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tv   Today  NBC  April 13, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the as and then the big game at oracle arena tonight. we're back in 25 minutes with a live local news update. good morning. grand old problems. new disarray for the republican party. trump now calling the delegate rules a disgrace. the head of the party telling trump to, quote, give us all a break. while house speaker paul rya while house speaker says it once again -- >> i do ot wt nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> this morning an exclusive interview with the speaker of the race and why he's chosen to stay out of it. >> a new report this morning says the fbi paid a one-time fee to hackers to break into the iphone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. just who did the government turn to for help? lost and found. a 72-year-old stranded in the
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remote arizona forest, surviving on plants and pond water. >> i had a jar with me which became my water vessel. >> she even spelled out "help" with sticks. this morning her own survival and rescue in her own words. royals gone wild. the duke and duchess head out on safari and get an up close and personal encounter with rhinos as their indian adventure rolls on this wednesday, april 13th. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plays. >> new good morning. it's wednesday morning. we have willie in for matt once again. >> a lot of politics, including those who won't let paul ryan die as republican nominee. he had to come out again and say, i'm not in.
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does anyone believe him? >> he's trying to make it as clear as possible. the top story is donald trump stepping up his attacks against this election system that he claims is rigged and stacked against him. now the rnc leader, the party leader is pushing back. we have complete coverage beginning with nbc's halle jackson. good morning to you. >> reporter: donald trump says he plans to put more meat behind his policy proposals starteding with a speech next week on party unity, all as it family comes into focus, stepping into the spotlight to support the republican front-runner. trying to appear more presidential, donald trump's promising more policy with more speeches. >> i'm probably going to be doing ten over the next month. >> ho you know how many? >> i'd say ten. >> reporter: at a forum with his family, trying to sharpen his sharp edges. the daughter stealing the show defending the type of father he
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was. >> the type of dad he was to two daughters evidents how he feels about our gender in general. >> reporter: ivanka and her brother eric explaining why they're not registered to vote for trump in new york's primary tuesday. >> new york has one of the most own ru onerus rules. >> reporter: his critics say it's trump who doesn't understand the system, adding the party chair preibus firing back on twitter, know the rules now? give us a break. >> i know it's stacked against me. >> reporter: a party insider tells nbc news there's been no discussion with the candidate's party since colorado. trump still seems stung there by
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cruz, with his wife and melania trump side by side. >> i don't tweet. i had an ability to completely ignore it. it didn't impact me in the least. >> reporter: in the battle for delegates, backup for her husband from former rival marco rubio. >> i want republican nominee to be a conservative and in my view at this moment of the candidates that are still actively campaigning, the only one that fits that criteria is ted cruz. i've said that publicly. >> reporter: on the democratic side, bernie sanders this morning is getting some new support of his own. his very first endorsement from a senate college, jeff merkley of oregon, announced he will back his vermont counterpart. facebook mark zuckerberg appeared to take a swipe at donald trump during his speech at a keynote conference. he didn't refer to trump by name but he talked about immigration. >> i'm starting to see people and nations turning inward, against this idea of a connected
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world and a global community. i hear fearful voices hear for building walls and distancing others. instead of building walls, we can help people build bridges. and instead of dwigd people, we can help bring people together. >> zuckerberg has long been an outspoken proponent of immigration reform. posted on his facebook page, writing about how important the speech was to him adding, quote, it isn't about any one person or country. >> as we mentioned at the top, house speaker paul ryan has once again ruled out a last-minute bid for the white house. at news conference, ryan tried to put an end about the growing speculation about his 2016 ambitions. he spoke exclusively with peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this really was an unusual news conference in what is obviously already an extraordinary 2016 political campaign. we spoke exclusively to paul
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ryan who ruled himself out as the republican nominee. he also had strong opinions about who convention delegates should consider. trying to put together unrelently 2016 speculation, paul ryan says, count me out. >> to be the president, you should actually run for it. i chose not to do this. therefore, i should not be considered, period, end of story. >> reporter: hours later during our exclusive interview at the capitol, speaker ryan looked to redirect attention elsewhere. >> to say i will not be the nom fee for our party. we should select among the people who actually ran for the party. >> reporter: still the growing chorus of mainstream republicans are pressing for ryan to accept his party's nomination. if donald trump or ted cruz can't clinch it at a contested convention. the country's most powerful republican encouraging top delegates to write a rule mandating the nominee must have run. does that mean we could see someone like scott walker, marco rubio or jeb bush -- >> i'm not going to foreclose anyone's option.
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have you to be one of the candidates running for president or who have ran for president. >> reporter: ryan insisting he's not a candidate before. >> i'm not running for president. >> reporter: while he keep saying no, his political actions keep fueling more buzz, a statszman trip overseas and a history of public denials that he's angling for higher office before he accepts it. first as mitt romney's running mate and then last fall as john boehn boehner's successor. he's not making any predictions. >> it's going to be a new person. >> reporter: not you? >> not me. >> reporter: to be clear, you're not running for president. >> yes, to be very clear, thank you. >> reporter: as for donald trump's complaint the rnc is corrupt and unfair, paul ryan wouldn't weigh in on that. he said, frankly, there is a process in place. as the highest ranking official in the house, ryan will chair this summer's republican convention. that means one way or another he's going to take the stage
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this summer in cleveland. in coming up in our next half hour, we'll take you several hundred feet to the top of the capitol dome. that's what the hard hats were for. we got an unprecedented look at the restoration process now months away from its completion. >> i thought the speaker took you up there to shout, i am not running for president. >> reporter: he may as well have. >> thank you for that. let's bring in nbc news political analyst, nicolle wallace. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> how many times more times does paul ryan say he is not running, the nominee should come from the field of candidates before people start to believe him? >> he'll say it many more times because what paul ryan wants has never been the point. it's about what the party needs. the truth is the party needs paul ryan. they need his sort of steady leadership. he's a high-minded leader,
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focuses on policy and civility. as we both know, we're short on that this cycle. >> it's interesting because he has said this many, many times and yet he calls a news conference to say it again. i assume the message is, one, for the media that likes on speculate about it, but is there another audience, donors or republican party leaders he was trying to reach as well? >> well, that would be an offensive message. i think defensively he's savvy enough to know you can't get on the wrong side of the base of the republican party. and the base of the republican party is deeply suspicious the establishment is going to come in and do exactly what he said he wouldn't do, ignore the will of the voters, ignore the outcome of all these parties. that's the essence of donald trump's message. paul ryan wanted to make perfectly clear to our grassroots that he has no part in that. >> are we past the point, nicole, now where an outsider, someone else could ride into cleveland on a white horse and take this nomination? >> there are no white horses. that dream is dead.
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>> will it be one of the three remaining candidates? >> i think it will be the one with the most votes. >> from this pool of three? >> i believe so. >> donald trump is complaining about the process, in most circumstances your form of communications expert, i would think complaining about a process is not a good look for anyone. on the other hand, he's making this point that probably resonates with a lot of his voters which is, what about all the kooky rules. we voted for you. >> as you look at the back drop in which this campaign has been waged, it's about grievances. grooefr answers with a rigged economy, grievances with a status quo. so, this gets right to the heart of donald trump's purpose for wanting to shake things up. i don't think complaining about rules that are very difficult to explain, even to those who follow this every day, is a bad idea for donald trump. >> now he's turned the corner in new york where polls show him with a massive 30 or 40-point
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lead. thank you. >> thank you. there's a surprising new report out this morning about how the fbi managed to crack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters, in fact, paying professional hackers to help. nction justice correspondent pete williams has more on that. good morning. >> whatever works, savannah. it turns out the worldwide attention to the fbi's court battle was seen in the hacker and cyber security world as a challenge that was impossible to resist and now indndividuals sa it was an individual who successfully met the challenge. wasn't i big corporation or a government agency that came up with a way to get into a locked iphone left behind by one of the san bernardino attackers. to open sayed farook's phone they needed to get around the security feature and it was an enterprising individual who came up with it. the fbi won't say who or how it was done. the method that was worked has been declared a u.s. government secret bought and paid for. many. nation's police departments hoped it could be used to unlock thousands of iphones nationwide
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that investigators believe hold important evidence but the fbi says it works only on phones like farook's, older models running a specific software. james comey says the federal government is now considering whether to tell apple about the idea the individual came up with. he says that's being discussed by u.s. intelligence and law enforcement agencies. here's the challenge, if the fbi does tell apple, then the company would almost certainly patch the vulnerability and that would make the hacking ability useless in the future. if the fbi uses it to open phones in criminal cases, then fbi technicians would probably have to reveal that secret in court. for now is it remains a secret to be used in terrorism and intelligence cases. as for who it was, that's classified. savannah, willie. >> fascinating to ponder. pete williams, thank you. we have new developments this morning surrounding north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. governor pat mccrory signed the bill tuesday in an attempt to
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reinforce a provision that requires transgender identity to use the bathroom that aligns with their original gender. governor mccrory says he'll ask lawmakers to file legislation that aye allows people to sue over discrimination, which had previously been wiped out by that law. to the war on terror. u.s.-led coalition fighter jets struck isis militants and hideouts near the iraqi town of hit tuesday. this just released by iraqi defense ministry shows an aerial attack. a statement attached to that video said, quote, iraqi drones were able to kill a number of terrorists and destroyed several vehicles used by extremists. the town sits along an isis supply line. now to a new twist in the shooting death of former nfl player will smith. police in new orleans uncovering new evidence and surveillance video as a key witness speaks out for the first time.
