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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  May 29, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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rescue in the east bay as a car plunges over a cliff. right now at 4:30, a dramatic rescue in the east bay as a car plunges over a cliff. good afternoon to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. >> it happened north of highway 24. christie smith has the details. what happened here, christie? >> reporter: that's right. when you see the shape of this car, it's pretty amazing that anyone survived. it went off the road and tumbled down maybe 250 feet, possibly more, right in the area of fish ranch road before noon today. the small suv was finally pulled
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back up late this afternoon. it actually landed on its roof. a number of agencies we're told responded to help and we have calls in to oakland fire. but two minors were involved here, a male and a female. but it was very difficult to get them up and out. both survived, again, with what are considered moderate to minor injuries. one of them was air lifted out when the car went off the road here. there's a sharp turn and a lot of bicycles but we're still awaiting word on what might have caused them to go off the road. i can tell you, though, that we don't see any skid marks on the area. we know they were traveling southbound. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very much. developing news near sacramento where search and rescue crews discovered the body of a very young girl. it may be that of a 1-year-old leaving the bay area with her father. last night, kyler jackson was
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found in walnut grove and today they found a young girl's body in the water nearby. jackson and his water were last seen one week ago after a weekend trip. it's believed they were heading to sacramento. they never made it there. it's still unclear if the body found today is that of kayleigh. the severarch for two oakla boys has turned into a recovery effort. families were on a boat when several people jumped into the water. it's believed that both teens drowned in the woodward reservoir. dive teams and search crews spent the day looking for bodies in the murky water. the boys were not wearing life jackets. heat concerns for some parts of the bay area this memorial day weekend. a live look outside, temperatures are very warm in some places, really not so much in others. people have the choice of climate this holiday weekend.
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anthony slaughter is joining us now. the heat brings with us safety concerns. >> oh, yes. especially if you live in the tri-valley over the next couple of days. a potential of 90s today. we see temps climb up. 69 degrees in san francisco. 68 in santa cruz. but where the heat is, it's across the tri-valley and south bay, mid-80s hanging on tightly right now. ocean beach shows that we have a little bit of cloud cover. marine layer develops and pushes back up against the coastline. as we wake up tomorrow morning at the coast, keep in mind, you'll see fog and gray skies to start the day. look what we're tracking across parts of the sierra. thunderstorms this afternoon. that's going to be the general case as we head towards the next couple of days. really, all week long we're talking about mountainous thunderstorms. it's going to be dry and cool at the coastline, warm inland. tomorrow, presidio, memorial day ceremony down in san francisco, temperatures right near 70 degrees at 1:00. the hot spot, though, is
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tri-valley. oak hill park, memorial day celebration there. temperatures are pushing near 90. we'll talk about the heat and when it section expected to break. see you in 15 minutes. >> thank you, anthony. bernie sanders heading to the bay area tomorrow for a series of rallies as the june primary inches closer. take a look at where sanders will appear tomorrow. he's going to crisscross the bay area, oakland, palo alto, santa cruz and also monterey. marianne favro is joining us from the santa clara county registrar's office. bernie sanders said it's critical. >> reporter: it certainly is. with the june 7th primary looming, bernie sanders is hoping santa clara county voters cast their ballots and vote for him. today he called the june primary in california the big enchillada. >> california is very, very
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important. 475 superdelegates. obviously if we don't do well in california, it will make our path much, much harder. >> reporter: sanders will be at the baptist church in oakland for a 2:00 p.m. rally along with actor danny glover. he'll be pushing for free tuition for college students. hillary clinton took the day off today from campaigning after a tough week when a state inspector general report said that as secretary of state she never asked for permission to use a private e-mail server. clinton said she did adding to her upward battle to clinch the nomination. >> the polls show the two of them virtually neck-and-neck. you take out the margin of upper error and they are absolutely deadlocked. that's all there is to it. it says a lot about their two campaigns, her difficulty in closing the deal. >> reporter: today on "meet the press," bernie sanders did not rule out the possibility of
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joining hillary clinton as his running mate in the future but he said right now he is focused on trying to win the california primary. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> many candidates doing the exact same thing. thanks, marianne. hillary clinton opening up two campaign offices in california this weekend. on saturday, an office opened in fresno and an office opened in colton, in san bernardino county. her bay area locations are in san francisco, oakland and also san jose. >> on the republican side, donald trump spent part of his sunday at a memorial day rally in washington, d.c., and the presumptive republican nominee spent the day with hundreds of rolling thunder motorcyclists. >> we're going to rebuild our military and make ta bigger and better and stronger than ever before. >> trump said undocumented
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immigrants receive better care than the nation's veterans electrifying the crowd. and there's a new contender for the white house. a libertarian party has nominated former new mexico governor gary johnson as its presidential candidate. johnson was the candidate from 2012. he describes himself as fiscally conservative and federally liberal. at a cincinnati zoo, a 4-year-old boy fell into a gorilla enclosure. >> mommy's right here. >> no! >> the frantic calls for help by the child's mother, the gorilla appeared to be at first protecting the boy at times but witnesses say they also saw the animal drag and throw the child. the director of the zoo said they had to shoot and kill the gorilla. some critics say that the zoo didn't have to use such force.
