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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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breaking news here in the east bay. a major freeway shut down because of an accident involving a big rig. we'll have the latest coming up. a very active scene there. also three homicides in four days in san jose. the reason police say there is no threat to the public surrounding this latest case. >> changes on the way. rain falling across some of the bay area. by this time tomorrow morning, your full forecast with kari in moments. the warriors in houston gearing up for game three tonight. will steph suit up? the star hints at his status. "today in the bay" starts now. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. how are we looking? >> looking good. good morning. a lot more clouds with milder
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temperatures. some of us starting at 61. 55 in the north bay. this is almost ten degrees warmer than yesterday. east bay 71 and san francisco 67. i'll talk about the rain that will be here by this time tomorrow morning coming up. let's head over to mike. >> we always have a bunch of issues. i've got my eye on three in particular. in the south bay, san jose, northbound 101, that's where we saw the build in where the crash was around allen rock. things are clearing up there. no other unexpected issues between south bay and the city. in the city the fremont offramp. we do have slowing expected off the freeway.
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the skyway moves well. things are light for the east shore freeway because likely they are all held up over here. we have slowing getting off the carquinez bridge for westbound 80. that is still going on. a lot of flashing lights. a lot of developments. the second crash for the morning. bob redell is out there. the coroner has arrived on the scene, is that right? >> correct. good morning to you. the coroner has removed the driver crushed by that big rig behind me. you're looking at eastbound 80 here in crockett before the cummings skyway. the two right lanes open, two left lanes shut down. the wrecker has been able to remove the car that was carrying that driver that was crushed and underneath the front of that big rig. there is progress made out here.
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we are guessing it could be another 30 minutes, could be another hour before the two left lanes are reopened here on east bound. this accident taking place around 3:30 this morning. chp believes it was caused by the backup from a prior accident involving an ambulance. around 3:30 this big rig was traveling eastbound 80 when in the backup as they were trying to merge into the only lane open, this driver of the big rig ended up running over a small mazda car crushing the driver in that car. on the shoulder, other cars got into an accident. the drivers of those vehicles were all treated and released. there was an accident involving an ambulance. this took place 1:30 this morning. in that instance, two people,
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traveling eastbound 80 about to approach the carquinez bridge. fire department tells us it took them roughly 40 minutes. the damage was so bad, 40 minutes to get those two people out of the ambulance. the emts were taken to the hospital with major injuries. there were no patients onboard. they weren't transporting anyone. the fire department believes they were headed to uc davis to pick up a neonatal patient. chp believes the backup caused by that initial ambulance accident led to the two accidents here which one driver was killed. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> developing story, a father is dead allege lid stabbed to death by his own son in san jose. police say the son is under arrest. it happened at a mobile home
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park on mill stream drive about 9:00 last night. this is san jose's 14th homicide of the year. the third since this past weekend. "today in the bay" kris sanchez is at the san jose police department and will have an update on the ongoing investigation in our next half hour. >> frustrated with no leads in an old murder case, police are releasing this new video. it shows what appears to be a group of eight men on surveillance. investigators suspect these may be the people who stabbed michael main yard to death. he died in the early morning hours july 29, 2014. an arrest in a double shooting case out of berkeley. a license plate reader tracked the car to a denny's in sacramento. police found anthony burton sleeping inside wanted for the march 16th shooting of two people. both victims survived. police have not given a motive for that shooting.
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burton is expected to be in court today. the concord dental assistant facing several counts of child molestation charges is expected to be arraigned today. investigators say he molested a sedated girl at the dental office where he worked. more victims have come forward. he remains in jail on an $8 billion bail. garcia is accused of having sexual relationships with two students at mt. pleasant high school. a concord man is behind bars accused of burning a gay pride flag. police arrested john herst. officers found him a block away from the church this week. the church says their rainbow flag has been taken down three times since monday, eight times in the last six months. according to pastor barbara
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barclay, a note was left behind. >> a note written in spanish that said "all evil will be eradicated." >> so herst is facing arson, heavy theft and vandal system. students at palo alto high school are upset about hateful messages. some targeted the black lives matter movements. they worked quickly to take over what happened but that hasn't taken away the sting. >> students have the right to speak their mind but did it in a destructive and hurtful way. i'm upset a student would do that. >> the school is working with police to determine who was behind it. san francisco making history today. parents certainly taking notice. mayor lee will sign into law the landmark paid parental leave ordinance. it requires fully paid parental leave for working families.
