine you. we kept cannot discriminate because of their religious beliefs. >> reporter: employees can refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples but must find someone else in the office to do it. the aclu called it a sad day for the state of mississippi. supporters say it's fair. >> there is a constitutional right to the freedom of religion. there is now a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. this bill strikes a balance. >> reporter: former 'n sync singer lance bass posted a sign that said entering mississippi, please turn your clocks back 200 years. in north carolina, the latest fallout from a new law limiting protection for gay and transgender people, the loss of a paypal global operations center. the company deciding to locate its 400 jobs elsewhere.
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north carolina's governor, not fazed. >> i anticipate paypal will still provide their services and accept our consumer money in the state of north carolina. so that's my response to that. >> that was janet shamlian reporting. just last week san francisco's mayor banned all city workers from traveling to north carolina for city business. a new video, the first flight from brussels has landed at dulles international airport. brussels flight 515 landed just before 5:00 our time. the brussels airport is still being repaired after the terror attack a couple of weeks ago. up next, ted cruz and bernie sanders are the winners in wisconsin, but is that enough to change the tide in the presidential race? we'll break it down for you. plus crab season off to a slow start but the fishermen are filling up their pots. and the giants are back in town tomorrow for their big home
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opener as we look live at at&t park. our "today in the bay" team will be there starting at 4:30 tomorrow morning. we're back in two minutes. omomn!= (ottd ls mket =stt/u=
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welcome back to you. the markets are mildly higher this morning. the dow gaining 34, nasdaq up 49. we just saw the fed minutes showing the federal open markets committee at least thought about raising rates last time, though they didn't. you may know roku device, normally a set-top box but manufacturers have been turning them into these small plugs that connect behind your television. the south bay's roku is about to come out with this latest streaming stick. admittedly it looks like their old one but it sends the audio
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to your smartphone. put your headphones or earbuds in the phone jack and listen to the tv through your phone wirele wirelessly. olive garden's parent darden restaurants made way more money than expected. olive garden was taken over by corporate raiders and turned that company around. those same activist investors are the ones trying to take over yahoo!. while yahoo! is not olive garden, shareholders may want to see what the hedge fund did for pasta and see if they could do it for yahoo!. it will come down to a vote this summer where shareholders have to decide whether to keep the current board or vote in the new board. that will happen probably in june. >> i don't know, those bread sticks look awfully good. big wins for ted cruz and bernie sanders in the wisconsin primary tuesday have shaken up the presidential races on both sides of the aisle.
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although one is feeling more shaken than the other. nbc's chris clackum has more on the changing race. >> reporter: with a win in wisconsin, bernie sanders has now won seven of the last eight democratic primaries or caucuses. >> do not tell secretary clinton, she's getting a little nervous, and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we've got an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. >> reporter: new york is the next primary state on the 19th, and where hillary clinton expects to begin closing in on the numbers needed for the nomination. she might get even closer a week later when five mostly northeastern states, including pennsylvania, hold primaries. >> god bless the great state of wisconsin. >> reporter: on the republican side ted cruz won wisconsin not only for himself -- >> tonight is a turning point.
