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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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rig noat 30.thseah f a t a rudr' right now at 4:30 this search for a hit and run driver. here is the type of van police are looking for. we have the clues detectives hope will help them catch the suspect. plus, san francisco's leaders take on the city's controversial city policy this after the death of kate steinle who was shot by a fugitive who had been deported. baseball is back. we are live for the giants home opener. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you, i'm kira klapper. sam brock and laura gar se garcia-cannon will join us soon.
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>> i'm meteorologist kari hall. homener for the dodgers facing much cooler temperatures today. by the fifth inning, 66 degrees. by the end of the game, we're looking at 65 degrees. more clouds and some muggy conditions. winds from the south, southwest at 10 to 20 miles per hour. and we'll also have those temperatures in the 60s and 70s else where all across the bay area. all right. sounds like great weather today. great traffic flow. of course, only 4:31. overnight road crews and also three locations for four sporting events we're focusing on the home opener for the giants as far as where our location is coming up. meanwhile this location near alamo an earlier crash moved everything off to the shoulder and they still have one vehicle sticking out to the slow lanes. watch for any issues. kira, you also have a few traffic-related stories to start
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off with. i'll hand it back to you. the search is on for a deadly hit and run driver. a toyota sienna minivan clipped a toyota scion. the scion lost control, rolled over and crashed into the center divide killing that driver. the driver of the van never stopped. officers believe the hit and run driver was in a light brown 2000 toyota sienna similar to the one in this photo. please call the chp if you have any other information. a deadly accident on highway 101. this happened late last night. the motorcyclist died at the scene. so far no word on the cause. a north bay couple now have to look into renovating their home after a dump truck barrelled into their garage. this happened yesterday afternoon on lower crescent driver in sausalito. firefighters say the driver of the dump truck loaded with asphalt lost control going up a
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hill. the driver jumped out of the truck which then slammed into the home's detached garage. >> the truck came down and hit the garage and tried to push it down the hill and luckily the garage resisted. >> down in the house reading and i heard the big, the sound of a truck backing up mightily and then, wham, just a mighty slam. >> the truck driver suffered a broken arm but no one else was injured. the rest of the home is not damaged. san francisco leaders today will debate a plan to tight on the screws on its sanctuary city policy. all city law enforcement officers from notifying custom agents about individuals who had been released from custody, that is under limited circumstances. the plan being debated today would go beyond the city's current law. the current law, as you might know, is now under fire
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following last year's deadly shooting of kate steinle. in that case, i.c.e. agents had wanted to deport that suspect, juan francisco lopez, but the san francisco sheriff's department at the time chose not to notify the federal government when they released lopez sanchez. san jose police have released new video of a 7-eleven robbery and they hope someone will recognize these two thieves. police say the men walk under to the store on sixth street and grabbed several cases of beer and just walked out the door. this happened six months ago. when the cashier confronted them, the man in the black there threatened him with a knife. here's another look at the two robbers. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. this morning at at&t park they will return a stolen scooter back to the make a wish foundation. officers arrested jacques manns with the burglary. he was the third thief back on
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saturday. the surveillance camera captured the burglars holding one of the stolen items, the scooter, donated by giants star hunter pence. police were able to discover that missing scooter on tuesday. time to play ball with the giants home opener and we are your one stop shop for everything orange and black. the lights already on and we're told it's warm out there, it is muggy this morning. the first pitch at 1:35 and a packed house. take a look at this. the giants star shortstop posted this note on twitter with the caption, the sf home opener should be a citywide holiday. the note says we have a very important business meeting, please excuse their absence and feel free to join, as well. thanks in advance for cooperating, you've been a giant help and signed brandon crawford. not a bad get out of work free card, huh. kari hall has the
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microclimate forecast for the game today. >> look, we have a clear view. we know kari will talk about that in just a moment coming up. this critical link of this clear, little muggy out there. the link between the city and where the giants are playing and oakland where also the a's are playing. the city and the town, i guess you would say. look at the map and the battle for the bay, but right now just defending the bay on both sides. in fact, on the south bay, with the sharks and jets. now, heard about that, that's a traditional battle and meanwhile the rest of the bay moves very well, guys. we'll send it back to you. >> the sharks and the jets call me maria. thanks, mike. coming up next, a murder suspect finally back in the bay area. the place police caught this wanted fugitive. backlash after mississippi passes a controversial anti-gay law. the bay area city now banning workers from traveling there.