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the new rules are going to roll out gradually. by 2018 businesses with more than 20 workers have to comply. san francisco becomes the first city in the country to require full benefits. a question many are looking to answer. we had to go after this after game two, will he or will he not play. steph curry says maybe not. curry and warriors are in houston. >> soon after arriving in texas, curry practicedç with the team druouble dribbling and shooting the ball. he is nursing that tender ankle and is not 100%. >> based on right now, i couldn't play. >> we should know in a matter of hours about his official status. warriors lead the best of seven series two games to none. sharks could close out their series with a win over the kings friday night in l.a.
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last night they edged out a 3-2 win at the tank. shark did it at home. >> they were struggling at home. we are so close. >> when you start talking playoffs. clearing things up in the weather department. >> yes. >> we will have rain in the forecast. it's still well off to the west. you see clouds extending closer to the coast. we'll only gets peeks of sunshine throughout the day. tomorrow morning we'll start to see the rain coming in. that will help cool down temperatures. a look at heavier downpours, bright yellows and reds coming up there in san francisco by 7:00 in the morning. this is tomorrow morning. then a few breaks in between. scattered showers even into the afternoon. hard to make outdoor plans until this weekend. i'll show you the week forecast.
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we'll take a closer look how much rain we could see. that's coming up in a few minutes many back to mike keeping an eye on all of the problems especially in the east bay. >> that's right. a live look. crews are in front of the camera. you see the yellow vest over there and you see that crash involving the big rig getting ready to clear. they've got a larger tow truck hooked up to the cab. two lanes getting by. the coroner van drove away. they removed another vehicle. soon as they get this truck clear i think they can open those lanes. we'll track this and show you the maps. the crash is east bound you see much less flowing as this starts to clear. we'll continue to track that. the biggest backup. the bay bridge we know the backup will be there.
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the crash in san francisco at fremont. the freeway shows no slowing. south bay a tiny build. same thing for hayward on the bridge. this is a nice shot as the sun comes up. low clouds in the area. not a problem for drivers. the peninsula is not a problem. >> still moving out there. thank you. coming up, around the world journey comes full circle. the highly-anticipated landing about to take place in the bay area. the numbers in business. the solar-powered plane is
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slowly headed this way... it will arrive in mountain view... very soon. vo the aircraft is on an around- the-world voyage. solar powered plane headed this way will arrive in mountain view soon. it's been flying around the world since march of last year. it's been stranded in hawaii since last summer because of a fried battery. that's now been fixed and the swiss adventurer flying it is expected to leave honolulu this morning. the journey could take three days. >> we do not want to be responsible for that trip being interrupted. hopefully will get enough sunshine. >> it pays to work in silicon valley. >> some of the highest paying companies according to glass door here. >> tech pays well. that is one of the reasons we push that stem education, but it costs a lot to live here. juniper network tops the list of
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tech companies when it comes to median pay. they pay $157,000 on the median. juniper is number three on the glass door. but it's the highest bay area company. we are all over the top 25. google better called alphabet, vnware, amazon labs. guidewire, visa, facebook, twitter, box, they are all tied at $150,000 a year. walmart e-commerce in san bruno. it's one of those cases where it's important to realize we are talking median not average. average would likely be much higher because of executives' higher pay. volkswagen will be in the federal court today to admit
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they cheated on smog tests. they offered to buy back every car sold to americans affected by that cheating software. >> thursday is first time jobless claims number day. the number which measures how many people showed up at the unemployment office just fell to a 42-year low. the lowest it's been since 1973. i looked up important events in '73 to get you context. sears tower and world trade center opened, oj simpson set a rushing record for the buffalo bills, and most importantly, the evel knievel stunt cycle play was introduced. never heard of o.j. simpson when i was that age but evel knievel. 6:16, longer showers and
