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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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story. damian? >> reporter: raj, these memos were issued in september and november of 2014 and insist something has to be done to improve the camera surveillance system here at elmwood but nothing has been done, until today. just hours after we called the santa clara county's sheriff's office a deputy and two men walked the perimeter looking at the position of the old and future surveillance system. >> it's adequated and trying to prove it. we've been trying to prove it. the sheriff has been trying to improve it. >> the inspection came three hours after we called about these classified memos. they poi to the quote existing inadequate surveillance system, a problem that quote should be corrected soon. but the memo is more than a year old and sources tell me nothing has been done. until today. >> as we know, bureaucracy is slow unfortunately. it's going through the right channels, appropriate channels. >> sergeant james jensen said
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it's a coincidence inspections took place on the day we called saying it was planned. >> these were scheduled weeks ago to be out there to determine where new cameras would be. >> the sheriff has been under fire since the death of michael tyree. three former guards face murder charges and the case prompted the sheriff to purchase these cameras at costco with pher personal credit card. sergeant jensen says it has security in place including motion sensors and assures me these memos were not ignored or overlooked. the sheriff's office ensures me this system will be in place within 90 days. we will stay on top of it. live outside the elmwood jail. >> thank you. this was part of a bigger story. are more jail reforms on the
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way. tomorrow a blue ribbon jail commission digging into the county's problems will reveal findings. the commission was ordered following the beating death of this man inmate michael tyree last august. 25 minutes spent months investigating jail operations and holding public hearings. they recommended a change in leadership. to find out more about the commission's 30 recommendations to help fix the main jail, heat to turning to the micro climate forecast as we try out after a weekend filled with rain, clouds in the sky in dublin and san jose. jeff ranieri is tracking more rain on the way. >> we're headed into thursday's forecast and on the heels of the weekend rain, which was very beneficial for us adding to the totals so far this month making a lot of regions 100% of average. you can see in oakland hills 11.35 and fremont also over an inch and it continued here with
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morgan hill close to one inch. the next storm system is about 1,000 miles out but definitely going to pick up a little bit of rainfall into thursday's forecast. we're tracking, of course, the full totals from that but if you want to look beyond this in the forecast, what is to come, may, june and also july of course, el nino will fade but we'll have a lightly above average rain chance for us and looking ahead towards next fall looks like la nina will develop. the next forecast in about ten minutes. >> we'll look forward to it. download the nbc bay area app to stay ahead of the weather and get personalized forecast. the app is free for iphones and android devices. the search for a missing san francisco 2-year-old is going statewide. the little girl's mother was found murdered on friday not far from where she worked. mark mathews is outside the best buy store in san francisco and mark, veteran police officers are shaken up about this case. what's the latest? >> reporter: they are. we are outside the best buy
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which is where nicole worked. nicole fits worked here just a year. she was supposed to celebrate her anniversary this past weekend. her friends are posting on facebook to get the word out about the missing 2-year-old arianna. she was last seen alive april 1st. on friday her body was discovered five miles from where she worked at best buy. police sources tell nbc bay area the condition of fits' body caused them to be concerned for the safety of her 2-year-old daughter arianna who has not been seen for weeks. >> i want to believe she is okay and whoever she is with, hopefully nothing happened to her, no one has hurt her. >> reporter: she is the sister of nicole fitts. she said she and her sister talked regular rly. >> we were very close. >> reporter: she could not tell us the name of the 2-year-old's
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father and anything about him. >> i just don't know. i really don't know. >> reporter: the little girl's father wasn't in the picture. they did have a person of interest who knew nicole fitts through her job at best buy but police sources said they could not make the case against that person. they then reached out to the news media in hopes someone will contact them with a lead to the killer or the missing girl. friends and family of the murdered woman are posting on social media hoping for a break. they are circulating this flier with a picture of 2-year-old arianna asking anyone with information to call the police. police say there was a posting on facebook reportedly by nicole fitts that said something about going away for awhile and not being here in the bay area. police say they got calls from people here at best buy saying that that posting seemed very
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suspicious to them, friends of nicole's are planning a gathering at mcelderthe park th sunday. >> mark, thank you. just a few hours ago, san francisco police releasing sketches of the suspects wanted for the robbery and murder of a tourist. investigators believe these two were the two people they are looking for. the man is described as dark skinned, 5'10" with a heavy build and seen leaving the scene with a mixed race woman that stands about 5'4" with dread locks. the brutal attack was caught on surveillance camera. you see it here. this is in san francisco's cathedral hill neighborhood. police released this footage a few weeks ago when the tourist died of his injuries. >> new continue verroversy at c. they are accusing a professor of sexual harassing them. the students reported the problem. jodi hernandez is live at uc berkeley tonight.
