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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a south bay family is looking for justice after a loved one is nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00 south bay family looking for justice after a loved one is shot dead early this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. family members say the victim was the father of a 6-year-old, and they have shocked about his death. found dead after he was shot early. >> san point drive, not too far from the east ridge mall. nbc bay area's bob redell covering the story all morning live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. since sun-up, people who knew and loved this young father have been leaving flowers at site of the scene where he died and
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asking how did this person, a young person, who was a good person, end up shot and killed in the neighborhood? >> reporter: the grief has been overwhelming for the family and friends of carlos, the 25-year-old man gunned down in the middle of sand point drive. >> this is all of the shots. i can't even comprehend this to my mind now. >> reporter: a family member believes he was going to meet someone late last night to sell a pit bull puppy, that he chose sand point drive as neutral location, one street away from his home. around 10:40, neighbors heard several gunshots. when they went outside, they found him dying in a pool of blood. >> to me, he was the best. the best, always. >> reporter: though a number of people heard the gunshots, police have yet to find anyone who saw the shooter. investigators don't know why he was shot, nor what led up to his
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murder. they do question if he was trying to sell the puppy, why choose this location? >> they don't deserve this. >> the pain, so many. >> reporter: carlos is the 13th person to be murdered in the city of san jose this year. he leaves behind several siblings, a girlfriend and their 6-year-old daughter. police have collected video recording from a neighbor's surveillance camera to see if that might have captured any clues that could lead them to the person that shot and killed this young father. live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> hopefully something in that video. new at 11:00, elderly man is recovering after hit by a garbage truck on the peninsula. our nbc chopper caught the video of the scene. authorities say the 85-year-old man was riding a bike when he was hit. no word on his condition. we will bring you the latest as
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soon as we get it. one person is dead, a driver being questioned. right now in the east bay in pittsburg. police report a man in a car sped past a patrol car before 8:00 on leyland road. the driver crashed that car into a fence at the delta view golf course, hitting someone along the way. officers found the driver some distance away. he ran from the scene. no names have been released. no immediate word on any possible charges. police hope this sketch will jog someone's memory. a suspect in an assault. police say last month a man was walking with his family when a green car pulled over, those suspect punched the man in the face. surveillance cameras caught a picture of the car itself. if you have information, milpitas ask you give them a call. outdoor public urinal is causing a political stink in san francisco that continues to
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grow. one group is out raged they file a lawsuit to shut it down there we have heard about the urinal before. what is the objection? stephanie will have this in a bit. new details, a 99-year-old woman facing eviction is fighting for her right to stay. last week iris canada won a temporary reprieve for her battle to stay on page street flat when the just postponed her conviction, ordering attorneys back for a hearing today. the current owners once promised to let her stay there until she died. today a judge will issue a final ruling. city of san francisco -- rather san jose poised to change its rent control ordinance for the first time in ten decades. tenants and landlords have a lot to say. the rent control dates back to 1979. any changes have potential to
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impact 44,000 rental units in the city. it lowers allowable rent hikes to less than 8% a year, which is what it is curbly and require landlords to place displaced tenants. opponents are residents of reserve apartments owned by gray star developments which wants to knock down 216 rent controlled units and replace them at 600 apartments. the councilman is asking the developer to give them back their deposits in full, offer relocation assistance and for the folks who make less than the city's average median income of $90,000, to provide three months' rent plus additional assistance for seniors, people with disabilities and families with dependents. >> short term, it's going to give the tenants some relief. >> take care of everybody here. not as units but as people who have lives, who have concerns. >> san jose city council will discuss rent control later
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today. >> talking about that public urinal in delores park. stephanie chuang thought she was ready to go. now she is. >> this is the first one in the country. no surprise that there are a lot of rules that have to be kind of sorted out. >> reporter: that's why the pacific justice institute, the plaintiff, says it's critical to file the lawsuit. a copy of it, civil rights here, inside the group is giving a press conference now. it's suing the city, county of san francisco on behalf of 15 local churches, 4 individuals, a man who has a second floor apartment building that overlooks the urinal that we are talking about. take a look at the video of what is at the center of the controversy. it's a half-circle open slightly obscured urinal called a pisoir. the city installed to solve growing complaints. the plaintiffs call it disgusting.
