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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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an hour. the train operator was the only one on board. he was not injured during the accident and it's unknown if this was caused by operator error or a mechanical issue. now, this is a brand-new train, part of a new fleet expected to be introduced in december. but according to b.a.r.t. every train and operator needs to be tested before then. b.a.r.t. says this is all part of the process but does admit that today was an accident. but the good news in all of this is that there were no disruptions to normal service and no injuries of the operator that was on board. and only minor injuries to the train. reporting live in hayward, michele roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. more details now. the new train cars are supposed to replace b.a.r.t.'s aging fleet. they're criticized over their outdated system. last month, a mysterious power surge knocked out power to dozens of cars and caused a partial closure that lasted for weeks.
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our other headline tonight, outside. the weather. a little wet and a little wild. but now take a look. it looks beautiful. a live look from our exclusive at&t ballpark ga, the giants haa game today. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> we've got you covered as we look right now at doppler radar. you'll see a few areas of showers just to the north of san francisco. that could make it to at&t park over the next 10 to 15 minutes. pregame we still may have a spotty shower or two. but really as we head throughout the game on nbc bay area, we'll be undergoing drier conditions. however, for the south bay, we have another complex system, showers and also some heavier pockets of rainfall through the santa cruz mountains. this likely could hold up through saratoga by 6:26, through campbell a 6:38. we'll continue to track that throughout the hour. the south bay did really well,
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santa clara with 0.4. a half inch in downtown san jose. the higher elevations helped to squeeze out some of the higher rainfall amounts with 0.62. then right here across sant teresa a little less with 0.29. not only rain in the bay area but snow in the sierra, ranging from 4 to 9 inches. we'll have details and more changes expected this weekend, coming up in 15 minutes. our free nbc bay area app is really a great area to track our changing weather. you can access our live doppler radar for your specific neighborhood. new at 6 tonight, a mysterious death prompts an investigation in san jose. police found cesar's body in his van. he lived in the van and camped out with his dog. investigates are trying to figure out what brought him to san jose. police won't say how he died but they're asking anyone with information to come forward. the long-awaited sierra
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lamar murder trial that was supposed to start monday has been delayed again. the trial of ant alynn garcia has been postponed. defense attorneys are asking for more time. we are at the hall of justice. damian, a surprising twist. the suspect in this case has really faced a lot of delays. >> reporter: yeah. in fact, the suspect himself insinuated he wants that death penalty case against him to start now. but his lawyers say they're not ready. today defense attorneys asked the judge to grant a delay in the capital murder trial against antolin garcia-torres. torres objected and told the judge he's no longer waiving his right to a speedy trial. the defense now has 60 days to be ready for trial. >> it could be months before the first witness is called in this case. >> reporter: the trial against torres was set to begin monday but little was expected to happen. likely assigning the judge and
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courtroom. now that new judge will decide whether to grant a new delay or start the trial immediately. >> i think it's significant that even if there say short delay in the trial that the case is getting ready for trial. justice is starting to move forward for both sierra's family and for mr. garcia-torres. >> reporter: convicted, torres could face the death penalty. prosecutors say he murdered the morgan hill teenager in 2012. the d.a. says dna evidence links him to the murder. the body has not been found i. asked legal analyst steven clark what he makes of this request by torres for a speedy trial now. he says he probably wants his day in court. we're live in sant jose, damian trujil trujillo, nbc bay area. freeway shootings have become frighteningly common in the east bay. today 18 different law enforcement agencies met with the chp to try to find a solution here. these photos of the meeting
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tweeted out by the chp. there have been 18 shootings since last fall. investigators believe they are all gang related. the latest one wednesday in pittsbu pittsburg. an antioch man was killed. the search is still on for the shooter. it's piling up. more sexual misconduct claims at uc berkeley. cal is investigating accusations that a former female crew member was sexually assaulted by a male rower at a party three years ago. the coach mike teti is being accused of not reporting it. he calls those allegations false. this comes on the heels of several scandals on campus. >> a lot of the responsibility lies in like the upper level d administrative offices and such. i feel like this stuff should never happen in first place. >> it's a big topic around the uc system. last week two female grad students filed sexual harassment compliants against assistant
