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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 11, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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problem. >> we'll be back next week. if it's sunday, it's "meet the press." coming up on "early today," in an nbc news exclusive, the cia director says his agency will not waterboard ever again even if ordered by a future president. donald trump sporting a new haircut is also refining his campaign while hillary clinton pushes for votes as bernie sanders hits coney island. new details surrounding the shooting death of beloved former new orleans saints player wi smith and the man charged with second-degree murder. plus a historic visit by secretary john kerry to hiroshima this morning. also an epic masters meltdown for jordan spieth at augusta and a hole-in-one like you have never seen. "early today" starts right now. well, good morning, in a case ripped right from the pages of a novel, an active duty u.s. navy commander has been charged with spying for a foreign nation. according to multiple news
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sources including the "washington post," lieutenant commander edward c. lin faces several counts of espionage and other charges including prostitution and adultery. there are reports that he passed secret information on to china, although, nbc news has not independently confirmed those reports. the navy has withheld his identity, but the "washington post" reports a u.s. official disclosing it under condition of anonymity, citing the sensitivity of the case. according to his heavily redacted charge sheet released by the navy, lin is accused of stealing secret information, quote, with the intent or reason to believe it would be used by a foreign nation. he reportedly had access to sensitive u.s. intelligence and served on some of the navy's most sensitive intelligence gathering aircraft. lin, who was originally a taiwanese national and later became a u.s. citizen, was apparently arrested eight months ago, but information about the case was highly secretive and did not become available until a preliminary military justice hearing on friday. now, to the campaign trail
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and trump 2.0. now, this comes as the front-runner is fighting for delegates, trying to secure the nomination before the convention, but for now the focus is centered on next week's new york primary. nbc's jacob rascon reports. >> reporter: there is little doubt rochester, new york, is trump territory. >> there is no rally like a trump rally, and nobody gets to people. that i can tell you. >> reporter: sporting a new haircut and a sharper message. >> rochester lost 90,000 jobs since 1970, 4,000 jobs in the last six months. >> reporter: but even some true believers here say they're ready for trump 2.0. >> he says it like it is, and i think he means what he says, but it just doesn't come out the right way. >> so a change would be okay with you. >> for trump? a little bit maybe. >> reporter: on "meet the press" trump's new right hand paul manafort confirming a change of course. >> trump was doing very well on
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a model that made sense, but now as the campaign has gotten to the end stages, a more traditional campaign has to take place. >> reporter: predicting there will be no open convention. >> i'm confident. we have several ways through june 7th to go over 1,237. >> reporter: while "the boston globe" foreshadowing a future trump presidency with a fake front page they hope to never have to print -- mass deportations, riots, trade wars. the editorial labeling trump's vision deeply disturbing and profoundly un-american. >> the whole front page is of make-believe sort, which is really no different from the whole paper for the whole thing. i mean the whole thing is made up. >> reporter: back in battleground new york, the show must go on. ♪ i'm headed on down the road saying trump for president ♪ >> reporter: for trump faithful, not just a front-runner but their political savior. >> that was jacob rascon reporting. the democratic candidates, they continue to battle in the big apple, hillary clinton's
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adopted home state and brooklyn born bernie sanders. sanders hopes to keep the momentum from his string of recent victories, even as clinton keeps climbing in the delegate count. meanwhile president obama is speaking out about clinton's continued e-mail scandal. nbc's kelly o'donnell brings us up to speed. >> reporter: with delegate-rich primaries around the corner, this was no day of rest. >> we have taken on all of the establishment. >> let's do this together. thank you. >> reporter: hillary clinton and husband bill put their faith in african-american congregations, making visits to six churches in harlem and queens. >> she was your senator. she was a great secretary of state. >> reporter: clinton aligned herself with president obama and implied bernie sanders has not been as loyal. >> we have someone who rejects the idea that president obama has made progress, doesn't give him the credit that i think he deserves.
