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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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downtown san jose is buzzing. this is a live look outside of the shark tank. this is the most expensive ticket in town. average prices even more costly than the warriors in the nba finals. 17,000 lucky fans. you can see it there. making their way inside. the game starts at 5:00 right here on nbc bay area. the sharks looking to even the series with the penguins. we'll have more coverage of the sharks in a few minutes. other headlines now. a child stabbed during a bank robbery. it happened a few hours ago at a wells fargo in san leandro. this is video from our chopper. elyce kirchner joins us live. first off, what's the condition of the boy? >> reporter: jess, luckily the boy is in stable condition. he's being treated at a local hospital. he does have to undergo surgery. authorities say he was sitting inside this bank when a woman for no apparent reason stabbed that child three times with either a knife or scissors. it happened in moments.
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>> stabbed from behind while he was seated in the lounge chair. >> a 12-year-old boy was simply waiting for a family member to finish an appointment inside this wells fargo in san leandro when a 32-year-old woman stabbed him in the back three times. >> he thought he had been punched in the back. being punched in the back was the knife entering into his body. >> reporter: authorities say the boy is from out of state and just arrived this past weekend to visit family. >> i can only imagine what this boy is going through, the shock, the scare. probably frightened right now. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the women -- security guards were able to contain her for a short time before she rushed out and into the hands of police. >> in cases like this, as people can imagine, the first thing that would come to mind is she's mentally unstable. that we don't know right now. >> reporter: and back here live, we've just received the suspect's mugshot. you are looking at iona hammond.
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she's in police custody tonight and for now charged with assault with a deadly weapon. depending on the location and the severity of that boy's wounds, she could be charged with attempted murder. reporting live from san leandro, i'm elyce kirchner. >> thank you. just into the newsroom, fire, tear gas and police gunfire have been ruled out as the cause of death in last week's police standoff in fremont. late today the coroner's report found that the suspect died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he's accused of shooting two police officers after a traffic stop in fremont. those two officers are still hospitalized. one is improving, the other remains in critical condition. the verdict is in. the sentence issued but the controversy continues. more backlash this evening about a former stanford swimmer found guilty of rape. last week, a judge sentenced brock turner to six months in jail. now there's a petition to remove
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that judge. this comes as two separate letters, one from the victim and another from turner's father, are going viral. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is on the stanford campus this evening with the latest. >> the sentencing has caused a lot of outrage on campus. >> reporter: many students and faculty members are in disbelief after a former swimmer was sentenced to six months in jail instead of a maximum punishment of ten years in prison. 20-year-old brock turner was found guilty of raping a woman on the stanford campus last january. he could be out on probation in as early as three months. >> is this going to be like a little blink in his life. for this woman, it's going to be a lifetime of grief. >> reporter: in a powerful letter to the judge which has gone viral, the victim urged the court for strict sentencing, saying in part, you took away my worst, my privacy, my energy, my time, my safety, i'm intimacy,
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my confidence, my own voice until today. in turner's defense, his father also wrote a letter to the judge saying incarceration was not an appropriate punishment for quote, 20 minutes of action. >> if you let this get away, happen again. t away, this could >> there's now a petition signed by 90,000 people from around the country. calling for the judge to be removed from the bench for his decision in the case. >> the district attorney says he's disappointed in the punishment saying it does not fit the crime. he does not believe that that judge should step down. reporting live on the stanford campus, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. thank you, michelle. anger over multiple freeway shootings sent five mayors to sacramento for a call to action. they hope a camera crackdown puts an end to scenes like this one. shootings on the freeway. the mayor wants them to pay for
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surveillance camera. the price tag is estimated at $50,000. the meeting with the governor's staff ended not with a yes nor a no. but with the promise of further work on that problem. okay. let's get back to the sharks. the team looking to build on this weekend's overtime thriller to tie up the series with the penguins. >> nbc bay area's colin resch joins us from the shark tank. so much excitement, so much hope. >> reporter: so much hope. we've seen a lot, great goaltending may martin jones, clutch goal. we haven't seen them play a complete game and we haven't seen their captain, joe pavelski, the leading goal scorer in the playoffs, he hasn't lit the lamp once. could this be the night everything comes together for the sharks in game 4? it would be nice. it would send this series back to pittsburgh tied at 2-2. through three games, almost 200 total minutes played, the sharks
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have led for less than a second. jonas -- the winner on saturday night. can they build on their only lead of the series tonight? >> huge win. changes the series and now we've got to take care of business, game 4. >> one much those moments that's special. you get to score, it's special. if you're on the winning side, it's special. obviously, it was a huge goal for us, came at a great time. >> reporter: you think the energy level inside sap center was through the roof on saturday? the sharks won that game. now the fans, they can taste it. they can taste it. they can feel that this team has a chance to actually win this thing. we'll be back live at 8:00 and at 11:00 with highlights and reaction. live outside sap center. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> so much excitement for san jose and the bay area abdomen the sharks and the warriors. we've been waiting 25 years for this in terms of the sharks.
