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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  April 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. so again, no problems now with that b.a.r.t. train, no injuries we should say. it overshot the track but it is okay now. that's michelle roberts for us. the weekend is here and we are starting out wet. the storm is it lingering. let's take you outside. this is oakland as we approach the bay bridge. we have clouds, but you see the blue skies breaking through. how about earlier this afternoon and this morning, man, we got hit pretty hard. this is the scene in mill valley. a lot of our local cities got a nice soaking but it comes with some damage. we have multiple reports this evening. let's start with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and jeff, hit pretty hard across the bay area. >> it was a pretty good soaking here. the core of the low pressure that brought the rainfall this morning and early afternoon is now moving off towards the east, so it's taking a lot of that heavier rainfall with it. back behind it there's still a few spotty showers we could see for tonight. so what about the rainfall totals? right here across contra costa
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and alameda countys it varied, but up around lafayette we had 0.056. livermore did 0.6 of an inch. poll toe the south bay coming in with good totals across you don't with about half an inch there. that also continued up towards santa clara. now, we're not only tracking changes for the weekend but yes also sierra snow. that stacking up to anywhere from 6 to 9 inches. i'll have more on that forecast in 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. it's one of the swankiest neighborhoods in san francisco, but tonight there's a gigantic hole in one of the streets. it opened up after a sewer line broke. that sewer line about 100 years old. nbc bay area christie smith is live where crews made a temporary fix. we're talking about sacramento street. what are we talking about in
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terms of traffic or when the street will be open? >> reporter: what we're hearing is that the street, sacramento street, probably won't be reopening until sometime tomorrow night. they hope that that might happen today but crews had to move in some heavy equipment. the sink hole is about 18 feet wide by 10 feet deep. while utilities were not impacted, some neighbors say it certainly has been inconvenient. big pieces of the street that caved in were lifted from the huge sinkhole in san francisco today. a stunning sight for some. >> i just had no idea, and then i looked and it was like there is a giant hole in the middle my street. >> michelle lives and works nearby and had trouble parking because of the repair. jid to circle around a couple times before i could find a spot. >> reporter: sacramento street is now closed near lyon. yesterday a depression in the street was reported, then the sinkhole after the sewer line broke. >> we do know that this particular pipe is actually
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quite old, over 100 years old, and that's why we're investing a lot of effort to actually repair up to 50 miles of pipeline per year in san francisco. >> reporter: services were not impacted. today's repair included a temporary sewer pipe and metal stabilizers. at new star cleaners, michelle tong says this has all been disruptive. >> customers cannot come because the street is closed. >> reporter: and what they're doing now is trying to stabilize the sides. they say the plan is to come back tomorrow and put in a permanent sewer line and again have sacramento street reopened in this section by tomorrow night. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> you can stay ahead of the rain with our free nbc bay area app. you can use live doppler radar
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to track the storm. this afternoon we learned a trial will not begin on monday as scheduled and that apparently has the suspect very upset. it has been more than four years after the disappearance of the morgan hills teenager. the man charged with her killing garcia torres has been sitting in jail and faces a possible death sentence if convicted. damian, just yesterday we were saying this trial would start monday. >> reporter: that's right. things changed quickly here. a delay would add frustration to family and friends who have been waiting years for answers, but, again, the start of the trial is in limbo. he's been sitting in a jail cell for four years. now it appears garcia torres will have to wait even longer. in court today his daughters asked for another delay in the start of the trial. a trial that has been scheduled to start on monday. >> it could be months before the
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first witness is called in this case. >> reporter: one reason is that one of garcia torres' attorneys might have another case pending. both sides will still meet on monday so a trial judge and courtroom can be assigned. >> i think it's significant that even if there is a short delay in the trial, that the case is getting ready for trial. that justice is starting to move forward for both sierra's family and for mr. garcia torres. >> reporter: torres is facing a possible death sentence. prosecutors claim he murdered morgan hill teenager sierra lamar in 2012. while they say dna evidence links the suspect to sierra, her body has never been found. there is one person who does not want a delay in this trial, the suspect. he wants a speedy trial now and waived his constitutional right for that speedy trial. now he says he wants that speedy trial to begin in 60 days. we're live in san jose. >> thank you. another accusation of sexual
