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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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accused of sexually assaulting women and underaged girls. a morgan hill personal trainer accused of sexually assaulting women and underaged girls. several of the alleged victims sharing their stories with nbc bay area. the search for the missing san francisco toddler expanding statewide. this as we learn more about the circumstances surrounding that little girl's mother. changes come to the santa clara county main jail. a probe finally sharing its findings. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning on this tuesday. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. we do have a lot to get to. first, you step out the door and you notice it is a little bit warmer this morning. kari hall joining us. good morning. >> good morning, sam. we are starting out with warm
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clouds and milder temperatures. more sunshine after those clouds and the fog clears out. it is milder. look at the temperature in the south bay. it's 57 degrees and we have 50 in the north bay and some patchy fog developing there and in san francisco. we will have a mix of sun and clouds again today and temperatures a couple of degrees warmer in a few spots. the north bay up to 70 degrees and 68 degrees in the peninsula, as well as the south bay. our temperatures will be holding steady and then some rain in the forecast. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. for now, back to you, sam. a well-known morgan hill personal trainer in jail this morning. he is charged with multiple accounts of sexual assault. "today in the bay" bob redell joining us live from morgan hill. bob, we spoke exclusive with some of the victims. good morning. >> and the suspect in this case, good morning to you, sam, the man in squegz the owner of the
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wolfpack gym here behind me here in morgan hill. he was arrested by morgan hill police just outside his gym. his name is david wolfsmith and faces five charges including lewd and lascivious acts on a child. after investigating for two months two girls and three adults have come forward as victims. we spoke to the adult women who didn't want to be identified. but they told us he would request extra sessions with them at odd times. was controlling, secretive and discouraged members of his gym from talking to each other. >> he didn't want us having coffee with each other and talking amongst each other. he would separate us if he thought you were getting close to someone. >> benefit for him.
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>> reporter: according to morgan hill police, the victims claim the assaults happened between 013 and 2015. in 2009, david wolf smith was the cross country coach in morgan hill. police tell us that they are investigating his time there. reporting live here at morgan hill, bob redell, "today in the bay." we move now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. a random shooting or was he targeted. questions this morning after a data scientist who worked on the peninsula was shot dead in oakland over the weekend. he was found lying on the sidewalk a half a block away from his home right near kaiser hospital. he was partying with his friends on saturday night. police say that he was walking home when he was shot and killed. a woman who does not want to be identified says she heard the shots. >> ran out to try to help him and saw that he had already passed. there was a gunshot wound in his
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head. soon, immediately, that it was some sort of robbery gone bad. but i've since learned that he hill is it his wallet on him. >> as the investigation continues, police at this point say that they don't have much to go on. now to the search for the missing 2-year-old san francisco girl. sources telling us that they are concerned about arianna fitts safety because of the condition her mother's body was found in. the little girl's mother was found murdered on friday at mclaren park. and the search for arianna has now expanded statewide. we are expecting to hear final recommendations on how to improve the santa clara county jail. the blue ribbon commission set up now to present their findings later this morning. that commission was formed following the bidding death of michael tyree last august. spent months investigating the jail's operations.
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more security concerns about another santa clara county jail. nbc bay area obtained leaked memos written in late 2014. they warn the camera system at elmwood is outdated. we called the sheriff's office about that memo and three hours later a deputy and two other men walked the perimeter. they were looking at the surveillance system and assessing where the new one should go. the sheriff office insist the assessment was already scheduled and had nothing to do with our investigation. >> as we know, bureaucracy is slow and we are trying to go through the appropriate channels. >> the sheriff office says the new surveillance system should be in place in the next three months. three women who stepped off of a deck in berkeley just seconds before it collapsed are now suing for negligence. that collapse last june claimed the lives of six college students. the three women who survived filed the lawsuit against the complex's owners and contractors. the lawsuit claims that builders
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ignored warning signs that the wooden balcony was severely water damaged. 4:35 right now. as kari mentioned a second ago, more cloud cover this morning which is starting us with warmer temperatures. kari? >> we will have the clouds no worries about rain. the rain holds off for a couple more days. let's get a look outside right now at san jose. we do see the clouds in the shot there, but things nice and quiet and mild temperatures as we are now at 57 degrees in san jose. it's 61 degrees or rather 51 degrees in santa rosa and 55 degrees in oakland and san francisco. let's drop, break it down for palo alto as we take a look at that hour-by-hour forecast. 54 degrees at 8:00. we will have clouds hanging with us through most of the morning and then the sun coming out during the afternoon. high temperatures reaching into the mid-60s and very comefortabe and 7:05 first pitch and 64