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professor blake wentworth. the assistant basketball coach was fired after being accused of harassing a reporter. a dean in the law school after his former executive assistant said he repeatedly kissed and touched her. and cal astronomer jeffrey marcy reassigned last october after female students accused him of sexual misconduct. disturbing details in the death of prince. minnesota police now say there were no signs of foul play when the body was found. a gray van carrying prince's body was seen leaving the medical examiner's office in ramsay, minnesota, this afternoon. prince died yesterday. he was 57. he was found unresponsive, police say, in an elevator at his estate. police also say there were no signs of homicide or suicide. an autopsy has been done but authorities are waiting to release any results until toxicology testing is complete, which could take weeks. prince was last seen wednesday night around 8:00 in the evening
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after an acquaintence dropped him off at his estate. so far, police are not saying exactly what the time of death was. as the investigation continues, so does the mourning. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from san francisco. jodi, you met some bay area artists who say prince changed their life and their career. >> reporter: that's right. jessica, as you know, there are a lot of bay area tributes happening across the bay area. and while most fans are remembering prince as a musical genius, some bay area artists are remembering him tonight as a mentor. ♪ kiss >> people i guess feel me when i'm deejaying. they feel the energy i'm giving them. that's what i think prince saw in me. >> reporter: it's been a whirlwind month for deejay pam, the san francisco dj was hand picked by prince during his recent visit to the bay area to
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join his piano and a microphone tour. >> for this caliber of a person, musician, artist to come and actually hand-pick me to go on tour, i mean, i'm still trying to, you know, take it all in. wow. >> reporter: nicknamed by the music legend as purple pam, she played at several shows in the u.s. and canada, performing at prince's paisley park just last weekend. she says the musical connection they shared was strong. >> when he said, dj, give me a scratch, i just kind of flowed with it. and it was just perfect. we just had that connection. >> reporter: prince also gave bay area choreographer auntoine and nicole their first break, choosing them to correspohoreogs last video. >> he gives people opportunities.
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he's willing to give a chance. >> reporter: troop says prince taught him to own and respect his own art, lessons he will never forget. >> just like what kind of inspires you? he was like, well, actually, you guys inspire me. that was probably the highlight of my career, like the biggest compliment i could probably ever get from someone like prince to tell me that i inspire him. >> reporter: both artists tell me they will forever be grateful to prince for being willing to look outside the box and recognize their talent. reporting live in san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> they'll have memories for a lifetime. thank you, jodi. prince's classic movie "purple rain" is now back in theaters. and people are flocking to see it across the bay area. among the theaters showing it, amc mercado in santa clara and in san francisco. they'll start showing the film tomorrow. there's also a midnight showing tonight at the roxie in san
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francisco. be sure to catch a special one-hour "dateline" tonight on the life and legacy of prince. a lot of amazing footage and interviews that airs immediately following tonight's giants game here on nbc bay area. it's not just in central and south america, a second person in san francisco now has the zika virus. the health department says a pregnant woman contracted it in central america but she's not yet showing any symptoms of the virus, known to cause birth defects. she is undergoing treatment. the bay area now has a total of 11 zika cases, highlighted here, all of which were contracted outside of the united states. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. rainfall totals added up quickly, 0.28 in san mateo, 0.66 in portola valley. things are clearing out but there's still a few spotty showers on doppler radar. let you know what that means for the giants game here at 7:00 p.m. tonight in a few
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minutes. more police recruits on the job in san jose, but today the new graduating class is being viewed as a low point for the department. plus -- >> reporter: repairs under way after a big sinkhole opens up in san francisco on sacramento street. we'll tell you when the street will likely reopen and what the last sewer line inspection showed. it's a roadway in one of the
