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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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reading scores stayed flat t. results show one-third of seniors are ready for entry level college courses. right now, more rain on the way. major changes coming our way soon. when 80 degree temperatures could hit your neighborhood. cold case. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, i take you live to the oracle arena, that story coming up. >> and a break in a decades old cold case. the suspect named in the kidnapping and killing of a bay area boy some 30 years ago. we spoke to the family. desperately awaiting composure. "today in the bay" right now. thank you for joining us. >> a wet wednesday to start our morning. let's check the forecast. >> we start out with that chance of rain moving in. so far the bay area is dry. so if are you on your way out the door, now it is looking
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good. the rain is now moving into ukiah. we will see that as we go through the next few hours, making its way through the north bay and right now, the rain continues to fizzle out. seeing mostly light to moderate rain. it continues to move into the bay area, we will have a chance of showers in early afternoon. we will have a chance of thunder and lightning. i'll detail that him cog up, let's head over to anthony now to give us a look at the bay area commute and the south bay. >> right now the east bay is looking bad. you can see it backed up. they are all very small. keep in mind, there are lots of accidents. the south bay looking good as well. we are starting to see the typical slow and 101. we take you outside, show you
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what it's like it is stop and go, speed limits below 20 piles an hour. another slow go. typical. no accidents in this location. that's good news. >> thanks a lot. 6:02. the warriors pace and race for the championship. it begins right there at oracle arena. one more win. they move to the next round. >> been redell is surrounded by a sea of yellow. all those shoirts i shirts and that crossover. will you lend a hand? >> they're out curry, they get redell. >> i don't think they want redell. for good reason. up fortunately, they won't have seth curry, exactly, he is out with that knee injury. tip jouf tonight here, 17:30. warriors trying to clinch the
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quarterfinals in advance of the next round of the playoffs. let's show you the video when seth curry was out there on the court. there was water that caused him to slip and have a grade 1 mcl strain which could keep him out the next couple of weeks. we did talk to some of his teammates yesterday, they pointed out their models have been quote strength in numbers. in other words, this has been a team effort if so we believe in that. i hope everybody else is believing in the memories. he did it for a purpose. >> i think with seth it's through the roof. without seth, it's throughout the roof. worry fought loseing. we still believe in ourselves. we still, you know, think it's very possible for us to make a run and all the way down. >> some good news for the warriors yesterday, the nba's
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head coach, steve kerr, the red hour box coach of the year, he was emotional at times in that news conference because he was, of course, reflecting on the seasons, which was out perhaps a season because of back problems. back out here live, those are the vepgth in numbers, all 19,000 fans and change that show up will receive at oracle arena. it is a sold out game. we looked on the third party website, you can get tickets for under $100 bucks all the way to 6,000, court side seats. tip-off 7:30 as the warriors lead the series. they win and clinch this round of the playoffs. they move onto the next round against the portland trail blazers or the los angeles clippers. >> that is absolutely pathetic. >> the good, the bad, the ugly. the good is we need to see seth curry the bad is watch bob
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redell. >> i don't know. >> my apologies. if that is burn, your eyes, i can't do anything about it. you have to look at something more grotesque. >> we will give you a little break to kind of practice there a bit. >> all right. 100 days and counting until the summer olympic games gets started in rio. crews are putting the finishing touches on the olympic village. 31 buildings have been built in all air-conditioning. the only items left to cover, furnishings and material pieces. the sight houses 30,000 people. team usa gathered today in new york city, which is also where? today in the bay can be found, we'll have a live report in our next half hour. nbc bay area is your home for the 2016 games. we will have live coverage from the center of the action starting august 6th. very exciting. a more serious note now.
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an investigation under way after a santa clara county inmate died while in custody. man, the 36-year-old has not yet been identified. but he was booked last first. the inmate has several issues. he was treated at the infirmary. yesterday, he was washed to san jose. he later died. doctors say he had a medical emergency t. sheriffs office says he followed all of the proper protocols in this case. happening today, three deputies will be in court. those guards are accused of beating an inmate last august to death. all three guard pled not guilty. a trial date is expected to be set later today. >> a wait for justice they may have felt like eternity. a convicted child molester is linked to a fairfield boy 30 years ago. it's an ending to a tech cade
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old cold case. clark honda was last seen in his bed in 1984. investigators have charged a family friend. he is taseing kidnapping for ransom charges. he is already serving a 26-year prison sentence in southern california. the victim's father says, he's forgiven the suspect. >> 30 years to come to death with this, a born again christian, i have for given him. the tragedy is he never got to live out his life. we will never know the pleasure he is giving us. >> investigators are not saying what linked the suspects to the case or why it took so long for the arrest. blacktop, whitetop, all the same, racists, murderers, the name of the game. >> a vocal group of protesters gathering at a san francisco police department last night, it happened outside the mission district substation.