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degrees and nice, cool and breezy. those winds coming in from west at 5 to 15 miles per hour. once again some rain and i'll let you know what exactly to expect as that comes in and we'll look ahead to the weekend. that's in less than ten minutes. i'll have another look at the forecast and, sam? >> we look forward to checking back with you. the hunt for suspects after the murder of a san francisco tourist. police hoping that new clues will give them insight into catching the suspect. the discussion to rename a north bay trail after a man was shot and killed there while walking his dog. more on that story, coming up next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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the trial date is expected to be set today for the castro valley woman, accused of a te happening later today the trail date expected to be set today for the castro valley women accused of a hate crime against two muslim men. shouted insults at those men back in december. the men also claim threw coffee at them. in an interview with nbc bay area, she believes that islam is evil. also today the santa clara woman who confessed to drowning her 12-year-old adopted son in a bathtub is going to appear in
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court for a preliminary hearing. tara first told police that she found her son floating in a bathtub in their home in january. the woman then changed on her story during interrogation. she has been charged officially with murder. she's pled not guilty. san francisco police right now trying to hunt down these two suspects accused in a deadly attack on a tourist. this happened back in february in cathedral hill. a surveillance camera captured the robbery and the stabbing and the suspect stole the british victim's bag along with cash and a cell phone after stabbing him. new claims of sexual hara harassment at uc berkeley. two graduate students announcing they were harassed by an assistant professor of of asian studies. they said he made inappropriate comments and the two have filed complaints with the state and are demanding change. >> i am really tired of withholding my education and just i want to go back to
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school. and i want to feel safe on campus. >> the university concluded last october that wentworth did violate the sexual harassment policy, but he still has not been disciplined. 4:42 right now on your tuesday. a violent past may lead to a name change. later today county leaders are discussing changing the name of a road in a north bay hiking area. that road runs by the trail in fairfax. last october authorities say three transients from portland shot and killed a yoga teacher while he was out walking his dog. supervisors are considering renaming gunshot fire road to sunrise fire road. coming up next, massive hail raining down in the south as the severe storm system continuing to hammer that region. more pictures and reports after this break. developing across the south this
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morning... vo severe storms are wreaking havoc. golf ball size hail pou developing across the south this morning. severe storms reekiwreaking hav there. several cars and roofs were damaged. strong thunderstorms were also reported. those storms caused thousands of people to lose their power and that system is still moving across the region right now. they've also seen record-breaking low temperatures in the northeast. whacky weather everywhere and, kari hall, here, we have temperatures in the high 50 and even humidity to start off your morning.
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>> none of that going on here. our weather nice and quit for the next, let's say 36 hours. let's get a live look now at san rafael. a driver is making it just fine down 101 and now the temperature in the north bay is at 49 degree pp s. we have 55 in san francisco and a close look now at the south bay. it is 66 degrees in santa theresa. 54 degrees in silver creek valley and campbell at 55 degrees. as we go hour by hour in san francisco, some mid-50s to start out with some clouds, mostly cloudy skies for the next several hours and then the sun doesn't come out until right at about noon. it will be 59 degrees and then highs today reaching the lower 60s. the wind forecast brings it in from the north, and then look at what happens this afternoon. the winds start to rush in and we'll have a breezy north to northwesterly wind at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. little higher at half moon bay and stays breezy tonight. i think that will keep the fog
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at bay and we'll still see those clouds mixing in into tomorrow morning. and our highs today reaching up to 67 degrees in los gatos and san mateo and 70 in santa rosa as well as pittsburg and danville. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows temperatures in the low 60s to low 70s and then rain in the forecast late wednesday night into thursday. so, here's a look, once again, at the fog forecast this morning. mostly low clouds and then clears throughout the day and lots of sunshine throughout the afternoon and because of the wind stays up we will keep most of the inland areas out of the fog and we could still see that right along the coast. as we go into the next couple of days. this area of low pressure starts to roll in and brings in scattered showers and this is early thursday morning. comes into the north bay. now, maybe heavy for the north bay, but then kind of weakens as it continues to move to the
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south. a breezy wind throughout thursday afternoon. rainfall totals really don't look that heavy, maybe 0.1 for most of the bay area. back to you, sam. >> okay, kari, thank you very much. new this morning, a car bomb hit a military police station in southeastern turkey overnight killing one person and injuring 50 others. the military said one person died and 47 others, to be exact, were injured. local media reports that people affili affiliated with the pkk carried out that bombing. turkey has seen a surge in violence recently. learning more about an american saylerilor accused of spying. communicating secret information. the government is not saying which country lind he was sharing those secrets with. he was born in taiwan and came to the u.s. at the age of 14 and then became a naturalized u.s. citizen.
