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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  April 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right at 11:00, fight or flight. neighbors tired of buzzing of planes near their homes in the latest battle between a peninsula airport and nearby communities is heating up. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. the san carlos airport, it's been around since the first world war, the houses came later. but neighbors say, the noise from the airport is bothering them. they want something done. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live, in brentwood city, where a meeting with the board of supervises just wrapped out. who's going to come out on top? >> reporter: not clear yet. the supervises are received a status update, heard from staff about din ways to try to solve
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the noise problem at san carlos airport. much of which is caused by surf air, that's a regional airline that runs several flights in and out of san carlos airport on a daily basis using noisy prop planes and that's generated hundreds of complaints over the past several months, years of people who live under that. this morning surf air appeared at meeting and advised board and residents they want to solve the problem, it has adjusted flight approach into the airport over past several days and will continue to make adjustments over the next several weeks. the new path would take flight from the south over moffet field north over the bay into san carlos, crossing over an industrial area, where few people live. surf air is asking the board to give the new flight path a shot before imposing other restrictions. the current staff is looking at reducing number of flights, reducing hours of operation and imposing landing fees, as well as looking at other flight
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paths. the county to get the new flight path a chance so they won't spend $150,000 on consulting fees. the staff will continue to look at recommendations, other options and come back late june to the board with what they recommend. live here in redwood city, bob redell. >> thanks. a huge day for candidates in both political parties, primaries in five states. alliance between ted cruz and john kasich to stop donald trump won't work today. that takes effect later. trump should easily walk away with the biggest state. tracie potts reports from washington. >> reporter: as voters head to the polls today in five states, hillary clinton celebrates spring. >> this makes us all feel like there will be a new beginning, doesn't it? >> reporter: and new nbc/survey monkey national poll that has her up by ten points over bernie sanders. but sanders isn't giving up. >> i do not accept there is no path forward.
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let's not count our chickens before they're hatched. >> reporter: donald trump hit 50% for the first time in our weekly tracking poll. as the other two republicans agree to split up their chances against him in three upcoming states. >> two tremendously failed candidates last week, they're going to pick somebody like that? give me a break. i not going to happen. >> reporter: ted cruz is going after kasich supporters in indiana. >> if you don't want to see donald trump, if you don't want to see hillary clinton as next president, join us. >> reporter: john kasich isn't telling his indiana supporters to vote for cruz. >> i'm not getting into that. things are not so plain and simple. i don't tell my voters what to do. >> reporter: but first, maryland, delaware, rhode island, connecticut, and pennsylvania today. the republicans have 172 dellavedo delegates to split up today, not quite enough to put any one candidate over the top. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. >> republican presidential candidates are headed to the bay area this week. the california republican party convention will be held here in bur ling gate. donald trump will deliver the keynote address friday. kasich will speak friday. and ted cruz will speak on saturday. with the republican nomination still up for grabs, california is becoming more and more critical. just in to our newsroom, prince's sister says the superstar musician did not leave a will. she's asking a court to appoint special administrator oversee his estate. prince died thursday at age 57. the cause of death has not been released. nelson is now his only surviving full sibling with some $27 million in property and outpouring of nostalgia over the pop star's death. prince's heirs could inherit a fortune. after wind comes rain. break out the umbrellas, you're
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going to need them again, and soon. live look at golden gate bridge. looking like that gray is battling to over take the sky from the blue. it is a battle royale. kari hall, who is going to win, gray or blue? >> we'll see, i think, gray winning over within the next 24 hours. for now, it's mostly blue. a look outside? sunol. beautiful start to the day. we've had chilly temperatures. we will continue with nice, quiet weather in the meantime. and we watch the storm system approaching in from the west as we see widespread clouds just offshore that will move in later on this evening with rain not far behind. scattered showers to move in in time for morning commute. it doesn't look like a strong system. but will bring in a good dose of rain as we get out, get ready to start out the day on wednesday. it does move out on thursday. we get ready for some warmer temperatures in time for the weekend. i'll detail all of that. we'll take a close look at
