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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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south bay, tri-valley and the peninsula. there that's what's happening today in the bay. we will be back with a live look and update. >> join us for nbc bay area news, we will have updates on those crashes. good morning. decisive victories. donald trump and hillary clinton walk away with big wins in new york. both now talking like the general election is set. >> we don't have much of a race anymore. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight. >> so have new york values ended the race for cruz? what about kasich and sanders? our decision 2016 team weighs in on the road ahead. breaking this morning. president obama touching down in saudi arabia amid tensions between the two nations. and renewed speculation over whether the kingdom played a role in 9/11. we're live in riyadh.
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who is this person? police hope the distinctive gait can help them crack the case in the death of a fitness instructor. police aren't sure if it's a man or a woman. picture perfect. four generations of the royal family rose for a stamp to mark the queen's 90th birthday. look who is stealing the show today, wednesday, april 20th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. we're going to get to more of that cuteness a little later in the show. politics first. big wins last night for the front runners, defending their home turf in the new york primary. >> here's what happened. donald trump picked up more than 60% of the republican vote. he crushed his rivals. john kasich came in second. more than 35 points behind.
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ted cruz finishing a distant third. the criticism of new york values seeming to hurt him. trump's win big enough to nearly sweep the delegates and improve his chances of avoiding a contested convention. >> hillary clinton's victory over bernie sanders was not quite as large but still a resounding double digit win for her. as expected, she padded her already sizable lead in delegates to inch closer to her party's nomination. >> this morning, both races are quickly shifting to the next major battlegrounds. five states that are up for grabs next tuesday, including pennsylvania, a key state for trump. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in philadelphia with more on last night's results and what's ahead. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, savannah, good morning to you. these were overwhelming wins for hillary clinton and donald trump. the two front runners regaining the math and the momentum, looking polished and presidential during their remarks. now looking ahead. ♪ new york new york
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>> reporter: two anthems. ♪ new york >> reporter: one big new york night for both hillary clinton. >> there's no place like home. >> reporter: and donald trump. >> we love new york. >> reporter: trump trouncing his rivals. his first win with a majority of the vote. >> we are going to be so strong again, we're going to be -- really, i mean, legitimately, so great again. >> reporter: after voting for himself for the first time, his wife doing so in style, the brash billionaire appearing increasingly disciplined. touting his win without attacking his challenger as lying cruz. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: trump addressing his growing campaign staff. downplaying reports of turmoil. >> it's a team of unity, evolving. people don't understand that. >> reporter: again casting himself as the outsider up against a rigged system. >> it's really nice to win the delegates with the votes. >> reporter: ted cruz, shut out.
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>> now, my friends, onward to victory. >> reporter: earlier, mocking trump's complaints that the delegate system is unfair. >> donald trump's campaign does not know how to organize on the grassroots. i cannot help that the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a lemonade stand. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: john kasich finishing second, still hoping to step into the ring at a contested convention in cleveland. hillary clinton with renewed confidence. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch and victory is in sight. >> reporter: after a bruising battle, an olive branch. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: clinton, largely pivoting to the general election, lumping the gop contenders into one pile. >> donald trump and ted cruz are pushing a vision for america that's divisive and, frankly,
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dangerous. >> reporter: for bernie sanders, a bitter defeat after this bold prediction a week ago. >> we will win a major victory here in new york next tuesday. >> reporter: changing his tone on election night. >> we're going to do just fine tonight in new york. >> reporter: overnight, the challenger refusing to give up. >> there are five primaries next week. we think we're going to do well. >> reporter: back live outside now independence hall in philadelphia, pennsylvania. one of the five states voting next week. numbers we found last night during the exit polls, 66% of new york democrats say the bitter campaign has energized their party. 59% of new york republicans say it has divided theirs. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander in philadelphia. thank you. >> chuck todd is nbc's political
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director and moderator of "meet the press" and mike murphy is a political analyst and former director of jeb bush's super pac rooi right to rise. good morning. >> morning. >> we've seen something of a new incarnation of donald trump in the last couple weeks. certainly, last night, the victory speech was more moderate in tone. he's hiring real professionals, in terms of organization for his staff. we don't see as much of the name calling. is he now at a point where he can rally some of the reluctant republicans behind him? >> i don't know if he's at the point they're going to rally behind him, but he may stop the bleeding and he may at least get the -- get anybody thinking about joining the stop trump movement to give a pause. because for -- look. what he did post-wisconsin, the day after wisconsin, there was a lot of people declaring, maybe the stop trump movement is real. in 13 days, he turned his campaign around and put it back on the path to the nomination. >> let's talk more about the stop trump movement. you know a little bit about that. okay? there's a lot of criticism. they simply didn't show up in new york. did they decide, mike, that it
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was already lost to them? if not now, where? where are they going to take a stand? >> my guess is they were intimidated by trump's hometown support. i think they had a chance in new york. he was able to run up the score here. the question is now for the new civilized trump campaign cannot make mistakes and run the table forward, and will stop trump come back to life, engage now and in indiana in two weeks? which could be pivotal. >> mike, what does this say about ted cruz as the official alternative to donald trump? he came in third last night. >> yeah, no. cruz had a bad night. i mean, kasich swept the upper west side of manhattan. he has bragging rights. cruz isn't built to win this region. the cruz campaign and the kasich campaign have the same interests but they don't seem to cooperate, which is to not let trump get to 1,200 or more delegates. and try to stop him in an open convention. >> it's got to be a hard cam pane to run if you're cruz or kasich. it's not about energy or inspiration for cruz and kasich,
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it's about hanging around. >> it's negative. the waiting for indiana thing is ridiculous. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. obviously, a resounding victory, for her last night. 16-point win over bernie sanders. if you're bernie sanders waking up this morning for breakfast, you should be ordering, coffee, toast and a side of reality. is he the kind of guy, know, who knows when the game is over? >> i don't know. depends. if he got into the race the way a lot of people think he did, which is to be relevant, to lead a movement, to say, hey, my wing of the democratic party is a rising wing. you need to take notice. if he looks at the playing field and says, hey, i've done a lot here, i pushed hillary clinton. i may lose the nomination but win the idealogical war. if that's how he gets up this morning, that's a healthy place to be. >> he has kind of asymmetrical power. i don't think sanders can win the nomination, but he owns voters under 30. be if they don't show up in the general election, and they're a fickle group when it comes to
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turnout, it is a huge problem for her. she has to push him off the stage without putting on a darth vader helmet. tricky, tricky thing. >> do you think it'll be helpful to republicans in the general? >> yeah. i think the more that she grinds on him, the kind of push him out of the race, there could be a help for us in the general election. the main thing as a republican, how with either of our leading candidates can we win a general election? it'll be hard. >> what's the biggest state to watch next week? >> pennsylvania. it's the largest one. look. connecticut is a distant second, if you're going to stop trump -- or clinton. connecticut is a fickle state. >> i disagree with chuck on indiana. put indiana and nebraska and maine, you have almost as many delegates as new york. if trump wins indiana, i think he'll be the nominee. >> what's going to happen next week, though? that's the problem. >> two thirds of the
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pennsylvania delegates are n knotnot very sticky. they can do what they want. if trump can run up the score, the pressure on him, at least on the first ballot, which is everything for trump, will be hard. run it up there. maryland, which is a state trump has polled badly, i'll be watching to see if he gets a boost off yesterday. >> good to have you here. >> thanks. >> don't forget. donald trump will be with us exclues ily tomorrow morning for a live town hall on the plaza. we'd like your questions for use. #trump today. other news. houston is bracing for more rain this morning as the city deals with this week's unprecedented flooding. janet shamlian is there. just north of houston. janet, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you. cyprsigcypress creek is overflo into this neighborhood and dozens of homes. what they don't need, the forecast is calling for another drenching later today. this morning, a new danger in flood-weary houston. cyprus creek bulging beyond its banks, spilling into hundreds of homes. >> we thought we were okay.
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last night we went to bed and the water receded. there was no rain. and then we wake up and it's at our front door. >> reporter: then it was inside. the family packed up and left the only way they could. on an airboat, manned by sheriff's deputies maneuvering through neighborhoods that look like this. we joined them as they answered call after call. it's non-stop, life-saving work. for some, the reality of leaving home, hitting hard. >> we're just kind of stuck. i don't really know what to do. kind of going through the motions right now. >> reporter: another rescue at a senior center. dozens of elderly in wheelchairs taken to drier ground. >> it's an awesome amount of water. more than i've seen in my career. >> reporter: more than 1,000 houses flooded, $5 billion in damage and this heartbreaking statistic. at least seven people died in the floods, including a mom of three who became trapped in her car. >> she called me and told me
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she's in trouble. there's water all around. >> reporter: for the survivors, lives uprooted with no idea when they'll return. >> what now for your family? >> honestly, i don't know. >> reporter: for many across houston, the floodwaters have receded, but cypress creek has yet to crest, with more rain in the forecast. >> a lot of roads opened but there's pockets of concern. two reservoir that is have not yet crested. so there's still the potential for even more flooding. back to you. >> tough times. janet, thank you. also this morning, new developments on the tainted water crisis in flint, michigan. nbc news has learned the first criminal charges tied to the situation will be announced later today. nbc stephanie gosk is in flint with more. good morning. >> good morning, matt. residents in the city for over a year, including thousands of children, were exposed to dangerous levels of lead in the
7:13 am
drinking water while government officials insisted it was safe. later on today, the authority general in michigan is set to announce criminal charges related to the crisis. >> reporter: today, a significant announcement in the investigation of flint's water crisis. a government official confirming to nbc news that criminal chll be announced later today. law enforcement sources tell our affiliate wdiv as many as three people could be named by michigan's attorney general. two from the state's department of environmental quality and one flint city official. flint is still reeling from a crisis that exposed thousands of city residents to lead after corrosive water damaged the city's pipes causing the lead to leech into the drinking water. >> now, we don't know what the future holds for us and our kids. so it needs to be criminal charges. someone needs to be held accountable for what has taken place. >> reporter: today's announcement comes just days after governor rick snyder
7:14 am
introduced reforms to protect the public, including annual testing for lead and copper and penalties for those who violate state rules. >> we all failed the families of flint. >> reporter: the governor under fire for his administration's response testified on capitol hill last month. but his words were at odds with the chants of flint residents who bust in to protest the hearing. now hoping to reassure residents, governor snyder has pledged to drink the city's filtered tap water for the next 30 days. in a facebook post, snyder says he hopes to alleviate mistrust by putting words to action. >> the governor did have a victory in court on tuesday. a u.s. district judge threw out a class action lawsuit aimed at both city and state officials. as far as that criminal investigation, even with today's announcement, it's still ongoing. matt? >> stephanie gosk in flint. thank you. the death toll from the massive earthquake in ecuador now tops 500 people. it's been four days since the
7:15 am
powerful 7.8 magnitude quake struck the country's pacific coast. rescuers are now facing the grim reality they're finding more bodies than survivors. some 4,000 people have been injured. thousands left homeless. the country's president is warning that it could cost as much as $3 billion to rebuild. here's a sight you don't see every day. former cuban president fidel castro has emerged from seclusion. during a rare appearance tuesday, castro told a gathering of the communist party in havana that he was there to say farewell and that he would soon die. castro, now 89, urged party members to fulfill his communist vision for that country. while fidel signalled his departure, the communist party seems intent on reelecting his brother raul to a new five-year term as president. consumer news. visa says it heard the grumbling and will improve the chip-embedded credit cards to get approval faster. at checkout. right now, it can take up to 30 seconds for a transaction to be
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approved on a chip reader unlike the traditional swipe taking mere seconds. rival technology like apple pay or smartphones is nearly instantaneous. those chip cards were introduced to help cut down on fraud. mr. roker joined us at the table. what's going on? >> we have got not only rain in houston but we are looking at some pretty torrential downpours in dallas. look at this video just in. this is in dallas, texas. this is the commute in this morning. excuse me. it is a mess. also, cleburne, texas, heavy rain and lightning coming down in the parking lot there. let's go to verification on the radar. you can see the heaviest thunderstorms have now passed through dallas. on their way to lufkin going to houston again. we're going to be looking at more heavy rain. cypress creek, already crested near the record. it's currently at 125 feet. that is crazy levels. look at what we're expecting today. we do have flash flood watches in effect for 9 million people, as more storms come in. we've got all this moisture coming out of the gulf. here's the first round of
7:17 am
storms. the front starts to push down. we have a low pressure system developing. more rain comes in tonight, on into tomorrow. houston sees even more rain. look at this, over the next two days, we're expecting anywhere from one to three inches of rain. but locally could be anywhere from three to four inches, between houston and alexandria. flooding, still going to be a very big issue. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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>> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine starting out in the bay area him it's cool in the north bay. it's 42 degrees and 54 degrees starting out in the tri-valley. we're headed up to 83 degrees there, 72 in the north bay in san francisco. there will be a few cloud, also a slight chance of rain farther to the north of santa rosa, elsewhere, dry weather, a high of 80 dries in the peninsula and the south bay. more warm weather for the rest of the week. >> al, thank you. a fitness instructor inside a texas church. could the suspect seen dressed in swat swat gear actually be a woman? what police are now saying as the victim's husband is speaking out. and have you heard of mechanical doping? thermal imaging picks up a motor on the book of a competitive cyclist. first, this is "today" on nbc. .
