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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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te breakfast area. right now at 11:00, a spring storm hitting the bay area. a live look at the radar and we are tracking the rain and what that forecast looks like for the weekend because you know what it looks like out your window this morning. dreary. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. our cameras across the area showing gray skies. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. what's the latest? >> we're still tracking the heavy rain moving through the east bay and now into the south bay. while we do have some very light rain elsewhere, when you see the bright yellows and reds, that shows where the most intense red is and it's been scattered
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around santa rosa and fairfax. as we zoom into san francisco, taking a break for most of the city on the western side of the city, around the sunset district, you're seeing light rain there. over towards san ramon and into the tri-valley, livermore, heavy downpours. in fremont, the showers are coming down at a rate as we zoom in about .04 an hour. quite a heavy downpour there. looking at san jose, rain moving in towards los gatos. that continues to progress towards the south and east and move towards morgan hill. haven't seen any lightning or strong winds but as the wind picks up as the rain moves in, also slick roads that you'll have to worry about and that will be with us for the next couple of hours. so some more rain is in the forecast for today. you're probably trying to make weekend plans. i'll help you make those and give you a timing of when all of this moves out coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> kari, thanks?
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happening right now, crews are working on this sinkhole in pacific heights in san francisco. the 17 by 22 foot sinkhole is at sacramento street between lion and baker street. it appears to have been caused by a sewer main break. crews are out there. it could take up to three days to patch that up. nobody hurt and muni service is not affected. our nbc app is the best way to stay connected when we're not on air. download it on your iphone or android device. it's free. another fire in the mission. our helicopter flew over that scene less than an hour ago. this fire breaking out near the b.a.r.t. station. two firefighters have been hurt but their injuries are minor. 21 people have been affected. san francisco entrepreneur was back in court this morning and was greeted by protesters.
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chahal was prosecuted for attacking his girlfriend in one of san francisco's most luxurious towers. it was caught on surveillance video. he pled guilty to a lesser charge and was put on probation. prosecutors want that revoked as they accused him of striking a different woman. fans and fellow performers continue to mourn the death of prince who died inside his recording studio/estate. more than 24 hours after his passing, fans are still gathering there and nbc jay gray has more. ♪ so tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999. >> reporter: news of prince's death echos across the country and around the world. hundreds of fans gathered outside of his paisley park estate and others gathering in harlem and the cast of "hamilton" paying their respects on broadway.
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tributes from fellow musicians online include justin timberlake who posted, "he's somewhere within every song i've ever written" and elton john who wrote, "the greatest performer i have ever seen. a true genius." in downtown minneapolis, celebrating their home town son, fans plan to dance all weekend at first avenue, the spot made famous in the movie "purple rain." investigators are continuing to piece together how and why the legendary performer died. nbc news has learned a week ago when his private plane made an emergency landing and prince was rushed to an illinois hospital, someone had radioed from the plane that there was a medical emergency for a, quote, unresponsive male. still, by saturday, prince was back in minneapolis and hosting a dance party where fans say he made a passing comment about his health. >> he said, hey, don't waste
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your prayers on me. just wait a few days. ♪ >> reporter: of course, a few days later, the world would learn the man whose musical genius helped to define a generation was gone. prince rogers nelson dead at age 57. >> the bay area was one of the very last locations where prince performed. he played here less than two months ago and even triggered a buzz when he took in a warriors game. >> this says it all, "our hearts are broken prince rest in peace." a fan said she is crushed by the death of her favorite artist. >> my heart is broken. this has been a sound track to my life since i was a child. >> reporter: prince performed his last concert about a week ago at atlantis' fox theater.