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got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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an accused murder is back in the south bay after hiding out for nearly three years in mexico. julio was arraigned yesterday. police say he stabbed his ex-girlfriend, veronica lozano
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40 times and then shot her in the head. it happened at this san jose hotel three years ago. he then reported texted her current boyfriend, a photo of her body and then escaped to mexico. authorities extradited him this week after the fbi found him near mexico city. he'll be back in court next tuesday. police are looking for a man with tattoos on his face who they say used a gun to rob a nordstrom rack in pleasant hill. police say officers caught up to justice's car after the robbery and then led him into oncoming traffic. they pulled back because a woman and three other children were in his car. considered armed and dangerous. around the clock security is now under way at san jose city hall because there's been a surge in graffiti at city hall, as well as businesses. taggers have hit city hall four times over the past month and just last week the city said it would not reinstate security
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officers but the graffiti problem has gotten so bad, the city is changing its stance. san jose mayor samlocardo says the extra security will help the entire community. it is a symbolic move that sends a message. san francisco has issued a travel ban for the state of mississippi. this stems from a controversial anti-gay law there. may mayor ed lee says they will not subsidize bigotry against any person or group. joining other cities across the u.s., stanning states and businesses banning travel to north carolina. north carolina also passed a similar law. hundreds have gathered at mississippi state capital in protest of the law which allow businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on religious ground. at 4:41 coming up. a mystery at yosemite national park. why a missing sign may be related to a legal battle. alitosto teologtkariallithour
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we have four sporting events happening in the bay area today. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall with your microclimate forecast. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. such hot weather all across the bay area on wednesday. well, now a shift in the wind will bring in some much cooler conditions. looking at some southerly winds as we start out the day and the winds already at about 15 to 20 miles an hour at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. into the afternoon, a nice
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onshore flow that will help keep our temperatures down and also more clouds and fog rolling inland. so, looking at the highs today, up to 75 degrees in gilroy. and pacifica 68 degrees. ocean beach 65 degrees and that's coming down from temperatures that were just in the 80s and 90s. 75 degrees in cal stoega and antioch looking at 76 degrees and a high of 75 can be expected in pleasanton. and the home opener for the giants game. we'll have some temperatures reaching into the upper 60s with some muggy conditions. winds in from the west, southwest at 10 to 20 miles an hour. here's a look at the fog forecast. we do start to see the clouds and the fog rolling right across san francisco hugging the coast and then moving inland as we go into late tonight and into the day on friday. we will have some changes in our weather pattern. we had high pressure that was fighting back the off shore flow and now we'll see some areas of low pressure moving just to the north of us. that could bring in some
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scattered showers starting on friday continuing into saturday, as well as sunday. mainly some light rain, but then in the forecast we'll have cloudy skies and some scattered showers, once again, starting on friday and continuing as we head into the weekend. some off and on rain that will linger into early sunday. yesterday was beautiful, by the way. but thank goodness it's cooler today and continuing. we have a smooth, easy drive and we are expecting this week, as well as next week. this, by the way, 580 at dublin. you can read that sign and also read the map. no real problems through the tri-valley and build through the altamont. that one crash cleared to the shoulder for 680 and bay bridge toll plaza no problem but games in san francisco, san jose and oakland. a disturbing arrest in the east bay. brentwood police say a man sexually assaulted a child in a church bathroom. it happened saturday at the world of life.
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police have since arrested 19-year-old ladell smith on charges of sexual assault. they say both smith and the victim were members of the church. investigators think there could be more victims. a shooting victim who sources say petrov dropped off at a hospital has died. the shooting happened before this raid on friday night in san francisco's visitation valley. sources tell nbc bay area the feds were conducting some sort of gun investigation involving petrov and they arrested him after finding a weapon. you may remember petrov, he oz caught on camera on camera back in october following a police chase. san francisco police are getting plenty of input as the city considers arming officers with tasers. this issue drew a packed house at last night's city hall. you might remember back in february a limited taser program that would only provide tasers
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to especially trained officers. there is a glimmer of hope this morning that a strike by cal state university teachers can be avoided. teachers plan to walk off the job next wednesday in the first of five days of strikes. but yesterday the university and union representing all 23 campuses entered into a closed door high-level negotiating period. the hope is a deal can be reached by tomorrow. a mystery this morning involving a beloved sign at yosemite national park. a $1,000 reward for any information about a missing hotel sign. it disappeared at the end of february, just days before the park was forced to change the name of the hotel. rangers think this vanishing act is more than just a coincidence. right now the park is in the middle of a trademark dispute. the company that used run yosemite's concessions wants the park to pay $54 million to use trademark names. new this morning, a connecticut community that was
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shaken by a shooting is on edge, once again. a newtown middle schoolteacher was found with a concealed gun at his school. jason adams was arrested and placed on administrative leave yesterday after he was seen at school with that firearm. the school is in the same town as sandy hook elementary, where a deadly mass shooting killed 20 first graders and six educators back in 2012. now to decision 2016 and the race for president suddenly becoming a turf battle with new york and now the apple of the eye for all five remaining contenders. tracie potts explains how the battle for the next big primary is shaping up. >> it's great to be home. this is home. it's great to be home. >> reporter: amid protests, heavy security and thousands of supporters, donald trump makes a big splash back home in the big apple and calls out ted cruz's comments on new york values. >> with hatred, with hatred of new york.
