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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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their commute after this traffic stop wends a shootinends in a s. a deadly collision between two cars and a crane shuts down a lane on a busy freeway. protesters jming on the numbers on that police car. >> protests turning violent. steps authorities in the bay area are taking to prevent similar scenes like that from playing out. "today in the bay" starts right now. an action-packed friday for sure. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. beautiful day but the wind starts to pick up.
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at least our temperatures stay comfortable a look outside. jacket needed. 48 in the north bay in san francisco. 49 in the peninsula. warming up into the mid 70s for the north bay while san francisco has low 60s. a few more clouds in the mix, especially along the coast giving us cool and breezy weather and a mix of sun and clouds for inland areas today. into the weekend, it will be warming up a bit. i'll show you that in a few minutes. friday, two major scenes on the road. >> lighter volume overall but we are following the milpitas activity. this is where steph chuang will give you a live report in seconds. if you are coming over here, you cannot access 680. over here, you can access 680 coming from the west side going eastbound. the other scene which i'll cover fully is that video we showed you.
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southbound 680, two lanes still blocked. overnight a deadly crash before midnight. look how much the slowing is.ç that will get you past that scene. look what happened overnight. these two cars as well as the crane involved in the crash. the latest update says they just removed another vehicle from the scene. we still have no word when they are going to reopen these lanes. southbound 680, still have two lanes blocked and past that scene. back to you. more breaking news out there this morning. this time in the south bay where an active investigation is under way right now after police shoot at a suspect just a few hours ago. >> police blocked off a stretch of east caleveras boulevard. >> good morning. you just heard the warning from mike. commuters take note milpitas
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police dropped off this one block east of 680. you can see the northbound on ramp going westbound is closed as traffic investigators try to recreate this scene and take measurements after this officer-involved shooting. this is where this man was arrested after he was shot during a traffic stop. it began around 1:00 this morning after an officer pulled over this driver in the executive parking lot. police say that man takes off running on to calaveras. he ends up on the on ramp and is arrested. it's a 27-year-old san jose man with three no bail warnings out. it is likely he will survive. what prompted the traffic stop? was the man armed? these are part of the investigation that could last another hour or two. >> any time somebody shoots somebody, it's important to get all the facts. we are going to try to collect all the evidence we can and view
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all possible witnesses in the area. it's just a slow process to make sure we do a good job. a slow process for this first officer-involved shooting investigation of the year here. you can see the traffic investigators on scene. the 680 northbound ramp is closed close closed indefinitely. you can access it on the other side heading eastbound. the officer involved in this shooting was not hurt. >> thank you very much. protesters jumping on the numbers of that police car. >> stark video but you see that clearly. a man stomping on a police cruiser. these were angry protesters outside donald trump's rally last night in orange county. a few of those folks taking out their frustrations politically on a police cruiser. there were several hundred
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protesters in total. inside the rally, hundreds more showed up to support trump. in that rally, he blamed crime on immigration. >> what the hell is happening? we're going to build that wall, folks. we're going to build that wall. a reference to building a wall with mexico. about 20 protesters in total were arrested from that trump event. we are expecting more protesters to show up in burlingame today. a live look at the airport where the california republican convention kicks off this morning. security for the three-day event will be tight. last-minute prep work is under way right now. hundreds, possibly thousands of demonstrators are expected to protest. organizers are ready. >> we are confident we have a good system in place and everybody is going to be ordinarily. if not, we do have a system to
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handle that. >> all three republican presidential candidates will attend the convention. trump is expected to kick off the convention with a speech at lunch. john kasich will speak later tonight and ted cruz will attend tomorrow. hillary clinton's new head quarters opened. more than 100 people showed up yesterday. the office will serve as a phone bank for volunteers. more at stake than just picking presidential candidates. california voters this fall are going to decide whether or not to tighten the state's gun control laws. supporters say they have collected more than enough signatures for a ballot measure in november. that measure would beef up background checks on guns and ammunition sales. gavin newsom is planning to join advocates today when they turn in signatures. >> san francisco police chief is expecting to announce new training for officers today in an effort to combat bias in the department. comes a day after mayor ed lee sent this open letter to the