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it is a rallying cry. >> reporter: but one for the anti-trump crowd. >> wisconsin just delivered donald trump an epic blow, the first one that he's really had to absorb since launching his campaign in june. >> reporter: trump, though, remains unfazed. >> i'm millions of votes more than anybody else. >> reporter: and is looking forward to new york too. chris clackum, nbc news. president obama is headed back to the bay area this week to raise more cash. he will be here on friday for several fund-raisers benefitting democratic candidates. air force one is expected to land around 1:30 on friday. the president then returns to washington, d.c. on saturday. as we get the details affecting your commute, we'll let you know. starting today, another construction project on the peninsula that is going to slow traffic. in east palo alto one-way traffic control on east bay shore road starts today and will
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last through december. workers are replacing the east bay shore road bridge in that area. overnight some lanes on 101 and the embarcadero exit will also be closed because of that same construction. an underground surprise. looking under downtown santa rosa, geologists have found a new fault line. scientists used laser beams to map the rogers creek fault for the first time. a team from the u.s. geological survey in menlo park discovered that fault line. scientists say there is a 31% chance that a magnitude 6.7 or greater earthquake could strike the rogers creek or hayward falls lines within the next 30 years. fishermen busy craatching cb now that the season has started. >> hundreds of crab pots are actually lost or left behind and are now a danger to marine mammals. >> a proposed state bill would ensure those crab pots are
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pulled out of the ocean by paying a reward for anyone who finds lost gear. the owners of the crab pots would be required to pay the finder for the pots or risk losing their crab permit. >> that seems only fair. >> seems fair. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist anthony slaughter. stephanie chuang was out there at the beach and she said she could feel her skin bronzing. >> she's got the best assignment of the day spgs sas long as she the sunscreen. san francisco is at 76 degrees. the silicon valley 75, so not too far behind there. later on temperatures will continue to climb. we're 90 in sunnyvale later this afternoon, san mateo 89 degrees. even in pacifica, the coastline will be in the 80s today. same deal for ocean beach. so mania up to 86 and the embarcadero up to 84 degrees. low 90s for our inland locations including the north bay and tri-valley. the east bay up to 88 degrees and concord 91 degrees expected
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there. pacifica is already in the mid-70s. you'll be at 84 later on. half moon bay up to 89. those winds out of the north at 10 to 20 miles per hour. even down in santa cruz it's going to be hot. really hard to find anywhere to escape this heat. look at that water temperature, 57 degrees. so here's some tips on how to beat the heat. you usually don't see heat like this until about august so we're jumping the gun a little bit. just remember to drink plenty of water. eight glasses is the bare minimum. take frequent breaks if you have to work outside, like construction workers, or work on any roofs or skyscrapers. heat like this is definitely dangerous. now, we have high pressure that's in control of our weather that. means for heat and really full force heat for today. 80s and 90s across the entire bay. look at what happens tomorrow. just as soon as we get numbers like that, we're back to seeing 60s and 70s to replace those 80s
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and 90s for today. it gets even cooler as we head towards friday. widespread 60s and there's a chance of rain in the forecast friday as well. once we get rid of this heat today, we're back to see things where they should be. mid-70s. the rain moves in pie friday and saturday. same deal for the peninsula. tomorrow you'll be in the mid-60s and low 60s heading into the weekend. a lot of this rain will come in friday morning into saturday morning and eventually taper off as we head towards saturday afternoon. yes, in all of this we have a ball game happening tomorrow. the giants home opener we'll all be out there, be sure to join us bright and early, 4:30 in the morning. perfect weather for a ball defagame. so after today's heat we'll get rid of this really extreme heat. look at this, we're painting some green on the map friday and saturday. some rain is expected but it's
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not going to be a huge storm system. this storm is moving up from the desert southwest. so more of a disturbance if anything. it may give us a 0.1 of an inch before we round out the weekend. the great news in all of this, the heat breaks tomorrow and we get some rain behind that. >> baseball game just right there in the middle. that will be great. up next at 11:00, a new twist over san jose's measure b, pension reform. the latest legal wranglings that's caused problems for the bay area's biggest city. but first, happening now we are tweeting about the death of country music legend merle haggard. the 79-year-old icon died this morning in california of pneumonia. haggard passed away on his birthday. and on our facebook page, a meteorite battle out of marin county. the 227-pound meteorite is at the heart of a vicious ownership fight in san francisco federal court. more news here in two minutes. a ur-ar urtattinlvi poce,ireighr
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a four-year court battle involving police, firefighters and other public employees in san jose appears to be over. let's not forget the voters were involved in that one too. measure b has been thrown out. a judge upheld an order to appeal the highly contentious measure meant to save money on
11:26 am