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with that said, you have to be careful with tickets and merchandise. that part of the story in terms of the false merchandise, let's bring in robert handa. >> the fan fest got off to a large start this afternoon for this crucial swing game against pittsburgh. the penguins lead 2-1. the fans want to sigh the series up. one family came from toronto to see their beloved sharks. >> it's been on my bucket list to see a stanley cup game in san jose. i've been to a couple in detroit and buffalo. this is a big one. >> my daughter has been a diehard sharks fan all her life. i'm her dad, i'm doing it for her. i'm cheering with her. >> you're a sharks fan, too? >> amazing, i am. the leafs didn't get in. so i'm a sharks fan right now. go sharks go. >> with the stanley cup finals comes problems. the nhl came to san jose to warn about counterfeit merchandise. the big giveaway, lack of the laser etching on the hologram tag. >> you might something that looks teal.
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but you show up, everybody else a different teal. we see typos on counterfeit products, believe it or not. loose threads, shrinking a couple sizes in the wash. that's not the experience we want our fans to have coming away from something like the stanley cup. >> draymond green for three. puts it in! >> let's talk about the warriors. the warriors halfway to winning a second consecutive championship. can you believe it? they took a 2-0 lead against the cavaliers. the series is now shifting to cleveland. that will be wednesday and friday. even though game 3 and 4 in cleveland. of course, you can still watch them at oracle arena. tickets went on sale today >> one night warriors, one night sharks. having fun with this. a bay area campaign blitz from hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ahead of tomorrow's big primary. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. after warm 80s inland, we're tracking a cooling trend. i'll have details in just a few minutes. we are on the eve of the
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california primary. this could less than 24 hours from now-hilh we are on the eve of the california primary and this could be it. less than 24 hours from now, hillary clinton could have the delegates she needs to secure the presidential nomination for the democrats. clinton and bernie sanders are sprinting to the finish trying to sway last minute voters. mrs. clinton is campaigning in southern california today. her husband, former president bill clinton is spending the day across the bay area. began last night with an appears in los gatos. look at the itinerary today. five events in seven hours. we have multiple reports this evening. nbc bay area's peggy bunker is with bernie sanders. we begin with jodi hernandez and the clinton camp in san francisco. jodi? >> reporter: raj, i'll tell you, former president bill clinton is pouring it on today. we're outside the lee recreation center in san francisco. as you can see, people are lined up to see the former president. this will be his fifth, as you
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mentioned, bay area stop of the day. >> the stakes in this election are maybe even bigger than we know. >> former president bill clinton told voters in oakland the stakes have never been higher. on the eve of the california primary, clinton drove home the importance of getting behind his wife, democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> people look to california. you represent our future. you represent all of our hopes for proving we can bring everybody along. >> the former president spent the entire day taking that message across the bay area. he made stops in hayward, oakland, antioch and richmond before wrapping up the day in san francisco. informing people to vote for a future of bridges, not walls. >> bridges, not walls. come on now. we need to bring our people together. not separate them. >> reporter: people say they like what they heard. many say they're excited to help make history when they cast
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their vote for mrs. clinton. >> i cried when i voted for president obama in '08. just very exciting. i'm very excited to vote for the first female president of the united states. i cannot wait. [ applause ] >> reporter: and we are back here live outside the lee recreation center where, again, you can see folks lining up to see the former president. he's drawing big crowds all over the bay area. he is set to talk here at about 5:30 this afternoon. again, taking he everybody opportunity to take the message out to the polls. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. president clinton not alone tonight. bernie sanders is also in the bay area campaigning in emeryville and san francisco. it will come to a closure here at christie field. tons of people are already there. sanders will cap his day with a get out the vote rally and a
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free concert there. the doors just opened. there are thousands of people there. we continue our coverage with peggy bunker who joins us in san francisco. tell us about what happened with sanders today, peggy. >> reporter: you know, jessica, despite the fact that many, many people have thrown their support behind hillary clinton, in fact, it's expected she'll match that delegate number tomorrow. bernie sanders, nonetheless, out crisscrossing the city today with an exhaust sif schedule. in the mission, we saw him here. before that, he stopped in emeryville and an unscheduled stop in china town. where he walked through the crowd there, shaking hands, taking pictures. then here to city college in the mission where supporters lined up to hear him address issues like prison overcrowding and the deteriorating infrastructure. >> people want to know why we have more people in jail than any other country on earth. 2.2 million people.