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misconduct at uc-berkeley and it comes from the athletic department. a female rower says the cal men's crew coach failed to report sexual assault claims against one of his rowers. it comes on the heels of other scandals including the assistant basketball coach being asked to leave just a few weeks ago. nbc bay area's e lice kisher in has more. >> reporter: they did confirm an outside investigator is looking in allegation that a former female crew member was sexually assaulted at a party, but at this point we're told the well-known coach is not part of the investigation. coach mike teti has been coaching at cal for eight years. he's an internationally recognized coach but now there are allegations that he never reported a sexual assault claim against one of his rowers. in an e-mail to nbc bay area teti denied those allegations
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calling them false. >> it's almost like we're becoming desensitized to it because it happens so much. >> at the end of the day we need a reputation intact. >> reporter: it's the latest sexual misconduct scandal to hit the campus. just weeks ago the assistant basketball coach resigned among allegations he had sexually harassed a sports reporter. the school has been criticized for mishandled claims of sexual harassment involving a law school dean. the former female crew member claimed she had been sexually assaulted in december 2013 at a crew team party. cal has hired an outside investigator to look at those allegations but says at this point their investigation does not involve the coach. for his part, coach teti told us, i'm confident that the investigation will prove they have no merit. i am committed to our athletes, especially the seniors, and will continue to guide them through to graduation. the university tells us that
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once the investigation into the merits of the allegations are complete, then they will decide if any action will be taken, if any at all. it's unclear when that will be. in berkeley, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area. the problems really continue to pile up at cal. within the last six months a lot of incidents. astronomer geoffrey marcy resigned. the dean of the law school resigned last month after his former executive assistant said he repeatedly kissed and touched her. we mentioned assistant basketball coach hufnagel was accused of harassing a sports reporter. and last week two female grad students filed complaints that asian studies assistant professor blake wentworth made inappropriate comments and repeatedly touched them. he has not yet been disciplined. new at 5:00, a second person in san francisco now has the zika virus. the health department says the patient contracted it in central
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america. she's a pregnant woman, but she is not showing any symptoms of the virus yet. now, that virus is known to cause birth defects, so the woman at this point is undergoing treatment. the bay area now has a total of 11 zika cases, all which were contracted outside of the u.s. still ahead, new details in the death of legendary musician prince. what police are saying about the cause of the singer's death. also, prosecuting irresponsible pipeline explosions the bill introduced that would hold operators responsible. and an alarming solution by the transportation committee after a budget cut takes a drastic hit. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. here are some of the weather underground rainfall totals. 0.027. over 0.6 from pleasanton to livermore and san jose with a half inch. we're tracking changes for the weekend. i'll have details on that in a few minutes.
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(. she calls it the pipe bill. pipe stands for prosecuting irresponsible pipeline explosions. if approved it would hold gas
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pipeline operators like pg&e accountable for destructive and deadly accidents like what we saw in san bruno in 2010. currently operators can only be criminally prosecuted if prosecutors can prove they acted knowingly and willfully to cause a blast. a nearly impossible standard. >> we have an obligation to make sure that we demand that gas operators here and across this country play by the rules. >> congresswoman spieres says under current law nobody has been send to jail for any kind of pipeline explosion today the state's transportation commission announced it needs to cut about $1.5 billion from its budget. the agency says a drop in gas tax revenue is blame. for now the commission plans to delay projects, including several road repairs over the next five years. the commission hopes the announcement will motivate state
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lawmakers to revamp the way they fund our transportation system. a suspected burglar was initially caught in the act but he got away. police say this man broke into a home in san mateo last night around 10:00 p.m. the owner of the home confronted him after hearing some noise. the burglar ran. this was on a home on eaton road near el camino real. two other burglaries were reported earlier a mile away on hobart avenue. police are trying to determine if all three of the burglaries are linked. tonight the investigation continues into the death of prince while thousands gather outside of paisley park for a second day. that's the studio where prince was found inside an elevator thursday morning. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: fans and flowers, balloons and banners line the fence outside of paisley park. thousands drawn here to remember and honor prince. a pop star and cultural icon