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no signage, no place to wash hands and discriminatory against women and people with disabilities and illegal and wasteful use of public money to not only install but maintain. >> it is critical we nip this now, because this is the first open air urinal of its kind. we don't have these in the united states. we don't accept that culturally, morally, but even more importantly we don't accept it legally. >> the city attorney's office respond the pacific justice institute as anti-lgbt hate group. a press release saying it's d l delores park, known for sunbathers and pot brownie venders. we spoke with vendors and rides whose commute takes it by this. woman one stepping afew feet
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away from a man urinating. >> we were all bombarding him. he didn't seem disturbed at all. i was a little thrown by it. >> i'm not personally bothered by it, but if i had a family with small children i might be bothered by it. >> i don't care. honestly, i feel like anything that keeps the park cleaner is great. it's like, if you ever come here in the morning, it's disgusting. >> reporter: the city also added 24 toilets to the only 3 that had been at delores park for decades. supervisor scott wiener says it's located in an area for men, with mostly men, adding working but admits there's probably more need for screening in place, more plans perhaps as one measure. they call the city's response, quote, pathetic and says it is willing to take it on appeal to the state supreme court, even to
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the u.s. supreme court, if necessary. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> all right. thank you. pacifica family doing everything in their power to keep their dream home intact, the cliff was the site of major damage back in january. storms cause the high tides and erosion. the couple's home set off esplanada avenue. a moving company started lifting the home off its foundation using hydraulic jacks. the family hat a choice of demolishing it or moving it. it will be moved somewhere permanently later this week. richmond's acting police chief will be sworn in for the full job today. brown has been filling in since chan for the former chief who is now head of tuesdcson's police department. credit id with big declines in crime. brown will be sworn in tonight. he has been with the department since 1984.
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voting under way in new york. the front-runners, donald trump and hillary clinton, both call new york home. and they have both turned in their ballots. bernie sanders, meanwhile, looking for another michigan miracle. nbc's tracie potts following the race from washington. >> who are you voting for? >> easy decision. >> reporter: donald trump voting in new york city this morning, a new nbc news survey monkey poll gives trump 18-point national lead, up more than 30 in new york. >> no new yorker can vote for ted cruz and no new yorker can vote for kasich. >> reporter: john kasich, distant number two, the only republican who beats hillary clinton in our poll. >> i can get blue color workers and i can get independents. >> reporter: ted cruz hasn't campaigned in new york in four days. he's focuses on next week's contest in maryland and pennsylvania. >> two, only two candidates, who have any plausible path whatsoever to winning the republican nomination.
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me and donald trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton voted near her home in chappa a chappaqua, joking with the press. today's poll gives clinton a seven-point edge nationally, about the same as last week. but leads bernie sanders by twice that much in new york. >> i hope everybody gets out to vote. >> let us all do everything we can so make sure that new york state has the largest turnout in a democratic primary in its history. >> reporter: sanders counting on today's turnout to make up a deficit of nearly 700 delegates. back to the republicans for a moment. john kasich already looking ahead to indiana, primary is may 3s but the state party selected dellavedov
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delegates last weekend. kasich is claiming he has more on his side than any other candidates. >> next at 11:00, it used to be a silicon valley darling, now the ceo under fire. the criminal investigation into the tech company. texas under water. flash flooding closing schools and thousands need help. i'm meteorologist kari hall. temperatures already warming up on another warm day but not as hot as yesterday. i'll show you the microclimate forecast and acool down coming up.
