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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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advantage aftershock rattling that already devastated country. an update on injury and possible damages coming up. and more developments from your traffic situation as well as two crashes, both involving a big rig, both are slammed. look at this like picture. we are following the developments as they just removed a minivan from underneath this big rig. we will bring you whatever hope there is for an alternate coming up. >> reporter: another freeway shooting here in the east bay. this one fatal. i'm bob redell. i will take you loo i have been to pitsburg coming up. a major decision that will impact tens of thousands of people struggling to make rents. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> mike just mentioned, a second ago, a serious slow down right now on 880. mike, you were showing us a second ago, a minivan had to be pulled from underneath a truck.
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>> good morning to you. a situation over here with major injuries as a result of that crash. there is that truck carrying tires. the minivan on the back of this truck. >> that tow truck was wedged underneath the big rig for a period of time, block all of your lanes, a and then now down to one lane, it looks like they have stopped traffic again to remove additional debris. they may be getting ready to open a second lane. this is northbound 880 t. traffic is held up right here. they're clearing one, maybe two more lanes. then as they're getting crews here, clearing this backup, another crash on the southbound side. there is that big rig. it slammed into the center divide. the rig itself is over or through the center divide, leaving debris. >> that is what they are clearing up there, getting two issues cleared up at the same time t. southbound side is down to three lanes in that area as well. let's show you how extensive that backup is. northbound out of freedom, you
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are backed up for about three miles up to where we have a number of issues. the most severe is that crash. they are down to one lane northbound, southbound, we have six miles jammed from where you see the backups starting in the morning, back up towards that big rig crash. your options, well, if you get some from the south, you are looking at union city boulevard, it's clearer out. the unfortunate thing is it zigzags through, there is not a great position, other than those two. you will track that stay on the peninsula side. we will show you the rest of your commute. it's not complicated by rain, what do you have for us'd? >> today it starts off with clear skies and chilly temperatures, definitely the heater on to start out the day. air conditioner later on this afternoon. it is 43 degrees now in the north bay. all cheer skies, tracking a slight chance of some rain that may move into the far north bay. otherwise, expect sunshine, into the low '80s today. 83 degrees in the tri-valley.
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san francisco will be a comfortable 72 degrees. i'll talk more about that rain for the end of the week coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. breaking news and another major aftershock rattling the country of ecuador. the 6.1 earthquake struck off shore about 2:00 in the morning our time, 4:00 a.m. local time, there are reports of minor injuries no major damage has been reported t. death toll from saturday's quake has now risen to 525 people. now, president obama assures that country that the u.s. will provide help to the thousands of victims in the quake zone. a developing story in yet another shooting along the busy bay area highway in contra kosta county. this time the shooting ended in a crash and one person dead. it happened in highway 4 in pittsburg last night. >> bob redell is joining us. we are talking about a dozen shooting in the past month on
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east bay freeways. >> reporter: in the past months, there were have been several shootings the most recent on highway 4. can you see where that chain link fence was damaged. that's where the car in last night's shooting crashed through and ended up here at california near the intersection with diane. the driver was headed westbound on highway 4 when their car was hit with several bullets near the loveridge road exit. the driver lost control, when itself off the road, through that fence, on to california, which we are now familiar runs parallel to the highway t. driver was declared dead on the scene. chp issued a sig alert, shut down the westbound direction until around 1:00 this morning, starting to do its investigation and try to figure out what led up to this. this is the 17th highway shooting to take place on east bay freeways over the past six months. >> kweed liwe'd like for it to . this is getting too rough here. innocent people can get hurt
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here. and it just happens too often. every two months, we're having a shooting on the freeway. that's scary. but there the a lot of road rage, people lose their tempers real fast, just in changing lane es. >> reporter: law enforcement doesn't know yet if last night's shooting was the result of road rage, gang violence or something else. reporting live here in pittsburgh. roh bob redem, "today in the bay." . new details on a search in berkeley a. man shooting a homeless person. the shooting happened on kittridge street on uc campus last thursday morning. you can actually see the man with the gun. he was walking through a car wash on the corner following an argument, shots were fired at a man standing in front of his apartment complex. >> apparently, there was some sort of argument between two men. the argument escalated and one
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of them pulled out a pistol and shot at the other one. >> witnesses described the shooter as a tall, thin man, wearing a bucket-shaped hat and a distinctive rhone chain. today we could get a progress report on looming changes to the san francisco police department. san francisco's police commission meets tonight. now, the agenda includes an update on the rollout of new use of force policies. those include using new deescalation techniques and relying less on deadly weapons. commissioners will also be discussing the implementation of body cameras. >> new york is making a big decision. hillary clinton and donald trump with impressive wins in the big apple's primary. on the gop side, donald trump won more than 60% of the votes. clinton pulling in more than 1 million votes last night, more than all three republicans combined. >> today you proved once again there's no place like home. >> thank you, new york. we love new york.