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our breaking news: ==chopper== a big-rig crash snarling the morning commut >> a very good morning to you. it is 7:26. breaking news, following this morning arc brigg rig crash snarling the morning commute both directions of interstate 880. this is a live look at the scene. they're trying to clean it up. crews have been working to remove it from the median. chp says it's the second of two crashes. we know one other vehicle was involved in that big rig crash. a car under feat that big rig. the driver of that car suffered major injuries. let's get the latest now on that commute. this has been a tough one over there. >> as you said, it looks look they're making proog removing this rig on the southbound side of 880. there is some fuel on the
7:27 am
ground. it looks like they've detached the trailer over the last half hour. they are now trying to move this cab. this is looking at a couple of hours from the northbound side can get clear t. southbound side we think maybe another half hour to 40 minutes until they get someone to pull the trailer from the scene. again, more work continues, more cleanup. look at your map, it's jammed south and headed north. other than that, though the bay is looking really good the south bay compute is starting to kick in, in ernest, 85 and 280, the slowest carrier. what do you have weather wise? >> it looks beautiful outs weather wise. we get a live look. a beautiful start to the day with sunshine, it is cool as we've had temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. that's where we are still, 54 degrees in oakland. 53 in san francisco, with highs today reaching into the low '80s in the south bay. mid-70s for parts of the peninsula. 72 degrees in san francisco, also some 70s and '80s for the north bay. back to you. >> all right, looks pretty nice. thank you so much. i will have another local update
7:28 am
in a half an hour. hope to see you then. enjoy your wednesday morning. .
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♪ that's a pretty shot, and it's a pretty day. 7:30, wednesday morning, april 20th. this is a view from the top of the rock and very clear day from that vantage point and our crowd is down on the plaza. they're pretty happy, too, under those sunny skies. >> we'll be down to say hi in a few minutes. let's look at the headlines this wednesday morning. donald trump's home state advantage proved to be a big one. he dominated the new york primary. cruising to a landslide victory over john kasich and ted cruz, grabbing almost all of the 95 delegates that were up for grabs. in his victory speech, trump cast himself as the republican's inevitable nominee. >> we don't have much of a race anymore based on what i'm seeing on television.
7:31 am
senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> a reminder, trump will be with us live tomorrow for an exclusive town hall on the plaza. he'll be joined by all of his adult children and his wife, melania. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also sounding confident after her double digit victory over bernie sanders. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the homestretch, and victory is in sight. >> late last night, senator sanders spoke to reporters in vermont saying he still sees a path to victory, and he's out to carry on for the democratic convention. in a new bbc interview, prince william is addressing criticism that he is not fully invested in his royal duties after a british newspaper dubbed him, the reluctant royal. >> to be honest, i'm going to get plenty of questions over my lifetime. and it's something that i don't completely ignore, but it's not something i take, you know,
7:32 am
completely to heart. when the queen decides she's going to hand down more responsibilities, i'll be the first one to accept them. >> this new stamp features prince charles, prince william and prince george, posing alongside the queen to celebrate her 90th birthday, which is tomorrow. prince george standing on four foam blocks to be almost the same height at the others. now to some new information in a mystery we first told you about on tuesday. a fitness instructor killed inside a dallas area church. police are revealing more video of the suspect dressed in police s.w.a.t. gear hoping to identify him or her. nbc's kerry sanders is following the case. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. 45-year-old missy beavers came to the church here monday morning to prepare for a fitness class that she teaches. an hour later when her students showed up, they found her dead.
7:33 am
this morning, they're grieving her death and think oar anxious that a murderer is still on the loose. >> reporter: this morning, a tearful community is asking why and who is responsible for the murder of 45-year-old missy beavers? she was a beloved mother, wife and passionate fitness teacher with no enemies, say family and friends. >> the joy that this woman brought to so many people is obvious with this turnout. missy was loved. >> reporter: the pain, most acute to her husband of almost 18 years. >> whenever i see you, whenever i see these shirts, whenever i see camp gladiator, i'll know missy is there with me. >> reporter: police released more surveillance video late tuesday. the way the suspect walked leading them to rule out the assumption that the suspect is definitely a male. we are backing off our statement that the suspect on video was a man. there's a lot of speculation based on the gait and appearance that this person may be a woman.
7:34 am
bevers had gone to the church at about 4:00 a.m. monday to teach a fitness class. camp gladiator. usually, the class is held outdoors. because of rain, it had been moved indoors. when her students arrived an hour later, they discovered her body. police say it's unclear if bevers was a target or just happened upon a crime in progress. detectives and bevers' husband hope somebody watching this surveillance tape will pick up on the telling nuances. >> the person is 6 foot tall. but if you look at the mannerisms of the person, how they walk, there's something very distinctive there that somebody, somebody has to be able to point this out. >> reporter: a hope that an entire community is now clinging to. hoping for justice for a woman loved by so many, so dearly. >> the medical examiner determined the cause of death but the police say it's information they do not plan to
7:35 am
share. savannah, matt? >> all right, kerry sanders on the investigation, thank you. let's change subjects now. a lot of people have been fortunate to see the northern lights from the ground but -- >> we've got amazing video. you have to come see this. this is from the international space station. this is the aurora borealis as you may never have seen it before. look at these stunning images. i mean, all you need now is nice yawning music. just watch this all day. hang out. drink the coffee. oh, what a lovely day. all right. let's come back down to earth. we've got this jet stream. we have a cool trough of low pressure that's bringing cooler air in the midsection of the country. the other, each end of the country, is underneath the beneficial high pressure. look at these temperatures. way above normal. but as we move through tomorrow, we're going to start to see the cooler air move east. still nice on both ends of the country, but as you can see, chicago by friday, you're cooler than average. new york city, still in the --
7:36 am
look at this, 80 on friday. it's going to be spectacular. as we move into saturday, temperatures start to cool done into the northeast. and then the warmth bubbles up back where it was cool over the earlier part of the week. that's what's going on around the country. >> we will have sunshine today. another beautiful afternoon, after a chilly start. look at how cool it is now in the north bay. 42 degrees, but 54 degrees in the tri-valley. except a high of 83 degrees there, a very light on shore flow later on today. in san francisco, in the north bay, few clouds passing to the north. more sunshine for the peninsula and the south bay, a high today of 80 degrees. weather. go to the weather channel on cable or online. coming up, craziest stunt ever. wait until you see what this guy did to get out of the way of a
7:37 am
speeding race car. and the new scandal rocking the cycling world. are some riders actually using secret motors on their bikes to speed past the competition? >> or deliver chinese. >> all right. more on that right after this. a new iphone every year with iphone forever from sprint. ♪ here's how it feels to get 50% off most national carrier rates too. ♪ so, imagine how you'll feel when you get all this and 50% off iphone 6s on the fastest network. plus, try us out for 30 days. if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money. today, i'm going to fight hunge♪ today, i don't want to be hungry. we just have to buy food.
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♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above there's a place for vacationers ♪ than just a little time off. the ones who choose to go big or stay home. ♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable,
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wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. we're back now. it's 7:41. stunning sport scandal. >> evidence suggests top cyclings may be rigging their bikes to get a boost over the competition. keir simmons has been looking into that. good morning. >> good morning. this is kind of ridiculous, isn't it? not great news for a sport rocked by the lance armstrong scandal not many years ago. this score doesn't have rigged bikes but i'll use this bike to demonstrate how it can happen. the motor, apparently, can be hidden in the frame here. the battery goes in the frame. the motor actually goes here.
7:42 am
it's kind of like turning your bicycle into a motorbike? i'm exaggerating but isn't it turning cycling into nascar? >> reporter: a case of doping. sus spipicions raised when the r was going up the grueling hill sitting down. a motor found on her bike. >> there was technological fraud, a concealed motor. >> reporter: she denied cheating. if she had a motor, she would have had a better season. she quit, saying she couldn't defend herself. adding, i decided to stop. now, a french tv program suggesting motor doping reaches the highest levels. heat detecting cameras along the routes of professional and semi-pro sicycling races. it's hard, he says. the sensor of the bike is hotter than the rest.