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for more, go to well, in other news now, as many as five children and two adults were shot dead in a home in ohio. now, this is the scene in a rural area about an hour and a half outside of cincinnati to the east. officials are releasing few details. however, a pastor of a local church there told the nbc station that the victims were all members of the same family. a victim's advocate said that one or two children were taken to a hospital though he did not have information on their condition nor their identity. there is no information on possible suspects or motives. if that changes, we will bring it to you here or on our social media platform. detectives are zeroing it in on an apartment complex in oakland. neighbors at this building at castro and 18th say that fbi
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agents have been there several times. they are talking to a couple believed to have been caring for a 12-year-old, arianna fitts the mother's body was found two weeks ago in a shallow grave. >> hopefully it generates leads. arianna's mother worked at a best buy store in san francisco. officials are hoping her blue shirt will jog someone's memory. she wore it the night she disappeared, april 1st. there is a homicide investigation in police bay and the hunt is on for this man, andre villedrouin. the victim is kimberly and last seen on march 28th. her body was found on tuesday in a shallow grave at a home. deputies have made one arrest but continue to look for andre. happening today, the man accused of killing a hayward police officer is expected in court in about three hours.
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marcus strata could enter a plea about whether he's guilty or not guilty. he's accused of shooting an officer during a traffic stop last july. police arrested estrada after he was treated for a gunshot wound. new accusations of misconduct at uc berkeley surrounding how a coach may have responded to a claim made by a student at least. cal has hired an outside investigator to look into whether the rowing coach failed to report a claim made by one of his female rowers. he tells the "east bay times," these allegations are entirely false. a bomb scare not far from santa clara university. officers pulled over a driver and arrested him on drug charges yesterday but when they took him into the police station, in his possession they found a pipe
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bomb the size of a highlighter. officers immediately took that device outside and the bomb squad blew it up. less than an hour ago, a bay area lawmaker launched a new push to make it easier to prosecute pipeline safety violations. spear plans to introduce what she is calling the prosecuting irresponsible pipeline's explosion or pipe act. her legislation would make it easier to criminally prosecute reckless conduct even when investigators cannot prove willful disregard for safety. >> of course, all of this comes after this massive explosion. the federal criminal trial for pg&e has been delayed once again. a judge granted another delay. pge's attorneys say they need to go through at least 100,000 more pages. a hearing is set to discuss what
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happens next. united nations in an historic way, world leaders to sign the agreement on landmark climate change. it's perhaps the world's biggest leap forward in history. the country sets strict targets for restrictions on emissions and greenhouse gases. they are not legally binding but countries must update every five years. academy-award winning leonardo dicaprio testified. >> after 21 years of debates and conferences, it's time to declare no more talk or excuses or ten-year studies, no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the signs and policies that affect our future. >> as many as 170 countries are expected to sign that agreement and you may have noticed the
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peacock is green and that is in honor of earth day. up next at 11:00, hacking cost, the price that they had to pay to break into the san bernardino terrorist's iphone. plus, an historic trip used by restorable energy. when it will land here in the bay area. and i'm bob redell. we'll show you the somewhat unusual way one north bay town is celebrating its heritage. that story, coming up.
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(scott ad libs markets) welcome back to you. this is a company secure works that ipo and had its first day of trading and went absolutely nowhere we care because this is the first big tech ipo of the year and so far nothing. the director of the fbi said
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something interesting thursday that sent people scurrying to do some math. he said the fbi spent more money cracking open the iphone used by the san bernardino shooter than he will make in the rest of his term as the fbi director. so he makes about $180,000 a year and the fbi spent at least 1.3 million on that phone. you remember the shocking and scary story last week where a british airways flight struck a drone while landing at heathrow? our fears seem to be realized. everybody is going to be okay. it turns out the uk transport minister tells the telegraph newspaper that the drone was probably a plastic bag. the reports of a dent on the plane turned out to be wrong. >> wow. another plane, this one a solar-powered plane headed to the bay area. and we are looking live at its progress. the company, solar impulses,
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posting the track online and should land in mountain view this weekend. the plane left hawaii yesterday and it is on a journey around the world. the aircraft landed in hawaii in july and was grounded then because of damage to the plane's battery but it was fixed and the aircraft retarded its journey. again, the first leg was in march of 2015 from abu dhabi. it's halfway between hawaii and the bay area. split middle in the pacific. china plans to land a rover on mars in 2020. they will attempt to simulate the viking mission that landed on the rover planet four decades ago. china had its first cruise mission in 2003 and plans to launch a permanent space station. public leaders gathered to celebrate the new light rail in the silicon valley.