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>> they both needed those wins. coming up in our next half hour, today in the bay, tracy potts will join us live from washington, d.c. she'll have more on how the candidates are preparing for the next company. >> certainly some oxygen to the trump campaign there. while you were sleeping, san jose leaders councilmembers votesed 6-to-5 to change the city's existing rent ordinance for the first time in ab 37 years. hundreds of people packed last night's meeting that ended at 2:00 a.m. changes include limitingage rent increases to 5%. councilmembers approved an ordinance outlawing retaliation evictions. we're going to bring you a live report coming up at 6:30. is it the end of small town living? that's what many people fear is a massive new retail and housing project gets approved. the north 40 project was up for discussion last night. it is a proposed 40-acre
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development right next to highway 17. it would have 320 residential units and a lot of retail space. city leaders decided to start a study group to inform the public about the project. >> i think it behooves all of us the planning commission the school board and the public to be on the same page of information. >> i can't believe a town would allow a project like this magnitude to go through. >> it would change the looks of that area t. north 40 project has been under public discussion for eight years now. the planning commission will take up that proposal once again next week. we are seeing some significant changes in your forecast. a cooling trend, now moving on in the week. >> i kind of like it. let's check in with kari. she has a look at temperatures for us. >> i think that's what many people were thinking. summer came really fast. but we will be back to spring soon as we take a look outside. a couple of very light sprinkles
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on the radar, well to the west. also that will be moving into the north bay later on today. not expecting widespread rain until this next cluster of clouds moves in on friday. now this morning, as you get the day started, it is all clear, 48 degrees in the east bay, 63 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula, the south bay at 51 degrees. we'll talk about that rain moving in on friday and look ahead to the week. that's coming up if less than ten minutes. mike still keeping us updated on the morning commute. >> we will show you, there is more backup, i guess i can show you. that we have steadily now showing traffic flowing northbound with two lanes. two proper lanes opened. they were using the shoulder for a period of time. southbound three lanes are opened. you can see it now clearly as the sun comes up. >> that cab is over, separated from the rig, itself, by that center divide, it's teetering there. that was the second of the crashes. the first one looks like they've moved some of those vehicles from that northbound side. they have a lot of cleanup and clearing to do still t. jam
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shows you both direction, three additional miles of backup on our map. we have the slowing in towards hayward, down towards union city, it's jammed. alvarado, niles the scene of that crash, you are jammed from before dakota, somewhere north of fremont boulevard is where you are slaling on the brakes there. there is the southbound direction t. better news, aside from that, we are seeing a lighter throw around the bay. so you may have opportunity for mission boulevard or union city boulevard, which are major surface streets. northbound through the area. if you can stay over at the peninsula side and get to either of those bridges, if you normally cross on, for example the san mateo bridge. get towards your scene that way. the city streets will be crowded. the rest of the bay, tow though, looking good, starting here for 101. >> sun coming up, too. >> good. right now, coming up, will he or won't he play tomorrow?
