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tv   Early Today  NBC  April 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today," breaking other night, the wwe super star "chyna" was found dead in her home. the donald taking major steps conventional candidate? is it a mistake? president obama meeting with saudi leaders to calm tensions there and at home. plus, charges filed in the flint, michigan lead water crisis. the olympic torch has been lit. kwequeen elizabeth celebrat her 90th birthday. good morning, everyone. i'm alex wit, breaking overnight, "chyna" was found dead at her home late last
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night, who was known as joanie lauer, in the late '90s and early 2000, "chyna" was a multi time wwe women's world champion. also the first and only woman to win the inter continental championship. she also starred in several shows, including celebrity rehab. announcement on her official twitter page called her a reef live super star. the cause of death is unknown it. dead at the age of 46. donald trump shifting, to a more conventional candidate. nbc news has confirmed trump has started practicing using a tell prompt mer and hired a speech writer. next week, touching on foreign policy and jobs. the move comes as paul manafort,
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another recent hires, gains more control over the campaign, signal more of a switch in strategy by campaign manager corey lewandowski. in mayryland last night, hundreds gathered at a trump rally. one person was arrested after a mace attack. there were other arrests. the focus of the race turns to next tuesday for the front runners, five states up for grabs. hillary clinton is ahead of bernie sanders by 13 points in pennsylvania, while in connecticut, clinton is ahead by 9. on the republican side, trump has a commanding lead in connecticut, he is 20 points ahead of john kasich, nearly 30 points ahead of ted cruz. we've got both sides covered four, starting with peter alexander and the republicans. donald trump storming into indiana. >> you love indiana, root, the hoosers. >> he is looking to stop it to
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the stop trump movement. >> the only way we can beat the dishonest, rigged system is by you continuing to come out and vote. >> nbc news obtaining this memo, where trump's advisors say he'll clinch the nomination with 1,400 delegates. >> ahead of lyin' ted. lyin' ted cruz. >> just hours after the brash billionaire, celebrating his win. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> cruz, for the first time, acknowledging, he can't get enough delegates before the summer's convention. >> we are definitely headed to cleveland. in cleveland, the people will prevail. >> next stop, the northeast and midatlantic, where trump is heavily favored. here in pennsylvania, he'll be competing for 54 unbound
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delegates, who can vote for anyone, no matter who wins here next week. peter alexander. i'm kristin welker, hillary clinton taking her surging campaign into pennsylvania. based on the nbc news delegate count, clinton can lose every remaining state and still clinch the nomination. she is calling for party unity. >> to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> under mounting pressure, senator sanders took a day off at home in vermont to reassess his strategy, after vowing to fight oh on. >> i think we're going to do well and we have a path toward victory. >> nbc news has learned sanders is battling for big victories in states like oregon, indiana and running the table in the progressive state of california.
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>> we have to win most of the states and delegates. >> privately telling nbc news the race is all but over, and clinton surrogates asking to -- >> the change the tone. >> senator sanders will continue on the strategy, which we believe is the winning strategy. he will fight back when he is attacked. >> kristin welker and peter alexander reporting there. president obama meeting with six arab gulf nations, a tense summit. the president and saudi king salman held private talks looking for common grounds in syria, yemen and how to fight isis. the meeting comes as lawmakers consider legislation that would allow families of the 9/11 to hold the saudi government in u.s. courts. administration officials say the issue did not come up during the talks. meanwhile, the white house
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pushed back that president obama was snubbed when the king didn't show up to greet the president. former major league baseball pitcher curt shilling has been fired from his position by espn. the move comes after shilling posted an antitransgender meme on his facebook page. he was suspended by the network last summer after posting one that compared muslims to nazis and last month, he said on a radio show that hillary clinton should be buried under a jail somewhere. in a statement on the firing, the network said, quote, espn is an inclusive company. curt shilling a has been advised his conduct is unacceptable and he has been terminated. the flint, michigan water crisis now a criminal case. two state environmental officials and one city worker now face felony and miss demeanor charges for misleading regulators. accused of failing to ensure control methods were in place
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when they switched water sources and tampering with reports. mike glasgow who ran the treatment plant also. the various charges five years in prison. michigan attorney general, bill schuty, promised more people will be charged, but did not say if governor snyder would be part of the investigation. they were suspended without pay, both pleading not guilty and released on $60,000 bond. queen elizabeth, ii, turns 90 years young today. >> 90, 90 years, we wish you a happy birthday. >> and this is the festive scene outside of windsor castle. we want to show you a live picture, right now, of queen elizabeth, the world's oldest
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monarch. later on, when she will light the first of 1,000 beacons across the u.k. and world wild. meanwhile, her official portrait has been published, showing the queen with with her youngest grandchildren and great grandchildren. and new stamps come, principle williams' son, prince george. u.s. currency, historic announcement. plans to replace slave owning president, andrew jackson, with harriet tubman, an escaped slave to help others escape, will become the new face of the $20 bill. she'll the first woman on u.s. paper currency in 100 years and the first african-american ever. meanwhile, the man who created the financial system got a reprieve. alexander hamilton will remain
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on the $10 five. check this out, a man in texas tried to cross a flooded highway on wednesday, apparently misjudging the depth of the water. by the time he realized it was a mistake -- whoa, man, too late. it ended up sinking. the driver, he had to get out and swim to safety. that was a big whoops. but they all -- >> the road was blocked. >> do not drive into watt zer right. in fin h if anyone had a rescue, it was ridiculous. >> silly. >> alex, as far as the weather goes on the west coast, nothing like this. you've never seen anything like this. this was a couple of days ago. this guy in his truck should have hit the gas a minute ago. i guess he thought he was safe
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in his vehicle. right through, i mean so fortunate that it did not smash through the window and do some -- a lot of arm. incredible stuff. that tornado was swinning in the opposite direction in the southern hem misouth. big storm, sitting here, coming our way, rainfall over the next 24 to 48 hours. not so much today, but clouds increasing on the coast. 8:00 p.m. this evening, they'll pop up over the cascades, next two days, especially friday, northern california, mountains of california, descent amount of rain. that's great. as far as today's forecast, we finally cooled it off slightly, still above average in seattle, 74. boise, 87, northwest begins to boise, 87 degrees, that's
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gorgeous. enjoy that. >> nice stuff out there. that's picture perfect. >> the low humidity, 70s, 80s, that's what most people prefer. >> thank you, bill. up next, a 24 hour waiting period and a sworn statement may be required for anyone wanting to get viagra for sex. that's what one state ledge lay tore -- legislator is proposing. fomo, the fear of missing out. whack key tobacky. hella, revenge important, the post of sexually explicit minls. nomophobia. that's scary.