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our infrastructure, roads, bridges, water systems, wastewater plants, rail system, airports is in disrepair. we're going to rebuild our infrastructure and when we do that, we create millions of good-paying jobs. >> reporter: sanders said again today that if voter turnout is good tomorrow, they have a fighting chance. but if voter turnout is poor, then likely the support will go to hillary clinton. many people that we talked to today in the mission said they were leaving going to christy field to the concert where dave matthews is expect today play and actor danny glover is expected to show up as well. i'm peggy bunker in the mission district. >> we'll have complete coverage for that after the game. let's talk about donald trump, the other side of the aisle. he's facing harsh criticism for comments about the judge pres e presiding over the trump university lawsuit. he claims he's being treated
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unfairly because his parents are mexican. miss comments are outrageous and offensive they say. >> he'll be watching the election results. another trump rally in san jose. this one with a different tone. his supporters are demanding answers after last thursday's violent rally in downtown. trump supporters now claim the city of san jose didn't do enough to protect them. they say the mayor ordered officers to stand down. it's a claim that mayor sam ly car dough denies. >> i'm mad as hell and i'm knot going to take it anymore. >> we saw a violent situation from a few thugs. we'll do everything we can to follow-up and make more arrests. >> san jose police say more arrests are imminent and they hope more witnesses and victims come forward to identify their attackers. let's talk more about the weather. it's going to be cold down at
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christy field tonight. >> that fog is rolling in right now. we also have warm temperatures inland. not a bad way to start off the week as we head throughout the next dumb couple of days. you can see the fog in san francisco. currently, 62 degrees. a mild 77 for the average in the east bay. an average as well in the south bay in the 70s. downtown specifically, unlimited visibility and 75 degrees. through tomorrow morning's forecast, we have the fog coming back. you'll see that in the forecast. with enough of that moisture rolling in across san francisco that will likely see spotty areas of drizzle and 55. 59 for the peninsula and the south bay at 58. let's take you to the microclimate forecast. temperatures will warm up a few degrees tomorrow. still a beautiful day on the south bay. that will put san jose at 83 degrees. over to morgan hill, 86. palo alto, 79. a string of 60s through san francisco. the coolest microclimate, the
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marina and 64. fog is expected to continue to roll across the golden gate bridge. for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, you are probably very glad to see there's no 90s or 100s. looking good tomorrow in danville at 85 degrees. back to livermore, 86. for napa, it warms up to 81. then right here across mill valley, 74 degrees. high pressure is building into place here. at least through tomorrow. but that's going to begin to fade by wednesday. that will make way for our next weather maker. you're going to be able to see here, it's the cooling trough of low pressure. there's no rainfall associated with this. but as this drops down here across the western coastline, it's going to be good enough to drop our inland temperatures into the 70s. we get at least some comfortable weather as we head throughout this week after those hot 100s we had at least within the past eight days. here's how it looks. by thursday, 79 degrees for walnut creek. by friday, 77. then here we go again. it gets hot again by sunday at
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90 degrees. coolest days this week, thursday and also on friday. here's how that trend plays out for other portion was the north bay. you'll be able to see here by friday, 78 degrees. by saturday, 83. by sunday, 92. the south bay will go from the 78 on friday up to 90 degrees on sunday. raj and jess, cool and comfortable as we head throughout this week. by sunday, it does get hot again. of course, more coming up tonight. >> that's good hockey weather. >> hot like that? >> thank you, jeff. coming up, a wildfire in monterrey county. help is on the way. a few bay area departments are responding. >> yes, we're counting down to the stanley cup final on nbc bay area. it's a hot ticket. how do you protect yourself from getting scammed with fake tickets? we've got some answers. tonight a strike team from the
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south bay is battling a roaring wildfire in monterey county. =vo= they've joined a crew from alameda county who are also more help has arrived.
