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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  June 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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a live look in hayward where former president bill clinton stug and right now at 11:00, a live look in hayward where former president bill clinton is stopping for votes for his wife hillary. this is happening right now. there is one day until the california primary. the race is between clinton and bernie sanders and may end here. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we begin with decision 2016. former president bill clinton again on the campaign in a total of five get out to vote events starting in hayward, as we showed you. clinton will then go to oakland,
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antioch, richmond and will end the day in san francisco. >> today in the bay's pete suratos is in hayward. >> reporter: here is a live look again of him speaking out there. not too many direct comments towards bernie sanders. more so the difference between hillary clinton and the presumptive republican nominee donald trump. of course, this was part of a last-minute campaign blitz by both clinton and hillary clinton here in vallejo and sacramento. this is the first of five stops today throughout all of the bay area. we'll get the latest between the tight race between clinton and bernie sanders and i had a chance to talk to supporters about this prior to tomorrow's primary. >> well, i think bernie has a lot going for him, too, right now. a lot of people coming out for
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him. he says a lot of good things. i don't know. i don't know how it's going to go down. >> now it's iffy. it could go either way. >> reporter: and hillary clinton will be campaigning in l.a. today and then will head to oakland after this followed by stops in antioch and richmond and closing things out this afternoon in san francisco. so you can expect a very busy day for the former president. live in hayward, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. bernie sanders is also in the bay area pushing toward the primary tomorrow. the latest polls show that he is closing in on clinton's 2% lead. sanders is in emeryville and will appear at a star-studded rally at san francisco's christie field. campaigning all day in southern california after spending the
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weekend here, hillary clinton may clinch the nomination before the polls close tomorrow night. she only needs 19 delegates after a victory in the u.s. vir beg gin islands. donald trump's comments about a federal judge continues to make headlines. he is facing fresh rebukes over his trump university lawsuit. trump is the one getting sued. the republican nominee says he's being treated unfairly because his parents are mexican. his comments have forced leading republicans to reject his words but still support his campaign. trump will be watching tomorrow's election results. gathering today in downtown san jose, protesters are demanding answers after a
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protest last week outside of a rally turned violent. >> bob redell is live at the city hall in san jose with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, kris and scott. you can see it's a very small turnout. five people from what was supposed to be a much larger rally outside of city hall. it's a group of private citizens who support donald trump. you can see one of them speaking right now to the media. and they are trying to get the mayor to be held responsible for the protests that took place where donald trump was speaking inside. you might recall people outside picked fights with trump supporters and even threw an egg at a woman who supported trump for president. the mayor lashed out at trump for, quote, stirring antagonism. >> the mayor's initial response was totally ridiculous, uncalled
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for and had me livid, trying to blame trump for inciting the violence. that's the tag line that everybody is trying to lay on it donald trump that really he doesn't deserve because that's the last thing he's been doing. >> that was cary snyder who was at thursday's trump speeches. he sympathizes with law enforcement but wonders if police could have done more to keep the anti-trump supporters from clashing with the pro-trump crowd. the police chief says his force was spread thin, he had 250 officers plus more from other agencies and officers didn't want to get involved in every altercation for fear that the crowd might turn on his own men and women. four people were arrested, three for felony assault. that veteran i was mentioning is
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speaking to members of the media and was hoping to have somewhere around 50 to 60 people showing up. this is something that he put out on twitter. right now he has five supporters with him. four. him being number five. reporting live outside of san jose city hall, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank u, bob. you can count on nbc bay area for all of your decision 2016 coverage. right now on, click on voter's edge, the election guide, to find out information about the candidates and local races. one driver is facing dui and gross vehicular manslaughter charges after last night on southbound 280 near 101 a bmw collided with a pickup truck there. you can see the pickup truck rolled over. one person was ejected. that was the passenger. the chp says the passenger and driver both faced major injuries and one did not survive.