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twitter a few days ago created a new position to manage the welcome back here. the markets are doing okay this morning. the dow's back over 18,000. netflix getting crunched. we'll talk more about that later. twitter a few days ago created a new position to manage the company in china, despite the fact twitter's generally blocked in china. kathy chen saying hello to twitter users on twitter. some have questioned chen's resume, pointing out before she worked for cisco or microsoft she worked in a job connected to the chinese state committee for
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public safety. a brand-new user of twitter despite working outside of china for years. twitter has a number of executives and board members who never used twitter until hired by twit. >> yahoo! reports profits today. two bidders came forward for the company. we expect the profit report to be grim, indeed. netflix, in the midst of reporting season. a time of year when companies own their books. netflix says it added fewer international users than maybe hoped in looking ahead, may have fewer subscribers added than hoped. netflix needs to add something new and cool and it could be off-line viewing. watch amazon prime off-line but what about netflix? without an internet connection, a movie saved to the phone. federal prosecutors sent out subpoenas as part of a criminal investigation into the bay area blood testing company theranos. we did not know then, nor did
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anyone else, of the criminal investigation. we did know it had been investigated by the federal agency in charge of medical laboratories and knew about interest from the securities and exchange commission. we've been reporting those developments to you for months. claiming they could test a tiny drop of blood for scores of diseases and problems. the best minds in blood testing couldn't figure out how they had done it. >> one to watch. getting up to san francisco's famous twin peaks could be a little harder than now. some of the roads around the site could be closed to traffic and talking about the roadsen 0 the eastern side of the peak. taking on that proposal today. if approved the roads would be closed and only be opened to walkers and bicyclists. they will test out the proposal for two years and then, if all goes well, that could become permanent. new details on a closed ice rink on the peninsula that has a new chance at life. late last night, city council members rejects a man to
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demolish bridge point ice rink. ice rink supporters are celebrating that decision and developers wanted to put in a retail shopping center. the rink closed three years ago but ice rink supporters hope the decision spurs a new deal to reopen the facility. >> it feels great. it's for the kids. it's not about us. we won for the kids. the kids now have a rink. it's not operating because of developer is not operating it. spi holdings, we want you to open the rink for our kids, okay? it's the right thing to do and you should do it. >> owners have said before they would consider other recreational options. we are following a developing story now. houston and the surrounding counties are a disaster zone today and the worst may be yet to come. the city's soaked after torrential rains triggers historic flooding. more than 17 inches of rain fell in a few hours. at least five people have died in the floodwaters. today, more rain in the forecast, there are fears it could trigger all of the
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flooding again. janet shamlian reports. >> reporter: this morning, a city submerged by historic flooding. 17 inches in a matter of hours. and there's more on the way. >> the biggest mistake anybody can make is to assume that the worst has passed. >> reporter: it ambushed the region in the overnight hours. >> two hours later, in the house up to the ankle. two ohours after that, up to th knees. >> reporter: closed rushed to announce they were closing. 100 neighborhoods flooded. 1 million students stayed home. so did almost everyone. public transit shut down. the roads all about impassablim >> what if you fall. >> reporter: the mom and dad waded through the rising water with their newborn daughter. rescues like this one, firefighters couldn't keep up, delivering more than 1200 people to safety. but just as many were waiting. >> got like four feet of water in their house and all of their stuff's ruined.
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>> reporter: rescuing his elderly parents. nine counties are disaster areas including the hard-hit mayer land neighborhood hit by floodwaters less than a year ago. most of the homes you see here they are still being repaired, or are being completely rebuilt. boatloads of pets among evacuees. it the most widespread flooding since tropical storm allison 15 years ago. forecasters say it's not over yet. >> if we get the training where the storms keep coming one on top of another, if it comes into the same area, that's a problem. >> reporter: epic flood, fatigued city, and the fear of what's ahead. >> so flat. big ditches to channel off that rainwater. >> ready for that. >> but once full, you don't know where your footing is. >> amazing. our weather as usual, infinitely better than anyone where else. >> that's part of the problem. high pressure here, high pressure on the east coast.
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the system is stuck in between. as we look at what's happening there now, still spotty showers but a little bit of a break before several more rounds of rain expected to move in. bring it back home. we are seeing now clouds starting to roll in. that would give us a break from the heat we had yesterday. the past couple of days. but it will still be warm. looking back at some of the high temperature records yesterday, in san francisco, we tied the record set back in 1914. richmond, highs topping out at 82 when the record was 79. some spots like san jose, we were well above the record, reaching 91 degrees. the record of 86 was smashed, blown out of the water, set back in 1950. now, we are feeling still very warm air, temperatures already well above the average high temperature in san jose, should be at 70 degrees. and before we even hit noon, we're at 76. 76 also in concord. san francisco at 66 degrees. and let's break it down for
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berkeley today. 76 by 1:00. we will stay in the mid 0s today. more clouds mixing in. more clouds tonight as our temperatures will be holding steady in the upper 50s. still nice baseball weather for going to at&t park. first pitch for the giants game, 65 degrees. and then right around 61 degrees by the end of the game, light wind, a few clouds, winds coming in from the west northwest. an ocean breeze to help us bring those temperatures back down. we go from 91 yesterday to 82 today. 74 degrees in san mateo. at&t park at 76. santa rosa reaching 80. oakland, 78 degrees. also have mid-80s in the tri-valley today. seven-day forecast bottom of the screen. we see there will be rain in the forecast. moves on friday. we could have very widespread rain throughout the day. and then it rolls out of here in time for saturday. the best day to make plans to
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get outdoors will be saturday. sunday, too. but on friday, we will have quite a bit of rain looking at the possibility of at least a half of an inch of rain for the south bay. maybe 3/4 of an inch for san francisco. higher amounts farther to the north. so the next three days we keep some slightly cooler temperatures there as we come down from the 80s and 90s. bring it back to the 60s for thursday. once again, rain moving in on friday. i'll have another look at this forecast. we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up later. >> up next at 11:00, a by locked in a car during a hot day and a viral video that is sparking a police investigation. first, happening now, police are looking for clues in a deadly shooting in the east bay. victim went to the neighborhood to sell a dog in east san jose. bob redell spoke with grieving family members a live report coming up. also posting updates to twitter feed as well. new yorkers right now
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casting presidential primary ballots. we'll monitor the latest as they come in. gop front-runner donald trump taking some heat this morning for confusing 9/11 with 7/11. read about it under the u.s. news and world section at by is in the.
