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tv   Today  NBC  April 22, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ hey, everyby, it is friday, april 22nd, 2016. our set is in purple because we're remembering the music icon prince that passed away at the young age of 57. i am joined by jenna bush hager. the song you're hearing, "when doves cry." >> don't you love it? >> he has those songs when you hear one puts you in exactly at a place, exactly at a time. they talk about the sound track
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of your youth. >> yes, i was a child of the '80s and '90s, i was going to bed like so many people, going through as many finds, henry and i and jamming out. prince, that was prince, all these songs. i was sort of young. i didn't even know. >> you cannot believe how many became the sound track. i went into the park this morning, prince is on all of the itunes things. i played and went through song after song. i was running, i saw someone running the other way, i heard 1999. i thought oh, my gosh, they're singing it going the other way. >> said on the metro subway home, there's wi-fi. i am like you're on the subway? we can talk? so bizarre. everybody, he looked around, so many people were watching a youtube video or listening to some of his music. >> it was such shocking news that most of us learned about yesterday afternoon. this is a statement from his
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publicist. it is with profound sadness that i am confirming the legendary iconic performer prince rogers nelson has died at his paisley park residence this morning at the age of 57. right now, there's an autopsy being conducted to answer all of the questions as to why. i think what's so confuse to go his fans and things, over the last several days, people have seen him out and about in his hometown of minneapolis. he was out riding a bike with a friend and a woman described how -- she asked him if they could take a picture, saw him about town. he was at a club, a jazz club. he was somebody that really sort of loved his hometown community. personally, i mean, i loved prince, i didn't know he lived in minneapolis. >> i love that he lived in minneapolis. it showed how much he loved where he was from. we all have a fondness where you're from, but he stayed there. >> didn't feel like he had to go to l.a. or to new york to be in
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the music scene, he was the music scene. he didn't feel like he had to create it. elly reed was on, head of epic records, he was close to prince. he spoke to matt. matt asked about the mystery surrounding prince's sudden death. look at what he said. >> did you have any clue that things were wrong with him health wise? >> no. >> any health issues? >> the thing that bothers me about it is the prince i know was like super healthy, vegan, wasn't an abuser of drugs, wasn't abuser of alcohol, he lived right, you know, and he was clean and looked young, healthy, vibrant. the whole thing is very mysterious to me. >> so many people said he was very health conscious. there were reports a few days ago that he was performing at a club in atlanta, did two sets. everyone said he was amazing at that concert. he gets on a plane. he was supposed to go home. they had to make an emergency
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stop in moline, illinois, i thought wow, he landed there. nbc news is citing sources reporting he was unconscious when he landed. however, he got medical help, went home, showed up at some event there when he got home, said hey, i'm good, that kind of thing. >> he played. we have seen this, read this over and over, he played multiple shows. sometimes two shows a night. in order to do that, and he danced and played instruments. you have to be in pretty good shape. >> i think there are so many fascinating things about him. we love his music, learn these things when someone passes, but he was prolific in every instrument, that he learned how to play the piano the guitar, and the drums. >> and he played them all. on his record he was the one played them all. not only that, self-taught. what a genius. >> he really was. matt was also talking about
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prince's personality. take a look at what he said. >> being in his presence was a little intimidating. >> i was always nervous interviewing. >> what was he like in person? >> same, i am in the room with prince, i am nervous. i'm in a room with prince. he is looking at me like pipe down, we got to talk here. i was always in awe of him. it was something special. i didn't get shyness, what i got was theater and mystery, you know. like he didn't love talking to the media. i know he loved talking to you, he wasn't a big fan of talking to media. in private, he could go. >> that tells you so much about him. there are fans across the country and globe who are crying and miss him and loved his music so much because it meant so much to their lives, but i think it wasn't until after he passed we realize how little we knew about his life. >> that makes his music even more powerful. we have seen fans outside his home in minneapolis that have
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come from all walks of life. >> natalie was out there earlier. along the whole fence, you saw people, it started off like one by one by one. by the time natalie got there, the place was full. you can tell that everybody who loved prince came from every walk of life. all you have to do is look at the crowds. >> we realize how much we didn't know about him, he was this enig ma. yet people connected maybe not through his personal story but through his music. >> at new york, this is in front of spike lee's place, he threw a dance party. it was huge and epic. people were really celebrating him. many buildings across the world were bathed in purple light in honor of prince, the eiffel tower, the dome in new orleans, and the foreman in california. we loved his music. you say prince's name, first thing you think of are the
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songs. we picked different songs. i don't know what order we put them in. >> now we really don't. what were your favorite songs? >> i loved kiss, that one was such a great song. >> can we listen or see? >> maybe we are going to have them. ♪ don't have to be rich to be my girl ♪ ain't no particular sign. i am more compatible with, i want your extra time and your ♪ kiss. >> that song, i love that song. reminds me of pretty woman. julia roberts in the tub. >> when she had the walkman on! >> how about raspberry beret. ♪ raspberry beret, the kind you find in a secondhand store ♪ raspberry beret.