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greener lawns part of the bay area forecast? some water districts are joining the call to help make that happen. many bay area reservoirs are at or above average levels. so is the sierra snow pack. some water districts are arguing the drought emergency and restrictions with it can be dialed back or delisted all together. >> there are areas in the state where they've gotten a lot of rainfall. they may have reservoirs filling. >> i can argue both cases, but i've yet to see a simple way of moving forward. >> they will not make a final decision until next month. >> are we going to water our lawns here? tracking the possibility of rain. >> that's right. the natural sprinkler system out there. >> we'll have rain moving in. we may be transitioning over to la nina as we go into fall and
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that could mean drier weather condition. every drop of rain, we will be harvesting that rain. looking now at 60 in san francisco. more clouds 7:00 in the south bay and east bay. a closer look at the north bay. 7:00 in santa rosa and petaluma. novato 60. 60 in vallejo. temperatures rising up to 70 in cupertino. more clouds for san francisco today and a high today of 67. seven-day forecast, some upper 60s to low 70s coming down from the hot weather we had to start out the week. we see the clouds ahead of this system. there will be a chance of spotty showers late tonight, especially for the north bay. the heavier rain gets going early tomorrow morning starting from north to south moving to napa with heavy downpours by
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6:00 in the morning. there will be some breaks in between then more rain for the afternoon. it will be hard to make plans to get outside. at any point we have scattered showers falling. it does clear out for the weekend. rainfall totals at this point, looks like we could have 1/4 inch of rain and maybe 1/2 inch of rain for parts of the north bay. while this weak storm system moves onshore, it will cause the possibility of rip currents today and sneaker waves along with large breaks. dangerous conditions at beaches. if you are going to lake tahoe 0, tire chains may be required. a winter storm watch in effect tomorrow and lake wind advisory. four to eight inches of snow. and wind gusts over 35 miles per hour. look at the snowfall for the sierra. maybe a few inches once again. 4-8 inches. there is more early next week up to 11 inches of snow between now
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and next thursday. and the weekend forecast clears it out. temperatures cool down up to 70 in the north bay on saturday. 63 degrees on sunday. slightly cooler temperatures as we get the system moving into the sierra that will cause gusty winds. breezy and slightly cooler for sunday into monday. let's head back to mike with a live update for that crash happening in the east bay. >> this is over in crockett off the carquinez bridge. you see folks moving the equipment. the big rig tow truck hooked up. this involved in the deadly crash. two lanes closed there you see a lot of debris. there are sweepers on stand by. there is a crushed vehicle. two lanes blocked. we should see many sweeper trucks once they clear this. we look at the map checking for more updates.
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no more updates. those big rigs may be getting moved to the shoulder. if it moves to the shoulder, the distraction should ease up a bit. we have a crash in the back there. that makes things lighter for the bay bridge. the bay bridge looks great right now. hidden behind that highway shield, southbound 680. sounds like there may be a crash in the commute direction. we do see slowing there. looking over toward fremont where we expect more traffic for southbound 880. there you go. no big surprises here or through the south bay. a smooth drive. just starting to ease up with the volume. keeping it all in the family. the royal family. the new photos of the queen alongside her many grandchildren.
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>> historic changes coming to money. harriet tubman set to grace the $20 bill. some say the changes don't go far enough. >> a live look at at&t park. giants looking for a change in the winds right now. they have been struggling the last few games. they lost 7-8 games. look to avoid being swept by the d'backs. first pitch 12:45. ==sam//vo==
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the countdown to the summer olympics
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officially kicked off this morning. just three hours ago - officials lit the olympic torch at the birthplace of the ancient games in southern the countdown to the summer olympics officially kicking off this morning. the torch will spend the next 15 weeks traveling to rio dejannero. the games start august 5th. we are your exclusive home for all things olympics. 6:25. historic makeover coming to money. harriet tubman will be the new face on the front of the $20 bill. >> tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c. while tubman will grace the front of the bill, andrew jackson will remain on the back of the bill. good morning. >> thereç was actually controversy about whether she was going to be on the $20 or the $10. she is going to be on the $20.
