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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 25, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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laura//vo a popular south bay sports bar & restaurant--- breaks out in flames overnight. the reason multiple departments needed to respond to keep the situation under control... sam//vo and d >>. >> a popular sports bar breaks out in flames overnight. as they try to keep this situation under control. a double killing in san jose as police find two people dead. the case so far unsolved as the homicide count rises. an emotional boost to the heart of brussels. the city continues to climb back from the recent terrorist attacks. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a bit of a chill in the r. kari hall joining us.
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>> good morning. we will have some chilly temperatures today, at least starting out. take a look how cool it is, especially in the north bay where it's 46 degrees there. a light jacket needed as you try to bundle up and stay warm. it's now 49. the highs today bringing it up to the upper 60s which is cooler than average. you add gusty winds and it will feel like a chilly day. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. that could affect your travel across the bridges. >> overnight chp administered wind advisories. you see traffic light as far as speed. we'll show you that camera from emeryville. bay bridge seeing gusts of wind. no problem but look how light the traffic is. back to you.
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>> thank you, mike. new this morning, a sports bar and grill is sadly damaged in an overnight fire. this fire was said to be so hard to find, firefighters had to call in additional backup. double-ds is a popular bar. kris sanchez is there live. how bad is the damage? >> the facade looks intact, but you can see behind me there is foam on the ground, windows are open and there was a lot of room in the attic for that fire to burn. that's why the fire quickly spread from a one-alarm call to three-alarm. that happened about 11:41 last night. the santa clara county fire department is the main responding agency here. because the fire got so intense, they did have to call in mutual aid from san jose city fire. that fire fight lasted quite some time. the fire started just before
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midnight. it was not under control until before 2:00 in the morning. there is no determinative cause of this fire. double d's is not going to be open for business today. it's likely going to be closed. as we get more details about what sparked the fire, we'll update you throughout the morning. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." we move to a developing story. plenty of questions after a man and woman found dead inside of a san jose home. police are investigating a double homicide. the victims' bodies were discovered yesterday on lucas court in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose. family members tell us the victims are a married couple. police are not releasing the names of the victims or how the parodied. we'll get a live report in the next half hour. >> the long-awaited murder trial
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expected to be delayed again. for torres' trial was slated to start today but defense attorneys are asking more time despite a surprising move by garcia torres friday. he told the judge he wanted to stand trial within 60 days. he is exercising his constitutional right for a speedy trial. sierra lamar's body has never been found but dna evidence links torres to her murder. new this morning, the maalbeek station opened in the heart of brussels. 16 people had been killed in the attack on the station. the bombing didn't cause structural damage to the station. a tribute wall has been erected. people have been writing message to the victims. moramerican troops are headed to syria. president obama sending 250
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additional troops. troops are not expected to engage in combat operations. 50 special operations forces have been in syria the last several months. this victory came with a sting. a commanding win for the warriors over the weekend but clouded by another injury to steph curry. this looking worse than the ankle sprain that kept him out a couple of games. curry slipping on a wet spot on the court right before halftime. that was the last play. he sprained his ├žknee. you see him double over in pain there. he tried to walk off the court. he limped off the court. curry did try to come back after halftime. he was not able to do that. this is video before the team boarded the bus last night in houston. he was walking with a noticeable limp. curry will undergo an mri today. >> you saw. he was very upset.
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i just feel awful for him. hopefully, he's going to be okay before too long. we don't know. i feel so bad for him. he had been healthy all year long and the playoffs start and a couple of fluke things and i feel bad for steph. we've got to move on. >> his teammates did that. they picked him up. the doves exploding in the third quarter without their mvp beating the rockets 121-94. warriors lead that series 3-1. warriors hope to finish off the rockets game five at oracle arena wednesday. tipoff 7:30. let's hope he's doing okay. >> the last player you want to see limping. >> 4:36. big-time player on our team, kari hall with a look at that forecast. >> it's chilly.
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it was so windy yesterday. there is some light snow and rain east of the sierra. there may be snow showers in the sierra today. we will not see anything going on here as far as clouds or rain, but the winds will be kicking up because that low pressure system is very close by. we start out this morning with temperatures in the low 40s in napa. 41 livermore 47. 49 in san jose with highs today reaching the upper 60s. in the south bay, low 60s for pacifica. palo alto 67. 64 in the castro. napa to 68. could be up to 77 in fairfield. we will have spots today with a lot of sun, chilly temperatures and gusty winds. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the road. >> traffic flows well around the bay. we go to the altima pass. there is road crew and where we
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see folks coming off that merge. here is the hill at foster city. no real problem here. next we'll take you to the action as firefighters battle a fire. fire tearing apart a precious
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piece of history in benicia--- this classic building.
