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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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what's the latest? >> reporter: raj, we're learning that that patient came to headquarters and said the doctor had touched her inappropriately during a massage. the doctor had no interest in addressing those allegations. >> if you've been in an accident or having pain, you already know you should see dr. moon. >> he's very public in commercials. all over facebook and on yelp with several positive reviews. >> i'm looking for dr. moon. >> dr. moon stayed behind the door of his clayton home this afternoon. >> definitely surprised. >> reporter: on friday, we were there exclusively as the popular chiropractor was arrested outside his concord office. he's facing sexual battery charges. >> dr. moon held the gown down and touched her breast. >> reporter: authorities say a long-time female patient went in to his office for a deep tissue massage, a treatment he
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suggested on a previous visit. instead, on march 9th detectives say he groped her. >> he touched her buttocks and body. at one point he told her to turn around to massage the front of her body. >> reporter: after the incident, the woman reported it made her uncomfortable. >> we're with another patient or out of the office. >> reporter: no one picked up the phone or answered the door at his office to address the allegations against the well-known chiropractor is more than 30 years of experience. >> very well-known. i take my kids -- >> it doesn't matter where you work. >> reporter: moon has been released from jail after posting a $50,000 bail. he'll face a judge within the coming weeks. reporting live from concord tonight, emily kirchner, nbc bay area news. one person is dead after being hit by a vta train. you can expect service to remain disrupted for hours. want to show you the view from our chopper. this is about an hour ago. the train hit the pedestrian at
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the intersection in east san jose. happened at 3:00 this afternoon. light rail is not running in the area because of the investigation. but there is a bus bridge for people who need to travel between the mckee road and the creek station. a follow-up on an amber alert we told you about last week. they tell us that they've made an arrest. this man, carmen maldonado is responsible for kidnapping a 2-year-old boy in soledad last thursday. the little boy was inside his dad's car when it was stolen in front of the family's home. south of salinas. the car and jacob was found more than seven hours later in a rural area called gonzalez. the heat is on. but the rain, believe it or not, might be coming. meteorologist rob mayeda is with us. let's start with the record breaking heat. >> in many cases, smashing records. in the case of the south bay, the old record was 86.
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91 to the. move et field, braking the record of 83. san francisco tying a record. richmond and oakland the low 80s. average highs should be in the upper 60s to near 70. many places 15 to 20 degrees above average and still mid-80s south of downtown san jose right now. i can show you downtown. it's 79 degrees. so the breeze is starting to pick up. 79 in dublin. interior locations towards antioch and brentwood, in the upper 80s still. san francisco, 75 degrees and yes, 60s and 70s now as the sea breeze finally starts to build. this is part of two weather systems we're watching. the first one will bring some cooling and a few clouds. the one behind it, though, will bring rain chances up for the second half of the week. we'll let you know how much rain we're expecting and if it may impact the weekend ahead in the full forecast a few minutes from now. raj? >> rob, we'll see you shortly. the hotspot today, san jose, which is also the cold spot. the shark tank, not just the
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warriors, the sharks hosting a playoff game tonight against the rival l.a. kings. let's go down to the ice level or street level. nbc bay area's robert handa is there. this is a california problem. how do we keep the ice from melting during the playoffs? >> reporter: i think they've solved it. the fans are having a lot of fun even though it is and has been hot here in san jose all day. as fans and players in l.a. know, the heat can soften up a rink even indoors. but the sharks are prepared. >> the san jose sharks are planning a chilly reception for the l.a. kings in more ways than one when the teams take the ice tonight. fans plan to help. >> i'm sure the fans are going to give l.a. the cold shoulder. we'll be fine. >> reporter: the sharks jumped out to a 2-0 lead in los angeles despite concerns the southern california heat wave was affecting the rink's ice conditions. >> we got to take all that stuff. and just stick to our game plan and what's helped us win the