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congresswoman gathered and it's been running for 40 years so the system is in a bit of a crisis. new money is needed to maintain and expand service. the investment has been made and now they have to figure out how to make those improvements and put those ideas to vote for the public. >> hopefully this november taxpayers will have an opportunity to say yes to the future extension of b.a.r.t. into san jose and silicon valley and services on light rail, road improvements, the county expressways, better improvements for seniors and the elderly and handicapped individuals. we're hoping that a measure like that will be presented and approved in november. >> this morning's gathering in large part was aimed at trying to come to a consensus on what a ballot initiative would have included in it. well, it looks like your weekend may start out a little rainy but is it looks better than saturday.
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right, kris? >> i agree. >> hey, we're taking a look at all of this rain moving across the bay area. you can see some of the heaviest rain moving into the east bay and south bay. let's get a look at the lighter showers and also in richmond, san francisco, only some light rain falling across golden gate bridge and much of the city is dry and we are tracking more of the showers moving through the tri-valley. when you see the bright yellows and reds, that shows the most intense rain. and it continues to move over the hills. so a lot of that moving out. but we're also seeing some of that heavy rain moving towards san jose and los gatos. i think in another 15 to 20 minutes, that will be moving on. you'll have another break before the next round of rain moves through. you're seeing a trend here. off and on rain all throughout the afternoon. we start to see much of that activity moving out and farther off towards the east and then the winds pick up as we go into
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the evening commute into late tonight. looking at the rain we've had so far, over half an inch of rain. napa, about .03 of an inch of rain and then in san francisco, also a pretty good amount. in the castro, .03 there. over into the east bay, we've had some spots measured quite a bit like danville, almost half an inch of rain. pleasanton, a quarter of an inch and sunol, three-quarters of an inch. san santa teresa, .10. a pretty good amount, .10 to .25. look at all of the microclimates and highs today reaching into the low to mid-60s and we'll see more cool weather as the rain moves out. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows a
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casual warmup. if you're worried about the giant's game later this evening, no worry. the rain clears out just in time but it's cool and cloudy. petaluma butter and egg days, great weather for the parade on saturday. 68 degrees and very nice on sunday. if you've never heard of this, i'll send it back to you, scott and kris, so you can give us more information. >> it is the yearly tradition and a lot of folks that participate forever, that parade and festival draws tens and thousands of people and they are already finishing up. >> including bob redell in petaluma. bob, what have you got? >> scott and kris, i've been dying all week to get my hands on some fecal matter but here it is friday and these are the cow chips. go ahead and pick up your cow i chips in honor of prince. i'll take the orange one. what's the technique? >> you can either throw it in
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this manner or more like that. frisbee in this manner. >> what's a good distance. >> we'll see. you ready? >> reporter: yep. >> here we go. >> reporter: all right. aerodynamic, not so much. i'm going to try to beat you. oh, yeah. >> that's better. you got it. >> thanks, tom. good luck tomorrow. okay. i know we're going to have our float out there. what other things will be going on? >> the kids' parade starts at 11:30. >> reporter: and the butter & eggs day, this has been going on for years. what's the history behind it? >> well, this is the 35th year of the parade but it started in 1918 as a parade and created by
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a guy who was from petaluma and put us on the map as the capital of the world. we brought it back in the '80s and it's an historical parade. . >> reporter: and speaking of smart, thank you so much. sonoma/marin rapid area transit. this is what they have been talking about for years up here. tomorrow, petalumans will be able to see these smart trains parked here at the historic train station. it's an opportunity for people to -- >> tour the train. absolutely. we'll be here from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 and we want everybody to come on out and see the train. they will be really impressed. it's an amazing rail car. >> petaluma down to -- >> san rafael. >> and eventually goes to larksburg. >> and cloverdale. >> nice meeting you. i don't think you want to shake my hand.