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another day, another chaotic donald trump rally. this one in upstate new york ahead of that state's primary. a trump supporter shoving a protester twice. the trump supporter later admitted he did do it because the protester was yelling in his face. the incident led to police escorting that protester out to a chorus of boos. no arrests came out of that incident. right now, a lot of talk among republicans about the system in general being unfair. frontrunner donald trump complaining of dirty politics. trump says he's angry about being shutout of colorado and losing all 34 delegates to ted cruz. >> rigged, disgusting, dirty system. >> 65,000 people voted in the state of colorado. they just didn't vote for you. they voted for our campaign. >> cruz is accusing his rival of whining. new york state votes next
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tuesday and trump still holds a big lead in the polls. as does hillary clinton over bernie sanders on the democratic side of things. now, we turn to some business news. verizon workers could be walking off the job. also, wall street is looking to turn things around. for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we are turning it around. landon dowdy joining us from cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> hi, sam. good tuesday morning to you. wall street will try to turn fortunes around today reversing early gains. the s&p 500 index, the broadest m measure of the market is back in negative and inflation and products traded worldwide and the dow falling and the nasdaq down 17 to 4833. meanwhile, unions representing about 40,000 verizon workers say that they'll go on strike wednesday if a new contract isn't reached. they have been working without a contract since august and work
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on landline phone and internet operations on the east coast, but should it impact business in your area? the unions say they're trying to improve pension benefits and keep verizon from outsourcing jobs to contractors. back in 2011, a strike lasted two weeks. and, sam, you're going to eat this next story up. free cone day at ben & jerry's. a free scoop of your favorite flavor. the chain has celebrated this delicious event for nearly four decades and nearly last year it handed out more than 1 million free scoops last year. make sure you get in line. they could be long. >> i'm disappointed you didn't tell me what your favorite ice cream is what you're going to be ordering out there at ben & rer j jerry's. >> cookie dough. coming up next. san francisco continuing to make history when it comes to offering benefits to workers. why the city's paid leave is
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more generous than the one that governor brown just signed into law. happening right now a south bay gym owner accused of sexual assault. nbc bay area spoke to gym customers who said they were victims of assault. they're talking about the man who is now under arrest. bob redell doing live reports from the gym this morning in morgan hill linked to more on our home page. people who work in one south bay development may be in for a bit of a surprise this morning. fire damaged several businesses. our steph chuang is there and has a live report coming up. we're back in two minutes.
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hey spray 'n wash is and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. nation's first 15-dollar minimum-wage bill, governor jerry brown is just one week after signing the nation's first $15 minimum wage bill, governor jerry brown
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is family lead. under a current law, the state will pay families up to 55% of their standard paycheck for up to six weeks. that law signed yesterday raises that reimbursement rate to 70%. >> so, it's a real pleasure to be able to sign another bill that helps ordinary californians. working men and women. >> so the new paid family leave law the state law takes effect in 2018. president obama took notice saying, "congress needs to catch up to california and the countries all over the world by acting to guarantee paid family leave to all americans." san francisco ahead of california and the country for that matter as it's the first city to require businesses to require full paid leave for new parents. today supervisors will make that ordinance official. 20 workers to provide the family leave benefits. mayor ed lee will sign that new
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measure into law. at 4:55 on your tuesday. a big relief for the thousands of people who rely on b.a.r.t. yesterday b.a.r.t.'s union of managers announcing a contract extension of the last five years. a strike in 2013, you'll remember, almost crippled the labor service. >> five years of us working together and delivering the service we want. >> the proposed agreement would give workers a 10% raise over the next four years. also buy some time for both sides to negotiate the agency's pension agreement which is currently tied up in court. little basketball now and the warriors run at history ends one way or another tomorrow night. that is when the ws shoot for win 73 at home against the memphis grizzlies in the final game of the season. all comes down to this. if you're thinking about trying to get a ticket, well, we mentioned yesterday that prices are on the rise.
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let's take a look at that now. they're pretty high in the resale market. nose bleed seats at stub hub starting at more than 300 bucks. courtside is now about $3,000. one season ticket holder is now having a sort of seller's remorse because prices are so much higher a week later. >> i should have waited. i didn't call the buyer's bluff. >> the warriors have already notched the top seed in the playoffs. so, the only thing they're playing for right now is a huge slice of history. we'll be rooting for them. a famous planet hunting telescope now back out of this world is back in action after an unexpected emergency. nasa telling us that the $600 million cepler space telescope slipped into emergency mode while it was teep in space last mode. it shut down to preserve its engines. fortunately, nasa engineers found the spacecraft over the weekend and they were able to point its communication's ant n
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antenna back towards earth. >> we were able to downlod logs to determine what went wrong. >> credited with discovering nearly 5,000 planets since it launched only seven years ago. coming up next, a morgan hill personal trainer accused of sexually assaulting women and underaged girls. we'll hear from some of the alleged victims. we will have mild temperatures the next couple of days and getting ready for a rain before a warm up. i'll talk about all of that coming up in the microclimate forecast. plus--
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a tst i'm bob redell a popular gym owner here in the south bay arrested now facing charges of sexual assault. that story coming up. a tourist killed in san francisco. the details we're just learning about the suspect accused of beating him to death. making some serious changes. the improvements that could soon be made at the santa clara county jail as more security concerns coming to light. "today in the bay" starts right now. and a good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's check that forecast now with kari. >> fw morning, sam and laura. clouds hanging over parts of the bay area this morning as we take a live look outside san francisco right now. we are not dealing with some dense fog, but mostly some light, patchy fog in spots. a look at all the microclimate


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