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first two games. >> reporter: the sharks say hot, humid weather such as today's, is a concern. last month, the team installed these huge dee humidification systems in the arena to keep the ice in top condition for the playoff months. officials showed us how the systems keep the arena from getting too moist by reducing humidity throughout the day. also, fans and players will undoubtedly feel another change. >> we also have lowered the temperature in the building. if you're feeling chilly right now, there's a reason for that. it is a bit cooler to nan tan the ice quality. >> want to keep that home ice advantage. >> and a cool ice advantage. >> fair to say, they keep their ice colder than l.a.? >> i think so. i don't know if there's extra wind blowing or what. whatever it is, it's working. >> reporter: the systems will certainly be working throughout this evening. since it's still pretty warm out here. hopefully it gives the bay area team an edge. they hope to keep the systems
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running until june. robert handa, nbc bay area dmus. the warriors issue is a tender ankle for steph curry. warriors tip off against the rockets in 90 minutes. we hear there's good news. >> let's see. nbc bay area's colin that resch is courtside. about now, he does his pregame routine usually. what's the word? >> reporter: he just came on to the court. the question going into the night, will he or won't he play, that is? he tweaked his ankle in the second quarter of game one. i'm going to step out of the way so you can get a look at steph out there right now. he tried to go, remember, in the third quarter, but it was brief. it kind of shortened his game in game one. unable to participate yesterday in shoot around and this morning. head coach spoke to the media and said he'll warm up and then we'll talk to the training staff. if he's not right, he will not play. that's according to head coach
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steve kerr. clay thompson asked what steph's possible absence would mean to the team? >> obviously, 30 points adds up, a lot of buckets. you just got to do it in a more meticulous way, moving the ball, being patient. without steph alive, we don't have a lot of looks in transition he gives us. we got to do it even more as a team now. >> with steph not on the floor, it's a completely different game. we all have to use each other. not one person is going to make up that 30. we got to all do it collectively. have to make sure everybody is ready. >> reporter: so here again, live at oracle arena. steph curry warming up right now. we still don't know if that means he's going to play tonight. if he will start. hopefully we have an answer for you guys in our sports wrap around 6:55 when the assistant
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general manager joins me live. until then, live at oracle arena, colin resch. >> at least he's warming up. game-time decision. thank you, colin. >> i'm ready for it. a significant mark for wall street. stocks hit new highs for the year. the 106 point gain sent the dow above the mark for the first time since july. the promising health care startup under federal investigation tonight. it's being investigated by the securities and exchange commission. the ceo, elizabeth holmes, gives us her side of the story. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here with a revealing interview. >> jessica, there was so much promise. they worked with walgreens to spread out in-store blood tests. it was valued at $9 billion. but things crumbled. holmes appeared on the "today"
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show today to respond. >> she hosted the vice president in her lab, a national national magazine called her the next steve jobs. founder and ceo of blood testing startup theranos wants to change health care by changing the way we get tested. >> affordable. that's mean it's transparent in terms of pricing. it's available to people as a basic right early. before they're sick. >> recently the centers for medicare and medicaid services found what it calls critical violations inside of theranos lab, including failure to properly hire and train qualified staff to run the blood testing machines and allowing unlicensed workers to review patient test rults results. >> i feel devastated that we did not catch and fix these issues
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faster. >> in fact, in a follow-up letter, cms called the fixes, "insufficien "insufficient" and threatened to shut down her lab and ban her from the industry for two years. >> i'm the founder and ceo of this company. anything that happens in this company is my responsibility. >> nbc news reached out to both walgreens and cms. each declined to comment today. we will continue to follow this story. jessica, back to you. >> fascinating interview. thank you, scott. 75 feet in the air. the daring rescue of some hikers who got stranded on a cliff in marin county. i'm michelle roberts in richmond where police are trying to make contact with a woman seen in a facebook video apparently leaving a child unattended in a car. coming up, see that video and the latest on the investigation. the former head of the police officers' association ramps up hostilities between some members of the police department and the d.a.'s
