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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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six events during the summer games. >> those gymnasts' strength and skills are unreal. >> it will be great to watch. nbc bay area is your home for olympic coverage. live reports and the games start august 5th. air strikes targeting a hospital, killing dozens of people, including the only pediatrician in syria. an arrest in a double homicide of a san jose couple over the weekend. latest is next. >> a live look outside after a wild day of weather across the bay area. we are in store for a major warm-up. how hot your neighborhood could get coming up. >> doing his best steph
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impersonation hitting from 35 feet there. the warriors make a statement and win last night against the houston rockets. that moves them to the next round of the playoffs. reaction from fans and the team right now on today in the bay. that is a great celebration there. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm lauren garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it is not flip-flop weather yet but i have a feeling it will be by the end of the day. >> are you wearing flip-flops right now? >> you know i am. >> the weather system we had yesterday that brought all the scattered showers and thunderstorms has since moved on. this weather will be nice and quiet.
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our temperatures warm up a bit this afternoon. i'll show you that. how is it looking for the east bay commute? >> we are looking at the build. it is a typical pattern. we have metering lights turned on. right now keeping things manage mabl. a live look through fremont 880. we see the build over the last ten minutes. that will continue to. a hospital hit with doctors
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without borders. the only pediatrician in syria died in that bombing. there have been several air strikes during the past 24 hours. officials are estimating in total, 60 people died. >> sources confirm a son is in custody in connection to the killing of his mother and father. >> the couple was found dead over the weekend. encrypted messages left near the bodies. the arrest happened in the central valley. >> that's right. nothing official yet here at police headquarters, but all indications he should be arraigned this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon here at the hall of justice.
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police arrested the eldest son of the slain couple in the tracy area, the same place where the police chief is former top cop here. they cleared the son shortly after the murders but were looking for the oldest son. they found the bodies of the couple over the weekend and called police. nbc bay area first reported they had been victims of a double homicide. the victims were active members of the evergreen islamic center. police said this was not a hate crime and that the couple was likely killed by someone familiar to them. neighborhoods said there were strange writings left behind. one of the walls of the victim's homes, one said, "sorry, my first kill was clumsy." i just got a text from our legal analyst. he reminds me the sentencing for a double homicide could be life
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in prison. or it could mean the death penalty. >> it is :05. new twist in a beating scandal. new video shows the deputy with a gold necklace. they say the deputies stole the necklace after the beating. >> these officers not only brutally beat a man, but they took steps to cover it up by stealing from him and paying off witnesses. >> a former san francisco police lieutenant now charged with obstructing a rape investigation. curtis liu is accused of holding key investigations from officers
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withhelding rape allegations against another officer. that officer was never charged. he and former lieutenant liu are in the center of another scandal. as we reported earlier this week, that scandal involves several police officers exchanging racist and homophobic text messages. >> santa clara will pay a poemland security worker $500,000 as part of a settlement for trashing his house during a search. a federal lawsuit accuses police of conducting a military-style raid on the worker's home. police were searching for a dashboard camera in 2014. at the time, his attorney gave his home security footage of that search. he also accused police of religious profiling. that camera was never found. the family has since moved. b.a.r.t. would like to ramp up its security. police could be ready to add an extra layer of surveillance at every stachlgts east bay times is reporting b.a.r.t. police installed two automatic license
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plate readers for a pilot program. the cameras have apparently not been turned on yesterday. the department is already thinking about expanding that program to all b.a.r.t. stations. deputy police chief is going to present the pilot program to b.a.r.t.'s board of directors later this morning. bob redell is looking into the story and will have much more in a live report in about an hour. 6:07. a big day for the high-speed rail. the board is expected to approve a plan to build the system to san jose. they meet today in sacramento. the system would connect san francisco to central valley then to los angeles. the cost? $64 billion. it's a long way away but is scheduled to begin operating in 2025. warriors moving at high speed. fireworks flying above oracle arena late last night. look at those fireworks celebrating a convincing victory. why not? they advanced officially to round two of the nba playoffs.