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the bmw driver was hospitalized but then later arrested. stanford campus on alert as police search for a man who accosted two female students as they slept early friday morning. around 3:00 a.m., a woman woke up to a man lifting covers up off of her bed. she screamed and the man ran away. the man came back and did the same thing to a different woman as she slept. he got away. the stanley cup final returns to the shark tank tonight and it is game four of the final between the san jose sharks and the pittsburgh penguins. the sharks are down 2-1 right now. you don't want to hear that but fans are hoping to see another win at home. they are lining up outside of the s.a.p. center hoping to get
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tickets. >> i love my sharks. i put off my vacation. >> you don't know how long i have been saving up for this. ooh! >> one of our editors is a assum superfan. if you're not going to the shark tank in person, watch the game right here on nbc bay area. the puck drops at 5:00. meanwhile, the warriors are just two wins away from back-to-back championships. >> it's in! >> they don't call him money green for nothing. there was a roaring crowd at the oracle arena. final score was 110-77. they have won five in a row and are facing elimination in the western conference finals. >> i think once it clicked for us in that series, we've been
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coming out with the same energy and effort. the appropriate fear the coach would say every time we get on the floor. >> the crazy thing is, we can all play better. we've got to continue the defense that we're doing and individuals along the way and that's what we are about. >> the warriors lead the series 2-0. the next game is wednesday in cleveland. memorials continue to grow in honor of muhammad ali. since his death, fans have been showing up in louisville, kentucky, where his life began. >> here's a look at a final good-bye. >> reporter: many are leaving flowers, balloons, some boxing gloves, notes for the ali family. it's been an outpouring since his death late friday and we're learning more now about the public services that are planned here later in the week. first will be on thursday, an
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islamic funeral prayer service held at freedom hall on friday followed by a 19-mile funeral procession through some of the areas in this city that helped form a young cassius clay before becoming muhammad ali. his wife will be speaking, lonnie, former president bill clinton, bryant gumble, the sportscaster. that's something that will take the afternoon. this morning, we heard from laila ali, his daughter. >> i've prepared mentally for many years that obviously one day i was going to lose my father and that time has come and i think the whole world is sad. >> reporter: again, the family mourning privately right now but understanding that muhammad ali belonged to the world and we expect to see people from around the world here as the week continues. that's the latest from outside the ali center. i'm jay gray, nbc news.
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>> jay, thanks. up next at 11:00, imagine a stipend for just being you. no strings attached. we'll find out where that idea came close to happening and why some experts say it's not a bad idea at all. well, a decision within the last hour on the story that has riveted the nation, the family of the little boy who ended up in that gorilla enclosure learns whether they will face criminal charges. i'm meteorologist kari hall. after very hot temperatures, we're in for a little bit of a cool down. i'll talk about that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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welcome back here on this monday morning. dow industrials gaining 130 points and the nasdaq is up 30. head of the fed janet yellen just finished speaking saying
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don't worry too much about that strange jobs report we got on friday. over the weekend, the swiss voted no to something called universal basic income. voters in switzerland say no to that idea we've talked about this before a living wage for anyone. not welfare exactly. just getting paid. just being a citizen. in this case, guaranteeing citizens in switzerland $30,000 a year even if they don't work. switzerland overwhelmingly rejected that idea. economists, though, don't hate the idea. obviously there are objections to overcome the biggest worries that you'd encourage people not to work but in most cases, basic universe income goes to everybody even if you do work. imagine what you would do with extra money. people might go to school or open a business, which adds to the economy. we've mentioned in the past a tech incubator here in the bay area wants to try that on a limited basis in oakland. they are going to do it and they
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can do it without a vote. kris? just this in. the mother of a toddler who fell into the gorilla enclosure will not face criminal charges. this outraged people all around the world. the mother had three children with her at the zoo that day. witnesses told investigators she was attentive and merely turned her back for a matter of seconds. the boy climbed over a barrier and fell 15 feet into a moat. a response team shot the gorilla in order to protect the toddler. santa clara county deputies found themselves in the unusual standoff this weekend. instead of waiting for a criminal to emerge from a hideout, they were waiting for a mountain lion to come down from a tree. this all happened at mcclellan mountain reserve in cupertino. deputies evacuated the park after a cat growled at the children and ran up the tree.
