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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i'm sam brock. the road to the arenas is lined in sunshine today. >> want to check the forecast now with kari. >> another day where it feels like summertime as our temperature soars to the 80s, some low 90s for inland areas. the nice cool start. check out the north bay. 48 there. 56 in the south bay with the highs today up to 88. we may test a new record in spots. light wind blowing offshore and hot again in the north bay. up to 89. i'll show you a big cooldown on the way starting tomorrow. >> things are heating up trafficwise. haywood shows a little build. 680 starts to build.
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that is clearing to the shoulder without much of a problem. 580, still very slow. southbound 680 stone valley road. we have a crash blocking one lane. that's causing early slow through alamo. we are tracking that along the interchange. a beautiful view. back to you. a developing story out of ecuador where the death toll from this weekend's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake expected to rise considerably. so far more than 270 people have been confirmed killed. thousands of rescuers are scouring through the debris with the hopes of finding any survivors. more than 2,000 others are injured. a vallejo man stuck in the quake zone describes the moment of chaos. >> it started and then there was a big boom. then the lights went out and
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everybody ran out of the restaurant. people running out on the streets. the place where we are went completely dark. >> bill freeman says his hotel in san clement suffered major damage. he is trying to find a way back home a group of high school students and teachers from redwood high school. 22 students and teachers were on an environmental leader shp trip. they are all safe and in panama city. they could arrive in the bay area as early as this afternoon. a huge case is coming before the supreme court today. it could determine whether millions of undocumented immigrants could stay in the u.s. without fear of being deported. it would put up to 4 million immigrants on the back burner for deportation. the administration says it's a delay, not amnesty. 26 states led by texas argue that congress' job and the plan would cost them millions.
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we spoke with two children whose mother is an undocumented immigrant. >> lots of people, including our family, we are scared we are going to get separated. >> my parents just had a baby. they don't want to leave and leave us alone. >> the children also say they are hoping the president's plan will finally go into effect and they can stop worrying about their family being pulled away. a decision is not expected until june. tracie potts will join us live from washington, d.c. in about an hour to try to break down the case for us. vallejo mourning the loss of two young men this morning. five boys in total were swept out to sea by a large wave at san francisco's ocean beach on saturday. rescuers were able to pull three of them out successfully. family members tell us that one of the teens swept aways with 16-year-old many a junior at vallejo high school. >> a suspected car thief will be
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in federal court for a different case. he is facing drugs and firearms charges. they found a gun and methamphetamine in his home during a cyber crime investigation last month. you may recall this video showing deputies beating him after a high-speed chase last fall. he is suing the department for use of excessive force. a hot weekend meant a busy one for san jose firefighters. check out these flames that broke out yesterday afternoon. the fire was sparked in an area that used to be a homeless camp. they were being extra cautious to make sure embers didn't spread. >> the fuels are starting to dry out. there's a lot of dead fuel from last year. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> 6:04. a double header from bay area sports fans. a live look at oracle and the
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s.a.p. center. both places about to be overrun with a lot of fans. >> robert redell joining us live from inside. a big question is the question mark hanging over the warriors. will steph curry play? judgment right now, he's questionable. missed practice there on sunday yesterday at the oracle arena. we are in the shark tank here in san jose at the sap center where you see they have 17,500 seats decked out with shirts fans will receive tonight. they've gone retro to honor the 25th anniversary of the san jose sharks as they compete against the kings on the ice at 7:30. if you're coming out here, there will be a fan street rally outside the sap center from 5:00
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to 7:00. there will be food trucks. you're encouraged to arrive early. doors open at 6:00. sharks preparing to battle the los angeles kings. sharks lead 2-0 having beaten the kings thursday and saturday on kings' ice. they are back to los angeles for game five if necessary. warriors creamed the rockets in game çone. steph curry only played 20 minutes because of a sprained ankle. he is questionable for tonight's game. >> we whose our go-to guy in the mvp. there will be tweaks and changes we need to make. thankfully we've done this
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against houston and we played without steph and played well. we are capable of doing that. >> tipoff for warriors. they are back thursday and sunday at houston and back here at the oracle arena. >> we have the extra shirt. we've got the playoff shirts. >> the other team now in the play-offs. making a splash wherever he goes. it's no different at the white house. >> curry is the co-star in the new white house promotional video highlighting the importance of mentors. >> you don't need this here. take that out.