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department. earlier this week, san francisco's public defender released text messages from the officers. moving south to san jose now and police are looking for three armed men wanted in a robbery and a stabbing. here are the sketches. they beat, stabbed and robbed a man just walking along the street last month. this happened a few blocks away from andrew hill high school. if you recognize any of the suspects, police ask you give them a call. >> richmond police searching for a gunman after a man was shot and killed at a gas station. it happened yesterday at south 37th street. the victim is from richmond. so far police say they have no motive and no suspect in custody. san francisco police looking
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for this man climbing to be a pg&e employee looking for a gas leak in the marina. he asked to go inside two homes but the homeowners were suspicious and refused to let him in. >> a year ago a man pretended to be a utility worker and made his way inside a woman's home and killed her. he is in prison. we are continuing our trend of cooler weekends followed by hot weekend. hot is up. >> time to make sure that air conditioner is working. we take a live look at san francisco. cloudy skies and cool temperatures. it will warm up today. 62 in the city. 72 in gilroy. 76 in santa rosa while oakland at 69 and 74 in danville. a warm-up once again gets going tomorrow.
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slightly cooler forecast for early next week. mike still tracking some of those issues on the roadway. >> that's right. we may have changes. right now though still very slow. milpitas we talked about the crash. steph is out there with the officers-involved shooting. we are looking over toward the tri-valley southbound 680 has two lanes blocked. the latest update, chp hope to have lanes opened in five minutes. they didn't say which lanes so i'm hoping that means all lanes. the rest of the bay showing you the friday lighter commute. bay bridge toll plaza. backup at the toll plaza because the metering lights are on. there is haze in the air. back to you. thank you very much.
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a national park defaced. >> vandalism that would forever scar some of the most famous red rocks. one final act these world famous circus elephants will hit the stage one last time this weekend. a behind the scenes look at their next journey and how it could impact pediatric cancer. tebow and south bay got sold. jeff bezos is laughing to the bank.
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rangers at utah's "arches national park" say graffiti found on one of the park's famous red rocks is carved 6:13. rangers at utah's arches national park say graffiti found on one of the famous red rocks is carved so deeply, it might be impossible to erase. the carvings were found earlier this month and measure about four feet across and three feet high. park officials will try to fill it in or ground to it make the vandalism less noticeable. they hope to find the person or people responsible. >> all to get a couple of names on the rock there. 6:13. pg and e is facing new scrutiny and lawsuits tied to last year's deadly butte fire. it marks the state's sent most
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destructive fire ever. investigators are laying the blame at the feet of pg&e which they say acted with negligence by not pruning a tree. that was left leaning on a power line and that sparked the fire. the utility is defending itself saying its crews did not see a risk from that tree. after nearly 150 years, an iconic symbol of the circus is retiring. the elephants are going to perform their final act this weekend. kerry sanders has a investigation guest. together the two give us a sneak peek at what's ahead for these famous animals. >> good morning, here is my buddy karen. look at her. beautiful. after 145 years, the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus are finally retiring all of their elephants. where do they retire? of course to florida. why are they retiring? it's a passing of an era. things have changed in the world, but they are not
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necessarily just going to disappear. they are going to be on a remote location where they are in retirement. it turns out elephants hardly ever get cancer. researchers are using their blood now to determine whether there might be something in the blood that would benefit pediatric cancer patients, something that would help us all. we'll have those details on "today." back to you. >> that is a cool assignment. >> from all that entertainment they provide to medical breakthroughs, powerful. >> they could help with our memory, too. amazon jeff bezos is not going to forget this day. he is now the fourth richest person on the planet. >> he made $8 billion overnight. >> laughing all the way to the bank. he is a happy man this morning. amazon stock jumped on news that the company made its biggest profit ever. that translated to instant billions for bezos.