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whose music was the soundtrack for a generation. >> it's overwhelming. i mean, i'm still numb about the whole thing. >> reporter: as fans around the world deal with their shock and sadness for the first time today investigators shared details about events the morning of his death. >> staff members from paisley park had been unable to contact prince yesterday morning and went to check on him. they found him unresponsive and called 911. >> reporter: an autopsy was performed today. the medical examiner says results won't be available for several weeks. but we do now know when paramedics were called to paisley park yesterday, it was the second time in less than a week that friends for colleagues found prince unresponsive. the first coming after what was his final concert in atlanta when his private jet on the trip back to minnesota made an emergency landing and he was rushed to an illinois hospital. >> the thing that really bothers me about it is the prince i know was like super healthy, vegan,
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wasn't an abuser of drugs, wasn't an abuser of alcohol. you know, i lihe lived right. >> reporter: a tribute to that life splashed in his signature purple on bridges and buildings across the country. >> just so the surreal to think he's gone. >> reporter: leaving behind the legacy that echoes around the world. jay gray, nbc news, just outside paisley park. >> if you would like to pay tribute to prince yourself by watching some of his movies, you can watch "purple rain" at various theaters across the bay area. amc will show the film and the roxie in san francisco. that showing at the rocketsy quickly sold out, so a midnight show has been added. much more on the investigation into prince's death coming up tonight on "nightly news." "dateline" is also airing an hour-long special devoted to his life and legacy.
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let's take you outside. the clouds have parted just in time for orange friday. giants baseball. a live picture at at&t looking out into mccovey cove. this is the exclusive ballpark cam and guess who is back in town tonight? barry bonds. the giants' legend has a new job. he's the hitting coach for the miami marlins. tonight will mark the first time we're going to see bonds at at&t wearing another uniform. >> shocking. >> i know. i think giants fans though will give him a standing ovation. by the way, the only place to watch tonight's game is right here on nbc bay area. giants and barry bonds' marlins at 7:00. >> you have to tune in just to see barry bonds in a marlins outfit. >> he looks slim, he looks good. it will be an lek trielectric n. >> boy, jeff, at 9:30 this morning it was coming down in buckets. >> that cold front really did have quite a bit of uplift with it and brought us a decent punch here for a spring storm system.
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so that was good news for the drought. also our fire danger, squeezing out every last drop of el nino we can. at the ballpark we have a mix of sun and clouds. currently 61. as we head to first pitch, temperatures drop to 59 and likely sunny skies as you look out towards outfield as we get that first pitch under way. the biggest problem for players tonight will be that westerly wind, 15 to 25 miles per hour. who knows, may help a few more home runs head out since that westerly wind does head towards outfield. let's get a look outside the sky camera network right now. it is a lot colder than this time yesterday when we had upper 70s across portions of the south bay. right now 61 degrees. east bay at 60, and a chilly 57 throughout the north bay right now. as we advance things into tomorrow morning's forecast, the biggest thing we'll see here is that cloud cover returning, also some colder temperatures. we'll begin as lows a 45 in the north bay. san francisco 52.
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possibly some isolated drizzle for the peninsula. here is the future cast showing those clouds for tomorrow morning. i do think by the afternoon we'll get some sun in here for partly cloudy skies for most of the bay area. it will be more of a partly sunny sky up into marin, napa, and sow nae noma counties. for the majority of us we will be on the drying side of our storm system. as we head throughout sunday, we'll be in the pattern of some fog in the morning and sunny skies coming our way by afternoon. with the most recent rainfall, you're probably wondering how is this, you know, doing for us so far for that rainfall season? i think it's definitely boosted us up a little bit. you will be able to see in our rainfall update here. we're doing pretty good across san francisco. 100% of average. livermore 101%. san jose 101% as well. el nino has helped us out this year. it's nothing compared to '97 and '98 when we had quite a bit more rainfall but at least it looks
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like we'll wind things down with an average season throughout the bay area. the first half of the weekend you will see by the afternoon san jose should push out some is unsunny skies. palo alto, sunny and 68. san francisco, financial district, most sunshine there and 65 degrees. then back towards the marina we hold onto some clouds and it will be a cooler 61 degrees. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, talk about a major rebound. saturday you go from upper 50s and low 60s in the north bay today to 70 degrees tomorrow in napa. mill valley, 67. for the east bay, sunny in fremont and 70 and oakland coming in at 66. for the tri-valley, warmest weather will be danville at 70 degrees. as you look back here towards livermore, it will be a little cooler with 68. as we round out the weekend forecast, it will be partly
