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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mike. ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> big tributes and small ones in honor of prince. details on the autopsy that could determine how he died and more on all the reasons that fans are grateful he lived. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> it is a bittersweet morning. a lot of emotion, a lot of celebrating the life of prince. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> imagine being able to leave that legacy behind. i'm laura garcia-cannon. rain across the bay area. good morning. >> some showers moving through the bay area now. we will see this off and on through not only the morning but early afternoon. a look at the radar. we can see we do see showers moving through.
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as we look at the rain moving through napa, a closer look scattered for the north bay. heavy rain moving through the middle of the city now and down to palo alto. you see the rain clearing out for a little while. into the rest of the forecast, it does dry out. i'll detail that in a few minutes. in oakland the wind is moving the camera around a bit. we see the glow of the lights putting moisture in the rain. rain north of the coliseum where our camera is, but it's creeping through here. we look at our map.
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the bay bridge metering lights are on with no other incidents there. we'll check that live camera to see if rain made its way into the roadway over at university. now we send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:02. the weather could certainly impact construction crews working on this huge sinkhole. it appears to have been caused by a sewer main break. could take up to three days just to patch up that sinkhole. luckily, no one was hurt. muni service in that area is not affected. repairs will start this morning. bob redell will give us the latest in a live report in our next half hour.
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stay up-to-date on the rain impacting your neighborhood. >> in more than five decades, carnival says the cuban government agreed to allow cuban born passengers on board its ship to disembark in havana. that's been a sticking point holding up the first u.s. cruise in more than 50 years from the united states. that ship set sail may 1st in miami. >> a lot of people getting up and dancing. the world is remembering musical icon prince this morning. his impact on popular culture transcended generations and inspired many of the great musical artists we hear today.
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>> landmarks across the country, including here in the bay area shining purple in honor of the man who brought the world "purple rain" and so much more. kris sanchez joins us live. an autopsy will be performed some time today. >> the results of that autopsy will take time to determine the cause of death. fans seem to be more focused on the fact prince lived and not how he died. the tributes are beautiful, purple and bright in san francisco. the tribute at san francisco city hall where prince recorded his first album in sausalito in 1977. just last month fans were thrilled to see prince swagger into the arena and sit courtside for a warriors game. he was in the bay area in march for what would be his last bay area performance at the paramount theater. >> my heart is broken.
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this has been the soundtrack to my life since i was a child. >> he was a genius at what he did. you don't use that word too much. >> i broke in tears. this gentleman did it for the cold love. >> that was dwayne higgins who once shared a stage with prince. in addition to the grammys and other awards, he was also active in social causes he believed in. he fought to own his own master recording where he was one of the first artists to do that. in the '80s, he helped put parental advisory warning on music. prince on why people see young men in black hoodies and thugs and not dot-com millionaires because he says we have not produced enough zuckerbergs.