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forecast, what else to expect later. >> new at 11:00, warning for parents of the peninsula, police in belmont investigating an attempted abduction. around 3:40 yesterday a 12-year-old girl walking home on hiller street. she saw an older, rusty brown pickup truck that pulled up beside her, attempted to call her. the driver did not approach her again. police are going around the neighborhood looking for surveillance camera footage of the incident. >> we are expecting to learn more of a text message scandal involving the police department. expected to speak any minute now, there are reports of racist and homophobic text messages sent by another san francisco police officer, which would be the second time in as many years the sfpd has been subject of a racist texting scandal. our mark matthews is at the press conference, he'll have the
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latest at 5:00 and 6:00. a baby-sitter in danville arrested for allegedly striking and shaking a 10-month-old baby. >> reporter: a quiet, tight-knit neighborhood in shock. a baby-sitter arrested on their block this afternoon. >> i don't think these things happen. it's right there under my house. >> reporter: a baby-sitter was allegedly caught on camera striking and shaking a baby she was looking after. parents placed a nanny cam inside the home and witnessed the crime remotely while away. then, called police. the nanny, 23-year-old, seen here in a picture from her facebook page. she was arrested at home, and booked into the martinez detention facility, charged with child abuse. >> that thought is always scary, you know. you leaving a child in the hand of somebody, hoping their trustworthy. >> reporter: the 10-month-old was taken to the hospital as a precaution. neighbors say the mother had
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doubts about the sitter and wanted to do something about it. other parents happy, at very least, it was allegedly caught on camera to provide evidence. >> thank god that they took measures and they had a nanny cam in place and that they were able to find out what was happening because of that. >> reporter: ian cole, nbc bay area news. sent is on for this man, 19-year-old christian cruz, tied to a deadly shooting in south san francisco. airer officers say there was a fight that broke out near el el camino real yesterday and ended when one man was shot -- rather two men shot, one died at the hospital. the other is recovering. christian cruz is considered a person of interest at this point. he is considered armed and dangerous as well. if you see him, you should call 911. in an hour, san francisco leaders will demand better fire protection for tenants. supervisors say their new fire safety legislation will require
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landlords to prove each year their buildings, fire alarms are working. they'll introduce a bill at noon. it caught fire for the third time last night, nearly destroyed a year ago. a second fire broke out in march, and all of the fires are under investigation. new family of baby falcons born in a nest on top of san jose's city hall have fancy i.d. bracelets. this is gopro video in the newsroom. precious. the chicks, the falcons that built their nest, born about 23 days ago. falcons have been living on top of city hall four years. this is the same gentleman who does it from the raptor association, he goes up every time and has battle wounds to prove it. a live look at san jose city hall webcam, you can watch any time of day.
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the 11th time. this time, they're both girls. he has to rappel down 300 feet, all the wthey are swooping at hs head. >> we have to get a better camera. how about that? was there any doubt the warriors head coach steve kerr is the new nba coach of the year? he led the team the best regular season record in league history. technically, he missed the first 43 games while recovering from back surgery. luke walton took over at that time. voters took notice of walton's work as well. walton finished tied for eighth in the ba lotting. golden state 73 and 9, breaking 1995-'96 chicago bulls record of 72 and 10 for the best league -- best record in league history. and kerr played for that chicago team. >> that's when you know you're good, step away 43 games and
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still coach of the year. congratulations, coach. johnny manziel's lawyer says domestic violence charges against the former nfl star won't stick but we'll show you what a judge decided this morning. a long-term decision that could affect short-term rentals like airbnb. =scott/cu=
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airbnb. welcome back to you. it is a light day on the markets. markets not moving much. the dow bouncing around at magic 18,000 mark. we have the latest san francisco house price data just release from kay shill, which is a highly respected measure of home prices. shiller in case shiller is robert shiller, he won a nobel prize. it says san francisco house prices jumped 1.1% in the last month measured. the overall gain from this time
