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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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no justice! >> no peace. >> protesters hit the streets of san francisco after police shoot and kill a homeless man. there are conflicting accounts of what happened right before officers opened fire. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker in for jesse aguirre. >> and i'm roger mathai.
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>> police say a homeless man came at officers with a knife but witnesses are sharing a very different story. jean elle is in the mission district for us this evening. jean, two versions of the story. what are the protesters demanding? >> the protesters are demanding change. they came here to the scene of the shooting tonight, leaving a few candles and painting the ground red. they say they are demanding change and that the shooting didn't have to happen. an angry crowd marches through the mission, gathering where police shot and killed a homeless man they say had a knife. >> enough of them killing our people! enough of rogue cops. >> reporter: it followed a coalition meeting where dozens called for annd to police shootings. this happened on shotwell near 19th just before 10:00 this
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morning. the public health department said a homeless outreach teen encountered a homeless man acting erratically with a knife. officers on the radio said they fired bean bag rounds at the man and then fire guns when he lunched at them. >> the suspect did not go down. he charged at officers with a knife in his hand. >> reporter: but people who saw the incident unfold tell a different story. they say their friend was sitting down a never lunged at officers. >> it was not a knife. >> reporter: what was it? >> it was like a cake spreading tool. so they started launching bean bags and he gets up and starts to run away from him. >> reporter: rosalyn bar net said that's what the police fired. the chief said the shooting is
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under investigation. >> we have been working very, very hard to try and figure out ways to contend with folks with edged weapons or other weapons, trying to create time and distance and apparently this event unfolded very quickly. >> the police department and the district attorney's office are now investigating this shooting. this shooting happened in the midst a debate about tasers. tonight the police officers' association said if officers had tasers, this incident may have ended differently. >> jean, thank you very much. >> you can see it, you can also feel it. a big change it coming in the weather after record breaking heat. a storm is headed for the bay area. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> we saw the cooling effects of the change in the winds around the bay area. low 60s out near at&t park.
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the trees blowing around pretty good as the sea breeze has returned. that's one of the reasons why we cooled down today. as we head into the morning commute hours here, hour by hour, there's a chance some of those showers could make an early approach to the bay area. looks like just after sunrise, 8:00 now, beginning to see the first wave of at least a few that will be coming through as we head through tomorrow. the the morning, 7:00, south of san francisco followed up by heavier rain as we head towards the evening and weekend as well. it impacts on the sierra coming up in a few minutes. >> do track the rain as it arrives in our neighborhood. click on the weather tab to get a personalized forecast. >> the hottest ticket in the country and hottest tv ratings as well. the warriors at the oracle tonight against the second best team in the nba. those would be the spurs. everyone wants to see history.
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there's a lot going on tonight. watching the warriors and the new legends. hello to ronnie lott, the 49ers legend. the warriors on the fastbreak. they beat the spurs in a big way. it's their 70th win of the season. they're only the second team in history to win 70 games. cheryl hurd is at the oracle. cheryl, we're not done. a bigger piece of history might come next week. >> reporter: we are not done. and the warriors don't like talking about chasing history. they don't like talking about it at all. and coach kerr, he doesn't like talking about breaking the chicago bulls record, but the fans, they don't mind talking about it at all. walking into oracle tonight, the crowd was pumped. the roaracle living up to its
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name. >> going for history, baby! >> reporter: this team is destined for history. >> i think they're ready for the playoff. i think they're going to take it. >> reporter: after tonight the warriors have three regular season games left. if they win all three, they will shatter the chicago bulls winning record for a single season. >> if they don't get it, it's okay because the record in my mind isn't really going to mean much if they don't win the championsh championship. >> reporter: don knows all about that. his dad was a season ticket holder when they won it all 40 years ago. he's now carrying the torch. >> i would be more content winning tonight. that would give us the home court advantage. >> the champs need that home court advantage. they play better at home. they proved that tonight with a big win. >> greatest show on earth. pure entertainment, 100% fun. you should be there. >> it was a great game to watch but i don't think it's real, what we're going to see in the
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playoffs. >> the warriors' upcoming schedule is pretty grueling. they also play memphis and those are two very good teams. reporting live in oakland, i'm michelle hurd. >> we could get into the game if we had michelle's press pass. >> we have to look into that. >> a lot of cheers all over the bay area. the warriors, giants, sharks all playing at home. >> and new at 11:00, it is a troubling trend in the east bay. a series of freeway shootings that have left drivers very uneasy. since november they've been investigating 16 freeway shootings in contra costa and almeida counties, ten of those on i-80. three of them are being investigated as homicides. without exception, these cases are gang related. they are not random.