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find a link to that article in my facebook and twitter feed. >> the artist was fiercely private. if you knew his music, that's all you needed to know about him. he had agreed to write a memoir last year and it was due out in 2017. the publisher has not said whether or not it will be released after all. a fan can hope. kris sanchez "today in the bay." >> it's interesting to say he was fiercely private. those who knew him say he was so warm and approachable. from the contributes to the songs, our coverage continues online. click on the button prince highlights to see photos of his last performance here on the bay area. right now more local news. a twist for the search for a mission san francisco toddler. there is still no sign of the little girl. detectives are focusing right now on an apartment in oakland. neighbors at that building, castro and 18th street tell us
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that fbi agents and police have been out there a few times. officials are talking to a couple believed to be caring for the 2-year-old. it's been nearly two weeks since her mother's body was found in a park in san francisco. the body was buried in a shallow grave covered up with a plywood board. >> hopefully it generates leads. >> arianna's mother worked at a best buy store in san francisco. they hope her blue work shirt jogs someone's memory. it is 6:07. a missing person's case turned into a homicide investigation in the east bay. the hunt is on for this man. the victim was last seen on march 28th. her body was found tuesday in a shallow grave. deputies already made one arrest but will continue to look for villedrovin. >> march, april, now the date
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unclear. the federal criminal trial against pg&e has been delayed again. that case was supposed to begin tuesday, but a judge granted a delay for an unspecified amount of time. pg&e's attorneys say they need 6-8 weeks to go through hundreds of thousands of pages of documents. a hearing is set for next week to discuss what happens next. >> jackie spiers is planning to push the prosecuting irresponsible pipeline explosion or pipe act. the legislation would make it easier to criminally prosecute reckless conduct. gun safety advocates are are going to gather in san francisco with phil ping, the author of a bill to stem gun violence in schools and work places. his bill would expand the scope
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of gun violence restraining orders along with those allowed to file restraining order. the bill is winding its way through the state legislature. they were winding their way down the court. the warriors could not pull off a big comeback win without steph curry in houston. the rockets came out on top. >> curry sat it out last night nursing that sore ankle. he wanted to play but the coaches, trainers and front office overruled him. fast forward to the final seconds. on the very last possession, the dof warriors fall short. 96-95. they lead the series two games to one. game four sunday afternoon. it's in houston. >> a live look at the sap center
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in downtown san jose because sharks are back in l.a. they are up 3-1 looking to close out their series against the kings tonight at the staple center. puck drops tonight at 7:30. >> you've got the sharks, giants, warriors, a's. >> no one in the country has it better than us for sports. it's i like where do you look next? >> sports, weather. nice in the bay area. a little rain this morning. >> it will clear in time for the giants game later this evening. great news there. let's get a look at some of the showers as they continue to move through from the north bay down the peninsula. now into the san jose area. we will have a wet morning commute off and on rain and cloudy skies. temperatures in the mid 50s now in the north bay and 60 in the south bay. temperatures don't rise that much throughout the day. expect the rain not only this morning but a couple of bouts this afternoon that may be heavier. i'll detail and we'll look ahead
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to the weekend. that's less than 10 minutes. over to mike with a look how the rain may be slowing down your commute. >> we had our east bay camera showing rain on the lens. now a much clearer view. we have wet lens and wet roadways. that is the berkeley curve starting to jam up. there was a fender bender. it was shy of the toll plaza. sounds like everything is clear. anybody who might have seen anything. if you heard about a crash, tell them to call chp once they get to the office. the slower drive builds. the green highlight in the east bay and in the city, that's where traffic and together said you are going to have slicker roads. fortunately friday shows a lighter commute. south bay, no delays. palo alto. it hasn't affected our view or the drive to the area.
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use caution. back to you guys. >> thank you, mike. it's 6:11. the world celebrating the earth. a look at events happening across the bay area today in honor of our planet. if you're an uber driver, you are going to get money and the first big tech ipo of the year. that's the cast of broadway's
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smash hit "hamilton" paying ♪
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it's a smash hit on broadway. now paying a tribute. that's the cast of broadway's "hamilton" noticing and paying tribute to prince during last night's performance. cast members sang and dance to the hit "let's go crazy." just one of several tributes flying across the world in memory of the musical icon. >> prince's music living on in a big way today. online sales soared since the news of his death. three of his songs topping i tune's chart, purple rain, little red corvette and "when doves cry." that's not all. four of his albums jumped to first, second and fourth on the pop albums chart after word of his death spread. one of the most pressing
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controversies in san francisco high-tech is over this morning. >> uber drivers and turns out they are going to stay contractors. the debate whether drivers should be considered employees dogged uber for year. drivers are now going to get money. >> good morning to you. drivers in california and massachusetts as well will share $100 million as uber settles lawsuits in those two states. back in the math envelope, it's about $290. what is critical for uber is those drivers remain contract workers. freelancers, not employees. uber drivers will be allowed to organize into drivers' groups to better represent themselves. uber admits it has not paid as much attention to its drivers as it should has. that's how it ends with a settlement which is disappointing to many because it doesn't decide the issue once and for all. are people who work at jobs