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>> the cheer of the crowd. >> this game was never cloechlts doves end up winning 33 points. the final score 114-81. the rockets were sent home packing. >> we knew coming out getting off to a fast start, getting this crowd involved early would be key to this game. once we got to the start, we got off to it and never looked back. >> it's good for our guys' confidence. i think what pleases me the most is literally every single guy on our roster contributed during this series. >> that does not mean he didn't throw support in the midst of a wild third quarter. you can see steph curry going crazy on the bench, pumping his
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fists as clay thompson was knocking down shots. doves were resting up for either the l.a. clippers or the portland trail blazers. blazers lead their series 3-2. if portland wins, they'll play the warriors at oracle this sunday. tickets go on sale to the general public tomorrow. i bet you my car is getting totalled right now. >> this was fairfield. the area hammered by hail yesterday. a very rare scene. no serious damage reported there. it was coming down. in oak field, snow blanketing the ground but that is hail. that looks like a california shovel there if you haven't seen
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one. >> yesterday storms produced this sight. a possible water spout forming over the lake. >> water developments all over the place yesterday or i should say weather developments. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. hail, rain and wind yesterday. >> all kinds of weather. we have in it forecast this weekend. we are on the warming trend. we start out this morning with chilly temperatures as we get a look outside. all clear skies. beautiful start to the day. 54 now in the peninsula and 47 in the north bay. expect a high of 77 today in the north bay. 68 in san francisco. not as windy as yesterday. the winds start to calm down. looking at 70s for the east bay peninsula, south bay and tri-valley. i'll detail 80s in the forecast coming up in less than ten minutes. what are you looking at over there? >> we do have two issues for the east bay. nothing to be alarmed about.
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tracking 580 out of altamont. this is not an issue unless you're expecting someone out of tracy. coming off 205 might result in easier traffic this morning. we look at the san mateo bridge. we'll look westbound. the second incident was south of the san mateo bridge. there may be a crash. i'll get more details in the next report. thanks, mike. 6:11 right now. coming up, remember that little dog that shut down the bay bridge? he's going to a new place today. >> a home for poncho. new fallout for uc davis surrounding this pepper spray incident that shot the canvas into the national spotlight. reaction uc administrators are taking against the school chancellors. washington agrees on something unanimously. the chancellor of u-c davis,
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"linda katehi ka-tay-he" is on leave this morning. =vo= thises 6:14. the chancellor of uc davis is on leave this morning amid aç rect uproar over her service on different corporate boards. she is under fire for the controversial hiring of consultants to allegedly erase this pepper spray incident from the web. the school is liking into the hiring of her son, husband and daughter-in-law. there is a high-tech spin on an apple aday keeps the apps
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away. cupertino apple has care kit. patients can manage their medical condition, records, record their information and send reports directly to the doctors. the software covers diabetes to pregnancy to depression. it allows health care groups and start-ups to develop their own custom programs. bay area are residents may not like high rents but many don't want new homes being built in their neighborhoods. 60% of people living here want new housing to be built outside the nine bay area counties. >> house of representatives passed a bill that would force police to get a warrant if they want to look at your e-mail. >> a piece of paper in your filing cabinet as more protection than what you write on your computer.
