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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the reason one bay area family is literally picking up the home from its foundation and carrying it away. >> a mixed bag for bay area sports fans. one team comes out on tough. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the heat have been fighting, too. >> nice and a little bit cooler today. still a warm day. we will have sun mixing in with the clouds. it's nice and cool as you get the day started. in san francisco, 7:00. 7:00 in the peninsula and south bay. the highs today making it into the 80s. even mid 80s in the tri-valley, san francisco up to 76. our temperatures continue to cool down over the next couple of days. and there is rain in the forecast. i'll detail that in a few
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minutes. let's head over to mike tracking the flow across the bridges. >> as we get to spring and towards summer, traffic flow tends to spread itself out more. we are looking to a nice flow of traffic. south bay and east bay, no major surprises. focus north of the san mateo bridge. it's the bay bridge toll plaza where we see that traffic. no problems on the bay bridge to san francisco where the giants play. foster city heading down into foster city west 92 moves great. look at that beautiful sunrise. back to you. nice to admire that. we have an update to breaking news. an explosion that rocked the afghanistan capital of kabul this morning. taliban militants targeting a security team that protects government vips.
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at least 28 people died and more than 300 others injured. this started when a suicide car bomb targeted the gate of a national security office in the heart of kabul. militants entered the building and a three-hour gun battle ensued. public health spokesperson says the number of casualties will go higher. deadly shooting in the middle of what police call a normally quiet san jose neighborhood. it happened in quinby road. people started bringing flowers to the scene. >> a neighbor who lives across the street, we spoke with the brother of the 25-year-old man found killed in that spot. he said, he wants answers. he wants justice now. his family doesn't understand why their son and brother was murdered. carlos soto was not involved in
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gangs and in a steadily relationship with his 6-year-old daughter's mother. he was driving down this road. having just taken his puppy for a walk with his friend elsewhere. at some point he got into a confrontation with someone, got out of his car and was shot. >> we didn't hear any arguing, no yelling. it was very peaceful like now. we heard a big pop, pop, pop, and that was it. >> police say they have witnesses who heard the gun shots, but so far no one who saw the crime. soto becomes the 13th person murdered in san jose this year. bob rebel "today in the bay." >> in fremont, four people have to find a new place to live after this fire ripped through their condo. it happened just before 9:00
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last night. everybody inside was able to make it out safely. no word on a cause for that fire. >> california highway patrol is trying to track down a hit-and-run driver escuded of a deadly crash in redwood city. a light brown 2000 toyota sienna minivan clipped the toyota scion two weeks ago and killed the driver. supporters plan to rally for a 99-year-old woman facing eviction in san francisco. last week she won a temporary reprieve to stay in her home. attorneys back for another hearing today. the current owners once promised to let her stay there until she died. today the judge is going to likely issue a final ruling. >> 6:04. drought or no drought,
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homeowners will face scrutiny of their landscaping. there is no real word where california stands. east bay times reports blackhawk has declared brown lawns a dead issue. in june, homeowners association there will consider fining homeowners who keep brown or dead landscaping. they argue the brown lawns are lowering property values. a family in pacifica taking drastic measures to keep their dream home intact. the option is demolish it or move the home. this cliff was the sight of major damage in january as storms caused high tide and erosion. today a moving company is going to begin lifting the home off its foundation using hydraulic jacks. the family hald a choice to demolish the house or physically move the entire thing.
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sharks and warriors continue to their opening round playoff battles. >> led by a 34-point night from clay thompson. doves beat the rockets. steph curry warmed up there but did not play. their star is still trying to recover from an ankle injury. his status moving forward is questionable. >> we'll see how he responds the next couple of days. if he is not right, obviously being up 2-0 does give us more cushion. it will be based on his health, not the series sdoer.
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sharks won both games on the road in southern california. the sharks losing a heartbreaker to the kings with the overtime goal in game three. they lost 2-1 in overtime. sharks up in the series 2-1. game four is tomorrow night at the shark tank. >> another game at home, they can right this ship. i think i used every cliche in the book. >> i was ignoring it. 6:07 right now. let's check in with kari. >> it will be slightly cooler today. a little bit better, but still a warm day after a cool start. let's get a look outside. it is 55 in oakland. 7:00 in san francisco and san jose. livermore 52. here is where we are headed. 82 in san jose. compare that to 91 yesterday. san mateo 74. also 70s and low 80s for parts
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of the north bay and oakland today 87. in the tri-valley mid 80s. into the next few days, our temperatures continue to cool. we'll have rain before the weekend. i'll let you know about all of that in less than ten minutes. mike is giving us updates on the roadways. >> fremont is the most activity. here is what i'm talking about. san jose, followed that clear up around 6:00. starts to build over the next 20 minutes. a look toward fremont, southbound 880. those three avenues head in towards fremont. that's where you'll see the build starting. smooth drive. nothing unusual there. a quick live look at san rafael shows you southbound 101.