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>> reporter: sanders made the rounds on four sunday talk shows and challenged clinton's suitability to be president but not her qualifications. >> she may have the experience to be president of the united states, no one can argue that, but in terms of a judgment, something is clearly lacking. >> reporter: although the senator sanders does not raise it, the issue of clinton's use of a primary email server resurfaced in a new interview with president obama. he was asked if he still thinks there was no compromise to national security after classified documents were found on that clinton server. >> hillary clinton was an outstanding secretary of state. she would never intentionally put america in any kind of jeopardy. >> reporter: helpful praise, though, the president has no endorsement planned. staying in new york, sanders got a taste of coney island. >> i hope that on april 19th we will have the largest voter turnout -- >> reporter: while sanders has won seven straight contests,
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clinton holds the lead in the big blue states that vote next. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, baltimore. >> in an nbc news exclusive, our chief foreign correspondent richard engel asked cia director john brennan if his agency would consider using harsh interrogation practices, ones which would include waterboarding, which critics say is torture. president obama banned it in 2009, but donald trump and ted cruz have said they are open to it. director brennan said he would not authorize it, even if ordered by a future president. >> absolutely i would not. i would not agree to having any cia officer carrying out waterboarding again. >> you can catch more of richard's exclusive interview with director brennan tonight on "nbc nightly news." bond has been set at $1 million for the man accused of killing former new orleans saints defensive end will smith. it appears to have started with a car accident leading to an argument between the drivers and ended with smith's shocking
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death. nbc's dan schenamen has details. >> reporter: at the scene of the fatal shooting, saints fans paid their respects to one of the most beloved players in team history. >> a good guy. everybody loves him. and just an absolute shame. >> reporter: police say it was about 11:30 saturday night when smith's mercedes was hit from behind by a hummer driven by cardell hayes. smith and hayes exchanged words, and then investigators say hayes pulled out a gun and began to shoot. >> we located mr. smith partially inside of his vehicle suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to his body. he was later pronounced dead on the scene. >> reporter: smith's wife was rushed to the hospital with a nonlife-threatening gunshot wound. cardell hayes is now behind bars charged with second-degree murder. bond was set at $1 million. hayes' attorney believes there's much more to this story. >> one of the parties besides mr. hayes may have had a file on him. >> reporter: will smith played college football at ohio state and won a national championship there. drafted by the saints in 2004,
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the defensive lineman spent nine seasons in new orleans and he helped the franchise win its only super bowl. when he left football, he and his wife settled in louisiana where he was active in the community, a community that is now in mourning. dan schenamen, nbc news. well, the masters' reigning champion can only be described as a meltdown for the ages. the leader jordan spieth hits his fourth birdie in a row on the ninth, and then trouble begins. a missed putt here on 11. then to the 12th and amen corner where he makes a major mistake, sending the ball in rae's creek. still on the 12th spieth hits this one fat and drops another ball into the water. now to his fifth shot on a par 3. watch where this one goes. yep. in the sand. he finished with a 7 on the hole. meanwhile danny willett has managed to take the lead with a
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couple of clutch shots, including finishing strong on the 18th hold, capturing the lead in the masters while waiting in the clubhouse to see if spieth could catch him. he finds out that he has won the masters. talking on the phone. and a bit of a bitter moment for spieth who won last year. he had to present the 2016 coveted green jacker to new masters winner danny willett. only the second englishman to take that title. storms. they moved across oklahoma late last night, bringing heavy rain and golf ball-sized hail. storm chasers say the system nearly produced a tornado several times. and near the texas panhandle, the roads looked like they were covered in snow as large hail fell in the town of dickens. hail so big it cracked the storm chasers' windshield. bill karins is here with the latest in the weather. >> now we are right in the heart of severe weather season.
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this is when you expect middle of april to first week of june is big tornado season. we are going to see more severe weather like what you saw. how about the flooding in vegas over the weekend? we saw continuation of areas of rain. area of lope spinning in the south. still leaving you with clouds and low temperatures. severe weather last night we saw in areas of oklahoma and texas. new storms firing up where we have more storms today. as far as severe weather threat 11 million to 12 million people slight risk. enhanced risk 2 million people. as far as the week ahead we have severe weather today. just scattered showers in the higher elevations. we dry it out in the middle of the week in the southwest. then as we end our week that system begins to lead usatures
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continue to be about 70 to upper 60s. 75 in phoenix is like a winter time temperature. this time of year they can get close to 100. >> not today. drivers, listen up. which way gas prices are headed. plus a historic moment this morning at the site of the atomic bombing in hiroshima. you're watching "early today." you're watching "early today." olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation -without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age...your skin never will. olay regenerist.
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people lost their lives in the u.s.'s a-bomb attack during world war ii. now to belgium. prosecutors announced a startling revelation on sunday. the terrorists who carried out the deadly suicide bombings in brussels last month originally intended to strike a major financial district in paris, but authorities were moving too quick with their investigation, so the terrorists rushed to attack belgium, all of this according to mohamed abrini. he confessed to being the man in the hat seen on the airport surveillance. he's now charged with mass murder in brussels and in paris. in d.c. police are searching for one hungry burglar after he broke into a five guys burger joint and made himself a late night snack. time to get down to business now.