7:14 am
here's nbc's dave gutierrez. >> reporter: this morning police are sorting through new evidence to find out what led to former nfl star's will smith's death. investigating uncovering two more weapons, fully loaded, one in smith's car and the other in cardell hayes'. hayes' suv is stopped and bumped by smith's suv. the hummer pulls over and the su vuchlt appears to speed away. another video shows the hummer in pursuit down the block. this time they say hayes rear-endses smith and when the two exchange words, hayes open fire. in this cell phone video the witness describes how the argument escalating.
7:15 am
not. >> i'm still in disbelief. smith's father read of his son's death when he learned the news on his brother's ipad. >> a father, mother, is never supposed to bury their child. >> yet, he says he can forgive the man police say shot and killed his son. >> but am i going to forgive him? i'll never forgive him. >> for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news, new orleans. it is a huge night in the nba, not one but two games with historic implications. the golden state warriors with the chance to win a record 73 games as they faced off against the memphis grizzlies tonight. now, they're tied with the 1995-'96 bulls. in l.a., superstar kobe bryant will play his final nba game, retiring after 20 years, five titles with the lakers. frightening video showing a
7:16 am
vacuum cleaner bursting into flames. the customer watches from a safe distance, comes back with a hose to stephen ki to extinguish the flames. it's believed the fire was caused by the customer trying to vacuum spilled gas. thankfully no one was injured in the incident. >> don't spill gas. >> note to self. >> thank you very much. >> file that away for the fiduciary. >> mr. roker, i see a mess in the south. >> that's right. we had severe weather yesterday and more today. take a look. jackson, mississippi, you can see there's a -- roof coll from the w of all that water. there were folks in there vacuuming the water out that had already fallen just in time. they got out, nobody got hurt, thankfully. look, more rain coming from corpus christie into much of louisiana, new orleans, going to be looking at heavy rain, as well, this is all due to a stationary front that sits right along the gulf, all the way into florida. heavy rain, storms developing
7:17 am
along the front as you get into tonight. it moves into central and northern florida on into central georgia, as well. isolated flooding, downpours. the ground's already saturated. look at this. from new orleans all the way into the panhandle, including panama city, we could be looking at flooding, locally four to five inches of rain over the next two days. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up ins next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm meteorologist, kari hall.
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mostly sunny across the bay area starting out. we have clouds mixing in through the afternoon. 46 degrees, a nice cool start in the north bay and 65 degrees in the east bay. look for a high of 63 in the east bay and 63 in san francisco and 68 in the south bay an the rain will be moving late to the north bay. the rest of the bay area sees that rain in time for tomorrow morning's commute. >> that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. coming up, a woman stranded for nine days after her car broke down in an arizona forest. this morning, what she did to survive, her rescue and the mistake she says nearly cost her her life. starbucks launches its revamped rewards program and faces instant backlash from loyal customers. how much it'll cost you to eastern tearn the free cup of coffee. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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ahead, sean parker's next adventure. this morning, his $250 million mission to help put an end to cancer. the duke and duchess of cambridge head off on safari. we're with the royals at their wildest stop yet of india. after your local news and weather. i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect
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single-serve vegetarian? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor? ==take vo== new this morning in antioch... a man is in critical condition-- after sideswiping a a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. after side slamming his vehicle into a county council member's car. it was on the 8th street off-ramp. the council member was not hurt and two people hospitalized and their condition not known. just by chance, the mayor of antioch was on te scene. he called for help and helped keep the driver calm until paramedics eventually arrived. let's check the forecast with kari. >> good morning. we have a few clouds as we take a live look at san jose.
7:27 am
it will be mostly sunny into the afternoon with a breezy wind and oracle arena tonight for the warriors big game, 60 degrees at 7:30 this evening with breezy winds from the west. we'll have a lot of activity on the roadways. in the east bay we check in with mike. >> we look at the east shore freeway where traffic is jammed up to the merge at 580 and just shy of university we have another stall. about the third incident for the morning there. it makes things lighter toward the maze and overall your commute not bad. good recovery after an earlier clash cleared heading towards the san mateo bridge toll plaza and dumbarton bridge not unusual for this time of day. maybe unusual light all you can say. back do you. >> sounds good. we'll be back with another local news update for you in about a half hour. hope to see you then. have a great morning.
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7:30 now on this wednesday morning. that's a pretty day. april 13th, 2016. the crowd on the plaza is dry for the first time all week, so we're happy about that. quick check of the headheadline. at a town hall last night pe side his family, donald trump says the political system is, quote, stacked against him, and the republican party is working to defeat him. the republican chair responded saying, it's the responsibility of the campaign to understand it. complaints now? give us all a break. 40,000 verizon workers from virginia to massachusetts are walking off the job. their contract expired last august. so far, a new deal has not been
7:31 am
reached. verizon says thousands of non-union workers have been trained to fill in. the nba's regular season ends tonight and it could be historic. the golden state warriors can reach a record 73 wins with a victory over the memphis griz y grizzli grizzlies. and superstar kobe bryant plays the final game of his career with the l.a. lakers. >> end of an era with kobe bryant, the successor in the league to michael jordan. and the warriors can say they are theest team in history, even by the bulls led my michael jordan. >> i agree with everything you said. a savvy 72-year-old woman surviving nine days with her dog before she was rescued. >> reporter: home after a harrowing journey. >> i feel like a survival. >> reporter: spunk from ann rogers days after defying death. she says it's the same spirit
7:32 am
that saw her through. >> it comes from a base of faith, hope, prayer, trust. without it, you're kind of lost, aren't you? >> reporter: ann would be the first to tell you she was far more than kind of lost. rescuers say rogers was on her way to visit grandkids in phoenix on march 31st. she got off track, driving a remote road near eastern arizona's apache state forest and ran out of gas. alone and without cell service, she wandered off with her dog, kw queeney, and immediately regretted it. >> how stupid could i be? >> reporter: rescuers say they endured nine hot days and freezing nights in rugged, dangerous terrain. surviving off shrugs and creek water, building bonfires to stay warm, and this plea for help made of sticks, rocks and bones. spotted from the air. >> gave us a direction to travel. >> reporter: she was rescued
7:33 am
practically unharmed. >> it's amazing that she survived this because the longer you're out there, the probabilities of you surviving are less. >> reporter: nonsense, to 98 pounds of pure determination, who admits for a moment, she thought about quitting. >> and then i thought, nah, i ain't giving up yet. >> reporter: for "today", steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. >> she has a lot of spunk. >> she's tough. >> it'll take more than nine days in the forest to get her. amazing story. also this morning, starbucks, controversy new rewards program, is up and running. when it was first announced, customers raised concerns. now the complaints are growing. olivia sterns has more on the backlash. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. starbucks said they made the changes based on what their most loyal customers were asking for. ever since the announcement, the complaints keep pouring in. the backlash making its way to
7:34 am
wall street. it seems investors and customers are left with a bad taste in their mouths. >> reporter: a morning jolt for starbucks, as its new rewards program has some of its most loyal customers steaming. >> sounds like a little bit of a -- or a lot a bit of a rip off. >> it's not much of a reward. >> reporter: before, you got one star per visit, with 12 stars earning a free reward. now, they'll accumulate two stars for every dollar spent, needing 125 stars to get a freebie. a reward costing $63. >> who is the rewards program good for and who is it bad for? >> the most loyal, heavy spending, it's good. they spend more already. now, they'll get more for the spending. it's not so great for that customer that comes in, even on a daily basis, but buys the lowest-priced coffee. >> reporter: when the coffee giant announced the bold move in
7:35 am
february, it immediately started feeling the heat. but the criticism escalated into a bitter roast on social media tuesday when the changes went into effect. one customer even cutting up his gold rewards card and posting a picture on it on twitter with a caption, i can do the math. a glitch with the starbucks mobile app also fueling anger. >> stars were wiped out. should we check your phone? >> it did happen. >> how many were in there before? >> more than zero. >> reporter: other coffee chains are looking to capitalize. dunkin donuts offering extra points toward free drinks and, apparently, a shoulder to cry on. the company tweeting, one disappointed starbucks customer, breakups aren't easy but we'd be happy to help you through it. >> it's a large blow to the starbucks brand, but it'll be short term. it's a huge brand. hugely successful. people love them. people will forget, and it will
7:36 am
pass. >> reporter: this morning, starbucks reports more than 12 million rewards program members are finding common ground through their belief in star power. >> now, to sweeten the deal, starbucks says you can actually reach gold star status with one purchase for a limited time this month. that is that is the level you need to reach before you start qualifying rewards. savannah, dunkin' donuts having fun with that. that special code you need to use next week in order to get the extra points in their rewards programs, stars. >> olivia sterarnes, thank you very much. i thought people would have lanterns and tortures -- >> do you have a star? i need a star. >> i don't go there. >> you don't drink coffee, do you? >> no i don't. >> which is the shocking part of the story. you're that energetic with no coffee. >> by law, i'm not allowed to have caffeine. anyway, let's show you. are you ready for some warm weather? are you ready for some warm
7:37 am
weather? thank you. okay. jet stream way up to the north. unseasonably warm in the plains. guess what, it is headed toward the east. denver today, 73. kansas city, 73. minneapolis 10 degrees above normal, 67 degrees. it's cooler in the east. bit end of the week, minneapolis you'll be at 73. 74 in little rock. new orleans at 75. and our weekend from the great lakes into the east looking spectacular. 76 by monday in indianapolis. detroit, 66. new york city, 70 on sunday. 77 monday. and charlotte will see a high of 83 degrees. who n let's take a look outside at sunol. cloudy skies and sunshine elsewhere. a mix of cloud and skies. up to 69 discretion in saratoga. palo alto, 66 degrees. 68 in napa.