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incredible dancer? i don't know if people are going to believe you. let's see. sure you want to do that? >> set me up. >> all right. first time i saw the white house was in 1984. i just graduated from college. i was working as a community organizer. you've got to have your elbow in a little bit. release. make sure it's on your fingertips. >> what if i shoot lefty? >> you can try that. >> it's like the sun he never had. >> maybe that's a really good observation. i think the president has a little bit of a man crush on steph curry. >> curry probably has one on him, too. >> building a resume, building other life activities with potus. the program is designed to address the opportunity gaps boys and young men of color face. >> to mentor young people. >> every time you watch that thing you catch something
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different. he has the mouth guard hanging out of his face. >> 6:08. want to check in with meteorologist kari hall. coming off a warm weekend. >> it was a beach weekend. very hot temperatures out there. we'll have the same thing today. near record heat again. our lunchtime temperatures will be in the low 70s in san francisco. reaching in the lower 80s this afternoon. upper 80s for inland areas. mike has been tracking a few problems now happening in the tri-valley. >> we are going to get a look at the bay. overall things are looking good. crossing the bridges. over here we have the slowing out of pleasanton. no major issues there. the bay bridge toll plaza has the build. over here, 680 south bound slows toward stone valley road. just a little bit of slowing.
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a lot of slowing and we hear the slow lane is blocked for that crash scene. southbound 101. the live camera there. traffic starts to build over the last five minutes. it starts to change as far as the amount of traffic coming through. slowing novato towards the 580 split. coming up, a big day for yahoo as the future is up in the air. plus -- >> oh, my god! >> up close and personal with a whale. the amazing story that one paddle boarder has to tell.
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5:13, the makers of oculus are down playing risk to user privacy. minnesota senator al franken demanding the owners' facebook reveal more information how information is gathered. one executive is working to address those concerns. a formal response is due next
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month. >> more silicon valley news and future for yahoo could become clearer. companies hoping to buy the tech company are putting in their kids. nearly 40 companies are vying to buy a piece or all of yahoo. it is 6:14. the embattled of a ceo bay area blood testing company is speaking out this morning. elizabeth holmes is the founder of theranos which has been a rising star for making blood tests more convenient and less expensive. now the accuracy of those tests coming under fire from the federal government. holmes appears this morning on nbc "today" show with maria shriver. >> i feel devastated that we did not catch and fix these issues
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faster. >> a big blunder in buffalo is leaving college hopefuls upset. >> an e-mail sent friday to 5,000 high school students said they had been accepted to state university at new york and buffalo. turns out someone accidentally sent acceptance letters to students just being considered. a second e-mail went out acknowledging the mix-up. the college told each applicant they still have a chance getting in. >> that is a tough one. a developing story out of texas where flash flood warnings are in effect because of this. heavy rain pounding the houston area with as much as 16 inches falling in just a matter of six hours. and more rain expected throughout the day. dozens of water rescues have been carried out there. here is the scene in colorado this morning as people there are trying to dig out from several
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feet of fresh snow. some areas southwest of denver saw 50 inches of snow. it shut down major highways and forced denver international airport to cancel nearly 70% of its flights. >> a different story here in california. >> while we are chilling out on the beach or water, a breathtaking moment off the california coast. >> a paddle boarder came face-to-face with a whale. cameras were actually rolling. >> oh, my god! >> you can see the lone paddle boarder moving along when a whale breaches up out of the water a few feet away. a woman was shooting the sights from a pier in oceanside when she caught that moment. the paddle boarder never lost his balance. >> what a tale to tell, right?