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>> the house passed an update to the e-mail protection act unanimously. this bill would update a law that dates back decades that require police to get a warrant signed by a judge to look at e-mails older than 180 days. facebook announced wednesday it would change its stock structure to make sure mark zuckerberg always has a majority vote. it will remain in control of the company no matter what. zuckerberg and his wife said they want to give away 99% of their facebook holdings over a lifetime. they are creating a structure where you get no vote and zuckerberg does. this goes against the idea of stock, right? buying a share means you own part of that company. you get a stay in the
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governance. most facebook shareholders will be satisfied to leave zuckerberg in charge. >> minutes ago we got the first time jobless claims numbers. i don't normally talk about these, but last week they were the lowest since 1973. they are slightly higher this week but the moving monthly average is still the lowest since the $6 million man premiered on television. the latest numbers on gdp showed the american economy slowing since the fed seems to be thinking about raising interest rates. this would be good data they should probably not do it. >> pause for thought. thank you, scott. how about ponch the bay bridge dog. remember that guy? >> sure. >> he's got a new home and family today. >> remember how he took off over the bay bridge? running loose as chp chased him down. they had to shut down the freeway. it brought traffic to a
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standstill. officers were able to catch him but no one came forward to claim little ponch. the shelter taking care of him said they found the perfect home for the nervous dog who loves to run. he was named ponch after poncherello from "chips" in the 1970s. hope his new owners have a nice enclosed fence and long leech. >> let's check the forecast. >> they should let coco and ponch do a race and see who wins. a beautiful start to this day. cool temperatures. you need a jacket. look where we are now. 47 degrees in the east bay. 51 in the peninsula in the south bay. 50.
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52 on the embarcadero. 47 in the north bay. break it down for palo alto. this is what your temperatures feel like early morning and into the afternoon. not as windy as yesterday. it will feel more comfortable. we are done with the rain. the seven-day forecast will show temperatures will be warming up over the next few days. it's already going to be warm today. brentwood 78. danville 73. high pressure builds and gives us a lot of sunshine. we'll still have signatures along the coast. somewhere you can go to cool off with 70s inland and for the weekend, start to see those 80s.
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upper 80s in some spots will take a look ahead to this weekend forecast. look at the microclimate. 73 in san francisco on saturday. sunday up to 77. if you are trying to make plans this weekend, you're planning to go to sonoma wine country, it will be up to 87 on sunday. monterey will start out at 67 tomorrow. 75 by the end of the weekend. mostly sunny skies into next week. we'll start to see temperatures coming back down. >> we have more detail and concern. the rest of the bay not a major issue. this is south 880 from the dunbarton bridge turn-off. the crash report is there and
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has not cleared lanes. chp says your two left lanes of southbound 880 are blocked. fremont shows an easy drive. look how light the southbound traffic flow is. even lighter flow from the north bay. haze in the air but no visibility issues. no real slowing. back to you. >> carly fiorina back in the race for the white house. sort of. >> can carly make a difference in indiana? i'm tracie potts. coming up, ted cruz taps a vice presidential running mate before he has the nomination. will it help him win indiana?
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>> the sap center will be buzzing tomorrow night. predators will be in town taking on the sharks in round two. california lawmakers appear
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ready to roll the dice on legalized online gambling. ==vo== after 8 years of failed attempts -- assembly lawmakers have 6:24, the california law makers seem ready to roll the dies on legalized online gambling. assembly committee passed that bill unanimously yesterday. it has the backing of several
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tribal governments. right now, only three states allow online gambling, delaware, nevada and new jersey. moving on to decision 2016. silicon valley weighing in on ted cruz' pick for his running maim. carly fiorina. fiorina was a gop candidate herself when people were dropping out of the race. >> typically you pick a running mate because you won a nomination. tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c. an unexpected move on cruz' part picking a running mate before the republican national convention. he is anything but a lock to win that nomination. >> and california is all over this. ronald reagan tried the same thing in 1976. did not work for him at that point. the big focus for cruz is trying to win indiana. while he is hoping carly fiorina can wield her influence there, california a bigger state in terms of delegates may be where people weigh in on this.
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she's got a reputation from silicon valley. she encouraged women to get into the tech industry. they are trying to pick up female voters. she made a lot of enemies. remember big lay-offs at hp, a $20 million package when she got let go. now the cruz campaign is going to have to take a close look at whether or not once they reach california, some of that is going to be overlooked. >> she is of course a female. p begin the slim possibility that cruz gets the nomination, there's the opportunity for cruz to offset the appearance of hillary clinton as the potential democratic nominee. we know carly fiorina had no problem at all going after hillary clinton, going after donald trump. we heard that already. just this morning she said that the 5 yard line is not a touchdown. donald trump doesn't have knows delegates yet. so she and cruz plan to
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aggressively try to win indiana right now. he's only about five points behind. >> tracie potts live from d.c., thank you very much. 6:27. too noisy for the neighborhood. new complaints targeting the 49ers and changes the team says it's making to help keep its neighbors happy. gilroy high school science teacher busted for allegedly getting kids to send him explicit photos. how san jose police say he did it so you can talk to your kids. joining us.