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francisco's police officers' association is calling out the the bad blood is escalating. the former head of the police officers association is calling out the district attorney. charges of racism. nbc bay area's mark matthews is at the d.a.'s office in san francisco. mark, serious charges stemming
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from a video deposition. what does it show? >> reporter: we're talking about the police officers association former chief, gary dellagnes. who is accusing george gascon of making racist remarks at a dinner in 2010. >> in the video filed with the blue ribbon panel, they say george gascon was intoxicated that night. >> i think he had too much to drink and he started to open up about certain things and it was a little bit surprising at some of the things he said. >> gary delagnes said he was talking about his days on the police force and officers that got him in trouble while providing security for a rap artist. >> he was talking about drug dealers in east l.a. >> i remember the phrase [ bleep ] mexicans. >> the statement was filed with the committee investigating. systemic bias within the san
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francisco police department. an investigation started by gascon after the discovery that more than a dozen police officers were exchanging racist and homophobic texts on their cell phones. today, the district attorney called the statement a flat-out fabrication. adding that the poa is peddling perjury in an effort to distract from a department mired in scandal. but the d.a. will not go after perjury in this case because of an obvious conflict. they also won't kick it to the attorney general because it's not big enough. they won't pursue a defamation because there are protections for statements that are made in the course of a judicial proceeding. so in effect, the district attorney is just going to take it. although a spokesman from the office did point out that george gascon is an immigrant from cuba, married to a native mexican and that this dinner took place in 2010 and for six years nobody at the poa brought it up.
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reporting from outside the d.a.'s office, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. baby is in the car crying. >> this is the video that's upsetting lots of folks tonight. it shows an infant in a car seat crying while the driver of the car is inside a video game store in richmond. supposedly the mom. the video was posted on facebook saturday. police are now investigating whether it's a possible case of child endangerment. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at the richmond police station. do we know the condition of the baby and do we know the name of the mother or presumably the person inside the store that they're looking for? >> reporter: at this point police are not releasing it. the baby was crying but did appear to be okay. meanwhile, police are trying to make contact with the woman in the video. we don't know if she's the mother. they still haven't been able to talk to her. >> using game stop while a baby is in the car crying.
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>> this cell phone video taken on friday has triggered a police investigation. the man behind the camera shows a child in the back seat of a car while he claims the driver is shopping inside a nearby game stop store in richmond. >> she'd rather get a video game than taking care of her baby in the car by itself crying on a hot day. >> when the video starts, the windows are cracked. after the woman realizes the man is recording, she returns to the car and rolled them up. it's unclear if the air conditioning was on. >> that's crazy. who does that? >> more than 8,000 people have shared the video on facebook. hundreds of comments applaud the man who posted it. but officers say they wish he was quicker to call police. he waited until after the woman drove away. >> put yourself in the position of where you can help in a situation and call immediately. >> the lieutenant says according to witnesses the child was left in the car for up to eight
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minutes. the department plans to contact child protective services. it was about 73 degrees outside when the video was taken. according to experts, temperatures inside a car on a warm day can soar above 120 degrees within an hour. >> reporter: police say after they speak to the woman in the video, they will pass the case long to the d.a.'s office. we did reach out to the man who shot the video but didn't hear back today. reporting live in richmond, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. smichelle thank you. two hikers tonight are thankful they were rescued along the marin head lands. here's amateur video of what happened. two 27-year-olds became stranded on a cliff at a lighthouse. the fire protection district had already been called to the scene. this happened on saturday evening. that chp chopper happened to be in the area already. this is near the golden gate bridge. the chopper was able to hoist the hikers to safety.