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>> we want nothing to do with that. we want to hear tales how nice our weather will be. >> a lot of people were headed to the beach this weekend. >> yes. i was at ocean beach and it was packed with many people lined up along the coast. that is what we will see again today. even if you don't have off work. maybe later this evening, you'll be able to head to area beaches and take advantage of this little warm-up. we start out this morning, a live look from mount hamilton. a clear blue start to the morning. temperatures that are right in the mid 50s. south bay 56. 48 now in the north bay. let's drop in on san francisco to get a closer look where we do see upper 50s twin paex 60. many in the east bay 50. heading into the 80s today. check out gilroy.
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san mat yoe, 85 and 08 in the tenderloin seven-day forecast. you'll see our temperatures will be cooling down from here. we are up to 83 in nappa and pleasanton. 87. we may be setting new records today in oakland. in san jose the record was set in 1950. we are expecting our forecast to be above record highs. other spots will be very close. we may not see records set there. near record highs across the bay area. there will be something to cool us off. you see that swirl of clouds out there in the pacific? this is a weak area of low pressure. as that moves in tomorrow, brings in more clouds, our onshore flow returns. the rest of the week will be mostly dry. then we'll see the rain rolling all across the bay area shown by the green. that shows that the radar may be giving us a pretty good amount
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of rain for friday afternoon into the evening. our temperatures coming down once again. this quick surge of summer heat does not last. 86 in the north bay. tomorrow at 72. average is 69. dipping below average the rest of the week. we can turn the air conditioners off after today. also this weekend. a chance of showers in the forecast on friday. by saturday and sunday, that rain gets out of here. we keep those nice, comfortable temperatures with highs in the mid to upper 60s. mostly sunny skies for the rest of the weekend. let's check in with mike giving us an update on what's happening with something in the east bay now. >> that's right. we have a few slow spots. hayward. most of the bay, not a major problem. hayward and the tri-valley. tri-valley holding steady. crash cleared past the dublin interchange. from 238, maybe farther north.
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there is at least one vehicle that has to be cleared from lanes. sounds like a disabled vehicle or stallout. we are tracking that little extra slow coming into hayward out of that area slowing toward the san mateo toll plaza. the back-up toward the toll plaza just starts. coming up next, a drone and passenger plane colliding. the drone actually getting that aircraft, greeting it on the runway as it gets ready to land in heathrow. coming up on "today," the desperate search for survivors following the powerful earthquake in ecuador. the presidential candidates making a final push ahead of tomorrow's key primary here in new york. complete coverage including a
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live interview with bernie sanders. game of crowns. a new look at the royals and theirer in rivalries. we'll talk to the author. when consultant josh atkins books at
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santa clara county will reportedly soon become the first in the nation to set ground rules of law enforcement use of technology. two years ago county leaders started working on sweeping rules and considered greater scrutiny for cell phone tracking and online surveillance. the sheriff's department and district attorney taking an active role shaping these plans. defense secretary ash carter is in baghdad. the u.s. is ramping up efforts to retake the northern city of mosul. it's likely more u.s. troops will soon be moving into the war zone. president obama visits saudi arabia later this week to meet with gulf leaders. a disturbing report how the pentagon sandles sexualç assau cases. associated press investigation finding the pentagon misled
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congress with inaccurate information. that information made it appear local district attorneys and police forces failed to act against u.s. service members who were prosecuted in military courts for sex crimes. the pentagon defended the accuracy of that information. the ship elfaro disappeared during hurricane joaquin. the freighter was heading from jacksonville, florida, to puerto rico. the wreckage was found but the mast where the data recorder was attached is still missing. if found, it should contain the captain's final transmission. drones continue to be a disturbance in the sky. police in london say a drone hit an airplane. >> the british airways flight was landing safely but the pilot reported a drone-looking object hit the front of the plane as it approached the runway. london police say that this may be the first time a drone has
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actually struck a plane in the u.k. no arrests have been made. flying a drone near an airport can be punished with up to five years in prison. it is 6:26. a man beaten with a baseball bat. the search for the berkeley woman police say is responsible. >> controversial case heading to the supreme court. the president's executive order on immigration and whether or not it is constitutional. how this might impact the outcomes of millions of immigrants living in the u.s. right now.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. hope you had a great weekend. it was a warm one. >> yesterday the beaches were packed. i think today will be pretty much the same story. more warm temperatures as we get a live look in ocean beach. nice and quiet. once again, things will be heating up. near record highs after a cool morning. here is a look at lunchtime temperatures in the peninsula. 76. east bay 77. it continues to go up from there reaching to the upper 80s for many inland areas. san francisco up to 81.