pension. nbc bay area's mary ianne favro has more. >> reporter: more cops on the streets in san jose. that's what the president of the police officers association says you can soon expect to see after a judge granted a motion to overturn measure b. a santa clara county superior court judge denied a local attempt to stop the city from appealing the mention reform initiative voters approved in 2012. the police union president called it a destructive measure that caused officers to leave in droves. >> we need to recruit officers. we need to retain officers. with the cloud of measure b here in its existence, we can't do that. until it's invalidated and until we move forward, it's not going to happen and our police department and our community is going to suffer. >> reporter: former city councilman pete constant and the silicon valley taxpayers association launched the legal fight to uphold measure b. >> now we have a situation where that entire ballot measure is
11:27 am
being asked to be repealed and replaced with provisions that are completely different than measure b, without a vote of the people. >> reporter: the city will now move forward to replace measure b with a settlement the city negotiated with its unions, but it's not over yet. lawyers for constant's group are still looking for other legal options to preserve measure b. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. the sf armory will soon be a dance club. the venue at 14th and mission will hold around 4,000 people. before the concert, the armory's owners will have to put in a new security plan. some neighbors are opposing a plan. they are pushing the city to revoke the entertainment permit because they worry about noise and crowds. giant rabbits are taking over san francisco. five 23-foot inflatable rabbits were put up last night. an australian artist behind this exhibit that is supposed to highlight the environmental damage caused by nonnative
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species to new habitats. rabbits were introduced to australia in 1788 and are considered by many to be as invasive as rats in australia. up next at 11:00, a state agency asking for millions of dollars to defend itself against another state agency. >> this is ridiculous, this is crazy, it's an outrage and it's a slap in the face to taxpayers in the state of california. >> we'll show you the fight to stop the public utilities commission from getting your tax dollars. homes are not one-dimensional. why use traditional aerosols that are? new air wick room mist with life scents is a multi-layered fragrance,
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just like scents in real life. finally, a true-to-life fragrance, for your lively home. air wick. home is in the air.
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the heat is on, and we could be breaking records today. >> but it's going to be short. this warmup won't last, change is coming. let's go straight to meteorologist anthony slaughter. anthony, heat today and rain later this weekend. >> yeah, kind of unusual.
11:31 am
we're looking at something very wild this week. we're seeing temperatures warm into the 80s and 90s here today and just as soon as they come, they're gone tomorrow and we're talking temperatures back to near average and we'll have fog as well to start the day tomorrow. kind of a little summer treat. we're looking at temperatures at 76 right now in san francisco, 77 in san martin. san jose at 75 along with livermore. as we head through the afternoon, we are expecting to stay sunny and temperatures will continue to warm. 92 for the south bay, 90 for the peninsula, even 86 for san francisco and 92 for the tri-valley and north bay. as we move through the day tomorrow, i want to show you the futurecast and we'll start off with clouds tomorrow morning. the clouds will be with us through the entire afternoon so we'll be partly to mostly cloudy through the day tomorrow with temperatures cooling. there's the green i was telling you about. we'll time out this next storm system and the cooldown headed our way coming up in just about 15 minutes.
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guys, back to you. >> anthony, thanks. stay ahead of that changing weather with our app. click on the weather tab and get a forecast for your neighborhood. it's free for iphones and android devices as well. the california public utility regulators want more of your tax dollars to help pay for lawyers to fight corruption charges. >> they have told state lawmakers they need $6 million for a pair of outside law firms. mark matthews has the story you'll see only on nbc bay area. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the san bruno pipeline explosion and fire that killed eight people in 2010, the state attorney general opened a corruption and influence peddling investigation into suspected back room deals between utilities and the regulators at the state public utility commission. essentially one public agency investigating the other. the feds also have started a separate corruption investigation into the puc. and the puc says the $6 million that it is requesting from the state is needed to comply with
11:33 am
eight subpoenas and three search warrants. the bulk of the cost having to do with discovery, especially document production. there are 1 million pages that the puc wants to run by outside lawyers. san bruno state senator jerry hill spoke with me by phone from sacramento. >> this is government. government should be an open book. it shouldn't be hiding behind criminal lawyers paid for with the utility customer money. >> reporter: hill says he'll try to stop the puc from getting the $6 million. he tried to stop them last year and the puc said they would cut programs. this year's request on top of the $5 million they got last year adds up to double the puc's annual budget for pipeline safety regulation. >> this is ridiculous, this is crazy. it's an outrage and it's a slap in the face to taxpayers of the state of california. >> that was mark matthews reporting. we are still waiting to hear
11:34 am
back from the puc, but meanwhile the woman who prepared this request is the same person implicated in those cozy e-mails between the puc and pg&e. those e-mails were uncovered during the san bruno investigation. and the course the san brup owe explosion killed eight people on september 9, 2010, and then the legal wrangling started. four years after the puc said it was cooperating between the cpuc and company. then nearly five years after the explosion, pg&e announced it would pay a $300 million fine handed down by the cpuc. our investigative unit tracked all the twists and turns into that cozy relationship between the california public utilities commission and pg&e.