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i just realized i took my cow chip tossing hand and put my microphone on so we're going to have to sterilize this. you should never mix up your microphone hand. >> no. bad form. >> and the photographers and whatnot. a shame, bob. >> bob redell, thanks. coming up next at 11:00, she is still leaning in. part 2 of our exclusive interview with facebook sheryl sandberg. we asked her what is next and what's putting her back in the spotlight. first, happening now, all aboard the first u.s. cruise to cuba. the cuban government has allowed cuban passengers to disembark in havana. the first voyage is may 1st. the nation is pausing to pay tribute to prince.
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on our twitter feed, look at our local images. we'll be right back. executives in the world.
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sheryl sandberg is taking on a new cause. one of the most powerful executives in the world, sheryl sandberg is taking on a new cause in a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. sandberg spoke to scott budman about what's next. >> how are you, first?
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>> thank you. >> reporter: sheryl sandberg is back at facebook and back with a new fight. >> let's solve the problem. >> reporter: she's taking on hunger in the bay area where she will co-chair the stand up for kids campaign at san jose's second harvest food bank. but don't worry, the lean-in movement is still a big part of her life. in fact, sandberg says it can help bring people together for the next battle. >> with lean in, it was certainly about explaining that we're not near quality and there's a lot that we need to do, business, government, individual companies to do better. >> reporter: technology can also help feed the hungry. remember when facebook made it easy to become an organ donor. >> i'll put this on facebook. i certainly share my passion for this and try to explain the problem. >> reporter: sandberg is sending out a challenge, that their goal
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can be met if people step up to help. >> with 50 cents, you can provide a nutritious meal for a person. sth sth gloria allred will address students at a school where former san francisco 49er gave a motivational address back in february. he faces sexual assault charges and his appearance sparked backlash. she will appear at an assembly this afternoon. come this fall, another bay area school district will take things up a notch for kindergartners. >> san leandro will go to a much
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longer kindergarten format, from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 except for tuesdays when they get out early. up next at 11:00, oakland's top cop responding to criticism that his officers don't record on their body cameras when they should. we investigate, coming up next. =kris/2shot= the top cop in oakland sits down with us for an exclusive
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interview. at issue: criticism that some of his offic the top cop in oakland sat down with us for an exclusive interview and that issue, criticism that some of his officers are turning off their body cameras when they should be rolling. >> senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen is joining us. what's his explanation.
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>> reporter: he went on the record with us after a first report in february looking at how often police body cameras actually record during use of force incidents. oakland police didn't provide data for that report. but after our story aired, the agency did and the chief agreed to talk about his policies and how he disciplines officers who don't record when they should. >> slide on and slide off. >> reporter: the size of a credit card, this camera is now worn by oakland's 661 police officers. the department has the highest number of cameras on the streets in the bay area. and those cameras made national headlines last september after the department released edited videos of two encounters that resulted in citizen deaths. in one case, an alleged carjacker and a man got stuck in between two buildings and died. >> we started our program really before anybody else.