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no real issues as far as speed is concerned. 101 south looks great. acknowledging missteps and promising change. steps uc davis is taking in the wake of this pepper spray incident that shot the campus into the national spotlight. monday we brought you the exclusive interview with a young ceo. today she is facing yet more trouble. >> is it a solution to a public urinal problem? this urinal the center of a law enforcement. details of the suit coming up. in a story only on nbc bay
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area... ==sam/ots== correctional officers at elmwood jail are recovering this morning after being involved in a fight with inmates believed correctional officers are recovering this morning after being involved in a fight with inmates believed to be intoxicated. this unfolded yesterday afternoon. three deputies say they smelled alcohol in a protective custody jail cell and went to escort two inmates from that cell. that's when they say one of those inmates attacked them.
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one deputy got kicked in the face, another severely injured. this as the county is wrestling with security concerns. >> sheriff was aware of the altercation. she visited the deputies at the hospital. i came out here so the public knows what's going onç in our jail system. >> this violent scuffle comes one week after nbc bay area obtained leaked memos written in late 2014. they warned the camera surveillance system is outdated and they are jeopardizing safety and security. a follow-up on that pep spray incident. uc davis is trying to erase the painful memory but this morning the chancellor is defending the university's action. several students were sprayed by campus police officers in 2011. it shows the university hired experts to erase those images from the web. the chancellor says they were
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trying to make sure the university's achievements would pop-up higher on web searches. there are calls for her regular nation. we brought you an exclusive interview with elizabeth holmes. >> her blood testing company was under investigation by the s.e.c., the federal agency that inspects medical labs what we didn't know is she is part of a criminal investigation. >> this according to the "wall street journal." we knew about the civil investigations. those have been ongoing. this morning the journal says federal prosecutors look for evidence of actual crime. holmes became a superstar dropping out of sanford at 19 to develop the super secret blood testing machine that could examine a single drop of blood
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for a host of diseases. she stunned the industry. the best minds couldn't figure out how she did it. a government investigation found not only was the revolutionary technology inaccurate, therinos was not using its super machines but use the same off-the-shelf machines the company claims it was disrupting. >> this truck has been stolen. one twitter user points out looking how far you parked from the curb maybe it got towed. yahoo and intel report profits after the closing bell today. netflix added fewer subscribers overseas than some hoped. take a look at this. this is the new macbook available in rose gold or as i call it pink.
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i'm not a fashion designer. >> wasn't it available in that before? >> not the new macbooks. >> kari as the rose colored apple watch. >> not rose-colored glasses? >> no. >> stephanie chuang live at the park as one group wants to go to court to get that outdoor urinal removed. >> that's right. would you be comfortable using this or walking by it? this is the open air urinal that is the center of the lawsuit. other than those bushes, greenery and that screen, you don't have much privacy around it. it has muni trains, a park and
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walkway behind it. the pacific justice institute filed the lawsuit thursday on behalf of the san francisco chinese christian union as well as four named individual plaintiffs. not only is the urinal disgusting, it's an illegal use of public money, is not accept accessible to people with disabilities and discriminates against women. the city says this is a solution with complaints about people urinating in the open on bushes and buildings. the recreation and parks department installed two dozen more toilets in addition to the three already here. the city attorney's office responded with a sarcastic press release saying the pacific justice institute is identified by the law group as an anti-lgbt hate group. the president of the group is
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from orange county. will be heading the press conference 11:00 this morning. it was a plumbing and smell issue yesterday would have been problematic because we have record temperatures. >> exactly. things will cool down today. we are not ready for summer yet. >> i'm not either. it's nice to get it in quick little bursts and back to our average spring. as we take a live look to the beautiful start of the day. high clouds mix again. now it's 52 in the east bay. 7:00 in san francisco. it's 45 in napa. petaluma 46. it's 55 now in belvedere. we'll break it down in pal o aalto. still warming up quickly. at lunch time, beautiful 71. that's about perfect. it continues to go up from
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there. upper 70s and a few more clouds with that sun. it does mostly stay dry for today and into the day tomorrow. check out friday. the potential for rain moving in by noon friday. you can make plans to get outside. some of the computer models giving us the potential of over 1/2 inch to maybe a little more for the north day. a nice soaking before we head into another dry weekend. it's going to be warm for inlantd areas. up to 83. by tomorrow, 76. rain moves in friday. helps cool us down. saturday and sunday looking nice a total look at the forecast. a mix of sun and clouds. mostly cloudy friday before that system moves in.
