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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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kris//live right now at 11: concerns about a 420 celebration in the heart of san francisco. right now at 11:00, concerns about a 4/20 celebration in the heart of san francisco as we look live from our nbc chopper. thousands of people expected to fill golden gate park. police and neighbors worried about the cleanup and children getting too close to that party. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. this event has grown over the years and so has the police response. >> bob redell is live in golden gate park. the party has already started behind you. >> reporter: it has. it's known as 4/20. it's an annual celebration of marijuana that takes place every
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april 20th with a big smokeout at 4:20 in the afternoon. nowhere near what is expected. last year and the years past, around 15,000 people were here at golden gate park. park rangers are expecting as many as 10,000 to this gathering that you should know is unsanctioned and permitted by the city of san francisco. now, to help control the crowds this year are the park and city stepping up enforcement, more rangers inside and on the perimeter to eliminate traffic so people are going to have to get some really good luck finding parking off property. you won't be allowed to sell anything though we have seen a few tents up already clocking paraphernalia. and this year there will be bathrooms and lots of trash
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cans. they are already out. that will help keep this section of the park clean. >> safety is our biggest concern. with this large amount of people, our concern is the safety of the participants here. we're unable to supervise something this large. we take it on and we have to roll with what we have. >> there's no reason for that. ain't nobody hurt nobody out here. there's no problems. >> there was one man that threw a bottle across the park and it hit two people and that was the only incident and makes it bad for the rest of us. >> reporter: he claims this was created by a group of san rafael high school students back in the
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'70s who would get high at 4:20 in the afternoon. they have to roll and do the best that they can to stop it. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, that buzz behind you is our helicopter. a series of crashes caused a traffic nightmare in the east bay this morning. we brought you live breaking coverage of the story all morning long on "today in the bay." this was the third collision on i-80 -- i-880 in union city. the big rig slamming into the center medium around 6:00 a.m. that blocked lanes for hours as crews worked to remove it. all lanes were reopened around 9:30. at least one person was taken to the hospital. >> in just two hours, crews will begin moving a house teetering on the edge of a pacifica cliffside and it's a move that will save a house and by that
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family living there, some time to figure out a solution. >> stephanie is live there. >> reporter: that's what we're hearing from the crew working on this right now. it's a very visual example. back there and you can see it's all gone and the homeowner just called in time. this began as someone's dream ocean front home after major el nino storms, it's moved 15 to 20
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feet. >> we've done a couple near bodega bay. some of those houses we couldn't save. we're seeing it more and more all the time. >> reporter: just this year, the city demolished the apartments forcing out the people who live there. neighbors remember when there were houses lining this entire stretch. they noticed the erosion slowly eating away at the cliffs, crumbling at the hands of el nino and strong waves this year. >> the apartments had 100 feet out behind them. the rv park had 120 feet behind it. it's all gone. mother nature is taking it all back. >> this process will take about 30 minutes and it will start around 1:00 this afternoon and it's a temporary fix. the city of pacifica is giving
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the homeowner six months to find a permanent location or else they are going to have to figure out another thing to do here. hopefully they will find another location here in the city of pacifica. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. you may have noticed a change in the air, the forecast. here's a look at downtown san francisco. blue skies but clouds as well. let's go to anthony slaughter so he can tell us what it all means. >> reporter: we're starting to see the clouds roll on in to the bay area and it's ahead of the next storm system that is going to bring some rain. not today, though. not tomorrow. it moves in for friday. you can see the clouds drifting over mt. tam. the clouds are expected to fill in and it's going to become cloudy once we head into the
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evening. as we zoom out, i want to show you what is happening on our satellite and radar because we have a storm system that is making its way towards the bay. that's going to move in here, as i mentioned, tonight and eventually move back into the bay area. if my computer wants to move. 60s and 70s and that will become a thing of the past. we're going to be talking about 60s and 50s as we move into the weekend. get ready for big changes. there's the first storm system that brings clouds today. there's the next storm system that brings rain for friday. i'll be back in 15 minutes to talk about how much rain and if there's any snow in the future coming up in 15. >> anthony, thanks. the nation's air quality is improving but more than half of all americans are still living in areas with unhealthy levels of air pollution. the los angeles/long beach area tops it the list of the nation's most ozone polluted area.