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swankiest neighborhoods in san an take a look at that. that's the roadway in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in san francisco, and, yes, that's a big, big hole in it. it's a sinkhole at sacramento street between liyon and baker. it's about 22 feet across. chrissy smith is live in san francisco with what happened. that's a very tony neighborhood to have a big old hole in it. >> reporter: yeah, that's absolutely right. i can tell you that crews have been out here all day working on a temporary repair. they have wrapped up for the day, will be back first thing in the morning. what they've done is basically put in aemporary sewer pipe. people have been stopping by to take a look at what's happening here. later on, they say they will put in a permanent one. that's tomorrow. meantime, the sfpuc says in their last sewer inspection of this pipe, it showed no
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problems. the sinkhole along sacramento street at lyon and pacific heights is at least 18 feet wide and 10 feet deep. >> i just had no idea. thoen i looked and it was like, there is a giant hole in the middle of my street. >> reporter: michelle garring is one of many facing parking problems as crews try to fix the problem and put in a temporary sewer pipe after one broke. >> we don't know the cause, but we do know that this particular pipe is actually quite old. over 100 years old. that's why we're actually investing a lot of effort to actually repair 50 miles of pipeline per year in san francisco. >> reporter: the sfpuc says it started with the report of a small depression in the street yesterday. crews were on scene and suddenly a sinkhole. they say that a video camera inspection in 2015 showed no issues. >> it seemed healthy until yesterday. >> reporter: serves to neighbors were not impacted and late today heavy equipment was brought in for metal stabilizers around the hole. at new start cleaners michelle thong says it's been disruptive.
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>> customers cannot come because all street closed. >> reporter: now, the plan for tomorrow morning is to try and install the permanent sewer line and then hopefully have the street back open by late tomorrow afternoon or early evening. reporting live in san francisco, christi smith nbc bay area news. also in the city, a dozen people need a place to stay after a fire ripped through their apartment building in san francisco's mission district. our nbc chopper, you can see overhead around 10:00 a.m. on san jose street at 24th not far from the b.a.r.t. station, it took almost an hour to get the fire under control. now, on the ground level, this is some cell phone video showing how smoky it was in the area. investigators say it does not appear suspicious. this fire fortunately no major yourries. in the south bay, new details on the problem that brought out the san jose bomb squad. tonight, a san jose man is in custody facing a number of
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charges, including having a pipe bomb. it all began when a traffic cop stopped this man, 39-year-old done purdue, for expired registration yesterday. police say the convicted felon did not have a license but did have a stun gun and drug paraphernalia. they also say he appeared to be driving under the influence. but it was that pipe bomb that raised bigger concerns. police called a bomb squad to the santa clara police department to defuse it. we've just been told by police purdue is being uncooperative and won't say what he planned to do with that pipe bomb. a new low point for the sjpd, but there could soon see a little measure of relief. only nine recruits graduated from the police academy this afternoon, one of the smallest classes the department has ever seen. the city and the police reached an agreement last fall to improve police benefits in hopes of attract the more recruits. but it's yesterday to be finalized. san jose says it could happen in the next few weeks and hopefully will lead to more recruits.
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>> we're be in a much better position to recruit once the legal process is done. the good news is we know it can't possibly go any later than november when we finally go to the voters and ask for approval of the settlement terms. >> now, there was also recent talk of the police department ending the academy, closing it, and sending future recruits to other academies. but chief ed did garcia says the department will fight through the slump. happy friday. it's orange friday. we're counting down to first pitch, giants and barry bonds and his marlins. jeff ranieri, j jessica and i are excited about all the rain this morning. i was on the peninsula. she was in the east bay t. was coming down hard. >> me, too. i couldn't get enough of it. i was out walking around my yard enjoying the wet weather. getting plants wet. nothing like free water. let's get you right now to the giants, 61 degrees at at&t park. winds will be gusty, 15 to 25 miles per hour. at first pitch just a very slight chance of maybe a spotty shower, and we'll have the cloud cover increase by 8:00 tonight.