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"the new york times" calculate $8 billion overnight. that makes him the fourth richest person in the world, catapulting him above carlos slim. goodness knows i contributed to their profit. amazon makes most of its profit running other people's websites. amazon web services they call it. they run netflix, expedia, pinterest. you probably never heard of rovi. it will take on the name tivo. if you have one it will work the way it always did. virgin america says lower fuel costs helped it post a $17 million profit over the past three months. it's been purchased by alaska airlines. i made no secret about how much i like to fly virgin.
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this week on press here we sat down with a million mile travel expert to say what are we flying now? >> if you love the cool hip factor of virgin america, you can fly it the next two years. i would probably switch to jetblue. they were second runner-up when it came to airline beauty queens. they have nice planes. they have innovator service. they've got this new thing called mint. i've flown on that. wide flat seat. a lot of people are very happy with that now. >> chris will be my guest on "press" here after "meet the press." runner-up is what we are flying. >> not bad. you are going somewhere. >> we are going into the weekend. there is going to be heat, cool weather, clear weather this weekend. >> we've seen everything this week from the rain to the cold
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to the warmth now. >> yes. it continues to change as we go into the weekend. we did start out this morning with clouds looking from mount hamilton. we are just above those clouds. they are sinking just to the lower elevation. we do have low clouds moving in this morning into the south bay and east bay, as well as the peninsula. 48 now in the north bay. light get a closer look at the east bay now. we are at 50 in dublin and castro valley. brentwood 55. livermore 49. once again those temperatures are cool to start, but warming up as we go through the day. we are seeing those low clouds here. they will be slowly clearing out except for right along the coast until later on this evening. that's also when the wind will start to pick up. you'll notice there will be more drier air moving in. looking at those temperatures as they warm up today, widespread 70s for inland areas and 60s along the coast. there will be a shift tomorrow
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to 70s along the coast and 80s inland. it will be breezy as well. as the winds relax, we'll have the warmest day of the weekend sunday. more widespread 80s. also wind advisory that will be in effect for the hill top. there could be gusts up to 45 miles per hour. that kicks in tonight at 11:00 and continues till early tomorrow morning. if you are going out to the a's game tonight, you will notice it will become more breezy. first pitch will be 67 then down to 62. then we'll head over to the shark tank. the sap center this evening will be at 68. a little bit warm for those pregame events. tomorrow we have the art and spring fair. it will be in the 70s and 80 sunday. bring bottled water and have the sun block. in san francisco, the how weird
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street faire, one great event to check out. it will be warm 76 in the middle of the day. a look at all the microclimates. 77 tomorrow in the east bay. in san francisco, 74. sunday feeling more like summertime, then we'll slowly head back to spring early next week. mike, you're still looking at mostly green sensors on the road? >> mostly green. let me bring you the change over here southbound 680 in san ramon. we have speeds quickly improving going from red to orange. it is jammed up over there. it's going to get improvement. all lanes areç clear for southbound 680. the rest of the commute moves
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well. in the south bay we have this scene. in milpitas, traffic from calaveras here. access to 680 closed on that side. they are letting traffic through on the eastbound side. steph chuang will bring you an update. the build is gentle. we have one car on the shoulder there. back to you. 6:21. more than a dozen members of the u.s. military disciplined for the deadly air strike that hit an afghanistan hospital last year. after the break, a live report with new information the pentagon is expected to release today. an update now on the airstrike
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that hit a hospital in syria. the u-s state department says there are indications that the syrian regime was resp 6:24. the u.s. state department says there are indications the syrian regime is responsible. the white house is condemning the attacks in aleppo yesterday. 27 people killed including children and the only pediatrician in the city. the hospital was operated by doctors without borders. >> more than a dozen u.s. military personnel received some kind of discipline after last year's bombing of the same organization in afghanistan. >> the pentagon is expected to
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announce what those disciplinary actions are. tracie potts has more from washington, d.c. for us. >> good morning. 16 members of the military including a top officer, including some special forces are are expected to be disciplined or are now saying they've been disciplined today when that pentagon report comes out. these aren't criminal charges. we are not talking about court-martial here. these administrative punishments amount to no promotions and could end a military career. the doctors without borders hospital in kunduz was bombed by u.s. forces in what the military described as a tragic mistake, a series of human errors, technical and human errors they say contributed to this accidental bombing. they thought they were targeting a taliban command center nearby. the centers were off on their gps technology and they eyeballed it.