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they decided to wait for it to come down and leave on its own accord, which it did, but only after nightfall. >> i subscribe to the city via twitter and i got an e-mail. >> somebody was walking by and then reported it and once it was reported they were basically blocking it off from foot traffic. i've been trying to photograph it for two years now. i finally got a chance to get a picture of it. >> mountain lion attacks are rare. right now, hundreds of firefighters are out on the front line battling six wildfires across the state. most are burning in southern california but there is one near monterey. that fire started saturday afternoon on the border of the national park. more than 3,000 acres are burned and more than 100 homes and buildings are threatened. dozens of crews from the bay area are on their way to help.
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>> the weather is working against them. it's high temperatures, low humidity and strong winds and the fuel type is tall grass and brush which allows for rapid fire starts. >> the fire is 10% contained as of this morning. meantime, people are allowed back in their homes as firefighters make good progress on flames burning in calabasas. this fire broke out on saturday and forced nearly 5,000 people to flee. only one home was damaged but three firefighters were hurt. that fire charred more than 500 acres and is 80% contained. it started after a driver lost control of a car and crashed into power poles, downing lines in three different places. people in parts of florida gulf coast are filling sandbags as tropical storm colin could bring a serious set of floods. a number of schools postponed
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graduations today. meteorologist kari hall is here with a look at our forecast and a bit milder than we had over the weekend, i'd say. >> yeah. it was so hot over the weekend. you'd be happy to know that there is cooler air moving in. as we take a look now at the golden gate bridge, here's part of the reason why we don't have all of that bright sunshine just really heating things up. we still have the clouds and the fog right along the coast and that will help bring down those temperatures there. but then as we look at sunol, it's not as cloudy there. so we are seeing clearing for spots like sunol and the temperature now is at 64 degrees. it's just about the same in san francisco. and the peninsula is at 71 degrees in the south bay. as we drop in to get a closer look, it's set at 73 in santa teresa and 75 in willow glen. seven-day forecast at the bottom
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of the screen shows temperatures going down a couple of degrees each day and it's heading in the right direction. making you feel a little more comfortable. and on the east coast, all attention on tropical storm colin now with wind speeds of 50 miles per hour and a lot of the storm, the shower and thunderstorms displaced to east of that system and is showing it's not really that organized but still will bring a heavy amount of rain for parts of florida and then moving up towards georgia, south carolina carolina and north carolina as well before it moves out into the atlantic. that will bring headlines as it drops up to 8 inches of rain in parts of florida. here at home, we have more dry weather, warm temperatures for the south bay. up to 85 degrees in morgan hill. palo alto, still in the mid-80s but we'll have cooler spots like pacifica, 63 degrees. 66 in the mission district and some upper 70s for parts of the
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north bay. but some inland areas will be hot today. brentwood up to 95 and oakland is at 70 degrees. a very wide range in temperatures. upper 80s for the ftri-valley. we'll have changes throughout the week as high pressure moves away from us. an area of low pressure approaches and won't bring us any rain but stronger onshore flow with the counter clockwise winds. a stronger onshore flow will help cool us off and we see that happen gradually each day as we look at the three-day outlook for the south bay, up to 85 today. 78 on thursday. mid-70s for the peninsula while san francisco stays in the mid-60s. some 80s for the north bay as well as the tri-valley. we'll bring it back to the upper 70s for most of the rest of the week but still very well above average for the tri-valley. 88 degrees today and the average is 78.