7:43 am
the heat reveals a hidden motor. one bike designer tells us how it's done. >> it's a small power-assist type motor, which locates in the bottom part of the bike. >> reporter: a huge advantage. >> for someone like me, that could boost my power by 50%. maybe more. >> reporter: not everyone agrees thermal imaging is reliable. the cycling union uses a magnetic device on a tablet. but the director of the anti-doping agency of france until last year said there were repeat repeated fractions by cyclings at the top level. >> i spend all this money and all this energy, and then somebody comes along and gets in there in the top three and wins all the money. you think, did she have the motorized bike in my race? it's annoying. >> at the end of the day, she's cheating.
7:44 am
>> you may be wondering whether the motors weigh down these super light bikes. i'm told the motors themselves only weigh about two or three ounces. by the way, this bike costs about $5,000. i'm going to put it down very, very gently. >> keir, put it to the one guy going up an incline with his feet off the pedals. it really seals it. >> right. or worries you, at least. some of the evidence is just from a tv show, matt. we don't know for sure who is doing it. they aren't naming names. >> keir simmons, thank you very much. >> thermo spanning the bikes to get a sense of who is doing what. >> everything in the world of cycling, what they've been through, and now this. >> crazy. what australian officials are saying about the awkward apology video from johnny depp and amber heard. tamron helps reveal
7:45 am
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7:49 am
writer, julie jordan. are we ready? >> ready. >> this is fun. ready over there? >> yeah. >> i have the button. here's the confetti. >> oh! >> oh is right. >> there's our song. tell us what makes jennifer aniston your most beautiful. >> well, she's one of the most beloved stars in hollywood. people have truly adored her since "friends." she takes such good care of herself. she's happier than she's ever been. she got married last august. has a new film, "mother's day," coming out. she's more gorgeous than ever. >> she's now over 40, right? >> 47. >> 47? >> amazing. >> and she looks so flawless. >> she's gorgeous. she's really mindful about what she puts in her body. she knows it's important to feel good on the inside so she looks feeling healthy and strong. that's what makes her feel beautiful. >> real talk conversation. there are a lot of people who
7:50 am
would think some of the "it" girls we see floating around, she is still an "it" girl. what was the debate like? >> not much. she's so -- our readers love her almost more than anyone in hollywood. >> love it. let's look at other beautiful faces. taraji p hensen, melissa mccarthy, jennifer garner. >> for the moms, compliments are about their kids. if they say something special, it makes them feel good about themselves. taraji loves when people tell her they love her unconditionally. >> this feature is so cute. fathers and their daughters. talk about passing on good genes. not talking about levis. >> no. >> this is amazing. >> stallone. these are women that have emerged on their own, away from their father's shadows. they're making a name for themselves.
7:51 am
>> they have done so on their own. again, people who look beautiful. jennifer aniston. you have your jennifer aniston hair today. >> i do. >> savannah, you had a version of that. >> natalie and i both did. >> didn't everybody? >> version of the rachel. >> congratulations, jennifer aniston. big deal. good for you. can surprising advantage that people who sleep in late have over the early risers. dr. oz is going to be here and tell you why you're going to hate allergy season if you love the mild winter. thank you. my advice for looking younger... longer? pam. this...this is pam's. try not to take things personally. all right. thank you pam. don't let the little things get to you. get your beauty sleep. and use new aveeno® absolutely ageless® night cream. with active naturals® blackberry complex. you'll wake up to younger looking skin in just one week. younger looking skin can start today. new absolutely ageless®. aveeno.
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7:56 am
good wednesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we start out the day with some sunshine, a live look at san francisco, beautiful, nice and cool start to the day. it will be, no, it's the upper 50s in oakland. 59 degrees in cochran, 44 in napa. it will be another warm day, up to 72 degrees, 74 in san mateo. 72 in santa rosa, while oakland is at 74. and lower '80s for the tri-valley. we will be getting ready for some rain. that's in the forecast for friday. so keep check income for updates. we have also been check income for updates on that crash in the east bay, mike. >> that's right, kari. we have traffic, now a lot of kids get dropped at school, a lot of folks get out to school. looking into the south bay for that. meanwhile over there as kari mentioned in union city, we still have that same situation. one lane southbound blocked by this crash. >> that continues to clear from
7:57 am
the center divide. we are hoping to have better news for that southbound side, slowing out of fremont and south out of hayward. on the approach to the bay bridge, it slows you around warren. we will give you updates on all of these situations, laura, more on the digital side. >> we have alerts through union city as you have mentioned, mike. you can sign up for alerts at any time on our nbc bay area app. marijuana, right now, front and center in theled gone gate park. police are also gathering as well, keeping a close eye on the situation and the huge crowd of people expected there, but not for all the reasons you might expect. you can link to that story at the top of our home page, nbc bay south bay renters are applauding a late night decision to link late decisions on the new littles. i'll have another update in a
7:58 am
half an hour. .
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, sneezing season. dr. oz on how the late start to spring poses a terrible allergy season for millions of americans. plus, teens and technology. >> this is now what people do. this is how you communicate. >> kids speak out about their world of social media, apps and, yes, texting. what they want parents to know about the devices they're glued to. ♪ and let's be blunt. the talented emily blunt stops by studio 1a to talk about her new take on snow white and the huntsman. today, wednesday, april 20th, 2016.
8:01 am
we're in new york city! >> all the way from chicago, celebrating 50 years of friendship! ♪ where i come from >> good morning, des moines, iowa! >> good morning, chattanooga from the class of 2016. [ cheers and applause ] we're back at 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 20th day of april, 2016. not a cloud in the sky here in the northeast. little chilly this morning but another beautiful spring day in new york city. >> it is lovely. we have something exciting to announce, guys. have you heard about the new i love the '90s concert tour? it is coming right here to our plaza.
8:02 am
we're talking vanilla ice, salt 'n pepa, and all for one. the date, next friday, april 29th. mark your calendars. get out your chunky heels and your choker. we're going back to the '90s. helps you get the fan passes. >> i'd like to see al in a choker. perfect. >> i loved the '90s. >> i'd like to see al with that haircut, a part on the side. >> you're never going to see that. >> the grunge look, remember that? >> not happening. >> okay. just ahead, we'll meet the next semifinalists in our search for "today's" next big thing. our category today, moms on the go. >> all right. another mom on the go is siri daly. she's up in the kitchen with a 20-minute meal. a "today" original recipe, in fact, to get you in and out of the kitchen in a hurry. first, let's head inside to natalie for the morning's top stories. >> once again, the race for president now focused on pennsylvania and four other states holding primaries next week. today, campaigns of both donald
8:03 am
trump and hillary clinton are reveling in the results of the new york primary on tuesday. nbc's kristen welker joins us. good morning. >> reporter: natalie, good morning. all of the presidential candidates are waking up to a new reality this morning. the front-runners solidified their status with huge wins in new york and it'll make the path forward a whole lot tougher for just about everyone else. triumphant, donald trump and hillary clinton winning decisive victories on their home turf. >> i can think of nowhere that i would rather have this victory. >> there's no place like home. >> reporter: both exceeding expectations, clinton winning 58% of her party's vote, trump with 61%. ♪ new york new york >> reporter: trump celebrating with a sinatra sound track. for clinton it was jay z and alicia keys, just a few blocks away.
8:04 am
♪ here is new york >> reporter: but their message, the same. this race is almost over. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: the moment offering a preview of what a general election might look like. clinton taking the fight to trump. >> instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> reporter: trump, more restrained after a campaign shakeup stopped short of picking fights but still flexed his muscles. >> we're going to go into the convention, i think, as the winner. >> we lost tonight. >> reporter: bernie sanders and ted cruz admitting defeat and looking ahead. >> this is the year of the outsider. i'm an outsider. >> reporter: the focus now shifting to next tuesday and primaries in five states. 384 pledged delegates up for grabs for the democrats. 172 for the gop.
8:05 am
with pennsylvania the biggest prize, clinton and cruz campaigning there today. getting a head start on the next big battleground. >> now, there's no indication that any of the other candidates are planning to drop out. in fact, senator sanders sent a letter out to his supporters, asking for donations last night. the reality for sanders, he would need to win every single state moving forward, and by a huge margin, in order to come back and win. natalie? >> kristen welker in midtown, thank you. president obama arrived in saudi arabia this morning. the first stop on a three-nation, six-day tour. the president's visit to riyadh coming amid growing tension with one of america's most important allies in the middle east. nbc's ron allen is there. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. yes, the president is here. some very tough issues on the agenda as he sits down for meetings with the saudis. many americans still deeply distrustful of the saudis. many of the 9/11 families are now pushing president obama and
8:06 am
angry that he's not supporting a bill that would allow them to file suit against the saudis, claiming damages. the president saying such a law would open americans abroad, servicemen and women, diplomats to retaliation. some 9/11 families are also pushing the administration to declassify still secret portions of the 9/11 congressional investigation of those attacks. the administration saying intelligence agencies are reviewing whether to declassify the information. families and some members of congress believe there might be information there being kept secret implicating the saudi government. through this all, the administration emphasizes previous investigations said there have been no connections between the saudi government and the events of 9/11. through all that, also on the agenda, issues involving isis and the fight against terrorism. the president, we believe, will push the saudis to do more, something they've been reluctant to do in the past. as the united states ramps up its efforts against terrorism in the middle east. finally, those issues are going to be somewhat uncomfortable here but the president will move on tomorrow to a much more enjoyable meeting, perhaps.
8:07 am
he's going to great britain. the highlight will be lunch with queen elizabeth as she celebrates her 90 birthday. natalie? >> ron allen in saudi arabia, thank you. michigan's attorney general today is expected to announce the first criminal charges stemming from the flint water crisis. flint residents were exposed to high levels of lead for more than a year after the city's drinking water source was changed to save money. michigan's governor is trying to reassure residents that the city's filtered tap water is safe. pledging to drink it himself for the next 30 days. the worst may be yet to come in houston where record rainfall flooded more than 1,000 homes and businesses. at least seven deaths are blamed on the high water. creeks are still rising and there is a threat of more rain there today. >> we thought we were okay. last night we went to bed, and the water had receded. there was no rain. then we wake up and it's at our front door. >> first responders are working non-stop with one call on tuesday to rescue dozens of people in wheelchairs from a
8:08 am
senior center. you have to feel for harry, the atlanta hawks mascot, he failed to stick the landing during a playoff game tuesday against the celtics. that hurts. oh, yeah. every man grimacing. he tried to trump across the aisle and landed short, ended up straddling the barrier. poor harry, taking one for the team. >> chicken mcnuggets. >> as al says, chicken mcnuggets. >> matt, back to you. >> it's now harriette, natalie. if you're struggling with brutal allergies more than usual, you're not alone. it's so rough this spring, some are even saying is this the worst allergy season ever? of course people say that every year. dr. mehmet oz is here with some answers and remedies. doc, good morning, to good to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> we should, you know -- is there any way to actually calculate and measure how bad an allergy season is so you can declare it the worst season ever? >> they measure it.