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fire tearing apart a precious piece of history in venecia. several businesses suffered fire and water damage after flames ignited in the attic of that two-story building yesterday afternoon. firefighters were able to keep the fire from spreading to nearby buildings. nobody was injured and the cause is under investigation. a hunger strike in san francisco going strong. a handful of people are in front of the mission district police station calling for san francisco mayor ed lee to step down or fire police chief greg sir. they are upset over recent police shootings. their strike started tuesday. they've been consuming only water, ginger tea and vitamins. firefighters don't just take time to rescue cats from trees, they save pigeons from train
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platforms. >> they are here to save lives, no questions asked. look at this little pigeon tangled up in wires. this was at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. the oakland fire department tweeted this video the rescue as you see the firefighter freeing the pigeon and sending him along on his merry way after disconnecting him from a bunch of wires. golf ball-size hail brings traffic to a standstill. this is in kansas. hail is not the only weather problem in the central plains. nats of hail
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oc: nats of h ail trt:3 laura/cont.vo listen to that hail -- coming down hard. this is in aline county kansas -- that's about an hour north of wichita. haiin listen to that hail coming down pretty hard. this is about an hour north of wichita. hail, wind, rain, lightning, even a tornado overnight. golf ball size hail brought traffic to a halt. we have a bit of a different tune this morning at 4:45 on your monday. it goes like this, brr. by our standards. >> i was waiting to hear what tune you are going to bust out. >> no more singing. >> let's check out these temperatures now. it's 49 in san francisco. as well as the south bay. north bay 46. chilly start. let's drop in on the east bay. 45 in livermore.
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44 in castro valley. walnut creek 42. get ready for that. make sure you have warm clothes. it does warm up nicely. let's break it down. 52 at 8:00. 59 at 11:00. this slow warming trend continues through the morning and feels nice by 3:00. 56. the winds will be an issue today. it was so windy yesterday at san francisco airport, we had wind gusts of 58 miles per hour. it won't be as windy, but breezy with the winds rushing in from the northwest at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. stronger near the coast. half moon bay wind speeds at 32 miles per hour. pretty much the same thing today. once again we won't have those high wind gusts. a look at the microclimates. 56 in saratoga. cost row at 64. 77 in fairfield. there will be a couple of spots warming up. most of us feeling temperatures
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cooler than average. get ready for changes by the mild of the week with showers wednesday. then the rain will move out by evening with the winds increasing once again. then we continue on with some dry weather, temperatures starting to heat up by this weekend. a look at highs reaching into the 70s by friday in san francisco. 76 on sunday. we'll even have mid 80s. if you are missing out on the summer feel for the next couple of days, wait until this weekend, it will be here. let's check in with mike. >> it looks like a great weekend ahead. your monday -- yeah, let's look at that. we have to commute to work. giants getting to work tonight. moving down to the south bay again, sensors look green. we did have a stretch of 87 showing a little flowing. maybe a crew moving around. we did have a crew in fremont
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with a closure of one lane. the camera showing the parkway area. i saw a traffic break that had cleared over the last couple of minutes. we should see all lanes opening up. >> thank you. we are waiting for the republican nomination race to clear up. right now a bit of divide and conquer strategy. donald trump republican rivals are teaming up to prevent the republican front-runner to win the nomination. ted cruz and john kasich said they reached an alliance. kasich could tackle trump in some states and kasich will concede in indiana, one of five states voting tomorrow. tomorrow's big prize for both parties, pennsylvania. the keystone state may be key in
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determining if bernie sanders can keep his chances alive in overtaking hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. clinton holding a significant lead in pennsylvania polls and in the delegates. >> a big debate tonight at stockton's university of pacific airing here on nbc bay area. the five candidates vying to replace barbara boxer. >> students help prepare for tonight's debate. all five candidates democrat and republican will take the stage tonight. it may be the only time they are in that same room, the same time before the june 7 primary. >> having the candidates on campus is an exceptional opportunity for students who want to be politically engaged to come out and voice their opinions and hear what younger generations want out of their senator. >> bay area businessman ron
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oonts. that starts 6:00 p.m. here on nbc bay area. those students mean business. let's get a check of your business news. a huge investment baj is offering a savings account sure to give main streen banks a run for their money. >> let's check in with landon dowdy. >> futures are lower this morning and coming off a positive week ch. disappointing earnings from microsoft. reports this week on housing, consumer confidence. a two-day fed meeting and earnings from apple and exxon mobil. 21 points to 18,000 even. the nasdaq lost 39-4906.