11:32 am
>> reporter: oakland police chief says since the cameras went online in 2011, there has been a 66% reduction in force. last year, it was 504 incidents. complaints are also down about 30%. >> virtually every complaint we get now is captured on video and we've seen that overwhelmingly the video supports the police officers. not always, but in the vast majority of cases. >> do you track when officers are recording during a use of force incident? >> one of the steps is that the supervisor has to watch the video from every use of force that happened. not just the involved member but the other officers that were there as well. >> reporter: data shows in the 504 use of force incidents last year, 24 were not captured on camera. in those cases, 20 officers were reprimanded by their supervisors. four cases went further, to the internal affairs division for
11:33 am
discipline. >> what is your expectation when it comes to officers and when they have their cameras on? >> they activate them as required by the policy. >> and what happens if they don't? >> it depends. if in the event the officer has no prior history of it, then in most cases it would be dealt with informally and if there's a repeat violation, then it become as disciplinary manner. >> drop the gun! >> reporter: but in our first body camera report in january, more oakland officers are seen actively turning off their camera. >> we have an officer looking at another officer and pointing to their chest, which is where their camera is and says, let's have this conversation in a moment. >> is that code for, we'll talk about this later? >> it is. >> he says that's code for turning their cameras off. what do you make of that? >> i can see why it may appear to be suspicious but in reality
11:34 am
officers have to have conversations all the time that necessarily shouldn't be recording. >> they have to turn it off when they talk about tactics. >> reporter: a supervisor could say, hey, you should have done this differently, that kind of thing, and there's no purpose in making that part of the criminal case. >> why isn't it reasonable for an officer to be able to have a conversation with his or her supervisor without the body camera on. >> it may be reasonable. the question is, what do we demand of the officers when they are working and on duty. >> reporter: opd officers record and up load 12 terabytes of data each month, being used as part of a study at stanford university, analyzing tone of voice and the overall interaction, data that can be used to improve how officers are trained. >> get your hands up! >> reporter: not just here but
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in police agencies nationwide. >> we are capturing far more information between police officers and the citizens we contact than we've ever captured or provided to the public defender's office, anytime in our history. it's difficult for me to believe that we're not really being that transparent. >> this is opd's use of force form. unlike some departments, oakland pd doesn't require officers to check a box on the form indicating whether their body cameras was rolling when force was used. guys? >> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip for vicky, give them a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail. a group is going on a hunger strike. they are calling for the resignation of san francisco police chief greg suhr. they are holding their protests in front of the police station.
11:36 am
they want him out over recent shootings. >> he refuses to resign. we want the mayor to fire him. if the mayor cannot step up and do the right thing at the will of the people, the mayor can go. >> take the police reform seriously and so does the chief and so does our police commission and this is why we have subjected ourselves to the department of justice's reform efforts. >> he just received an update from the department of justice on its review of the police department. lee did not say whether he's considering actions against the chief. a fight over separation of church and state is playing out in the south bay. the city of santa clara has been sued by a resident and the freedom from religion foundation over a 14-foot cross at the city park. the cross was donated in the '50s to mark the second site of mission santa clara. the lawsuit says that the city maintains the separation of
11:37 am
church and state. >> people are finding ways to be offended. i think that we've got other issues to worry about. this isn't one of them. this is really just a waste of time. >> constitutional law experts say the lawsuit has a valid claim and we should point out that the city of santa clara itself is named after a catholic saint. local college students want to use drones to fight the zika virus. they are using an experimental drone. >> flying over areas to find abandoned pools which can be huge breeding grounds. a drone can do that much more efficiently than someone peeking over the fence. >> in the immediate future, it will not be drones. it will just be mosquitos. >> they won't know they are coming. >> president obama and first lady arrived at windsor castle
11:38 am
today. keir simmons reports from windsor. >> reporter: lunch with the queen at windsor castle where on thursday she celebrated her 90th birthday. >> she knows that people are going to be nervous. >> even an amount bass dor? >> absolutely. and i was. >> president obama arrived in the uk on thursday night. in the past, royal etiquette has proved a challenge. in 2011, a timing error -- >> to her majesty the queen, the vitality of the special relationship. >> reporter: the president's toast competing with an orchestra. while in 2009, the first lady's arm around the british monarch, criticized by some and then a time where president bush winked at her majesty. >> she gave me a look that only a mother can give a child. >> reporter: she has danced with president ford and ridden horses
11:39 am
with president reagan. in total, she's met 11 u.s. leaders. >> it says don't be intimidated by all of these instructions. really in the moment, the queen will make you feel incredibly welcome. >> reporter: tonight, the president will dine with the duke and duchess of cambridge fresh from their stunning tour of india and bhutan and prince harry who joined the first lady to a televised competition raising money for injured veterans. keir simmons, nbc news, windsor. >> man, i'd be nervous. >> i'm not going to do anything at all. >> just standstill. well, many of us will use today or over the weekend to give something back for the 44th annual earth day. >> earth day back on this day in 1970. there will be free vta light rail and bus rides.