8:09 am
they have little rods that collect pollen and measure the amount of pollen on there. you can't guess ahead of time, for sure. it's the warmest year-to-date, ever, so we predict because of the warm weather that plants don't go so dormant. depending on what part of the country you're on, you'll get bad problems with trees right now and slowly over the later spring, it'll move to grasses. and then by the end of the summer, weeds all over the place. >> tree pollen as you mention now. let's talk about ways to keep it off you. it's not easy. >> but it's doable. number one trick, literally cover yourself up. you can have broad rimmed hat. this would look good on al roker. think he'd wear this? >> probably would. >> fashion glasses. >> so even with blowing wind, it keeps it out of your eyes. >> yeah. and keep the windows closed when you travel around. you can be smart, especially if you know the season will have a lot of pollen, in preventing it from getting near you. >> so once it gets on you, get it off of you?
8:10 am
>> a couple obvious ideas. women don't think about their hair and the fact it's a magnet for pollen. never go to bed at night with pollen in your hair because you're basting your face in it all night. wipe your eyes. they had pollen and allergies 2,000 years ago. pour this over your nose. warm water and salt, and wash out your sinuses. you brush your teeth, right? wash your nose out. >> get it off your sheets and curtains if you possibly can. with the windows open, that's where it settles, as well. >> once a week. audit your home. you have to wash your sheets in warm water. take the clothes off when you get home. make sure you wash them once a week. also look for mold. it's a big, confusing factor. it can also give you allergies on top of the seasonal allergies. >> let's talk about remedies. over-the-counter medications, are you a fan? >> big fan but you have to take them early.
8:11 am
half hour before you expect symptoms, take the nasal sprays or antihistamines. if you go to the allergist and have a shot or tablets, 80%, 90% success rates. you have to do it ahead of time. make the visit. >> i'm not going to do a commercial for a particular brand. i take one pill over the counter every single morning and it's been great, even though i have allergies i haven't felt it this year. >> here's a handkerchief, just in case. >> appreciate it. dr. oz, thank you. catch his show weekdays, check your local listings. up next, a heart-stopping stunt involving that guy and a race car. it's going to leave you speechless. plus, they're a dynamic duo. why don't tina fey and amy poehler work together more often? you might be surprised about what tina has to say about that. you might be surprised what your kids say about the technology they're using and why
8:12 am
they use it so much. first, on a wednesday morning, these messages. getting roid rage. hemorrhoid. these are the worst, right? i'm gonna buy them. boom. i'll take them. impulse buy. ommmmmmmmmmm. american express presents the blue cash everyday card with no annual fee. it's all happening. cash back on purchases. here we go! backed by the service and security of american express.
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a branch catches me here.our. you think that stopped me? i was about to be the first 3rd grader to jump the cook county creek. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. mom patched me up. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! what?
8:14 am
now there's a new neosporin antibiotic that keeps her protected and minimizes scars. new neosporin plus pain itch scar mmmm mmmmm mmmm (laughter) mmmm, mmm, mmm mmmm, mmm mmm, mmm! mmmm, mmmm mmmm. yoplait. one-up your cup. add a few simple ingredients for a snack the whole family will love. mmmm. we're back at 8:14. time for what's trending. >> you know the fast readers who comprehend a lot? do you try speed reading? >> i've wanted to. >> 1950s, it was popular, thanks
8:15 am
to the educator wood. then the commercials started running. >> that's what i remember. >> all kinds of techniques. look at the guys with the fingers on the page. they could read a whole book in an hour. it was amazing. guess what? doesn't work. bad news for these school kids everywhere. experts say speed reading just simply doesn't cut it. they insist it's extremely unlikely that you can increase your reading speed without missing a lot of meaning. in other words, you just don't comprehend. what you're really doing is skimming, not reading. >> yeah. >> this doesn't work? is that what you're saying? >> yeah. >> there was a program called sra. >> i remember that. >> speed reading associates. back in the old days, it was written on the side of a shovel. >> terrific. we've often talked about the benefits of getting up early. we're proponents around here, of course. if you are the type to stay up late and sleep in, science found there are benefits for you, too. there is from a study published
8:16 am
in psyhycology today. late sleepers are more likely to be innovative and progressive thinkers because they're going against the body's natural inclination to go to sleep around 11:00 and wake up account -- about 7:00. >> you're a night owl, right? >> i am. i guess the point is, sleep at some point is good. that's ariana huffington's push, as well. at some point, you have to get it? >> get the seven hours. >> i think it's the idea that people have more creative jobs perhaps. they're the ones, the hours are driving that sleep schedule anyway. >> curious, we get up in the neighborhood at 4:00 on a weekd weekday. what time do you get up on the weekend? >> i sleep in until 6:00. >> i'm losing it at 7:00. >> 8:00. kids, go watch cartoons. >> you get up at 5:00, right? >> 5:15. >> without anlarm a clock, just natural? >> yeah. although, i like the morning on
8:17 am
the weekends. anybody here do a back flip, standing on the ground? >> no. >> not and survive it, no. >> not even close. >> i'll show you a guy who not only can he do a backflip, but it's over a speeding race car. that was the practice. here's the real deal. >> oh, my gosh! >> do you believe that? >> is that real? >> if he goes a little too early, he comes down on the car. goes a little too late, well -- >> how does he know? >> there is a debeep that goes f when the car passes a certain point. >> so frightening. >> how many fails have there been? >> they only practice it with the car alongside it, never behind him. >> this was the seventh guy. you should see the other sixth. >> thank you, mr. roker. now to why a politician is offering johnny depp acting
8:18 am
device. and tina fey said a tv show with amy poehler isn't in the cards. when we thought we were over with the johnny depp doggate controversy, a lot of people are weighing in. the apology video he and his wife amber heard seemed to be forced into for the australian authorities. now, the country's deputy prime minister is offering his review of the performance. barnby said depp looked like he was auditioning for the "godfather." also offered this advice, do it with gusto, mate. a bit of gusto. come on, rise to the camera. that was my australian accent. >> i think that was the point. >> this is not to make light of it, but they were so -- just get through it. whatever. >> raise the camera up, too. >> what an angle. up the nose. >> they still got the light
8:19 am
sentence. without having the convincing apology. next to one of our favorite duos, tina fey and amy poehler, whether they're hosting "snl" or starring in movies. they're asked, why don't you do tv shows together? great question. tina says it probably won't happen. at the tribeca film festival, she said, we're both alphas. it works in short spurts, but i don't know if it would make a real dynasty. >> i'd love to see it though. >> i know. to thine own self be >> i wonder why we know that. >> as we all hold our breath. moving on. this will make you smile today. chrissy teigen sharing the first photo of her newborn baby. lulu with hubby john legend. the baby five days. that's a five-day picture after giving birth.
8:20 am
chrissy posting the picture to her ig account using the baby's nickname, hi, my lulu. the bulldog not sharing the family's joy. look at that picture. the dog is giving the side eyes because it knows what's coming up. >> matt and al are dying to say, is there a baby in that picture? >> i don't know what you're talking about. i'm going to go back to the weather right now. >> the look on your faces. >> we've been working together way too long. >> i need this job. i can't say anything. >> you also need to go home. >> when i saw that yesterday on instagram, i thought the same thing. >> wow. that's your pop start. >> all righty. >> okay. heavy rain in dallas. unfortunately, look at this area bowing out toward houston, where they do not need any more rain. but it is coming. the cyprus creek is near cyprus, already crested near record levels. it's probably going to stay high
8:21 am
after this. the next two days, we're talking about upwards of three to four inches of rain, just to the east of houston, on up into central louisiana. just not great news. then as you can see, it continues to move east. this actually, this wet weather starts to make its way thursday into the ohio river valley, lower mississippi river valley. and by friday, it's actually along the eastern seaboard. heaviest rain will be right in the mid-atlantic. but there will be pretty good downpours in the new york city we have sunshine and nice weather all across the bay area and a chilly start. following a cool start, we will have a lot of sunshine and get ready for a very nice afternoon. it's now 58 degrees in san francisco and the tri-valley with a high today up to 83 degrees in the tri-valley. san francisco 72 degrees. north bay more of the same. a few clouds mixing in as a weak storm system passes farther to the north. low 80s for the peninsula and the south bay with a light
8:22 am
breeze kicking onshore as we go into this evening. reminder, we are so excited about what we have coming up in may. our 100 years of national parks today series. there are 411 all across the country. we're going to head out and highlight a few of them. so you can find your park for summer fun travel. to get a jump start on the celebration, go to to learn more about our nation's great national parks. we cannot wait. savannah and i got a really special location. >> we're going to a trip together. thank you so much. if you have kids, they love technology. according to a recent report, teens spend about nine hours a day using media for their enjoyment. some 13-year-olds check social media a hundred times a day. they want you to know why they do it. here to help make sense of it is a child and adolescent psychologist, dr. jennifer hartstien.
8:23 am
>> good morning. >> a lot of parents go, that is a lot of time on social media and checking the device. what are we not understanding from teens and tweens? >> this is a good thing and a bad thing. it's unchartered territory for all of us. i think what the tweens and the teens want us to know is this is how their life is. they are the first generation all electronic. this is how their relationships are, through the phones and the computers. >> we talked with tweens who shared some of their stresses about social media and the like. take a listen. >> my friends have made plans and they've posted it on social media, and i find out through that. it really makes me upset. >> if i look at their instagram posts, i'll see what they're doing. sometimes, they don't text me about it. >> one time, my friend sent me a picture, and they were posting it on social media apps about a birthday party. i felt really left out. >> it's kind of this new spin on something that lots of tweens have felt over the ages, being left out. as a parent, you've got a few tips.
8:24 am
one of them is take some time out. >> right. we as adults are also on a lot of social media and on our devices a lot. we want to model what it looks like, and we want to really set limits for the tweens so they can walk away and not be so involved and invested that they respond inappropriately, act out of the wrong urge. >> it's important to know what your tween can handle. they're still little. >> they are still little. and some 'tweens really aren't ready. though they want it, you as a parent know what they're ready for. trust that. >> finally, learn it with them. >> learn it with them. the apps are changing all the time. you don't know what they're doing. have them teach you. i sit in my office and have the kids that see me teach me to use the apps all the time. you learn what they're doing and what they know. that's really helpful. >> let's get the teen perspective. roll some tape. >> everything i do practically resolves around it. that's how we communicate with our friends and teachers and get our work done. that's how our life is. >> i use it too often and it distracts me with my schoolwork.