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so i really think the wind will be the biggest thing for the players. there is some showers just to the north of san francisco, but again not too much expected to make it toward at&t park. the area of concern right now is through the santa cruz mountains. this is on a track to head right toward saratoga by 6:52, possibly to campbell by 7:11. moderate and heavier rainfall with that. we'll continue to monitor throughout the hour. otherwise, for tomorrow morning, the clouds come back. it will make it easy for you to sleep in on your saturday morning. we'll start with 49 in the south bay, san francisco 52 and the north bay at 45. tomorrow temperatures warm up 5 to 10 degrees. we'll have partly cloudy skies and that will bring us to 70 in the south bay, peninsula 67 and a much warmer 70 for the south bay. really enjoyable weather coming our way. and if you are looking for something to do, nbc bay area is a proud sponsor of the butter and egg days festival. it's going to be 66 on saturday. the parade kicks off at noon. on the nbc bay area float, raj
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and jess, there's going to be a san francisco giants theme. so if you're thinking about heading to petaluma, go. it's a great time if you haven't been. >> it's the best time of year, butter and aigz. >> i love the nbc bay area float. >> there it is. thank you, jeff. next at 6, no fuel, no problem. a pilot attempting to set a world record is getting closer to touching down here in the bay area. we'll check on his progress and tell you about the notable person who called to check up on him today. plus, you might call it a smart way to travel. for the first time in decades, people in the north bay will soon have a new transit option, but it does come with a serious warning for drivers. back in two. posted on our facebook page..
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===add=== a family dog kills a 3-day old baby in t happening now, we've just posted on our facebook page a family dog kills a 3-year-old baby in the san diego area. the parents were watching tv in bed with the baby and the dog when the dog suddenly attacked. more than a million dodge chargers, chrysler 300s and jeep grand cherokees are being recalled because the drivers can't tell if they put those cars in park. we updated our home page with the info.
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the idea is to make it easier to prosecute anyone responsible for pipeline explosions. even someone like pg&e, a utility. jackie spear joined san bruno's
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mayor to unveil new legislation. she calls it the pipe bill, pipe stands for prosecuting irresponsible pipeline explosions. if approved, it would make it easier to charge gas pipeline operators with a crime for explosions like we saw in san bruno. >> we have an obligation to make sure that we demand that gas operators here and across this country play by the rules. >> congresswoman spear says under current law no one has been sent to jail for any pipeline explosion. commuters between marin and sonoma county will soon have another option for travel. smart train is getting closer to reality. we see a sight that hasn't been seen in decades. >> reporter: for a downtown santa rosa district called railroad square, there haven't actually been any trains in a pretty long spell. >> we haven't had trains here since the 1950s. >> reporter: the old train depot
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is now a visitors' center and the tracks antique mementos of another time. >> the train made railroad square. >> reporter: but now there are rumblings of a return. >> next stop, downtown santa rosa are. >> there's really a train coming? >> i'm excited. >> gives me goose bumps. >> reporter: as a voter approved smart train rolls toward its launch later this year, reality has begun lumbering through the county. >> smart is conducting systemwide testing right now. what that means is we're testing our train vehicles. we're testing our crossing gates. >> reporter: the new passenger trains that started making daily test runs between santa rosa and san rafael. >> along with shaking off the nostalgia, officials are preaching awareness, visiting school and businesses to talk rail safety. >> we're urging motorists to be careful around all the gates.