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whenever they want employees? there are dozens of companies in san francisco where you can send a guy to buy dog food to one that parks the car for you that have no employees. they have contract workers. they were all watching this uber case to see what might be in their future, but their future is not any more clear this morning. in about 15 minutes from now, secure words will trade the first time on the nasdaq. it's a big deal because it's the first high-tech ipo of the year. it didn't start very well. remember the ipo starts the day before the first day of trading, the initial offering. that was last night and the company did not get the money, the price it wanted. high-tech entrepreneur chahal will be in a courtroom for a probationary hearing. he pled guilty to the assault of one woman friend. then he is accused of assaulting another. prosecutors want to provoke his
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probation in the first place and send him to jail. i met chahal maybe ten years ago when he was building that penthouse apartment. at that time he made his friends go out on a balcony on the 60th floor. one guy really didn't want to and he made him do it. >> just to see the view? >> to see his friends see the view. >> just to make them uncomfortable. >> exactly. >> thank you very much. many will use today and the weekend to give something back to planet earth. this is the 46th annual earth day. >> earth day back in 1970. vta will provide free light rail and bus rides. the golden gate national park conservancy is holding a full moon earth day walk tonight. cleanup events will take place tomorrow. it's nice to do your park. we are feeling green.
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how do we make everything green and lush? >> the rain certainly helps. let's check the forecast. should be nice this weekend? >> it will be nice this weekend. over parts of the south bay and east bay are turning brown again so hopefully this will help. we are seeing a good amount of rain moving in. a couple of waves of this, too it starts out this morning during the commute and leaving those roads wet. it clears out for a few hours late morning with another round early afternoon. we'll talk about that. let's get a close "afternoon outloo outlook" -- a close look at showers coming down. very hit or miss rain. there will be a break. here we are at 9:00. there will be spots that will not see the showers before the next round moves in early afternoon. by 3:00 there may be downpours moving through. hard to make plans to get
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outside today. it won't be until this evening when the rain clears the bay area and winds will start to kick up. rainfall total will reach about 1/4 inch in spots farther to the south. as you go to the north, we'll have up to 1/2 inch maybe more in santa rosa. brings our temperatures down to the upper 50s, low 60s. richmond district up to 58. 67 in antioch. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. once again the rain clears in time for the giants game, but it will be very cool and windy. temperatures holding steady right at about 60 and dropping back to the upper 50s. tomorrow though, petaluma butter and egg days will be happening. the parade on saturday. perfect weather for that. sunday will be 70. a look at the weekend forecast as we get all this rape to clear out. we'll be cool in some spots like the east bay. 66 on sunday with gusty winds.
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looking at 71 in the north bay on sunday. san francisco 67 on sunday afternoon. let's head over to mike showing that the rain may be slowing you down causing issues. >> complicating things. we have an easier friday commute. that's the good side. rain in the north bay has been replaced with the cars. you see the puddling there. ponding on the road. now switching over to oakland, looking at 880. murky conditions past the coliseum. southbound side shows slowing. i'll show you more slowing on the map. there will be an issue downtown past oak street where we have a crash. northbound we have a crash there. two crashes in the downtown area. that is our weather data shows you'll have slick conditions there to san francisco. we are showing 280 slicker than
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101. we are looking at the south with an easy drive. it's friday. that will kick in later for silicon valley. you'll have your slowest spots and we'll track them down. back to you. the less drama on friday the better. >> next, high-tech school and fight against the zika virus. >> details of the president's rare visit with the royal family. >> a live look at at&t park. the struggling giants look to right the ship tonight welcoming in the miami marlins. giants legend and her king barry bonds making his return to the ballpark for the first time since taking over as the marlins' hitting coach this offseason. catch the action here on nbc bay area. our coverage begins at 7:00 right after our 6:00 newscast. a belated happy birthday to the
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queen - from our president. president obama and the first lady, will be in britain today mingling with the royal family. ==laura/boxes== belated happy birthday to the queen. president obama and the first lady will be in britain today mingling with the royal family. >> late to the party but hanging with the queen is a pretty good deal. they lunch with the queen today then have dinner with prince william, prince harry and
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princess kate. there is business happening in between. president meeting with david cameron to talk about britain pulling out of the eu. some brits do want to pull away from the european union and do their own thing. the u.s. has said their official position is they don't want to see that. they think the british will be stronger with the eu. the president will push this. they want to take more of a hands-on approach because it is a local decision. some business happening, news conference today and a lot of pomp and circumstance on both ends with the lunch with the queen after her birthday. dinner with the younger royals later tonight. >> the young royals.