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89 in the north bay. a big cooldown on the way for tomorrow and the rest of the week. i'll detail in a few minutes. mike has an update on the drive through hayward. >> watching reports of a stalled or disabled vehicle on the freeway itself. give you a look at the bay overall. nothing unexpected. the concern with southbound 880 as you travel from marina boulevard. i want to show you the south bay also. we saw blips on the speed sensor. the build from story road. 6:30 right now. happening today, it is bound to be a landmark case. the supreme court taking on immigration today. >> at issue specifically, the president's executive order. the court's decision could determine whether millions of undocumented immigrants can stay in the u.s. without fear of
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being deported. tracie potts joins us live from washington, d.c. with a full breakdown of this case. good morning. >> good morning. it's a long time coming. it was a year and half ago when president obama first said he wanted to prevent as many as 4 million people from being deported immediately. now this has been stuck in the courts. people are already camped outsued the u.s. supreme court this morning for today's immigration arguments. >> i do feel responsibility to take it upon myself to stand up for them. >> she is a dreamer brought here illegally as a child. her mother is undocumented. under president obama's plan both could stay and work legally. giovanni came to the u.s. alone at age 15. >> we have learned to live with fear. it's horrible. horrible because we have dreams.
6:32 am
we know we can contribute to the community and the country. >> the president's plan would put up to 4 million immigrants on the back burner for deportation. the administration says it's a tla, not amnesty. 26 states led by texas argue congress' job and the plan would cost them millions just to issue driver's licensees. >> suddenly we had new costs no one voted on. one person in washington made the addition. we think that is fundamentally wrong. >> the court is evenly split, four liberals and four conservatives. >> it would not look good on the court. >> a decision is expected by june. by the end of june which is the end of the court's term. often these cases don't come till the end. they have to decide if texas has the legal right to bring this challenge. if they decide these states don't have standings, they could
6:33 am
bounce this case without ever really dealing with the substantive issue whether these immigration orders are constitutional. >> thanks so much. four south bay teenagers are in washington, d.c. for the hearing. they hope to be inside the supreme court as justices decide the fate of their parents. we spoke with two san jose children whose mother is an undocumented immigrant. >> lots of people, including our family, we are scared we are going to get separated. >> my parents just had a baby. they don't want to leave and leave us alone. >> the children are hoping the president's plan can finally go into effect and they can stop worries about their family being pulled away. >> new details on the shotting death of a homeless man by san francisco police officers earlier this month. the officer names are released. sergeant nate stiger and officer michael ma lone shot and killed luis gongora after he charged
6:34 am
them with a knife. some witnesses say he was not holding a knife at the time. >> a brazen attack in berkeley. the fight broke out in downtown berkeley about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a woman hit a man in the head with a bat then fled. investigators are now looking for her. she sped away with a black chrysler sebring. the injuries are not considered life-threatening. a deadly shooting in san jose over the weekend which marks the city's 12th homicide of the year. it happened saturday night near story road. the suspects walked up to that victim and shot him. the suspect fled in a car. our cameras were back at the scene the following day, as officers continue their investigation. so far they have not reased a vehicle description. a driver who hit and killed a man on the side of a freeway tells police he fell asleep at the wheel. crash happened yesterday on 101
6:35 am
in san jose. the man hit was having a problem with his van, pulled over to check it out. that's when he was hit by another driver. the victim has been identified as 60-year-old man from daly city. it's too early to tell if the driver who struck the man will face charges. a north bay driver facing serious charges after a deadly crash that claimed the life of his passenger. chp says the driver lost control and struck a light post. it happened as the truck was exiting northbound 101 at the lakewood drive exit over the weekend. the passenger was pinned in the vehicle and eventually died. the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and vehicular manslaughter. a destructive fire in the south bay, more than 100 people displaced after a fire in sunnyvale was allowed to make its way into apartments yesterday.