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>> do you remember dancing to these? >> you know where i was, i was at the sigma ki house, i remember sweaty dancing to them all. how about "when doves cry" ♪ alone in a world that's so cold ♪ maybe i'm just too demanding, maybe i'm just like my father. >> how about you, what did you like? >> i love 1999. >> this is like a staple wedding song, everything. >> and i graduated in 2000, i remember looking up to the class above me, being you have a theme song! you have a theme song! and of course, how can you forget "purple rain." >> some of the best tweets are people tweeting a picture of rain drops. ♪ purple rain. >> you know who knows a lot
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about this era of music is elvis durant from z 100. he is broadcasting the show from the dominican republic this morning. we have him on the phone. hey, elvis! >> hey, hoda, hey jenna. >> elvis, when you heard the news. >> this is a number one story today, and hoda and jenna are singing with the prince classics, it is special. this is fabulous. >> elvis, when you think about his impact, look, you have been on the music scene, watched artists come and go, prince is one of those people that seemed to have touched almost every artist we heard of. you see it in tweets, you know it from their work. >> absolutely. i don't think we would have the same performances from bruno mars that we have without prince or lady gaga. think about the theatrics he brings to the stage. another thing you have to remember, hoda and jenna, remember the artist formerly known as prince, when he was
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fighting back at the record label because he wanted to be independent? now you have artists doing it because he paved the way for that. they're not going by the rules that the record company tell them they have to go by. he did more than we give him credit for doing. a fabulous artist. dangerous, fantastic. loved it. >> did you ever think most of the artists we know their personal lives and back stories and things, we were talking about how cool it is that we fell in live with prince for his music, often you want to know more, you want to lean in. for some reason we loved him just for his songs. >> i think his secrecy is what made him a superstar, part of it anyway, along with his genius, don't you agree? one time he came to visit us downtown at i heart radio offices, got out of a black limousine, wearing a black cape, with a diamond encrusted cane and walked into the building.
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everyone is like what the hell is that? it is prince! only prince can rock that. he lived a life that none of us could ever try to live. you know what, his music speaks for itself. really. >> his music was enough. we didn't need to know more. >> elvis, thank you very much. enjoy punta cana. >> have a great show. thanks! >> the cool thing about prince, not only did he write great songs, he wrote them for other people. >> i had no idea. >> i went through this this morning. >> he wrote "manic monday." >> that's it. how about this one, sinead o'connor "nothing compares to you." ♪ >> henry and i were reading this list, we were like these are all
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iconic songs. >> how about shack a con. i feel for you. >> this is called "jungle love." ♪ ♪ girl i want to know you. >> it is such a tough day. it is so sad to learn about his passing. i have to tell you, everybody, it is like a second wave with the music. >> brings you back. prince may be gone too soon. >> a look at his lasting legacy after this. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated
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yesterday. the truth is prince was many things, a ground breaker, visionary, a true artist. >> here to shed light on what he meant to pop culture and music are two guys that spent time with prince. the author of "i would die 4 you." >> and former billboard magazine editor bill worthy. both got to know prince on a personal level. when did you first meet him? >> i interviewed him in 2000 at paisley park and saw him twice after that. >> intimidating? >> no, i didn't find him intimidating. interviewing him was difficult. you had to write, couldn't record. i am trying to write what he is saying. he spoke in shakespearean. >> no recording devices? >> making the media be off kilter. i want you to be off, he talks in a byzantine way. i would be like what does that
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mean. what does this mean? >> do you have the same feeling with him? >> we put prince on the cover of a big relaunch in 2013. sent gail mitchell to minneapolis, paisley park. when she got there, not only wouldn't he let her record, he wouldn't even let her take notes. i texted to gail last night, i have a funny voice mail when she gets to the hotel. i can't leave a message, i have to start writing down everything that happened. >> so he was this amazing musician but we didn't know much about his personal life, probably because of that, he didn't speak much about it. what did you learn when you researched him? >> so much. his parents break up when he is young, he is thrown out of his father's house, has to be thrown out of his mother's house because he didn't get along with the stepfather, allegations of physical abuse there. then he's homeless at 12, 13.