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thank you very much. >> let it rain, let it rain, let it rain. showing wet weather moving into the bay area as we speak. this is just the beginning. the timeline that kari sketched out will show you how it's going to impact your morning drive. all of that coming up.
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a live look at our real time
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satelllite radar.... the rain - moving in right now... right now 6:30, a live look at our realtime satellite radar. rain moving into the bay area good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. going to stick around longer. kari hall has all the answers. >> good morning. great as we see this rain moving in. that may slow you down. we will not only see the rain this morning, but you see more farther to the north dipping in early afternoon. now we see it pretty much scattered and clearing parts of the north bay. san francisco taking a break. 600 soggy and fremont showing rain moving through. it's finally starting to come
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down in san jose. as we take a look at our microclimates, cloudy with wet conditions, wet roads and that will stick with us. let's head over to mike with a crash in oakland. >> it's just one crash. unexpectedly slow. 23rd we are starting to see folks tap on those brakes. we had two reports, sounds like the same details there. i'll say it's the same incident. one lane blocked in the northbound direction. rain and drizzle. also the south bay where we have northbound traffic starting to
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kick in. so far the live shot for 101 shows a build for the commute. some rain coming through east san jose. back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. 6:32, new this morning, today's wet weather could make it tougher for crews to fix this big sinkhole that opened up in pacific heights neighborhood. bob redell join us. damage is significant there. >> it is. the public commission is expecting to have workers out here within the next hour to start repairing this sinkhole. we are in the middle of sacramento street. you see the sinkhole is large. 17 x 22 feet. looks like 10 to 12 feet deep. formed yesterday around 5:00. crew was out here. it started as a small indentation in the road. as they began to work, the
6:33 am
pavement caved in and sunk into the ground. the puc claims this on a broken sewer line. they do not know what caused that sewer line to fail. >> they will better understand what happened. the hole is secure because the sinkhole occurred at the site of the break. we don't expect it to expand from here. >> in spite of the sinkhole, water and sewer service up and running. the puc estimates it will take roughly two, maybe three days to repair this hole. they do not expect the rain to have a major impact. yes, it might slow the workers down but will not stop them from getting the job done. live in pacific heights in san francisco, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> 6:33.