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>> reporter: at railroad crossings drivers regularly stop dang russly close to or on the tracks, while pedestrians use them for walking paths. >> you should never use raylroad tracks as a path of travel. i have seen cars being very impatient. you can tell people are getting impatient. >> i think there's going to be a big learning curve. >> reporter: but in railroad square, merchants are rolling out the welcome mat. >> we waited for so many years. >> reporter: allen thomas moved his farmer's market to railroad square in anticipation of the train. >> gives the people that are getting off the train at least on sundays something to look at. >> reporter: the commuter trains will initially run between santa rosa and san rafael and will connect with the larksberg fairy next year. thomas will be of the first to ride it. >> i don't know where i'll go, but i'm going somewhere. >> very nice. next at 6, not a lot of people could meet president obama in their pajamas, but when
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you're a prince you can really do whatever you want. we'll show you today's royal meeting. then an nbc bay area exclusive. oakland's police chief responds to criticism that his officers aren't turning on their body cameras when they should be rolling. and a well-known tech entrepreneur at the center of a domestic violence investigation appears in court again. the potential evidence that could send him to jail. a high profile tec
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right now at 6:30, a showdown in court as prosecutors face off against a high-profile tech executive accuse of attacking a woman while he was on probation for allegedly attacking another woman. that man is a tech entrepreneur with a history of domestic abuse. chahal was in a san francisco courtroom today having a hearing. nbc bay area's jackson vander beckon has the story. >> reporter: ger bash chahal was surrounded at his hearing today. prosecutors say chahal kicked a woman a dozen times inside his high-rise san francisco penthouse. in september 2014, she told police, chahal became enraged about how she supposedly mistreated his security staff. the victim recounted suffering two leg bruises but is now refusing to testify. chahal allegedly threatened to report her to immigration authorities if she reported it.
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the incident came just five months after a judge threw out a videotape prosecutors said showed him hitting another woman more than 100 times. but in that case, the court ruled that the video was not legally seized. at the time of the alleged attack at his san francisco penthouse, chahal was on a three-year probation term from the earlier incident. prosecutors want to use parts of the earlier xmruded videotape in the current case, but the judge is has yet to rule. before the hearing, members of the sikh community said prosecutors are going overboard. bob dillon said chahal has suffered enough. >> once the guy is exonerated, you cannot continue to pursue the same thing over and over again. >> reporter: chahal should not be punished, he says, just because prosecutors lost on a legal issue. >> if something is wrong with our justice system, that justice system has got to be reformed, not continuing to pursue chahal. >> reporter: but domestic violence victim advocates say
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chahal must be held accountable. >> we understand that they're coming to show their support, but so many other sikh organizations are really questioning whether he's accountable. >> reporter: the judge will hear defense witnesses next month before deciding whether to revoke chahal's probation. at the hall of justice, jackson vander beckon, nbc bay area news. a suspected burglar was initially caught in the act, but he got away and could be linked to other break-ins. police say this man broke into a home in san mateo last night around 10:00 p.m. the owner of the home confronted him after hearing noise. the burglar ran away. this was on a home on eaton home. two other burglar wris were reported earlier in the evening about a mile away on hobart avenue. police are trying to determine if all three of these break-ins are connected. it's a problem around the country including here in the bay area. now a resolution has just passed to hold san francisco police
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accountable. the department must now submit public reports twice a year that track its collection of analysis of rape kits. the police commission pushed for the deadlines after the police force was criticized for hundreds of unprocessed rape kits over a decade old. now to an nbc bay area exclusive. oakland's police chief spokes to us about criticism that some of his officers are turning off their body cameras when they should be rolling. >> senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen is with us tonight. this is the first time the chief is responding to the criticism. what's the explanation? >> jess and raj, the chief is on the record with us now after our first report in february looking at how often police body cameras actually record during use of force incidents. oakland pd didn't provide data for that report, but after our story aired the agency did. and the chief agreed to talk about his policies and how he disciplines officers who don't record when they should. >> slide on and slide off.