7:38 am
upper 60s for fremont as well as the tri-valley beautiful weather today. a little more sun than we had yesterday. getting ready for rain on thursday morning. good morning. nbc news starts a show and put you in touch with the world we live in. not just all fields, but all parts of human endeavor. this is a program from america to america. we hope we can give enough to you to stay with you for a long time. until tomorrow morning, peace.
7:39 am
and that's your latest weather. >> again, no caffeine at all. thaul, al. coming up, restoring the doem. house speaker paul ryan takes us behind the scenes at the historic republican vagus at the us capitol. and the viral video everyone is talking about this morning. brothers convincing their sister the zombie apocalypse is happening. brothers are the worst. i have asthma...
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back now, 7:4 2 with one of the country's most famous landmarks, the u.s. capitol. >> first renovation to its dome is nearly to an end. paul ryan gave peter alexander a behind-the-scenes look at all the work they're doing during an exclusive conversation they had. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is a restoration 56 years in the making to preserve one of the nation's real architectural treasures. just a couple years ago it was riddled with rust and cracks, some up to ten feet long. it's always a great time of year to get a capitol tour but those tours rarely look like this. this morning we're taking you up top. on this stunning d.c. day, a rare visit to the top of washington's majestic symbol of democracy. where do you do the base jumping about? >> is that what this is about?
7:44 am
>> reporter: nbc news getting an up close, unprecedented look at the u.s. capitol's iconic dome, now in its final stages after two years of painstaking restoration. on our tour the project super, steven ayers, and paul ryan. >> this is a great view of the city. >> looking down the potomay. >> reporter: a view unobstructed in all directions, in a city where the capitol is king. >> georgetown over there. >> exactly. >> you see treasury real easily. >> reporter: the dome remains partially hidden by more than a million pounds of scaffolding. fresh coats of paint now gleaming in those areas now complete. i believe this is a good metaphor for what most people think of washington, it was broken. >> the symbolism is not lost on me here. we had to repair this organization. we had to repair this place. >> reporter: constructed just after the civil war, the dome was in bad need of surgery.
7:45 am
ravaged by weather and age, this is its first significant restoration in more than 50 years. no detail too small, even a couple hundred feet above ground. >> what person could actually see this, but yet it's so meticulous. the level of detail, the level of craftsmanship is just amazing. >> reporter: while it may look like stone, looks can be deceiving. >> you look at monumental buildings across this country or anywhere else, these are carved marble, carved stones. >> this is all -- all this is cast iron. >> right. >> this is all cast iron. >> reporter: the view from inside the rotunda equally stunning. >> until about 550,000 pounds of scaffolding in here. >> reporter: a $124 million project with one crucial deadline, inauguration day. >> he answers the tough questions. >> reporter: the next one is going to be yours? >> absolutely. >> reporter: paul ryan not making any predictions on who that next president will be.
7:46 am
another gorgeous day, though, for a capitol tour. what was stunning to us is the fact that they're going to get this done on time, under budget, and as you note there, you can already see at the top there, some scaffolding is already coming down. they'll have all the scaffolding down bit end of the summer, by the end of july. one of speaker ryan's questions to the architect, how long will this restoration last before another restoration is needed? he said 50 to 75 years, meaning many more generations will get to enjoy the capitol scaffolding free. >> on time and under budget. take note, washington politicians. >> wouldn't you like to have contracting work and say, you won't need to see us for 50 to 75 years? sounds good. peter, thank you. "thelma & and louise" the sequel? that would be a need trick. they're hitting the road again. terrence will show us what will happen when he cannot join
7:47 am
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7:51 am
of. >> sort of. i can't wait to see what you think about this and what our viewers at home think. a group of guys were bumped when their buddy kevin couldn't join them on a birthday get away. so they posted an online thing here, claiming it was kevin's, quote, crazy fiance who wouldn't let him go. so they came up, guys, with a solution. cardboard kevin. they created a life-size cutout and brought kevin everywhere they went. the whole time, sharing the escapade on reddit. kevin was on the road. kevin hit up the club. kevin went to the gym. even went for tacos at 2:00 a.m., sign of a great night on the town. several comments called out the fiancé for keeping kevin home. others said the couple has kids and they're planning a wedding. he was needed at home. there's no doubt, cardboard
7:52 am
kevin had an incredible trip. you're the fiance. do you invite the crazy wfriend to the wedding? >> it was the crazy fiance, yeah, let's not call her that. >> i think the friends should bring flowers to the fiance. if they have kids, offer to babysit. >> maybe it'll be cardboard friends at the wedding. >> i have an issue with this. what do you think? >> i don't love it. >> not the crazy fiance thing, no. we're on the crazy fiance's side. did led zeppelin steal the riff to "stairway to heaven"? millions are at stake. millions are at stake. william and kate's today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
wx toss to traffic trc happy wednesday. i'm meteorologist, kari hall. sunshine in parts of the bay area to start out the day. a look from the berkeley hills, just a few clouds and temperatures in the mid 50s for most of us. as you head to the north bay, it is cooler there but warming up nicely. mid to upper 60s later today and mid to upper 50s along the coast like pacifica. 69 degrees in saratoga, 67 in santa rosa, oakland, 65, and livermore a high of 66 degrees. by tomorrow morning, scattered showers start to move into the north bay, starting out early in the morning, getting lighter as it moves to san francisco in the south bay. this may slow down that thursday morning commute. we'll keep you up to date on that. now, for a look at what's happening on the roads now, mike. >> we have the warning for tomorrow morning's commute.
7:57 am
a pretty smooth drive around the bay. southbound commute, it 880 earl stalled vehicle. moving in a nice direction. up this east bay, issues towards winton. the last report it has slow traffic towards the area as well. back to you. >> happening now, a new study finds san francisco's aging seawall is in worse shape nan any thought and the 100-year-old barrier likely will not survive a major earthquake. that story has people interested on our facebook page this morning. if you think there are problems in san jose you can do something about it. you can now turn in your neighbors. people will be able to turn in people using illegal fireworks activity and the police will write tickets.
7:58 am
the story on our twitter feed. an update in a half hour.
7:59 am
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♪ now i'm on the ou ts it's 8" coming up, a walk on the wild side. the duke and duchess of cambridge embark on a safari adventure. plus, game changer, billionaire, sean parker announces his next big venture, a $250 million mission to cure cancer. >> what this is at the end of the day is a bold experiment. and the chance of a lifetime. high school students from nashville take the stage with vince gill and keith urban. >> why do you take your time with kids? >> because people did that for me when i was growing up. >> today, wednesday, april 13th,
8:01 am
2016. ♪ we love you grandma! >> we want to say hello to our school. >> it's her birthday! [ cheers and applause ] it's 8:00 on "today," it's wednesday april 13th, 2016. chilly. remember that warmup you talked about? >> it's coming this weekend. >> because it's not here yet. all right. looking forward to it. >> i decided to go no jackets because we're willing spring to come here.
8:02 am
coming up, it's never too early to shop for mom. jill rounded up some gifts for a special mother's day edition of steals and deals. >> you don't have to cross the pond to get your hands on fish and chips. we're going to show you how to make this british pub fare at home. >> we have a check of the morning's top stories. donald trump is facing a new obstacle. he has missed deadlines in several states for locking in delegates who would stay loyal to him beyond the first ballot at a contested convention. trump escalated his attacks saying the party establishment has stacked the rules against him. house speaker paul ryan confirmed on tuesday that he will not accept a nomination. he told peter alexander, the
8:03 am
nominee should be somebody who's actually running for the job. >> it's going to be a new person, i can tell you that. >> reporter: not going to be you? you're not running for president. >> that's to be very clear. thank you. >> despite that a number of mainstream republicans are still pressing for ryan to accept if he's drafted in july. british police say there did not appear to be anything suspicious about the death of liza minnelli's former husband. an autopsy will be performed. gest produced the michael jackson special in twun. they married the next year. but the union quickly collapsed into a head line grabbing divorce. an international spotlight on india's rich culture and its efforts to protect endangered wildlife. >> reporter: good morning.
8:04 am
there are rhinos here, elephants, even tigers. over there, another rare sighting this morning, the duke and duchess of cambridge. conservation is their passion. it's taken years for them to get here and see it up close. the duke and duchess on safari this morning for a close encounter with india's rhinos. or as close as you'd want to get. last night, they were welcomed with dancing around a campfire, the youngest dancer just 3. the prince taking the challenge playing an instrument made out of bamboo. nice try, william. today, the royal couple meeting rangers who help protect the endangered rhino. itself, a dangerous job. >> what were your injuries? >> reporter: one ranger explaining he was attacked by a rhino. we saw elephants in the wild.