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end up living with andres simone's mother in her basement. she had i think six kids, was pursuing an advanced degree at that time. how much time did she have for this 13-year-old boy that was not really, really hers. but she did take care of him, call his mother from time to time, let her know he's doing okay. so there was attempt to give him some normalcy, but it was difficult. young teenager playing the strip clubs with his dad. >> is that what he was doing? >> yeah. >> did his dad teach him the music scene. everyone says he was self-taught, both parents were musicians. >> mother was a singer, father was a player. i don't know how much they taught him. >> i don't know that they taught him to play 23 instruments. >> he taught himself to play 23 instruments. >> he wasn't doing anything but learning music. >> and very few artists can go from pop to rock to funk to r&b. what is it about his craft that crossed all of the borders? >> part of what he said is
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essential. i don't think he followed any sort of traditional scripted path to learning anything about music, he just sort of took everything in that was around him and wound up creating a synthesis that we all know as prince's kind of sound, it is rooted in funk, goes in all of these different directions. >> rock and roll for sure. what do you think his legacy will be? >> this is one of the greatest musicians of all time, who could do everything, dancing, singing, song writing, producing, performing. every skill you would want to have, he mastered it. >> well, he was amazing. i think it is interesting we are learning more about his personal life. you talk about him being a child of divorced parents, somehow that made him appealing to the general x crowd. >> one thing that links them as divorce. parents of general xors are
10:20 am
divorced more than millennials. it is an experience. in "when doves cry" general x was feeling that. my parents got divorced, my friends' parents got divorced. >> talk about a guy that transcends general xers, older people. >> of all of the artists that you may not hear, you have to believe it will get out there. of all the artists that were fanatical about protecting privacy and rights of their music, prince is the top of the list, and no one close. there are a lot of rights issues to work through, i am sure. let's cross our fingers. >> pretend that's a yes. >> what you heard was yes. >> thanks so much, guys. back with much more after this. ♪ i don't want to pressure baby
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>> to sing a combination of two songs. >> ha ha ha ha ha! look at this! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i don't care pretty baby, take me with you! ♪ >> great to relive that.
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an upscale part of san francisco. on our facebook page find out how long the repairs could take. tonight is the start of passover. in our twitter feed check out our passover spin on a pop music spin. a look at weather and traffic after the break. trt: 34
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=trx at ck= we have a soggy start to the weekend. looking at off and on rain
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today. san jose up to 66 degrees. slightly cooler than recently. pacifica 59. at&t park 60 degrees this afternoon. santa rosa might have a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. and all clears out in this evening in time for the giants game which starts at 7:15. first pitch will be at 60 degrees and temperatures right at 59 degrees through the end of the game. cool and windy conditions with the winds in from the west-norths. how is it looking on the roads? >> not as well as it will look this evening. the wind kicking in. gloomy and slippery through fremont. the map shows you a little farther north. disabled vehicle at auto mall park. northbound getting into palo alto, a vehicle stalled. should be cleared. 87 finally showing relief. not so tough over here. slow driving for 880 through oakland. it's recovered.
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bay bridge with a little backup. more traffic later, scott. >> join us at 11:00 for our next news cast. kris and i will see you then. yes, you made it. jenna bush hager is in for kathie lee. this is our slim down series. >> now until memorial day, every friday we bring the best health and fitness hacks with the health and nutrition editor, and joey berman. >> it is all about portion size this week. how much exercise we need to burn calories. that's already depressing. back with two viewers, they have been slimming down, bibi and joe ann. >> is it time for the weights
10:31 am
reveal? >> yes. >> okay. here is the weight reveal. we are about to show it. >> whose is this? >> bibi, down four pounds! all right. good for you, girl. you did it. this is joann. >> cross your fingers. >> down .2. >> down? no up. >> that's weight stable. not gaining is a goal. >> .2 is like a banana, it is nothing. >> let's talk about portions. i think one of the problems we have is portioning out things. >> we eat with our eyes. question one of the quiz, look at this pasta, say how much. >> show us how much you think a serving is. >> one serving. >> one serving of pasta.