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in march investigators began conducting strategic enforcement operations targeting no gang members. now last week officers arrested one gang member in connection with the shooting on highway four. >> a chp motor cycle officer is in the hospital this evening with serious injuries. investigators say he was intentionally run over. this happened along interstate 80 in sacramento. the suspect took off, ditching his truck, then stealing another truck from a construction site. he led officers on a 50-mile chase that ended in fairfield where he was finally arrested. >> a crime spike on the stanford campus, laptops are being lifted. since september, 70 computers have been reported stolen. more than half of those are in the last month. they're being stolen from offices, research rooms and dorms. police say they have two people
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of interest in the case. investigators think the suspects may be posing as a student or employee. >> no free ride for uber. a settlement late today forced the san francisco company to fork over millions of dollars. district attorneys in los angeles and san francisco jointly allege that uber misled passengers about the quality of its background checks saying that uber screenings did not include fingerprints. prosecutors say the settlement sends a message to other ride share businesses but cabbies say it's not enough. >> all businesses in california have to follow the rules, particularly the ones that protect consumers and the public at large. >> yeah, i'm happy but, you know, billions of dollars should have been fined against them. then they could feel some pain. >> uber says it has already addressed many of the claims such as agreeing to no longer use terms such as safest ride on
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the road and describing their background check as "the gold standard." >> president obama arriving at l.a.x. tonight. he attended a democratic party fund-raiser at the home of disney studios chairman alan horn. tomorrow afternoon the president heads our way, here to san francisco. of course that means expect traffic delays around sfo and 101 as the motorcade makes its way in and around the city. mr. obama has meetings and another fund-raiser and will return to washington, d.c. saturday morning. >> still ahead, another coyote caught just steps away from this front door. take a look as he relaxes on the front lawn. now a warning from animal control about something in your yard that could be attracting them. also -- >> we would like to hope that whoever did this did it out of need or necessity and felt they had no other option. >> another nonprofit burglarized. coming up, i'll tell what you
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the thieves stole and how it will affect people with disabilities on the peninsula. >> rain producing clouds as we head into friday, the weekend and into the seven-day forecast, rain chances on the increase. a look at that when we come right back. (vo) one hundred million pounds. that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise
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with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit those are some good looking tomatoes. yep. how long have you been growing them? for a couple months. me too. hey leonard, if we've been growing our tomatoes the same amount of time, why did your dirt grow more than my dirt? because my dirt's better than your dirt. oh. nature's care organic potting mix produces more tomatoes than those other guys. that's some good dirt.
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produces more tomatoes than those other guys. ba coordoli saaland sa a disturbing crime in the east bay. concord police say alejandro soro now accused of child molestation. it happened just off oak grove road. police say an 8-year-old girl say she was molested while she was sedated during a recent dental visit. authorities went to her home and found hundreds of photos showing
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abuse. >> she was sedated and he pulled her pants down and he touched her. >> in a statement, they company said they are cooperating with police and the investigation. >> thieves brought into a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities. all of its gear for an upcoming fund-raising event was stolen. ian cull has the details. >> reporter: they're quick to point out they are located in a nice neighborhood. they're surrounded by a school, community center and park. they were shocked to find out over the weekend someone came over and broke into the shed, stealing many important supplies. abilities united in palo alto serves children and adults with disabilities and three to four times a year they take the adults camping. so on tuesday the staff went out to check the shed.
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>> an adult services team came out to look at someplace. >> reporter: typically stocked with camping gear. >> the lock had been broken off the shed and most of our fleiss splice had been stolen. this was filled. we had emergency supplies, first aid kids, tents, sleeping bags. >> reporter: the burglary happened over the weekend, around the same time three men broke into another nonprofit organization, make a wish, in san francisco. among the items taken a scooter donated by giants outfielder hunt are pence. police found it and returned it to the new owner who pay $40,000 for the new scooter. >> we kept it there because we were doing work at the house and wasn't to keep it in a safe
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place. >> reporter: the staff at abilities united is hoping for an outcome so their camping trips can continue. >> for many of them, it's the only chance they have to go cam offing or do outdoor activities. >> the staff says they hope the person who broke into this shed at least did it out of necessity and are using those supplies. ian cull. >> charged with quadruple murder, a palo alto man could be locked up for life. kevin dahlgren is accused of stabbing his and, uncle and two cousins. he has been extradited to the czech republic and is now awaiting trial. >> throwing in the towel, an assistant basketball coach fired for sexual harassment gave up his appeal today.