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they were using information from the ground and didn't know they hit the wrong site until doctors without borders said they were being bombed from the inside. two people on the inside called saying they were under attack. 211 shells in under a half hour before they realized this mistake happened. the pentagon is announcing how that happened in a detailed report and how more than a dozen members of the military are going to have to pay for that. >> you can imagine the national outrage of that. we are talking about a whole military making that mistake. >> absolutely. >> a korean american convicted of espionage in north korea facing the next ten years in prison. the north korean supreme court sentenced kim dong cho to hard
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labor today. he was born in south korea, later gained u.s. citizenship and was found guilty of stealing state secrets. breaking news in the south bay. police shooting a suspect. it's heart of a busy street that is shut down as police comb the area for evidence. bob redell back live at burlingame to show how law enforcement plans to handle the hundreds of protesters expected outside donald trump's speech later today. joining us.
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i'm sam brock =laura/2shot= and i'm laura garcia cannon. (toss kari) good friday morning. thank you for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at the weekend forecast with kari. >> beautiful start to the day a few clouds along the coast. we are getting sunshine, too. grab a jacket. 53 in the east bay and 48n the north bay. san francisco will reach 62 degrees. a little cooler with a few more clouds. 76 later today in the north bay. a wide range in temperatures. i'll detail that in a few minutes. over to mike with a look at the morning commute. friday light? >> for the most part. we have mostly light traffic around the bay. a couple of key spots to point out. we have all lanes clear. our friend aaron who drove through the area, he notified me
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and said we have traffic slowing at the scene. the dublin interchange no problem. you see the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on. 101 flows from tully south of this shot all the way from the key where there is a crash in the center divide. you have the update from stephanie which has traffic-related activity in milpitas. >> still breaking news. east calaveras boulevard closed in milpitas. still a very active scene. you see investigators combing the area looking for evidence. all this happened overnight after investigators say officers tried to pull over a suspect for a traffic spot but the man started running. that suspect was armed. the man was arrested after being
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shot on the northbound 680 on ramp and calaveras boulevard. 20 people ended up in handcuffs. >> donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich will be in the bay area today. >> preparations are well under way ahead of the gop convention. security said to be tight, bob. >> it is. good morning. based on what local law enforcement here in san mateo county, based on what they are seeing on social media, they are expecting hundreds if not thousands of protesters outside the hyatt regency where donald
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trump will speak at noon today at the california gop convention. that's why police put up barricades around the hyatt. every law enforcement agency in san mateo county will have officers and deputies deployed here to keep the peace. >> we are ready for protests and demonstrations. one of our focuses is to make sure these protests and demonstrations do so unimpeded. rights of free speech aren't impeded. >> burlingame police will do all in their power to keep protesters from spilling out to highway 101, but traffic could still be impacted. be mindful driving through this area. they are expecting a large number of people. the stage is set for trump's noon time speech to around 600 people, many of whom are considered gop insiders. the kind of people trump railed against as he tried to establish himself as an anti-establishment
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political outsider. how he performs today and is receive sed could give us an indication how well he might do in the june 7th primary. governor john kasich, his opponent will speak tonight. senator ted cruz and his vp running game carly fiorina, tomorrow. bob redell, "today in the bay." 6:34. a high school coach has been fired in the south bay. she is accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy. 21-year-old wynn was arrested this week. she is facing annoying and molestation charges. investigators are not saga long the alleged relationship with the student lasted, but the charges were not to fire the coach. >> we are very aggressive. i mentioned the safety and security of our students is paramount. whenever we suspect someone is not doing our standards, we are