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we'll have the showers drop on friday. clearing out for saturday and sunday. our temperatures will be holding steady after today being the warmers day. up to 78 degrees bay side. let's check in with mike on an update. >> nothing unexpected. no big issues. looking for the south bay northbound 101 shows you slowing around. crash in mountain view slowing 101. well off the roadway. >> let's get you a live look. fastrack moves well. this is great for a tuesday. we tend to see spring time and summer commutes ease in slower than in the fall. southbound 101 away from us here
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moves well. northbound picks up the volume. >> that is as rose-colored sunrise. >> donald trump and hillary clinton with big leads heading into the crucial primary on their home turf. will the predictions pan out? live with the latest from the empire state. >> a live look at at&t park. giants taking on the d-backs at 7:15. if you're up this early, you might have missed the end to last night's ballgame. took 11 innings for the diamond backs to pull out a win over the giants 9-7. the game ending before midnight. 11 women who say they were
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kicked off the napa valley wine train because of their race .. have now settled a discrimination lawst. 6:24. 11 women who say they were killed off the napa valley wine train because of their race settled a discrimination lawsuit. they were told to leave the train last summer after they say they were laughing and having a good time. police took them back to napa. the group filed an $11 million federal lawsuit last october. attorneys yesterday announced an undisclosed amount of money was settled. the supreme court looks to be divided on president obama's executive order on discrimination. the president's executive order was temporarily shield more than 4 million undocumented
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immigrants from deportation. texas and dozens of other states argued the president does not have the authority to enact that order and go around congress. a senior from high school was inside the courthouse. his family is undocumented. if the justices split in their decision, the lower ruling stands and denies the president a chance to revive it while in office. to decision 2016. polls are open in the critical and high profile new york primary. hillary clinton we just saw vote and donald trump hoping for victorying. >> new poll numbers were just released. >> good morning. let's start with the republicans where donald trump has an
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18-point national lead. even more, over 30 points in new york where he is expected to do very well today. if john kasich comes in second as polls suggest in individual congressional districts, co-pick up a significant number of delegates. ted cruz is already concentrating on some of the other northeast states whose primaries are coming up where trump is favored but hoping to make inroad. we've got the democrats hillary clinton now up 7% nationally, twice that in new york. she voted as you just saw in chappaqua, new york, joking with the media there, but hoping this will end a long winning strike of states for bernie sanders. he is hoping for a michigan-type miracle in new york where he was not favored to win in michigan and ended up winning that primary. we'll see what happens within the next 24 hours. polls opened in and around new
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york city. >> hillary clinton sitting on a 250 delegate lead. coming up next, update to breaking news since we first came on air at 4:30. >> shooting turned homicide investigation, no suspect in custody. live in the neighborhood with reaction from the victim's family. the discussion anything but quiet when it comes to affordable housing here in san jose. the proposal on the table that could affect more than 40,000 renters. joining us.
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i'm sam brock =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. (toss kari)
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=microclimate omni= =wx at wx ctr= =wsi full= back to business. >> monday is out of the way. tuesday, we areç roaring on th week. >> we rolled through the week but we will not still have that high heat we had yesterday. let's look outside. all our microclimate. it's 46 degrees and 7:00 now in san francisco. we will still have warm temperatures this afternoon. up to 83 in the south bay. 85 in the tri-valley. feels better in san francisco. not as hot. up to 76. we are coming down from 80s and 90s yesterday. the next few days will be cooler. i'll show you that and rain in the microclimate forecast. mike is tracking the build toward your bridges. >> the bay's commute looks good right now. we might have a later start for some folks. we are looking toward the south bay. nothing unusual.