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we are talking warrior's star seth curry. we'll have an update on that ankle injury of his. plus, take a look at this video. it looks like your average car fire. it's what likely sparked those flames that makes this scene so official. . and intel announces massive job cuts. is it the sign of something to come? we'll take a look coming up. grmplts
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a bold proclamation from the
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state of utah - . >> we're following breaking news, continuing developments, two big rigs in both directions slammed down from hayward, union city and fremont, i'm tracking the progress. they'll show you how far you can go. >> we're going to check back with you soon. thank you very much, mike. a bold proclamation from the state of utah declaring pornography quote a public health crisis. in front of a packed crowd yesterday, the state's governor gary herbert signed what's essentially a symbolic bill. the resolution declares pornography an epidemic. this makes utah the first state in the country to take such an action. while the bill does not go so far as to ban pornography, it does call for policy changes to address what the governor calls a plague harming children is there that we do not want to tramp on people's first amy rights. we want them to have facts, data, good science, heightened aware inside, so they make a correct decision in their own
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lives. >> and critics say that that bill is driven by ignorance. they say conservative politicians are trying to squash sex education efforts. new video to show you this morning of a car fire in northern illinois. it looks like most car fires that you see. authorities say this one was likely sparked by an electronic cigarette left in the center console. firefighters say the fire started in that console. luckily, no one was inside the card and no one was hurt. it appears surged pricing is here to stay. >> yesterday, a state senate panel blocked a measure aimed at preventing ride sharing service like uber and lyft from adjusting their prices on demand. it fell one vote short in the senate transportation and housg committee. new this morning, mitsubishi car maker says employees improperly my opinioned fuel economy reports of 600 thousand cars sold in japan t. company's
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president says he's ashamed, auto makers i should say face similar scandals, including hyundai and kia in germany's volkswagon. >> one of silicon valley's about to contract. >> it's going to lay off ostaggering 12,000 people. we have been in the boom cycle for so long. you think it's the start of something? >> that is really the $64,000 question, isn't it? though many families make bigger salaries than that at intel? santa clara based intel says it will cut 11% of the work force globally. >> that works out to that 12,000 number give or take. >> that is globally not all of the layoffs will come in the south bay. frankly, many will. intel says it's restructuring. it's pivoting away from chips and computers towards other things. very few people buy computers these days. intel makes those chips. so this might be the first indication. this is not the sign of darker days for the bay area economy. if we think of these layoffs as
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the result of that pivot. not because the economy is slowing. it's obviously no consolation to the family's affected. analysts, at the challenger grey christmas say, yes, it would be wrong to assume increased job cuts are a sign of week insiakn here comes the but, maybe. intel is pivoting, but maybe the loss of good jobs will trick him down. this is something we talked about before. how dependent the city of san francisco, in particular, on the luxury economy the door dashers and the washios and the delivery-type companies. these thrive when people have big paying jobs. they'd rather pay than pick up their food or laundry. i don't think 12,000 jobs will change that. but i do worry, sam, lawyer remarks some of the second trench industries, who ung they can survive if there is that next dip. so, again, i don't think this is a sign of a bigger this inc. to come. i think we're getting close,
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though. >> maybe a sign of things to watch. >> for sure. >> hard to pay someone to go out and pig up your laundry when you worry about paying your bills. >> precisely, it begins to snowball, particularly in san francisco. the south bay is way left dependent on that kind of industry. >> all right. scott, thank you very much. >> all right, how independent are the warriors than seth curry? >> awfully dependent. >> a lot of fans are, too. despite food news surrounding his average him. we don't know if he's going to be good to go for game three in houston. >> this is a top job for coach kerr. he underwent an mri. the warriors say the results showed nothing of concern. curry did sit out monday night's game to win over the rockets in or cam after injuring his ankle during game one over the week t. warriors are up two games to nothing in that series. now they go to houston where they will play later today. >> you want to make sure he is okay as well. >> if they have serious ambitions and we know they do
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about getting back to the championship and winning again, they're not going to do it without seth curry. they're a great team in the team is doing great. >> he will curry on with us, hopefully. let's check that forecast for today with kari. a little cooler as we start our day. >> cooler, all clear skies. here's a look at the sun rise from san francisco, looking at the golden gate bridge. absolutely gorgeous starting out the day. we will see clouds mixing in later on this afternoon. now with this 43 degrees in the north bay, 53 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula, kind of cool to start out. you pay have to put on a nice little warm jack or crank up the heater as you get in the car. downtown, it is 46 degrees. .