8:05 am
look, they're crossing the road right in front of us. and close by, like william and kate, we saw rhino. only 3,000 are in the wild today, 2,000 live here. the poachers come here and they try and take the rhino's horns? >> yes. >> reporter: six reportedly killed this year. william and kate turning the spotlight on animals whose future is under threat. tomorrow, the duke and duchess will travel to a place sometimes known as the forbidden kingdom. the king there is called the dragon king. it's going to be a stunning experience. we'll be traveling with them. >> thank you. okay. if you need proof that love can be blind. take a look at this video of an armed robbery in billings, montana. the man and woman at the bar are lost in their own little world. the bartender with his hands in
8:06 am
the air is held up at gun point. one of the gunmen walks right past them. police are still looking for the suspect. those are two eyewitnesss they can cross off their list. >> how do you -- >> i don't think ignorance is bliss. i think long island iced teas are bliss. >> thank you, sheinelle. shifting gears to what could be a game changer in the fight against cancer. hoda is here with this morning. good morning. >> sean parker is donating $250 million to create the parker institute for cancer immu immunotherapy. to turn cancer from a potential death sentence to a curable disease. in 1999, no one expected the then 19-year-old napster co-creator would be helping transform cancer treatment in
8:07 am
2016. >> you're talking to somebody who as an entrepreneur has waded into a lot of fields and somehow managed to have a really big difference. >> in this case, it would mean putting an end to capser as we know it. >> it's a manhattan project for curing cancer with your own immune system. >> and he's donating $250 million of his own money to make it happen. coordinating research, eliminating competition, and expediting patient treatments. >> i think this will revolutionize how we -- how this therapies are developed. >> this is a doctor at the forefront of cancer immu immunotherapy treatment. >> we know it works. >> if you're not familiar, it works primarily in two ways. doctors release the brakes on your own immune system allowing it to discover and attack the
8:08 am
cancer, or they create an immune system themselves and inject it to do the same. watch as the engineered t cells destroy cancer. there are few if any side effects. it's what was used to treat jimmy carter's cancer. for rodney, who discovered he had stage four melanoma two years ago, it simply means life. >> it's no longer a death sentence. >> after 19 months of treatment. >> my largest tumor has reduced 19% and the other eight have reduced 84%. that's success right there. >> for sean, this time of success is just the beginning. >> really, what this is at the end of the day is a bold experiment in how we can do collaborative science. we will see if we can move forward faster. >> pretty amazing. at the moment, immunotherapy is
8:09 am
most successful on melanoma, lung, and kidney cancer. it's being used across the country. they can be treated with as little as one dose or multiple treatments every two to three weeks. just watching this, it should be the first thing we're trying. i also like the part about how the hospitals are sharing. sometimes a guy from sloan can have a breakthrough and the guy from m.d. anderson doesn't know about it. now they're sharing info. >> i like to see these silicon valleys guy who made so much money, i'm going to put huge amount of money to doing something great for humanity. coming up, trending a popular fast food chain's decision to stop serving a key ingredient. >> plus, the upcoming trial that will make you wonder did led zeppelin steal "stairway to
8:10 am
heaven". and we get introduced to the next country super stars of country music. first, these messages.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
"wall street journal" is out with an article this morning on what kids learn from the old shared family phone. for example, phone etiquette. remember how we were all taught to answer the phone? learning to share phone time with siblings. we used to have a phone hour, junior high, that's your hour. >> i think there is something lost. >> there's something amazing kids won't understand. you didn't know who was calling. you're picking up a live grenade. >> remember the clear phones that would light up? >> oh, yeah, back in the '80s. >> i'd turn off all the ringers and put that by my bed. >> no one in the house would know. >> they don't even talk. >> you also had to endure your mom talking to your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, long before the handoff. >> how's it going -- >> please don't spill the beans about something. >> right. let's talk about chick-fi a
8:15 am
chick-fil-a. >> sandwich story every week. >> the fast food chain taking a stand saying enough is enough when it comes to iceberg lettuce. no more. chick-fil-a ditching the ingredient. never use iceberg lettuce, it's at the bottom of the salad foot chain. >> and it's soggy by the time you eat your sandwich most of the time. >> i don't like lettuce on there. that's apparently not exactly true. it is at the bottom of the food chain. chick-fil-a says it's switching to kale and romaine lettuce. >> it is a vegetable. >> interesting though. i would assume kale and romaine are probably more expensive. >> that's a good point. >> i still like that blue cheese wedge thing you can get.
8:16 am
>> video on how to eat that thing -- >> now the outrageous frank that's gone viral this morning. it's from brothers who convinced their sisters they were under attack from zombies in washington, d.c. she was feeling woozy from the medication. >> washington, d.c. has issued a viral outbreak warning. state and local officials have reported cases of high fever, na sh nausea, death, and even cannibalism. >> dad says since he's in las vegas, he wants us to meet him in mexico. >> i -- i can say pants -- >> which one, the cat or the dog? >> the cat, you idiot! >> oh, my gosh.
8:17 am
>> it looks amazing. after a little more teasing, the brothers finally come clean confessing there is no zombie outbreak. that video was posted on monday. it already has -- >> which cake? chocolate or funfetti. which cake! >> so cool. >> that is really good. now to bono's unusual suggestion for amy schumer and chris rock in the high stakes battle over one of music's most iconic songs. >> he's also a global humanitarian and an activist. there he was on tuesday testifying before the senate. the topic violent extremism. bono offered an unusual solution. >> don't laugh, but i think comedy should be deployed. it's like you speak violence, you speak their language. but you laugh at them when
8:18 am
they're goose stepping down the street and it takes away their power. so i'm suggesting that the senate send in amy schumer and chris rock and sacha baron cohen. >> okay. bono says fight violence with comedy. is that the face that would defeat the bag things we see in the world? on twitter, amy schumer offers this response to his suggestion. you fill in the blank there. >> it's an unusual story. >> that's considered one of rock music's most iconic songs. "stairway to heaven". >> really? >> i never heard the song until last year, which i admitted on this show, and i still get tweets about it. did led zeppelin steal the opening riff? here's gadi schwartz on the
8:19 am
claim heading to court. ♪ >> reporter: think this is led zeppelin's stairway to heaven? >> that's not stairway? >> no. that's taurus. >> reporter: this is "stairway to heaven," now the center of a copyright lawsuit, claiming they were lifted from a band named spirit in 1968. joining a list of legal fights over music similarities. sam smith settling with tom petty over "stay with me" and "i won't back down." robin thick versus marvin gaye. and who can forget vanilla ice explaining to mtv that it was
8:20 am
different than "under pressure"? in court next month, the stakes are even higher. to date, "stairway to heaven" has brought in half a billion dollars as one of rock 'n' roll's most recognizable songs. nbc news, los angeles. and finally, selma and louise mark next month's 20th anniversary. where would the ladies be now if they hadn't gone off the cliff? thelma is definitely not with her husband anymore. one would only hope she found brad and maybe louise louise became a lesbian. that hits newsstands next tuesday. that is your -- >> our team ready to go with it. [ laughter ] >> that would be --
8:21 am
>> not for everybody. >> how do you think they survived. >> you believe -- >> with good airbags, i guess. >> mr. roker, you have any we've got some nice weather here across the bay area, starting out with mostly sunny skies. it is 54 degrees now in san francisco. a little bit cooler in the north bay. it's 49. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day and some gusty wind at times the sun peeking through the clouds in spots where we do see more of a cloud cover throughout the day. and the cloud cover continues to increase later on, especially with some rain moving into the north bay. it starts late tonight and the rest of the bay area see it's tomorrow morning. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. a group of high school students in nashville are pinching themselves this morning. >> just six weeks ago, they joined forces to write a song. last night, it got a nod of approval from keith urban and
8:22 am
vince gill and more than 10,000 new fans. kerry sanders has the story. >> reporter: for these kids, it's the chance of a lifetime to step up and showcase their talent on a big stage. but this is more than just a performance. >> what's your name? >> reporter: it's part of a program developed by the country music hall of fame called words and music, learning language by making music with the help and support of vince gill and keith urban. >> why do you take your time to extend to kids song writing? >> because people did that for me when i was growing up. >> >> reporter: joe, amanda, with 2 other students set out to write a song. ♪ >> reporter: what is songwriting? >> the way i see it is a form of story put into music.
8:23 am
>> reporter: maribel helped write the chorus line that became the song's title "limited time offer". >> whenever i hear it, that part is always the part that's like, everything just exploded. it's awesome. >> reporter: just like when the professionals write a song. >> you're making something out of nothing. >> reporter: but these teens, the alchemy came down to this. ♪ i want to spread my wings and fly ♪ ♪ not be afraid to be loud ♪ never let life pass you by >> reporter: on stage before a soldout arena, 25 teens, keith urban and vince gill all performing together, music
8:24 am
formed from their imagination. ♪ i want my name to be san antonio ♪ >> if you can get a kid fired up about doing something, man, that's the key. ♪ >> reporter: it's a limited time offer that will now last forever. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, nashville. >> i love what keith urban said. i'm doing this because somebody did it for me. >> i like the song. and to get that stamp of approval -- >> not bad. we're outside with a special guest. >> great steals and deals. this will warm your heart. we're shopping for great mother's day gifts. >> with all the moms. >> with all the moms on the plaza. after your local
8:25 am
8:26 am
a good wedneay bhorng at 8 i'm 26, i'm sam brock. today is the day warriors dpan fans have been waiting for. the boys in oakland shooting for win 73 at home against the memphis grizzlies. live pics outside of or kell arena, a place that will no doubt be electric. a victory means the warriors would finish the season 73-9, eclipsing the chicago bulls 72 wins set in the 95-96 season. the team, much like the rest of the country at this tiepoint, i just excited and ready to play. win or lose tonight, the warriors have notched the top seed in the playoffs. something else to watch out for, steph curry is just eight three pointers away from 400 at the season.
