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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> we're all lucky. >> it could be hours before that truck is towed out of that garage and they can see exactly how much damage was done to the garage. now pg & e is the company that
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had a subcontractor working on the street. that's where all the asphalt was going to go. they are promising an investigation. >> the search is on for a hit and you run driver who caused a deadly crash. tonight a plea for help the scion lost control and the driver never stopped. >> this person was driving recklessly. after the crash he just continued with complete disregard to human life. >> officer believe the hit-and-run driver was in a light brown toyota siena similar to this one. if you witnessed the crash,
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please contact chp. >> and here we go. this is a live look at okaylaak where we hit 80 degrees today. we hit the 90s in some spots. what's next? >> we'll have a major shift into the next 24 hours, raj. today looking at those records, some of those records we smashed by about 10 degrees. check out hayward. the old record was 75 degrees set in 2009. and santa rosa, it was 88 degrees today. so we set those records by several degrees. and now we're feeling some slightly milder temperatures. but this is still above where we should be for an average high temperature across the bay area. into the day tomorrow, looking much better. more clouds and onshore flow and that sticks with us into the weekend as we start to see more showers moving in. i'll detail that and more coming up in the next microclimate
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forecast. >> you can track our changing weather with our free nbc bay area app. al it's a great resource. >> nba bay area has learned a sooting victory stanislav petrov dropped off at the hospital died today. the feds were conducting some kind of gun investigation involving petrov and arrested him after finding a weapon. hooves caught on camera being beaten by almeida county deputies in november following a police chase across the bay bridge. he remains in jail. >> tasers once again drawing a packed house in san francisco. many have questions sfpd's use of force policy ever since the death of mario woods, the man who allegedly stabbed a prn and
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was holding a knife when officers shot and killed him back in december. in figure police chief greg sur proposed a laser taser program that would only provide them to specially trained officers. >> it takes training. it's a lesser of the two evils. >> it is still the use of force. over 900 people have died from tasers. >> no decision was made at tonight's meeting. >> new at 11:00, an emotional homecoming for the family of a prisoner of war. his flag draped casket was carried off a plane at sfo tonight. he was declared missing in action 65 years ago. tonight the final chapter for this war veteran is being written. cheryl hurd joins us from sfo with the stories. it's alwaystional sight
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when you see that. >> it is indeed. it's the dream a bay area family dreamed of and tonight that dream became a reality. >> to bring him home and have closure for our family, it's very emotional. >> that emotion showed as corporate robert perry graham's casket was walked toward his family and placed in the waiting hearse. >> it's something my aunts and uncles and mother had always dreamed about, having this closure. >> closure the family thought would never happen when corporal graham was sent to fight in the career war and never returned. >> so the official report was that in 1953 is that he did pass away in a p.o.w. camp. >> he was declared missing in action two years prior when his unit came under attack. >> it's the day that i always hoped for. >> nicole only knew about her uncle through her late father.
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>> the military had asked us many years ago to submit some dna. >> james george, a retired marine, along with his cousin, submitted their dna. last fall they found out there was a match after testing commingled remains for dozens of veterans. >> we still have 5,800 soldiers, sailors, marines, that are still missing from the korean war. 4,800 of them are in north korea. and those families won't have the closure that i have. >> corporal graham will be buried with full military honors on friday. >> cheryl, thank you. donald trump supporters faced off with protesters outside of a rally on long island tonight. here's some of the video. police officers had to separate
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both groups just to keep the peace. now, two people were arrested after getting into a fight. >> as for the democrats, a renewed swagger for bernie sanders. he's on the offensive. during a rally in philadelphia, senator sanders claimed that hillary clinton called him unqualified to be president. sanders then questioned whether she's the one who is unqualified because she took millions in special interest funds. mrs. clinton's office denies the allegations and called it a new low. >> san jose is boosting efforts to stop graffiti. taggers have hit city hall four times in just the past month. the city said it is not going to reinstate security officers. however, the problem has gotten so bad, the city is changing its stance. a downtown restaurant was vandalized saturday night.