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the man accused of killing a police officer expected in court today. mark estrada could enter a plea. he is accused of shooting and ki killing sergeant lunger in july. uc berkeley is facing new scrutiny over sexual misconduct allegations. how a coach may have responded to claims made by student athlete. cal has hired an outside investigator to look into allegations he failed to report a claim made by one of his female rowers. she told him a teammate sexually assaulted her and he did nothing. he tells the "east bay times" the allegations are completely false. >> a routine traffic stop that turns into a bomb scare and not far from santa clara university. officers pulled over a driver and arrested him on drug charges yesterday. when they took him into the
6:35 am
police station for booking they found a pipe bomb inside his backpack. officers immediately took that device outside and the bomb squad detonated it. 6:35. high profile attorney gloria allred will address students at hayward tenson high school today. that's where ray mcdonald gave a motivational address in february. his appearance sparked backlash because mcdonald faces sexual assault charges and allred represents the woman who she says was assaulted by mcdonald. she'll appear at an assembly this afternoon. engineering and biology students in east bay are teaming up in an effort to tackle the zika virus from the sky. they are working together to create a zone that can will zika-carrying mosquitos. they will spray insecticide and will bring trojan horses
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mosquitos to mate with the females. you shouldn't expect to see drones out your door any time soon. >> warner brothers record is paying tribute to one of its biggest stars ever. their burbank offices draped in purple to honor prince. jay gray joining us live from minneapolis this morning. >> when news of his death -- when news of his death, fans continued to gather here, many with flowers, cards or balloons, some with candles. all saying they are looking for some comfort right now after the
6:37 am
loss. that while authorities continue to try and piece together how and why the pop icon died. >> right now i'm numb. >> the news of his death left the world stunned, almost speechless. >> incomprehensible. i still can't really figure it out. >> sheriff's deputies and paramedics were called to prince's estate thursday morning and found the 57-year-old musician lifeless in an elevator. the medical examiner is expected to perform an autopsy later today. just a week ago after his final
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public performance in atlanta, his private jet made an emergency landing in illinois where he was rushed to a hospital with what were called flu-like symptoms. by saturday he was home and hosting a dance party. >> he looked fantastic. >> fans say he was engaging and made a passing comment about his recent health scare. >> he said don't waste your prayers on me. wait a few days. >> that's what he said. >> a few days later, fans would learn the man whose musical genius, style and creativity helped to define a generation was gone. prince rogers nelson, dead at age 57. and tributes continue online from fans and fellow musicians, including elton john who said prince was the best performer he had ever seen, calling him a
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musical genius. there are no public plans right now for a memorial, and we don't know anything at this point about a funeral for prince either. that is the latest live here outside of paisley park. jay gray. back to you. >> thank you, jay. >> to think his last concerts were here in the bay area. >> from across the country to the bay area, san francisco city hall and oracle arena, a few of the many places shining purple moments ago in honor of prince. the bay area was one of the very last locations where prince performed. he played here less than two months ago. even triggered a buzz when he took in a warriors game. >> his death is hitting hard. the marquee above oakland's paramount theater, "our hearts are broken prince, rest in peace." he played the paramount in february. one fan says she is crushed by the death of her favorite
6:40 am
artist. >> my heart is broken. he's been the soundtrack to my life since i was a child. >> prince performed his last concert about a week ago. >> you can see a slide show of some of the greatest prince moments on if you have a little red corvette, the top better be up today. >> not a top down convertible type day. we'll have that this weekend as this system moves out. beneficial rain moving through the bay area now. scattered showers that are just enough to make the roads wet. we've seen them hit or miss starting out the morning. san francisco also taking a break. oakland seeing some of that rain. as we go through the rest of the morning, off and on showers. it's moving through the south
6:41 am
and east bay impacting that morning commute. the next round moves in early afternoon with scattered heavy downpours in parts of the bay area. i'll talk about that and what to expect this weekend as this rolls out. let's get a look now at what's happening on the roadways with mike. we'll show you the conditions you are talking about. that flag really moving around. this is fremont. wind kicking up around the bay. cars are moving through it on sort of a murky condition there. slippery roadways around the bay as we look at your map. the green highlighted there will be slicker roads east bay and patches of rain travel. nothing dramatic for the south bay but dramatic in oakland. northbound 880 jammed up now. high street things slow down. 29th, you're holding your brakes up. i heard there were two cars
6:42 am
getting moved to the shoulder. we see these speeds improve over the last couple of minutes. we might see improvement. i'll show you the live camera around the coliseum. coming up next, going to court over a cross. the fight that is brewing over church and state issues here in the bay area. >> fears of drones may have been overblown. the first high-tech ipo of the year and a live look at the nyse. 3:43-only wanted to see you
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laughing in the purple rain purple rain, purple rain outcue: purple rain trt:20 =laura//cont vo=
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♪ do you love me ♪ purple rain ♪ purple rain >> isn't that incredible? just incredible tribute last night from the cast of broadway's "color purple" from the man who gave us "purple rain." the sing-along was led by actress and singer jennifer hudson you see her there in the red. amazing tributes happening across the country. this is live in minnesota, the home of prince. the memorial there and the crowd continues to grow. a lot of love and admiration and respect for the uniquely gifted star. our coverage continues on the death of the singer in just a few minutes. >> so many mixed emotions this morning. 6:45. is a 14-foot cross in a park in
6:46 am
santa clara inconstitutional? it is being sued by a freedom from religion foundation. the lawsuit claims that having a cross and maintaining the park at the same time violates the separation of church and state. the cross was donated in the 1950s to mark the second site of mission santa clara. >> people are finding ways to be offended. i think we've got other issues to worry about. this isn't one of them. this is just really a waste of time. >> constitutional law professors say the lawsuit does have a valid claim. a startling new development in the case of a drone that struck a british airways jet. >> it may not have happened at all. scott, there was no drone? >> doesn't appear there was. the minister of transport in england, equivalent of our secretary of transportation say it may have been a plastic bag.