8:27 am
a lot of drivers shooting for a pleasant community. miketi >> pleasant overall. we do have slow spots but look at the south bay, moving very well as we point out the northbound commutes for san jose, no problems. the east bay 880 slows a bit between both bridges. on the peninsula, it slows southbound past the dunn bartden bridge and through san mateo. bay bridge, no major problems and as sam talked about, the warriors play today. there will be a crowd near the orac oracle. but the a's play midday. >> see you in a half hour for another update.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning, everybody. it's 8:30. wednesday morning, the 13th of april, 2016. nice, sunny start to the day here in manhattan. was that jill martin? it was. we have steals and deals coming up. mother's day is around the corner, so the steals and deals today will help you pamper mom without going broke. we'll reward moms on our plaza. >> so cute. plus, we'll catch up with robert de niro and jane rosenthal. they celebrate the tribeca's anniversary. >> lots to talk about. first, let's get a check of the weather. >> you talking to me?
8:31 am
>> yes, i am. >> couldn't resist. for today, a lot of wet weather along the gulf coast. could be some flooding over the next couple days. raining moving into the pacific northwest c northwest with windy conditions. chilly side. the weather on the plains will be heading east. getting into the 70s in the upper mississippi river valley with wet weather, snow behind that. rain moves into the southeast and the gulf coast, down into florida. temperatures moderate in the great lakes and into the mid-atlantic states. that's w good morning. we are taking a look at some sunshine in parts of the north bay. here is a live look at hillsburg into the day, we will see clouds mixing in with the sun. after a cool start, we are now at 56 degrees in san jose at 51, a light jacket needed this morning, but this afternoon for the game and into the evening it will be 60 degrees after a mix of sun and clouds, gorgeous weather for the warriors game at
8:32 am
ar oracle arena. k 60s across the bay. latest weather. let's hobble over to savannah. >> i see you, al. special mother's day edition of steals and deals. jill martin is here with the bargains. we've invited moms from the plaza to join us and reveal the bargains. everybody knows how this works. if you order it out, can you get it in time for mother's day? >> absolutely. this is a great day because we have so many moms on the plaza. happy early celebration to everyone. this is a pure fiber lounge wear set. $86. t tracey has one child and amber has two. you either get the short sleeve, which we didn't have them model because they're probably freezing, and the long sleeve. available in small, medium and large. $86. deal, $25. 71% off. >> is it comfy, ladies? >> yes.
8:33 am
>> ladies who lounge, i love it. here, we have courtney. >> courtney has two children and is expecting. congratulations. >> look at you. >> if you could reveal this, drum roll, please. personalized stationery. you get 50 cards, seven >> 50 cards, a choice of seven colors, nine designs. retail 99.95. the deal 29.95, 70% off. >> that's a great gift for mom. thank you and congrats on the babe. >> core rena, three thinner. necklaces, if you could reveal them for us. retail 130 to 150. you have either initials or good luck charms. 18 inches long and gold filled. celebrity fans include brook
8:34 am
shields and carrie underwood. 29.99. >> and our model. >> over here, we have got erin. >> she has two children. >> hi, guys. they're watching. >> leather coasters. if you can reveal them for us. retail $109. this is a super cool gift. i love all the colors. you get a set of four and you have the initial on it. the deal $32, 71% off. >> okay. good. thank you so much, erin. last but not least. >> i'm saying it right? >> two children. and if you could reveal our last deal. this is the handbag. >> oooh. >> the retail $498.
8:35 am
the retail $498, the deal $99. that's 80% off. >> that's great. >> i have one surprise. >> oh. lay it on us. >> every mom that helped us today, the gift she revealed will get that gift. >> yay! [ cheers and applause ] we have some happy moms here. >> thank you so much. you're so gorgeous. i love this scarf you have going on there. the products are loungewear sets, personalized stationary, the coasters and the handbag. if you have any questions about this or past orders, check out our steals and deals page at moms, thank you so much. happy mother's day. love it. coming up next, an inspirational runner who says it
8:36 am
changed his life and it can do the same for you. but first, this is "today" on nbc. (vo) one hundred million pounds.
8:37 am
that's how much garbage visitors to our national parks add to the country's landfills each year. but this year, subaru is sharing their zero-landfill expertise with the national parks to work toward the goal of making garbage there a thing of the past. to get involved visit
8:38 am
we're celebrating fitness this morning with the return of our special series, run for today. it's about inspirational stories about people who run and their motivation, counting down to sunday's more marathon, here in new york. >> erica is here with us this morning. >> we're very excited about it. excited to be back this year and have the return of run for today. if you ask john young, he'll tell you anyone can do what he's done. over the past few years, he's ran 6 marathons, 10 halves, 36 triathlons. what really sets john apart is his perspective. >> get ready to start the great american road race. >> reporter: at any starting line, john young has a unique
8:39 am
view. most of his fellow runners tower head and shoulders above him. >> i don't have a typical marathoners body, and that's fine. >> reporter: john has dwarfism, 4'4". he also has a passion for racing. the triathlete and trophies aborn adorn a desk where he teaches math in a high school. while students know about the dedication to his sport, few know a few years ago, he was far from the athlete he is today. >> it said 195 pounds. i thought the scale was broken. >> he had sleep apnea. he would come home from work and be so tired because he didn't sleep well the night before. he would get down on the floor with owen and play. within minutes, he'd be asleep. >> reporter: john was also at risk for serious heart problems. he began swimming, then biking, then running. >> inspirational john young.
8:40 am
>> reporter: each race proving he could do more. >> does each finish line you cross feel the same? >> i come to the point now when i finish a race, all i'm thinking about is when is the next race? >> reporter: in 2013, he set his sights on the boston marathon. john was a mile from the finish when the bombs went off. >> i could hear sirens. a friend of mine was walking back and said, the race stopped. >> reporter: john was back the following year. at mile ten, he was ill and had to stop. once reunited with his family, john felt he'd let them down. his son, owen, had a different view, and his own lesson to share. >> dad, sometimes you're the hammer. sometimes you're the nail. today, you were the nail. >> today, his goal is to? >> be the hammer. >> reporter: it became john's motto. in 2015, he finished boston just months after his fastest marathon, new york city. where he was one of the first
8:41 am
little people to complete the race. over the years, john's fan base has continued to grow. >> you didn't necessarily set out to be an inspiration, but based on what you're telling me, you are in many ways. what does it do for you personally, emotionally? >> i think when it's people of short stature or physically challenged, it's when i get the most satisfaction out of it. i know what it's like to be laughed at and pointed at when you're different. >> reporter: john took me for a run in the snowy streets of his hometown, salem, massachusetts. >> nothing compared to last winter. >> reporter: with all the ground he's covered, his important mire stones are the ones shared with 13-year-old owen. >> when he watched me finish my first triathlon, he said, dad, did you win? i said, no. he said, why are you so happy? i said, i did my best. it was great and i had fun. >> i probably would have been fussing about how i'm shorter than most other people and usually keep coming in last place. >> what is it about your dad's running that changed that for
8:42 am
you? >> it's just helped me realize that it really doesn't matter what place you come in. just matters if you finish it. >> come on, owen. >> reporter: last august, owen started and finished his first race with his dad. a mile run where he came in ahead of john. >> it was satisfying to see him finish and me come behind him. >> reporter: even in a race, it really is about the journey. >> wow. >> as i mentioned, john is a math teacher. he did a few calculations. by his calculations, the average runner takes 24,000 strides over the course of a marathon. john said he'll take 40,000. >> wow. >> takes the average runner 45 5 hours to finish. he's closer to 6 hours. he's running boston on monday again, which he's excited about. also running the race, model turned activist, burns. natalie caught up with her and will share more on why she runs tomorrow. we'd love to see as many of you
8:43 am
as possible. natalie and i are co-hosting the more shape half once again here in new york city. you can tweet us your story. #run for today. we'll get you out there and moving. >> inspiring story. >> we like seeing a kid pass the old man now. >> that's a big deal. >> erica, thank you. coming up next, robert de niro and jane rosenthal are here to celebrate a big anniversary for the tribeca film we're back at 8:45.
8:44 am
8:45 am
tribeca film fist valrst was la to commemorate the 9/11 terror attacks. >> robert de niro and jane rosenthal co-founded the festival. good morning. >> morning. >> this started as a response to 9/11, getting the city back on its feet downtown.
8:46 am
here you are 15 years later. when you started it, did you imagine it as an ongoing festival or something for that moment in time? >> you'd like to think it would go on and be part of new york, part of the tradition, part of the fabric of the city. it looks, at this point, like it could be. so that's great. we had no idea. we weren't sure with anything. very happy. we're all happy. >> after 15 years, jane, it feels like an institution. it's one of the film festivals that you hear mentioned that's important. it's got to exceed even your wildest hopes back then. >> it certainly has. i'm actually happy that i'm not in an institution because of it. it's been really extraordinary. we're so thrilled that this year, we can kick off with a story about the met gala. we have other films screening at the whitney, about elizabeth and
8:47 am
m mario. as a new york institution, we're bringing in some of the bedrocks of new york. >> we were talking, robert, about how democratized film maker has become. people with an iphone or laptop put together a movie. i know you're doing something with snap chat. you want to explain how that works, step by step. >> we know you're a snapchatter. >> something with a phone can make a film. >> in 2006, we were actually one of the first festivals to screen a film that was made on a nokia phone. it was amazing how it looked like it was projected. it felt like a cinema feel. we've been about pushing the boundaries with technology as long as you tell a good story. technology is great. if you can't tell a good story, forget it. >> there was controversy, headlines at the beginning of this year's festival, when it was announced this film would be
8:48 am
shown. later, the festival pulled it. was it because of the backlash? >> i was shooting a movie, in the middle of a lot of stuff. i think the movie is something that people should see. there was a backlash, which i haven't fully explored, and i will, but -- and i didn't want it to start affecting the festival in ways that i couldn't see. but definitely, there's something to that movie. there is another movie called "trace amounts." these -- there's a lot of information about things that are happening with the cdc, the pharmaceutical companies. there's a lot of things that are not said. i as a parent of a child who has autism am concerned. i want to know the truth. i'm not anti-vaccine. i want safe vaccines. some people can't get a certain type of shot. they can die from it. even penicillin. why should that not be a vaccine? it isn't.