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alexander hamilton will remain on $10 bill. people had an issue taking him off of that bill. a number of women who fought for civil rights and the right for women to vote will be on the back of that $10 bill. they are adding these other women on the back as well. they are also changing the $5. on the back of that bill are going to be scenes from the lincoln memorial like the "i have a dream" speech. marion anderson speaking on the steps of the memorial. the treasury secretary says there's a lot of history going into these changes. they are not going to come all that quickly.
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it's going to take years before you see any of these in your wallet or at your bank. the design phase will take three years or longer. they'll have the designs ready for 2020. as they try to put in anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting technology into these bills, it could be years. they couldn't nail down the treasury department on a date. we do now have a plan. that is a start. >> it's going to take time to get there. >> we waited this long. what's a couple more years. >> 6:27. a live look at the bay bridge from emeryville this morning. the timeline of several incoming storms after the break. i'm kris sanchez in san jose where the homicide rate is outpacing the rate of last year the same time. the latest incident between a father and son. breaking news right now at 6:30
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==laura/vo== two separate - but related crashes - causing problems in the east bay. this is happening on interstate 80 - not far from the carquinez breaking news. two separate crashes causing problem on the east bay. one person is dead and one of the crashes involved an ambulance from children's hospital. live team coverage. we begin with bob redell live at the scene.
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>> sleeper crews are sweeping all four lanes. they had two lanes open. >> this accident happened around 3:20 this morning. traffic was trying to merge into the far right lane as the only lane opened at the time when the big rig ran over the mazda and crushed the driver to death. not clear how fast the big rig was going at the time. there were three other cars heading on eastbound 80, completely unrelated. they crashed into each other on the shoulder road at roughly the same spot. those people were treated and released. >> in situations like this, we
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ask all drivers to pay attention to the road. slow down. make sure you're focused on what's in front of you compared to what's on the side of you. >> around 1:30 this morning two, emts and an ambulance slammed into the back of construction vehicle doing work at the base of the carquinez. this was on 0 eastbound 80. that resulted in that backup. it took firefighters at least 40 minutes to extricate both people from that ambulance. both taken to the hospital with major injuries. the ambulance was not transporting any patients at the time. they were on their way to uc davis to pick up a neonatal patient. you are looking at the traffic on eastbound 80 waiting for all lanes to be reopened. caltrans does a sweep of the road. there is clearly a backup in that direction and backup in the commute direction which is westbound 80.
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unfortunately i can't tell how far that backup goes. >> this is toward the carquinez bridge. there was an earlier crash and that caused more backup. that is a good slowdown stretch there. that's starting to smooth out now that there's not as many flashing lights. the sweeper trucks have a full stop. our producer will let me know if they open it while i'm on the record here. about a half mile on the approach. all lanes stopped eastbound 80 until they move those sweepers. should be a couple of minutes to clear that debris. more slowing here. not a surprise for hayward but here looking at southbound 680. i talked about a crash around this area. that is affecting the on ramp, but not the freeway itself.