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last year is 9.3%. kay shiller defined san francisco the same way the u.s. census does. oakland and down the east bay but does not include the peninsula. waiting for new data from twitter as well. that stock is up enormously, ahead of the quarterly report this afternoon. makes you wonder if somebody knows something. last time in twiter reported it said it gotten smaller. investors will be alarmed if the trend continue. amazon is joining door dash in san francisco. there's no markup. whatever you pay for burger at the restaurant, that's what you pay at amazon. it's going to be a long day of meetings at door dash. millennials mark a milestone. americans who are between ages of 18 to 34 now surpass the
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number of baby boomers making them the country's largest living generation, maybe not the greatest, but the largest, according to the pew center for research. millennials total 75.4 million. baby boomers between 51 and 69 number about a half million less. pew research center finds immigrants are helping millennial millennials. airbnb in the hot seat two leaders will propose a plan that proposals short-term rental sites to enforce the law or face fines. they will introduce new legislation requiring sites to verify property owners have registered with the city. that's already the rule. but now, owners who fail to register on those platforms could face fines of thousands of dollars a day per violation. >> people should comply with laws, but it's another matter to
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be asking private companies to disclose private information and help the city to be law enforcement agents. >> so again, those fines apply to the platform, not the owner of the property. the response is a statement saying that while the legal enforce ability of the proposal is questionable, airbnb will continue to work to search fi the process and get hosts registered. former cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel is indicted by a dallas grand jury on a misdemeanor assault charge. that charge stems from violations the heisman trophie assaulted his girlfriend in january. manziel faces a possibility of a year if convicted. he will plead not guilty, according to his lawyer who says the evidence will support the plea. the browns and two separate agents dropped plan zell after a
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well lub publicized alcohol episode and he has lost all endorsements. ukraine marking 30th anniversary of the explosion of the chernobyl nuclear plant, the world's worst nuclear disaster. the abandon placed is still too toxic. >> reporter: main street in a once-thriving village. like the clocks just stopped. 000 people lived here and now -- >> well, nobody. >> reporter: my guide was here in children noble on a spring day when a nuclear meltdown sent a radioactive cloud across 60,000 square miles and beyond. today, they are building this huge protective shield, an international project, including the united states, to contain radiation. we soon find out why. my geiger counter started making
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a news. there are hot spots all around. he says he evacuated a kindergarten. a child's bike, shoes. now, it's eerily quiet. 1986, he was one of 600,000 men battling to limit the fall-out from reactor fire that burned for ten days. >> how quickly they run. very limited time. forget about your personal safety. >> reporter: the people in this town, population 50,000, were told evacuation would last three days. unopened mailboxes. that was 30 years ago. apartments abandoned. their hometown, forgotten. still radioactive, the movie theater, amusement park, while slowly, with humans gone, nature
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is taking over. but children noble will remain uninhabitable for a long time to come. the reactor was burning at 2,000 fahrenheit. to give you a picture of the legacy that is left by an accident like this if someone comes here in hundreds of years with a geiger counter like this, it will still beic maing this noise. back to you. >> spooky. the plane that landed here in the bay area on its way around the world will stick around a few more days. the crew of the solar impulse 2 tells us the earliest it will take off for phoenix is friday. the aircraft is recharging inside a moffet field hangar. the plane landed late saturday, 2 1/2 days after leaving hawaii. the goal to make it to new york city and abu dhabi, which would complete around the world journey. a check of the weather. good morning. now we are in for some sunshine
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be at least for a little while longer before that next storm system moves in. as we look now at san jose and the spider, we see we start out with nice quiet weather and sunshine again. it's starting to warm up after a chilly start, east bay and peninsula 62 degrees. still sunny in the north bay. as we drop in on the east bay now, 62 degrees in sunol and dublin, brentwood 68. some spots starting to warm up and the peninsula 62 degrees. so as we break it down for the peninsula, spots like palo alto will be 66 degrees at 3:00. 5:00, driving home and still see sun peeking out from behind high clouds and lower clouds move in in advance of the storm system expected by early tomorrow out at giants game, still nice. 612 degrees at first pitch. breezy, clear, winds in from the west northwest at 15 to 20 miles