8:49 am
>> you went public for the first time, saying your 18-year-old son had autism. >> yeah. >> that had been private for you. >> yeah. >> you wanted the film shown because of that reason. >> yes. >> everybody doesn't want to seem to hear much about it. it's shut down. you guys are the ones that should be investigating. do the investigating. >> i think the film was controversial because people felt the film maker had been discredited. >> even he, i'm not so sure about. at the end of the day, even him. >> jane? >> one thing, it wasn't -- weren't sponsors or donors that were threatening to pull out of the film festivals. it was our mifilm makers. we're known for having amazing documentary films. look at the lineup. whether it's what we're starting with tonight or other documentaries that are equally controversial that are at the festival. film makers were pulling out.
8:50 am
>> i find that amazing. we're going to talk about that. >> there is another amazing film that was done by roger ross williams that won the audience award at sundance called "life animated," about autism, and it's a beautiful film about this family. >> it's a beautiful film but another thing, the result of. it's not questioning how people -- some people got autism. how the vaccines are dangerous, if not -- dangerous to certain people who are more susceptible. nobody seems to want to address that. or they say they have addressed it and it's a closed issue. doesn't seem to be. many people say, no, i saw my kid change overnight. i saw what happened. i should have done something, and i didn't. there's more to this than meets the eye. believe me. >> is that the experience you had, robert, something changed overnight? >> my wife says that. i don't remember. my child is autistic.
8:51 am
every kid is different. but there is something there. there's something there that people aren't addressing. for me to get so upset here today on the "today" show means there is something there. i want the movie to be seen. people can make their own judgment but you must see it. other films, other things, that also just document and show, you know, it's not a simple thing. >> do you regret pulling it now in some sense? >> part of me does. part of me says, let it go for now and i'll deal with it later in another way. i didn't want the festival to be affected in a way. it was a knee jerk reaction. especially from the film makers, frankly, that i, you know -- >> the other film makers who were in the festival. >> i didn't want to ask. now i will ask. >> robert, it is nearly consensus in the scientistic community there is nolin k th l there. do you believe it's not true? >> i believe it's much more complicated than that. there is a link, and they're saying there isn't.
8:52 am
there are certain things. the obvious one is mercury-based preservative. but there are other things there that i don't know -- i'm not a scientist -- but i've seen so much reaction about just -- let's just find out the truth. i'm not, you know -- i'm not anti-vaccine, as i say, but i'm pro-safe vaccines. there are some people who cannot take a vaccine, and they have to be found out and warned. you just don't give a kid a bunch of shots and then something happens to them. some parents, even in the documentary, they say, i knew i shouldn't have done it. i talked to the doctor. he's a doctor, and i should listen. i did it. the next day, you know. can you imagine how the parent feels? >> the worry is that people who hear those words and wonder about it will not have their child vac nate cinated, which l
8:53 am
mumps and measles. >> i don't know the statistics. there is the knee jerk reaction. let's see. as i say, everyone should have the choice to take vaccines. some places, it's mandatory. but it benefits the big drug companies. >> if you want to look at facts and statistics, one of the things you need to look at in this movie is the continue dictions -- contradictions. what's stated, what arises, what the graph is, and then people saying something different. you need to read the reviews of that movie, make your own decision. clearly, the festival has about a hundred other movies that are in the festival. this was only going to be screened once. they've certainly had their voice and their time, and there is amazing films about other issues of social impact. whether it is the criminal justice system. amazing film called "the return." another film about her babal li.
8:54 am
drone warfare. "national bird" asks questions about how we go to war. certainly, the festival is about having conversation and it's also some fun films, too. "family fang" with jason bateman and nicole kidman. >> highlighted by the 40-year anniversary of "taxi driver." >> i'm interested to go and meet everybody who was in it. marty and joe y. >> it'll be a cast reunion. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> appreciate it. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning at 8:56 on wednesday, i'm sam brock. later today, san francisco police are going to meet with the public after officers shot and killed a homeless man. today's town hall is going to happen at noon at the union local hall on 18th street. police shot luiz gogara near 18th street last thursday of the officers say he refused to drof a knife and came towards officers, forcing them to fire their weapons. but some witnesses are givening
8:57 am
conflicting reports, saying that gagara did not have a knife. if you think illegal fireworks are an issue in san jose, now is your chance to do something about it. starting july 1st, people in san jose can post video and pictures of illegal firework activity to a city-run website. code enforcement officers can writing tickets. happening right now, steven hawking joining a stuartistic bid for interstellar exploration. a $100 million project will seek life using a swarm of tiny spacecraft. details on facebook. plus, a san francisco's couple european vacation taking an unexpected and humanitarian turn. they went from lounging on beaches to helping syrian refugees arriving onshore. it didn't stop there. find more on our website. we'll see you in a half an hour.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," paging dr. house. actor hugh laurie on his new mini series. ben affleck directing his own batman movie. what we know about gotham, next chapter. the best breakfast in america. see if your local favorite made the list. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's wednesday morning, april 13th, 2016. nice, big crowd on the plaza. we're inching our way to spring, and we got rid of the rain. we'll warm it up a bit. inside, i'm willie with al and tamron. natalie on assignment.
9:01 am
morning jam is -- >> "no sleep till brooklyn." want to ask me why? >> i think i know why. >> i know you do. >> doing your msnbc show. >> live from brooklyn all tr >> well, here's the best part. yesterday they had someone to take you there for safety to make sure you get there on time. unfortunately, this really nice man thought the address was something else and so this is -- this is staying present. my sister in law keeps telling me you've got to stay present. i'm looking up and i'm not in brooklyn. >> you could see brooklyn. >> i said to sarah, i have five minutes to get to the show.
9:02 am
running in. stay present. have you had that where you look up and you're -- >> absolutely. >> the guy with the metro card, take you by subway. >> or token. >> no token. >> that's a little political humor. >> stay with us. we've got a great story to share with you. 72-year-old tucson, arizona, woman has been rescued after she was lost in a remote arizona forest for nine days, her and her dog. ann rogers ran out of gas while driving on a road to visit her grandchildren on march 31st. alone, no cell service. here's what she had to say about her experience. >> it has been a trek, a spiritual urney. as soon as my ford fusion broke down, the electric went down. i could go no further. i had a fire. i had a nutella jar for me which became my water vessel. i did cry. everywhere i looked there were nothing having to do with human habitation. >> wow. >> ann was with her dog queeny.
9:03 am
they survived on plants and pond water only. she eventually spelled out the word help with sticks. you can see that right there. that helped lead authorities to her location. >> is that like a skull? >> skull, that's what i noticed. >> it is. >> there's a skull there. >> that can't make you feel good. >> not comforting. >> when you're lost. >> not comforting. >> that's like one of those warner brother cartoons. >> end of the road. >> a little ominous there. they found her. here's ann describing the conversation she had with her rescuers when they did finally find her. >> thank god. thank god. thank god. we expected to find you only a body, not alive. first time in a helicopter in my life, yahoo! finally. finally have human contact and see that they were there was -- it was overwhelming. >> ann rogers, 72 years old. that is a tough woman. >> i love ann. she's my new favorite person. queeny should get some kind of hall of fame.