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what has been done about it? >> lora, the students say not enough. so far the professor has not been disciplined and only recently did the department chair reassign his classes to another instructor. the students say that coming forward going public with their story is not easy but they say it's time to speak out. >> do your job! do your job! >> reporter: students at uc berkeley are demanding the university do better when it comes to handling cases of sexual harassment. >> this process obviously hasn't been easy. >> reporter: two more women went public claiming they have been sexually harassed on campus. >> we can't perpetuate this any longer and won't tolerate it. >> reporter: two students claim they were sexually harassed by assistant professor blake went worth. they say he subjected them to inappropriate comments and unwanted touching but though the
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university concluded last october went worth indeed violated the sexual harassment policy, the faculty members still hasn't been disciplined. >> it's been long enough. i'm really tired of with holding my education and just i want to go back to school and feel safe on campus. >> i'm exhausted but i know that something good is going to coal out of this. >> reporter: the women announced they filed complaints with the state. they want the university to take sexual hard rassment claims mor seriously. she was harassed by the dean and say victims need to stand together and demand change. >> it just needs to stop. >> reporter: now the university says they are following specific procedures for faculty, discipline, quote investigators members of the burkely faculty are investigating the case. as soon as their work is completed, we will move to take
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action based on their findings. you can read the entire response from the university on our website, reporting live out uc berkeley, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. records show berkeley has disciplined more than a dozen employees over sexual harassment employees. those numbers were released in a report following three recent high profile cases. the first prominent professor jeffrey marcy. many complained of groping and kissing and law school dean sujit choudhry. he resigned. former assistant men's basketball coach huhfnagel resigned. a reporter said she lost her job because of the treatment. they narrowly escaped death and women that stepped off a deck seconds before it collapsed
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are suing for negligence. last june six college students died after the balcony collapsed near campus. the three women who survived filed a lawsuit against the complex's owners and contractors saying they ignored warning signs that wooden balcony was severely water damaged during the years before the tragedy. >> controversy on campus. the start of a week-long lesson on lgbt issues had some keeping middle schoolers at home today. in protest of acceptance week. a lesson designed to teach tolerance for the lgbt community. at least three students were kept home and 170 opted out. their parents take issue with some of the videos being used during the lessons. the school removed specific clips but refused to cancel the event all together. >> i think the changes are adequate, but i still feel like the parents are the ones that should be given the right to show videos to students and have
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discussions not at school. >> personally, i think when we talk about acceptance, it's not too young. that's my opinion and for the good of the school, that's why we're doing it. >> they reviewed and approved the videos. first, we have to get control of the whole spacecraft, get everything back online. >> it's a big deal, nasa's telescope loses its way and phones home for help. the lessons scientists in mountain view are leaning from kepler's new problem. plus an east bay hiking trail closed tonight. the freak accident that has hikers worried. >> i'm michelle roberts where the warriors are getting ready to make history. hear from local businesses hoping to cash in this week and throughout the playoffs. want to see the warriors make
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history o so you better know somebody or have a lot of money if you want to see the warriors make history wednesday night. the hottest, most expensive ticket in the country. if they win, the warriors will break the record for most wins in a regular season. >> we know michelle roberts is standing by at the oracle arena. we combined our money and have $300. what will it get us wednesday night? >> reporter: you can get in on the lower end but if you want good seats, you need another
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friend but me. i can't help you. those guys putting up the signs maybe can help. it says strength in numbers. the big number on wednesday, 73 wins. >> let's go warriors. >> reporter: the hype leading up to wednesday's game in oakland is obvious. >> good news on oakland. >> reporter: the headline fans are heading for, warriors beat the memphis grizzlies to top the most successful team in history. the '95, '96 chicago bulls. >> i go way back with jordan and everything. >> reporter: many michael jordan fans are trading in air jordans for a pair of curry 2s. nose bleeds for the game are going for more than $300 and you can get four court side seats for $17,000. >> the hottest tick net town. >> reporter: this season ticketholder says last week heq game for only $500. and now he's realizing he could have doubled or tripled that