11:40 am
there's going to be a full moon earth day walk in the headlands. coastal cleanup tomorrow takes place as well. after the water crisis in flint, many people are wondering how safe their own drinking water is. the easiest way to test that. plenty of rain falling across the bay area. let's look at the totals and events coming up in just a few minutes. the flint, michigan water crisis is a wake-up call for
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people all over the country wondering if their drinking water is lead free? since flint, newark, n j the flint, michigan, water crisis has people wondering if their water is lead-free. there have been elevated lead levels and it's not new. >> children in baltimore have been drinking bottled water in schools for ten years due to lead. tracie potts asks, should you be testing the water in your own home? >> reporter: jim meyers trusts the water in his kitchen today but in 2004, and owe thousands of others in washington, d.c., learned their drinking water was
11:44 am
contaminated with lead. his pipes leading back to the 1900s worries him. the city was forced to remove thousands of lead pipes like these that ran from the water main to homes and businesses. but meyers paid to replace the pipes inside his home. every week, scientists in the army corps of engineer lab test water from dozen more homes. as many as 10 million buildings in this country may be getting water through a pipe that's at least partially made of lead. >> it's older communities that may have more of a problem than, for example, a water system built completely in the last few decades. >> reporter: lead not just in pipes but old faucets so should you test your water? >> lead is not good for anyone but it's particularly risk to small, developing children and pregnant women.
11:45 am
so if you're in that category, an extra layer of scrutiny and concern is well worth it. >> reporter: because of flint, more people are thinking about safe water. environmentalists say that's a good thing. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> a parade is ready to start in a few minutes. this is video from years past. we loved that float. the big deal will be the smart train this year and it is about to pull up to the historic train station in petaluma. festival goers will have a good chance to look at that train which is in operation by the end of the year. >> it's a real game changer for the north bay and i think people will really see the benefit once they cut their commute in half. now they have a safe and reliable and predictable option to the 101. >> this is the track of the
11:46 am
train that is about to pull up. it's about a decade to get the commuter rail line together. there have been many political battles over funding and the festival runs through tomorrow. now, do you want rain on your parade? let's start with petaluma. kari, how about everywhere else? >> there will be rain off and on. we've seen it all throughout the morning and it's not done just yet. we'll continue to see those scattered showers moving through from the north and where we have rain here, there's snow in the sierra. there we are looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow today and maybe even higher in the higher elevations. let's get a look now at parts of the south bay and east bay where it's coming down the hardest and a look now at san francisco, taking a break for now but rain to the north of you that will be moving in within the next few minutes. we're heading over towards the tri-valley as you go through the pass, there's heavy rain indicated by the yellows and reds. the most intense bright colors
11:47 am
show where the heaviest rain is now. starting to clear san jose but more is on the way. redwood city seeing light showers. so this will be the trend for the next several hours. if you plan on getting outside, make sure you have an umbrella and rain gear and warm clothing because those temperatures are cool, too. we'll continue to see the scattered showers tapering off for the evening hours. until then, we'll have more of this wet weather falling and then the winds pick up later on this evening, too. let's drop in on the north bay to see how much rain we've gotten so far. santa rosa, about .03 of an inch. in san francisco, more of the same. it continues to go up. almost a quarter of an inch in soma and east bay, .10 and sunol continues to rack up there making it closer to an inch of rain there. in the south bay, half an inch of rain and morgan hill, a
11:48 am
quarter of an inch of rain and more of those showers through, once again, at least the early afternoon and then it starts to end later on this evening. a lot of earth day events going on for tomorrow. cleanup at the shore in emeryville and the temperature in the morning is 57 degrees. ocean beach, another event. 56 degrees during the morning and with the gusty winds you want to make sure you're wearing a nice, warm jacket. pacifica, 55 degrees. start out tomorrow morning. and i've had the pleasure of hosting the autism speaks walk. it will be beautiful there. at 11:00, it's 64 degrees and into the low 70s as we go through the day. a look at all of the microclimates, highs in the upper 60s and low 70s. mostly sunny skies, rain getting out of here. it picks up as far as the winds on sunday, up to 71 degrees. in the northbay, south bay, 70 degrees and san francisco at 57 degrees for the high on sunday. so looking like a nice weekend
11:49 am
ahead, kris and scott, after seeing those showers moving through today. >> it was a surprise to me. i know kari told us about it but -- >> co-workers came in because we were here forever and they came in this morning with the umbrellas. sacrificing sleep for a good cause. the one rule the students had to abide by.