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>> that video has a lot of people outraged. video shows an infant in a car seat crying, screaming, while the driver of the car is inside a video game store in richmond. this was posted on facebook saturday. police are now investigating it as possible child endangerment. nbc bay area's michelle roberts has more on the video that's gone viral. >> these in game stop while the baby is in the car crying. >> reporter: the cell phone video triggered a police investigation. the plan behind the camera shows a child in the backseat of a car. he claims the driver is shopping inside a nearby game stop store in richmond. >> she rather get a video game than get -- taking care of her baby that's in a car by itself crying on a hot day. >> when the video starts the windows are cracked. after the woman realizes a man is recording, she returns to the car and rolled them up.
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it's unclear if the air-conditioning was on. >> that's crazy. who does that? >> reporter: more than 8,000 people have shared the video on facebook. hundreds of comments applaud the man who posted it. but officers say they wish he was quicker to call police. he waited until after the woman drove away. >> put yourself in the position where you can help in a situation. call immediately. >> lieutenant felix tan, according to witnesses, the child was left in the car for up to eight minutes. department plans to contact child protective services. on saturday morning, when the video was taken, it was 73 degrees outside. according to experts, temperatures inside a car on a warm day can soar above 120 degrees within an hour. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> investigators say once they get a statement from the woman in that video, they will pass the case on to the district attorney's office. we reached out to the man who shot the video but did not hear
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back. a story only on nbc bay area. jailed guards from elmwood jail are recovering after breaking up a fight between drunken inmates. deputies say they smelled alcohol on protective custody jailed cell and went to escort two inmates from that cell, that's when they say one of the inmates attacked them. one deputy kicked in the face, another severely injured. this cops as the county wrestles with secure concerns all over the system. >> the sheriff was aware of the aller indication, visited the deputies at the hospital. i came out here to the public knows what's going on in the jail system. >> there is concern over the jail in particular. nbc bay area obtained memos the surveillance system is outdated and jeopardizes safety and security. next at 11:00 -- >> san francisco fire department has one of the highest rates of cancer throughout the nation. >> firefighters are not happy
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with the new station at sfo. in a story you will see only here, issue that puts them at risk every time a plane takes off.