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the advice tonight to any homeowners whose property is near overgrown grass and shrubs. fire officials started their inspection toss make sure homeowners have 100 feet of defensible space. any vegetation within that zone, you have to get rid of it or reduce it or you'll be in trouble during a wildfire. that is a requirement of california law. all right. send things over to rob mayeda and talk about the micro climate forecast. it's hot in pretty much every climate. >> we saw 80s and 90s from san francisco to ocean beach. 91 earlier in san jose. the effects of a developing sea breeze starting to cool things off outside. good timing too, a big night for bay area sports. the at&t park, 75 degrees. game time temperatures around first pitch, close to 70 with mostly clear skies. cooling to the 60s as the game goes on. in oakland right now, outside oracle arena, in the low 70s outside. as the game wraps up,
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temperatures around oakland, with winds out of the west, northwest. the south bay, a high of 91 earlier. 79 degrees. not that bad. sharks taking on the kings. game 3. should see temperatures in the upper 70s and slowly cooling tonight. the winds were offshore today. this is a classic bay area. the winds will begin to turn and staying this that on shore direction during the day tomorrow. that is going to lead to some cooling and we'll have more clouds too. this is the outer fringe of the first of two storms they're watching. the clouds and the sea breeze should take an edge off the heat going through the day tomorrow. morning temperatures in the 50s. lunchtime temperatures not the 80s that we saw today. more like the 60s to mid to upper 70s inland. we'll still see highs well above average, especially around san jose and the south bay with 80s possible. not those mid-90s in saratoga earlier today. san francisco should be in the
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730s tomorrow. 80s in santa rosa and towards the tri-valley. then our attention turns to the two storm systems. the second one has a good chance of bringing rain. we'll tell you how much to expect and how tim packets on the weekend. >> did he say rain? >> potentially. thanks, rob. thousands of people flock to the u.s. supreme court for a hearing on immigration. i'm damian trujillo live in san jose. we'll talk to one student who made it inside. that's next. keep their dream home in tact.
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tomorrow, a moving company will lift the home off its happening now, a family in pacifica is taking drastic measures to keep its dream home intact. they'll lift the home off its foundation and move t it's on the cliffs and it's eroding. they've reached a settlement, a group of women removed from a wine train last summer have been awarded an undisclosed amount. they were suing for $11 million. court.
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the justices heard arguments on the president's executive action on immigration. ==jess/2shot== 2-dozen states broug t high stakes at the supreme court today. they heard arguments on the executive action on immigration. >> states brought the case claiming the president overstepped authority when he issued an executive action preventing the deportation of immigrants. damian trujillo in san jose.
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a mass is about to be held in honor of immigrants. >> reporter: the mass just ended here. they did pray for the four students from the south bay who made it to the supreme court to hear the critical oral arguments. >> whoo! >> while thousands of people rallied outside the supreme court today, mendoza was inside. he felt he need today witness the hearing live and in person. he spoke to us on his cell phone. >> this is pretty amazing. i camped out all night outside of the supreme court. >> his entire family is undocumented meaning the court's decision could have a very direct impact on his family. >> there were times to answer the question and they didn't get to that point. >> cruz is also in d.c. with the san jose group sirens, that. her mother is undocumented and rallied here in san jose.
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>> she says she's always living in fear of being separated from her family. a fear that never goes away. >> people united. we'll never be divided. >> the san jose rally, the speakers did not hold back when talking about those challenging the president's immigration plan. >> we make no compromise to the people. hate is hate. bigotry is bigotry. you cannot dress a pig up in a tuxedo and put it in front of a teleprompter and tell me it still isn't a pig. >> one of those challenging the executive action of the president is the house speaker. he said only congress has a constitutional authority to create law and for that reason, he says that justices should side with the 26 states and overturn that executive action. >> the justices are scheduled to announce their decisions within the next two months. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. the latest poll shows donald trump dominating here in california. but can that poll be trusted?