8:25 am
>> couldn't keep my grades up without it. i probably would have no plans with my friends. >> i feel like everything i do, like sadly, is based over a computer or through my phone. >> it's so hard to communicate with my friends if i can't text them. >> i would not pick up the phone to call a friend and have a conversation. >> this is now what people do, and this is how we communicate. >> this is the new normal. number one tip for teens, be knowledgeable. >> right. be knowledgeable about what they're doing, who they're talking with, what apps they're using. they'll be ahead of you, try to stay current. >> let them know, you'll watch what they do online. >> and you want to be able to trust them. that's also important. >> don't stop talking. >> we think that teens know it all. they don't know how much they're on. if you ask them, they'd probably tell you less than they are. keep the conversation open. keep that communication going. >> finally, getting out from behind the screens. we want to relate as humans still. >> so hard. we don't know if we're putting them at a disservice by staying behind the screens. find time to get out from behind it.
8:26 am
have in real-life interaction. >> parents can model it, too. thank you. let's go over to matt. thanks very much. i'll be withi'm ... ==anim== new details... ==topvo== good wednesday morning at 8:26. i'm sam brock. we have new details on a big rig crash we've been following all morning long, but it caused widespread backups in the east bay this morning on interstate 880. within the past few minutes, the chp did reopen all lanes of southbound traffic, but northbound closures remain in effect. the chp says this was one of two crashes in the same area this morning. crews had to remove the big rig that was straddling the highway median. at least one other vehicle was involved in that big rig crash. the driver of the car suffered major injuries. we get the very latest now on the commute from mike inouye. this is adding hours to some people's commute. >> this is really a bad situation. the trailer you showed was the second of two. and that car, that van smashed
8:27 am
into another trailer that was there earlier this morning on the opposite side of the freeway. now the southbound lanes are clear, but look how much it's jammed. from san leandro in towards union city. the northbound side still has two lanes blocked and that's a distraction because they're trying to remove that cab you showed from the roadway, so that's a big issue. both directions, fremont, union city and hayward are all affected. the south bay really has seen traffic kick in and so is the peninsula, so slowing through palo alto and parts of 101. no drama toward the bay bridge, but it's still backed up. back to you. >> very bad situation there, mike. thank you very much. we'll have more updates coming up in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hi, everybody. it's 8:30. it's wednesday, april 20th. the sun is shining really bright on our plaza and our crowd. happy to have them. coming up, what product would you like to have in your life that makes it a little easier if you're a mom on the go? we'll introduce you to three women who believe they have the answer and have big dreams of being today's next big thing. >> some soft producof the produ cool. we'll talk about emily blunt in exploring her evil side in t"the huntsman: winter's war." and the hottest accessories to add to your spring wardrobe.
8:31 am
spring has sprung. a little windy. >> wardrobe fail. >> smart enough to hold it down. my mama taught me right. siri daly is here. she has fried rice and it doesn't have to come out of a container. you can make it 20 minutes or less. it's cheaper made at home. >> we loved fried rice. >> so easy to make. >> yummy. >> the original recipe is coming up. let's get a check of the weather. >> we have the wet weather in texas. rain all the way up to the mississippi river valley. both ends of the country looking good with lots of sunshine. look how warm it's going to be in the pacific northwest. then for tomorrow, the rain moves into the ohio river valley, stretches back again into texas. rain moving to the pacific northwest tomorrow. sunny skies along the eastern seaboard with temperatures at or above seasonal levels. they continue warm out west, as well.
8:32 am
it will be another bright, beautiful day as we start out with some cool temperatures this morning. expect mostly sunny skies, at least for the next several hours. a few more clouds mixing in this afternoon. now it's 59 degrees in concord and san francisco 58 degrees, but highs today very warm in the south bay, into the low to mid-80s. in aloe alto, 81 degrees, san francisco 72 degrees. also 72 in santa rosa, oakland 74, and in the tri-valley today in the lower 80s. we have some rain in the forecast into friday. >> nice folks out here. >> good morning. >> i hope you know that lady back there. who is that? >> my mom. >> that's your mom, okay. >> birthday girl. >> happy birthday, ladies. now let's go back inside to matt. >> thank you very much. our next round of semifinalists attempting to become today's next big thing. the winner heading to qvc this weekend to sell her product.
8:33 am
on tuesday, we heard pitches for the gadgets for mom's purse category. we can now reveal, you picked a vanessa and her loopit headphones to move on to friday's finals. this morning, we're focusing on the moms on the go category. judges, doug howe, qvc's vice president of merchandising. jill martin, "today" contributor and at qvc with g.i.l.i. brand. and number one in your hearts, ladies and gentlemen, savannah guthrie. let's meet our first mom inventor. >> hi, i'm cindy from manchester by the sea, massachusetts. i think scrub on the run is the "today" show's next big thing. it's a unique way to drain, store and carry your bath sponge. why compromise your clean when you can scrub on the run? >> sounds good to me. come on out here. how are you? >> hi.
8:34 am
>> good to see you. there's your table. there are judges. have at it. >> okay. as a busy mom on the go, this is how i used to carry my bath sponge. not anymore. when i travel or go to the gym, i take scrub on the run. it's a unique design that will drain, store and carry your bath sponge. after using your sponge, simply shake out excess water. place the sponge in the top receptacle. click lock the unit together. >> what do you think? >> i think it's interesting. who would you identify as your target customer? >> it would be anybody who prefers to use a bath sponge to shower or bathe, and they want to take it with them to travel so they can take it to the gym, when they travel, if you're on a sports team. it also has a home use, where you can remove the water. then the scrub on the run -- that one is a little slippery --
8:35 am
can be hung in the shower. it keeps your sponge protected in the shower if you share the shower with others at home. >> well done. >> thank you. >> time to meet our next semifinalist. >> hi, i'm from miami, florida, daniela. i'm excited to introduce you to my product, seal shoe covers. i know it's "today"'s next big thing because there's nothing like our product in today's market. it's a new go-to for a rainy or sn snowy day. >> daniela, come on out. >> hello. >> how are you? >> good morning. it's a fashionable, lightweight, shoe protector. protects any style of shoe from rain, mud or snow. seal shoe covers go over any style of footwear. flat, sandals, tennis shoes, even high heels. yes, ladies, this is our dream come true.
8:36 am
seal shoe covers are practical and convenient. they fold into their own pouch, making it easy to carry in your purse or case. they're ease isy to clean. wash up with a cloth or throw it into the washing machine. it's the solution to your rainy or snowy day problem. >> very nice. good job. what do you think? >> i love it but can you walk in heels? it feels like it might be slippery. is there a special thing? >> we specially designed it for your high heel. we reinforced the heel area to make sure it won't puncture from your high heel. >> daniela, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> let's look at our final semifinist e isist of the morni >> hi, i'm sherrill from philadelphia, pachennsylvania.
8:37 am
i think minkee blue is the next big thing because you can carry everything you need for the day in one stylish and functional bag. >> come on out here and impress our judges. how are you doing? >> hi, how are you? >> fine. you know the judges. >> yes. >> have at it. >> as women, we can carry two or three bags and it's not fun to take everything in one bag, only to dig for what we're finding for. minkee blue helps you organize everything in the bag. you can carry your lunch at the bottom of the bag. when it's not used for lunch, put your makeup. if you're not using the bag at all, you can put shoes in here. you can carry your shoes or sweater at the bottom. it's all about organizing and separating items. on the top, you have this compartment here where you can put your purse essentials. here, you can put a 13 or 14-inch laptop. it comes with a detachment coin purse. can also be used as a key fab.
8:38 am
the real magic of this bag is you can convert it from a two-compartment bag to a full tote. then it's a great overnight/weekender bag, or your everyday, stylish bag. >> let me tell you something. i don't know anybody who has more stuff to lug around than savannah. >> how often are my shoes coming out of my purse? this can be for me. the one thing, it does look a little heavy. is it heavy? >> not at all. i used nylon because i was conscious of that. this bag weighs a little over two pounds. less than three pounds. >> let's bring all the ladies back out. stand center stage. now is the time i have to tell you, they need your vote. make your pick for today's next big thing at you just might win a $500 gift card for qvc. tomorrow, our remaining semifinalists in the mom's get organized category is here.
8:39 am
up next, the spring's hottest accessories of the season. nice job, ladies. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ i don't need anybody else [ applause ] governor greg absent abbott
8:40 am
8:41 am
albert cypress creek waller county. all right. we're back. it's 8:41. we have some stuff we love this morning. spring accessories. nature is showing off this time of year, so why not us. the items to add that finishing touch to your outfit, from >> good morning. >>tart with shoe trends and the slide is the thing. >> mule, slide, major, major trend. what we love, slide in, slid out, super easy. we have a photo of nicole richie water it with a dress. what we love, perfect with the trouser we've seen it everywhere this season. >> jeans, too. >> especially with the cuff. >> fancy sneakers. >> fancy sneakers, the hugest trend in all of shoes.