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lighter than a typical commute in that area. i'm looking at low clouds covering here. >> it is quickly changing. that will be the case as we go throughout the day. not much sunshine through the bay area. mild temperatures at 60 for the tri-valley peninsula. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. san francisco 67 and spotty rain possible later on today for the north bay. rain moves into the rest of the bay area tomorrow. details on that coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> thank you. new this morning, a four-on-twosome discovery after an early morning fire in the east bay. investigators tell us one person is dead after a fire broke out at a two-story warehouse after
6:35 am
3:00. this happened on 66th avenue in oakland near oracle arena. the identity of that victim has not been released. >> in san jose a father is dead at the hands of his own son, stabbing. this marks the third homicide in just a matter of days. >> kris sanchez live at the san jose police department. this has been a violent week for that city. >> it has. perhaps the community might take comfort knowing the suspect was arrested at the scene and this stabbing was not a random attack. the suspect who was arrested is the adult son of the victim. what triggered that deadly attack is unclear. it happened after 9:00 last night in a mobile home park. the son whose name is not being released yet is in custody. no danger to the public here.
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that may not necessarily be the case in the two other homicides reported this week. the gunman who shot the 21-year-old who was meeting someone about a publicy for s e sale, that person is still at-large. 14 people have been killed on the streets of san jose this year. that outpaces the rate this time last year. there were eight people who had been killed in the city. you can always report it anonymously. >> it is 6:36.
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trial begins monday for the man accused of killing sierra lamar, four years after the teenager's disappearance. police arrested garcia torres after lamar went missing. prosecutors say physical evidence proves torres kidnapped and killed lamar. lamar's body still hasn't been found. >> those who spent years searching for her are looking for closure. >> we are eager for justice for sierra lamar. we are eager for closure for the family. legal analysts say the defense may try to move that case. a man accused of running over and killing a pittsburgh mother is expected to be arraigned today. the suspect was apparently trying to outrun police officers. he drove his car through a golf
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course then took off on foot. officers were able to track him down. the victim was a 65-year-old mother out for her morning walk. she with her husband were full-time care takers of a disabled son. a neighbor says the family is struggling to cope. >> the son came this morning and knocked on my door in tears. i said i can't imagine what you are going through right now. >> police say he was driving with a suspended license and is on probation for a prior dui arrest. what happens today in the south bay may change the direction of california's high-speed rail project. board members will hold a meeting to adopt a new business plan considering changing the rail system's buildout. the line might be stretched north to san jose.
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6:38. time to plan your thursday morning, what to wear. >> no need for sunglasses in most of the bay area this storm system will bring in more clouds. and milder temperatures. it will bring in scattered showers. look at the time line when we can expect the rain. not much today once again. by 2:00 in the morning, we start to see it moving into the north bay. we see yellows and oranges and that indicates heavier rain. expect a chance of showers passing by. i'll detail that. that will be coming up in my next microclimate forecast. let's check on an update on the morning commute. a live look out there we'll
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see traffic coming towards us. eastbound 80. trucks are cleared from the scene. west bound should begin a smoother drive. be careful. there are advance out there as well as tow trucks. bob made his way over to the other side of the freeway. let's show you the map. we see the traffic quickly recovering. all lanes are open. west bound no real reason for the slowing. other side of the freeway that should start to clear up. that may send more folks down toward the shore freeway. we have slowing from richmond to berkeley. a nice flow of traffic. more toward the bay bridge back up off 580 and 24. no major issues for the rest of the bay. south 880 down toward union city. a fender bender recorded around
6:41 am
the 192 interchange. we'll give you more detail coming up. you saw that volume building. right now i'll show you san jose with a slight build. 101 toward capital expressway. by the time you get to 680, traffic is not quite so bad. easy drive coming northbound. we have a caltrans truck on the shoulder. no lanes blocked. up next, a $1 billion settlement in the volkswagen diesel cars. it happens today inside a san francisco courtroom. >> i'll explain about steph curry's feet. dow industrials down. >> stephanie chuang at golden gate park. we'll have an update how 420 went yesterday.