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protesters are demanding the police chief step down and here's why, racist text messages written allegedly by police officers makes up the police department. the public defender put up a picture and the text messages to three other officers last summer. they include disparageing words. the relationship between these paper am messages and what's happening on the votes. >> that's the kind of mentally that says, it's okay to shoot, it's okay to kill it's okay to arrest. i want the public to make no mistake about it. we have 11 officers engaged in behavior, worn sent swiftly to the commission for termination. >> in part of his response, the
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chief says the department is instituting bias training for the entire department. several buildings have caught fire in san francisco over the last couple of months. today the fire department will talk about their investigation. we expect to learn more about the i would beithis building ine mission. it was determined uninhabitable more than a year ago. recent fires sparked new legislation from san francisco supervisors. they say it will protect renters. >> this legislation will have the greatest impact on our poorest residents that live often in our olest buildings that are often very dense and wooden in structure and often most vulnerable to fires. >> tonight's evening meeting is at 5:00. >> we start off col. we get rain today, up in the '80s by the week. >> you got it, sam. we are on a roller coaster today
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is the day we get some rain. it continues to move closer from the north bay. we are all still dry we are watching this storm system arc weak one at that. it may spark off scattered thunderstorms. look at all those temperatures feeling mild, headed into the mid-60s. i'll detail what else to expect. a time line of the rain. we look ahead to the week coming up. let's head over to anthony now to see what's happening with those issues on the roadways. >> the lights have been on for about an hour. it's stop and go, getting through the maze. i want to switch over to the maps. this morning you can see several accidents. 580, northbound at 680, headed
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down through there as well. two separate accidents, right before the 680 connector. keeping both of thosal way through 101 and san jose. coming up, perfect messages left behind by a killer, the disturbing messages that will lead them to a person that killed a husband and wife, that story from police headquarters at 6:23. ahead if business, few ways to protect your bank act. let's take a look. >> and a live look this morning at the sap center as the sun comes up. hey, let's not forget about the sharks who are about to start the 2nd round of the stanley wup cup playoffs. who they play will be a mystery. the ducks and predators square off in anaheim, a nashville win
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means these deals get to stay home to host game one. we are back in two minutes.
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will be the focus of a national forum at stanford today. >> it is 6:14 on your wednesday morning. the future of driverless cars. that will be the focus of a national forum at stanford university later today. the national highway administration or nitsa is hosting that event. this week industry leaders formed a new coalition to help bring driverless cars to the mark. >> the fbi says it has nothing
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to tell apple. the company may never know how the feds were able to hack the iphone. the fbi usually lets companies know if that come across a loophole. they don't know what the vulnerability was. it paid a third party for help. the government is pushing tech companies to share news with the governor. >> the president, himself, demanded it. >> good morning, laura. it did so at sanford, that was largely the point pack in 2015. they call it the white house security cyber sum. the president signed an executive order right there on the stage, encouraging, if not ordering companies in washington to start sharing secrets. he points out in the case of the fbi and the iphone, the fbi is saying it's not the fbi's share.