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we are learning more about a fight at santa clara's main jail that we brought as breaking news yesterday. look at the pictures showing the aftermath of that inmate brawl. the fight happened on the second floor medium security wing yesterday morning around 8:00. the jail was on lockdown for about an hour before returning back to normal. the jail has barely been out of the headlines lately. last month newly installed cameras brought another inmate brawl between inmates to light and last year a mentally ill inmate was found dead in his cell. three correctional deputies are on trial for alleged be beating that inmate to death. more and more people are getting implicated in a sexual harassment scandal at uc berkeley. 19 employees, including a counselor for disabled students have been found in violation of the policies. that data was released after a request from the "san jose mercury news." the report dates back to 2011. a diving coach, an adjunct
11:36 am
professor and asian studies professor were also in violation. eight others were demoted or received pay cuts. a former law school dean and former basketball coach were also accused of sexual harassment. service disruptions and weekend shutdowns have become the new reality for b.a.r.t. as it tries to keep the aging system on track. >> our investigative reporter was more on the problems that are expected to take a decade or more to resolve. >> reporter: as b.a.r.t.'s trains enter a fifth decade of service, richard severo says workers are forced to be creative to keep them rolling. >> so the computer systems are in obsolescence. and ebay, the computer companies
11:37 am
don't make them anymore. some of the other equipment mechanically here, sometimes we fabricate them in house. >> so your like santa's workshop. >> that is correct. >> reporter: last summer about five train air conditioners began to fail each day. crews here got the job of rebuilding hundreds of antiquated units under the trains. modern rooftop units can't be used. elsewhere technicians grind down b.a.r.t.'s one of a kind steel aluminum wheels to keep trains in service longer and rush to build components burned out in recent unexplained power surges. severo says b.a.r.t.'s technology is outdated. >> it's like buying a computer in 1980 and trying to keep it alive today. and you go back to dell, hey, can you repair this? they look at you and say that belongs in a museum. >> reporter: randy rentsler says afterer for than 40 years
11:38 am
b.a.r.t.'s maintenance need has reached critical mass. >> the single most important thing is b.a.r.t. is not young anymore. in fact it's past middle age and needs a great deal of maintenance. >> reporter: another key issue, time to fix the problem. in many cases workers have less than two hours each day to perform vital tasks on the track, working between the last train at 1:45 a.m. and system startup at 3:45 a.m. >> and it's really one of the more challenging parts of maintaining this infrastructure. >> reporter: to bridge the gap, b.a.r.t. has turned to weekend shutdowns. that's something b.a.r.t. managers had long resisted. >> and that's the new reality for b.a.r.t. >> reporter: the extra time is urgently needed to fix switches needed for trains. after two minor derailments. inspectors found that the track ties at the switches were crumbling. b.a.r.t. has rebuilt three switches in recent months. a total of 40 need mending. >> you know, three out of 40,
11:39 am
we've got a long ways to go. >> reporter: that means a lot more weekend shutdowns. >> we now have started an adepressive program. this is why we have the weekend shutdowns. tearing out the interlocking, replacing the ties and putting a new interlocking in place is a major, major job for us and it can't be done with a 90-minute maintenance window. >> reporter: so we're looking at periodic weekend closures over the next decade at a cost of more than $600 million. a transit veteran who worked the in early days says maintenance funding has been sporadic with the system focused on expansion. >> if you follow the money, if the money is made available for extensions, then you'll build extensions. absent and ongoing adequate funding program our systems
11:40 am
deteriorate. >> it wasn't wrong to expand. it made sense to go to the airport and to san mateo county, out to suburban areas. however, the way we did it should have been -- wasn't the right way. >> reporter: a proposed $3.5 million bond measure should renew the focus on maintenance and safety. >> so at this point i think b.a.r.t. needs to mature. it's not about just branching out anymore, it's about really focusing on the core in a way that b.a.r.t. never has. >> reporter: even if the bond passes, it will not meet all of b.a.r.t.'s needs. b.a.r.t.'s operations manager, paul oversear says it only provides part of the costs. he says the need is critical. >> these high voltage cables are one of our biggest costs.