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among the cities that are cleanest are salinas and honolulu. new at 11:00, a stranger danger warning for santa rosa. police say a man there asked the teenager several times if she wanted a ride after she said no. it happened before 8:00 yesterday morning as the girl was walking to school with two elementary school students. the three were walking north near cass road when a driver stopped, rolled down his window, asked her if she nt wawanted a . the driver did not let up and asked two more times before he drove off. the teenager describes him as a man in his 30s with a darker complexion and short, brown hair. another highway shooting in the east bay has drivers on edge. it happened on highway 4 in pittsburgh. the highway was closed for much of the night and the search for
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the shooter continues this morning after the driver was fond dead. there are a rash of shootings in contra costa county. the car ran off the roadway and into a fence. drivers worried about the violence. >> it just happened too often. every two months we're having a shooting on the freeway. and that's scary. >> we'll have more about this shooting in the next hour. our bob redell is that at scene and is covering the festival in golden gate as well. we continue to watch both stories. debating late into the night, leaders barely approved new rent control limits that will impact thousands upon thousands of families. the meeting ended at 2:00 this morning and for much of the time the city council in the overflow areas were packed with hundreds of renters and housing advocates. in the end, no one got exactly what they wanted out of that 6-5
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vote. here's what was decided. rent hikes are limited to 5% a year. those increases are not tied to inflation but landlords can bank them and use them all at once, though not to exceed 8% in any given year. the mercury news report said a new anti-retaliation provision or they request repairs. as we have reported, this affects 44,000 rental units in the city of san jose that were built before 1979. state law precludes rentals built after that point to be included in rent control discussions. landlords say they might have to sell but there are a number of other rent control provisions that will be discussed ahead in may. as expected, trump and clinton were the big winners in new york's primary on tuesday and what may have been the big loser wasn't even on the ballot.
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nbc has the details. >> reporter: the margin of donald trump's victory in the new york republican primary is one that critics couldn't ignore. >> based on what i'm seeing on television, senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: ted cruz ended up in third place beyond john kasich and had already moved on to pennsylvania for one of five primaries next tuesday. >> i'm so excited to share with you what america has learned over the past few months and it has nothing to do with the politician winning his home state tonight. >> reporter: trump's win so convincing that his prospect is going forward so solid that the biggest loser on tuesday was the anti-trump movement. >> you get almost as many delegates as new york, it could be important. if trump can win indiana, i think he's going to be the nominee. >> reporter: that's the week after the next big five on tuesday that has front-runner
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hillary clinton already looking past. >> the race for the democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is at stake. >> reporter: clinton's win over bernie sanders has made his improbable run for the nomination nearly impossible but he's staying in. all of the candidates are headed to those five states over the next six days. nbc news. coming up next, a new face for the $20 bill. we will show you who is replacing president andrew jackson. plus, intel is cutting thousands of jobs the way it's going to affect people here in the bay area. >> and houston trying to dry out and the forecast ahead. >> let's take you out to golden gate park. pot smokers are taking over for the 4/20 celebration. neighbors are concerned about trash and crime. just in -- presidential andrew
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jackson is out -- and harriet tubman is in. ==take vo== a treasury official confirming that that e new 20 dollar bill will feature the pora this just in, a treasury official saying that the $20
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bill will feature the bill during the american civil war and union spy. the artist rendering of what that bill might look like now jack lew is going to make that announcement later this afternoon. changes to other bills could also be coming. well, you could make a lot of tubmans this morning on the market. it really hasn't moved much. we are watching intel is one of the most difficult decisions they have ever had to make. and intel will lay off 11% of its workforce and globally that works out to 12,000 people.
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>> let me be transparent and say that those are difficult decisions. those are friends, those are people that i have worked with for many, many years. it's a difficult decision to make. >> intel made that announcement during the quarterly earnings call and small companies today, we get word from alphabet, the company we used to call google. the bay area is going to speed up the process for chip cards and a lot of consumers say it takes a very long time for the approval process. and indeed we were talking to as they convert chip card readers, they are wondering if they can add a cashier simply because the transactions take so much longer when you aggregate that over a full day, it's fewer customers served. we were at trader joe's
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where it was lined up in the back of the store. the new charging center opens today at the public parking garage right across from levi stadium. it features 48 charges stations and one so-called super quick charger. the city of santa clara worked to open this new facility. and yesterday a state senate panel blocked a measure aimed at providing ride share companies like uber and lyft from adjusting their prices based on demand. and a big warning out this morning about mosquitos. about coming -- it's coming from vector control. they are holding open houses talking about the risk of mosquito-born illness. also, vector control is the
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government agency in charge of keeping a cap on mosquito population. they do things like spraying when there's a particularly bad infestation. they are also on top of the issue in regard to the other concern which is the zika virus. >> right now we don't have the right mosquitos here but we are taking a look at neighborhoods and we're going out and our technicians are taking a look at all of the areas that are possible concerns. >> that is the local vector control but the national disease control is monitoring the zika virus mostly known for causing infections when pregnant women are infected. the battered people of houston are bracing themselves once again for more unprecedented rainfall and record flooding. many are flowing into neighborhoods and business districts and as nbc janet shamlian reports, the forecast for today is bleak.