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i'm sam brock =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. (toss kari) =wx at wx ctr= good thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you made it to thursday. what about that forecast? >> looking like a great summer-like weekend on the way. after a cool start and rain we are in for a big warm-up. it's 50 degrees in the south bay. 47 in the north bay. up to 74 in the east bay this afternoon. a breezy day in san francisco. that warming trend as we go into the next couple of days. how about 80s? i'll show you that in a few minutes. you have crashes on both sides of the bay? >> i do. it sounds dramatic but it is not quite that dramatic. look at the bay's view. we'll start in the east bay then the peninsula. south bound 880.
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no major injuries reported and it made its way to the shoulder quickly. you'll have the distraction. that was just cleared to the shoulder. other side of the bay looking for 380. getting on 380 from 82 right here. it's closed because of an overturned rig. no major injuries. you have to loop around for the other direction. you should be okay connecting between 280 and 101. from the east bay to the peninsula. slower now westbound 92. there is the build. back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:31, our top story, a big break in a double homicide case. police arrested a man for shooting and killing his parents over the weekend. he has been booked into jail without bail.
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sources say he is the couple's eldest son. damian trujillo has been following this story closely and will join us at 6:35. a south bay teacher behind bars accused of a disturbing, violating crime. he assumed a secret identity online to connect with unsuspecting kids. kris sanchez at the high physical where the now arrested teenager works. how did he get the kids to send pictures. >> this is a good time for a refresher conversation with your kids about what they post online and who they are posting online to. this teacher posed as a girl to entice underaged people, send him illicit photos to a girl they thought they were in a relationship with. that she turned out to be a he, 25-year-old douglas lei, a science teacher here at gilroy
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high school. after questioning him on campus tuesday about that alleged catfishing, he was arrested and faces twoç felony counts of chd enticement. he is in his third year as a science teacher here at gilroy high and coached the track team. his background check was clean. police have not said whether he allegedly tried to get explicit photos from any of his own students here. >> a shocking moment for all the students around the school and teachers and parents. everyone should be concerned about it. >> any time they are luring an adult on a child, a girl or boy is devastating. >> in a statement to parents, the superintendent wrote, "i want to reassure parents and the community that the safety of our students remains our highest priority. the district is trying to find a qualified teacher to take over
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his science classes here at gilroy high school so there won't be any disruption for the students in his classes here. again, the investigation continues about who he got these images from and how. we are in gilroy. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you, kris. a search for a man and motive. a suspect is on the loose after a pregnant woman is shot in the head. 25-year-old marissa johnson was shot by her alleged ex-boyfriend yesterday. it happened in a retirement community in pacifica where johnson worked. luckily both she and her unborn baby are expected to survive. she was rushed to the hospital. investigators have not confirmed a motive for the attack. many have their suspicions. >> she attempted to take him to court because he had damaged her car. >> police have the license plate and make of the car he was leaving in but have not released
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it. >> so many questions still remain after an apple employee's body was found at the company's cupertino campus. this happened yesterday. dispatch recordings say a body was discovered inside a conference room with possibly a gun nearby. police cleared that campus a short time later. the name of the deceased employee has not been released. so far, no word from apple. newly-released documents providing a closer look at the federal criminal case for the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. eight people died in that blast. the bay area news group obtained documents tied to the case. prosecutors will call several dozen witnesses including former executives who received immunity. a hearing is set today. the fight over access to martins beach on the san mateo coastline is going to trial. an appeals court reinstated a lawsuit yesterday brought on by
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a group called friends of martins beach. the lawsuit was dismissed by a lower court. the beach is owned by silicon valley entrepreneur. he bought it back in 2008 and tried to close it to the public locking a gate to the only access road and installing no trespassing signs. big change on campus for a south bay high school. gender neutral bathrooms. two of them were installed this week at lincoln high school in san jose. it was students that pushed for it. many say they want others to use whichever rest room they felt most comfortable in. >> fans of the niners hope their team make noise on the field. they are accused of being noisy neighbors. >> the niners practice at this facility next to the stadium, the team is in the middle of
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offseason workout. like most teams, they crank up the speakers to try to simulate stadium noise. that is not sweet music for people living nearby. >> if i happen to have a glass on my counter, when the 49ers are practicing, the glass shakes. >> team representatives say they turned the speakers toward the stadium and neighbors should hear a difference during this morning's practice. >> mark davis will be in sin city talking about the proposed billion dollar domed stadium proposal and sit less than a mile from the strip. davis is committed to making the move in vegas leaders approve funding. roger goodell says he is game as long as nfl owners are onboard.