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>> san francisco mayor ed lee will return that stolen scooter back to the make a wish foundation. what an ordeal it's been. officers arrested jacques manne. they believe he's the third thief who ransacked the make a wish officers on saturday. the suspect is holding one of the items, the scooter donated by hunter pence. >> and two individuals robbing a downtown 7-eleven store. police released this video today because they need help identifying the men. if you recognize they, sjpd would like a call. >> still ahead here at 11:00, his face would be hard to miss. the search for this heavily
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tattooed man considered armed and dangerous and linked to a crime at a local mall. plus -- >> when i dreamed of going to the olympics, you didn't say i wanted to go get a bronze medal. >> the road to redemption in rio while helping out other olympic hopefuls along the way. >> temperatures are finally cool enough to turn off the a.c. and you can probably leave it off for the next week. i'll talk about those changes coming up in less than ten minutes. spd cse steay teron.ofcerstoed g
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charles justice is wanted for robbing a nordstrom rack store and then fleeing police. inside his car police say were three children and a woman. if you know where justice is,
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please call pleasant hill police. >> a disturbing arrest in the east bay. police say a man sexually assaulted a child in a church bathroom at the christian fellowship church. police have arrested 19-year-old laddel smith on sexual assault. both are members of the church. investigators think there could be a more victims. >> it sends a message -- san francisco has a travel ban to mississippi. today mayor ed lee said san francisco's taxpayers will not subsidize legally sanctioned hate and bigotry against any person or group. san francisco is joining dozens of other cities, states and businesses banning nonessential travel to mississippi and north carolina, which passed a similar law which restricts the right of the lbgt community.
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activists protested saying theirs is not a state of hate. >> the olympics are four months away but all the hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, that's happening right now. all around the country athletes are trying to qualify for the rio games. >> that include as spirited woman from san jose state. >> when it comes to judo, this school is synonymous with greatness. inside, a judo program that's won 50 collegiate titles. marty malloy is training for the olympics, ranked fourth in the world for her weight class. i do judo six days a week, i did weight training or running
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training four to five days a week also been. >> malloy competed at the games in london, bringing home a bronze. >> i saw an opportunity for a really big attack. this could be a game winning thing and it back fired and i got thrown, the biggest throw you've probably ever seen. that has been plaguing me ever since. >> reporter: malloy has already qualified for the summer games. she's guided by this san jose coach. he's 96 years old and helped turn judo into an olympic art. >> reporter: tell me about marty. >> she's one of the best we have. she's not only a hard working person but real determined and she loves san jose state judo. >> reporter: so much so malloy now works as an assistant coach guiding young athletes like colton brown, who is an olympic hopeful himself. >> if it want for judo, i don't
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know what i'd be doing. it teaches you to value people and value things. >> reporter: the olympics is reserved for the top 22 judo athletes. right now brown is 23rd with only four tournaments left to improve that ranking. >> when i wake up, turn off my a ala alarm, it says "wake up, olympic games" so that gets me up everybody morning. >> there's no reason that if i'm as pofocused and in shape as i n be, that i can't win it all. >> the next test will be at the pan american games and if he medals there, you'll see him in rio. >> we wish him luck. the opening ceremony in rio takes place august 5th.
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>> let's head outside to the ballpark. our center field live cam. at that looks nice, doesn't it? quiet now but tomorrow afternoon this place will be buzzing. the giants home opener again the dodgers. earlier today, the giants in milwaukee. that's jeff samardzija. he came up a little short in his giants debut. brewers win the game 4-3 but the giants win the series. as for tomorrow, car, train or boats, more than 42,000 fans will be celebrating the home opener. here's some good news. the giants' ferry was back in business. it was nixed last month. they wrapped up their work early, just in time for tomorrow. 12.50 for a round-trip fare. our live coverage starts at 4:30
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a.m. we look getting there early. laura and sam are anchoring from the field at what time again? >> 4:30 in the morning. we do this every year and i think it's a really fun assignment. >> you know who is usually there with everyone? >> kari hall. >> but not tomorrow. we are keeping you up late tonight. >> you are keeping me up late. let's take a look at san francisco now. golden gate bridge, things are finally starting to quiet down. we can get rid of this heat for quite a while. we're already starting to see a change with clouds rolling in from the south. that will also help suppress those temperatures yesterday and a change in the winds will also allow for an onshore flow and bring us back closer to average for this type of year. looking at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the
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screen. 72 in san francisco and the peninsula, 63 in the east bay. as we drop in and get a closer look, we have 68 degrees in ala alamo. still some warm temperatures out there now. i promise it will continue to fall as we will have a mild night and still a very weak wind. it starts to pick up. more of a west, southwest early wind into the day tomorrow. but it will feel brizy. winds sustained at about 15 to 20 miles an hour, a little bit higher along the coast and a nice onshore flow kicking in once again. so our high temperatures will still be slightly above average. we're still going to be slightly above normal. pacifica 68 degrees and 65 at ocean beach. in the north bay, 72 in napa, oakland, 71 degrees and 75 in
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pleasanton. for that home opener, a lot of people heading out to san francisco for the big game. it will be first pitch at 68 degrees. we will see also the morning clouds and tag returning. the fog will hug the coast and start to roll in in san francisco and parts of the rest of the bay area throughout the day as high pressure continues to move to the east, it allows for a couple of very weak storm systems to the north of us, could bring in scattered showers to the bay area, that onshore flow comes back. the scattered rain starts on friday and continues into the weekend. as far as how much rain we're going to see, into the a whole lot. the rain will be off and on, very hit or miss. we will have the possibility of seeing maybe about a quarter of an inch for most of us. so the temperature trend for san jose will be way down, only staying in the mid to upper 60s throughout the weekend and to start next week.