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>> reporter: cyprus creek has overflowed its banks and flooding dozens of area homes. this morning, a new danger in flood-weary houston. cypress creek bulging beyond its banks filling into hundreds of homes. >> and we thought we were okay. last night we went to bed and the water had receded and there was no rain and we wake up and it's at our front door. >> reporter: and then it was inside. the family packed up and left the only way they could. on an air boat, manned by sheriff deputies maneuvering to neighborhoods that looked like this. we join them as they answer call after call. it's nonstop life-saving work. for some, the reality of leaving homes hitting hard. >> it really sucks. i don't know what to do.
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>> it's an awesome amount of water. more than i've seen in my career. >> reporter: more than 1,000 homes have flooded and 5 billion in damage and this heartbreaking statistic. at least seven people died in the flood, including a mom of three who became trapped in her car. >> what now for your family? >> honestly, i don't know. >> for many across houston, the floodwaters have receded but cypress creek has yet to crest with more rain in the forecast. >> there are still pockets of concerns because two have not yet crested. janet shamlian, houston. the warriors are headed that way. they are getting on the plane to head to houston for games three
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and four of the first round of the playoffs. they will make it rain but in a good way for those fans watching in houston. meteorologist anthony slaughter is watching the forecast. we have rain in the forecast as well. >> we do. as we head towards friday, look at the temperatures right now. not as hot as it has been. 65 in san francisco. the warm spot is across the south bay at 73 degrees and still warm in some locations, like the tri-valley, peninsula and south bay. it's going to cool off for san francisco and into the north bay back into the low 70s. so that's good news and a sign of what is to come. in fact, over the next couple of days, we'll replace the 7 0s an 80s with 50s and 60s and a few 70s.
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the ocean breeze and 70s for the south bay and then by friday, the 70s are out of here. widespread 60s for most of the bay area as we start off the weekend and the north bay down towards monterey bay, we're expecting to see sneaker waves as well. the thing that we're all excited about is the sharks have made it to the playoffs and they are taking on the kings. temperatures are nice and comfortable at 72 degrees. we're all giant fans here across the bay area. first pitch against the diamondbacks this evening, 65 degrees, 7:15 and then the skies will fill in as clouds start to return in the forecast. and there are clouds to the region today and then the next one moves in behind it for
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friday. that's going to bring showers to the morning commute and then eventually clear out for saturday and we may just sweep out a potential chance of showers for sunday. mostly for the north bay. it looks like a lot of this may not actually follow the computer models going back and forth. it does look like in terms of rainfall, it's going to get picked up by friday and that's really all we're talking about. a quarter of an inch for the south bay, maybe half an inch for the north bay and higher amounts for the higher elevations. the other thing we're tracking are sierra snows. yes, here in april, more snow is expected. first round expected to move through on sunday and than on monday it finishes out with snow flurries. and 80s and 90s, back to 60s and 70s across the entire bay. >> all right, thank you. pesticides concerns for a golf course on the peninsula.