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witnesses talked about the terrifying scene. >> you heard the splash and people were yelling, you know, there's a boy in the water, there's a boy in the water. >> now, the boy's family says that he is home after a short hospital stay. he's doing fine. there is an online petition seeking charges against the parents. at this point, officials say that the parents won't be charged but the zoo opened again yesterday and two visitors, the gorilla exhibit was closed. after a legendary win, the warriors are back in the bay area. a lot of people decided to see them back. transportation changes are being made to accommodate east bay fans ahead of tomorrow's game seven. plus, an historic moment in space on memorial day. why you may want to take a look at the sky tomorrow night. and a chance encounter changes two lives in oakland. we'll tell you about this unlikely friendship that will make you "bay area proud." ♪
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what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. -- the warriors will host a game
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7. ==vo== the team he for the first time in 40 years, the warriors will host a game seven. the team touched down in san francisco very early this morning after last night's thriller in oklahoma city. the warriors, of course, fighting to make the nba finals for the second year in a row. tickets for tomorrow's game went on sale this morning online. season ticket holders were able to start buying at 10:00 a.m. while others can buy at about 5:00 tonight so about 15 minutes from now. go to and pick up your tickets if there's some available. oracle arena will be packed for tomorrow's game. b.a.r.t. is making changes. they will focus on track repairs the repairs will stop early and b.a.r.t.'s normal service will resume at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. maybe more of a sharks fan than a basketball fan and
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tomorrow will be an exciting day for sharks fans. the team is playing in its first ever stanley cup finals game. they will take on the penguins in pittsburgh for games one and two. don't miss any of the action on our family of networks. game one right here on nbc bay area tomorrow night and post-game coverage on csn california. a lot of cities around the country would love to be in our predicament. >> i know. >> warriors, sharks. >> still ahead, a chance encounter changing two lives in oakland. that story coming up into plus, pope francis taking time to honor hollywood celebrities. why would he do that? we'll find out. our bay area proud series
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normally focuses on people who have done something nice for others. this time, though, is a little different. our "bay area proud" focuses on stories that does well for others. this time, though, is something different. >> garvin thomas tells us about
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an unlikely alliance. >> reporter: christine and tahlia are, at first glances, different as can be. the most important of which, a desire to help others in their own way. >> reporter: christine says she's not a religious person, though she does believe in a higher power. which explains why, after finishing her commute to her job in oakland one day last december, christine wasn't at all phased by what happened next. >> i was at work and i got this real quiet voice inside my head that said you need to walk. >> reporter: she now knows it wasn't fresh air she was meant to get. there was a person she was meant to meet. >> so then i see this person in front of me. >> good morning.
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>> reporter: tahlia is a fixture on the streets of downtown oakland. so much more perhaps many professionals on their lunch breaks might look right past her. but not christine. and certainly not on that day. >> and so i turned my head and said "hello" and it was tahlia. we are both the type of people that see people. ♪ >> reporter: it was a chance encounter that has sparked an unlikely alliance, one between the office worker and the gospel singer, each helping the other achieve a personal goal. >> it's about making joyful noise, isn't it. >> reporter: christine recently decided her passion is to become a life coach and was on the lookout for someone whose dreams they could help make true. ♪ god is giving me >> reporter: and tahlia who writes and since her own gospel music was helping someone to help her bring it to a wider
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audience, someone who believes need her message of faith. >> we are very similar in a sense that we have this thing that keeps us up at night, this thing that we think about the first moment we take a breath, an awake breath and that is helping people. >> reporter: they meet regularly offering songs and prayers to passersby and support for each other. christine has spent some of her own money to make a video and is trying to raise more so she can make her own album. >> it's a warm feeling. it makes me feel very warm. >> yes, me, too. >> reporter: it's the the kind of things that can only happen in a melting pot like oakland, two people from very different backgrounds yet each the answer to the other's prayers. >> christine has gone so far as to set up a gofund me campaign for tahlia to help her try and record her music. she also thinks she's off to a
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pretty good start on her life coaching career. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. now, if you know someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search for "bay area proud." time for bay area weather and we turn to anthony slaughter. >> over towards the coast -- >> 50s and 60s over the past couple of days. if you've been looking for a place to escape the heat, that's where to go. it's going to heat up at the coastline but it's not going to be overly hot. take you outside and show you what it is looking like, in san francisco, fog is building. lots of tourists taking a peak at the iconic bridge. 57 degrees right now even in the north bay today in the 80s. we were in the 70s all day long. the south bay is up to 81 degrees. tri-valley, 80s. for tomorrow, temperatures going
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up just a little bit. we'll be at 88 degrees for the south bay tomorrow. 78 for the peninsula. east bay pushes 80 degrees and tri-valley up to 90 for tomorrow and even in san francisco, a little warmer but again not overly hot. pretty comfortable. for the next couple of days, high pressure stays on top of us which allows temperatures to warm each and every day. by tomorrow, again, 70s at the coastline from san francisco all the way down to santa cruz and parts of the north bay as well. 80s for the inner bay and 90s are sliding in here for the tri-valley tomorrow and also for tuesday. by wednesday, we get a little push of some marine air and it's going to cool us for a little bit. 90s go back to the central valley. at least through most of the upcoming week. your forecast brings san jose up to 88. 86 for tomorrow. 88 for sunnyvale. 77 for san mateo. palo alto, up to 80. even in san francisco tomorrow, 67. so cool at ocean beach.