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going to end that relationship. >> she has only been coaching since february. she passed a full background check. with the pain visceral for so many neighbors and friends in san jose, a funeral service will be held today for the couple shot and killed last weekend inside of their home. their two sons have just been arrested for their murders. the couple was found dead inside of their evergreen home on sunday. their eldest son was arrested wednesday hours away in tracy. yesterday his 17-year-old brother, who is not being identified, was also arrested in san jose. >> we are hoping everybody's prayers are with us and praying for the closer family who are facing more than you and i are facing. we are all in this together. >> we are still trying to learn what happened, but the sources
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do tell us that the parents did not approve of their older son's sexual orientation. family members and investigators are not commenting about the suspect's lifestyle. >> police trying to hunt down a suspect connected to a disturbing crime. this man is considered a person of interest in a burglary and sexual assault. the victim is 74 years old. the attack happened sunday afternoon when the suspect broke into the victim's apartment. a flurry of criminal acts, armed, masked and dangerous. a team of robbers terrorized bay area restaurants and bar workers in 23 takeover style robberies and are now under arrest. since march, the three armed robbers struck businesses in six different bay area cities. they also struck the bar in san francisco twice. police working with the fbi staked out that bar hoping they would return and they did. all thee were arrested that
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time. the suspects are from albany and oakland. for the victims who are relieved the suspects are off the streets. >> in the moment, it's just a lot of adrenalin. after it's over with, it's scary then the days after you just kind of a little wary about what's happening or what's going on outside. >> one of those suspects is only 18 years old. the district attorney says he confessed to being part of that robbery team. a judge is expected to issue a final ruling today ending the legal battle over fumes from south bay land fill. in december, both sides reached a tentative settlement. the settlement would grant more than $1 million to homeowners living within a 1 1/2 mile radius. that amounts to less than $200 per homeowner. a live look at the oakland coliseum home of the raiders for
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now. fan base feeling this could stink. they are worried vegas may be in the cards and raiders may move there. mark davis met with sin city leaders yesterday offering to pony up $500 million if las vegas were to cover the balance for a new retractible roof stadium. oak lachbd mayor announced she is not planning to fold in her cards yet but the city and team seem to be very far apart on a long-term game plan to keep them here. >> that would be a hot place to play. >> can you imagine? our temperatures are going to climb this weekend. want to check out the microclimate forecast with kari. >> good morning. a cool start to the day. as we go into the rest of the day, warmsç up nicely a few mo clouds in the mix. 48 in santa rosa, napa and san francisco. a look at those highs today into
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the low 70s for the south bay peninsula. 62 at half moon bay. 62 in san francisco. 76 in santa rosa. warmer temperatures. oakland up to 69 degrees. into the weekend, expect 80s widespread. details on that coming up in a few minutes as we go into the next several days so it stays dry and warm. now mike, you're tracking something in the south bay? >> we told folks about this. it's friday so mostly green all over the bay. over here in the south bay, we are looking at northbound 101. i told you about an earlier crash. that's got all the activity, what remains of it in the center divide. a little build toward 87. not a big deal. 101, the only unusual stretch.
6:40 am
we should be improving shortly. the rest of the bay moves well. 680 on the southbound side, those lanes are clear but a little slowing. there is your east bay build. not so bad. the san mateo westbound, a live look shows across 92. volume building here. in the highrise we'll show build. 101 and 280. >> sounds good. thank you, mike. not ready for take-off. the reason the solar impulse 2 was grounded for now right here in the bay area. tvo has been sold. dow industrials losing again today. >> every one of the 13,562 seats here at the shark tank. sharkey shows us what to do.
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we'll be right back. coming up on a friday morning, major protests at a trump rally overnight. >> new twist in the investigation into prince's death. was a doctor overprescribing painkillers for the star in his final weeks? we are in minnesota with the latest on that investigation. >> ahead, after nearly 150 years, ringling brothers, barnum and bailey circus will retire its elephant act this weekend. >> we are celebrating flashback friday on the plaza with i love the 90s on the plaza. caught...cheating the system.