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ggy and raj? >> we like that. thanks, kari. >> up next, no special treatment for the mayor. the reason san francisco police pulled over mayor lee. >> and jimmy. >> cameron diaz is here for a game of drinko. it is a great show. do not change the channel! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on. plenty of problems with bart but this is not one of them. bart showing off its shiny new cars today. they hit the tracks next winter at the earliest. this is the first of 705 new
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cars. they're more spacious because there are fewer seats. >> mayor lee was on a ride along, personally observing the police response to the soaring rate of break-ins. the officer who stopped the vehicle thought he was moving a bit slowly, walked up, saw the occupants, looked a little bit surprised but then greeted the mayor. >> up next, what's up with the warriors? is it the pressure of success? >> and happening now, a new map is pinpointing homeless encampments in the south bay. outreach programs are using it to help distribute care. and a u.s. marine corps canine being called a hero and getting a lot of likes on our facebook page. see the picture of lukluka, the
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three legged german shepard used to sniff out ieds. (vo) one hundred million pounds. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past.
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to get involved visit those are some good looking tomatoes. yep. how long have you been growing them? for a couple months. me too. hey leonard, if we've been growing our tomatoes the same amount of time, why did your dirt grow more than my dirt? because my dirt's better than your dirt. oh. nature's care organic potting mix produces more tomatoes than those other guys. that's some good dirt.
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produces more tomatoes than those other guys. the warriors chasing history and that chase continues tomorrow night right there at the oracle. it's the big showdown against the spurs. want to see them rebound. >> the warriors are in a mini slump. they've lost two of their last
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three games. could it be the pressure of success. >> we should come out with maybe one loss. >> that's what klay thompson told me at tuesday morning's shoot around. he didn't expect that lost to come here at oracle arena against minnesota. at winning 54 straight home games, golden state has lost two of their last three at oracle. >> we lose a game it's like, oh, my god, they lost. it's a pretty good sign, better than the opposite, oh, my god, they won. >> we all remember those days. thee days the defending champs have a target on their back. they're trying to become the second team in nba history to reach the 70 win plateau while chasing the 72 win of season of '95/'96. >> trying to balance the grind with the talk of the record and
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all that stuff. it hasn't been easy. i think that's pretty obvious. in the end we're in a great spot. >> coach kerr is right, they are in a great spot. but san antonio has a chance to pass them. >> we're industrial trying to get the one seed. if we win tomorrow night that, would do it, i believe. so let's do that. >> like i said, the record was great. we'll blow up some balloons and celebrate it for a good five-minute period after we get it but we have a championship to win. in the grand scheme of things, it small potatoes. >> some very sage perspective there. one more note from oakland, the a's get their first win of the season tonight, the coliseum. the a's beat the white sox 2-1. >> off to a good start. we'll be right
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we are on the eve of harry potter nirvana. is there such a thing? tomorrow is the official opening of the wizarding world of harry
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potter. the universal studios down in l.a. now, last night some of the stars of the harry potter movies were on hand for the opening ceremony. nbc universal is the parent company of nbc bay area. a lot of people fired up. tickets are sold out just in case you want to go down south and check it out. >> if you are a harry potter fan, you want to be there for that. >> looks beautiful actually. >> hope you have a great day tomorrow. >> our next morning newscast at 4:30. giants opening day, it's going to be a big one. good night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- cameron diaz, jon favreau,


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