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72 for sonoma. 84 for santa rosa. 85 for napa. concord, 88 tomorrow and the tri-valley, toasty, pushing 90 degrees. so the heat will be with us this upcoming week. we get a cool down by wednesday and thursday and we're going down into the 80s instead of the 90s. the tri-valley keeps temperatures really warm. san francisco, not overly hot. that's going to be the general trend. cool coastline and warm inland valleys for the next couple of days. by wednesday and thursday, back into the 60s. switching gears, let's talk about the east coast. tropical storm bonnie formed over the weekend. this has been downgraded to a depression. dumped four inches of rain in the last 24 hours. they are going to continue to see on and off rain through wednesday as the slow moving depression makes its way out of there. now, here back at home, it's going to remain quiet.
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we're not talking about much except for dry pressure, high pressure and sunny skies. the wild card there is the potential for thunderstorms across the sierra. if you're planning to head that way, at least south of tahoe, keep in mind, you may run into afternoon thunderstorms. across the rest of the state, it's going to be dry. if you're doing last-minute driving out of town, 82 for redding. thunderstorms are possible for you. toasty in the desert southwest. palm springs tomorrow up to 101 and temperatures here in the bay area, they are going to stay toasty. so guys, the unofficial start of summer has kicked off and it's going to be with us as we head towards the next week. back over to you. >> that's exciting. >> i like it hot. >> all right. still ahead, time to tune up your telescopes, if you have one, you'll need to go buy one. take a close look at the sky tomorrow night. also, holiday weekend is always big at the box office.
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which movies are packing the theaters.
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a rare sight in store this memorial day weekend. ==vo== tomorrow, you'll be able to see a rare sight in store this memorial day weekend. tomorrow you're going to be able to see mars at the closest distance it's been to earth in 11 years. mars and earth get relatively close to each other about every two years, kind of like a bad marriage but the distance varies because of orbit. we all have relationships like that. >> sure. >> most of the time, jupiter is the brightest planet in the sky but mars will be brighter.
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enjoy. the pontiff awarded medals to actors richard gere and george clooney and alma hayek. the foundation was inspired by the pope. the latest x-men sequel rose at the box office this holiday weekend. "x-men apocalypse" was at the top of the list and then at number two was at angry birds" in the second weekend in the theaters. ♪
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i'm marianne favro, bernie sanders is heading to the bay area. coming up, why he says that california voters are so critical. i'll have a live report. amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36-month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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==terry/2-shot== and i'm terry mcsweeney. a dangerous situation in the east bay... ==terry cu== cr good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. a car plunges over a cliff in the oakland hillses on grizzly peek boulevard north of highway 24. christie smith is near the scene of the crash with the details. christie? >> reporter: terry, people keep stopping by just to see where this car went off the road and exactly how far it went down before it flipped over and landed on its roof. they are amazed that the two people inside survived. now, that ford escape was dragged back up the hillside from grizzly boulevard after it
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crashed more than 250 feet down the ravine and landed on its roof. several agencies responded including oakland fire. we have calls in to them for details. east bay regional park district assisted and two minors were involved with injuries to their hips and wrists. it was a challenge getting them out and a helicopter had to get one of them out. quite a few commented on the sharp turn nearby. >> if you miss the point then, even then, how can you jump the redwood trunk and fall down there? >> reporter: there are still many questions on exactly why the car went off the road in the first place. a spokesman for east bay park says they periodically get cars off the road and down the ravine but those are generally stolen cars with no one in them. obviously not the case today. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. >> christie, thank you very much. friends and family of a missing vallejo teenager are not giving up hope. a vigil is held tonight for pearl pinson. the teenager has not been found after she disappeared on wednesday morning bleeding and shouting for help after a man dragged her away into his car. a vigil will take place in vallejo. this memorial is growing on this overpass. a lot of people are leaving notes and cards and tieing ribbons here. her alleged kidnapper was later killed in a shootout with police. investigators spent friday and saturday scouring near a town in sonoma county. they were looking for pearl and any clues about her disappearance. it's still unclear what led investigators to the area. we're following developing news near sacramento where search and rescue crews have discovered the body of a young girl and it may be that of a 1-year-old last seen


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