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another big name in baseball has tested positive for caught cheating the system. another big name in baseball has now tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. marilyn second baseman degordon who is facing an 80 game suspension. gordon tested positive for two different peds including testosterone. he signed a five-year $50 million deal with miami in january. > . >> the solar plane was scheduled to take off today but will stick
6:45 am
around moffitt field another day. it will rest and recharge inside an inflatable hangar. crew members get to check out the bay area. >> i have now some days off because we are staying here. i can discover the san francisco area which is also great. >> the plane will stay grounded until at least monday. it's on a historic tour of the world and arrived to mountain view over the weekend. breaking business news. tivo has been sold. >> the company just went for north of $1 billion. it's been sold to rovi which you probably never heard of. they'll called the merged company tivo. that is the governor and the
6:46 am
utah symphony ringing the bell this morning. the dow industrials are down again this morning 52 points. nasdaq down 10 after a rough day yesterday. pay pal instant payment system venmo may be in trouble with the federal government. the company says ftc was investigating it for, quote, deceptive practices. it allows you to instantly send a friend money. it's popular among college kids. they pay each other back for gas money, rent and beer. a resume of failures. the degree programs did he not get into the jobs he did not get. he is getting a lot of attention this morning. he also lists one meta failure which is that his list of failures is getting more attention than any academic paper he's published. >> we have a slight audio
6:47 am
failure there. so who were you talking about? >> which part? >> no, no, no. >> this guy at princeton posted his resume to the internet. >> we got the second half we just needed to know who. >> some guy. he made it to princeton. couldn't be that much of a failure. >> with a good resume, you could, too. a live look at the sap center in san jose. quiet out there but in about 12 hours, thousands of fans are going to turn to shark tank into a sea of teal. >> kris sanchez is live inside the shark tank this morning. look at the company you are keeping this morning. sharkey. >> i have a hot date for tonight's game and the sap center is already, there are joe povelski.
6:48 am
i'm going to get up before you beat me with it again. jim, you say warriors have been playing really well. >> we just found out who our opponent was going to be wednesday night. we expect a very full crowd here at sap center. it's going to be a great crowd tonight. >> i want to show you guys have a special jersey. >> steve wozniak is going to be here early and let the team out on the ice. tonight we are going high-tech with steve wozniak. >> fans must be super happy the series starts here at home. also nervous because sometimes the shark are not at their best at home. sorry sharkey. >> the team played better at home toward the end of the season. both teams are playing great. we had an opportunity to rest up a little bit. coming off game seven, a physical game seven against anaheim. our team is well rested. i like our chances.
6:49 am
>> it was nearly a clean sweep of the l.a. kings. what are the chances against nationals? >> i think they are great. it's going to be a very defensive series. i think our team is playing really good hockey right now. the sharks will win it in five. >> all right. win it in five. we'll take your word on that. is there a street fair for fans outside the sap center 5:00 to 7:00 tonight. you are advising people to get here early because it is going to be a busy and fun scene. >> there will be an influx of people coming into the building. we want to make sure everybody has an opportunity to be here when the puck drops. get here early. come out to the street rally. enjoy the music and food. make sure you are in the building in time for our pregame show. >> again, there are few tickets available. not because they don't love the sharks but because we just didn't know who we were going to play. you ready for this?
6:50 am
all right. he had breakfast earlier. he ate some of my head and brain, i think. let's get him fed and back to you in the studio. >> that's a shark attack. >> 6:50 right now. we are all heading into the weekend. >> a lot of people heading to the beach no sharks there. >> hopefully not. yes, beautiful weather. a lot of people heading out there. there may be high waves. we'll talk about that in a second. a live look from sunol. clouds settled below our camera there. low clouds. 48 in san francisco. also in the north bay. let's get a closer look. napa 44, novato 47. 47 now in calistoga. winds start to pick up this afternoon, up to 20 miles per
6:51 am
hour. half moon bay. at 10:00 tonight winds will be sustained, over 30 miles per hour. then it starts to relax as this front slowly slides in. we will have a wind advisory for all these areas shaded in brown. that's the hill tops and that's where we could have winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. be mindful of that. also those winds may kick up waves this weekend, creating dangerous surf conditions for tomorrow as well as sunday. that's when we will have our warmest temperatures. the trend will be in the south bay up to 85 on sunday when the average high is 72. it slowly starts to come back down as we go into next week. for tonight at the a's game in oakland, 7:05 is the first pitch. it will be 67 then dropping down to 62 by the end of the game. if you are heading to the shark tank, some of those pregame activities may be warm.