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certainly, these words of vulnerability is what the president is talking about. wells fargo is using your eyes as your password, cio magazine says it will be used for people who do really big transactions, treasureers, chief financial officers, people who move a crazy amount of money. twitter says it has more users now than three months ago. you'd expect that. the last time twitter revealed numbers, it got smaller, had fewer uses him. twitter says about 5 million. you can see the growth. it's absolutely flattened out. this is not the end of the word, if twitter can figure out how to make lots of.from the users it already has. and to be fair, some of the world most influential people use twitter. you can't be too hard on service used regularly by the royal family. the pope apparently does his own piece in the sense they're
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pulled from the past. it features offense and this is presented to the pope to choose from. >> i do, too. i doubt i have a million followers. thank you. a prickly situation turned into a lesson learned for two dogs in new mexico. >> two dogs roaming the streets of albuquerque learned the hard way, don't mess with porcupines. now, we can tell you, the animals were permanently happened, no animals were in the making of this video. all those quills were safely remove. the dogs now seem pretty happy. animal welfare workers say they're owners have yet to come forward. pull out those quills smr they did it for them. little stweez e tweezers, one by one. >> you worry about skunks and stuff. >> don't get me started. let's move on to something
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refreshing. like the weather. >> yes, now is the time sam and laura to get out and walk the dog be every the rain moves in. we are tracking the showers, aproeveng as we go into the morning compute. we will see this mof into the north bay. moving into ukiah, much of the activity is still around. a lot of the models show this running into dry air t. showers fizzling out. more of the hit or miss showers. you want to keep the umbrella just in case. much of the activity moving over the sacramento valley. we'll also have a slight chance of lightning here in the bay area before this system moves out later this evening. then the winds pick up, rushing if from the northwest, later this evening. as that system continues to move off to the east. rainfall tolls look like a tenth of an inch or less in spots. i do see the rain, once again, a
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very hit or miss. if time for the giants' game today at at&t park. they have the tarp down. the seagulls are holding it down now. we see the crews working to try to keep this field dry. the rain should fall at some point during the game. we'll be watching out tore that. winds coming if from the northwest at 15 to 25 miles an hour. then later on this evening, we have oracle lighting up with rockets versus the warriors game going on. it will be 62 degrees when the game gets under way. it will be turning breezy, we head out, down to 58 degrees. look at all the microcliemts, highs in the 60s. coming down from the weather we had the past couple of days. it's all because of the scattered showers. we are in for a warm-up. once this area of low pressure rolls off to the east. high pressure will be moving in. we will see those temperatures quickly warming up in the '80s
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between friday, saturday and sunday feeling like summer out there. we take a look ahead to the weekend forecast. we will make plans to head out to the beach to try to stay cool after a chilly start for the week, this is what are you in for this weekend. highs near 90 degrees in the south bay. let's head over to anthony for a look at the morning commute. >> this is hacienda near the 680 overpass. this backup goes all the way back this is your slow go. we will tack you into that location. you can see what i'm talking about. there is the accident. there is the backup i showed you. once you get past that location, it moves pretty good. another slow spot near san money. 101 north bound.
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let's take you outside, you can see, again, not all that bad, from time to time, speed below 40 miles per hour. >> a lot of construction. up next, the sun comes up. we get our first look at the damage left behind as severe weather is rolling across several states. millions of people are if harm's way. >> we are in san jose, why police are tracking down the elderly start of a couple in their own home. why that search means the couple cannot be buried.
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>> we have new video this morning of the damage left behind by a severe storm system still moving across the plain states and the mid-west today. there is some damage, the roof ripped off some of those buildings. this is from howe, texas. it's about an hour north of dallas. there are reports of tornadoes in bloomingtop, indiana him. some areas are seeing golf ball size hail. several schools are closed across the region today. >> we now know the killing of a husband and wife was not random and the person who committed the crime left written messages behind in the home. >> really disturbing ones.
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today in the bay chris sanchez is live with the latest twists in this case. where does it stand right now? >> reporter: good morning, sam, laura. we know san jose police are trying to track down the eldest son of that couple murdered in their evergreen home. they want to talk to him about the investigation. but because he is not here. the adult son claimed the bodies of the carriage, their funeral arrangements are on hold. that means they cannot be buried according to muslim custom, which means they should be buried as soon as the closing time of death as possible. police have not confirmed what they told nbc bay area. more than one message was found on the walls and on the floor near where they were shot to death. our source told us that one of the two messages read, i'm sorry, my first kill was clumsy. another part of the second message read something to the effect, i can't be like you, i can't love someone without
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telling them. >> through the 30 years, i didn't see any at all. they were so polite. the first to volunteer service to the community. >> and the couple was very active in the evergreen islamic center. the mosque they belong to they were originally from bangladesh. she worked as an accountant. he as an eng neemplt they believe they were targeted. the couple's 17-year-old son did talk with police. his parent's funeral is on hold until his brother comes home. and we know that police are trying to do that as we speak. >> thank you very much. the fight against the zika virus here in america. a big financial group. the white house is asking for close to $2 billion in the united states. concerns are growing as temperatures heat up.