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an hour. in the seven-day forecast at bottom of the screen, you'll see them tomorrow's our only chance of rain in the next seven days. feels nice today, up to of 8 degrees. gilroy, palo alto, 67. at&t park, at 62 degrees. 65 today in san rafael, and oakland, 69. pleasanton looking at a high of 70 degrees. so this next area of low pressure starts to move in. once again, bringing in showers, starting out during the morning commute. some thunderstorms will be possible, especially east bay, south bay and east of the bay area. but after that moves out we'll see warming temperatures, a quick warm-up for the rest of the week, including this weekend. it will feel like summertime. but a look at the timing of the showers moving in. in the north bay by 6:30 in the morning, start to see it moving into san francisco. right in time for a lot of people to head into work. so during that commute time, also scattered showers for early
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afternoon and then tapering off late tomorrow evening before once again we have more dry weather in the forecast. soing looking at a high of 74 degrees in the south bay thursday, 70 in the peninsula, and 68 degrees for getting closer to the end of the week, mid-70s for the north bay on thursday. mostly sunny skies and our temperatures will be cool to start for the day on wednesday but warming up on thursday and as you can see, that warming trend continues into the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up later. >> thanks. coming up next at 11:00, five candidates fighting for senator barbara boxer's seat. a wrap-up of last night's debate. first, happening now, san francisco's public defender released more text messages from an sfpd officer that show frequent use of racist language. also on twitter, san francisco zoo, the plan to sell paintings
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created by animals. nearly 50 paintings will be up for auction saturday. more news coming back at you. the five leading candidates in
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the race to replace us senator just to make a good first impression, the five leading candidates in the race to replace u.s. senator barbara
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boxer clashed last night in stockton. they were talking about everything from income inequality to jobs, even foreign policy the debate aired on nbc bay area. t terry mcsweeney has the recap. >> reporter: four of the five candidates -- >> if we're going to improve the economy of the country we have to look at what we need to do to increase minimum wage. we need a national commitment to affordable child care. >> reporter: second place in every poll, representative from orange county, loretta sanchez, who t outouted her record. >> i said no to the patriot act and no to the wall street bailout. >> reporter: favoring english-only education but pro-immigration. is in favor of overhauling drug laws not gun law. >> how unsuccessful they've been and what would be a better
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approach to solving that problem which is vastly mortgage significant in american crime than guns one way or the other? >> reporter: attorney of silicon valley has an imoperation plan that does not include a wall. . working with the people in silicon valley we need to use sensors, we need to use drones and big data to help us take control of our border. >> reporter: a former gop state chair, the most conservative of the five. >> we spend over $2 trillion a year reacting and paying for regulations. that means half of the economy is government. >> reporter: just a few weeks out from the leak, the last poll showed 48% of californians undecided. after tonight, some people may have an opportunity to make some decisions. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney. >> one more debate scheduled ahead of the june primary, may 10th in san diego. now, california's top two primary rules mean the top two finishers regardless of party will advance to the general
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election in november. that could mean two democrats or two republicans would be on the november ballot. a milestone in the effort to increase hours of part-time workers in the silicon valley. the group silicon valley rising submitted petitions for the opportunity to work initiative. they collected more than 35,000 signatures to get measure on the november ballot. it would require employers offer additional hours to existing part-time workers before they hire any new staff. >> in san jose, we have the largest, you know, homeless population in the south bay and a lot of those folks are working but working small jobs. part-time jobs. this is something that we need to address here and now. >> critics of 0 the proposal say it could potentially scare off businesses, looking to move or expand here in the bay area. up next at 11:00, a tinder twist. investigators turning to the
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dating app after they say this man killed his ex-girlfriend.