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they're battling a wildfire in monterrey county. they've joined a crew in alameda county. it's grown to 3200 acres southwest of king city. also burning in lows padres national forest. it spread quickly because of strong winds and hot temperatures. this is just one of six large wildfires. you can see right there, burning across the state tonight. what a time for the bay area. another superstar is in town. he may be even more popular than steph curry and lebron james. leonell messi is here. features argentina, his country versus chile. part of the tournament. because of a back injury, he will be coming off the bench for argentina. won't be starting the match. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. if you plan to go or have to go near levi stadium or 101 in santa clara, be prepared for
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heavy traffic. he may be adding another championship ring, but he won't be playing for olympic gold. steph curry announced he's withdrawing his name from consideration for the 2016 summer grams in brazil. his injury sustained during the playoffs was a major factor. >> he needs a break. >> well-deserved. we're a few minutes away from game 4 of the stanley cup final on nbc bay area. it's a great time for the sharks and ticket scammers. we'll show you how to avoid being swindled. if you've had your car stolen in
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the bay area, you're not alone. ==take voprepro== the bay area is among the top regions in the nation with the if you've ever had your car stolen in the bay area, you're not alone. it's among the top regions in the nation with the worst car thefts in the country. san francisco alone had more than 30,000 car thefts. that includes oakland and hayward. the ranking is actually encouraging because san francisco had the most thefts the year before.
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now it's ranked number five. i guess that's good news. the number one distinction goes to modesto. several other metropolitan areas made the list, stockton, lodi, vallejo and fairfield. >> talk about getting scammed. it's terrible. that's how sharks fans after shelling out big money for tickets that look really, really well. >> they called police and us. specifically chris gomorrah. you were showing us the tickets. >> these are legitimate looking. but they're not legitimate at all. the same is likely true of warriors tickets. two sharks fans lost $700 and 800 bucks respectively. a third one fell for a $1200 ripoff. the sour deals started on craigslist. the sharks don't guarantee tickets resold there. the team only guarantees resold via ticketmaster. protect yourself. use the official site for the team. if you choose to take your
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chances with a scalper, i'll warn you, they'll probably offer to meet you at the box office to verify them. it sounds considerate and bogus. the sharks said they verify tickets on gameday at the gate. not in advance. still determined to buy from a stranger? at least snap a photo of the seller. if you're scammed and file a police report, which i suggest you should do, at least that mugshot will give detectives one clue. speaking of pictures, there's a huge gamble in posting photos of your tickets online. savvy counterfeiters can easily download the bar code there to make countless copies of their own and you'll be left at the gate to sort it all out. do you have a consumer complaint, reach out to nbc bay area responds. 888-996-tips or share your story at back to you, raj and jess. this is why i watch it on tv. >> you've got to guard the tickets. >> the game here on nbc bay area. we're back in a moment. one last look at the shark
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tank... the game startn moment
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okay. get ready to bleed teal. sharks and penguins game 4 of the stanley cup final coming up next right here on nbc bay area. >> go sharks. the first time a home game in the stanley cup final being played here in 25 years. >> it was their biggest moment in franchise history. but in the spring never before seen in san jose there was heightened tension. the home team trailing in the series, desperate for a win. >> scores! deflected in front and the final minute of the second period. >> for the third straight game, the sharks needed a goal late in regulation.


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