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number. >> i should have waited. i didn't call the buyer's bluff. >> reporter: while some fans rethink ticket negotiations, local businesses are gearing up. >> lots of volume for the wednesday game. >> reporter: she says the artist behind the warrior's gear in oakland are busy designing a new shirt. >> in case they win the 73 games. >> reporter: she's expecting huge sales leading up to tip off and hoping the momentum continues with another championship. >> and it just really reinforces the pride we have in our city. >> reporter: i checked prices for game one of the playoffs, about 1 or $2,000 with some court side, which is substantially less than on wednesday, goes to show you you're paying for that history. reporting live in oakland, michelle roberts, n brks krrbc news. >> but oh, to be part of it. averting a bart strike not just now but for years to come. both signs with the contract, nobody wants a repeat of 2013 which was the last time
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employees walked picket lines. today bart's union and managers announced a tentative contract agreement that consider a labor relations turning point because of the last five years. >> it's five years of labor peace and working together and delivering service we want. >> reporter: the proposed agreement if okayed would give worker as 10% raise over the next four years and buys time for both sides to negotiate the agency's pension agreement, which is currently tied up in court. charges have been filed in a bizarre case in the east bay. an off-duty police officer attacked a probation officer and her husband at their home. alameda county probation office that only wants to be identified as cortez filed charges. cortez alleges that faith showed up at her home in the oakland hills intoxicated and confrontational. this happened back in december. cortez claims the off duty oakland police officer assaulted
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her and her husband. officer cortez suffered several bruises during the attack. >> the search is on for clues in the is shooting debt of a man in a medical building. the 27-year-old was shot in the head last night about 10:30. directly across the street from the hospital where the man was treated. he died this morning. his name is not being released and now authorities are turning to the public for help. >> if anyone saw anything suspicious in this area, a vehicle leaving at a high rate of speed or the vehicle or people or businesses have surveillance cameras we don't know about or can't see and they may have something on their video at that time, we'd love for them to reach out and provide us with that information. >> investigators want the public to know even though the gunman is on the loose, no one is in any danger. they believe the shooting was an isolated case. >> a freak accident at an east bay hiking trail.
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yvonne hunt was walking when a branch from a tree came crashing down and killed her. >> we took down the tree on friday where the branch came from. we're talking out some additional trees today along the trail that also have branchs that are leaning over the trail or the trees themselves are leaning over the trail. >> county officials had no indication that tree was a danger to the public. the trail has been closed since it happened but it is scheduled to reopen tomorrow morning. now let's get the latest on the micro climate forecast. quite a bit of rain and the chance to dry out for a few. >> we have sunshine coming in on the sky camera network as you can see now, we'll also show you different conditions throughout the bay area. 65 in san jose and mixed with sun and clouds there is drying that we've undergone today. but we'll take you to contra costa county from walnut creek, quite a bit more cloud cover and holding on to a similar temperature with 65 at the current moment. we have the jet stream overhead
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helping to stream in clouds for parts of the bay area but you can see throughout the north bay, a lot more blue sky right now but slightly cooler temperature at 59 and that's because that ocean breeze is pushing right in throughout moran, napa and sonoma. the ocean breeze will come into play tomorrow morning. notice it's not going to be the sunniest of starts. we'll have a cool start with 47 and clouds and drizzle in san francisco and 52. potentially drizzle in the peninsula at 53 and south bay with a mix of sun and clouds with 51. through tomorrow's forecast, a degree or two and will stay dry and a mix of sun for partly cloudy skies. the south bay at 68 and peninsula 65 and the north bay going up tomorrow to an anticipated 70. as you've probably seen on the schooling seven-day forecast we're looking at the chance of rainfall. you'll see by 11:30 on wednesday, the rain starts to
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approach right here near middle town and santa rosa and moves across the bay area by 4:00 in the morning and then down towartoward towards gilroy by 6:30. we got interesting weather. thank you, jeff. coming up, the case of the missing $600 million space telescope. i'm scott budman where engineers are trying to figure out what happened. polls show vermont senator
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bernie sanders recent wins have
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largely been due to voters under 25. we have that story and young voters' feedback on our website. =r polls show bernie sanders wins are due to voters under 25. on facebook, a woman whose worked at the same berkeley hospital for 70 years celebrated her 90th birthday. she says she has no retirement plans. we'll be right back. how did a powerful, and
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expensive telescope, briefly go missing? and what is nasa doing ab it's way out there, 75 million miles away from home. how did a telescope go missing and what is nasa doing about it? >> scott budman is where experts are trying to unravel the mystery behind the kepler telescope's latest issue. >> a very expensive mystery that may have a happy ending how a space telescope suddenly went missing and how a space agaencya