11:41 am
>> reporter: although b.a.r.t. has half of the maintenance tab it needs, he says even with the bond money there will be a $1.5 million shortfall. up next at 11:00, short changing you. nbc investigates those coin counting machines used by so many millions of people. by cnounng
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11:44 am
if you ever take in all of your spare change to one of those coin counting machines, maybe you wondered am i getting short changed. after spending months, maybe years collecting coins, you may be ready to cash in that change but may not have any idea how much you have. >> you take the coins to the grocery store, put it in the machine, you assume they're accurate, giving you back what you put in minus some kind of fee. but jeff rossen reports that's not always the case. >> reporter: you've been saving. now it's time to cash in. these coin counting machines make it easy. just dump the money in and out pops your total. and we can trust them, right? to find out, we went to the bank, getting hundreds of
11:45 am
dollars in coins, from quarters to dimes to nickels and even these pesky pennies. as you can see, my team and i are counting every single roll. we know exactly how much we have. we unroll all the joins, separating them into bags of $300. first up, these popular coinstar machines found in stores across the country. and right away, good news. they come up accurate right down to the penny. next we haul, and i do mean haul, our loose change to one of the country's largest banks, td bank, testing their penny arcade at five different branches. we pour all our money in. but we don't get all our money back. none of them are accurate. >> that's $300 on the money. this one is off my five senlts. this one is off my 53 cents.
11:46 am
>> 70 cents off. doesn't sound like a lot but think about it, customer after customer after customer, it's your money. >> reporter: but things are about to get worse. we lose nearly $4. but things really don't add up at this location. my producer, jovana pouring in exact low $300 in change. remember, we counted all the rolls ahead of time. but the machine tells hershey only has $256.90, off by more than $43. >> hi, my name is jeff rossen from nbc news. >> reporter: i go back the following week to alert the manager. we came in here to test the accuracy of your coin machines and we brought in $300. and the machine gave us an inaccurate count. in fact the machine gave us more than $43 less than what we brought in so i wanted to give you the heads up, this machine isn't accurate. >> i'll look into your concern
11:47 am
absolutely. >> reporter: we also contacted td bank corporate telling us we are disappointed with the experience that the "today" show had with our penny arcade coin counting machines and place a premium on our integrity. adding we clean and test them twice daily. >> what do you make of these results? >> i'm shocked. you think of a bank being 100% accura accurate. if you're a penny off paying your mortgage, they're going to slap you with a late fine and here they're giving you less for your money? it's not right. >> now, after sharing what rossen and his team found, the bank pulled all of those machines out of service to re-evaluate them. >> those machines will only go back into service when the bank is satisfied that they meet the performance requirements. td bank also telling nbc news that they are enhancing their routine maintenance program. >> glad the coinstar worked. i'm surprised how much junk i've got in there too. >> they'll give you back your safety pin and paper clips.
11:48 am
>> let's check in with our meteorologist this morning who's saying hot day ahead. >> oh, yeah, we're seeing temperatures really nice across parts of the bay area. it would be nice if they could stop here. it's nice and comfortable but we're headed to see temperatures warmer than that. in san jose 75 but tack on about 15 more degrees and that's our high temperature later on. 90 degrees expected in san jose later on. morgan hill 91, same for palo alto. at the coastline it's going to be mid-80s expected from pacifica, ocean beach over towards the 'embarcaderembarcad. 91 in mill valley, 92 for napa. concord at 91. livermore, pleasanton and san ramon all back into the low 90s for afternoon highs today. if you're headed to the beach today, maybe you got the day off, pacifica will be at 84 degrees. half moon bay at 89 degrees. santa cruz well on their way to see temperatures 90 degrees.