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three days ago jan huffnagle released hundreds of text messages proving his innocence. he say it proves he and a female report reporter. >> more proof tonight that coyote activity is on the rise in san francisco. take a look at this fphoto of a wild animal lounging. this coyote ran away officers animal control officers showed up but it did leave behind quite a mess. you see here this bin that's knocked over, it's believed the coyote did this. animal control wants to make sure people secure their bins
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factory. >> and brian stowe back to municipal stadium in san jose. he threw out the first pitch for opening night. it's been five years since stow was brutally beaten outside dodgers stadium. he suffered severe brain damage. after extensive rehab, he now use as wheelchair and can walk on crutches. >> day to day is tough. i want to be doing better than i am, but then i think how i could have been and i could be dead. deceased. and i think i'm doing really well right now. >> we agree. we've seen him come a long way in these five years. he travels the country now giving speeches on anti-bullying. as we know, he's a good luck charm. the san jose giants won tonight's game. >> so many of us have watched his progress. he is doing really well. >> and such big giants fan he is. >> here's meteorologist rob
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mayeda. what a beautiful day for opening day. >> it was maybe a little bit muggy outside. right now cooling nicely. the sea breeze will allow inland spots to probably not have to run the a.c. overnight like we did last night. should see mid 50s tomorrow morning. what's a little more interesting is the chance rain for us is coming from the south instead of off the pacific. we're going to be watching the storm system here lifting out of southern california into the bay area, which would bring the chance of scattered showers for your morning commute but probably the chance of heavier showers toward the evening in south bay from 5:00 until 8:00 seems to be the target for heavier showers later tomorrow. mid 50s to start. as we head through the midday hours, we'll see temperatures in the 60s and like live staying there with mostly cloudy skies, increasing chances of rain and
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the best bet of that will be in the south bay tore tomorrow. high in the upper 60s and mid 60s for san jose. a bill bit cooler for tomorrow's game. and for the north bay, temperatures in the upper 60s. giants versus dodgers. catch the game right here on the nbc bay area. we may see those showers -- we're going to see temperatures in the low to mid 60s to start with rain possible at times and winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. as the system lifts northward, it's not just for friday but even into the weekend as this low moves through southern california, that's going to continue to push the rain from south to north across the bay area. the trend into friday evening and saturday shows the areas here in blue possibly picking up more than a half inch of rain. fairly substantial when you consider the time of year from
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now until about 7:00 in the the evening. the first half of the weekend seems to have more wide spread showers. we're going to see our temperatures nowhere near the 80s and 90s. san jose similar trend there as we see the chance of showers for friday into the weekend and the long range forecast brings in not one but two systems. as they get into tuesday and wednesday, the system there will be cold enough for maybe another foot of snow this year. the middle part of next week, that next storm can bring our highs down to 60 and areas above 6,000 feet, one more foot of new snow. back to you. >> so we can go skiing next week? >> let's take the show on the road. thanks, rob. >> coming up, a mustang
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convertible leads police on a bizarre chase. >> and we have jimmy. >> russell crowe is my guest tonight. we have music by the luminneers.
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case in los angeles today turns into an all-out joy ride with seemingly no respect about the law here. the suspects dropped the top, even though it was raining, spun some tops on the freeway and finally came to an end after an hour. they took some selfies, gave
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some high fives here before they were finally arrested. >> preorders for tesla's new model 3 are topping 325,000 and counting. elon musk made that announcement today. they started taking orders last friday for its newest electric car. the price ptag, $35,000. it won't be ready until late 2017 or maybe even 2018. a big win for the warriors and a big party for the giants. >> and happening now, stars for sleep. area parents try a new app to soothe kids who suffer from night tearors. the story behind a san francisco startup that is using new technology to help children sleep peacefully. >> and also a moving video of dogs barking good-bye to their fallen comrade. we'll have that after the break.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. --ut ly e onindaat me.a gic afra there are 162 games of the season but only one opening day at home. it was magical for the giants and giants fans. a sea of black and orange, a lot
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of screaming and -- $120 bucks, mix in garlic fries, a couple of beers -- >> they don't seem to mind but we have heart heard complaints before, it gets pricey. >> major league baseball giving giants fans what they wanted, opening game at home against the rival dodgers. this was so much fun. a picture perfect day at at&t park, the usually pomp and circumstance that goes with opening day. it's always great to see the say hey kid, willie mays. jake peavy was jacked to get this start. he's an emotional guy, maybe a little too jacked early on. off the glove of angel pagan.
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ias -- yasiel puig. bases loaded for hunter pence. the reverend bleacher bound. his six career grand slam. if this is preview of things to come, buckle up giants fans. 12-6 the final on an opening day win. >> that run across the board, it's like here we go. keep it moving, keep it going. >> the hitting was contagious for the giants, 17 of them as they start the season 3-1. reporting from at&t park, colin
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resch, nbc bay area. >> we're back in a minute.
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>> thanks for joining us. have a great friday morning. >> good night, everyone. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- russell crowe. jonathan groff.


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