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coming up on a thursday on "today" an exclusive town hall with republican front-runner donald trump. we'll get his take on the race moving forward and how he plans to address some of the issues he would face in a potential matchup with hillary clinton. >> you can send us your questions using hashtag trump today. his wife and kids will join us live, as well. and we are live at windsor castle for the celebrations marking the queen's 90th birthday. happening today---
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==sam/ots== the scandal over volkswagen's diesel cars moves to san francisco. =vo= that's where a federal court hearing is scheduled. the scandal over volkswagen diesel cars moving to san francisco. that's where a federal court hearing is scheduled. volkswagen is expected to announce an agreement with the u.s. government. the associated press is reporting that the german car maker will pay out just over $1 billion. that money would be used to compensate owners of about 600,000 diesel cars. volkswagen now admitting it cheated on its emissions tests. owners could have their cars bought back or have the cars fixed. we knew uber was disrupting the taxi cab industry. duber rides have replaced 30% of all taxi rides. >> and another industry under pressure from uber.
6:46 am
>> good morning. rental cars. why rent a car in a strange city when you can get around more easily by uber because they know where they are going and you never have to park. [ no audio ] >> we are having trouble with his audio a little bit. we'll try to get that cleared up. >> i wanted to hear about steph curry. he said forget about his ankle, what about his feet? >> maybe a shoe deal. 6:46. yesterday was a pot party. right now is the big cleanup. crews have been working their way through golden gate park picking up trash left behind from all the people out there.
6:47 am
>> good morning. we drove up and we were like, wow, it's clean, but that was the meadow down here. hippie hill behind us is a long way to go. >> happy earth day. >> talk to us, how bad is the damage compared to others? >> i think it's comparable to years past. we had really nice weather yesterday. i think the gathering is growing. it's impactful on our park. the city's done a really good job managing it as best we can. >> how many pounds of garbage are we talking about? >> we think we will end up with over 16,000 pounds of garbage. >> that means there's a lot of
6:48 am
picking up garbage this morning. >> i know some of the crew members were out here yesterday. talk about that. >> that was well staffed. we had about 30 workers last night till about 10:00. we have about 40 out here this morning. 18 park rangers here all day yesterday. and we are grateful the san francisco police department for their support. they had 20, 30 officers out here different points of the day. it was well organized. we are grateful to helping pull this together. >> successful and good luck to you and your guys out there. thank you, phil. >> thank you. it is what it is. >> now they are heading out. they are out there already. it will be a few hours where crews will continue to clean up. it is the taxpayers paying the bill for all that is going on.
6:49 am
so yeah. continuing again this year. back to you. >> the taxpayers shelling out green. thank you very much there. queen elizabeth ii, britain's oldest and longest serving monarch celebrating her 90th birthday. >> buckingham palace released three official photographs. you saw the queen in the greenroom with her five great grandchildren. today the celebration includes gun salutes, fireworks and tributes in parliaments. >> they are beautiful. especially the great grandkids, prince george? >> he looks fantastic. i don't think charles is going to be king any time soon. >> not exactly. you are following your loyal lineage. >> of course. >> kari hall, give us a royal
6:50 am
forecast. >> we've been watching low clouds. here is a live look from mt. tam. it's not affecting visibility too much. we've seen clouds continuing to also move across the north bay san francisco, a couple of breaks for the rest of the bay area. let's drop in on the north bay and see how mild our temperatures are now compared to the past few mornings. it was about ten degrees cooler yesterday. petalu petaluma 57. you'll see temperatures will be cooling down and we'll have rain in the forecast tomorrow. it does hold off today, a mix of sun and clouds for the south bay and parts of the peninsula. a high of 71 in santa rosa. oakland 73 and livermore 72. east clouds ahead of the next storm system that will bring scattered showers starting out tomorrow. we see the heavier rain moving in in time for the morning
6:51 am
commute. right about 6:00 in the morning. then into the south bay later during the morning. we take a break and there will be another round of rain moving through and scattered showers by early afternoon. at any point in the day we could have rain falling in the bay area. heart to make outdoor plans. we'll have better weather in time for the weekend. rainfall totals about 1/4 inch or more. up to 1/2 inch for the north bay. we'll also have the risk of rip currents today and sneaker waves along with large floor breaks. there may be tire chain requirement for the higher elevation. above 6,000 feet, four to eight inches of snow. up to 10 or 11 inches in south lake tahoe. looking good. it clears out here for the