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our political analyst larry ger sten has insight. >> we have one of the highest rates of cancer throughout the nation. >> firefighters are happy with the -- a story only on nbc bay area. the issue puts them at risk every time a plane takes off. right now at 6-30:
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6:29 pm
an nbc bay area exclusive: a cancer cluster among firefighters w right now at 6:30, an nbc bay area exclusive. a cancer cluster among firefighters who work at -- is long on edge. when they decided to build a
6:30 pm
firehouse up against a busy roadway, firefighters sounded the alarm. we're joined with why firefighters are still skeptical of the airport's plan to keep them from getting hit with a daily dose of toxic exhaust fumes. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters fear that the air quality inside that station once it's complete could be a threat to their health. planes travel next to the station as they take off. airport officials say that there's no cause for alarm. our investigation shows that solving this problem will not be easy. >> denise was 49 when she lost her battle against breast cancer last week. for san francisco firefighters, it was just one more reminder of how vulnerable they are to the disease. >> san francisco fire department has one of the highest rates of cancer throughout the nation. >> retired san francisco fire captain tony stephan i, a cancer survivor says the 2007 study pointed to the airport as a hotspot. >> the airport had 12 active
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cases amongst its members and retired members, which was at that time was one of the highest levels of any station in san francisco. >> stefan i says one of the suspected culprits at the airport is benzene. in the air, the chemical can cause leukemia. at the airport, benzene is in jet exhaust. it's also spewed out of the tail pipes of cars and trucks on the nearby 101 freeway. so when crews learned about a plan to move one airport fire station closer to both the runway an the freeway, they launched a petition drive and demanded answers. >> it was a real grassroots movement that i think got this scrutiny going, which might not have been happening to this level if they hadn't done that. i think they really did themselves a service by being active and calling everybody's attention to the issue. >> president airport envisions a two-part plan. they want to raise the air pressure inside the living quarters to keep bad air out.
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they also want to scrub and filter the station air 24 hours a day. the department would not let firefighters speak on camera. but a union leader, adam wood, says firefighters still fear that jet exhaust will fill the station when large doors open for trucks answering calls. >> we're going to have to keep the doors closed whenever possible. when we're responding to incidents, of course, they have to go up. this is kind of something we're discovering in firehouses around the country. you got to treat the apparatus like a hot zone. >> fire chief ken lombardi says the system makes allowances for that. >> it's going to be a state-of-the-art firefighting facility and air filtration system going on. it will be a much better building than they currently are in. >> wood says only time will tell. >> giving us the results we need to keep our members safe. so that's what we're going to have to find out. >> reporter: firefighters have to live and work here next to this blast bench. they're encouraged about the five hp step process to clean
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the air here. they won't know for sure until the station opens later this year and tests are done. jackson van der beck en, nbc bay area news. an annual holiday for thousands of people celebrating marijuana. san francisco city leaders announcing measures to deal with 420 as in april 20th this wednesday. it's the date and time celebrated worldwide as the day to smoke pot. for the past few years, you're looking at it. thousands of people flocked to golden gate park and hippy hill in the haigt district. the city is cracking down, especially on teenagers >> the message to our young people, stay away. go to school and at 4/20 be someplace responsible. to the tex ent you come to the park, we expect you to be safe, respectful and law abiding. humanitarian chief is headed to ecuador to see the impact of the deadly earthquake firsthand.
6:34 pm
he's expected to meet with people in several devastated communities there. at least 400 people were killed by the 7.8 magnitude quake. and sadly, that number is expected to rise. at this hour, crews are still looking for dozens of people trapped in the rubble of a shopping center in the western part of ecuador. among the survivors, several people from the bay area who will now try to figure out how to get out of that devastated country and get home. alice gand ls man and her husband of vallejo with were vacationing there when the 7.8 magnitude quake hit. they were having dinner at a restaurant. the ecuador quake lasted more than 40. they quickly returned to their hotel to find cracks in the walls and tiles. they had no electricity, no internet service right now and at this point, no way to get home. >> air traffic control tower
6:35 pm
collapsed. and so they have stopped all commercial flights. >> alice freedman says devastation is overwhelming with most of the roads closed. the couple says it may take a week or longer before they can actually fly home. okay. some notable news in california and new york. let's begin on the east coast. another big one tomorrow. the new york primary. frontrunners, donald trump and hillary clinton are hoping to claim victory in their home state. but their opponents aren't ready to concede anything. political analysts say it's a wide open race but winning new york is key. here in california, a new cbs poll shows trump has a sizable lead. trump has 49%, well ahead of ted cruz with 31% and you see there john kasich with 16%. now, if the poll is accurate, trump may garner enough delegates in california to win the republican presidential nomination on the first ballot.