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we won't see average temperatures until the end of the week. so once again, slowly heading in the right direction. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. scott and kris? >> thank you, kari. big changes are coming to one of the area's most popular events of the year. why those fleet week fly-bys of the blue angels might not happen. but happening now, a fresno third grader has been banned from making his donald trump make america great again hat because it was causing safety concerns. the story is now trending on our facebook page. and steph curry's decision to withdraw his name from team usa in this summer's olympics. we have more news here in two minutes. san francisco supervisor john
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avalos has proposed a resolution-- restricting the well, san francisco's supervisor john avalon has imposed a new restriction restricting the blue angels flying from over san francisco's skies. this comes a a blue angel jet crashed in tennessee. pilots would no longer be able to fly over san francisco during practices or air shows. a board vote is still pending. the results of the investigation into last week's crash which happened during a practice run.
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the pilot was killed. the usa crown is headed to the capital. an army reserve officer from washington, d.c., has the new title. >> she was crowned last night in las vegas and successfully navigating the title. according to her bio, she's an i.t. analyst and logistics commander for the u.s. army. this is the first time that active duty service member. >> any kind of service. coming up, the race for california goes down to the wire. . >> i don't allow my kids to walk down the streets of east oakland anymore. >> how some residents worry about their safety and other residents embrace a new economic boom. i'm stephen stock. we will hit the streets and uncover the root cause of all of
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this violence still plaguing some parts of oakland and talk to city leaders about what they are doing to fix the problem.
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early this morning. by nbc's count, hillary clinton welcome back. the latest results from puerto rico by nbc's count, hillary clinton is just 22 delegates away from winning the democratic nomination if she continues to have his pledged delegates as well. she's expected to make it semiofficial as well. >> tracie potts looks at the last day of campaigning including california. >> picking up at least half of the island's delegates, she made four stops in the los angeles area. >> i want to finish strong here
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in california. >> six states vote tomorrow and she says he's ready to take it on. >> why i believe the republican nominee should never get near the white house. >> trump would be a disaster and she and i agree on that. >> reporter: trump faces reviews from his own party for criticizing the judge presiding over his trump university lawsuit. >> this judge has treated me very unfairly and in a hostile manner. >> reporter: trump claims it's because his parents are mexican. >> i couldn't disagree more. >> i think he's going to have to change. >> reporter: and the competition in the fall, david french, the national review writer backed by conservatives toying with the idea of a presidential run has
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now confirmed that he will not be an independent candidate. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thank you, tracie. special interest groups have spent money ahead of the primary here in california. they have shelled out $24 million, far more than the previous record of $17 million a few years ago. also this year, independent spending exceeds $1 million in eight races, including the heavily contested senate districts in the south bay. that involves incumbent jim bell who you are not seeing here and assemblywoman nora campos. just where the homeless people who are staying there will go is anyone's guess. according to the emergency shelter that opened up during the super bowl will shut down come july 1st. the 180-bed shelter costs about a million dollar as month to
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operate. a veteran news photographer and editor for national public radio is dead after an attack in afghanistan. he was killed on assignment and the vehicle was hit covered both national and international news for the network and had made several trips to afghanistan. oakland is in the international spotlight right now with the success of the warriors so it's been the target of donald trump's derogatory statements about how unsafe that city is. >> crime is down across oakland but there is also a widening disparity that experts say contributes to violence there. senior investigative reporter stephen stock is here with a closer look at the issue. >> hi, kris.