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>> and it smells like acetone. it burns your eyes a bit. >> the action that neighbors are taking now. san francisco requiring all builders to install solar panels on all new projects. city leaders hope this will help san francisco move towards reaching its goal of renewable energy. it's a goal that both renters and landlords are unhappy. for a full list of restrictions, head to we're back in two minutes. named by a bay area water
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district as a big water waster... is now taking heat about pesticides. neighbors say there's an a big water waster is now also taking heat over pesticides. neighbors say there is an overwhelming stink coming from the menlo country club invading their community. the country club now responding. here's raj mathai with more. >> reporter: they smelled it a few weeks ago. >> it's overwhelming. >> tammy dukas lived across the street for the last 13 years and it's the first time she smelled pesticides coming from the course. >> it smelled like acetone. it's very strong. kind of almost burning the eyes and nose a bit. >> reporter: she is concerned
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that her 3-year-old was exposed to toxins. >> and then yesterday morning, it started about 6:00 in the morning and it was a sweet smell. >> reporter: after several complaints, the country club told the nbc bay area they stopped spraying a pesticide called prograss which is used to kill weeds. san mateo county got involved by sending an inspector to the course. >> given the size of the course on a warm day like yesterday, you're going to get some odor issues. >> reporter: the inspector found the course to be in compliance with state regulations. you can smell them. and there isn't a regulation concerning that. >> reporter: she feels better knowing that the country club operated safely but because of her background, she remains skeptical. >> because it was a strong smell that carried so far, it tells
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you something is wrong. >> that was raj mathai. the folks at the menlo country club say they want them to be good neighbors and they are looking for an odorless chemical. a massive new retail and housing project up for discussion at city council last night. it's a proposed 40-acre development near highway 17 with 320 residential units and retail as well. city leaders decided that they would create a study group. the planning commission will take up the proposal once again next week. up next at 11:00, the continuing fight over one-of-a-kind outdoor urinal. plus -- i'm marianne favro standing here at the consider. alaveras dam project. what it means to water users coming up.
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this has been a a very complex project from a geologic standpoint runs=04 ==kris/take vo== a new projec r this is an extremely complex site from a geological standpoint. >> a new project intended to deliver a more reliable water supply for more than 2 million local water customers and now drowning in debt. the project is now more than $400 million over budget. >> but yesterday, a completion of a spillway. marianne favro took a tour to find out why these project costs have nearly doubled. >> reporter: i'm standing here on the brand-new spillway of the caleveras dam. it was built to withstand a 7.25 quake. >> reporter: the fault is just 1500 feet away from the existing
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dam. in 2011, construction began to build a new dam here and today crews reached a major milestone. they completed the spillway, an important safety feature, to control the release of water from the reservoir which it had to be kept at a low level because the old dam wasn't quake safe. >> that's the biggest reservoir in the bay area right here locally. and so bringing it back to full capacity means that extra water supply in drought. >> but building the new dam has not been smooth sailing. the final project has been delayed three years and will cost a whopping project. >> crews discovered several ancient landslides too unstable to build on so the dam had to be
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redesigned. another challenge, making sure the asbestos in the rocks here doesn't pose a concern to workers and the public. the san francisco public utilities commission says the additional costs will not be passed on to customers. construction of the entire dam is expected to be completed in spring 2019. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. two conservative groups are making a big stink about a unique urinal. it's the first in the nation outdoor urinal intended to stop people from urinating in the bushes or homes. some conservatives, not from the neighborhood, filed a lawsuit in hopes of getting rid of it. >> this week a different proposal must be condemned and terminated. >> this blatantly violates the act of 1973. >> he's talking about how the outdoor urinal does not accommodate women because there are two other traditional bathrooms in the park which do.
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now, some people will point out, according to the southern poverty law center, the two groups suing are trying to stop unisex bathrooms. berkeley police hope that surveillance video helps them to track down a gunman who shot at a homeless man. in that video, the man is walking through the car wash on the corner near the uc berkeley campus. following an argument, he fires a gun at the homeless man standing in front of an apartment complex. >> apparently there was an argument between two men. one pulled out a gun and shot the other one. >> the shooter is described as a tall, thin man wearing a bucket-shaped hat and a distinctive rope chain. >> happening today, a progress report on looming changes for the police department. they meet tonight and the agenda
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includes a new use of force policy including using de-escalation techniques and relying lesson weapons. commissioners will discuss the implementation of body cameras. >> well, this man, arol aroldo vela-chavez hits and kills a 65-year-old woman while trying to get away from officers in pittsburgh. the victim has been identified as linda cochran. his car ended up on the delta view golf course. he was driving on a suspended license for a prior dui. it's unknown if drugs or alcohol was a factor in yesterday's incident. governor brown is pushing for a state of emergency for 11 counties affected by storms last month. that includes alameda, contra
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costa and napa counties. the eastern sierra is long over due for an earthquake is what scientists are saying as they get ready for the annual meeting. the conference begins in reno today. a magnitude 6 quake typically strikes every decade in that area but that hasn't happened since 1964. the new faa bill includes an amendment that ensures children will not be separated from their parents during tsa screening. it also prevents families from having to pay extra fees to sit with their own children and pregnant women will get the option to preboard. president obama is in saudi arabia to attend a summit for cooperation council.