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we see this slowing. same thing for the bay bridge. not a problem just off 580. look at san mateo bridge. the flat section does show slowing over the last five, ten minutes. >> thank you, mike. update to breaking news at 6:31. a man is dead and gunman on the run after a late night shooting in san jose. it happened on san point drive not far from east ridge mall. >> bob redell joining us from that neighborhood. you spoke with the victim's family. >> good morning to you. i just spoke with another family member. he believes his younger brother was meeting someone here to sell a pit bull puppy they chose this spot here as the neutral
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location, a location away from his home. you can see the glass shot out from his car and the flowers families and neighbors left in his memory. his mother and brother visited this spot. the brother said he wants answered. he wants justice for his brother. it was around 10:40 last night. he was driving down the road with the puppy in the car. police do not have much detail. they only believe there was a confrontation. neighbors and police found him lying here dead in the street with no trace of a suspect or get away car. >> to me he was the best. just right now can say nothing. >> that was his step father. neighbors tell us gangs are not a problem in this neighborhood in this part of east san jose.
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the only issue are homeless people who live in a nearby creek and sometimes come over here to steal. soto was not involved in gangs and was a good father to his 6-year-old daughter. bob redell "today in the bay." >> we have upsetting video concerning to a lot of people. shows an infant left alone in a car during a hot day. >> baby is in the car crying. >> a man recorded this video and posted it to youtube. he saw it happening saturday in richmond. the infant left alone in that car over eight minutes. you see a woman eventually coming out of a game store. goes to the car and starts putting up all the windows. >> you'd rather get a video game than taking care of her baby that's in the car by itself crying on a hot day. >> richmond police are looking for that woman and an
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investigation has opened. the video's gone viral. the man who took it is getting a lot of praises. another disturbing story. we are learning more about the chiropractor accused of inappropriately touching a female patient. he was arrested friday at his office in concord and charged with sexual battery during a massage treatment. it happened six weeks ago. he was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bail. he's been a licensed chiropractor more than 30 years. 6:34. california leaders not satisfied with reforms in the wake of recent sexual harassment scandals. uc president janet napolitano sent a letter yesterday suggesting the recent recommendations are a good start but says the committee needs to come up with a time line on putting the words into action. she wants the committee to reconvene in three months. happening today, a critical
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vote surrounding rent control in san jose. leaders are expected to lower how much landlords can raise the rent on certain apartments. >> kris sanchez joining us live. houfrp rents have gone up the last few years. this has to be a victory for so many people struggling to make a living in the city. >> when all sides are unhappy, you reached the most agreeable decision. that is where san jose is headed. 44,000 rental units could be impacted by this discussion. it is a big one today. consider this. you mentioned there has been no major change to 2 san jose's rent control ordinance in 37 years it has the potential impact to 44,000 recommend units and home and they could drop the rate from now and require landlords to assist displaced residents. among the most vocal opponents are residents of the reserve
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apartments which wants to knock down 216 rent control units and replace them with about 600 apartments that would rent at current market rate. their councilman is asking the developer to give them back their deposits in full and offer assistance. for folks who make less than the average median income of $90,000, to give them assistance. >> short term i think it will give tenants relieve. >> take care of everybody as people who have lives and concerns. >> that was councilman proposing that and a resident. the tenants of those 200 units are a small fraction of the people remitted by this discussion. they are putting a human face on this discussion and making clear that this discussion could impact how much affordable housing the city in san jose has
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for days to come. it is 6:36 right now. there is a new list of california's most dangerous cities. the top five may surprise you. taking you live to oakland where a home security business released the list saying that is the most dangerous city in the state. it's based on statistics off the fbi's latest crime report. oakland taking the top spot. second most dangerous city is eureka. number three santa cruz, stockton then berkeley at number five. some of the roads around the famous twin peaks could be closed to traffic soon. >> they are going to take on that proposal today. if approved, roads will be closed and only open to walkers and cyclists. they'll test out the proposal for two years. it could become permanent. that would be a good workout.
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want to check the forecast right now. a lot of people like to get up and out the door this morning. >> it is nice and cool. now is the time to get in that exercise. later on today it will still be warm. not as warm as yesterday. still toasty for jogging in the middle of the day. this now 50 degrees in palo alto and 46 in napa. pacifica 72 ck traffic maps ck san jose 101/280/680
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sponsor =trx toss anchors= ==sam/2shot== coming up: new developments =sam/vo= out of ecuador... the dramatic rescues - now giving a glimmer of hope - to thousands of people still searching for loved ones following that devastating earthquake. =scott/newsroom= (scott ad libs) ==scott/live pix== (scott ad libs)
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==today sot== outcue: right here on today" trt: 34 secs wears those popular fitness trackers. police using them as evidence. that's raising serious privacy concerns. all that and much more ahead as we get started on a tuesday here on "today."