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>> reporter: the size of a credit card, this camera is now worn by oakland's 661 police officers. the department has the highest number of cameras on the streets in the bay area. and those cameras made national headlines last september after the department released edited videos of two encounters that resulted in citizen dpejs. in one case, an alleged carjacker was killed. in the other, a rooftop chase ended when a man died. >> we started our body-worn camera program really before anybody else. >> reporter: oakland police chest shawn went said after the cameras officially went online in 2011 opd has seen a 66% reduction of force. in 2011 officers used force in nearly 1500 incidents. last year it was 504. complaints are also down about 30%. >> virtually every complaint we get now, the incident is captured on video. and we've seen overwhelmingly
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the video supports the police officers. it's not always but in the vast majority of cases. >> do you track when officers are recording during a use of force incident? >> one of the steps is that the supervisor has to watch the videos from every use of force that happens. not just the involved member but the other officers that were there as well. >> data shows in the 504 use of force incidents last year, 24 were not captured on camera. in those cases, 20 officers were reprimanded by their supervisors, 4 cases went fourth to be internal affairs division for investigation and discipline. what is your expectation when it comes to officers and when they have their cameras on? >> well, they act vait them as required by the policy. >> what happens if they don't? >> it depends. if the officer has no prior history of it, in most cases it would be dealt with informally. if there's a repeat violation, then it becomes a disciplinary matter. >> drop the gun! >> but in our first body camera
6:36 pm
report in february, alameda county public defender seth morris said he's seeing more oakland officers actively turning off their cameras. >> we have video footage of an officer looking at another officer and pointing to their chest, which is where their camera is, saying, let's have this conversation in a moment. >> is that code for, turn off your body cam rashgs we'll talk about it later? >> it is. it's an unwritten code. >> he says that's code for turning their cameras off. what do you make of that? >> well, ki see why from a public defender perspective it may appear to be suspicious. but the reality is officers have to have conversations all the time that don't necessarily should be recorded. >> the chief says officers are allowed to stop recording when they're talking about tactics or strategy. >> a supervisor may take somebody off to the side and go, hey, i think you could have handled this better, this could have been done differently, that kind of thing. there's no purpose in recording that and making that part of the criminal case. >> why isn't it reasonable for an officer to be able to have a private conversation with his or her supervisor without the
6:37 pm
camera on? it may be reasonable. the question is, what do we demand of the police officers when they're working and on duty? but the problem is it leaves space for interpretation. >> chief whent say the officers upload -- information each month, information being used as part of a study at stanford university. he says it looks at officer behavior, analyzing tone of voice, pace, and the overall interaction, data that can be used to improve how officers are trained. >> get your hands up! >> not just here but in police agencies nationwide. >> we are capturing far more information between police officers and the citizens we contact than we've ever captured or provided to the public defender's office or district attorney's office at any time in our history. so it's difficult for me to believe we're not really being transparent. >> this is opd's use of force form. unlike some departments, oakland pd doesn't require officers to
6:38 pm
check a box on the form indicating whether their body camera was rolling when they used force. the chief says it is something he will now consider adding to make it easier to track that data. guys? >> vicky, thank you. if you have a tip on this story or any other story, give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. still ahead, giants fans aren't used to this. >> no. >> he's coming back to at&t park. >> but in you a different uniform! >> barry bonds just spoke to reporters. we're going to take you live to the ballpark. also ahead, would you stay up past your debedtime to meet e president? prince george did, but he stayed in his pjs. we'll show you the royal mete and greet. a thrilling new roller coaster prepares to open in the bay area. we have a sneak preview straight ahead, if you can handle it.
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in london to celebrate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday, but a the president and first lady are in london to celebrate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. but a little prince in his pjs is stealing the spotlight. the obamas met with the queen atkensing ton palace, then grabbed dinner with prince harry, prince william and the duchess. you see all the warm embraces here. it's all part of the president's three live day visit to the uk. but here's the showstopper. prince george also made a special appearance. >> so cute. >> he greeted the commander in chief wearing his bathrobe. it was appropriate because it was past the little prince's bedtime. the prince also thanked the obamas -- can you thank at 2 years old? >> of course you can. >> for the rocking horse that they gifted him. president obama is speaking out about the controversial and what many say is discriminatory
6:42 pm
laws newly passed by north >> i also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned. >> he made those comments while meeting with the british prime minister in london. mississippi's law goes into effect in july allowing people to deny service to gays and lesbians. north carolina's lawman dates that transgender people use the bathroom of their birth sex and not the one that they associate with. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is back with us. we're counting down to the giants/marlins. i presume they're okay to take off the tarp after all the rain. >> yeah. i think it will be clear. if anything, we may get a spotty shower or two in the first inning. i think that's it. i think the giants will be fine. we are tracking more moderate rainfall there near los gatos as we head toward the next 30 minutes. check this out from diane dwyer, sierra snow in truckee, just covering the roads. they've had 4 to 9 inches of
6:43 pm
snow. we'll talk more about this weekend's forecast in just a few minutes. >> diane dog a little skiing maybe. and a pilot approaches the bay area and approaches a world record as well. we're going to check in on the solar-powered flight that could set that world record. ===live===
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you're looking live at the vanderbeken. it's halfway there. want to show you the progress of the solar plane that took off from hawaii yesterday. it's due to land at moffett view in mt. view tomorrow. it's traveling right now at about 28 miles per hour. 28. solar impulse has been flying around the world but was grounded for nine months in hawaii due to battery damage. today the pilot talked with the united nations secretary general ban ki-moon during a flight and congratulated them on their history making journey. >> 28 miles per hour. here's something that's a lot faster. can you handle it?