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we found a vibrant and booming part of oakland where high-tech companies are now moving and jobs are plentiful. but nearby we also found another part of this city, one that still lags far behind the rest of oakland where the only boom comes from the sounds of guns. from coaching football to neighborhood youngsters to raising his family on these streets, 54-year-old todd walker has invested his entire life in oakland. walker should know about putting mouth pieces in the bodies in caskets. while he's volunteered as a football coach for 20 years, he earns his living as a funeral home assistant and over the years, walker has buried more than to of his teenage football players. every one of them shot to death
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on the streets around the fields where they once played. >> as a kid, you probably held as a baby and now you're rolling them in a casket. it's sad. >> reporter: while the overall crime rate in oakland is down, don't tell that to christopher ellis. his son, a rising football star, was murdered on these streets in february 2015. >> i don't allow any of my kids to walk down the streets of east oakland anymore. >> reporter: less than five miles away from the coach's whistle live as different kind of oakland. a booming economy with new headquarters for high-tech opening in downtown every month. unemployment at 8%, high-paying jobs growing by 3% and more. murder, assaults and gun arrests, much less a problem here. close by along highway 13, what we're calling the oakland hills, the disparity grows even greater. unemployment at 6% and dropping where the average salary is 3.5 times what it is in east oakland and where they only had one
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murder, four gun arrests and 45 assaults since last august. contrast that to east oakland with 26 murders, 90 gun arrests, more than a thousand assaults where the latest u.s. census shows us 18% unemployment. average earnings just half of the citywide average and 21,000 people living below the poverty line. >> you have highly impacted poor communities. >> reporter: this is a doctor of social and behavioral sciences at ucsf. >> where businesses have left, where government has essentially pulled out and that you've had a large-scale public and private disinvestment in those communities. >> reporter: he also works with oakland's prevention institute dedicated to finding solutions to the root causes of inner city violence. >> that's why we call it structural violence because it happens as a result of government either policy,
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economic policy or neglect. >> what is your administration doing to fix this? >> so we decided to ask government leaders about exactly that. >> it is not just one thing. it is a robust economy that provides opportunities to those who have been left out in the past. >> reporter: she grew up in oakland, lived her all her life. she recognizes the economic disparities that still divide her city. >> that's why we look at these root causes of crimes. and by that i mean, better jobs, better educational outcomes. we're looking at really building the economy in oakland in an equitable way. >> reporter: she points to the reduction in the crime rate to say that some progress has already been made. >> that's our ticket out of this neighborhood. >> reporter: but in our time walking the streets, we've discovered that attempts to bring prosperity to these neighborhoods also carries another cost as some of these neighborhoods improve, housing and land costs are skyrocketing forcing many long-time residents
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out. >> you see some of the displacement happening and the only way that that doesn't happen is through very planned, mindful approaches. >> how you get the money that is coming in to downtown oakland, how do you get that out into these communities? >> oakland has an affordability crisis right now and it's not just about the cost of housing. it's about the ability for our residents to afford that housing. >> if you ask the average teenager on the streets of oakland, they will tell you, there's nothing for us to do. >> reporter: for residents like christopher ellis, it's too late. he's already lost a son. he's afraid that if more isn't done and soon, he'll lose his community. >> when you send a love one out, the last thing you say is be safe and that's because you know they might not come back. >> to that end, the mayor says her administration has already secured $23 million for oakland promise, a program which will pay for low-income oaklanders who used to go to college but the mayor says much more needs
11:37 am
to be done and that's why oakland has become part of a national movement taking the public health approach towards dealing with all of this violence. it's an effort that the mayor says will take years and an entire community to solve. it's not going to be solved overnight. >> do you think with these new tech companies moving in, obviously they are creating tax base. >> that's right. very helpful. >> are you seeing the tech companies that are also contributing time and their own money? >> at this point, no. that's what the mayor wants to see more of. we've already seen this leaving of people in san francisco. and a lot of the experts are saying we could see the same thing happen again in oakland just between 2013 and 2014. 20% of the african-american and asian community leaving in east oakland left. just in one year. that's a big percentage. and in san francisco, it was 88% in the last decade. so that's a real crisis there if it's not stopped now. >> it's great that they are trying to send the kids to