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when the airport decided to welcome back. firefighters who work at sfo are worried about cancer. when the airport decided to build a firehouse against a busy runway, firefighters sounded the alarm. >> joining us with why firefighters are skeptical of the airport's plan to keep them from getting hit with a daily dose of toxic exhaust fumes. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters fear that the air quality inside that station, once complete, could be a threat to their health. planes travel next to the station as they take off. officials say that there's no cause for alarm. our investigation shows that solving this problem will not be easy. denise alarms was 49 when she
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lost her battle against breast cancer last week. for san francisco firefighters, it was just one more reminder of how vulnerable they are to the disease. >> san francisco fire department has one of the highest rates of cancer throughout the nation. >> reporter: retired san francisco fire captain, a cancer survivor, says 2007 study pointed to the airport as a hot spot. >> airport had 12 active cases among its members and some retired members, which was at that time was one of the highest levels of any station in san francisco. >> reporter: he says one of the suspect the culprits at the airport is benzene. in the air, the chemical can cause leukemia. at the airport, benzene is in jet exhaust. it is also spewed out of the tail pipes of cars and trucks on the 101 freeway. so, when crews learned about a plan to move one airport fire
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station closer to both the runway and freeway, they launched a petition drive and demanded answers. >> it was a real grassroots movement but i think got this scrutiny going which might not have been happening at this level if they hadn't done that. i think they really did themselves a service by being active and calling everybody's attention to the issue. >> reporter: the airport envisions a two-part plan. they want to raise the air pressure inside living quarters to keep bad air out. they also want to scrub and filter the stationary 24 hours a day. the department would not let firefighters speak on camera. but a union leader, adam wood, says firefighters still fear that jet exhaust will fill the station when large doors open for trucks answering calls. >> we're going to have to keep those doors closed whenever possible. responding to incidents, of course they have to go up. this is something we're discovering in firehouses around the country. got to treep the apparatus like a hot zone. >> reporter: the fire chief says
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the system makes allowances for that. >> this is a state-of-the-art firefighting facility and state of the art air filtration system. it will be a better building than they currently are in. >> reporter: wood says time will tell. >> is it giving us results we need to keep our members safe? that's what we have to find out. >> reporter: firefighters have to live and work here next to this, encouraged about the five-step process to clean the air but won't know for sure until the station opens later this year and tests are done. >> east bay chiropractor accused of taking advantage of one of his female patients. dr. steven moon arrested on friday, optimized chiropractic. he's charged with sexual battery during a massage treatment the alleged incident happened six weeks ago. dr. moon was released from jail after posting $50,000 bail.
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he has been a license the chiropractor for than 0 years. hoping this partial license plate will find a driver wanted for a crash inned are wood city. light brown 2000 toyota minivan crashed, killing the driver. the driver of the minivan never stopped. police are investigating why a pedestrian was on the train tracks yesterday. a train hit and i canned a pedestrian around 3:00 in the afternoon at intersection of north capital in east san jose. light rail was close the for a few hours before that investigation. service reopened a few hours ago, nobody on hurt. uc berkeley student spoke about isis in era back aboard a southwest airs line flight has been cleared. he broke no laws when he spoke on a cell phone on a flight out
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of l.a.x. a passenger overheard the student, alerted the flight attendant. the student told authorities he was talking to his uncle about a speech given by the u.n. secretary-general which made a passing reference to isis. a pepper spray incident the uc davis. the university accused of trying to erase that memory. the chancellor is defending her university's actions. self-students were pepper sprayed by a campus police officer back in 2011, during an occupy protest. remember this video. the investigation shows university hired experts to scrub those images from the web. the chancellor says they were simply trying to make sure that the university's achievements would pop up higher on web searches. there have been calls for the resignation. rescuers are racing against time to find survivors of a 7.8
11:37 am
magnitude earthquake that struck over the weekend. the death tolls climbed to more than 400 as workers search the pacific coastline for people still missing. >> reporter: overnight, the stakes are high. rescue teams losing time as they pick away at a mountain of concrete. witnesses say people are inside. earli earlier, not far away, a man in the rubble signals rescue teams. fragile, but alive, two days after the quake. ecuador's president says there's still signs of life here, with children, pets rescued every day. hospitals are filling fast. but so are cemeteries. the 7.8 quake left more than 400 dead, and an american among those killed, and in ecuador, so much lo. still, some hope.
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miguel almaguer. >> fitness trackers keep you healthy but police can be using them to track your movements. nbc investigates, next. ==scott//2 shot== police are using a new tool to solve crimes.
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and you may be wearing it on your wrist right them police are using a new tool to solve crimes. you might be wearing it on our wrist now, giving them all of your personal information, fitness tracker. >> what if your fit's tracker could be used against you without permission? in a landmark case, police used that personal information as evidence against someone. could this open floodgates across the country? nbc's jeff rossen shows you how the cops did it. >> reporter: steps. step after step. your fitness tracker knows your every move. designed to help you stay healthy and lose weight. but it could be used against you. a fitbit helped crack a case in pennsylvania. a woman claiming she was fast asleep, ripped out of bed and sexually salted. when police got their hands on her fitbit, she was awake the entire time, walking around, proving she made it all up.