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working to get things back on track. it's been called the planet finder, the kepler space telescope giving us and nasa hope that there are other life forms, not to mention thousands of other planets out there but the $600 million spacecraft caused a square recently. >> we hoped it would never be in morning mode and experience it. >> the kepler mission manager here at nasa. he says the telescope has been located but there are still a lot of questions about just what happens to it. >> first, we have to get control of the whole spacecraft, get everything back online, reboot everything, understand what caused it to go to emergency mode in the first place then we can start thinking about when we'll get back to collecting science. >> they are still searching but a message takes nearly 15 minutes to reach the craft. meaning every transmission at least for awhile will make everyone here a little nervous.
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>> once we got it back and communicating with it, we're able to download logs and files that have been stored on board and we're using to decipher what went wrong. >> reporter: nasa says the goal in the future is to point kepler towards the center of the milky way galaxy. the goal is to find more plan s planets. scott, thank you. up next, get ready for the california primary. lar larry gur ston breaking down the crash flowing into our state. i'm robert honda. a delayed $300 million project is not in limbo any more. a full work force back on sight. the first look of the work going on inside. it's a huge construction project
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that will give santa clara county a brand new medical center - and tonight it's back on track. ==raj/2shot== it's a huge construction project to give a new medical center and tonight back on track. we initially broke the story that santa clara valley medical center was months behind schedule and over budgets. >> the expansion sieve and embarrassing delay led to the county publicly firing turner construction. in a surprise move, the county rehired turner. nbc robert honda gives us the first look inside today on the project's first full day of operations. how did it go, robert? >> reporter: well, it went pretty well. santa clara and turner are working together again after resolving hard feelings and lawsuits. the full work force was back here at the project today and the war of words is apparently
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over. >> the new vmc is not a haunted house anymore after months of being mouth baing mothballed. >> 200 people today in the building making substantial progress on the sixth, fifth and fourth floors in terms of finishing and getting rooms ready for final inspection. >> reporter: workers are plowing ahead to finish services including intensive care, expanded burn unit, spinal cord, brain and rehab program. >> it serves this community on a regional basis, not just individuals from santa clara county. >> reporter: the county and turner are anxious to show previous problems are behind them. for example, turner reengineered the system of steam pipes that led to this scary explosion where a worker was injured in
6:31 pm
2014. >> hey, guys, come on! >> reporter: also, the water damaged roof that turner once wanted to patch up will instead be replaced. >> we'll have a brand-new roof. all warranted ready to go for the next ten years. >> reporter: that's quite a change. >> a huge change in attitude. >> the level of commitment, the level of collaboration and problem solving that goes on today, it's night and day. >> it is a big change and now officials say they hope to finish work by june of next year and start taking patients january 2018. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, robert. >> one week after signing the first $15 minimum wage bill, governor jerry brown is green lighting for legislation this time far family leave. the state will pay families up to 55% of the standard paycheck for up to six weeks. the law signed today raises that reimbursement rate to 70% for
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the lowest paid workers. >> so it's a real pleasure to be able to sign another bill that helps ordinary californians, working men and women. >> the new paid family leave law takes effect in 2018. president obama took notice saying quote, congress needs to catch up to california and to countries all over the world by acting to guarantee paid family leave to all americans. this is a big issue across the bay area, a renter's rights, the key top pick of a special meeting tonight. it's happening right now. the city counsel is considering an emergency ordinance it calls for landlords to pay tenants relocation expenses. if approved, the ordinance would apply to tenants evicted for no reason or face a dramatic increase in rent. >> scarier than we thought, that's what top u.s. health experts are saying about the zika virus that are requesting for money for research into vaccines. the virus is linked to mi
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microcephaly. experts believe zika may also be causing premature birth and vision problems. the national institute of health asked congress for $1.9 billion to fight the virus. first bruce springstene and brian adams, cancelling shows because of controversial state laws. brian adams was scheduled to play in mississippi this week on thursday. today he announced he won't perform where quote certain people are denied their civil rights due to their sexual orientation. the state's new law allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to same-sex couples. springstene recently cancelled a concert in north carolina. big thumbs up for president obama and a bigger thumbs down for congress how californians feel in the latest exclusive nbc bay area field poll. 59% of voters approve of the job the president is doing. 38% disapprove.