9:04 am
when you see these stories, you think, how long would you have lasted? >> nine days is no joke. >> that's serious. >> that's more than a week. >> yeah. that's a deal. >> and it's just you, your flashlight and nutella. >> and a skull of a cattle or something. >> okay. how many days before you just check out? >> you start talking to the skull. how you doing? i don't know. >> not doing good. >> do you think anybody's going to find me? i don't think so. >> when i was out with bear grylls, "running wild," how to start a fire with hand sanitizer. if i don't have hand sanitizer, this is useless. >> she had a lighter. >> the lighter goes out like the ford fusion went out electric, juice. >> lost the charge. >> i think you're going to be saying hello to me, soon. >> we're so happy that she and queeny are okay. >> that's really neat. >> crazy. i just really started using google calendar like really on -- >> i've never used it. >> you can use it with your google mail and all of this
9:05 am
stuff. what's interesting is like it gets your e-mails in and will extract information and put it into your calendar. it's cool. they've announced google goals on your calendar. if you're having trouble trying to find certain things, say you want to run three times a week, google calendar will look into your calendar, find time and then schedule it for you. >> i like that. >> intelligence. >> it will prompt you to set your goal, answer follow-up questions, google calendar looks at the schedule, finds the best windows and digitally pencils it in. >> without asking you? >> without asking you. and then it automatically reschedules if you add another event that's in direct conflict with it. >> so you're controlled by google mail? >> it's like having your mom in your calendar. >> it is a little a.i., isn't it? >> totally. >> trust me, you need to go to the gym. >> i know, right? >> i'm looking at you and i think, i'm sorry, that you've
9:06 am
missed one or two times. >> but, i mean, that's kind of jarring. you log on and -- >> there it is. >> -- the app says -- >> it makes you busy. >> i like it. >> ew. how many times before it gets like your mom used to get on a school morning, wake up, wake up, then the cover's off, roll up the blinds. it gets hostile on you? >> i think we went too far. >> you know how many times i set a snooze. okay, so here's what happened when i was a kid. no, i set five. i'd have five alarm clocks. >> now? >> yeah, i do. >> five alarm clocks? >> i do, because i stagger them. you know, how many do you have? >> but if you snooze and they'll come back on for you? >> i have a fear of snoz. i have a fear of the snooze. >> you have one? >> i have one alarm clock. >> i have two. >> i always wake up before the alarm. >> you're like a super hero. >> no. no. >> you don't drink coffee, you have one alarm clock. >> yeah. >> are they around the room, your alarm clocks? do you have to get up? >> the last one is in the bathroom where i've got to get
9:07 am
up -- but there are one -- two on the side of the bed, no, three. the clock, the two phones, then there's one -- >> two phones? >> on the other side and then there's one in the bathroom. >> isn't that annoying, everyone minute something's going off? >> i've never, knock on wood, missed a show or been late to my knowledge. >> yeah. >> you spend so much time turning on clocks. >> i know. >> i missed one. >> just a puppet for time. here's a little video i'm told, i haven't seen it yet, full disclosure, but i'm told it's going to make you smile. here it is. check out -- his name is lopey. >> okay. >> a 3-year-old gorilla. he was caught on camera dancing at the twacross zoo in london. here's your moment. ♪ ♪ >> hey, now. oh. ♪ ♪
9:08 am
>> for the record -- >> nice steps. >> -- we added the waltz music. >> oh. >> i know, right? i feel like we should show it in its natural state. >> see that without any music. >> just the music in his head. >> he had very interpretive dance. >> falls out of his turns a little bit. >> very nice. >> let's have crisp turns. >> plia. >> kristina taught me that. >> she can move a little bit. >> she's got the moves. >> favorite board game? >> connect 4. is that a board game? >> yes. >> is that a board game? >> kind of a 3-d board game. >> trivial pursuit every time. >> how about you? >> i like scrabble. we used to play full contact scrabble in our house? >> what does that mean? >> you couldn't do anything less than three letters and my mother -- we had an egg timer so you had to be done -- >> aggressive scrabble. >> yes. today is national scrabble day. it's the birthday of the game's creator. scrabble is originally referred
9:09 am
to as the crisscross words game. >> look at that one. >> speaking of board games, hasbro and indy go go have teemed up to make the next big game challenge. submit ideas for a new game at www winner gets $25,000 and the opportunity to work with hasbro to make their game a reality. >> wow. that's a good one. >> trivial pursuit. >> why do you like trivial pursuit? >> tests the mind. get a good group of people, takes an hour or so after dinner, couple drinks hanging out. >> adults? >> want to fire a couple off? >> sure. >> where in london would you go to find a bee feeder? >> in front of buckingham palace. >> went that the best commercial. >> pretty sneaky, sis. >> okay. all right. time to do a little weather. >> go for it. >> take a tile. >> remember when the chips were black and red for this game? >> by the way, this has never happened before. our two producers, kate and
9:10 am
christine, look at the stripes. it's like you're hypnomized. look at that. wow, what are the odds? they're all stripy. all right. so we've been looking at this rain firing up and these heavy thunderstorms from texas all the way into mississippi. and it's going to continue really right through today and on into tomorrow. we've got the next two days possibility of some flooding. we've got the stationary front that goes from texas all the way to florida. it's going to develop heavy storms along the coast, along the gulf and all along this front. so they will continue on into tomorrow. as you can see, right into tomorrow afternoon firing up all the way up into central alabama and georgia. some of the rainfall heavy at times, from new orleans all the way to pensacola, panama city. we're talking 3 to 4 inches of rain meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine across parts of the bay area. live look now at the golden gate
9:11 am
bridge. the sun stays with us with some more clouds mixing in thn afternoon ahead of our next rainmaker. now it is in the mid 50s across the bay, 59 in palo alto, some spots warming up a little bit more. heading up to 69 in sara toga. palo alto 66. 68 today in napa. 67 today in danville.
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a good wednesday morning at 9:26. i'm sam brock. right now the desperate search for a san francisco toddler expanding today. the 2-year-old and her mother reported missing last week. a few days later mick coalnicol was discovered in a san francisco park. fbi has joined the search for the girl who police are calling at risk. friends of the mother, nicole, are planning a vigil later at the park. this morning in antioch, a man in critical condition after side swiping a city council member's vehicle, then slamming his car into cal trans truck. it took firefighters almost an hour and the jaws of law to extract the man from the crash.
9:27 am
the city council member was not injured. just by chance, the mayor of antioch was one of the first people on scene. he called for help, then had to keep the driver calm until paramedics could arrive. today investigators plan on revealing more about a deadly hit and run in san bruno. police say 27-year-old scott glassner was running on skyline boulevard when he was hit. he had autism and he lived nearby at a special needs facility. witnesses say that he was struck by a new dark colored mercedes-benz. we are just getting our wednesday start here. a nice one in store on the weather front. kari has has your forecast after the break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. clouds across the south bay and parts of the peninsula. we see clouds from mountain hamilton in the distance. it is 56 in san francisco, 55 in san jose. 58 in concord. busy day in the east bay from
9:29 am
the a's game happening right at about 12:35 for the first pitch, we'll have some beautiful weather. lot of sunshine but a few clouds mixing in, too. then later on tonight, at oracle arena, at 7:30 we'll be at 60 degrees, breezy with a few clouds and beautiful weather for a warriors win tonight. a look at all of the microclimates, in the mid to upper 60s today, upper 50s along the immediate coastline and up to 69 today in fairfield getting ready for some rain late tonight. getting from that baseball game tonight. thank you very much, kari. we'll be back in just a half-an-hour with more updates. see you then. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better
9:30 am
i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast taking a look at the headlines. fbi paid professional hackers to help crack the phone of one of the san bernardino terrorists. the government paid the hackers a one-time fee to find a software flaw that would let the fbi get into the phone. the agency won't say who found it or how. officials are considering whether to share information about the flaw with apple. people who eat fast food may have more than calories to worry about. a study finds those people are exposed to a greater risk from some of the chemicals used in the packaging. researchers at george washington university found people who eat a lot of fast food are exposed to 40% higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals that have been implicated in conditions relating from asthma to autism. the chemical with leak out of
9:31 am
the packaging and into the food. a new study suggests kids might get better grades if they get 20 minutes of additional sleep a night. the study looked at elementary school students in canada and involves teaching them about the importance of sleep. an extra 20 minutes of sleep led to higher grades in math and english. researchers say sleep needs to be a priority. one way they say to do that, be consistent with the bedtime every night. no negotiating. i'm telling that to myself. help may be on the way for parents flying with young children. an amendment to an faa bill would require parents to sit with their children on flights without paying extra. if parents don't pay for the premium seats, children and parents may end up in seats far apart. it would permit pregnant women to preboard. what's the worst job in the nation? according to career cast, the distinction goes to newspaper
9:32 am
reporters. followed by loggers and broadcasters. guess that's me. they used facts to put together the list, including job environment, income and employment growth. for the best jobs, data scientist tops the list. followed by statistician and information security analyst. al, i'm doomed. >> we have the worst job? i love my job. >> i do, too. i couldn't be a scientist. i respect them but -- >> i do, too. >> wow. maybe get scientists to do our job. theoretically, i should be a scientist but i'm not. looking at wet alreaweather thr the coast. showers through the inner mountain regions. for tomorrow, the sunshine stays here in the northeast. good news is, temperatures start warming up. finally, getting more moderate. especially through the great lakes. the gulf stays wet. we're looking for windy conditions through the southern
9:33 am
plains. that's what's going on around mostly sunny skies across the bay area as we start out this morning. temperatures have been cool, slowly warming up. expect a high of 63 degrees in the east bay, some gusty winds and some sunshine mixing in with those clouds, partly cloudy skies up to 68 in the south bay, rain will be moving in late in the north bay. the rest of the bay area will see that before the morning commute. mostly during the overnight hours and it will be out of here for a mostly dry thursday afternoon. >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> thank you very much, sir. this morning on today food, it's all about breakfast. from the book "america's best breakfast," favorite recipes from coast to coast. >> you say breakfast, and i go, mmm. founder of new york city's wine and food festival is here with some of his favorite a.m. dishes.
9:34 am
two are from our state. good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> i love it's an important meal but it's my favorite meal, based on, i love breakfast. the variety, the sweet, the savory, everything. >> it's interesting. when we were writing "america's best breakfast," traveling the country, we found people are particular. more so about breakfast than any other meal of the day. they know what they want. they know how they want it. there are so many choices at breakfast. >> let's start in texas. this is from taco deli in austin. >> this is a crunchy taco. scrambled eggs, jalapeno peppers, it's from a fried taco shredded and mixed in the egg. >> do we get to eat it? >> everything is good enough to eat. creamy eggs. again, the taco adds a nice bite to it. >> very popular in texas. take us next to -- >> i was born in illinois. this is chicago right here. >> filipino steak with a garlic fried rice, scrambled eggs.
9:35 am
what i love most about this steak, and it's one of my favorite recipes in "america's best breakfast," is the steak is marinated i it really gives it a nice twist. >> really? >> you do not taste it but there's a bite to it and a twist to t. you're wondering what it is. it's 7-up. >> how does one discover marinating in 7-up? >> it could be a mistake. a lot of great recipes happened by mistake. this was a mom and pop restaurant. it's a local, american guy who married a beautiful filipino wife. it's a combination of his local family recipes and filipino. >> that's uncle mike's place in chicago. >> let's move to cleveland, ohio. this is from jack flats. >> this is amazing. >> when writing america's best breakfast, this is one of those recipes that when we tried it we knew we had to get it into the cookbook. who doesn't love a waffle. it's extra crispy because of the little corn starch. it's like eating a smore.