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college but we've seen time and time again, they come home from school and they get hurt while they are at home on vacation. >> that's right. that's right. keep them in the community and that's what these activists are saying. we must keep them in oakland in order to revitalize oakland. that's the way to do it. that's going to take money and patience. >> much better explanation than donald trump. >> exactly. >> if you have a tip for stephen, call 888-996-tips or second an e-mail to a surprise concert by one of music's hottest stars takes an unexpected turn. how a simple tweet led to chaos early this morning on new york city streets. and temperatures are slowly but surely coming down as we go into this work week. we'll take a look at the wide range of temperatures coming up in the microclimate forecast. a surprise kanye west concert
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caused chaos in new york city early this morning. a surprise kanye west concert caused chaos in new york city early this morning. fans descended on manhattan
11:42 am
after west tweeted about a pop-up show. about 4,000 people swarmed the hall which only holds about 500. the venue announced that the show was canceled and eventually west along with kim kardashian and enterouge departed. right after last night's win, brazilian soccer sensation neymar stopped by the locker room. he signed jerseys. he's in california to watch his home country brazil play in the copa. >> that's right. he's playing for brazil later this summer in the olympics. another copa america game takes
11:43 am
place tonight in the bay area. >> you can watch the game tonight at levi's stadium, argentina versus chile. if you have to go anywhere near that area, anticipate traffic that will start at 4:00 and carry on until 9:00. >> if you're coming down for the sharks game, anticipate that traffic. >> oh, yeah. >> got to get through that to get to the sharks. >> a lot going on but at least the weather is cooperating. it feels better today but it will still be pretty warm in the south bay today. cooling along the coast. that's been the trend as we take a live look now at sunol. you can see nothing but sunshine there. and there are some spots once again along the coast where the clouds are still hovering as we get a live look now from belvedere. the visibility is not as clear as we are seeing in parts of the east bay and south bay. and it's all clear in the south bay now. the view from mt. hamilton shows that there's not a cloud in the
11:44 am
sky and that's also where we will have the warmest temperatures today. it's already up to 71 degrees in the south bay. and as we get a closer look at the north bay now, we have mid-70s in some of the spots. san rafael is at 75 degrees and santa rosa is at 68 degrees and we have 70 in napa. also, 70 now in venetia. some of the temperatures are jumping up and taking it hour by hour in palo alto, nothing but sunshine for the rest of the afternoon. into the upper 70s there with very light wind and mostly clear skies tonight. we're at 64 degrees by 10:00 tonight and we've been keeping tabs on tropical storm colin. this is the third named storm of the season. it could stay active there. this one has wind speeds of 50 miles per hour dumping a lot of rain over florida and that will
11:45 am
continue to move up georgia and north carolina. if you have any travel plans or family in that area, it looks like it will be okay but getting a lot of rain and flooding over the next couple of days. here we have nothing but dry weather. look at these temperatures, though, still pretty warm in the south bay. up to 85 degrees in morgan hill. pacifica, 63 degrees and seven-day forecast, temperatures are going to be trending closer to average towards the end of the week but we still have hot spots like brentwood. up to 95 degrees today while oakland is at 70 degrees and pleasanton expecting a high of 89 degrees. there will be some changes as we go through the week with some of our pressure systems. high pressure brings in the hot and dry weather and that's what has been sitting over us. by the end of the week, a trough is moving in and it won't bring us any rain but it could bring in more cloud cover and a stronger onshore flow to help
11:46 am
bring down the temperatures closer to average. san francisco has been pretty comfortable and it was warm yesterday. warm the past couple of days. today you're looking at a high of 66 degrees. the average high is 65 and pretty much will stay there throughout the week. the biggest difference is for the inland areas like san jose. up to 86 degrees today. average is 76. and we'll have more average temperatures as we go towards the end of the week. and looking ahead to the weekend forecast, it will still be comfortable in the city while we have 70s in the peninsula as well as the east bay and low 80s in a couple of spots but overall not as hot as it was this past weekend and definitely a weekend that will look pretty nice for getting out and about and doing some of the outdoor activities. you don't have to head to the beach this weekend but it will be nice and sunny and warm in some spots. and i'll have another quick look at the forecast coming up a little later. kris and scott?