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this rating is similar to the high mark californians gave presidents but much more positive than george w bush. look how voters feel about congress. 15% approve of the job senators and representatives are doggiin. 80% disapprove. part of the reason is because of a stalemate. hundreds of people took to capitol hill hoping to be arrested. many got what they wanted. a loud scene outside. the group democracy spring is staging a week-long sit in. protesters are calling for votes on legislation that were reformed the public campaign finance system. they say congress needs to act now to protect the voting rights of every american. we are no longer just a fundraising stop. california actually matters this election or so we think. we're the big prize for republican candidates in search for delegates for their
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nomination. larry gerston is here, and larry, show us the money here. >> you know, for once it does. historically, we're not used to this kind of thing. the candidates raise money here and spend it elsewhere. that's how it goes and in 2012 for example, democrat barack obama raised $63 million in california, republican mitt romney raised $41 million and guess what? virtually all of it went away to other states. why? because everyone knew obama would carry california. no reason to spend it here. >> different this time around. what about the spend thing time around? >> amazing. so far republican candidates have taken very little from california, again, because the state just hasn't been in play. so here is what has been erased so far. $3 million for example for ted cruz. $750,000 for kasich. $210,000 for trump. you know, these are small amounts of money and the fact of the matter is, you know, it
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doesn't include the other think and that is funds that have been raised by super pacs because they are not broken down state by state. not talking about a lot. >> we talk this money big or small and what about spend income california? we talk about it's leaving the state. what about this time? >> it's all different. uncertain political environment for candidates means uncharacteristic wind fall for california. the donald trump campaign expects, guess what, to spend at least $10 million on the california primary. the ted cruz campaign has been working quietly in california for more than eight months and has the best ground operation in california and the campaign and super pacs have 28 million dollars on hand. even john kasich, we think he's out of it but still in the game thanks in part to an endorsement by former governor arnold schwarzenegger and some of his
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friends. there is at least one big super pac committee not affiliated with anyone raising money just to defeat donald trump. a lot of money coming here. >> it's just floating around. anyway to tell how much these candidates as you refer to the super pacs are likely to spend and maybe how they are spending it with come merm it? >> look, california's 172 delegates will be the biggest prize of the entire republican campaign. as well as the last opportunity for candidates to gather delegates. with that much at steak, there could be anything going on but one thing we know for sure, it could be as much as 30 or $40 million flooding the airways and mailboxes in ways we just haven't seen in decades. >> it's been awhile. 172 delegates. june 7th is the primary.
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thank you. new hope tonight for people with mental illness. the program trying to get them treatment but a bay area mother says it's failing. while a lot of people are talking about the affordable, relatively affordable model three, there is a higher price for the model s. tesla has a problem. we'll tell you what's going on. tesla is recalling its newly
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released s-u-vs. ===vo=== the palo alto electric car maker is warning owners of the tesla is recalling the newly released suv. it is warning owners of the model x to not have anyone sit in the third row seats. tesla says they could collapse forward in an accident. so far, no one has reported this of happening. the company discovered it in a crash test. the seat backs were provided by
6:41 pm
an outside supply there will cover the cost of replacement. this is the fox recall for model x. the transit center is getting rescued again. today mayor ed lee and other city leaders announced a $260 million bailout to keep workers on the job. they call it a financial package. the intent is for the loan to be repaid over the next decade. it can't happen without approval from the board of supervisors expected to vote tomorrow. construction cost for the transportation hub have doubled. >> craft beer drinkers should prepare for higher bar bills. a shortage of hops is creating a problem. it's one of the main ingredients of beer with water, malt and yeast. germany and u.s. are the top two hop growers worldwide. now, prices of some hot variety haves spiked of up to 50%. american hop growers aren't
6:42 pm
expected to make up the difference suggesting prices are going up. >> did you say beer prices are going up? oh my goodness. looking on twitter, facebook and social media. is it 6:42 p.m. or a.m. because we have laura garcia-cannon with us. >> she's on a 20-hour shift. >> i've got to go to bed after this and get up tomorrow morning. >> i don't think i've seen you in person in like two years. >> i'm a lot taller in person. >> you are. [ laughter ] >> all right. let's get a live look outside. from the weather under ground camera, a mix of sun and also cloudsnd we take it up to the east bay. 58. a hazy sunset. we'll talk more about another chance of rain this week in a few minutes. [crying] a bay area mother says a new treatment program is failing. why it's not working for her daughter.