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467 dray forecast at the bottom of the screen. will you see our temperature trend going downward. this is the way it looks on the maps, we will have '80s inland and some 70s along the coast. by tomorrow, we see the shift of 70s inland and some 60s along the coast. on friday, it gets cooler. it's all because we will have some showers moving in. also some dangerous conditions right along our beaches. so by thursday, we could have sneaker waves and the risk of rip currents. weak storm systems move in today that bring if more clouds, spotty showers for the forth bay. we start to see the rain moving into the north bay late thursday night t. rest of us on friday and then it clears out if time for the week with the potential of about a quarter of an inch for most of the south bay a. little higher for the north bay up to over an inch or half inch of rain. this week, expect beautiful weather after that system moves out, we will have highs reaching into the mid- to upper-60s. low 70s for the tri-valley and
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on sunday, up to 70s degrees in the south bay. let's check in now with mike getting an update on that east bay crash. >> we had a horrible backup for folks over on the east bay. our chopper shows you the second of the crashes, really, this is going to be a huge issue for cleanup. this rick the cab is hanging over onto the northbound side. this is on the southbound side. both sides affected. we are down two lanes, down one lane, an hov on the southbound side, traffic is jammed up in area. we will show you on the map how extensive that is. northbound, southbound jamming up from 238. six miles of jam. that's one option for folks south of 92, mission boulevard, we'll take it through the area. it's a good distance off the freeway. the better news, if you don't have to drive from there, you are cleared for most of the rest of the bay area. although here on the peninsula southbound, there has been a crash. we got three lanes blocked south. are you jammed out of san
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francisco towards daly city. over in palo alto, we have cameras all over the bay t. bay bridge toll plaza has nothing unexpected. back to you. >> good to hear. thank you, mike. coming up next, weeding out the problems. the steps san francisco is taking to make sure that today's 420 celebrations go off without a hitch. and i'm live if pacifica where the crumbling cliffside is starting to take down yet another house. but the homeowner here has a chance to save for a dream home t. real action starts today. those details coming up. you see a lot of action on the ike as well. look at the s&p center, the sharks hoping to take three games to one lead over the kings in rounds one of the playoffles. the puck drops tonight at 7:30. we are back in two minutes. area home - about 20 feet so its
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out of harms way. >> a short move, in a few hours, hydraulic lifts will move this bay area home 20 feet. out of harm's way. >> stephanie, the family says it is too dangerous to keep living in that home, so close to that crumbling cliffside. that 20-foot move, is that permanent? >> it is not. the hope is to find a permanent lot. but this began as a dream home seven years ago. it's ocean front. you can see why, you can see the
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water right behind it. but it's become a problem, this el nino year. you see the house is about four feet up. the goal is to bring it closer to the sidewalk. again as a temporary measure. now the city yellow tags this house. eating away at this cliffside, destroying the retaining wall here as well as what was once a small back yard. crews spent hours lifting the house yesterday, separateing it from its foundation to get ready for the move set for 10:30 this morning t. homeowner says she is sad but hopeful she can find a home for her house nearby. >> it's a place to spend your last day on earth. which is what i would have liked to have done, stay here. if i can stay if pacifica, that's a pretty good second choice. >> and it is the latest story of el nino impacts. people that live at 310 the apartments wanted to overturn the red tagging that building. they rejected that unanimously
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after the city dell lished the red tags next door. the city managers saying it is not just a plan to be yellow tagging or red tagging these places. to make sure no one builds in these compromised places ever again, okay, to keep them safe. live here in pacifica, "today in the bay." >> it's too close. breaking news, creating problems for your morning commute. a live look along interstate 880 through union city, two accidents, both side of the freeway. we'll have an updated way to get around it coming up right after the break. new york is a big win for the front runners, democrat and republican. i'm tracy potts. we got results, plus what's next? >> i'm chris sanchez at san jose city hall, which was packed until 2:00 this morning the council decided nar rely to make the first changes to its rent control ordinance in nearly 40
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years. good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon, we have a problem on union city 880, mike is following a big traffic mess on both sides of the freeway. >> this is in union city near alvarado, niles. we are looking atsouthbound side on to and into the debris, this tow truck looks like they're lifting the rig, separated from the cab. we are watching for progress. look at this jam, the map will
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show you how extensive the slowing it. it sticks out like a sore thumb. we are jamming in hayward south to union city and fremont north, about six miles south, a really slow drive. mission boulevard is a good option as far as traffic flow. tough to get through the city. meanwhile, if are you on the other side of the bay, you have one issue you are watching. southbound 280. west bureau, an earlier crash. in the backup, we seen a number of other cars, slow south, that's it for the peninsula drive as well, kari the weather at least is helping us out, clear the scenes faster. what's coming up in your forecast? >> we will have rain in the forecast by the end of the week today, mostly staying dry, sunshine, a chilly start to the morning. it is 49 degrees. 53 degrees in the peninsula. expect a high of 80 today in the peninsula and south bay. some low 70s for the north bay and san francisco.