6:36 pm
but how accurate is this poll? let's bring in larry gersten. larry, california could make trump the nominee. how accurate is this poll now? >> it might be. but there's issues here. before anyone gets too excited, one way or another, raj, we need to clarify a couple of things. first, look, all polls are snapshots. what people say dodd may or may not be what they say tomorrow. that's the nature of the beast. second, polls are only as good as the method that they use. the scientific way that they're conducted to get the rilts. >> let's get scientific. what about the poll causes doubt or concern for you? >> a couple of things. first of all, this poll was done online with the assumption that online respondents mirror all voters. we don't know if that's the case. this is a new approach altogether. this is a second concern. take a look at the numbers. trump 49%, cruz 31, kasich 16. it adds up to 96%.
6:37 pm
what does that mean, only 4% of the voters are undecided. that's an awfully low number. look at the recent poll that has 11% undecided. an l.a. times has 15% undecided. it tells you something that's not right there. >> okay. there are holes here. this is a statewide poll that you're the professor, break this down a little. this is a congressional district how it will be decided here in california. >> you nailed it. that's the last problem with this poll. by the way, all polls dealing with republican presidential nomination, california. the folks just don't quite get it. there will not be one election, but 53 elections. that is to say, one for each congressional district. whoever wins the most votes in each district will get all three delegates from those districts. in fact, only ten, only ten of the state's 172 delegates will go to whoever wins the most votes overall in the state. put another way, statewide
6:38 pm
numbers are just meaningless. >> it's a civics lesson all over again. it's been a while since we've been relevant in california. what's the take away, the bottom line here? >> it's always hard to know when polls reflect reality. it may be the case here. but the method and the data, huh-uh, something smells here. it suggests caution. given the other polls that we've seen, all the many more undecideds, i think this election will be a lot closer than that cbs poll suggests. >> excellent insight. june 7th is our big day here in california. thank you, larry. coming up, the future of rent control is up in the air in san jose. competing proposals, city council is about to take it up. an autopilot to the rescue. we'll show you how the feature it being credited with preventing a wreck. new video shows how the tesla's
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6:41 pm
autopilot feature... may wants to update you on that most talked about ankle in the country. a live shot now court side at the oracle arena. warriors and rockets in less than an hour from now. the decision has been made. steph curry is warming up about 25 minutes ago live on air. steph curry will not be playing tonight. this is a big blow nor the warriors. he has that ankle under i that he tweaked in game one. it's been decided a few minutes ago. steph curry will not be in the warriors lineup in game 2 of the playoff series against the houston rockets. we'll have more coverage in about ten minutes when colin resch joins us from the oracle arena. we have new video that shows how the tesla's autopilot feature may have saved a life. elon musk shared this dashcam video. you can see that white truck
6:42 pm
close to the tesla model s, joshua brown of cleveland said his car was on autopilot and it sensed the other car. brown says he wasn't paying attention to the road but his tesla alerted him to take over to avoid that collision. yahoo! as of this even it still its own company. that may change soon. many believe today is the deadline for a bid to take over the core business of the company. one of the companies expected to bid, verizon, at&t and our own parent company, comcast. still no deal announced. we expect to hear more about the potential high bidder tomorrow when yahoo reports quarterly earnings. back to rob mayeda. you and steph curry are the man of the hour. >> mentioned that news of steph curry. temperatures are cooling down across the bay area. the last of the hot temperatures around the bay area today and now a good chance of rain ahead in the forecast. we'll tell you when and how much when we come right back.