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earnings season kicks off with jp morgan. gas prices keep edging higher. new data shows average price of unleaded rose to $2.10. analysts say it has to do with increased in demand. as the days get longer. there is a new boss at the box office. melissa mccarthy's "the boss" taking the hot spot. just ahead, the coolest hole-in-one that we have ever seen, and the warriors are headed for the record books. >> no need to shoot. ack from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time
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so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand. and i love how pg&e's commitment to the environment helps a community like santa cruz be a better place to live. and being able to pass that along to my family is really important to me. just being together and appreciating what we have right here in santa cruz. see how you can save energy at together, we're building a better california. this morning on "today," anita hill reflects on her legacy and the impact of the sexual harassment allegations she made nearly 25 years ago. let's get you the latest sports headlines. >> danny willett won the masters, but some of the best highlights on the 16th hole. we're speeding up the video for you. first up, shane lowry hits a
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beauty, and, yep, right in the cup. also on 16, here is davis love iii. and you guessed it. he hit a beauty yet again, right in the cup. but the shot of the day just may be this one by south african louis oosthuizen. >> i have never seen an afternoon like this. >> all right. that's one. >> nothing was stopping that golf ball from going on. that is the third hole-in-one on the 16th the same day at the masters. incredible. and a quick mention. the golden state warriors have tied the '95/'96 chicago bulls' record wins in a season with 72. the warriors defeated san antonio spurs, 92-86.
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golden state can break the regular season record with a victory in their home finale against the grizzlies on wednesday. so stay tuned for that. just ahead, "saturday night live" takes on hillary clinton's subway slub. that's next. with advil, you'll ask what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? what bad shoulder? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil it's the world's #1 choice. what pain? advil. if i wanhello.o up... or if i want to go down... no. but then if i want to come back again... yes. it's perfect. my favorite part is to be able to lift your legs up a little bit and it feels like i'm just cradled. (vo) change your sleep, change your life,
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now to entertainment news. the mtv movie awards, they aired last night with hosts kevin hart and dwayne "the rock" johnson. will smith took home the generation award. ryan reynolds accepted the best comedic performance award after a musical introduction by salt and pepper. and movie of the year went to "star wars: the force awakens." but the big draw of the night was for major teasers of upcoming blockbusters. fans got a glimpse into the upcoming harry potter movie called "fantastic beasts and where to find them," a clip from the next marvel movie called "captain america civil war," and a new trailer for the highly anticipated suicide squad. you may have heard about the viral video called sad affleck. it is now topping the charts again debuting at number six on the hot rock songs chart. i can't stop laughing when i see
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that. a birthday shout out and fans were buzzing about the photo and the "star wars" piggyback trend. and surprising no one "snl" over her subway snag. >> you know what my favorite part about new york is? the subway. i love to ride it. i'm comfortable. here it is me using it today. the new york subway is the best way to get around. let me try again. it's been a while. this isn't working. it's just -- i'll go in the old-fashioned way. i'll take a cab. the cab is the best way. but entresto is a medicine
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leading the news in the "l.a. times," ships with corpses on board have been washing ashore in japan. at least 14 of these so-called ghost boats have washed up over the last year, the ships bearing the unmistaken sign of north korean origin. many believe they may be defectives fleeing the exclusive regime. and on nbc, nasa's kepler planetary probe powers down to unexplained emergency mode. it's an alarming status for nasa's primary planet-hunting probe, and engineers are scrambling to figure out what's wrong before it runs out of fuel. the problem is the kepler spacecraft is 75 million miles away from earth. well, the death toll from a tragic fire in india has reached a staggering 110. the fire started in a packed hindu temple during a religious festival when its unauthorized fireworks display went awry.
4:27 am
more than 380 people were hurt. police are searching for the suspects who fled after the accident. last night while visiting mumbai, britain's prince william and wife kate offered their condolences for the victims. the u.s. coast guard has rescued two kayakers who went missing off the gulf coast. the two men in their early 20s were expected back saturday evening. an overturned kayak was found about four miles offshore and two miles from where the other kayaker were located. the coast guard says rescuers are searching through the night. and spacex successfully arrived at the international space station with 7,000 pounds of cargo along with the world's first inflatable room for astronaut station, and they pulled into the dragon within a robotic arm as it orbited 250 miles above earth. in georgia jury selection
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begins in the trial of ross harris accused of intentionally leaving his 22-month-old son cooper strapped in his suv to die while in work in 2014. celebrating birthdays today, british singer/songwriter joss stone turns 29, caberet dancer and actor joel grey turns 84, and presidential medal of freedom winner ethel kennedy, the wife of the late bobby kennedy, is 88. russia's black sea resort has smashed world record for bikini skiing. participants between 16 and 70 took to the slopes in spring temperatures saturday shattering previous record set in siberia. organizers are awaiting confirmation from guinness. looks like fun. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. thanks for watching "early today." hope you have a great monday.
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hope you have a great monday. a deadly hit-and-run crash in
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san bruno. breaking news. a deadly hit and run crash in san bruno and now an investigation that continues on a major roadway that at one point closed down. plus, the desperate search for a missing girl. the clue police are using to find the 2-year-old from san francisco. after a rainy weekend a change, a break in your microclimate forecast. here's a live look right now at the bay bridge. kari hall will have much more coming up. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast for this monday morning. good morning, kari. >> after such a soggy weekend happy to know we'll have a chance to dry out today and some sunshine across the bay area with some warmer temperatures.


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