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mosquito season gets under way. coming up on 6:27, if you are just waking up with us right now, grab the umbrella. we are talking the forecast. it has rain in it in just two-and-a-half minutes. and thousands of schools will have no class today. they are can sells. why hundreds of faculty members are set to go on strike this morning. that's coming up in a live report. >> a clean sweep for donald trump, a near sweep for hillary clinton. what's next? i'm tracy potts. we have the rap on that. plus, donald trump in washington today.
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>> right now, 6:30. rain moving into the bay area as we see. but it won't last long. the big warm-up is on the way, right in time for those week plans. who is looking out on a wednesday, we are? thank you so much nor joining us. >> we will get to that weekend forecast. severe weather down south as well, kari, good morning. >> good morning, a lot going on, here we see a much warmer system moving in, dry air weakening those shoumplts there will be the chance to have some thunderstorms in the forecast later on today the system makes it into the bay area. we still have time to go before we start to see that wet weather moving again. a closer look at the showers and thunderstorms up eureka and moving into ukiah with lighter
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rain. we will see that activity moving in. we are still starting out with mild weather and temperatures in the mid-50s, heading into the mid-60s later today. i will give you a better idea of the time line. what to expect as the temperatures warm up this weekend. that is coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to anthony now. he is tracking a lot of problems on the roadways. >> we have a fatal accident on 580 westbound. i want to show you the scene here. that's 580 the crews are on the scene, a car fire, unfortunately, they can get this off the roadway. three lanes are blocked here, it will be a slow go through dublin, again, not the best fuse you want to hear this morning. the bay area is looking good, freedom, we are coping with slowing on 101 mpbd san jose, northbound shows it goes back to
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the capital expressway. you get past that, back over to you all. >>. >> let's win the nomination. >> i consider myself the presumptive nominee. >> a clean sweep last night for donald trump. an overwhelming victory for hillary clinton who won four out of five states yesterday, both of those front runner inching closer and closer to the magic number of dell ga itself to secure their nomination. >> today tracy potts with how these winds impact the race moving forward. >> reporter: laura, sam, how it impacts the race is it is getting more difficult for the challengers to make a case for themselves to win this nomination. take a look at the map for the republicans after last night, donald trump is now a clear
6:33 am
front runner after picking up all five northern states, today, in fact, in just about two-and-a-half hours, he is giving a foreign policy speech in washington. he totally has rewritten, himself, this morning, he is calling himself the presumptive republican nominee, each though he still needs over 300 delegates to get that nomination locked in. on the other side, you got hillary clinton that won all but one state, she picks up maryland, delaware, connecticut. rhode island 12%. he is still so far behind in the delegate count. he is moving now to try to reach out to his supporters. while sanders' team says they are going all the way through the very last primary here in d.c., all the votes counted. all the delegates awarded. then to see if he can turn the super delegates into a realistic possibly to win this nomination.
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>> we will see, thanks so much, tracy. the next primary election as we know june 7th. that's when we will hit the polls along with -- >> along with four other states that day. five in total on june 7th. we should note donald trump, john kasich, ted cruz will be in the bay area friday for the republican convention. >> some bad blood between trump supporters last night. the clash happened overnight over trump's divisive remarks. five people, including two little girls, were pepper prayed by a protester during a heated confrontation. happening today, city college, san francisco, virtually shut down. all classes are cancelled today, plenty of faculty members will be there, not in the classroom, on the picket line. >> we are live, behind this one-day shot. good morning. >> good morning. the teacher's union at city
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college attempted to go on strike. it's expected about 1,500 faculty members to walk the picket line at one of the ocean college campuses. another website warns, everything is down today, except priority registration, for classes for fall 2016, it starts today. the chance she is hoping that this does end after one day. and now this is going on because of pay wages. contract talks, the impasse has gone on more than a year. fact cull members have been working without a contract. union leaders are now 3% below what the schools paid in 2007. fact cull members, though, want an 18%, you can only get a 7% raise during the next two years. quite a difference there. union lead, say another big part of contention is the college plan to lay off about a quarter of faculty members and programs
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an classes by 26%. all supposed to happen during the next six years on the other hand, administrators say they lose a lot of money because of enrollment declines that started paing if 2013 they have been in political battles ever since overlooking the oefgss to make sure things go okay. but the strike has to happen at 8:00 this morning. all the though at 7:30. they will monitor to make sure everything goes according to that. >> about 1,600 faculty members are planning on picketing, thank you. new details on the test car that crashed during a test run. the electrical system
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interfered. a motorcycle officer who was intentionally run over is getting better. he remains hospitalized at u.c. davis medical center. his condition has been updated from critical to serious. it happened earlier this month when he pulled over of i-80 in sacramento. police say a person purposely ran into the chp officer an fled. he was caught in fairfield after a police chase. a fire ripping through a berkeley building and forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. it happened last night on a billing on delaware street t. building appears to have multiple rental units. it's a few blocks away from cal campus. luckily, no one was hurt. it forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. this happened last night on a building on delaware and mylvia streets. it appears to have multiple
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units. a few blocks away from cal's campus. luckily, no one was hurt. oksana will meet to discuss a major development t. north 40 project will eventually go up in what is now an empty orchard place. town councilmembers called for a study session before moving through with housing development. today planners will be analyzing developer's proposals. fines are going away for water guzzlers in the east bay. east bay mud board voted to end fines next month, the excessive water you suspended started four years ago even though the weather has had a more than rainy season. we are in the midst of a drought. officials are urging customers to still conserve and be mindful. >> we will get some rain today. i don't think it will make that much of a imps the.