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high speed internet from at&t. with 99.9% reliability you can, keep calm, your internet's on.
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for treatment forher mentally ill daughter. laura/2shot contra costa county has a new treatment program. she's desperate for help. a bay area mother searching for treatment. >> contra costa county has a new treatment program, the program isn't working for one family. >> how they treat dogs on the street better than people with mental illness, a street dog doesn't hurt and get them help and -- [crying] >> jackie collins mccoy is desperate to get help for her daughter. >> i have called every program. >> reporter: despite her mental illness, the 26-year-old is going through emergency, jail, shelters and the street. >> the nightmare for me is wondering when i'm going to get the phone call saying we found your daughter dead. >> reporter: in february, collins mccoy found a glimmer of
6:46 pm
hope in contra costa county's adopted laura's law. david is rolling out the program. his team is connecting with patients where they are encouraging them to accept treatment. >> we go to psychiatric emergency, we're called first to kind of help them when the person is in a custody setting, we're going into jails. >> reporter: sicider says five people have signed up for services and his staff filed one petition for the court requesting court intervention. collins mccoy met with three laura's law team members. >> all these papers with information about my daughter, how many times she's been in the hospital, how many times she's been to jail and we'll go before a judge and we're going to get conserve tore ship. >> reporter: she says it never happened. the county can't talk about specific cases but says it is committed to getting clienting connected with services. >> her life is the responsibility of contra costa counties. her life is their responsibility. >> reporter: former commissioner
6:47 pm
teresa says the system is failing. leaving people like the collins mccoy family with nowhere to turn. >> i can't eat. i can't sleep. i don't function anymore. that's my child. that's my baby. and there has got to be a way to get her some help. we wish her the best. when you work at one of the most beautiful places on earth, do you take it for granted? rangers at yosemite don't. they posted this picture. a breathe taking glimpse. with the snow pack at 90%, spring visitors will see the spectacular water falls at their very best. look how awesome that shot is. peak flows are expected between right now and may. >> all right. two words, road trip. [ laughter ] >> who is driving? >> how about jeff ranieri? right? he can certainly get us the
6:48 pm
forecast, should we have the top up or down? >> i'll give it a go. a live look after that rainfall that left us with a half inch to an inch and a quarter across the bay area. currently dry from santa rosa towards san jose and to the sky camera network, some mix of conditions. sun and also completely over kacast skies. clouds beginning roll . clouds really ramping up across the pa neeninsupeninsula. with these clouds increasing, a westerly wind at the coastline will allow for fog to come back for tomorrow morning. not a super sunny start. more of an over cast spot. a few areas of mist and drizzle for the peninsula, as well. temperatures in the upper 40s to mid 50s. area of high pressure offshore and the storm system headed towards washington and oregon
6:49 pm
away from us. we'll stay dry through tomorrow but there are changes coming our way. you may have noticed on the schooling seven-day forecast with the possibility of rainfall by thursday. let's go ahead and take you to that. you can see the storm system is about 1200 miles out in the pacific but by all indications, every single forecast model is showing that chance of rainfall by thursday from this. so how much rainfall would we pick up by thursday morning? looks like it will move in from 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. not a super heavy rain we're looking at but from a tenth to a quarter inch expected here throughout the north bay. down towards san jose and locked in for a tenth of an inch. the biggest problem would be slick roads and that's just about it. it will be good news to continue to help keep the fire danger down. as we look at the forecast tomorrow, temperatures near average. san francisco has a little more cloud cover hanging out near the marina and 60 and more sunshine towards the financial district but not a big jump in
6:50 pm
temperatures. peninsula 66 and 63 san mateo and trend once we get to the immediate coastline cooler with 58. for san jose, 69 degrees. tomorrow over here towards morgan hills 68. to the north bay, east bay and for the try valley. warmest weather, napa and santa rosa. enjoy the low 70s on tuesday because as you'll see in the schooli scrolling seven-day forecast, numbers will be dropping. oakland 66, free month at 67 and tri-valley warmest weather at 70. as we get an overall look at the rain outlook through the next several weeks we'll find once again is the next chance of rain late wednesday night into thursday morning. dry this weekend with 80s expected inland on sunday. so quite a warmup expected for the saturday and sunday and then as we look ahead towards the rest of april, also may above average rain chances. so this storm system this week certainly won't be our last wet
6:51 pm
weather before summer gets here. good news raj and laura. >> okay. thank you, jeff. i'm colin rush in berkeley, the cal men's basketball team went undefeated at home this season. guess what? so did the cal women's tennis team. their story, next.