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where rescuers managed to save three people - trapped under debris for more than 32 hours... since that devta 6:43. in ecuador, rescuers managed to rescue three people trapped under the degree for 32 hours since the devastating earthquake. you can see a hand sticking out of the rubble. crews had to cut a three-foot hole in that was a shopping center to pull out a man and woman to safety. survival stories are giving thousands of people a lot of hope. sadly, the death toll now stands at 413 and more than 2,000
6:44 am
others are hurt. >> there's been miraculous recoveries in texas. it's still raining in houston. at least five people have died in this historic flooding. some in houston are calling it the most devastating flooding the city has seen in more than a decade. more than 1,000 people had to be rescued. most houston area schools are closed for a second day in a row. janet shamlian is in houston right now and will have live reports this morning starting at 7:00 a.m. researchers are getting closer to understand why zika virus is triggering birth defects. they tracked down the genetic mutation linked to the problem and might be what is allowing the virus to spread so easily. vika virus is triggering paralysis disorders and birth defects in brazil and elsewhere. china launching a new bid to influence the world's gold
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market. >> china is the world's largest producer of gold. today it's launching a new benchmark price by the shanghai gold exchange. price will be adjusted twice a day. banks and jewelers are involved in a benchmark pricing. a new chinese executive at twitter is facing criticism. >> big agencies like the official chinese tv channel do use it. twitter would like more chinese to have access by putting a chinese person in charge. chen was named twitter's new china head a couple of days ago. here she is saying hello to twitter users on twitter. some users questioned her resume pointing out before she worked for cisco or microsoft she worked for the chinese state committee for public safety. chan is a brand-new user of
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twitter. twitter has executives and board members who never use twitter until they were hired by twitter. >> yahoo reports its profits today. if i had a sound effect it would be that wah-wah sound. we expect the report to be grim. we are in the midst of reporting season. a time of year when companies open their books. netflix added fewerç international users. netflix has to come up with something new and cool. it could be offline viewing. you can watch amazon prime offline. the "wall street journal" is reporting federal prosecutors as part of the investigation into the bay area blood testing company theranos. we brought you this exclusive interview with the ceo and founder monday. we did not know about a criminal
6:47 am
investigation. we knew about the securities and exchange commission. we've been reporting developments to you for months. the claim they can test a tiny drop of blood, the best minds in the blood testing world could not figure out how they did it. >> people's health and livelihood in the balance there. 6:27. do you believe in ghosts? some spotted a spooky sight. don't laugh, it could be true. >> we established the fact laura believes in ghosts. >> i've been to this hotel. it's spooky. >> this was taken by a visitor to the stanley hodel where laura stayed. real believers say these two figures at the top of the staircase, a child and lady dressed in black. the hotel was the inspiration
6:48 am
for stephen king's "the shining." workers say it was haunted. >> i took pictures and blurred images showed up and my phone died. >> are you saying your pictures were ghost bombed? >> let's check that forecast with kari. >> we'll have a beautiful day. it starts out nice. take a live look out at san jose. high clouds moving in giving us a colorful sunrise. we set records yesterday all across the bay area. san francisco, got up to 83 which tied the record set back in 1914. richmond was up to 82. oakland 83. moffet field. low 50s elsewhere across the bay area. upper 40s for the north. into the next couple of days,
6:49 am
showers in the forecast for friday. this futurecast shows potential of rain moving in. finally tapering off friday night. saturday looks nice and clear. during that time frame we have the possibility of getting over half an inch of rain. we could get 0.75 inch and more farther north. inland temperatures will still be warm today. up to 83. dropping back to 76 tomorrow on friday the rain moves in. this weekend looks beautiful. into the upper 60s, low 70s. coastal forecast looks like more of a same. friday that rain begins to poor and it clears out for saturday with highs in the mid 60s. for the bayside forecast, 78 today. still fairly warm. low temperatures in the 50s.