11:42 am
she's now on probation for making a false report. >> how critical was this fitbit evidence? >> it sealed the deal. we had other evidence we were looking at, suspicious, but the fitbit made all of the difference. >> reporter: what information can police get awe of fitness tracker? i bought this fitbit surge. i'm going to wear for 24 hours, hand it over to the police. you should know if you don't voluntarily hand it over they could try to get a warrant for it. first up today, headed to connecticut. walking down the street right now, i'm wearing my fitbit. i know it's recording my steps. but who would ever think it's recording exactly where i am? >> reporter: that's right. i have one of the new models, it has a gps tracker, and by afternoon, i'm on the move again. >> lunchtime, hoe broken, new jersey. >> reporter: then, it's back to nbc headquarters. >> back here in new york city. you can see i am at my desk in my office at 30 rockefeller
11:43 am
center. >> reporter: i still have my fitbit on. >> bedtime, i'm still wearing the fitbit to sleep. >> reporter: just days later, we bring my fitbit to the detective chris jones, he's the one who first used the fitbit in the landmark pennsylvania case. with my fitbit he does the same thing, plugging it in, instantly hitting the mother lode of personal information. what can you see. >> 9:03 in the morning you left new york city went to stan order to, connecticut. >> reporter: it's drawn out on the map. you have to down to the minute. >> i can see every minute. >> reporter: how fast were you able to get this? >> in less than one minute's time. >> reporter: he's seeing this data for the first time. >> we can see walking in hoboken new jersey. your heart rate as well as pace is increasing. here it just stops. >> reporter: i sat down for lunch there on the map. that's where i stopped. he's tracking my every step on the map. what are you doing here? west 50th and avenue of americas. >> reporter: that's nbc, that's where i work. 30 rock. >> i can see 4:03 p.m. you were
11:44 am
there. >> reporter: it gives you exact time and i was pacing around. >> it shows us that, yes. >> reporter: it's not just my location he can see. >> right here i can see you went to bed at 11:43 p.m., woke up at 7:42. >> reporter: if i was a suspect, sleeping at 9:00 p.m. couldn't have committed the crimes. >> i know you would not be truthful. that's what happened in the case we have. >> reporter: law enforcement across the country taking notice. is this the future for law enforcement? getting fitbits? >> when we have technology like fit fit, we're going to take advantage. and something comes out tomorrow and the next day and next year and we have to adapt and use that to do our jobs. >> police have been using fast pass things. nbc reaped out to fitbit. it's not just fitness tracker, smartphone, all track your location. police telling us, they'll use with a warrant whatever they can. >> a lot of you may be thinking, is my personal information and
11:45 am
what i don't want people to know, do i have to hand it over to police? you don't have to hand it over without a warrant. if you -- police know that you have one, they want that information, they have go a search warrant for your fitbit, the same for your phone or car. >> most shocking thing jeff rossen gets up 7:42 a.m. >> lucky. >> we get up at 2:30 a.m. i want to work on the "today" show, how about you? >> yeah. you know, checking my heart rate now. i'm doing pretty good. i have to let somebody else wear this a while. let's get a look outside at sunol. it is a beautiful day for getting in those steps, exercising and then later on, i give it another hour or two, it's heating up. we do have some clouds moving in. and this will be with us for the next couple of days. by friday, we'll have rain moving into the bay area. but those high clouds that you're seeing now, that's the
11:46 am
reason why. it's 69 degrees now in the north bay. 66 degrees in san francisco. and 76 degrees in the south bay. let's get a closer look now at north bay. all of the weather underground sites in navato, 74. in calistoga, 77. starting to feel warm. belvedere, 61. now, break it down for livermore. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, a lot more sunshine. then, the clouds start to move in. by 3:00, it's very warm, 82. daught during evening commute, heading home from, who, 80. later on this evening, as the sun sets 70. feeling mild. we've had high humidity here throughout the morning. we will see that into tonight as well. going out to giants game, back to our normal weather. it won't be as warm as it was yesterday for the evening game. 65, that's where we'll be at first pitch, height wind, a few
11:47 am