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>> during the offseason, things don't get bigger than tonight. first round of the nfl draft. >> this has a local hook. many believe cal quarter could be selected with the first overall pick of the draft. the newly-minted rams have the first pick. raiders pick 14. rounds two and three will take place tomorrow. >> a lot of great athletes come from the bay area. >> cal has a history with aaron rodgers who is arguably the best quarterback in the nfl right now. >> watching the forecast, kari hall. >> warmer temperatures in the forecast this weekend. we had wild weather in the bay area yesterday. that moved off to the east. we will have dry weather the next couple of days.
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46 in concord. san francisco 48. santa rosa 49. here is a look at highs today. 70 in saratoga. perfect temperatures in palo alto. 71 and 66 in the castro. oakland 70 and 71 in livermore. this weekend, it really heats up. especially in the north bay. i'll show you those numbers in a few minutes. let's head over to mike tracking issues on both sides of the bay. >> that's right. we'll focus on the nimitz. there you see that slow drive. union city into fremont. there's about a five mile stretch down to thornton where there is that unusual traffic flow. we'll show you the live dublin camera. 580 does have a crash. the dublin interchange is fine compared to yesterday. it's better.
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we do have a crash farther out of the altamont pass. more details from chp and show you the extent coming up. >> you expect to see igloos in alaska. how about hawaii? the unique idea to help curb the growing homeless population. u.s. economic growth seems to have slowed. we'll look at those numbers. ebay wants to sell you wine. dow is down below 18,000. with questions over privacy as b.a.r.t. considers installing license plate readers. coming up on a thursday today, donald trump reacting to the news that ted cruz picked carly fiorina as his running mate after making his first big foreign policy speech. we'll talk to mr. trump live about it all. >> when it comes to sunglasses, do you need to buy an expensive pair?
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and dr. oz is in the house. why he says may is the best month of the year to start a diet. actress kate hudson will stop by to talk about movies and motherhood. stations...
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we're not talking guards on the ground... but cameras - not just tracking you - but your extra security at b.a.r.t. stations, and not talking guards on the ground but cameras not just tracking you but your
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license plate too. >> bob redell joining us live from the lafayette b.a.r.t. station. >> the proposed license plate readers at b.a.r.t. stations do bring up concerns over privacy rights. on the flip side they can mean more protection, a better deterrent against people trying to break into your cars in the parking lot. what b.a.r.t. police is proposing is installing cameras at all b.a.r.t. stations that can read license plates. officers could use that data to identify possible suspects in crimes. almost all crimes b.a.r.t. police investigates are related to property, whether it's theft, robbery, burglaries or arson. b.a.r.t. police have installed two license plate readers. they did it late last year in oakland but have yet to turn them on. the board of directors will discuss this issue and hear from the public during the board's regular meeting later this morning. >> concerns about privacy?