6:50 am
then showers on friday. early next week also starting out nice and clear. up to 69 bayside on monday. let's check in with mike. >> we are looking at patterns around the bay. east bay across san mateo. the overall look at the pattern you would expect. not as heavy as would you see on a tuesday. over here 680. 87 from capital. 85 just starting to slow down. palo alto with a nice easy drive here. past university to southbound. the lane shift not a problem here. the sun coming up. great drive. look into the north bay. we'll show you heading into the north bay from the richmond side. this is the 580 approach heading
6:51 am
over toward the san rafael side. a smooth drive but you have to wait to pay that tool. back to you. >> thank you very much. in a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. correctional officers at the elmwood jail recovering after being involved in a fight with inmates believed to be intoxicated. all of this unfolding yesterday. three deputies say they smelled alcohol in a protective custody jail cell and went to escort two inmates from the cell. one of them attacked the deputies. one got kicked in the face and another severely injured. this as the county wrestles with security concerns. >> the sheriff was aware of this altercation. she visited the deputies at the hospital. i came out here so the public knows what is going on. >> for more contact, this violent scuffle comes one week after nbc bay area obtained
6:52 am
leaked memos written in late 2014 that warned the surveillance cameras is outdated. 6:52. richmond's acting police chief will be officially sworn in today. allwny brown has been filling in since january. former chief magnus is credited with big declines in crime during his ten-year tenure. brown will be sworn in tonight. he's been with the september since 1984. >> sometimes it looks weird. coming up next, on thin ice. late night decision surrounding a closed eye rink that has supporters applauding now. the fight is far from over. >> teetering on the edge and now on the move. the drastic measures one family is doing to keep its home from falling into the ocean. >> another big moment in the race for president. new yorkers casting their ballots in the presidential primaries.
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confusing "9-11" with "7-11." really... read about it under the "u-s news and world" section at our homepage. ==rvl== also - check out our "decision 2016" section. see which frontrunner is the most "unpopular" among voters - republican 'and' democrat. we are back in a couple of minutes. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.... ==sam/anim== an update to breaking news we've been following all before you head out the door, some of the top stories here. >> breaking news we've been following all morning long. a man was shot and killed in east san jose overnight. police searching for the shooter at this hour. >> shooting happened not far from east ridge mall. the victim around 25 years old was driving down standpoint driving when he got into some confrontation which led to a shooting. breaking news overseas where 28 people are dead, killed in a coordinate add tack by taliban fighters in afghanistan. a suicide car bomber targeted the gates of the national security office in the heart of kabul. militants entered the building and a three-hour gun battle
6:57 am
ensued. in fremont, four people have to find a new place to live after this fire ripped through their condo. it happened before 9:00 last night. everybody inside was able to make it out safely. new details this morning. partial victory for people trying to save a closed ice rink. council members rejected a plan to destroy the ice rink. developers want to put in a retail and shopping center. the rink closed three years ago but supporters helped last night's decision for the new deal to reopen the facility. >> it feels great. it's for the kids. we won for the kids. the kids have a rink. it's not operating because the developer is not operating. we want you to open the rink for our kids. it's the right thing to do. >> owners said they would consider other recreational
6:58 am
options. >> seeing over an outdoor urinal. the pacific justice institute filed the lawsuit. not only is the urinal disgusting, but it violates plumbing codes. more on that lawsuit later today on our show at 11:00. a family in pacifica taking drastic measures to keep their dream home intact. this cliffside was the sight of a major damage in january from high tide and erosion. today a moving company will begin lifting the home off its foundation using hydraulic jacks. the family had the choice to demolish the house or move it. home, sweet home. >> the only thing we want to hear about is ice cream. >> or ice coffee. >> it is still going to be a
6:59 am
warm day but starts out nice and cool. light jacket needed before you start out the door. 7:00 in the peninsula. look at the highs today up to 85. north bay 800. 83 today in the south bay. >> seems like for a while everybody was on spring break for different times. now everyone is probably back to school. >> we tend to see spring and summer time, the morning commute folks tend to disperse their departure. maybe one incident southbound. i'm going to mark this as one to watch before the san mateo bridge. dunbarton bridge slower toward the toll plaza.
7:00 am
>> there you go. >> warriors win again. good morning. the relentless rain causing historic flooding in houston. >> this is a dynamic situation. things are constantly changing. >> at least five people dead. dozens of neighborhoods submerged. more than 1,000 high water rescues. >> go, go! >> we're there live. empire showdown. new york voters head to the polls in a crucial primary. hillary clinton looking to seal the deal. donald trump sounding a confident note. >> new york is looking great, but you have to go and vote. >> despite this unfortunate slip of the tongue. >> i was down there, and i watched our police and our firemen down in 7/11, down at the world trade center after it came down.


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