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goldman sacks opening up to the masses on main street. wall street investment bank will start offering online savings accounts for as little as $1 on deposits. they offer annual interest rates of 1.05% better than rates of big rivals of some big banks. the apple watch celebrated its first anniversary on sunday. apple has never released sales number. it's estimated the company sold twice as many watches as the iphone in its debut year about 12 million at an average price of $500. that makes the watch a $6 billion business, three times the annual revenue of fitbit. teens exposed to e cigarette ads are more likely to use those devices. researches found about 4% of middle schoolers and 13% of high
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school students used e-cigarettes. during that time period e-cigarette advertisement spending rose from $6 million to $115 million. >> for those high school students taking out library books a hefty price for overdue books. some facing huge fines. three people owe more than $10,000 for overdue or lost books. here are some of the other outstanding penalties. seven people racked up fines totalling more than $5,000. 130 people face fines of at least $1,000. some say the problem is that the san jose library allows people to check out 100 items at once. some serious studying there. that is double what is allowed in san francisco and oakland. overall, there are more than $6 million in unpaid fines for lost or overdue books. >> i have one overdue book in my trunk. prince tops the charts today after his death.
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we are going to show you which hit single fans are frantically buying as they mourn his sudden passing. happening right now on nbc bay area, a rare close-up look at mother nature in the waters off monterey. we posted a video of killer whales chasing and attacking two gray whales. >> plus how one of our reports is prompting new seismic legislation. a review of more than five of schools finds a dangerous pattern of safety failures. in just minutes -- a sinkhole
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nearly swallows an entire intersection in china. a police officer spotted a smal in just minutes, a sinkhole
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nearly swallowed an entire intersection in china. a policeman gets cones out to divert the traffic. just a few minutes later that crack turned into a sinkhole more than six feet deep. >> amazing. >> it will be weeks before we find out how prince died. the 7:00-year-old music legend's remains have been cremated in a private ceremony over the weekend. fans still mourning. >> charities that worked closely with prince are feeling his loss. yes we cope was an initiative that the star helped to kick start in oakland to teach coding to underserved communities. >> he was so incredibly kind and generous and listened and asked questions. when he was here in oakland, he took his time out to come and meet with us. we feel like this is a loss for us as an organization, for the
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movement around technology but the broader movement for justice. those who knew prince say he anonymously paid for things like solar panels on homes in oakland and would quietly check up on causes he supported when he came to town. >> he was here most recently. >> and these concerts he held locally were to check up on those charities. prince's music has been topping charts since his death. >> three days after his death, prince's songs have been downloaded 3.2 million times. the top three songs "purple rain," "when doves cry" and "let's go crazy." >> people relive all those old classics. next, a popular south bay sports bar in flames overnight. a look at the damage left behind in double d's. get ready for a windy day. slightly cooler temperatures, too. more of that in the microclimate
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forecast. an active homicide investigation
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underway in san francisco.. the details just into our newsroom. an active homicide investigation under way in san francisco. details just into our newsroom. a very popular sports bar up in flames overnight what we know about the investigation. watching to see if steph
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curry can make it back to the next basketball game. a big win for the warriors yesterday but at what cost? the status of star steph curry after what looks like a devastating slip. "today in the bay" starts right now. good monday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you are going to notice a chill in the air. >> not only a chill, but also breezy winds. that will be one of the things you'll notice from yesterday that continues into today. feeling cooler, all clear skies. it's 44 now in the north bay. 51 in the east bay. our highs reaching into the upper 60s which is slightly cooler than average. we should be up to the low 70s. 67 with gusty winds. winds may affect the commute this morning. let's check in with mike to see how it affects the drive across the bridges. chp said as far as their crews are concerned, we'll seehe


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