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cloudy, temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. then by monday we start to get some cooler weather. so for the south bay, that will mean saturday, 70 degrees. sunday, 69. and by monday 66. for the tri-valley it will mean 69 on seattle, saturday. 68 sunday and monday what about the next possibility of rainfall? we'll finish it out with that. we're always looking ahead to maybe any kind of rain drops. by next wednesday there's a decent chance of possibly getting another quarter, maybe a half inch out of the storm system here. so we are not done with this rainfall yet, you guys. i hope we get rain all the way into june. >> it looks promising. still ahead here at 5:00, student athletes at cal about to get a new look. we'll tell you about a multimillion dollar clothing and apparel deal. plus, the rescue by a highway patrol officer near monterey. a family dog kills a 3-day old
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baby in the san diego area. the parents were watching t-v in (. happening on facebook, a family dog kills a 3 day-old baby in the san diego area. more than a million dodge chargers, chrysler 300s and jeep grand cherokees are being recalled because drivers can't tell if they put the car in park. more news in a moment.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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frais a dozen people are in need of a new place to stay tonight after fire tore through their flat in san francisco's mission district this morning. this is what it looked like from our chopper around 10:00. this is on san jose street at 24th not far from the b.a.r.t. station. it took almost an hour to get the fire under control after it spread to a neighboring set of flats. you can see from this smartphone video how much smoke it generated. investigators say it does not appear suspicious. two firefighters suffered some cuts and bruises, but a spokesperson says they're just minor injuries and luckily no one else was hurt. the uc-berkeley athletic department is teaming up with under arm you're foror for a te deal. they will pay the university $86 million in cash and products over the life of that deal. that includes a $3 million signing bonus, more than $3 million in cash per year, and $5 million in products annually.
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that deal will pay cal considerably more than it currently gets from nike. it goes into effect 2017, steph curry and buster posey also represent under armor. it's a blurry photo but it's the best lead police in pleasanton have. this man stole a maserati from a garage in the upscale ruby hill neighborhood. it happened last thursday night. the owner of the car left his garage open and the sports car unlocked with the keys inside. if you have any idea who this is even though it's a blurry photo, call police. stranded on the side of a highway, not a motorist, but a sea lion. chp officers found the sea lion wandering by the moss landing power plant right there on highway 1 early yesterday morning. that's about 30 minutes north of monterey. animal workers took the sea lion to sausalito's mammal center before it's released. >> a royal visit in nepg for
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president obama and the first lady. >> and it's pretty obvious who they were here to see. prince george captured the heart of the president. we're back in a moment. ==anim==
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coming up tonight at 6:00, it didn't go quite as planned. we're continuing to follow the derailment of a new b.a.r.t. train test car in the east bay. that's up tonight at 6:00 after "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. the president and first lady are visiting the loyals. they're in london to celebrate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. the obamas met with the queen at kensington palace and then grabbed dinner with prince harry, prince william, and the duchess. it's all part of the president's three-day visit to the uk. here is the showstopper. prince george also made a special appearance. there he is. the little guy, well, he thanked mr. and mrs. obama for his rocking horse which he showed off in this photo. this all happened -- you notice what he's wearing. >> a bathrobe. he's so cute. a little man. >> since it was past his bedtime. >> charlotte was asleep they said though. >> that's a great photo. a programming note before we leave. we told you about giants baseball on nbc tonight. some of our shows will be airing
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on a different camera. caught on camera and grimm will be on comcast 86. "dateline" after the giants and marlins game. breaking news tonight. cause of death, an autopsy now complete on music legend prince, as questions swirl over why he died so suddenly at 57. fans around the world mourn the loss of an icon. family massacre. tonight a massive manhunt for the person or people responsible for killing eight family members execution style. controversial visit. the obamas dine with the royals and meet prince george. but their trip sparking anger in a battle over britain's future. money for retirement from reverse mortgages. why experts who once warned about them are now saying they're a much safer bet. miracle survivor. she nearly died in a mass shooting, but walked out of the hospital two months later. tonight our exclusive interview with her. "nightly news" begins right now.


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