6:43 pm
how are you going to take care of us rather than treating us as though we're dirt in the ground. taking on rent control. the proposal in front of san jose city leaders. coming to san jose.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
tomorrow, city leaders are expected to lower how much landlords can raise prices on rent-control apartment rent control changes come to go san jose. tomorrow, city leaders are expect today lower how much landlords can raise prices on rent control apartments. plus, helping with relocation packages. a group of soon to be displaced tenants say it's not enough. when the residents of the reserve apartments were trying to save their homes, they called it an uphill battle. >> every day we're waking up wondering, is that eviction notice going to be on our door. >> now, as of the city approved raising the rent restricted units and building a new development, tenants like deion
6:46 pm
riley say it's all downhill from here. >> how are you going to take care of us rather than treating us like we're dirt in the ground to be grinded over. >> jones said the developer, gray star is offering relocation benefits to the tenants. >> short term, i think it's going to give the tenants some relief. >> the benefits are based on the proposal to be introduced tomorrow. displaced tenants who immediate 80% of the -- three months of rent and security deposit refund. seniors with disability would get an additional $3,000. >> whatever policy decisions we make, we have to understand these owners are not necessarily the big guys, the gray stars of the world but actually the majority of them are small business owners. >> the tenants like riley and his family say the proposal means nothing. they make a little too much to qualify. only get the security deposit back and access to a relocation specialist. >> take care of everybody here. not as units but people with lives and concerns and problems an needs around providing this
6:47 pm
'em with the assistance necessary to go forward with their lives. >> the san jose city council will vote on the final rent control measure tomorrow. the reserve apartment tenant association gave councilman jones until wednesday to review their demands. >> it's a defining moment of the bay area. today, sirens blared as san francisco marked the 110th anniversary of the great quake and fire. >> you hear the sirens. this was after a moment of silence at the exact time of the '06 earthquake. 5:12 this morning. dozens of people attended the observance. an estimated 3,000 people died in that quake. the family of bill dell mont made sure to attend. he was the last of the survivors. he passed away in january at the age of 109. >> we miss him terribly. we feel he's looking down and looking at us and glad that we're here representing him. >> we will never forget the
6:48 pm
quake and fire. also left several hundred thousand people homeless after all the destruction. let's turn things over to meteorologist rob mayeda. very toasty today and will be for a couple of days. >> temperatures are kind of slowly cooling down. still staying way above average. but at least we're not expecting any more 90-degree temperatures, which broke records today. closer to san jose. old record of 86. look how all across the bay area, from san francisco to richmond and oakland and move get field. >> by 10:00 in the morning, 80 degrees. a temperature reversal with the offshore winds. in the locations actually cooler. warms up and dries out and heads out to the ocean. inland temperatures close to 90 in pleasanton. on shore, it's 77 degrees there nero shan beach.
6:49 pm
we're starting to see the on-shore beaches cooling down the bay area. away from the 830s and 90s. the sea breeze is taking effect. cooling off places. 69 degrees. that's almost a 15-degree drop in the last few hours. the winds continue to turn on shore. east balow indication, a little bit further from the sea breeze. 80s in antioch and brentwood. outside the sap center, still 78 degrees after a record high in downtown san jose. the micro climate, still in the mid-80s in santa teresa and south san jose. saratoga down to 80. the wind is picking up. earlier, 95 degrees this afternoon. a lot of heat in the bay area. the winds will stay strongly on shore all day tomorrow. that will help to cool things off. eventually, we'll see more low clouds towards the coast which will help to drop the temperatures. in addition to increasing high clouds. the outer fringe of the first of our two storm systems, that will be approaching the bay area. this first one mainly a cooling
6:50 pm
effect for us. it's going to enhance the sea breeze. during the day tomorrow, in the 50s. lunchtime temperatures 70s in the warmer spots inland and still another day. we'll hit 80 degree temperatures in the south bay and the tri-valley. 82 degrees in south bay. should see 70s closer to san francisco and cooling on the coast and inner bay. interior valleys, towards pleasanton, 86 degrees. 80 in santa rosa as the wind shifts and comes out of the south. dooli cooling for tuesday. it's the second system for thursday night and friday we think will bring us a best chance for seeing some rain. just a few scattered showers passing by to the north on wednesday. thursday night on into friday, here comes the chance for seeing some rain. pretty quick moving system out of here by friday evening. though, we're hopeful we can see maybe up to about half inch of rain for parts of the bay area out of the system that will come through quickly thursday night into friday. as we head into the start of the weekend, we'll see skies clear.