6:47 am
he tells the "telegraph" newspaper that said local police said it was a drone and they said dented the airplane, but there is no dent. there is suspicion there was no drone at all. it's a good reminder when we look over our own faa reports, we are seeing reports of drones from pilots. those may not pan out either. on a summer saturday, you can spot lots of birthday party balloons if you're looking for them. secure works, the first tech ipo of the year. captain just rang the opening bell a few minutes ago. i have been watching for their first trade. it will come at $14 plus or minus. uber settled a lawsuit brought by its drivers in california and massachusetts. it's going to pay those drivers a total of $100 million that works out about $300 a driver. it settles the issue are uber drivers contract workers, freelancers or employees?
6:48 am
the answer, they stay contract workers. this is a bit disappointing to other companies that were watching the case trying to figure out the future of contract workers versus employees. there are so many companies in san francisco particularly. that use these contract workers and does this case mean anything to them? turns out it was settled out of court. >> thank you very much. more than 6,000 women gathered in san jose yesterday for the second water mark conference for women in silicon valley. >> i had the privilege to emcee that event. i had the morning duties. the conference brings together women executives from throughout the san francisco bay area. the mission is to get more women into executive position. mindy kaling was there as a keynote speaker. >> i had so much heartbreak and
6:49 am
so much doors slamming in my face to get to where i am now. >> she went on to talk about her struggle being an asian american woman chasing her hollywood dream. it is a great thing to be surrounded by successful, powerful women. i say this because i have one to my left here and another on the other side of the çscreen. let's check in with kari hall. >> you're surrounded. >> very nice, sam. it's nice to see the showers moving through the bay area this morning. it will get it out of here in time for the weekend. let's deal with this today, making that morning commute soggy. some of those showers scattered and through the north bay now moving into the east bay and san jose, as well. parts of the south bay. let's get a closer look. we see the rain moving through walnut creek, out of oakland and around pleasanton approaching livermo livermore. we see the rain down 101 toward morgan hill.
6:50 am
a wet, soggy morning commute. it's all because of this cold front approaching the coast. we'll have a couple of rounds of rain today. this will be the only rain we'll see. there will be another batch. 1:00 this afternoon it is still raining and coming down. then it starts to taper off during the evening commute. that's when people will head outside for sports activities and also just trying to enjoy the weekend and get an early start. rainfall totals look to be about 0.3 inch menlo park. more for santa rosa. only a few peeks of sun today in between those showers. temperatures will be cooler reaching into the mid 60s for the east bay. it clears out in time for the giants game. first pitch will be at 60. 59, steady temperatures cool and windy. mostly cloudy skies. winds at 20 to 25 miles per
6:51 am
hour. make sure you have warm clothes. i have the pleasure of hosting the autism speaks walk tomorrow. it will be perfect weather. it will be 70 during the afternoon. we'll start out at 64. this weekend after this rain moves out, we'll have beautiful weather. it will be slightly cooler in spots like san francisco. highs in the mud mid 60s. south bay 70 and mostly sunny skies. we'll have a chance of snow in the sierra for today. i'll detail that coming up. let's get a look at the roads with mike. we are getting a live look at the coliseum. from about 98th up to high street. continuing on our maps up to oak street where we have that crash blocking the fast lane here. the rest of the east bay is just wet and we are watching the friday commute.