clouds, 61. we don't have much of an onshore flow. the wind forecast. arrows showed the winds blowing in 5, 10 miles an hour, through the day it only slowly picks up to about 15 miles an hour. but we see winds shifting direction, very calm, light and variable wind. we'll have changes in forecast ready for a chance of rain by friday. only chance of rain we have in the forecast for the next several days, it does happen before the weekend. and it could be heavy at times throughout friday afternoon. here we are on saturday, it already clears out of here. so don't expect rain to linger into saturday. but we will have potential for pretty good amount of rain, maybe even 3/4 of an inch in san francisco. some higher amounts farther to the north. over a half of an inch in san jose, which would be pretty good, considering that it's been so warm and so dry. we'll bring it back down temperaturewise, upper 60s in
11:48 am
the south bay thursday. and peninsula, 67 degrees by the end of the week. more clouds mixing in san francisco. coming down from 76 today. we'll also have upper 70s, low 80s in the north bay, east bay, tri-valley but bring it back down to upper 60s, low 70s by the end of the week. friday, scattered showers, once again. maybe good soaking. and rest of the weekend is looking good as we will have seasonable temperatures. highs in upper 60s for the peninsula on saturday afternoon. back to you. >> thank you. next at 11:00, a star of "everyone loves raymond" is being remembered. doris roberts has passed away. a look at her long career and utes aemmy winning shows. ring in today for veteran stage and
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television actress doris roberts. roberts died sunday, at the age tributes pouring in for veteran stage and television actress, doris roberts. she died sunday age 90. >> best remembered in modern day for her role as ray romano's mother on "everybody loves raymond" she lives behoonds a career that spans six decades. becoming one of hollywood's moef prolific stars. >> you've got milk spots. >> how can you tell it's milk from there? >> it's what i do. >> reporter: iconic character actress, doris roberts' career spanned more than six decades. born in st. louis, raised in new york city, she made her broadway debut in 1955, her feature film debut in 1961 "something mild." >> she wouldn't give you the time of day. >> reporter: commanding presence on television, roberts was nominated for 11 prime time
11:52 am
emmys, winning her first in 1983, for her appearance on medical drama "st. elsewhere" from there a career breakthrough. versatility and emmy win helping her land the role of mildred krebs on remington steel, a part written for a younger woman. best remembered as marie. >> please, don't send us any more food again. >> reporter: ray romano's loving but medttlesome mother. >> it's a different fruit every month. >> every month? >> yes, yes, they call it fruit of the month club. >> it's a club? >> give it -- oh my god. >> i can't talk. too much food in the house! >> reporter: the role earned her four more emmys. >> wow. >> reporter: in a statement, ray romano said, quote, doris roberts had an energy and spirit that amazes me. she never stopped she did it all
11:53 am
with a grand life for love and people. i will miss her daily. roberts shared her love for performing in an early age. >> i loved it. the feeling of that, of recognition and attention, that's when it bit me, 5 years old. >> reporter: doris roberts died peacefully in her sleep sunday in los angeles at 90. >> that show would not have been the same without her. >> extraordinary. what a career.
11:54 am
11:55 am
a miraculous rescue in the icy waters of eastern russia.
11:56 am
you see these crews working here to free four killer a miraculous rescue in the icy waters of eastern russia. the crews there, you see, working to free four killer whales from the ice. the orcas got stuck in an ice floe that boxed them in. >> took hours of work. the workers moved enough blocks of ice and able to swim back into open water. wasn't there a movie had the same plot? >> there was a free willie. i don't know if it was ice floe. >> somebody write us on twitter. >> chris nbc, tell us what it was. >> the forecast. >> it is another toasty day. but not as hot as yesterday. it is starting to feel better but look at these temperatures. warming up, we're at 79 in the south bay, above our average high of 70. reaching 83 today. san francisco, 76 degrees there in the north bay today. lots of sunshine. 80 degrees. >> all right. speaking for both of us, both
11:57 am
out of town yesterday. >> mexico. >> it was warm. you were in iowa. >> iowa 80. >> you get home, thinking we'll get our beautiful bay area weather. got off the plane -- >> yeah. wait till tomorrow. >> hot everywhere. >> thank you for joining us. next newscast tonight at 5:00. >> find the latest information, you have kris nbc on twitter, scott mcgrew on twitter. >> kari hall on weather.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
hillary and bill, out bright and early this morning in new york's primary. welcome to "access hollywood live." >> you knew the papers were going to have fun with this. start with the cover of the post. i love the picture of hillary they put up. that's not fair. >> feeling the bern. hillary sweats into new york primary. what's with bernie? >> if bernie picks this off, bernie goes the distance. remember, "the


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