6:52 am
will be at 68 at the start of the second round of the playoffs. testimony in mountain view, we'll have the a la carte and art spring fair. bring bottles of water and sun block. on sunday we have the how weird street faire in san francisco. it will be 73 at noon. up to 76 in the middle of the day. great event to check out and a lot more going on across the bay area this weekend. very warm temperatures. let's head over to mike. is it looking slow on the south bay now? >> we are recovering from the earlier crash. 101 is slower than you might like. northbound 101 recovering from the earlier crash. no other issues for the northbound route. zoom over to southbound 680.
6:53 am
we still have that slowing. there may be a vehicle on the shoulder related to the earlier deadly crash. all lanes are open. a quick look at the bay bridge. toll plaza does have the backup. you can see the traffic moving well. it does move well. better than the other four days of the work week. thanks. >> up next, tightening gun control laws in california. governor gavin newsom is getting behind which could make getting ammunition in california tougher than anywhere else in the u.s. i'm stephanie chuang live where an early morning traffic stop ends with a shooting and the investigation continues shutting down a popular stretch of road that could impact your morning commute. happening now, busy tracking traffic conditions across the bay area. download our nbc bay area app to get around all the problems out there. plus a powerful note by a
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bullied teenager who died after living withes asberger's syndro. ♪ ♪ to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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to the women who know what real values are, here are the top stories on nbc welcome back. 6:56. before you head out the door, here are some of the top storie we are working on.
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>> police shoot a suspect in milpitas. steph chuang has been at the scene. are things flowing smoothly behind you? >> good morning. the big thing here is for south bay commuters to avoid this area near 680. the northbound 680 ramp closed westbound on calaveras. they are taking measurements because this is where police arrested a man shot after an officer tried to pull him over. he actually ran across calaveras. this started across the street where there was another investigation in the executive inn parking lot. there is a cadillac parked ç there. this began around 1:00 this morning. officer pulled over the man driving this cadillac. the 27-year-old san jose man has three no bill warrants out and takes off running. the officer shoots him once. police do not know his condition but it is likely he will
6:58 am
survive. the investigation could last another hour, maybe two. you want to avoid this area. if you don't, you will be forced on to the other on ramp and get on to the highway. this is the first officer-involved shooting this year here in milpitas. the last one they had was about three years ago. the officer involved was not hurt. >> 6:58. it appears california voters this fall are getting closer to deciding whether or not to tighten the state's gun control laws. supporters say they collected more than enough signatures for a ballot measure in november. it would beef up background checks on gun and ammunition sales. lieutenant governor gavin newsom is intending to join advocates
6:59 am
today when they turn in those signatures. >> you are ready to go with the sharks because you have team teal represented on your tie there. >> i don't want sharkey to bite my head off. >> the only place that might be cold is on the ice. >> it will be hot. warming up through the weekend. right now 47 in the north bay. few more clouds in the mix that will bring our temperatures down in san francisco. 76 today in the north bay. >> a rough start to our morning commute. >> much calmer. it's friday. recovery was available. the entire bay you see mostly green. that one portion of east calaveras is cut off from access. little slowing north 101. recovery from an earlier crash.
7:00 am
>> good news for a friday. that's what's happening "today in the bay." good d morning. boiling over. hundreds of protesters gather outside a donald trump rally in california. nearly 20 arrested. in indiana ted cruz's response to these harsh words from former sfeeshg peaker of te john boehner. >> i have never worked with a more miserable son of a [ bleep ]. >> he allowed his inner trump to come out. >> will boehner's words hurt or help cruz? relentless. more severe weather expected to impact 24 million americans today. tornadoes, hail, heavy rain. al is back to tell us when it will end. who is to blame? the investigation into prince's death how focusing on who


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