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in south carolina, a newly proposed bill with require a 24 hour wait time to get viagra and a sworn statement from your partner, detailing your problems. she admits the bill is a tongue and cheek response to all of the state's male dominated who want to get abortions. >> i understand why, you know, people like to joke about this bill. it really is no laughing matter for women across our state. and so the requirements were intentionally ridiculous. >> let's get down to business. it good morning, landon. >> hi there, alex. good morning.
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dow and s&p on a four day winning streak after hitting highs yesterday with the financial sector leading the way. we have a ton of earning reports coming this morning, among them biogen, alphabet formerly known as google, are the big ones to watch after the bell today. meanwhile, companies across the u.s. are losing a staggering $10 billion a year from employee opiate addiction. the painkiller abuse is calling huge amounts of absenteeism and the new report shows one-third funded by employee health care plans are being abused. volkswagon set something the case of the diesel emission. they'll pay $1 billion to compensate owners, $5,000 each. back over to you. thank you much. just ahead, a baseball player
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this morning on today, donald trump takes a town hall on the plaza. he'll be joined by his wife and all four of his adult children.
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n. spor . in sports, cavaliers, trumping of detroit. 27, and kerry irving, 2 games to none. next to the yanks, it looks like a heck after i play. >> he's got it. hicks will throw home a good throw, and he is out. >> well, what makes that put out so cool is mlb stats look at it and found that he threw the ball at 105 miles an hour to home plate. call that a throw right, but oakland, fifth one, 5-2. the greek city of olympia, the torch lighting for the summer olympics in brazil, the birthplace of the olympic games, it will be lit during the opening ceremony on august 5th. just ahead, why are movie
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now to entertainment chrissy teigen posted the photos of her new baby. the social media instagram will cuteness.
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bet and d.l. hully behind their scenes, get down, it's described as a workplace comedy. eddie griffin, charlie murphy are also featured. the average price of movie tickets in 2016 is $8.58, up $0.46. i know, you pay so much money. here is the reason, according to the national association of theater owners. dead pool and others that bring in large adult audiences, premium seats and 3d prack fact in. still good the biceps. >> get the chopper. >> this video features an hour of arnold work out tips. joe walsh announced he will not perform in cleveland. he was told it was a benefit for families of veterans. he later found it is the
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republican party launch. he apologized to fans, saying in part, i cannot in good conscience endorses the republican party in any way. i will look to do a benefit concert later this year. stephen colbert had the good and bad of the $20 bill change. >> earlier today, the united states treasury department announced they'll be replacing renowned indian stabber, andrew jackson. i'm sorry. native american stabber, andrew jackson. on the $20, with harriet tubman. truly exciting to have a woman on the 20. al although, due to the wage gap, it will be worth $17. >> i'm alex witt, and this is "early today." ke-it's-1999 kind. back pain? motrin helps you be the side-planking,
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leading the news on nbc donald trump's unpopularity could put the house in jeopardy. democrats would need to win 30 seats this fall in order to gain the majority. usa today, obama heads to london, brexit frenzy. he shared that he believes britain should stay in the e.u., but whether he gets involved will remain to be seen. they'll hold a referendum in june to decide. a candlelight vigil held
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last night. it was part of bring back our girls week, which commemorates the anniversary in the hopes of bringing national attention back to the still missing girls. a pair ever giant pandas made their way, after the china's visit to seoul in 2014. they'll be shown to the public this month. nasa unveiled a high-definition 4k footage from the earth. new television service called nasa tv, usd. stephen colbert had donald trump on his show last night, sort of. >> thanks for joining us. >> hello, new york. you've made me your emperor. wooo! >> you said, i want to get this right. you want to bring a touch of
4:28 am
showbiz to the convention. what do you mean? >> democracy a snooze fest. you gotta zass it up. >> i gold plate the entire city of cleveland, including the people. then i ride in in a chariott. together, we will transform america to be great again. roll credits. >> made me almost bigger than him. maybe. >> i don't think so. turning to cleveland to gold sounds fun. >> celebrating birthdays today, who is the boss, tony danzu, pat patti lupone, 67. and iggy pop. i'm alex witt. thanks so much for watching "early today." we'll see you back here tomorrow. two serious crashes---all within
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the last few hours--- on interstate 80 by the carquinez bridge. two serious crashes all within the last few hours on interstate 80. the first involving an ambulance and construction truck. mike is going to have updates in moments. we following the latest on another homicide in san jose. a solo voyage around the world for this plane. next stop mountain view. "today in the bay" stops right now. good thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. several people seriously hurt in a crash involving an ambulance on eastbound 80. crash happened about 1:30 in the morning. the ambulance slammed head-on


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