9:36 am
it's creamy nutella and marshmallows. what's great about breakfast you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner. you don't have to feel guilty if you're wearing your bathrobe. >> my theory is you have all day to work it off. >> you can have it for lunch, dinner. >> i had this earlier. >> miami, this is from a food on a roll truck in miami. >> this was the interesting and easiest. everything you eat in one. rather than a taco shell, this is a pancake shell. there's bacon, there's cheese and there's an over easy egg. it's easy to pick up and everything you want for breakfast in one. pick it up, eat it, it couldn't be easier. this food truck in miami is one of the most popular. >> you try it. >> you go there, let me get into this. >> what do we have here? great american classic donut. >> this is my favorite. michael sullivan who owns federal donuts. >> so popular.
9:37 am
>> he's the only chef who has been in all three of my cook books. we couldn't do a breakfast book without one of michael's donuts. they're spongy and out the door. >> i get to philadelphia often. i've never seen the place without a line. >> always a line. >> always a line. >> he shipped them in fresh for us this morning. they are so delicious. michael, if his fried chicken wasn't the best in the world, his donuts certainly are. >> okay. >> portland oregon, imperial. >> that's gorgeous. >> couldn't be simpler and easier to make like all of the recipes. this is a grapefruit seared. sugar, fresh basil. almost like a grapefruit creme brul brulee. >> this is a perfect finish. >> boy, that is so good. >> mmm. >> that's amazing. we have some eating to do. lee, thank you so much. >> yes, best guest ever. >> head to coming up next, a new coming
9:38 am
of age movie from the king of coming of age move veegs. we'll talk to him and the cast of everybody wants some next. >> this grapefruit is amazing. >> man. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay.
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9:42 am
year's "boyhood," five-time award-winning director richard linklater made some of the greatest coming of age films of our time. >> his latest "everybody wants some" follows a college baseball team as they navigate through the freedoms and responsibility of unsupervised adulthood. take a look. >> you should be investing this energy elsewhere. >> well, now you just plain hurt our feelings. do you also hate dads that are athletic, intelligent, sometimes clumsy, or is that just her? >> y'all want to know the truth? >> always. it'll set you free. >> i like the quiet guy in the backseat. in the middle. >> there's nothing here. >> welcome the stars of the movie, blake jenner and wyatt russell, along with director richard linklater. >> thanks for having us. >> you said this was a spiritual sequel to "dazed and confused."
9:43 am
>> i coined a term there, i think. that was my high school movie. this is the college movie. this is like the beginning of college. it's the long weekend where you show up, find out who all your new roommates and, in this case, teammates and best friends are going to be. then there is registration. you know, it leads up to the first day of class. it's a long weekend. the thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. >> you said about "dazed and autobiography in there. same with this? >> i showed up at college and found myself living with 17 other guys in two houses. it was crazy. a lot of fun. we were all on a baseball team, so it was very competitive. great guys. very funny. >> blake, on set, what was this like? i just told willie, acting like bro magedden. like was i supposed to be in this segment? >> broness around here. >> i'm going to brooklyn later.
9:44 am
i feel i'm fitting in. tell me, how was it for you on set? >> first of all, i'm stealing bromagedden. >> i made it up. >> how was it on set? awesome. from start to finish, it was like a big summer camp for adult/bros/actors. it was incredible. >> where was willie when this casting was going on? >> seriously. >> you needed to be there, man. >> at least a set visit. you lived together three weeks before shooting, is that right? >> yeah. >> what was that scene like, wya wyatt? >> it was awesome, a dream come true. it was at a ranch. we lived in a bunk house -- >> got to be best friends. >> was that the stlrategy? >> they had to act like they've been friends for years. >> totally worked. all still best friends, truly, honestly. >> really? >> team effort. >> are you able to document anything for books later that happened in this? >> they may not want to admit
9:45 am
that. >> we're working on our memoir. >> yeah. >> is there a logical next film? you've done the '70s, the '80s. what's next for you? >> the '80s kicks into the '82/'83. kind of the end of the '70s. nothing current. >> wait another 20 years. >> thank you, guys. i felt i was at the party. >> you enjoyed the party. >> i enjoyed it. next time, thank you so much. by the way, "everybody wants something" in theaters now. harder, better, faster, stronger. hey, if there is a bromagedden. see what's after our break. all ladies part of an empowering new competition. isn't this fun, living like the pioneers of olden times? i hate the outside. well, i hate it wherever you are. burn. "burn." is that what the kids are saying now? i'm so bored, i'm dead.
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♪ what doesn't kill you gabrielle reece is a sports goddess. now the host of "strong," a new competition show executive produced by sylvester stallone. >> on the show, ten female competitors look to reach their potential, physically and mentally, with the help of elite trainers. it takes toughness to get strong. >> you made this. you made this monster out of me. i need to know you're going to bring it. if not, i'm either all or nothing. >> snap out of it. you've got to get your head in the game. >> no matter what happens, you change midlife for the better.
9:50 am
i'm never going to stop punching. >> welcome gabby reese and strong competitor. we just had the bromance with willie's friends. it takes a village to the strong. >> the most important question, the shoes. >> these are laser cut. they are made by a small company called nike. >> i've heard. doing great work. >> proof you can be beautiful and strong. >> well, i mean, look everywhere around you. on the streets, there's streets full of women that are beautiful and strong. i think all women, they're getting it done. it takes strength to do that. to work. if you decide to have a family, it takes stren s strength. mem anyo femininity and beauty. >> i tune in, what do i see? >> the amazing thing about the show, people like victoria, there are nine other warriors like this. they're supposedly every day women that said, that's it.
9:51 am
i either want to get back to the north star. or younger women are saying, i don't know that i found my voice yet, and i need to find that. i wanted to find who i am. they didn't say, i want to lose a ton of weight. they say, i want to come and be the best me. >> wow. >> you have three different women here. we're all so different. if i compare myself to either one of you, i'll be always frustrated. if i go, if i could be the best me. but what ends up happening, they couple with the trainer but the trainer isn't only training them and teaching them about food and mental attitude, he's competing alongside her. they are teammates. in these brutal challenges. everyone, as you can see, had huge transformation. >> victoria, your transformation, let's look at your pictures. how many did you lose? >> at this point, it's a little under 50 pounds. >> wow. >> and i gained about 12 pounds of muscle. >> as gabby pointed out, this is not a weight loss challenge. >> right. >> this is about building toughness. how do you feel now? >> i feel good. i feel confident. i feel strong.
9:52 am
i just -- i'm in a better place in my life. i don't know. it's a different feeling than i think i've ever had before. you know? just that confidence and strength. i think it comes from within. that's the message the show is sending. that's the important thing, really. >> i want to toot their horns. you see the clips here, but what these trainees, these women and the men for that matter, had to go through and do, i had to be neutral. this is what you'll be doing. but it was unbelievable, what they did. >> cannot wait to see this. >> my heart is racing. >> congratulations. >> all made the transformation. the important thing is, she said, i gained weight but in muscle. we can't be afraid of that. >> right. >> gabby, victoria, thank you. "strong" premieres tonight, 9:00/8:00 central here on nbc. get pumped up. willie, will you be my trainer? >> you don't want me training you. you're doing okay on your own. >> we'll eat doughnuts. this is "today" on nbc. >> i want the shoes those.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ wake up kathie lee and hoda in our instagram booth. >> it's like my barbie dream house when i was a kid. >> right, with wine? >> with the barbie dolls. >> what's oversized, the size of part of my body. anyway, kevin costner is with us. >> we have proof. see? >> he fit in, too. >> kevin costner fits, too. also, clown makeup. it's color correcting. looks like clown makeup to begin with. >> mush it and suddenly, it's gorgeous. you go, how did they do that? >> you the download it. >> do i know how to download? >> yeah. also, lilliana's birthday. >> should we try to fit in with you or no? >> get in outcue: 80s by sunday
9:56 am
trt: :50 after a cool start this morning, expect a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. up to 65 degrees in the peninsula and the south bay, 68 degrees with partly cloudy skies, gusty winds coming in from the west at 15 to 20 miles an hour.
9:57 am
also some clouds mixing in san francisco, 62 degrees, rain moves in late through the north bay. after seeing a high of 67 degrees. so the area of low pressure farther off to the north will roll in here first. then will bring in the scattered showers starting off early thursday morning. in time for the weekend, high pressure builds in, allows our temperatures to warm up into the upper 60s to low 70s. even some mid 80s for parts of the north bay and for our inland areas as well as the valleys we'll have highs reaching into the mid to upper 80s by sunday. ==half== a victory for sexual assault survivors. thank very much. happening right now, a victory for sexual assault survivors. a new state bill could change the statute of limitations for rape prosecutions. this debate started after dozens of women accused bill cosby of sexual accuse that happened decades ago allegedly. that story trending on our facebook page. a look into our nation's
9:58 am
largest death row at san quentin. with california's lethal injection protocol in limbo, we go behind the gates as inmates await their fate. in the meantime, more news and weather in just a half-hour. for now, back to the "today" show.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with ckathie le gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. it is a wines day wednesday, hump day. april 13th. this is by one of our new faves. we got a really good show for you today, including academy award winner kevin costner. >> what? >> yeah. he's got a new movie called "criminal," unlike anything you've ever seen from him before. he's excellent. >> he did a great job. > this is cool. we have a beauty expert here to


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