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this united states a twisted tale. gruesome discovery in colorados linked to san francisco and seattle. >> a man accused of killing a young mother is in custody today. but police might be reaching out on tinder for more clues. jean elle has more. >> reporter: a woman's body found in a storage unit in colorado springs, colorado, friday leads police to the san francisco apartment building near lake merced. the el paso county sheriff's department says dead woman is 33-year-old of colorado. investigators believe her ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old james woo, killed her, rent the the storage unit, left her body there in her van. >> surprising to hear something
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like that. >> shocking, yeah. >> reporter: woo's neighbors are stunned to learn the man they describe as quiet is accuse the of murder. they say police were in the building over the weekend. >> never put much thought into it when i saw them. >> reporter: police say officers served a search warrant to the apartment saturday. investigators tracked woo down at the airport in seattle, as he tried to leave the country. >> an hour from departing the state for hong kong. we were able to get a hold of the department of homeland security, provide them with information and they made the apprehension on the aircraft. >> reporter: detectives from colorado springs are in seattle questioning woo about the death. the el paso sheriff's department is asking people in san francisco who know woo to contact them. investigators are working to piece together a picture of his recent past. a past they believe includes killing a young mother of four. >> that was jean elle reporting. the el paso county sheriff's
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office, near colorado springs, says that woo was active on tinder. spokesperson says they do not believe there are additional victims but would like to talk to anyone who has e-mails or texted or met with mr. woo. suspects arrested in a sex trafficking bust in contra costa county will be in court. james joseph jr. and this woman are expected to be arraigned today. investigators say the pair ran a sex trafficking ring in san ramon and danville. they were arrested last august with a third suspect. several young women were allegedly victimized. the coroner's office considering bringing an anthropolts to identify human remains found at lawrence berkeley lab. the office has not been able to identify a sex or age. investigators do not believe the remains belong to a native-american. we are learning that it will
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be at least six weeks before we learn how a popular high school football player died. friends and family of andre and waiting for toxicologist results. the 15-year-old was found unconscious sunday in a backyard pool. grief counselors were on hand at alhambra high school yesterday. >> we're not speculating in materials of the events and what happened. our main focus trying to support students and staff and our school. >> he brought light into the room and joy everywhere. >> the sheriff's department is investigating the death. a nearly one year after deadly balcony collapse, state lawmakers are taking steps to prevent similar tragedies happening in the future. senator jerry hill went after the construction the company that built the berkeley building. >> the firm that constructed the apartment complex segue construction company had a history of questionable work and
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in previous years paid out $26.5 million in construction defect settlements. a state senate committee could reconsider four reforms to the contractor's state license board, the state construction watchdog group. some lawmakers say the agency does not have enough authority to prosecute the contractor. learn morgue about the eight murders of an ohio family. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest. >> reporter: new details about the marijuana grow operation, havingers found at three of the four crime scenes follow execution-style murders of eight family members in ohio. a law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation tells nbc news, the pot found was not for personal use. one location was indoor facility with more than 100 plants. the or two were outside. >> plenty of places for people to grow marijuana.
11:36 am
we're also very, very poor county, one of the poorest counties in the state of ohio and people grow marijuana as a cash crop. >> reporter: but authorities aren't saying whether the discovery could point to potential drug-related motive for the killing. one of the victims, dana, grandmother of the youngest survivor 4 days old. >> that's my daughter-in-law. >> reporter: dana's father suspects whoever did this was no stranger, saying pit bulls on the property would have attacked an intruder. a police report reveals no signed of forced entry at one of the homes. the attorney general's office tells nbc news, investigator found cages at a crime scene consistent with rooster breeding. >> one thing i saw was chickens out there. >> chickens? >> yes. cockfighting chickens. >> cockfighting chickens? >> yeah. >> all part of a widening around
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the clock investigation leaving the tight-knit community stunned. >> gabe gutierrez reporting. autopsies on the eight victims are finished but results haven't been released. investigators are not saying whether they have suspects. so far, no arrests. authorities predict a lengthy investigation. santa chera county sheriff's office has new ideas about it's troubled jail system. they release the an evaluation of it offers possible kangs that may improve relations between inmates and workers. the recommendations include new education and training for the guard, along with a new use of force policy. there is a new push to beef up san jose's strained police and fire department. mayor sam la card dough is launching a campaign, a temporary quarter cent sales tax. the pension reform initiative