6:36 am
flames tore through the twin pins minor apartments, trapping several people on their balconies. the 81-unit complex had been declared uninhabitable. the sunnyvale senior center has been urn turned into a make-shift shelter. >> about 15 to 20 minutes. it's safe but not ideal conditions. we are escorting them to apartments, allowing them to get essentials. >> the cause of that fire remains under investigation. at least two units destroyed. the rest all have some damage. 6:36. tonight leaders on the peninsula will weigh in to give a last-ditch effort to save an ice skating rink. it has been closed since 2013. developers have been trying to replace it with a retail and
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shopping center. tonight a group trying to save the rink plan to talk to city leaders. belmont iceland is expected to close later this month. plenty of action on the sap rink. a double header for bay area sports fans. it's going down tonight. a live look at oracle and the sap center. both warriors and sharks back in action at home in their quest for a championship. >> bob redell live inside. sharks looking to take a commanding three lead over the kings. >> they are 2-0 right now in the western conference quarter finals. keep in mind sharks tend to do better on the road. they have a better record on the road than here on the home ice. if you like hockey, you've got the stanley cup play-offs taking place here at the sap center tonight. if you like basketball head up to the oracle arena where you'll
6:38 am
have the nba play-offs. they go against the rockets in game two. the warriors blasted the rockets saturday. that was with the team's mvp out forethan half the gay. steph curry was only able to play 20 minutes. he didn't practice yesterday. steve kerr hasn't said whether curry will play tonight. >> changes things. we don't seem to be as good of a coaching staff when steph goes out. i don't know why. we've got a lot of guys who can play. steph missed three or four games this year. we did fine. obviously, we've got to find different ways to score. we'll prepare for that and see what happens. >> as we mentioned, san jose sharks back here at the sap
6:39 am
center for game three of the western conference quarter finals which they lead 2-0. they play 7:30 tonight and wednesday night. game five back in los angeles. if you are coming to the san jose sharks game tonight, outside we'll have a street rally from fans. that's 5:00 to 7:00. you are encouraged to come here early. doors open at 7:00. because of security and whatnot. everyone gets one of these shirts here. they've gone retro to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the san jose sharks. every fan will walk out with this lovely black and teal. live at the sap center, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> go sharks. >> it will be a sea of teal sharks out there welcoming the team back. our team's right now red hot. both of them. that's a theme, red hot. remember that. >> because of temperatures.
6:40 am
very red hot over the weekend. another day, a warm one. >> yes. if you are heading to the sap center today and going out there to enjoy the festivities, we will have very warm temperatures. by 9:0065 degrees. we have a cool start to the day. 7:00 in san francisco and 48 now in the north bay. look at these highs again this afternoon into the upper 80s. there may be a few spots hitting the low 90s today. up to 81 today in san francisco. our temperatures come back down for the rest of the week. let's get an update on that alamo crash. >> remember the alamo? we'll remind you. we have the rest of the day first. we'll move over here.
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easing up. that is your on ramp. earlier crash west 80. hasn't been a major issue. same thing as you're traveling and building by golden gate field. we'll show you a live camera. although the lights have been turned off because the sun is coming up nicely, you see cars backing up filling in the toll plaza itself. >> traffic guy sees the beauty in the hoods of cars. hundreds are dead. this is tragic. the numbers still rising. new information just coming into our newsroom out of ecuador as bay area survivors of the earthquake are now detailing those terrifying moments. a quick look at the big board. oil surprises have slid.