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this comes amid speculation of a 9/11 report that could possibly implicate the saudis. ron allen reports from saudi arabia. >> reporter: the president has just arrived here, and some of the 9/11 families are angry at president obama for not backing a bill that would give them the ability to sue the saudis. and servicemen and women are pushing for the administration to declassify a portion of the congressional 9/11 investigation. the so-called 48 pages. they believe that there is information in there that might implicate the saudi government and they want to see it and believe the u.s. government is sitting on the information to protect an important ally. also on the agenda, the fight against isis and the u.s. ramping up the effort. the president we expect to push
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the saudis to do the same. a lot of issues that will be discussed here today. the next stop for the president, perhaps more enjoyable. he heads to great britain where the highlight is with queen elizabeth celebrating her 90th birthday. back to you. up next at 11:00, we're counting down to rio. we'll take a look at the bay area athletes that will soon head to the olympics. and over san francisco right now, we're tracking some cumulus clouds, a sign of things changing in the weather department. expect some rain soon. we're back to explain the full forecast after this.
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we are less than 4-months away from the olympics in rio de janeiro. and for the host city... there is trouble. we are less than four months away from the olympics rio de janeiro and for the host city, there is trouble. the prep work is not up to snuff. the report cites a recent power outage at the gymnastics arena and at a training venue. the international olympic committee is now sending two of its top officials out to help them whip themselves into shape.
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>> they got it done. >> do not call it ping-pong. this will be the second trip to the olympics for this woman and she's coming clean on how she discovered the sport. here's joe rosato jr. >> reporter: a faculty laundromat is where she tumbled into the sport. >> my dad was a professor there. any time i did laundry, there was a table there and i played with my parents for fun. >> reporter: a future olympian was born. soon things did get serious and she traded up from a laundry
11:44 am
room to a tennis club. >> it was so fast and so physical. >> the moment i was like, maybe i could do this as a serious sport and go to the olympics some day. >> reporter: that some day was 2012 when she represented the u.s. in the london olympics. >> walking in the open arena, it was mind blowing. >> reporter: and though she didn't take home a medal, she went home with more fire for the sport. her path winds back to the table tennis center in milpitas. long hours every day. >> you have to really have this gift. >> reporter: a lot of people don't really know the sport of table tennis. they think it's ping-pong where you stand in a garage and swing
11:45 am
your arms around. >> reporter: along with raising the visibility of table tennis, she's inspiring other players. >> they are trying to imitate lee. she's her own order. >> reporter: for now, she's focused on the rio games. >> this time around, i'm definitely a lot more experienced and a lot more prepared. >> reporter: everything else will just come out in the wash. joe r oosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> we will get updates as the games begin in august. >> lucky jess. >> i will put that in my twitter feed, an article from the last olympics about ping-pong. anthony? >> i was like the tennis player. i was in my garage doing all of
11:46 am
this as a kid. and it worked out. >> look at you now. >> look at me. across the bay area, 60s and 70s. very comfortable but hang on. we're expecting to see another warm day, especially for the tri-valleys. 83 degrees there. 80 for the peninsula and the south bay and not as hot at the coastline today. 72 degrees for san francisco and the north bay. and that's a sign of some changes headed our way. in fact, we're going to be undergoing major cooling as we head towards the weekend. today, still warm across the tri-valley, south bay, widespread 80s. the north bay and coastline, san francisco down through the peninsula, you'll see 70s today. the 70s move towards the tri-valley tomorrow and towards the south bay and then you'll see san francisco back into the 60s tomorrow and look at this, we're not done there just yet. 50s at the coastline by friday. so not the kind of weekend we've had last weekend where we had the 80s and 90s. kind of a cool weekend coming our way. now, we have the rip current
11:47 am
into half moon bay, pacifica and through monterey because of the strong rip current as the storm systems make their way in and chop up the ocean. we're very excited about the sharks taking on the kings. temperature is 72 degrees and they are in the playoffs. go sharks. all right. also the giants taking on the diamondbacks this evening. temperatures are cool and comfortable. back into the 60s. 65 degrees for first pitch. right around 7:15. it's breezy this evening. clouds start to return and we're actually expecting to start the day tomorrow with mostly cloudy skies because of this storm system sitting off the coastline. this thing, not going to give us any rain. it's just going to cool us a little bit. the next storm system on the heels of that one, that moves in after the morning commute and it's expected to be with us for at least the first half of the day. we may get another shot of rain as we head towards sunday, primarily across the north bay. it looks like we may get a trailing light showers and then as far as the computer model
11:48 am
goes, it's not believable at this point. we've been going back and forth. the thing that is believable, the rain that is coming for friday. we're talking about a quarter of an inch for the south bay. more than that as you head towards san francisco and even more than that, half of an inch to close to an inch across the north bay. again, that would come friday before all of the showers wrap up friday evening. also, sierra snow being tracked. that moves in towards sunday and monday and then we're expecting to see 3 to 6 inches of new snow above 7,000 feet. not a big storm system but give you a heads up if you're traveling that way. this weekend looks delightful, just like it in the bay area. no 80s and 90s. not the perfect beach weather. it will be comfortable and not intolerable. back over to you. >> all right. delightful indeed. up next at 11:00, a special look at the northern lights. and -- >> i'm sam brock. cash, clinton and clooney. the star actor says most of the money he helped raise this weekend did not go to the
11:49 am
presidential candidate. this fact check explained, next.