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a few clouds, a slight chance of rain for the far north bay. we'll all see a chance of rain by the ends of the week. so i'll detail that coming up in less than ten minutes. back to you, sam, laura. >> kari, thank you. now, politics and decision 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton dealing a blow to the moment item of the other candidates. both front runners bringing in sizable victories on their home turf of new york yesterday. >> "today in the bay" tracy potts is live in washington, d.c., on more how this impacts the race for the white house and even moving forward. >> reporter: and moving forward is what both sides want to do. especially the front runner, donald trump need only 57% of the remaining delegates to win this. doable. not a done deal. doable. as for hillary clinton, she is in the process of pulling far ahead. she says se can see that nomination in sight. >> you have proved once again, there's no place like home. >> reporter: hillary clinton the
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projected winner in new york this morning, with more than half the vote and 177 more delegates. bernie sanders picked up 105 delegates so far. he says new york's closed primary for registered democrats only isn't fair. >> some 3 million new yorkers were unable to vote today because they have registered as independents, not democrats or republicans. and that makes no sense to me at all. >> reporter: donald trump also wins his home state by a landslide. >> we don't have much of a race anymore, based on what i'm seeing on television. we will go into the convention i think as the winner. >> onward to victory. >> ted cruz came in third, shut out in, no. he moves to. pa. his game plan to win the nomination during a contested convention. >> yeahing look at this, huh? >> thanks for fighting for us. >> john kasich finished second if new york. picked up three delegates.
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he'soncentrating on upcoming states, especially indiana, hoping the mid-west will once again keep his campaign alive. but before indiana, all of these candidates have five other states to compete in next tuesday. those contests are, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, big rise, rhode island and connecticut. back to you. >> well, you know, kari, some political experts think delegate-rich california will play a major role in the presidential nominations. nbc bay area larry gerston believes trump can clinch it june 27ing. >> it's possible he can walk away after california with enough delegates. it's also possible with so 'states still out that he may not have enough and in that case, it would be an open or what some people call a contested convention. >> larry gerston thinks clinton will wrap up the democratic nomination. santa clara registrars office is expected record turnout this year. it has purchased four mail-in
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ballot counting machines. counteding the hours. it was a few hours ago, san jose city council members voted to do something the city hasn't done in almost 40 years. set limits on rosieing rents. >> they were late up into the night signing it. the decision came down in a packed meeting as well. it didn't end still until about 2:00 this morning? >> reporter: it didn't end until about 2:00 this morning, lawyer. >> reporter: before that one city council member was quoted as saying we do not make our best decision at 1:30 in the morning, yet here we are. it was crowded with hundreds of renters, landlords, in the end, no one got exactly what they wanted out of that 6-to-5 vote. you might want to take a look at your screen.
6:36 am
the . relocation assistance for renters, and a request from one councilman to freeze all rent hikes while the council finalizes this rent control ordinance. this is according to mercury news the reporter was there until the meeting ended. just about four hours ago or so. now, again, this affects 4400 units in san jose t. renters say they don't feel protected. landlords say they can't recoup their costs of investment, they may have to sell. but again, no one happy with
6:37 am
this. and sometimes that is the sign of a, the best deal that can be reached when no one is truly happy, i suppose. chris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> maybe free education will help, president obama has been pushing for free community college. now a san francisco leader is as well. supervisors jane kim is introducing a proposal to make city college of san francisco free for people that live and work in the city. she says it will cost about $13 million a year. it will come from passing taxes on the wealthy. the supervisors is hoping voters will take up that issue in november. a follow-up now. lace up those walking and cycling shoes. san francisco will close roads officially around twin peaks. supervisors approved a plan yesterday, they were busy a. portion of twin peaks boulevard will be closed to traffic starting june 1st. it will be shut down two years to give more room for walkers and cyclists. if the closure is successful the city will keep the roadway closed permanently. >> 6:37, new action by governor
6:38 am
brown may speed up federal funding. the governor yesterday declared a state of emergency for 11 counties affected by heavy storms last month. the list includes alameda, contra kosta, san mateo and sonoma county t. governor's proclamation includes a cost to repair a massive sink hole that crippled a busy section in the east bay. today, laura, is 4/20, the unofficial, unofficial, but very much observed holiday for pot smokers. >> very much observed, thousands are expected to attend festivities in golden gate park. some hot historians say a group of san rafael students in the '70s, nick nailed the waldos celebrated or started that celebration. they apparently would get high at 4:20 after school. >> we want 4/20 to be like new year's eve, last a whole week. >> marijuana was kind of being
6:39 am