8:42 am
we have gwyneth pallet ro wearing these on the street. these are old school. yes, also a photo of victoria beckham wearing hers and high-tech kylie jenner. loads of amazing sneakers. >> next, the lace-up espadrille. >> the lace-up flat. the scottish dance shoe, also ballet inspired. >> skirt? what do you wear these with? >> i love these with a great nitty skirt. a crop trouser you can wear. also an espadrille. new attitude. here the duchess of cambridge always wearing espadrille. down here you see a disco
8:43 am
espadrille with a great platform. even a platform. >> i like these, too. >> so fun. a great slide. those are from kate spade. now let's talk about bags. >> teeny bag but mega trend. we have photo of katie holmes wearing mini bag, lots of colors. the mini quilted, the mini bucket bag and major -- isn't that adorable. >> so cute. >> big detail we are seeing all over the runways is the chain strap. >> can you swap out one of your old bags. >> you can. in fact, we have this fun little detachable strap you can find for $8 you put on last year's bag. >> i love that. >> super fun. >> the anyone 90s called and wants its choker back. >> pearl jam and chokers. >> my time, the '90s. >> that's right. we're seeing lots of chokers. you'll see a photograph here on the screen of selena gomez
8:44 am
rocking the choker. even the youth has appropriated the choker. these are fabulous. for earrings, ear love all over the runway we saw these shoulder dusters. >> these are big. are big earrings? >> yes, they want to graze the shoulder. super glamorous. blake lively wearing them at a fabulous event. she looks gorgeous. lastly, for the trend with the best attitude, the best personality in all of accessories, the pompom. >> i am seeing the pompom everywhere. what is the deal with these things? >> aren't these hysterically fabulous. look at this. we're seeing tons of great little sandals. >> i see people them on their purse. kids put it on their backpack. >> absolutely. super, super fun. who doesn't love a little siesta this spring. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, savannah. >> by the way, you can find more
8:45 am
on these accessories and more spring trends owned thank you. >> thank you. coming up next, movies, motherhood and
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back at 8:47. emily blunt stars in the new movie t"the huntsman: winter's wa war". she plays an ice queen, freya, whose dark side is brought to life by her evil sister. take a look. >> i don't have to tell you anything. >> oh, but you do. you said it yourself, you're something between this world and the mirror. i summoned you out. now, you are bound to me. >> this is just fun. this has to be just fun. >> it was so fun. it was like doing an opera. it was like the most
8:48 am
arch-heightened, enjoyable spectacle to be a part of. >> is it too much to say you have an arch in this movie? >> you can say that, yes. >> i like to use acting terms. >> very good, yeah. a character arch. >> that is good. then you get pretty evil. >> yes. >> i think i know which was more fun. which came for naturally? >> the evil one. i played good a bunch. >> why do you like evil? >> you can do terrible things and not get arrested. really be encouraged by everyone on set to be as evil as possible. >> she is an ice careen aqueen has powers. it's obvious what her power would be. >> what's that? >> she can freeze things. i don't know about real life. >> has there ever been anyone you'd like to freeze as they're speaking? >> is that a superpower you want? >> yeah. >> i'd want to be invisible. >> then you may hear people saying nasty things about you.
8:49 am
>> then you know who is a friend and who is an enemy. >> true. >> you let out a scream. >> you want me to do it? >> no. did you practice or did the director say, give me your best shot. >> you have to warn the mic people, step back a bit. i knew it needed to be an anguished, blood-curling scream. >> may come in handy. you and john krasinski are going from two-on-one defense to m man-to-man defense. >> i know what this means because you prepped me. one kid to two kids. >> where are you expected? >> show up to the neighborhood. >> what room with you in again? >> exactly. >> were you anxious the first time? is it a similar feeling this time? >> we're more laid back.
8:50 am
it's the great unknown, the first child. >> also, the first time, it was you, john and gary. >> and gary. >> who is gary? >> my pregnancy pillow that somebody gave me, which was like having another enormous man in the bed. eventually, john was like, gary has to go. gary got donated. >> you're not going to use a gary this time? >> just a regular pillow. >> feeling good? >> yeah. >> congratulations. i don't know if you saw it, you were in "people" magazine's most beautiful issue. >> was it? >> for pregnant in heels. >> wow. beautiful only when pregnant. perfect. >> they don't mean that. they just decided to put you -- >> every other day of the week. >> congrats on that. >> thank you. >> good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. you can whisper me the date later. >> i will. thank you. >> "the huntsman: winter's war" from universal pictures hits theaters this friday. up next, siri is in the kitchen. she's making a dish that we are all waiting for. that's fried rice, an original
8:51 am
recipe. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
>> announcer: "today"'s food is brought to you by yoplait. mmm, yoplait. >> we're back with "today" food. all week long, we're cooking up 20-minute meals to help you get dinner on the table in a hurry. here with a "today" original recipe created for our viewers
8:53 am
is siri daly. creator of the blog, seriously delicious. i love fried rice. >> who doesn't? >> this seemed to me to be a little complicated. you say it's not. >> it's not. it sounded complicated but it's very, very simple and quick. >> look at the ingredients. >> we have boneless, skinless chicken, chinese sausage, a sweet, dried sausage, snow peas, cornstarch. i'll get started with the sauce. >> okay. >> i'll put soy sauce with the cornstarch. >> does cornstarch clump up? >> it does so start with a liquid and whisk it until the lumps get out. to this, i'm going to add ginger. freshly chopped ginger. some sesame oil, which is nutty and delicious. then, yeah, you can add that. that is the sriracha, which i love. then a pinch of salt. then we're going to whisk that all up and add our chicken. i'm going to use tongs today but
8:54 am
sometimes at home, i like to use these gloves. >> i get it. i'm a tong guy. >> then we're going to kind of coat everything in a pie plate. i'll tell you why we're using a pie plate in a second. >> this is breast of chicken? >> yes. boneless, skinless. here's our chinese sausage. coat that all up. then we're going to use an interesting cooking method. >> i'll tell you the tasters are downstairs already. >> so good, siri. we love it. >> good. >> i like that it has a kick to it, the sriracha. >> very good. >> these are mason jar lids. i put it in a deep skillet. >> creating a steamer. >> exactly. i'll take the pie plate. >> more coated. we'll pretend. >> the lid on and it cooks for five to six minutes. that's it. >> that's enough for the chicken? >> exactly. over here, it's already cooked. we add our snow peas. then we're going to cook it for two minutes more. >> it's got a good amount of
8:55 am
liquid in there. seems like the chicken has sweated a little bit. >> exactly. >> if you don't like snow peas, add mushrooms, whatever you want. >> that's the chicken part with the sauce. now the rice. >> fried rice. bay son, some -- this is sambal, a chunkier hot sauce. >> you use the same pan with the bacon to cook the eggs? >> yeah. here, peanut oil and ginger that i'll cook until it smells and gets delicious. you add the leftover rice. >> i mean, that's great for a lot of families. you don't want it to go to wa t waste. >> it's better with leftover rice. it's almost more dehydrated. makes for a crispier fried rice. here, oyster sauce and chicken broth. more soy. more sesame oil.
8:56 am
that sampabal. i'm going to whisk it together. add the bacon and the egg. frozen peas and the scallions. >> all right. >> then i'm going to add my sauce. >> this is going to cook up for how long? >> like five to six minutes again. >> guys downstairs? final verdict? >> real hit. i love the bacobacon. >> chicken is moist. >> i'm ... ==anim== happening today... ==topvo== a cloud will no doubt descend on san francisco's golden gate park. good morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. happening today, a cloud will no doubt descend upon san francisco's golden gate park, a smoke cloud, where the annual 4/20 celebrations are taking place. organizers say the event starts, no surprise, at 4:20 p.m., but as you can tell from the video, in past years it's usually in full swing well before then. legend has it that a group of
8:57 am
san rafael high school students birthed the celebration in the '70s, getting high at 4:20 in the afternoon. extra city workers will be on hand to help clean up today's celebration. happening right now, people are gathering in advance for today's event. police keeping a close eye on that situation, but not for the reasons that you might expect. link to the story at the top of our home page. also, we're staying on top of the situation on interstate 880, where a big rig crash is still slowing traffic. southbound lanes have reopened. not the case for the northbound direction. sign up for traffic alerts our nbc bay area app. and crews are back at it this morning, moving a house in pacifica that's still sitting on a crumbling cliffside. homeowners face the prospect of losing that home. our steph truong is there following that story and is posting details and new images in our twitter feed. we'll see you in a half an hour. >> announcer: stay connected to your world, wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. when consultant josh atkins books at
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la... quinta! yeah! this morning on "today's take," danny devito gives new meaning to family. who is "people" magazine's most beautiful woman in the world? emily blunt with an exclusive first look at her new film, "girl on the train," coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's wednesday morning, april 20th, 2016. i'm willie along with al, natalie and tamron. nice crowd outside on the plaza. little nip in the air but it'll get a little springier as we go
9:01 am
on in the day. >> yesterday was unbelievable. >> spectacular. >> great day to be in central park, which we'll talk about later. >> yeah. >> my morning jam is "it was a good day" by ice cube. my way of teasing ahead to "sunday today." >> start on wednesday. >> profile is of ice cube. hung out with him for a day. one of my all-time favorites. >> living your drea >> we were in a '64 impala, driving around new york city. >> kevin hart did their last movie, i went down to miami. >> i remember that. >> lincoln continental conve convertib convertible. >> the movie car. >> one of my first '90s concerts was nwa. speaking of the '90s, if you love that decade, and who doesn't, we have a huge treat for you. ready? >> sure. >> next friday, april 29th, we are throwing an i love the '90s concert out on our plaza. >> okay. >> across the hours of the "today" show.
9:02 am
it'll go all morning. salt n pepper. that's one. >> uh-huh. keep going. >> vanilla ice is going to be on the plaza. >> oh, my gosh. >> fantastic. >> kid in play. i love this one. and all for one. i swear. >> so good. >> we have to dress '90s, right? >> you should. we'll meet you there. >> great idea. >> you should go retro, definitely. >> knock it out. >> the spiral curl perm i had. >> was that '90s? >> yeah. >> i had the same haircut i have now. this is me in the '90s. salt n pepper. >> that was salt n pepper. the pineapple wave. then i wanted to be cinderella. i have a picture of me from a ha vanilla ice concert. he hung out in dallas all the time. '90s nwa. no, i went to ice cube's
9:03 am
concert. this is when he'd left the group. >> yeah. >> that was me and my full on hip hop philly days. >> are you more of a "push it" or "schoop"? >> i love "push it." the video and seeing them together, and the red leather. 8 ball jackets. the boots. it's all i wanted in life. a girl from texas coming to philadelphia, i wanted some knee-high boots that weren't cowboy boots. and leather. >> they still perform together? >> oh, yeah. >> they were just on my msnbc show. they're moms now, still live in jersey. they had a reality show not terribly long ago. one of the things we talked about regarding al roker, they love to cook. >> they do. >> like al. they've been talking about a cooking show, as well. they're doing really well. >> what about a dance? >> i'll do it for them when they get here. salt n pepper is here. push it.
9:04 am
i can't do it in a skirt. working up a sweat. come on, y'all. >> al is like, this language you're speaking -- >> it's going to be huge. >> come on down in your best '90s get up. we want to see it. >> big earrings. all that. please. >> the jeans. remember the real acid-washed jeans? >> the high ones? >> that was '80s maybe. i'm getting '80s and '90s -- >> what would you wear if you picked your '90s outfit now? >> high school for me. younger than you guys. >> oh! >> he did an age drop on us. >> high school. we were in college. >> i mean, everything was baggier. >> he was in jersey. >> we went shopping for baggy pants and all that stuff. >> i was wearing the same thing i'm wearing now. only much bigger. but i was working on this program in the '90s.