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airplane. sort of. the a's returned home after a succussful road trip last night... well, we had a little problem, the a's got on the giant's airplane, sort of. they returned home after a successful road trip but notice the team plane with the giants logo. these pictures were tweeted out by a's outfielder josh reddick that included the hashtag quote,
6:54 pm
are you kidding me? because of the scheduling problem they had to use a backup plane and the backup plane sent as a replacement, it was a giant's backup plane. >> we have two great teams here in the bay area but the number one ranked women's tennis team in the nation resides in berkeley. >> this is a first for cal. here is colin rush. >> reporter: never in the 43-year existence had they been a top of the rankings until this year. >> does this feel like the best team in the nation. >> absolutely. >> reporter: like the cal men's basketball team, the ladies finish perfect at home this season, but they are ranked number one because they are also undefeated away from berkeley. >> our strength coach is their strength coach so we're pretty close and obviously, we haven't had to worry too much. the worarriors have been doing awesome. we've had really good role models close by to keep us on
6:55 pm
track. >> reporter: what they have done is win 19 matches in 19 attempts. >> i think we've been about making history for cal and for the program. i mean, being number one for the first time ever is a big piece of history for our tennis program. >> reporter: every great team has a great player. for cal, megan has won pac 12 player of the week. >> it was interesting. i saw the article like yeah, that's awesome. >> reporter: actually, she's just the sixth player in pac 12 history to win player of the week honors at least five times in her career but personal accolades aside, ending the regular season with a team win at the home of cal's arch rival is all she cares about right now. >> anything better than beating stanford? winning ncaa would be awesome. beating sanford is always really satisfying. >> reporter: the season finally is this saturday, the big slam at stanford. in berkeley, colin rush, nbc bay
6:56 pm
area. >> the summer olympics less than four months away but the torch will begin the trip to rio and the first torch barer. royal champion gymnast of greece will receive it next thursday. the torch will go through 329 towns and cities until it reaches opening ceremony. the flame will be used to light of course the olympic caldron. >> so cool to see that olympic flame go through all the cities around the world. >> quite amazing. you got the honored of carrying it three times. >> oh my god, it's chilling. it's really cool. i have torches at home. i'm a nerd about that. >> i would be, too. >> on the front of his car. >> crazy. >> no. [ laughter ] >> you see him coming from miles away. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. we'll see you tomorrow at 6:00 tomorrow. >> 5:00 a.m. get up early.
6:57 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪
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(inhales cigarette)
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kim kardashian stuns on the vegas strip. her new interview about dropping the baby weight, juggling two kids, and her connection to a suspected murderer. now on "extra." kim kardashian, queen of the desert. >> it's like my first real night out since i've had my babies. >> why she got trapped on the tarmac. >> we had a little bit of plane drama coming in. >> and her first words about the shooting death of new orleans saints player will smith. the new o.j. simpson bombshell today. >> marcia clark's former boss confessing why he never wanted clark to prosecute the case. plus -- >> he got away with murder. >> jen aniston sounding off abt


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