6:52 am
weekend with highs reaching 70 in the north bay. a little cooler on sunday with breezy winds. 63 degrees there. san francisco will be in the upper 50s. best day to get outside will be saturday where we'll be a touch warmer. back to mike with an update on the morning commute. >> we are looking at a pleasant drive around the bay, improving in some spots considering we had earlier crashes blocking the roadway in the south bay. we see slowing. that will clear. all lanes are moving well. the biggest crash is coming off 205. we have a crash around grant land road. west of there, a light drive toward the hov lane. 680 slow through pleasanton but not a surprise. the upper east shore freeway
6:53 am
moves well. congestion through berkeley and around the maze. better news up here. a crash that cleared from all lanes over there. we have seen recovery the last few minutes. golden gate bridge. low clouds hanging around the area. gray skies. we may see fog coming in. right now it's been fine. san mateo bridge, the view is clear. everybody wants to head to the peninsula. >> thank you. next, a car flying into a ridge on the peninsula, but the driver nowhere to be found. >> happening now, president obama wrapping up a visit to saudi arabia. didn't go quite as planned. he just completed one last address there before heading to london. >> the summer olympics getting down to business after the lighting of the olympic torch. new video found on our home page. how about a behind the scenes look here at "today in the bay?" shot moments ago during the commercial break. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.... ==sam/anim== we start with an update to breaking news... it's been a deadly morning on interstate 80 near the carquinez bridge. ==sam/boxes== today in the bay's bob redell has been at the scene all morning... but - they reopened the interstate within the last 20
6:57 am
minutes or so. they reopened the interstate the last 20 minutes or so. >> you can see traffic appears to be back normal. all lanes east bound 80 reopened after that earlier morning accident. chp at the site. what happened here earlier is why you need to pay attention. officers believe the backup caused by a prior ambulance accident led to the fatal accident involving a big rig. it was around 3:20 this morning. a big rig stuck in the accident ran into and on top of a mazda sedan crushing the car and killing the driver inside. at roughly the same time, three other cars got into an accident on the shoulder of the road. those people are fine. the accident involving the ambulance happened on eastbound 80. it was around 1:30.
6:58 am
an ambulance slammed into a construction vehicle involved in road work by the bridge. it took firefighters 40 minutes to extricate the two emts. they suffered major injuries. no patients in the back. they were on their way to pick up a neonatal patient. all traffic back to normal. live here in crockett, bob redell "today in the bay." >> 6:58. police investigating how a car overturned and ended up in mountain view creek. our crew arrived, the car had been pulled out no sign of any driver. weather and traffic right now. looking at those pictures of the queen's 90th birthday at windsor castle. >> what is her secret?
6:59 am
we have british weather in store right now with the clouds. >> yes. we are seeing that all across the bay this morning. it feels nice and mild at 61 in san francisco, the tri-valley and the peninsula heading up to the 70s today. more seasonable weather. more of the bay area seeing the rain tomorrow. >> it was a rough morning for that morning commute on 80. >> bob showed that crash scene. it cleared. 20 minutes ago that cleared. they have all recovered in the area. we have traffic flow that quickly recovered because traffic is light around the bay. there is the east shore freeway. the bottom of your screen north bound 101 recovering from 805 to capital expressway. they are starting to recover. >> that's what's happening.
7:00 am
we are back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> a shot of the trans america building. have a great day. good morning. old trump versus new trump. >> we got some beauties. we've got lyin' ted, we've got crooked hillary. >> donald trump returns to familiar format a rally in maryland even as he hires a speech writer and practices on teleprompter to appear more presidential. this morning, mr. trump will be here for an exclusive town hall on our plaza and will be joined by his wife, melania, and all four of his adult children. happening now, president obama meeting with gulf leaders amid rising tensions over how to deal with an ever-growing terrorist threat. he's out. former all-star pitcher curt schilling fired by espn after another controversial post to social media. what he said this time that could cost him his job.


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