6:42 am
it could be affecting the broader markets. we watch the dow jones in early trading right now flat. down eight points to start.
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6:44. the death toll in ecuador from this weekend's powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake has gone up. as of this morning, 350 people are confirmed dead. many more are missing. more than 2,000 people are hurt and nearly 400 buildings have been destroyed. right now, more than 1200 red
6:45 am
cross volunteers are in ecuador rendering first aid and helping in the search for survivors. in the midst of all that destruction, there are still glimmers of hope like this woman pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building. she was shopping in the store when a roof fell on top of her. firefighters managed to rescue a 7-year-old girl found inside a haute 0 he'll trapped. a group of bay area students and vallejo man were in ecuador at the time of the quake. they are okay and trying to come back home. >> we await their arrival. obviously stories to tell. good morning. >> many stories to tell. good morning. these students were at an environmental leadership trip when the quake struck. they were not expected to be stuck in that earthquake. 22 students and two teachers.
6:46 am
tourists from the bay area are stranded. they are now devastated by the quake. the quake hit the popular coastal city. two were having dinner south of the epicenter when the ground started shaking. >> it started and then there was a big boom and then the lights went out and everybody ran out of the restaurant. people running out on the streets. the place where we are in san clement went completely dark. >> when he returned to the hotel, there were huge cracks in the walls. the damage was so bad, he had to leave while the ground kept shaking with aftershocks all night long. he walked around and saw many buildings leveled and people in a panic. they were packing up cars to try to leave town. he is hoping to fly back home even though the local airport was out of electricity as of
6:47 am
last night. the students made it safely to panama. they hope to make it back to san francisco national airport. very lucky to be well and alive. >> 6:47. japan trying to recover from two deadly earthquakes there. u.s. military forces have started to assist in relief efforts. at least 42 people now confirmed dead from the twin quakes on the island of kyushi. rescuers now fear heavy rain forecast for that area will make that land more unstable. >> a very active week there for earthquakes around the world. here at home, we had a very
6:48 am
nice, very relaxing weekend. it was warm. >> it was a hot one. stay indoors where it was cooler or find shade out there. >> find some shade. nice and cool, windows open. 56 in the south bay. as we get a close look at the north bay, we have 48 degrees in santa rosea. 47 in nappa. a lot of sports going on today. at&t park, diamondback versus the giants. 70 at first pitch. nice and comfortable, cool by the end of the game as the sea breeze kicks in. it will be breezy, nice and
6:49 am
cool. another warm day, reaching near record highs today in the south bay. los gatos up to 87. pallo atto 83. nappa at 83 today. livermore will be up to 85. this will bring about changes in our forecast tomorrow. this swirl of clouds. this will move in by tomorrow afternoon and bring an increase in cloud cover. we'll have the return of the ocean breeze that will bring back our temperatures, at least 10 or 15 degrees. here we are on friday with rain moving in. moves out saturday to give us a clear weekend. here is a look at that temperature trend for san jose. 88 today. tomorrow drops back to 75.
6:50 am
cooler than average thursday and friday. rain on friday and then the rest of the weekend. it clears out with high temperatures in the mid 60s, mostly sunny skies but about 20 degrees cooler than what we had this past weekend. let's check in with mike. >> happy to hear about 20 degrees cooler. it was hot in the city. not so bad around the bay with traffic flow. we'll zoom over toward hayward. everything is slowly spreading down in toward union city and fremont. we'll live you the live shots.
6:51 am
the high rise on the peninsula side looking good. look at san jose for 101. northbound 101 is your pattern here. it's a slow drive around capital expressway. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:51. hoverboards keep catching fire. later incident this month in daly city. no one was hurt. it's the fourth hoverboard to catch fire this year in the bay area alone. in jn, you may recall this after a hoverboard exploded inside a petaluma home. another hoverboard caught fire and burned a house. most fires start while the hoverboards are being charged.