6:52 am
an unwelcomed slowing here. still having trouble moving the two vehicles. this is the big jam. westbound 580 a better drive. the rest of the bay dealing with slicker roadways as the rain continues to move around and sprinkle some of the roadways. more rain why i in other spots. south bay starts to build 280 at 17. we'll give you that live look. watch those on and off ramps this morning. >> good advice. new clues in the disappearance of a san francisco toddler. the reason fbi agents are looking into an oakland apartment complex. happening now, the nbc bay area investigative unit uncovers new data showing how often one local news agency is using body cameras. we just posted the story to draped in purple this morning with everything you wanted to
6:53 am
know about prince, his legacy and his impact on the bay area. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area.... ==sam/2shot== welcome back. 6:55. here are some of the top stories we are working on. >> an autopsy is planned today to try and figure out how music
6:56 am
legend prince died. kris sanchez joining us now. reaction has been pouring in from across the world. >> details on that autopsy won't be revealed for a while. fans do seem to be more focused on the fact prince lived and not the fact that he died. prince recorded his first album nearly 40 years ago. on that same trip, prince showed up at oracle arena to sit courtside with the warriors at a game last month. you can see the purple lights there. paramount marquee echos what so many fans are saying, "our hearts are broken, prince, rest in peace." when not performing he was shy about his private life. he announced last year he was writing a memoir and was to be released next year.
6:57 am
the pleasurer has not said whether that will happen. certainly a fan can hope. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. the "today" show picks up our coverage in a few minutes. natalie morales will have live reports at 7:00 this morning. a new twist in the search of a missing san francisco toddler. the little girl comes back to an apartment in oakland. neighbors in this building tell us fbi agents and police have been out there a few times. officials are talking to a couple believed to have been caring for 2-year-old arianna. it's been nearly two weeks since her mother's body was found in a park in san francisco, buried in a shallow grave covered with a plywood floor. today speier is going to appear in san bruno where people
6:58 am
died in a pipeline explosion in 2010. she plans to introduce the prosecuting irresponsible pipeline explosions or pipe act. her legislation would make it easier to criminally prosecute reckless conduct. the weather could impact construction crews working on this sinkhole in the pacific heights neighborhood in san francisco. it's a live look at the damage. it's a 17 by 22 foot sinkhole between lyon and baker and appears to have been caused by a sewer main break. crews say it could take up to three days to patch that sinkhole up. muni service not affected in that area. repairs will start this morning. bob redell has been out there this morning saying the rain is not expected to slow down their effort. we have seen rain on and off for several hours here.
6:59 am
we will have this weather off and on throughout the day upper 50s to low 60s now. temperatures hold steady in the mid 60s today. >> word of a crash out there. >> oracle arena, we have a slowdown here. starts back on our map where folks are hitting the brakes and riding them up to oak street where there is that crash. two cars that cannot be removed from the roadway. no major injuries, but major unexpected backup. traffic is lighter everywhere except for 880 through oakland from the coliseum to downtown. use 580 as an alternate. 208 just starting to kick in.
7:00 am
>> we are back at 7:25. >> good morning. tributes and questions. ♪ purple rain >> prince being remembered all around the world. landmarks lit up in his signature purple. celebrations of his iconic music, in his hometown of minneapolis. to broadway. ♪ the cause of his sudden death is being investigated we'll look back at the life of one of the most remarkable artists, the music world has known. today friday, april 22nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news this


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