passed around to folks who were underage a. lot of trash and and have ammism and urination. >> extra city workers will be on hand to try to clean up during today's celebration. more officers will be patrolling as well. there will be street closures around hippy hills starting at 10:00 a.m. there will be plenty of things burning out there, hopefully, not your skin. we saw high temperatures reach '80s. at one point, those have come down since then. good morning. >> good morning, sam, laura. yes, we will have slightly cooler temperatures again today a. light breeze that comes in on shore. we're talking a look now at ocean beach. one of the great places to go cool off. it will, though, be in the low 70s today in san francisco. right now, it's 53 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula. the south bay at 51 degrees. and the east bay, check income at 48 degrees. so a cool start into the next couple of days. we get ready for some rain. i'm detail that coming up in the next microclimate forecast in
6:40 am
less than ten minutes. let's get an update on what's happening with that crash and if there is any progress. yet, mike. >> kari, there is progress. it's not an issue as far as the traffic volume. look over here the fire struck still on standby, just in case anything might go wrong. there is fuel undoubtedly in these tanks. this ridge continues to try and raise up that trailer. i think they're going to try to detach it. swing it back over, so it's parallel with the center divide, maybe they can move that. look at that the cab is crushed up, having crashes through that cement divider. you see all that debris they have cleared. this continues over here, quite a spectacle or the northbound side. let's look at the map on the backup here. on the east bay, it sticks out like a sore thumb. you see the crash, having busted through the center divide. the rig, itself, is on the southbound side, so sticks i six miles southbound, jammed up towards afl ra do ylvarado or f.
6:41 am
fremont has some slowing, agirl, coming through that area because of more traffic. meanwhile on the peninsula side, southbound 280 a slow drive off coleman to west borough. this crash at hickey looks like they've cleared one more lane. we will track both sides of the bay. the rest of the bay we didn't show you was very well. coming up next, check your tech messages careful 4ri t. scam that could be putting your personal information at risk. charging up in the south bay t. big opening today, making it a lot easier for drivers who use electric vehicles to get around. plus those chip cards, that i are really slow in the checkout. they will have a little speed up. we will tell you all about it as we look at the dow down just three, four points. coming up on "today" hillary clinton and donald trump change the game in the presidential race. also ahead the new scandal rocking the cycling world. are some riders using motors on
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their bikes to speed past the competition. dr. oz with simple allergy reveals. we will see you right here on "today golf. electric vehicle owners have a
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6:44 am
new option to charge their cars in the south bay. ==vo== a new charging center opens today at the public parking garage .. right across fro >> electric vehicle owners have a new option to charge their cars in the south bay. a new charging center opens today at the public parking garage across from levi stadium. >> that center features 48 charging stayings and one so-called super quick fast charger. the city of santa clara and silicon valley power work towing
6:45 am
to open that new facility. we're talking about charging. san francisco about to become the first city in the country to require solar panels on all new buildings. the board of supervisors approved that measure yesterday, it requires solar panels on new homes and businesses. supervisors unanimously passed that law. many of us have iphones and now there is a a warning to watch your techs closely. someone is pretending to be apple in trying to steal your personal information. thieves are texting messages asking you to verify and update your apple i.d. it's actually a scam checked to a fake website aimed at gathering your data. >> their name, address, potentially their credit card information. some go as far as asking for passport information, things of that nature. >> that could be really dangerous for the customer. >> apple says it does not send techs like this. >> the scams get speakier by the day. right now, 12,000 people and
6:46 am
families facing job losses this morning as silicon valley is announcing lawoffs. >> the ceo says it's one of the most difficult decisions he had to make, laura, ceos always say that. intel is pivoting its business as he sees the demand for chips and computers fall. fewer people buy fuel computers these days. intel will lay off 11% of its work force. that's globally. but it will affect the southeast bay shore for sure. here's our sister network cnbc. >> reporter: first, let me be transparents and say those are difficult decisions. those are friends, those are people i worked with for many, many years and so it's a difficult decision to make. >> intel made that announcement tuesday afternoon. we watch earnings announcement carefully. really smaller companies today,
6:47 am
citrix and tomorrow we get word from google. the bay area says it will speed up the process for kip cards for visas. a lot of consumers complain this takes a very long time for the approval process. and, indeed, one store i was talking to says as they convert to chip card readers, they're wondering if they have to add another charb sheer line simply because the transactions take much longer. when you aggregate that over the day, this means fewer commerce served. visa says it's noticed. it will try to speed it up. >> maybe she should have patience. >> reporter: we should stare at the card and go, come on. >> you are such an optimism. we love that. >> i want faster service, i'm not afraid to say it. >> i do like to look for the silver lining. >> you always do. you are such a positive person. >> already, let's see, cooler temperatures today. that's the good thing. >> that's a great thing.