11:38 am
voters approved in 2012. the mayor's push took place in front of fire station 30. back in february, that station had to wait for backup to fight a fire right across the street because budget cuts left the station without a water truck. >> we are now at a point we can cut no more and we cannot cut our way to restore basic public services for public safety. we've got to invest. >> local governments should cut unnecessary spending rather than create new taxes. if this new measure b passes, the tax would last 15 years. a soccer complex in san jose is closer to about reality. leaders moving forward with the plan to convert 44 acres at the guadeloupe park. the san jose earthquakes will team up to develop the land. the fire caused nearly $2
11:39 am
million in damage at the popular south bay restaurant, dds. now, cleaning supplies, paper towels, electrical equipment likely caught fire at they were stored improperly in the water heater closet. firefighters managed to save a lot of the sports memorabilia on the wall of the restaurant before there was so much damage to the dining room. no word on when dd plans to reopen. recent wildfires are causing unexpected hurdles for hikers. the u.s. forest service says wildfires are leaving huge gaps along sections of the pacific crest trail in southern california and unstable trees and loose rocks causing dangerous conditions. backpackers have to bypass those areas by taking shuttles or alternate hiking routes. the trail runs 2600 miles from mexico all the way to canada. summer is two months away but california's fire season is heating up. cal fires says fire crews
11:40 am
responded to more than a hundred new wildfires over the past week alone. temperatures so far this year have been fairly mild, but when summer arrives, the fear is drought stricken forecosts will create a larger problem for firefighters. people in south may get clarity on the water restrictions they will face this summer. the water board is meeting this afternoon and members will discuss the district's current water supply and drought status. the board will consider resolution to lower water use reduction rates throughout the rest of the year. in english, whether or not we can use more water. the south bay reservoirs are now at or near full capacity. next, curry sidelined. the time line for his recovery and what physical therapists say is the best cure. clouds are moving in. a live look at golden gate bridge. rain won't be far behind. details coming up in the microclimate forecost.
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a few times have the warriors -- it could have been
11:44 am
worse -- meant more to warrior fans. i can't watch it anymore. the object of the warrior steph curry. a vain and not a tear. >> the sprain means two weeks off the court. nbc bay area's chuck coppola has more. >> curry falls down and -- >> when i saw that, i thought, uh-oh. >> reporter: daron and lisa, physical their rifts who work with elite athletes say curry's injury will heal on its own but in the short term, could affect how curry cuts, drives, and moves laterally on the court. >> it's been stretched a little bit, pulled a little bit, maybe there's a fiber or two broken, but the stability of the joint is not really compromised. it's more of a pain issue. >> they said they'll recollect in two weeks. but they're rechecking it every day. if he progresses faster, they'll move that time line up. >> push up. >> reporter: she has helped
11:45 am
49ers receiver jerry rice, olympic medalists and thousands of others rehab from knee injuries. >> i use different sort of taping techniques and tricks to provide some stability so the ligament isn't pulled on when the athlete is walking, standing, playing, practicing, that could be effective way to cheat the time line a little bit. will act like -- >> reporter: warrior fans including those on the mend aren't worried for curry or the team. >> i have faith. clay's going to pick it up, bog bogut will pick it up. >> he will jump in position. we all hope he's going to heal. i want the other series to extend as long as it can so stuff it recuperate as much as possible. >> steph curry sent out a message to fans yesterday tweet, thanks for all of the prayers
11:46 am
and messages and adding, all things considered, i'm gonna be all right. without curry, the warriors look to close out the rockets tomorrow. tip-off set for 7:30. one of the warriors' rivals facing the rest of the postseason without one of their major players. >> chris paul broke a bone in his hand last night, may be out several weeks. paul got a finger stuck in another player's jersey. clippers are in a tight series with the trailblazers, now tied at two games apiece. >> i'm surprise that doesn't happen more often. close contact. >> sometimes with net as well. >> that's why i don't dunk. >> that's why she doesn't dunk. let's check in with kari. we know why you don't dunk. >> great basketball weather out there, no mat what you plan on doing. take a look at time lapse in healdsburg. start out sunrise, clear, and then as the sun comes up, start to see the high clouds mixing in and then the clouds get lower
11:47 am
and lower. so this is all in advance of the next storm system that will be moving in. more cloudy skies through the day we can see that on the satellite imagery as clouds move into the north bay. it hasn't made it into the south bay but we will see it increase in clouds once again as we get ready for some rain in the forecast. now 62 degrees in the east bay as well as peninsula. san francisco 61 degrees. drop in now on the south bay. santa teresa, 64. 69 degrees in saratoga. some places really warming up and quickly. san martin at 62. as we go hour by hour in san francisco, we'll have low 60s here. and dropping back to 60 degrees by 5:00, and ocean breeze kicks in. we'll see more clouds in the mix. and by tonight, we will have mostly cloudy skies, by 8:00, 9:00. we'll expect that out at giants game. our temperatures fall down into the 50s.