6:52 am
>> ted cruz' campaign says if trump cannot get the needed delegates, it's everyone's game. >> football teams don't get to get if the red zone and demand a touchdown and cry about it when you don't give them one. that's what we are dealing with with the trump campaign. >> bernie sanders supporters are protesting the large amount of cash actor george clooney and his wife helped raise for hillary clinton. the actor defending his involvement against protesters. >> he said i was some corporate shell, which if you know me, that's one of the funnier things you could say about me. then he just said, you sucked at batman. i was like, well, you got me on that one. then i walked away. that was basically it. >> new york election leaders say tomorrow's primary is expected to bring out a high number of new york voters. 6:52. the bay area community mourn the loss of two young men pulled into the ocean.
6:53 am
stephanie chuang live in san francisco where hundreds gathered to commemorate the 110 anniversary of the 1906 quake and fire why. this fire hydrant was celebrated. happening right now, last-minute procrastinators, today uncle sam is calling. it's tax day. there are some ways to soften the blow. look for that link at the top of our homepage. ==rvl== and a star-studded apology .. from actor johnny depp and his wife amber heard. an austrailian court has decided they will not go to jail for illegally bringing two dogs into that country. you can link to their videotaped apology in our entertainment headlines. =open omni!!=
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==laura/2shot== welcome back: before you head out the door - here are the top stories on nbc ay welcome back. 6:56. before you head out the door, here are some of the top stories. >> let's get straight to stephanie chuang. the city is marking the 110th anniversary of the 1906 quake. developments in ecuador and japan. >> absolutely. good morning to you. the victims, hundreds of them in
6:57 am
ecuador and japan are a big focus here as family survivors shared their stories. the even ul painting of this fire hydrant was wrapping up. it was a fire that ripped through the city and estimated 5,000 people killed. earlier we were at the fountain where since 1919 there's been a ceremony honoring the victims. this year no survivors to share their stories. the last known survivor passed away this year at 109. we did speak with his niece and great grandniece. they miss him. first timers said they had never been a part of this but knew this was the year to change that. >> my great grandmother was in this earthquake. she was 6 years old.
6:58 am
she remembers being woken up suddenly and was always told stories about being in the tent cities. >> back here live we are talking from one tradition to the next happening until 10:00 this morning. very popular spot here. there is a survivor breakfast going on, a celebration. of the resilience of this city. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> vallejo mourning the loss of two well-liked young men this morning. they were part of five boys swept out to sea by a large wave at san francisco's ocean beach saturday. rescuers able to pull three of the boys out. the other two are presumed drowned. family members tell us one of those teens swept away was 16-year-old wayne osso, a junior. the other teen has not yet been
6:59 am
identified. there were concerns of proety sharp waves out there. >> we did, especially thursday and friday. it started to slopely tap slowl for the weekend. saw a couple of sneaker waves creep up on the beach. that is a concern as well as rip currents. we look at these temperatures. it will feel like summertime. that will be a popular destination. up to 89 in the north bay. >> looking at the records. how hot is your commute? >> it's pretty cool. >> as cool as you? >> well, you know, that's not too hard to beat. patterns are typical. we don't have a lot of problems. no drama. we'll look over toward the south bay. do you see a circle in the middle. that's the biggest deal. the commute not a problem, but we have the sharks playing tonight. we have pregame festivities outside the arena.
7:00 am
and we have oakland and giants playing today. up go bay area. the death toll from that massive earthquake in ecuador climbs to at least 350 people. and it's expected to go even higher. but signs of hope, survivors pulled from the rubble alive, including this little girl. we're live in quito. historic deluge. three inches of rain an hour falling around houston. roads washed out, schools closed. the downpour not ending any time soon. al's on it. theirs to lose. a new poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton holding on to double-digit leads heading into tomorrow's all-important new york primary. trump already setting his sights


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