9:05 am
>> your casual life, you'd walk around in suits? >> yes. >> fun time at the roker house. >> this was my wheel house. this is what i did. >> this is my pajamas, my day wear, evening wear. >> something i'm comfortable in. this was it. >> lock it? >> it'll be a fun time. tomorrow t, the 90th birthd of queen elizabeth. she's 90 on april 21st. to celebrate, what did they do? brought all four generations of the royal family together to pose for a photo. guess who steals the scene. take a look, there in the middle. as we call him, he looks like a little spanky. prince george standing on four foam books so he can even out the height. look at that smile and those cheeks. >> in fact, we did -- as soon as i saw him, i thought spanky mcfarland from the "little
9:06 am
rascals." >> put that hat on him. >> so cute. >> i love how they stage him adorably. the boxes. we know it's there for the height, but it adds to the cuteness of the picture. he's standing there holding his dad's hand. >> will that be the crop of the stamp or will they go closer in? i hope they keep that. >> they have to keep the books. >> wait, it'll be on a stamp? >> yeah. >> commemorate the 90th birthday. >> cool. >> also, yesterday, princes william and harry visited the english set of "star wars" episode ep episode viii and had a lightsaber battle. do we have video? there's the lightsaber battle. they hugged chew bacca and met bb-8. the production is all there in the uk. >> pinewood studios. >> big deal for them. a lot of british actors in the film. >> he doesn't need to stand on
9:07 am
the foam book. he's cute, chewy. >> i've seen it for the fifth or sixth time already at my house since it's on demand already. >> we own it. something else they're demanding. producers want us to celebrate the greatness of beauty. "people" magazine's most beautiful -- >> you're not celebrating? >> i celebrate her every day. every day is jen aniston day. she's 47 and is just flawless. "people" magazine saying, i love this caption here, jen's secrets for staying young. >> for sure. >> second time she's gracing the cover. she's also named most people in 2004. other faces in the category, which i love. adele, kate mckinnon, brie larson. s ronan from "brooklyn."
9:08 am
also, fathers and daughters. will smith and the kravitz. al, i thought this was a perfect category for you and your daughter. >> i think the problem is, i spoil the most beautiful part. >> don't say that. >> unfortunately. >> no, no. >> daughter, yes. me, not so much. >> in the added pressure, having this beautiful teenage daughter in your home, who is straight up -- not just because he's here -- a knockout. >> thank you. >> what advice do you have for daughters who have that? >> force field. >> push a button and the whole house -- >> that's right. get a couple of -- >> lightsaber battle. last night -- >> serena williams. >> sorry. >> unbelievable. >> she's beautiful. >> i think we'll do this this is right last half hour of the show. last night, three beautiful women braved the elements in new york. tamron, dylan and natalie.
9:09 am
>> braved it? pushed into it. >> your survival skills. you were would recollerking wit channel's "alone" series. placing survivalists in the vancouver wilderness with no camera teams or producers. they had their experience. look at you guys. it's like a slumber party. >> kind of. we had to make a sphere. >> first, we had to build a shelter, make a spear, a fishing rod and then -- >> gut and clean a fish. >> did dylan almost poke her eye out? >> yeah. i guess in the process of either making her shelter -- she got poked in the eye. the corner of the eye. you can't really see it. >> swollen? >> it was a little bloodier yesterday. >> under what circumstances would one need a spear in central park? >> here's why. funny you should ask. >> you'd want a spear.
9:10 am
>> there were lots of moving creatures. none of them i would fear. but i would probably need to fend off. >> a squirrel? >> squirrels! >> don't play around. we had to gut the fish. don't want to give too much away. but we gutted the fish at one point. i felt like other animals in central park were coming in. >> raccoons right above me. >> i didn't want to hurt them. >> season two on "alone" on history channel premieres tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> how hard was it to get the fish smell out of your hands? >> i used gloves. >> wilderness. >> i did mine with my bare hands. >> impressive. >> they give you gloves, tamron. >> someone told me you can use toothpaste. >> could you bring that with you in the wilderness, too? serious, we've been watching this all morning. early this morning we showed you torrential downpours in dallas. unfortunately, it is all now
9:11 am
moving towards houston. in fact, very, very close to houston right now. here's the leading edge. you can see right there, it's just about 85 miles away. houston, get ready. you have more rain coming. cyprus creek near cyprus has already crested. currently at 120 feet. that may go back up as this heavy rain comes in. you can see, we have flash flood watches from wichita falls to parts of louisiana. 9 million people under that. we're going to be watching one round of heavy showers and thunderstorms move through. then another line comes through dallas tomorrow morning. by houston, it'll be there by the evening hours. again, anywhere from three to four inches of rain locally. flooding i good morning to you. waking up to bright sunshine and temperatures not as warm today, but we are going to have a few
9:12 am
places back into the 80s like in the south bay. we are 63 degrees and 62 with clear skies and just a light breeze later on. we are staying toasty with places like the trivalley. cooler for san francisco and the north bay. low 70s there. >> that's your latest weather. up next, danny devito's new film where the real star, let's be honest, is his real-life daughter lucy. we'll talk to them about their i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean! oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean.
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9:15 am
thank you, from johnson & johnson. you can call the new film a devito family affair. >> danny directs and stars in it, alongside his daughter lucy with his son producing. >> it premieres last friday at the tribeca film festival. we spoke to danny and lucy about making the film as a family. >> yes? >> i would get in a lot of trouble. i don't think anybody has done anything lick thke this before. >> i get it. i don't know how to feel, you know? >> yeah. me neither. we're in it now, aren't we? look who is here! >> hi, grams. >> don't bring that [ bleep ] in here. >> huh? >> i'm serious. put it in the hallway. >> all right, all right. >> danny devito is here along with his daughter lucy. good morning, guys. >> hi. how are you?
9:16 am
>> we picked a clip you weren't in on purpose. let's be honest, your daughter is the star of the movie. >> and the producer. >> how cool was that, to share the screen with her? >> really great. >> it was great collaborating together and with my brother, jake. it was a wonderful, wonderful time. we're excited to share it with everyone. >> this was a play. your idea to bring it to film, right? >> i belong to a theater company that did a one act. my friend josh wrote it. then we asked him to make it into a screenplay because it was just a really touching story. we had gone to see the play with my brother. our friend david was in the play, the original incarnation. we asked him to be in the movie. it was just a very special time for us to spend time with him. because he's no longer with us. it's an, in loving memory of him, as well. >> looking at your face, danny,
9:17 am
you're beaming. >> the idea of lucy and i and jake, always thinking about, let's see if we can find something to do. it kind of came together. lucy had the idea. >> you know, it's fitting. david and my dad are occcurmud n curmudgeons. >> i don't think -- >> kind of. >> you anticipated my question. how is this a curmudgeon? take us inside the devito household. >> might be a little harsh. no, no. i mean, he plays a good curmudgeon, but he's a jolly fellow. >> a jolly fellow. >> from a loving daughter. >> i have my coffee first, i'm okay. >> you've acted on stage with your mom. acted with your dad now. >> yeah. >> is there one you prefer acting with over the other? >> no, no. >> nice, al. driving a wedge in there.
9:18 am
>> no, no, no. >> good answer. >> don't go there, like any loving daughter. >> no. >> is it hard to get out from under the shadow of two famous parents, incredibly funny? do you feel like as you launched your acting career, it follows you? >> you can imagine, it's a lot. they're both really supportive of me. now, it's great. we're like working together. hopefully, got more coming. >> it's a love story. it's sweet, even though it's curmudgeonly. at the end -- >> it's funny but also moving and sends a positive message about people loving each other and families. i think we need more of that. >> danny, you've seen the business inside and out. did you ever discourage lucy to get into acting? >> no, no. i feel you need to find out what makes you feel excited and what you're happy with. it's going to be with you for the rest of your life. you might as well go for it.
9:19 am
i never discouraged it. she was in high school doing plays. always good on stage. you know, you sit back and let it happen. i think she's bitten by the bug now. >> yeah. i think so. >> love them together. >> so cute. >> so cool. "curmudgeons" is playing in the new york now short section at the tribeca film festival. where is tamron? we're in her club. >> we have a little pop mix. dj cinderella, hit it. >> here we go. >> here we go. ♪ push it atand that in a new house,tee a fyou probably don't sharece, the same tastes as the previous owner. ♪ [ dolphin chatters ] so when you need a little house painting or a complete remodel,
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9:23 am
they appear to be serenading kate. hudson captioning the video, well, this is one way to start your birthday. mom chose ea slightly more demue way to celebrate. kanye west's life of pablo may be the best album of all time, at least according to kanye. making the record wasn't without some set backs. kim reveals how their 2-year-old daughter sent an early version of the project down the tubes literally. >> kanye had every single rap in his iphone before he started really working on pablo. and north flushed it down the toilet and they could not be retrie retrieved. went to like four places. >> no apple genius is genius
9:24 am
enough. kourtney kardashian is also celebrating her 37th birthday. jetted off to iceland with family and friend for festivities there. and all of that work, work work. our girl rihanna is number two overall. m mariah carey still reigns supreme. and we're getting our first glimpse of lulu. her mom chrissy teigen put it on instagram. congrats to chrissy and her
9:25 am
husband. caroline boon was born on april 15th. congrats to her mom there. sienna miller, luke evans and tom hiddleston after your local news. you can apply to wet skin. a wrinkle cream that works in one week. and a shampoo that washes away the residue hair care products can leave behind. but we did it. no wonder dermatologists recommend neutrogena® 2 times more than any other brand. we're always re-thinking what's possible in skincare. that's just how we roll. neutrogena®. see what's possible. new layers to our famous lasagna. with three new irresistible dishes like chicken parmigiana lasagna. and seafood lovers lasagna.
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all with our unlimited salad and breadsticks. and all starting at $11.99. olive garden. ==anim== continuing coverage.... ==topvo== on a big-rig crash causing big backups this morning on interstate 880. continuing coverage on a big rig crash that caused big back ups on interstate 880. about an hour ago, the chp reopened all lanes of southbound traffic and just minutes ago, the northbound lanes reopened as well. the chp said this was one of two crashes in the state area early this morning. it took a long time for crews to remove the big rig and the cab part of the truck got removed from the rest of it and at least one other vehicle was involved and the driver of the car suffered significant injuries. will have an update on the traffic in a moment. also happening today, a cloud will be descending on golden
9:27 am
gate park. organizers say the event starts at 4:20 p.m. as you can tell from the video, it's usually in full swing before this. legend has it a group of san raphael high school students burned that celebration in the 70s, getting high at 4:20 in the afternoon. workers will be on hand to clean up and they promise they will take extra care to keep the ground swings. there will be road closures in the area as well. we will get to the traffic and your weather for the day. we will be outside after this break.
9:28 am
weather toss to traffic we are waking up to bright sunshine and we are staying sunny all day long and temperatures are back into the 60s. still in the 50s in the north bay, but we are expected to stay sunny and warm.