6:48 am
>> carrie hall, we have another great thing in the works. that's more rain coming. good morning. >> laura will love this fracht. we'll have sunshine today, temperatures coming down, a beautiful sunrise as we take a look at all those beautiful hues int sky and as we get more sun today, it will still be warm, especially for those inland areas. a little bit cooler along the coasts, low 50s for now in san francisco and the peninsula, the south bay at 51 degrees, let's drop in on san francisco now to get a closer look at those temperatures, from all of our weather underground sites. at twin pakistani, it's 52 degrees, soma 56. fsu in the lower 50s. if you are headed out to at&t park today for the giants game. at first pitch. you know how much the winds can pick up. if you are going to san jose tonight for the sharks' game, beautiful weather for that too.
6:49 am
automatic pre-game activities. mostly sunny skies, 72 degrees at the start of the match. winds come income from the northwest at five-to-15 miles an hour. look at all the cliemts today, gilroy up to 83 degrees. outer sunset at 68 degrees, low 70s for the north bay, fairfield reaching 80 degrees. we'll also have 80 in union city and livermore. a slight chance of some rain farther to the north, mainly north of santa rosa and then we'll start to see the spotty rain moving in by tomorrow. on friday is when all of the bay area will see the rain moving in from morning, it's early afternoon, by evening, it clears out, moves off to the east. makes way for a beautiful weekend as we will have some nice cool temperatures and some sunshine. the estimated rain during that time on friday, it looks look we could have about a quarter of an inch of rain for most of the south bay. over towards the east bay, a little bit more. up to a half an inch for the north bay. up to .6 of an inch of rain in santa rosa.
6:50 am
highs this weekend will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. feeling better even than it will today. a beautiful weekend headed in, comfortable temperatures, mostly sunny skies. it will be nice to get that rain before we head back into some dry weather. let's check? now with mike, get an update on that morning compute. >> kari, i have been watching this carefully. it's driving me nuts. these people keep walking underneath this rig. now the good news is they can walk under it. it's being lifted up. they are trying to clear it from the cab to separate the two and presumably clear one or the other or possibly both. that's our chopper shot live over 880 at alvarado now. >> that crash is the second of two that's caused all of this jam that you see on the map. this is slam down for both directs. holding steady, though. this sticks out. most of the bay moves very well, northbound, you are jammed up towards the scene. the earlier crash cleared from the northbound side. you saw, have you two lanes opened past the scene, where they're trying to clear the southbound crash. north, maybe four miles jamming
6:51 am
up from fullerton, southbound jammed up. it's solid from 230 past the san mateo bridge. mission boulevard is getting a little more crowded, if you can zigzag, great. if you don't know the surface streets there. stick it out. you are flowing past that scene. over on the peninsula, you are flowing slowly down towards west borough. >> that crash at hickey does have a couple lanes blocked, still, they continued to show only improvement. that's the only slow section. once you get past there towards 380 and the airport, everything is great for 280 and 101 there. in the north bay, san rafael, a good volume of traffic. no problems, to the 580 split. back to you. >> mike, thank you. earlier, kari was talking about a cluster of rain. another one headed towards houston. well, a developing story now from that city. at least seven feel have died in the worst flooding that houston has seen in a decade, five of those people died after their
6:52 am
cars were swept away by rushing water. it's been raining there since this weekend. some parts of houston reporting up to 14 inches of rain and that is just in the last 24 hours. it is 6 slchltceo, criminal charges could be coming for several people in connection with the drinking what under the circumstances crisis in flint, michigan t. state attorney general is expected to make the announcement this morning t. charges will be brought against three officials, two with the states of department of environmental quality t. other works for the city of flints. people living there were exposed to toxic levels of lead in their drinking water for 18 months. well, the fight against pediatric cancer, getting a big boost. >> today giants catcher buster posey and his wife will make an announcement about a philanthropic program t. poseys plan to help raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer research and will workt the giants' organization to put together events at the ballpark. what is really neat about there is buster posey thought about
6:53 am
becoming a pediatrician if a career in baseball didn't work out. >> i love their generosity. coming up, an update to breaking news, we will need more help next what door t. shaking continues there. another strong earthquake hits this devastating country. we will have an updated on injuries and damage next. >> first happening right now, as kari hall mentioned. >> i'm bob redell, i will take you live to pittsburg coming up. first, happening now as kari hall mentioned, rain chances going up for the bay area. now is a good time to download the free nbc bay area map to track the rain down to your doorstep. plus, it's known as one of the biggest water waisters. now a country club on the peninsula, facing more scrutiny. this time for something else they're doing. we posted that story on our home page. we are back in two minutes. bay area....