10:32 am
>> what would you normally eat? >> pile it on. come on. be real. >> now what we are going to show you is -- >> that's not that far off. >> it is not that far off. this is a one cup serving, about the size of a light bulb, you don't know one ounce or a cup, about the size of a light bulb. you're close, you're a little higher. you're italian. >> is there a way to measure it another way? >> this is a pasta measurer. shows you no guesswork instead of grabbing some. put the amount of pasta in, you'll cook that, for one, two, three, four. this is a serving. >> when you fill this hole. >> that's not very big. >> how long will it take to burn that off. >> to burn this off, couple
10:33 am
hundred calories, we will do standing oblique crunches. harder we work, faster we burn the calories off. feet, shoulders apart, crunch abs, down and up. we will do this for 35 minutes. we want to be faster, you can burn it all faster. want to switch sides. bring it in. >> how many seconds? >> 35 minutes! >> that's funny. >> you got it. >> talk about cheese. >> what would you guys guess a cheese portion is, right? >> you're at a party, you have the cubes of cheese. what is a one ounce serving. how many of these cubes. put them on the plate, do you think is a serving? don't be shy. if you have a typical serving. >> that is nothing, three, four.
10:34 am
>> you guys have been practicing. this is the size of four single diced. this is one serving. that's not a lot of cheese. >> how many calories? >> 110 calories. >> joey, what do we do? >> i know it is better when you drink more wine. we will take some wine bottles and get working on it, ladies. if you want to work arms, biceps, triceps, do a curl with shoulder press, down, up. you can do one arm, two arms. nice. do cans, beans. >> how long do you have to do that? >> 15 minutes and do kickbacks for the back of your arms. >> let's get to the brownies. everybody likes the brownies. ladies, whether you bake it or got it at a bakery, cut off a chunk that would be one serving.
10:35 am
just one brownie. i am going to have one brownie. >> they can eat brownies on the summer slim down. >> you can, there are no bad foods, just bad portions. >> size. i would do more like that that you did. >> okay. now, here's something, this serving, this is 300 calories, about the size of a post it note. but cut it in half, 150 calories. if you want more volume, replace some of the fat with greek yogurt. take a post it note. one serving, cut it in half. >> joey, real quick. >> ladies, get on the bike, let's go. if we want to burn the brownie, let's go. let's move it! 15 minutes, as hard as you can. faster, faster. work those legs. come on, 15 minutes. we are feeling the burn. >> for more, go to >> not unusual to be loved by
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stephanie cisco. this is hard. >> no, it is pretty easy, as long as you know how to handle the hardware on the back of the frames. >> that's important to know. you have different hardware that we will find in different stores. >> absolutely. the trend is to hang a gallery wall. the first tip is plan the layout. cut out shape and size of frames with craft paper, newspaper, tape with painter's tape. see if it feels good. >> my mom lays it out on the ground below. >> you can visualize it. >> then once you kind of placed the arrangement, figured where the best places are, figure out what kind of hardware is on the back. first, deal with picture hanging, picture wire. if you will hold it with your finger in the center, we will make it balance, then measure from the center point up to the
10:42 am
top. >> this is math. >> two and a half inches. make the same measurement here, that's where the hardware goes. then hammer straight through the paper. in our own home, we will take the paper off the wall. here, just to get a visual. >> that looks pretty. >> super simple. >> i didn't do anything, but it looks good. then when it comes to this hardware, it is good, it is like the blade of a saw, has teeth on the end. you do the same. measure the top of the frame down to the teeth. about a quarter inch. that's where you hammer in the nail. >> that's smart. >> very busy hanging pictures. >> when you hammer into the wall, hammer at upward angle so gravity doesn't play against you. >> this looks really good. sometimes gallery walls look cluttered. how do you keep them looking streamlined. >> i think that's the layout of
10:43 am
the painters tape and paper. it will let you live with it before you make the commitment. >> she's in a good mood for friday. >> this looks confusing. it requires two. >> it comes like this, then you know what not to do. pick the two hooks you want to hang off of. we have chosen these two, we want a landscape picture. measure painters tape between. cut the same distance, hang it. the two hooks go off that hook. that's tricky to get on the hook. >> she can't seem to do it. >> do you need help? >> no, i got it. >> because i'm really busy. >> that's what you get. i asked the wrong question. >> there's a hook there, it might be catching. >> i think it is perfect. >> really good.