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so, folks, i think you can forget about him. >> the people of new york know exactly what those values are. >> reporter: cruz visits brooklyn later today. >> if you want to know what liberal democratic valus are. >> reporter: hillary clinton is toning down her criticism of bernie sanders. barely mentioned him in pennsylvania last night. >> when i listen to the rhetoric coming out of donald trump's campai campaign, it is deeply disturbing. >> reporter: but sanders unleashed his most direct attack on clinton yet. calling her unqualified for the presidency. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: new york, home to three candidates and the next battleground. late last night, hillary clinton's press secretary tweeted for bernie sanders to
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take back what he said both democrats are holding news conferences later this morning. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. well, we are less than eight hours away from the first pitch for giants grand home opener today and getting to the game just got a little easier. the giants ferry, which had been nixed last month, is now officially reinstated. it had been canceled because no ferries were available due to maintenance. but work on one of the ships wrapped up early. that's great news. we have a live look for you at at&t park. it is going to be a full house this afternoon. sam and laura already are there and we'll talk to them in just ten minutes. coming up, another bay area city sugar tax, tries to pass a sugar tax on soda. we'll tell you the price you'll be paying if it's approved. right now take me out to the ball game. our production team is putting the final touches on our special broadcast on today's home opener. starts in about ten minutes live
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from at&t park. we have a special two-hour show planned. sam and laura are standing by and we are posting images on our facebook page. kris sanchez is roaming the stadium to show you what fans can expect this year. hey there, heard the good news?
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spray 'n wash is back... and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. arvedtherant ancy b.a.r.t.'s feature has finally arrived. the transit agency is showing off the first of 100 generation cars. it will be stored in hayward until they hit the tracks, but that won't be until next winter at the earliest. the cars are more spacious, yet they offer fewer seats. the b.a.r.t. cars are supposed to have better air conditioning and a real time map. now, to facebook adding new features to facebook live.
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the site is adding the ability to broadcast live to a facebook group or schedule a live q and a session. also adding filters to live video and making it possible to express more emotions during a presentation by pressing on love, haha, wow, sad or angry emojis. they hope to get more users shooting and watching live video on their mobile devices. a first of its kind set of standers for the modeling industry in california is taking its first steps down the runway. require health standards and workplace protections for professional models. well, that is getting heavy backlash from the modeling industry itself. but the mercury news. several other committees would have to green light the bill before it gets to a floor vote. an east bay city is hoping to crack down on sugary drinks.
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tax some high calorie gridrinks. the measure will be heard in committee today. if it passes it goes before the entire city council and if approved voters will make their decision in november. berkeley residents, you may recall, the first local soda fee in 2014. an emotional homecoming for the family of a prisoner of war. a p.o.w. finally home after 65 years. corporal robert perry graham's flag draped casket was carried off the plane last night. a native san franciscan was declared missing in action in 1951 when his unit was attacked. when remains were discovered years ago the military issed ase family to submit dna. there was a match. a bone belonging to graham was discovered. >> whether it was my uncle or any service member we always have a sense of pride in taking care of our own or bringing home
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our own. >> corporal graham will be buried with full military hoppers tomorrow. police now say suspicious behavior led to san francisco's mayor getting pulled over earlier this week. the mayor wasn't even driving an undercover san francisco police officer was. mayor lee was on a ride along observing the police response to the soaring rate of break ins. the officer that stopped the vehicle thought it was moving too slowly. as soon as he saw the car's occupants he looked surprised. coming up, san francisco takes on its controversial city sanctuary law. the changes it could mean for law enforcement. our crew is at at&t park for the giants home opener. oh, yes we are, kira. nice to see you this morning. laura and i standing by. a very exciting day. >> that's right. all quiet now, but, boy, will these stands be filled. a lot more ahead on "today in the bay." we hope you join us.
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and i'm anthony slaughter outside of at and trx st&t park have the cool breezes in place and nothing like we saw yesterday as far as our weather is concerned. we'll go over that forecast and get you up to speed with what is happening outside the park and all the buzz with the very latest here from at&t park. we're coming right back after this. t orge-d-bck..arbacinownande a a
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the orange and black are back in town and we are here to welcome home the giants. we're live inside of at&t park on the infield as the countdown begins until this afternoon's homomener. >> it's at least the best seat in the house but they'll probably kick us out. we have everything giants from the weather to an all-access pass for what's in store for fans this season. we certainly have you covered. >> a lot happening this morning. that includes the changes on the field to keep the team and the fans safe. >> you can't forget about the food. we'll showcase all the good eats this season. >> trust me, no one is forgetting about the food. coming up in the next half hour, how the season is shaping up for the giants as they head into their home opener. >> should we start getting the confetti ready? >> and the bunting. >> let's hand things over to weekend anchor kira


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