6:46 pm
you're looking at what's being called a one-of-a-kind roller coaster. it's called the joker. it's brand-new. you love them, don't you? this is at six flags in vallejo. today these weren't just normal people. these were reporters and -- >> why wasn't i invited? >> you should have gone. these are roller coaster aficionados and reporters. >> that's me. >> it goes up to 53 miles an hour through what's called a step-up under-flip inverted roll. >> yes! >> it has a layout that no other ride has and it has elements that have never been seen before. that's why the hype is so big and it's well warranted. >> that looks so good! >> it's dramatic music. that was a roller coaster blocker. this is animation of how the roller coaster is supposed to look when it's in operation. it's expected to open in late may. i know exactly where you're going to be in late may. >> i have to be right either in the front seat or in the back seat. got to figure out which give uz the biggest layout. jeff ranieri is with us now. we're talking giants baseball in
6:47 pm
15 minutes here on nbc. >> that's right. jess, i think we need you with a gopro on there. >> good idea. >> we can get it sponsored and everything. live look outside at at&t park. we do of course have the game coming up live at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. winds are gusty, 15 to 30 miles per hour coming out of the west. that's the biggest problem the players will face for tonight. first pitch and through the 7:00 p.m. hour just a very slight chance of maybe a spot shower. i think they'll be fine taking the tarp off the field. 59 degrees will extend right through 8:00 tonight. as we get a look outside, it's cold in the north bay with 58 degrees and a cool 61 in the peninsula, south bay 63. tomorrow morning cloud cover returns here as we start off your saturday. that will bring us down to a chilly 45 in the north bay, san francisco 52, possibly a little bit of drizzle for the peninsula and 50 and early clouds for the south bay with 49. in the futurecast tomorrow, the bulk of the cloud cover once again near the coastline, san francisco and the peninsula. as we head through the day,
6:48 pm
we'll have partly cloudy skies for a good section of the bay area. but if you're heading up to the petaluma butter and eggs day parade, nbc bay area is a sponsor, right around noon we'll have cloud cover still hanging on. a spotty shower up near calistoga. over wise, a real nice day. as we head into sunday, we'll have the pattern again of morning fog to start and then by sunday afternoon more partly cloudy skies. so with today's rainfall added in, we definitely have seen certainly some rainfall throughout this month. we're doing pretty good here on our rainfall season so far. san francisco at 100% of average, livermore 101 and san jose 101 as well. certainly not comparing to 1997 and '98 el nino when we had quite a bit more rainfall than this. but, look, at least we're going to end this season with near average rainfall across the region. as we get you into your microclimate forecast, for tomorrow, temperatures are going up. we should manage sunny skies in san jose and 68 degrees, for the peninsula 62 in pacifica, palo
6:49 pm
alto sunny 68, san francisco sunshine for the financial district and 65, then back towards our microclimates and the marina, a cooler 61 and a few clouds going on. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, check it out. a huge jump tomorrow for those of you in napa, 70 and sunny, mill valley up to 67. for the east bay, beautiful in fremont, 70 and the tri-valley 68 in livermore and 70 in danville. so dry through this weekend, partly cloudy for the most part. then by monday's forecast, we get a few clouds moving in and also temperatures slightly cooler with 60s. raj and jess, we may also have a chance of rain by next wednesday. could bring us a quarter to a half inch. you guys sit back and enjoy the weekend. i'll be be working away getting that rainfall here for us. >> thanks, jeff. up next, we'll go live to at&t park. we'll check in with -- who's that? that's barry bonds, the miami marlins hitting coach. we'll listen and hear from barry
6:50 pm
ho is at at&t park for the first time wearing a different uniform.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