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>> i think the greater good is for the community. i have nothing to hide, but i could see how that could be an issue. >> yeah. let's do it. there is a lot of theft here. get it done. >> what about concerns over privacy? >> who cares? i'm more concerned about everyone else. take care of ourselves. >> the aclu tells "the east bay times" it has concerns there would not be enough public oversight how that license plate data is used. b.a.r.t.'s proposal to keep license plate data would be for a year. they believe that is too long. should be only 30 to 60 days. those license plate numbers would be shared with a data base other law enforcement agencies would be able to access them. live here in lafayette, bob redell for "today in the bay." >> 6:45. comcast which owns this television station, actually
6:46 am
bought dreamworks animation. >> comcast universal studios will add lots of dreamworks characters to its theme parks. oh, the possibilities. it means you can play your favorite movie clip again. >> here we go. >> talking about madagascar? we showed that to you yesterday. showing it twice would be silly. here is a sound byte with a stock analyst discussing what the purchase of dreamworks will do. circus afro. >> we may have cued up the wrong clip. it's a nearly $4 billion deal. comcast will pay dreamworks shareholders a 27% premium. if you have dreamworks shares, you are totally buying lunch today. comcast also says it will raise the data cap on people's home internet to a terabyte a month.
6:47 am
that is an enormous amount of data. right now you can watch 700 hours hd netflix a month and there are 744 hours a month. the latest gdp data shows us the american economic growth slowed in the first quarter. growth slowed. the economy did not. consumer spending slowed. ebay and san jose want you to buy wine online. the company has created a wine portal in one place. there is a section on rose by the way featured prominently. i was up in wine country last weekend. i haven't seen rose since the late '80s, i guess it was. rose is a thing now, according to wine experts. >> just don't bring back those wine coolers. >> bros drink rose and it
6:48 am
becomes brose. igloos in hawaii might seem like a far-fetched idea. they are being used to fight homelessness. >> a hawaiian church is opening a dozen igloos. fear not, these will not melt. instead of snow, they are made of fiber glass. typically stay some 15 degrees cooler than the outside air. each houses four people. people may think about taking a trip to hawaii in the near future. we have temperatures going up to the mid 80s. >> i'll show you the beach. that will be the place to be. as we take a live look now at san francisco. beautiful start to the day. all clear skies. unlike yesterday at this time we had clouds rolling in. scattered showers. today will be all dry. it's now 48 in san francisco. 47 in the north bay and east
6:49 am
bay. let's drop in on the east bay now and get a closer look at pleasanton. all our weather underground sites. alameda 47. 51 in the peninsula and south bay. nothing but sun at lunch time. beautiful day to take the lunch outside. as you get ready to head home, we'll be in the lower 70s today. the rain outlook for the section several days, keep it dry. all those weather systems to the west and east of us. look at what happens next thursday. we start to see showers moving in. until then it will be dry. temperatures will have more of a summer feel. the average temperature in san jose, 72. we are up to 87 on sunday. 85 on monday. it slowly starts to come back down. as we look at that weekend forecast. look at the microclimates. highs in the upper 60s in san francisco tomorrow into the
6:50 am
upper 70s by sunday. of course, that's when the fair will be going on. 87 in south bay. early next week we'll have a slow decline in temperatures. let's check in with mike. >> you talked about the how weird fair, sometimes there is a how weird parade on the bay's roads. right now we are showing how good. look here. we have a smooth drive. there may be a stall there. we are tracking that. 85 shows the latest slowing into los gatos. it's at saratoga avenue. maybe an issue for drivers. this is an issue for folks trying to get on 380.