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only on nbc bay area... late last night -- we have confirmed hillary clinton will be returning to san francisco for a fundraiser. but this time with a twist -- a "low cost" event. unlike last week's san francisco fundraiser -- well, hillary clinton will be returning to san francisco for a fund-raiser and it will be a low-cost event. hosted by george clooney, it was $32,000 a ticket. this time, the tickets will start at 45 bucks. she'll be here on may 5th. >> interested to see. >> it will be fun to see. they are trying to get big money out of politics. that's what bernie sanders said, shouted outside a hillary clinton fund-raiser with those expensive tickets. >> right. that event, most of that money isn't even going to hillary
11:52 am
clinton. so is that true? sam brock has today's reality check. ♪ this home is my land >> reporter: camping out in l.a. and san francisco at hillary clinton's fund-raisers casting criticism at the event's host, george clooney, for flexing his hollywood might and raising cash for clinton. clooney pushed back on "meet the press". >> the overwhelming amount of money that we're raising, and it is a lot of money, is not going to hillary to run for president. it's going to the down ticket, to the congressman and senators to try to take back congress. >> reporter: that claim is about half true. the rules say a person can only give up to $2700 in a presidential primary. so that money is earmarked for clinton. >> these are mandated rules. >> daniel newman is president of
11:53 am
a nonpartisan group tracking money in politics. he says the larger contribution gets divvied up among state democrat parties at least for now. >> if you look at the ticket prices for that george clooney event at $30,000 and up, the majority of the money from the ticket didn't go directly to the hillary for president committee. it went to various democratic party committees. >> vote for me on tuesday. >> reporter: but here's the real reality check. those democratic parties can then spend the money right back on hillary clinton if she captures the nomination. even george clooney acknowledged we're talking about obscene amounts of money here. but it's also true, exclusive fund-raisers aside, most of the donations raised by the hillary victory fund fall in the 2 to $3,000 range, which means most of the money generated by that committee is going straight to hillary. for reality check, i'm sam
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brock, back to you. >> thank you, sam. you can watch sam along with laura and chris and me and kari and mike every day. "today in the bay" coverage starts at 4:30 every morning. >> we'll be right back. get a load of this new nasa
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video. it's footage showing the aurora borealis anro take a look at this. this is new footage from nasa showing the aurora borealis.
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>> i'm familiar with the aurora bo borealis. >> time-lapse photography, of course. nasa launched the tv ultra-high definition tv service. that is super cool. >> it just looks fake, right? it looks like the animations that you do in the weather department. >> that's the beauty of -- >> have you ever seen it in person? >> no, i haven't. you can see it up pretty far south now. >> really? >> quite a sight to see. weather fanatic in those places of the country. here's a look at the weekend forecast. make sure to get out there and enjoy. it's not going to be as hot, not like we saw last weekend. >> we have yard work to do. get out there and enjoy the rest of your day. we will see you tomorrow.
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of we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> he's beside himself with excitement. there he is. huge wins for donald and hillary in new york. welcome to "access hollywood live" on a very exciting sfwheens happy weekday. >> happy 4/20. >> just relax, everybody. >> forgot about that. it's a weekday. >> hey, pot heads, congratulations. what a great day. it's like your chinese new year's. it's awesome. >> i love when there's a victory to see what songs they're going to come out to.


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