if i would have gotten the green light, i definitely would have played. i felt confident going out there, but i hope that leads to even more confidence come sunday. >> that's steph curry today. looks like good news. it appears that he'll play this sunday afternoon. the reigning mvp hurt his ankle in game one of the playoff series against the rockets and hasn't played since. meanwhile, the nba says the shot that beat the rockets last night should have never counted. here's that shot. league officials say james harden of houston, the game
6:53 pm
winning bucket, should have been waved off because right there he pushed off andre iguodala. hindsight is 20/20. warriors lose the game but lead the series 2-1. >> here's the big question, will giants fan cheer or boo him? barry bonds returns to at&t with a different team and different uniform. >> the miami marlins, the hitting coach is barry bonds. let's go to the ballpark. colin resh joins us right in front of the giants dugout. i believe, collin, they're going to give him a standing ovation. what do you think? >> reporter: that wouldn't surprise me at all, raj. i think the fans here will give him quite a reception. you know, he still looks like he could play and the way the giants have been playing lately they could probably use him. they've lost 8 of 9 coming into tonight's game. now, for so many years, this was the barry bonds that we were accustomed to seeing, hitting those home runs. now barry is a first year hitting coach for the miami marlins.
6:54 pm
in the 11 or so minutes he spent with us all pregame, he was jovial for most of it. let's say he softened a little bit in retirement. i felt compelled to ask him, though, about his new attire. the colors are fairly similar. how long did it take for you to get used to the new uniform? >> oh, day one. as long as it had orange in it, i was okay. it has orange and black. i was good. miami's been great. the people have been great, fans have been great. media has been great. i haven't had this much good press in my entire lifetime. i'm liking this. i mean, really i'm liking it. i should have done this a long time ago. >> done what, be nice? >> you guys have been nicer. i'm the same. you guys have been nicer. i appreciate that. i'm still the same at times, but i guys have been a lot nicer, and i really appreciate that. >> reporter: the controversial questions few and far between for barry these days. the giants are on a losing
6:55 pm
streak. they need to right the ship with a preview of tonight's game against the marlins, here's john miller and john crewco. >> after rain earlier in the day, it is beautiful although on the cool side at at&t park tonight. and the giants/marlins going head-to-head. both teams have been struggling lately. >> and strug i willing in the heart of their lineup. the giants offensively, buster posey, hunter pence and brandon belt have been pretty quiet. that really is the key of the giants getting going again in this series. and if you compare them to what the miami marlins are not dog, they're not hitting in the line of their lineup, giancarlo stanton has really been kind of quiet. i think it's whoever gets hot in the middle of their lineup holds the edge in this series. that will be the key. >> sosa back to you. >> raj, you don't feel so back.
6:56 pm
he even called them the florida marlins. we're all doing it. a busy night at the ballpark with giveaways. it's juli inkster bobblehead night, yes, the golfing great gets her on bobblehead. she is competing in the swinging skirts at lake merced this week. she told me wednesday this bobblehead completes her. >> i think i've hit the big-time. bobblehead and solheim cup captain really all in one year is pretty impressive. >> reporter: i definitely see the resemblance. more importantly, juli likes it. i showed off this thing earlier in the year. guess what? it's also two flaps down hat night, guys. a good night for it. reporting live at at&t park, colin resch. >> he really likes that fargo hat, doesn't he? >> i agree. it is cool enough for that. >> he loves it. >> the game is next, giants/marlins with barry bonds as the hitting coach here on
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