11:50 am
thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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you might heave heard of those marathon, caffeine -fueled well, long hours are part of the tech industry, as you probably know yourself, but you might have heard of those marathon casting-fueled coatings sessions. >> the goal at the end of it, one south bay university has started a coding marathon with a
11:52 am
twist. garvin thomas has today's bay area proud. >> reporter: the college all-nighter just ain't what it used to be. at least it wasn't at santa clara university this past weekend. sure, you'll still find plenty of caffeine in a attempt, sometimes unsuccessfully, to fight off sleep. but instead of good grades, these 100 or so students were shooting for a good deed. welcome to the third annual bronco hat, a competition where teams compete to create from scratch the best computer program or application they can. unlike some hack-a-thons, this one in keeping with the university's social justice leadings had a twist. the finished product had to address a social need. >> all we have to do is swap out
11:53 am
this file. >> reporter: this student and his team were working on a way that low-income people who can't afford data plans on their phone can use cheaper text messaging to get directions or information sent to them. >> we had to set up a web server to do this and i had never done this before. >> reporter: this guy and his teammates were working on a message for help to be sent in case of an emergency. >> i don't know if we can get it done by the time or not. >> reporter: just down the hall, another group wants to streamline how sick people in the third world can get medical information. by 9:00 p.m., they were already hours into the process, prepared to go hours more. many of the students admit that the experience they get doing a hack-a-thon like this will certainly help their careers down the road. they are just happy, though, that in this process at least they can help someone else along the way. to be honest, this wasn't all
11:54 am
100% altruistic. there was prize money involved and first place received $1250. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> go broncos. >> and an app. we are following breaking news.
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a second san francisco resident has tested positive we do have some breaking news for you. a second san francisco resident has tested positive for the zika virus. the department of health says the patient is a pregnant
11:57 am
woman who recently traveled to san francisco from central america. there is no risk to the general p public however. it's not sir ccirculating in th area or san francisco. san francisco is not revealing further details about that case. with that in mind, one last check of your weather. >> and it's really wet out there. you really have to be careful through the next couple of hours with heavy downpours in spots. you're seeing a lot of green on the radar. that's all of the rain and a lot of clouds as well. temperatures are cool, too. it's only 54 degrees in the north bay and highs today reaching 61 degrees there and in san francisco, upper 60s for the tri-valley. the rain will be tapering off later this evening. >> all right. hope you enjoy the rainy weather and then the nice, warmer weather later on this weekend. have a great weekend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ ♪ purple rain . >> prince's final performance last week at the fox theatre, his final song was "purple rain." welcome to "access hollywood live." i'm billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. that's the fox theatre in atlanta. i have been there. it is such an intimate theater. to think about his final performance sounding so great. i like that was h


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