11:48 am
and high today of 70s expected in los gatos, palo alto l palo alto, 67. richmond, 62. low 70s for santa rosa. while we do have some 70s for antioch and livermore, 64 degrees. changes headed our way. we started out the week cool. we still have slightly cooler than average temperatures today and rain moves in tomorrow before more changes before the weekend. so this area of low pressure rolls on shore. looks like we could have a chance of thunderstorms, too. we'll be watching for that early afternoon but off and on reason between morning and early afternoon. as it moves out, mild and breezy. and a warm-up friday into saturday and sunday. closer look at timing of the futurecast. more clouds and here we are with rain. this is what the radar could look like. light green indicating light showers in time for the morning commute. it moves farther off towards south and east, making it into the south bay, once again as
11:49 am
more people get out for work. and then the chance of a couple of pop-up thunderstorms especially in parts of the east bay, south bay as well. we may see that but it looks like chances are fairly slim. and then over in the sierra, chance of more snow, up to 3 inches, which is not that bad. we will have at least light dusting of snow there. temperatures will be holding steady in the upper 60s to low 70s today and tomorrow. and then thursday we start the warming trend, up to 68 degrees in san francisco on thursday under mostly sunny skies. looking at some low to mid-70s for the east bay, tri-valley and north bay. a look at weekend forecast. up to 80 degrees in south bay friday. and it doesn't stop there. look at sunday afternoon, 89 degrees. i wouldn't be surprised a couple of spots hitting below 90s. but it will be very warm especially on sunday, feeling more like summertime and then we start to see the cooling trend once again for next week.
11:50 am
still up and down, kris and scott. we have all kinds of weather in the serven-day forecast. next at 11:00, spring clean, not just for your closet but filing cabinet. what you can do today that will save you money in the future.
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there is a great feeling after you do some spring cleaning for most people, that means chores around the house. >> but cleaning up your finances can leave you feeling much better as well. bob hanson has more. >> reporter: everyone can benefit from doing financial spring cleaning. but where do you start? try looking over your monthly bills. >> things like your gym membership, pilates membership, food groupon service, kids' extracurricular activities no
11:53 am
longer interested in. >> reporter: small monthly payments can add up from magazines to streaming video. >> very likely spending more on a monthly basis than you need to be. >> reporter: the same way you'd clean up the house when things got out of hand you might consider the same thing for your finances. >> take a look at your clutter. are you finding you're getting five different 401(k) statements, multiple bank accounts open with zero balances? a way to consolidate to reduce anxiety, stress, and save time? >> reporter: for the financial paperwork that piles up, try going digital. >> one money folder on your compute, a separate folder for subfolders, insurance, estate planning, get that information in and clear the clutter out of your house. >> reporter: look over your deductionsi deductionsi things may have changed. >> look at withholdings. are you claiming single, zero when you can claim two? now's a great time to check
11:54 am
that, get a w-4, you can make that ching in two minutes and get it filled out. >> what is helpful, i'm serious, canceling your atm card, check card, getting a new one from the bank, if your gym membership and netflix they'll let you know it's not working, that's an easy way to say these are all of the things getting charged. renew ones you want, ignore ones you don't. interesting. we'll be right back.
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new science shows that dogs actually hate it when you hug them. i don't believe this. but researchers say the university of british columbia, they say that they scoured the internet for hundreds of pictures of people hugging their dogs and that the animals typically show stress when they lower or turn their heads away, show the whites of their eyes or flatten ears down. in the pictures more than 80% of the dogs showed one sign of stress. good belly rub or ear scratch may be the best way to show dogs how you love them. i say you live in my house, buddy, you'll get a hug if you want to. >> maybe dogs don't like to be get hugged by canadians. >> do they like to be kissed? we'll test that theory later today. >> see you. >> have a great day. scott/3shot you can also get the latest
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