9:29 am
72 degrees in san francisco and the north bay. warmer for the trivalley and the south bay. cooler for tomorrow with showers by friday. we will have more details on that at 11:00. update on the road. >> thumbs up. just minutes ago the northbound side reopened. let's look at the south bay. slow this time of day. recovering northbound 880 and more slowing in the southbound continuing to recover as well. back to you. >> that's going to do it for us right now. we will be back in a half hour. see you then.
9:30 am
taking a look at the . taking a look at the headlines. united healthcare plans to exit most of the affordable care act state exchanges next year. the company says it has lost billions of dollars offering the obamacare plans. experts say less competition in the aca marketplace could lead to higher premiums in about ten states, mostly in the south and the midwest. obama administration are saying it didn't offer the lowest cost plans anyway. a ground breaking treatment could mean hope for stroke victims. a new study found that stroke patients who got a clot busting drug and had a stent retreefrie go in and pull out a clot had a
9:31 am
91% survival rate. survival goes down 41% if treatment starts after 5.5 hours. reducing the amount of time you sit at work can reduce body fat and potentially improve your health. researchers looked at hundreds of office workers. they found that reducing sitting time by about 70 minutes during an eight-hour workday reduced body fat percentage by about 6/10 of a percent. visa says it will improve its smart chip embedded credit cards to get approval faster at checkout. right now it can take up to 30 seconds for a transaction to be approved on the a chip reader. the chip card were introduced to help cut down on fraud.
9:32 am
and a message sent long ago now holds a place in history. the message was put into a bottle in the north sea 108 years ago by a marine biologist. it was written on a postcard in english, german and dutch. it was found last year on an island off germany and this week it became the guinness world record holder as the oldest message in a bottle ever found. let's get a check of the weather right now from mr. roker. hey, al. >> gilligan! >> and the >> we are breaking up the bright sunshine in the bay area. looking at san jose, you can no clouds in the sky and that's the case across most of the bay. a few clouds further north and the coastline. temperatures in the 50s and 60s and we are headed to see a nice comfortable day in san
9:33 am
francisco. 72 degrees and not as hot as yesterday. it will be warm across the inland locations. back into the low 80s for today. rain on friday. >> that's your latest weather. hat's your latest the new movie high-rise is based on the 1975 novel of the same name telling the story of a skyscraper whose residents slowly descend into class warfare. tom hiddleston plays dr. robert lange, the newest tenant of the high-rise. sienna miller plays an upstairs neighbor. good to see all you guys. this sounds like quite the nice little home. [ laughter ]. >> like the psycho home. tell us about this, tom. what was it like filming this movie? this is based on the jj ballard novel which is a huge hit.
9:34 am
>> it's become a classic of some standing. it's set in this tower block in 1975. but it's also quite futuristic. so it's very stylized. initially it's seductive and glamorous like an ocean liner disappearing over the horizon. after a file the residents kind of yield to their darker instincts. >> on film but i also understand off camera on the set there was a bit of chaos. >> you were all staying in a hotel apparently. >> we lived together. there was a funny trailer camp. it was mad. we were all running around with black eyes and blood. it was pretty crazy. but we laughed our heads off and had a great time. >> the director created a very
9:35 am
safe atmosphere onset. what the characters are doing is kind of indulging their appetites. >> good morning. >> would you like to go into that in a little more detail? >> i don't know that i should. leave it there. >> what happens in the apartment stays in the apartment. >> yeah. there was a lot of dancing. a huge amount of dancing. >> what kind of dancing? >> a dance off. >> that is actually a fantastic moment. watching it live was great. they just had a dance off, a proper dance off. >> i had whiplash by the end of that day. >> so when you do a movie like this and it's so intense, what do you do to decompress once you get done? >> i'm sorry, what? who said that?
9:36 am
>> yielding to your appetites. >> what do you do? >> we all had different ways. >> wine. >> there was a lot of wine. >> we shot it in northern ireland even though it's set in london. it was across the summer of a couple of years ago. it was a lovely incredibly beautiful place to be. it's where they shoot game of thrones. the landscape there is very nice. it's nice to look at the sea. >> there is one scene in the film, an autopsy scene. i understand you nearly passed out. >> not the actual scene but i went to watch an autopsy for real in a hospital in england. it's one of those things where as an actor if you're playing a musician, you want musicians to appreciate your musicianship. i wanted doctors and medical practitioners to actually watch
9:37 am
it and go, yes, that's how you do it. i had to perform a dissection of a cadaver. >> a head. >> a head, yeah. so i went to see a forensic path pathologist actually do this. it was quite stomach churning. >> good morning. >> thank you so much. high-rise will be available on demand on itunes april 28th and in theaters nationwide may 13th. coming up next, the hollywood beauty who's turned into a real ice queen on the big screen.
9:38 am
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9:42 am
golden globe emily blunt jumped onto the movie scene in the devil wears pra prada. she drew raves last year in sicario. >> now she's starring opposite charlize theron in the huntsman. emily tackles the most challenging role of her career as the emotionally damaged rachel watson in the girl on the train. good morning. so excited to have you here and so excited about the girl on the train. i am a huge fan. i read the book. >> in like a day, yeah. >> you said this role was the most challenging for you. how is this role more challenging? >> she's just one of the most
9:43 am
damaged people i've ever played, someone who struggled with addiction daily and also she's this obsessive, voyeuristic person who obsesses over this couple on the train every day. also you're in a thriller. it's not just a portrait of alcoholism. you are having to propel a story that is intense and dark and fig frightening. >> we're about to get an exclusive look at the trailer. set the scene. the she's divorced, she's been fired. her life is falling apart. >> you set it very well. >> she's a raging alcoholic. >> that was the appeal to me that the main protagonist is the most unreliable witness in this potential murder because she is an alcoholic and she doesn't quite remember what happened that night. she could be a suspect. there's about five other people
9:44 am
that could be a suspect. she's just trying to grasp at what happened. that idea of voyeurism of obsessing about people's live who is live on a train. i think we've all done that. when you're traveling with people, you're wondering where they come from, why they are the way they are. >> let's see it. >> the embodiment of true love. i saw her. i saw her from the train. >> is this her? ♪ >> what happened that night? >> how could you -- tell me the
9:45 am
truth. ♪ >> so gripping. >> not creepy at all. >> it is so good. boy, that really lives up to the book. i know the movie certainly will as well. let's talk about snow white and the hundr huntsman. >> i'm the good sister. i don't know if she's all good. >> icy. >> i play charlize theron's sister. it becomes sort of this battle of the queens in this film. but i don't know many people who'd want to go up against charlize. >> you hold your own. your beautiful two-year-old daughter is going to be a big sister. congratulations. >> thank you so much. this is not just a breakfast burrito. >> how is hazel taking the news? >> coming around, i think. she has no choice at this point
9:46 am
the it is happening. >> congratulations. >> you look amazing. so good to catch up. >> thank you. >> the huntsman in theaters this friday. and the girl on the train is out this fall, october the 7th. >> can't wait. next, coming up the single mother who went from being broke to becoming a world renowned motivational speaker. her secrets to success after this. ♪
9:47 am
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♪ ♪ only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make, is creamier than ever. ♪ ♪ lisa nichols is in the business of inspiration. she's a best-selling author and founder of motivating the masses inc. her book is "abundance now." amplify your life and achieve prosperity today. >> how is this for an endorsement? steve harvey writes the forward for lisa's book. he says he's in awe of her wisdom. i couldn't agree more. >> thank you, guys.
9:51 am
>> we're talking about "abundance of life" from the inside out but you've made a transformation on the outside. you said, what's different about me? i said, your hair. you said, i lost 85 pounds. >> yes. when i realized that the catalyst to it was the emotion. there was a reason i put it on. i stopped looking at the what to do, eat less and work out. i looked at, why did i put the weight on? at the core of everything is what r we thiare we thinking? what is the story we're telling ourselves? i was ready to release it after that. >> the word abundance might not be the type people are thinking of. it's not material abundance. >> matter of fact, i challenge how we look at abundance. we have a myth that abundance is about possessions and wealth and money. while that's one piece, abundance is a 360 experience. it's the quality of your relationships. it's the quality of your health.
9:52 am
it's your spiritual awareness. and it's finance. but abundance is something that comes all the way. i have wealthy friends who really don't consider their lives abundant because they're out of relationship with their children. >> right. >> i challenge all those areas and teach you in the book how to create in each category of your life an abundant experience. >> let's go through some of the categories. people want to know how to replicate it. what do you do first? >> number one will sound crazy because people think you're doing it. give yourself permission to have it. we measure our future based on the past, and they're not connected. give yourself permission. be bold enough to give your permission to have the abundance you say you want. the love you say you want. women say, i want love, but question it every time a good guy comes around. give yourself permission. that's number one. >> you need an action plan but also one you hold yourself accountable to. >> absolutely. you need bite-sized, digestible pieces. we have big goals.
9:53 am
create micro goals so you're able to see them and celebrate them. sooner, quicker, faster. >> unlevel your community. what does that mean? >> have friends and associates around youiptoe. you can't be the best in your tribe. you can be the best here but then go here -- i say tribe. they make you want to be a better man. make you want to be a better woman. >> do i make you feel that way? >> every day. >> thanks. >> my life is abundant because i have tamron hall. >> thank you, lisa. >> the book is "abundance now." back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
can you do that? >> look at that. >> oh! >> spring has sprung. >> time for alice
9:56 am
=weather tosstr good wednesday morning to you. waking up to bright sunshine and it will be a nice day. nice and sunny and comfortable, not as hot as it was yesterday. back to 62 degrees and same deal
9:57 am
for the north bay. the further south and inland, we are talking low 80s for the trivalley and the south bay. it does cool off tomorrow and there is money in the forecast and we will talk about that at 11:00. see you again at noon time. we have issues on the roads this morning. >> for has been a tough last hour. san jose 85 this afternoon and moving much better now as well. santa clara. we had an earlier crash and looks like it. >> you mentioned that big rig crash earlier on interstate 880 and there is residual back ups. you have been staying on top of that situation. you can sign up for a look on our nbc bay area app. in pacifica, a home sits on a
9:58 am
crumbling cliff side. we are following that story in the midday newscast. we will have another news update coming up for you in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda ckotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody, that means you. you know where we are in a lot of hospitals in a lot of places where people are recuperating so we're so happy you're with us today. we hope we make you giggle and look at the world as a beautiful place because it's winesday wednesday. >> our favorite day. >> and that's "t-shirt" by thomas rhett. >> he's rocking it. >> suddenly he's everywhere which is so


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