6:51 pm
there's an example for napa. may see thursday afternoon showers. san jose skies clear for the weekend. looks like the temperatures will warm up a little bit. nowhere near the summer-like temperatures we saw today. looking at mid to upper 60s in san jose saturday. a few low 70s for the weekend as skies clear after the rain showers move on from friday. back to you. >> thank you, rob. i'm colin resch live at oracle arena. expect shaun livingston to play about 30 minutes today. what that means for the status of steph curry. we'll be joined to discuss that. steph curry has been ruled out
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
of tonight's playoff game against the rockets
6:54 pm
raj/boxes nbc bay are as we told you ten minutes ago, steph curry has been ruled out against the rockets. >> colin resch is in oakland and colin, this changes everything. what's the status? >> reporter: this does change everything. you don't have steph curry. completely different ball game. the ankle injury from game one, he has been ruled out for game 2. joining me live, assistant general manager kurt latham. we know he only warmed up for five minutes. we can roll it for the viewers at home. you might have taken the decision out of the trainers and coaching staff a bit. >> we talked with him earlier today and said unless you're 100% you're not playing. we want you healthy for the rest of the series and hopefully more beyond that. he knew he wasn't 100%. at that point, he knew he was getting shut down. with the superstar like him, pregame press conference, erring on the side of caution. he has a long c'eira head. >> absolutely.
6:55 pm
you don't want to risk something for one game. steph understands that, luckily. we'll be okay. >> the concern level going forward with his ankle, is this something to keep him out one game and hopefully ready for game 3? >> that's our hope. you never know. keeping him out tonight means hopefully he's ready for game 3 and behind. >> reporter: a lot more playing time for iguodala and livingston and playing point forward tonight. >> i think we'll have a different look. i don't think they're game planning for steph curry not being out there. we have a number of players that are good and i think you'll see it tonight. >> reporter: i mentioned on the commercial break, we're not going to see a willis reaves moment out of him, are we? >> if we are, no one knows about it except for them. you had a decision to make as management, trade steph or monty, you were the voice of reason in the room. your dad told me the story. >> i don't know if i can say the voice of reason. that's a lot to put on me.
6:56 pm
maybe for that one time. we did a lot of research as a group. that ankle injury never puts someone out if handled correctly. >> thanks for the time. plenty of guys that can take his spot tonight. reporting live from oracle arena, colin resch. back to you. >> that is kurt lay cub, the son -- >> disappointed for the fans. but what's more important? >> the warriors are deep. they'll be fine tonight. it does change a lot. should we go to the south bay now. the shark tank is also buzzing. the sharks looking to take a commanding lead in the first round of their playoff series against the kings. san jose, did you notice over the weekend has been impressive. winning the first two games of the series in l.a. game 3 starts at 7:30. thankfully, the game is indoors. >> they've made it colder in there because it's so hot outside. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. see you later tonight. >> bye bye.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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7:00 pm
the first photos inside george clooney's star-packed dinner for hillary clinton. why george is knocking the price tag today. >> i think it's an obscene amount of money. >> now, on "extra." george and amal, ellen and portia, jane fonda, breaking new details inside hillary's hollywood fundraisers, one at 350 grand a couple. then hillary unloads on the donald. >> big ego. >> as trump unleashes a new attack, only on "extra." >> nobody ever asked that question. plus, bernie sanders versus elaine from "seinfeld." the hilarious "snl" spoof. >> what the hell am i? >> you're bald! a legend is born.


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