10:44 am
>> thank you! >> generally if you're hanging a gallery wall over furniture, keep the bottom seven inches above that furniture so you don't bump your head. >> great tips. thank you so much. from perfect pictures to funniest videos. alfonso at safelite, we know how busy your life can be. oh no this mom didn't have time to worry about a cracked windshield. so she scheduled at and with safelite's exclusive "on my way text" she knew exactly when i'd be there. so she didn't miss a single shot. (cheering crowd) i replaced her windshield... giving her more time for what matters most... how'd ya do? we won! nice! that's another safelite advantage. thank you so much! (team sing) ♪safelite repair, safelite replace.♪
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the preppy carlton banks. they think they're better than us? >> i can't believe it is a tom jones song. >> "dancing with the stars" finale back on tv. >> of america's funniest home
10:50 am
videos. >> you know, you have to do a little more than just the arms, right? there's a whole thing that has to happen. like the chill version. the hips got to move. >> we're going to look at your new show for a laugh. >> okay. >> she's preparing turkey because she definitely does not like fish. >> ha ha ha! >> you automatically laugh. you saw the video clips, you laugh. >> how did that come to be? >> after "dancing with the stars" was over, i had the opportunity to sit with abc. they said look, you know, what do you want to do. there was a picture of tom bergeron on the wall. what do you want to do. it did happen. i guess i was lucky. but tom bergeron, picture of him
10:51 am
on the wall, i said i want to do that. he said actually that's what we want you to do. tom has announced he is leaving, we would love you to fill in, take his spot. i went through the process, did a taping of the show and they sent it out to see what the audience felt. i guess it came back thumbs up. >> did you grow up watching the show? >> of course. >> what did you love about it. >> for me it was like i love epic fails. here's a great, safe place to watch. things they do. all of the baby videos, dog videos. it is a great way to laugh without actually having to think. there's no thinking involved. >> sunday nights were murder she wrote and this show. that would make me -- >> girl, how old are you, murder she wrote? you're too young for that. >> but okay, do you watch this with your kids?
10:52 am
>> i do, i sit with the kids all the time. my son aj absolutely loves watching the show with me. he laughs all the time. >> oh! >> that's aj and anders. >> what are the ages? >> he is two and a half. anders will be one next week. >> watch one more clip. because we can't help it. >> quick clips. >> smile. >> is that real? >> absolutely! >> i love this show. >> it is absolutely real. every sunday night, you can get all kinds of videos like that. we have the season finale coming up, we have $100,000 episodes and season finale, tom bergeron is coming back to play a game on the finale. he said before last time i was there playing a game with him, when you -- i'll come in, come back, hang with you. >> how do you get the videos.
10:53 am
i imagine now everyone can shoot everything, you must get -- >> we get a ton of videos. it is great. people think of the internet like now you're competing with the internet. actually, the internet is helping us. everybody has a phone, has a camera all the time. we are getting a ton more videos. a ton of great videos. this late in the season, always said normally they're not getting that great videos. we have another one here, right? >> based on his reaction, i am guessing they don't get a lot of magicians at this zoo. >> and then? >> how great is that. >> how fun is your job. >> best job on tv. i feel like i am the most fortunate person on the planet. i am so lucky. talked about it during the break. to have resurgence in my career, be back on tv, do the stuff i
10:54 am
love to do, i feel so blessed. i have a wonderful support system, my wife is amazing, allows me to do all of this. >> you're the best. we love you! >> america's best home videos airs sundays. >> we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪ it is not unusual t o prove ourselves as men!
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next week from the new movie "mother's day". >> and we have performances by vince gill, the
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah
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part of the complete breakfast area. right now at 11:00, a spring storm hitting the bay area. a live look at the radar and we are tracking the rain and what that forecast looks like for the weekend because you know what it looks like out your window this morning. dreary. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. our cameras across the area showing gray skies. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. what's the latest? >> we're still tracking the heavy rain moving through the east bay and now into the south bay. while we do have some very light rain elsewhere, when you see the bright yellows and reds, that shows where the most intense red is and it's been


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