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>> good morning, sam, lawyer. >> reporter: we seen a lot of it drying up as it continues to move inland this morning it has been pretty strong, now moving into ukiah with light rain. it will continue to make its progress further to the south as we see the scattered showers there on the radar, mostly up around eureka, moving towards reading and ukiah. that's where the wet weather is now. we still have a few hours before it makes it waits into the bae area, weakening and giving us a chance of showers. we will have rain through late afternoon as well, the potential of lightning with this energy with this system moving in. it looks look much of that will be over the sacramento valley by early afternoon. we'll continue to track this and look ahead to the week with warmer temperatures. that's coming up if less than ten minutes with a full microclimate forecast. let's head over to anthony now. still tracking major issues on the roadways.
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>> unfortunately. we have that fatal accident reported 15 minutes ago. you can see the flashing lights off in the distance. crews are waiting for the coroner to get there. so three lanes here are actually blocked. so one lane is getting through right now t. packup goes all the way into livermore. keep in mind, if you have to use this route, it is going to be a slow go. can you hop onto the switch on the maps few want to clear out of this area, snow grade off 87 or i should say 680. 101 looks good, starts to slow. a couple accidents have been cleared from the scene from the road. it starts to pittsburgh up, thoupick up past santa kara. >> we started that countdown to rio, 100 days to the summer olympics. it's not all fun and games t. problems the crews are trying to fix. in silicon valley, apple
6:41 am
shares are plunging, in fact, they're pulling down the dow industrials, the dow down back below 18,000. this comes as congress examines
6:42 am
6:43 am
changes for the agency. =take vo= the hearing is part of an ongoing investigation into the t-s-a. the committee has requested documents related to executive misconduct, cash bonuses, and reassignments. last november -- a committee questioned t-s-a and homeland security about potential security gaps. ==laura/ots== its a bold demand: create a panic button and put in a g-p-s. that's the order from india's government to mobile phone
6:44 am
>> tsa leaders facing a house oversight committee as congress exchanges the investigation into the tsa. the committee requested documents related to executive% conduct, cash bonuses and reassignments. last november, a committee questioned about potential security gaps. it is a bold demand, create a panic button and put in a gps. that's the order from india's government t. country is trying to boost security by forcing smartphone makers to include the two features. if they don't, india will not allow the companies to sell their phones in their country. companies have until the end of the new 84 to have that panic button ready. huge news out of yahoo this morning. it just capitulated to the active investors demanding change. >> think of this as torch and pitchforks. >> i think that's exactly right. i love that image. yahoo and star krein venture.