11:47 am
>> thank you, kari. remember this guy? we told you about him last week. he's 12 and he's about to go to college. now his future is set. we have details after the break. -nish
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abra-ham ? he's the kid who's going to college. do you remember 12-year-old taneesh abraham, the one going to college at 12? there he is, receiving one of his three community college degrees. congratulations. now, he's been assessed at uc davis and he's going to be an aggie. he plans to become a doctor by 18. incredibly, he will not be the only person to have ever
11:50 am
attended. >> he's not even allowed to stay up past 10:00, probably, and he's going to college. a third grader has been banned from wearing his hat to school. it's a "make america great again" hat signed by donald trump. the school district banned him from wearing the hat at school. after you wore it three days in a row, each day more and more classmates confronted him at recess and then on thursday he left class early because school leaders said that the hat was causing safety concerns. logan believes the school is violating his free speech right. children as young as 9 have saved lives with cpr. now as heroin addiction increases nationwide, some children are being taught to administ administer ancedote to save lives from heroin.
11:51 am
>> reporter: at 9 years old, audrey is naturally protective. she's protective of her dog, her family and her little sister is especially protective of her big brother sammy. >> audrey gravitates towards him. >> reporter: most kids are afraid of using needles. she is learning how to use one in case she has to save sammy from an overdose of heroin. >> their fingernails should be blue and they wouldn't wake up. >> reporter: watch them practice giving the reversal drug to stuffed animals. like tens and thousands of families across the country, the possibility of an overdose is a grim reality. in the u.s., someone dies roughly every 20 minutes from an accidental overdose. >> she did ask me the other day what does sober mean. >> that's a telling question.
11:52 am
does she know what that is before sober means. >> i know. >> reporter: stephanie's 26-year-old's son addiction has heard her mother talking about training and how it could save sammy if he had an overdose and insisted on helping him. >> she adores him. >> she does. >> reporter: now they give classes on administering the drug once used only by hospitals and paramedics now available without prescription at many pharmacies across the country. many describe narcan as a lifesaver. take too much heroin, the person stops breathing.
11:53 am
it clears the receptors reversing the overdose. sammy has been clean for a few months now but his mother says they can't let their guard down. >> if a kid could save somebody, why not instead of a nightmare watching somebody die. >> reporter: that means a little sister prepared to save her big brother's life. nbc news, louisville, kentucky. >> and we'll be right back. today, president obama will
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welcome the super bowl champion...denver broncos. touchdown. at the white house. today, president obama will welcome the super bowl champions the denver broncos. this continues a long tradition of honoring the teams for their efforts. the broncos won back in february at levi stadium. >> i love watching the warriors go to the white house but when other teams go, it's like, oh, yeah, that's who won the super bowl. >> i am a denver fan. >> i wasn't even thinking about the broncos. sorry. >> that would be so exciting. it was so fun the last time that they went. but it will be nice sitting in front of the tv today. >> why not, especially with the air conditioner on in the valleys where the temperatures
11:57 am
have been heating up. right now, it's 75 degrees in the south bay while at 65 in the east bay in san francisco and the north bay and we will still see those temperatures climbing in the north bay as well as the tri-valley and into the upper 80s there while we will have some cooler temperatures right along the coast, clouds have been slow to clear. but it's happening. we're starting to see a little more sunshine there in the east bay, up to 76 degrees and the rest of the trend for the week is slightly cooler temperatures, feeling a little bit closer to where it should be this time of year. >> we'll take it. >> thanks so much for joining us. >> our next newscast is at 5:00. go to for the latest. have an absolutely wonderful day. see you back here with sam and laura come tomorrow morning.
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♪ if you want to be anonymous, walk into a room with muhammad ali. no one will see you. all the attention goes to him. he loves it and he deserves it. the legendary muhammad ali, made an indelible impression on everyone. welcome to "access hollywood live." nina parker and star jones are with me this morning. muhammad ali, the story of the weekend and what is your first impression when you think muhammad ali. p. >> i remember the first time i ever met him in person. he was an imposing


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