11:49 am
i just took a quick peek at the traffic, and traffic is starting to build across 17. folks starting to get an early day off. here's some tips on how to beat the heat early on once we see temperatures rise. drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks and remember to apply sunscreen generously today. high pressure is in control of our weather today. that's why we have such warm weather driving those offshore winds. for tomorrow we'll see a system move in from the south that will reinforce that marine layer. so we're talking 70s for places that will have 90s today and 60s at the coastline tomorrow. it gets even cooler as we head towards friday and saturday. widespread 60s across most of the bay area and that comes with a little rain as well. here's your three-day outlook. temperatures back into the mid-70s and showers expected by friday. same deal for the peninsula. back into the 70s for tomorrow. san francisco even cooler, 66 degrees expected for tomorrow and friday and saturday expect some on and off showers across parts of the bay area. it's not going to be a huge
11:50 am
storm system to start off the weekend but we're expecting light on and off rain for friday and saturday. the great news, tomorrow it will be dry and cooling off as you're headed to at&t park like we are. 1:35 the first pitch. we'll be looking at more clouds and it will be a little muggy. tomorrow morning flip us on, we'll be out there getting you ready for your opening day with the giants. now, we do have rain in the forecast as i mentioned for friday into saturday. the storm system has come up up the coastline and will give us a chance of rain friday and saturday. that's great news especially on the heels of warm weather today. again, the rain is friday into saturday. in the meantime, it's all about that heat. stay cool out there. >> don't get cocky, you'll need your fleece in the morning as we head out to 80s stadium. up next, the magical world of harry potter will soon be open to everybody. om!!= visirs uners stioshoywo canota
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
visitors to universal studios hollywood can now take a trip to the world of harry potter. tuesday night they held a grand opening ceremony for the wizarding world of harry potter attraction. >> it includes hogwart's castle. it featured the choir. composer john williams and the l.a. philharmonic. plenty of magic as well. ♪ >> a little bit of magic that we all need in our lives. >> this is a game-changer for los angeles. there is no question about it. ♪
11:54 am
hogwart's coming to hollywood is incredible. they have actually put some actual props from the film scattered around the park. >> and peep ill will find an amazing experience. ♪ you know, when i came in as mayor i set a goal to try to get 50 million tourists here to los angeles by 2020. about a million of that will be just harry potter alone. >> it reminds me the happy times of making these films for 11 years. >> i love that i get the chance to be immersed in the world again because we didn't get this on set. we only had half sets and green screen and imagination. >> wow. i hope they do that every night. to be fair we should point out that we are vaguely connected to universal studios through a parent company, comcast. >> and then as parents -- >> we're super tied. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
welcome back. i want to take a quick peek at your forecast. >> can we take that down? >> it's going to be another hot day. you know what, it's going to be hotter than it was yesterday by about 10 degrees so take it easy out there. bay.and 90s across the entire just remember that spf and drink plenty of water. >> we are not cooking tonight. you are on notice. >> thanks for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow from the ballpark. >> yeah, bye. >> see ya. ==o ttnimionu
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," never -- >> never! >> never. >> i mean, never. >> never ever a dull moment when kendra wilkinson is here. >> she was recently on a show, bill, and she talked about cheating on hef, which is in the mansion. i mean, there was three girlfriends, but she would go out and -- >> i just assumed that she did, right? she's feuding with her mom now, who's threatening to expose everything. it's not good. >> no. plus, she talks about how she likes donald trump. >> she's a trump supporter? she wants to make america great again? >> yeah. >> and espn's jay williams is with us. >> what an incredible story on reinvention after a motorcycle crash ended his basketball career, changed his life forever. his book is a total page-turner. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, thr


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