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6:56 am
==laura/boxes== . welcome back. 6:56 on your wednesday, before you head out the door, here's a look at the top stories on the nbc bay area. >> bob redell is following another shooting. the time, someone died, bob. >> unfortunately, you are correct. chp has not determined yet whether the shooting took place on highway 4 behind me in
6:57 am
pitsburg was the result of road rage, gang violence or something else. you can see the chain link fence, the victim's car careened off the highway on to california, which is a vied road that runs parallel to highway 4. this happened around 8:00 last night the driver was wested westbound when someone opened fire on their car near loveridge. the driver lost control, went off the freeway before coming to a stop. they were declared dead on the scene. this is the 17th shooting to take place on highway 4 and interstates 80 and 580 since november. which is why pittsburg activist william lee is so concerned about his and other's safety. >> yes, i am, very much so. especially at night. it's pretty dangerous. just on the freeway. there is a lot of road rage going on over here that could have been the situation. >> reporter: again, chp has not yet determined whether this was the result of road rage. they haven't even found the shooter yet. they did issue a sig alert last
6:58 am
night and shut down westbound highway 4 until around 1:00 this morning, so they can conduct their investigation. reporting live here in pittsburg, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. breaking news, a 6.1 strike struck about 2:00 our time. there are reports of minor injuries. no major damage has been reported so far from this particular aftershock. we have enough damage from before. this is after math from saturday's 7.8 magnitude quake t. death toll from that quake now stands at a 525 people. the president, of course, has pledged, the u.s. will help the people who have been victimized by thater earthquake. >> they needed a lot of help this morning. >> it's been a tough drive. let's look at the chopper shot. this is the second of two crashes. we had an original shot northbound 880 in alvarado now. it has cleared as they have
6:59 am
hoped. but this second crash, this big rig busted through the center divide. they're now trying to separate the rig from the cab and move the rick from the trailer, itself, the cab, there is fuel spilled there. they will have cleanup and repair pair work there. we have three lanes available southbound. look at the jam. it shows up on our maps. it's slow through the area. you are jammed down to the scene and throughout tennison, sorry, thornton up to the scene. the rest of the bay looks good, very good by comparison to union city. mission boulevard, that's a good option. >> the spine of the east bay there. >> that is one of the most critical. the most critical. >> when you check your radar recently, you got to be smiling. here we got more rain in the works. >> yes, that moves in on friday. we could have a couple very spotty showers in the north bay t. rest of the bay area dry, after a school start, headed up to the low 70s the north baif of san francisco, low '80s for the south bay, tri-valley and the
7:00 am
peninsula. there that's what's happening today in the bay. we will be back with a live look and update. >> join us for nbc bay area news, we will have updates on those crashes. good morning. decisive victories. donald trump and hillary clinton walk away with big wins in new york. both now talking like the general election is set. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight. >> so have new york values ended the race for cruz? what about kasich and sanders? our decision 2016 team weighs in on the road ahead. breaking this morning. president obama touching down in saudi arabia amid tensions between the two nations. and renewed speculation over whether the kingdom played a role in 9/11. we're live in riyadh.


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