6:45 am
yahoo announced it will allow four members to join the board of directors. this is what starboard wanted. threatening in the past to take a vote to the shareholders. now they don't have to. yahoo surrenders. this calls into question marissa meyers. starbird says she is taking far too long. it is in the middle of bids, if she steps down, now would be the time. smirs in apple are plunging after the company announced it made less money and sold fewer iphones. it ends a 13-year run of revenue gains. the loss in share price translates to $40 billion in market capitalization. that's the overall value of the company. 40 billion is hard to visualize. when they build the golden gate bridge 78 years ago, it costs
6:46 am
about 1.5 billion in modern day dollars. it's like 25, 26, golden gate bridges. apple lost that in value just since yesterday. a programing note for you, tonight on the nbc "nightly news," lester holt will take tv cameras into the labs for the first time. you think of them as google. google x has been the headquarters for the super stuff google has been working on. we get to see inside for the first time tonight on "the nightly news" at 5:30. >> very cool. he's a cool guy, too. lampgs a lot. let's count down to rio, officially, 100 days away from the start of the 2016 summer olympics in brazil, crews are putting the finishing touches on the olympic village, which will house about 30,000 people. it's all happening amid-growing concerns about not only the pollution in the water but the
6:47 am
zika virus as well. >> today's jay grey is in new york city. that's where people representing team usa will be gathering later today. >> reporter: the olympics sparked the tool to a flam t. fire burning for the first time ever in south america. >> it will be a real body. it will be an amazing atmosphere. >> reporter: but the host city for that party, rio, with just 100 days left is still dealing with unwanted guests. >> the point is making sure that we win thet bale against the mosquito. >> reporter: there continues to be the concern for dozens of athletes, including members of the u.s. women's soccer team voicing their fears. >> i don't think the soccer team should be so close to the rainforest where there is more mosquitos. >> reporter: pollution continues to be a problem. report of raw sewage, garbage, teams had to deal with dead animals on training runs. brazilian officials are sticking by a pledge to reduce pollution 80% before the games. >> we will see they will compete
6:48 am
in safe waters during games time. in streaming, in rowing, and in saving. >> other issues include security. brazil's struggling economy an ongoing political strife. olympic observers point out, host cities always deal with major concerns leading up to the games and the country of carnivale insists it will be ready to welcome the world to rio. the opening ceremonies are august 5th andrieio promises a party like no other. okay, can you see it all right here on npc. jay gray, nbc news, time's square. >> already, jay, thank you very much a. live look outside oracle arena. the doves are taking on the rocks with the chance to clinch this first round series and move on. come judgment, oracle is actually going to be playing host to the u.s. men's basketball team before they head off to rio. tickets for the july 26th
6:49 am
exhibition game against china go on sale this friday. we don't know yet, who will represent team usa in rio, several warriors could be getting the nod, that includes seth curry, clay thompson, dre mon green and abdallah. >> that is strength in numbers. nbc bay area is your home for the 2016 games. we will have our own anchor covering the center of the action t. olympics now just 1 much days away. an east coast girl who thought she would be running a nice easy 5k got something to bargain for. >> the 12-year-old thought she was late when she showed up to run 3 miles. she joined the pack that had taken off. it turned out the pack was actually the half marathon group. when three miles started turning
6:50 am
into 12, the young girl decided to just do it. >> i'm like, i'm going to finish this. i'm going to keep going. >> one problem ensued, her mother was waiting at the 5k finish line t. motorcycle officer helped them sort it out. now she has a medal. >> the hardware him feeling okay. everyone wins in that situation. >> this is the longest 5k ever? heck, i'll go for the marathon. >> i bet you she can do it. >> we are waking up, i know many of you are. as you get ready to go out the door, a little rain in the forecast today. >> we will meet the umbrella later on this morning. so far, still dry. look at this rain as it moves north of us. it will become scattered. so far, it's been weak. it will encounter dry air.
6:51 am
the modem is showing spotty showers, it won't be a widespread rain, there will be thunderstorms by early afternoon. we will be watching out for that. much of the activity rolls off to the east of us, though, behind that, some wind starting to kick in from the northwest, winds increasing behind that area of low pressuresh with the potential less than a tenth of an inch of rain for the entire bay area. and yes, there will be a game going on today. at at&t park, the game starts at 12:45. you got the parts down, this is a live look at the stadium, there will be rain chances in the forecast today. bring the rain gear just in case and mostly cloudy skies, later on this evening, we have the woriors game at oracle arena. 62 degrees, winds if from the northwest at 15 to 20 piles an hour. a look at automatic microclimates today, highs in the low- to mid-60s. 7-day forecast shows this will be our only chance of rain before those temperatures warm up.