6:51 am
east 80 to 280, that on ramp is closed by the overturned rig. move back around on the other side and i'll get you back on to the freeway. the drive over theç san mateo bridge. a smooth dry across the flat section. right now 101 moves very well. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 6:51. not a smoking gun but smoking chain. could prove deputies stole the necklace belonging to a suspect they severely beat. the oldest son of the san jose couple murdered over the weekend is officially booked in the county jail facing homicide charges. our newsroom is keeping a close eye on a silver alert for a man out of haywar first, happening right now, our newsroom keeping a close eye on a silver alert for a man out of hayward. investigators sent us a picture
6:52 am
of the missing 87-year-old. it's on our facebook page. go see more wild weather photos from the bay area after our most recent storm. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc
6:55 am
bay area.... ==sam/2shot== a son is in custody, in conct 6:54. here is a look at the top stories on nbc bay area. >> a son in custody in connection to the death of his own parents. live at police headquarters with new developments. you got confirmation of that booking within the last hour. >> nothing official yet from police here at the police headquarters. we have confirmed through jail records that hassid robby has been booked. there is no bail. sources did tell nbc bay area police made an arrest in the tracy area last night. that's the same place where the police chief, former chief here. they cleared the youngest son of any wrong doing in this case, but they were still looking for the oldest son. we confirmed he has been booked into the county jail on no bail.
6:56 am
neighbors said there were strange writings left behind on one of the walls. one said, "sorry, my first kill was clumsy." our legal analyst stephen clark reminds us that a double homicide in this case would mean that the suspect would face possible life in prison if not the death penalty because that is a special circumstance. it is also, if the d.a. seeks to go that route. the latest this morning on 11:00. damian trujillo for "today in the bay." >> more tragedy and breaking news out of syria. doctors without borders saying at least 27 were killed in overnight strikes. one of the strikes hit a hospital in the rebel-held part of the city of aleppo. there are reports 14 people and medical staff, including the only known pediatrician in that area were killed in the bombing. there have been several air strikes during the past 24 hours. overall officials estimate more than 60 people have been killed.
6:57 am
a south bay teacher under arrest for allegedly trying to entice kids into giving him sexually explicit photos. 25-year-old douglas lee teaches at gilmore high school. lee would pose as a woman or a girl on the internet and would receive illicit pictures from minors. he has since been put on administrative leave. the superintendent is expected to speak on this matter later today. new twist in a beating scandal involving alameda county sheriff deputies that appeared on tape. the deputy has the suspect's gold necklace. he stole the necklace in november during the beating. the public defender released this video. >> what is horrifying about this is these officers not only brutally beat a man but took steps to cover it up by stealing from him and paying off witnesses. >> he is suing the sheriff's
6:58 am
department for the beating. a big day for california's high speed rails. the project board is expected to approve the plan to build the railroad system to san jose. the board meets today in sacramento. the system would connect san francisco to the central valley then to los angeles. the cost 64 billion. it's a long way away. the first stretch is scheduled to begin operating in 2025. quite a rush. oracle arena, warriors are moving on as we take a live look. round two of the playoffs could start as early as this sunday. the doves minus their starting point guard dominated the rockets at home last night. this game was never close, thanks to a huge night by clay thompson. you see steph curry celebrating on the sidelines. they won by 33 points. the final 114-81. they are now going to play the portland trail blazers or the l.a. clippers in the next round
6:59 am
of the playoffs. >> with steph curry injured you want to say, sit down. >> the more rest they get, better chances he comes back earlier. we are strategizing on that. this weekend will be warm here. >> warm and beautiful weather today. 48 degrees in san francisco. 54 in the peninsula and highs today in the upper 70s in the north bay. that warming trend will continue. >> you mentioned the peninsula. there is an accident there? >> i want to show everybody their commute. yesterday you had a lot of slowing. not today. we'll zoom into the south bay. over on the peninsula we have that complete closure. it's not a major issue for most commuters. an overturned big rig. we have crews out there. we did not hear about any
7:00 am
injuries. that is good news. >> we have a local news update in a half hour. >> we leave you with a the trans america building. good morning. hail carly. >> the next vice president of the united states, carly fiorina. >> ted cruz trying to regain momentum picks his running mate even though he doesn't yet have the nomination. trump quickly reac. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice presidents? he can't win. he can't win. >> we'll talk to the frontrunner about that this morning and his first major foreign policy speech, when he joins us live. breaking overnight, more than a dozen tornadoes reported from oklahoma to illinois. relentless rain surprising drivers caught in flash flooding. and this morning another 9 million people face the possibility of even more severe weather.


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