6:52 am
few like the cooler air, enjoy today because it will be definitely cooler than we'll see over the next couple of days, once this area of low pressure slide off to the east the winds pick up. it will be breezy later on this evening. that warming twen trend continues into the week. highs into the '80s, inland areas like the north bay and the south bay, feeling more like summertime. we see this quickly ending early next week. still a few days of beach weather in the forecast, especially in the inland areas, head somewhere cool, san francisco looking at a high of 78 degrees, le head over to anthony now for an update on that crash. >> i have been looking at the report from chp. 580 westbound the backup goes into livermore the accident is all the way there in the distance of your screen, in fact, it was a deadly accidents and they have all lanes blocked right now as they're trying to get the coroner to assess what
6:53 am
has actually happened and get this off of, over to the shoulder. so keep in mind, they're looking at an hour delay if you got to get through here. hop over to 84, that's your alternate, down towards the grade, you will find slowing. still, you won't have to deal with the accident. if you want to wait it out, get past this, it looks good, i want to take you to the bridge, the san mateo bridge, extra slowing from the east bay toward the peninsula, same for the bay bridge as well, the bridges are slow right now everywhere across the bay area. >> extra patience, thank you very much, anthony. >> 6:53, coming up, a break in a decades old cold case, who police believe took a young bay area boy more than 30 years ago. i will take you back out here live. the golden state warriors try to close out the rocks and advance to if next round of the nba playoffs. obviously, they won't need my
6:54 am
help. that story coming up. that's awful. skims to pay the bills, bob. happening now, a bay area marine who once put her life on hold to help a fellow veteran is now helping hundreds every year. you can link up to that story on our facebook page. you look at going through the morning, look no further than nbc bay, jimmy fallon is weighing the good and the bad of watching season 6. the premier of hbo's "game of thrones." we'll see you on the other side of this break. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the top stories on nbc bay area.... ==sam/anim== the warriors looking to close out the rockets at home tonight: ==sam/boxes== today in the bay's bob redell is live inside oracle arena this morning... and bob - the
6:57 am
dubs are sticking by their motto "strength in numbers." =bob live= =adlib toss to vo= =take vo= =adlib toss to vo 2= =take vo 2= =adlib toss to oncam live= =take oncam live= =bob live= ==laura/anim== happening now: >> will come back on this wednesday morning. before you head outdoors, here's a look at the top stories on the nbc bay area. >> the warriors close to taking on the rockets tonight. today bob redell is joining us inside oracle arena, the doves are sticking by their motto. it looks like things are looking up, bob. >> reporter: good morning, the warriors mentioned to us yesterday, their slogan is strength in numbers. truly a team effort is what it means, they will be here at 7:00 without their star player mvp seth curry you might recall curry slipped on a wet spot,
6:58 am
hurt his right knee. an mri revealed it was great 1 train, translation, he could be out a couple of weeks. good news came yesterday as the nba named steve kerr the coach of the year. he was emotional, reflecting on this evening. you might recall half the season he was out because of back problems. you can get retail tickets that range anywhere from a couple hundred to $6,000. anyone that comes here, will get a beautiful strength in number shirt. again, if they win tonight the warriors will advance to the next round. a lot of respect for seth curry. i will not make that three-point shot. i could have i didn't want to show him up. >> the ultimate respect there. thanks a lot, bob. happening now, classes canceled at san francisco city college, teachers and staff hold the first strike ever. a live look at the school a.
6:59 am
one-day strike. union leaders blame the school for unfair labor practices. it declares and impasse in school talks all campuses and officers will be impacted. a bait for justice. it might have felt like it lasted an eternity. a convicted child molester linked to the disappearance of a fairfield boy 30 years ago. this is closure for a family and an ending to a decades old cold case. clark honda last in his bedded seen in 1984. investigators charged a family friendch he's facing kidnapping for ran some charges. he is already serving a prison sentence in southern california. versions are not saying what linked the suspect to that case or why it took so long for the arrest in the first place. >> we will check rain is in the
7:00 am
forecast. >> scattered showers are in the forecast. >> unrelated to the weather, it seems we have some slowdowns. >> you can see the slow downs on the left side of the screen. hop on the 84, down through the small grade. the toll plaza, those are slow spots, elsewhere, looking good. >> that will do it for us. >> we will be back in 30 minutes, we leave you with a live shot of oracle arena. go doves. woman's card. she's got nothing else going. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> a traditional nomination all but impossible for cruz, kasich and sanders. will they step aside? breaking overnight. tornadoes, hail and flooding from texas to nebraska. the severe weather threat is heading east today.


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