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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  June 9, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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crosby. terrific effort by the sharks tonight. particularly their goaltender. but as you think back over the everything, some individuals particularly individuals that were found wanting early, pavelski had quite a game both defensively and offensely. couture was magnificent. a loud puntuation to the night here and a little extra from fehr and dillon. you're batching the stanley cup final presented by geico, continue, a special tonight show starring president obama. right now over to nbcsn. that's where our stanley cup post game coverage continues. good night, all.
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right now in nbc bay area, wild and crazy night in pittsburgh leads to a wild celebration in san jose. the sharks fight on and they're coming home with a renewed spirit. thanks for joining us. >> this is part of our stanley cup coverage. what a night. >> what a night and what a game. you might have seen it. just right now on nbc bay area, here it is. time wound down and pittsburgh and that sealed it. the sharks beat the penguins,
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4-2. the team captain, his first goal of the entire series. what does that mean for the sharks? not only do they get the win but they force a game 6 game 6 will be back here in san jose. pittsburgh leads the series. the sharks hang on for dear life and they're still very much alive in the stanley cup finals. the penguins are hoping to get it tonight. that didn't happen. game 6 is at the shark tank this sunday. both games right here on nbc bay area. we're just beginning our sharks coverage. we have live crews in san jose with the watch parties and we have collin rash in pittsburgh tonight. he'll join us as we continue our sharks coverage. new twist in the brock turner sentencing.
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congresswoman jackie spear and vice president joe biden are now weighing in. the growing anger comes since we learned that turner will likely be released after serving three months of his six month sentence. we have the latest from the courthouse. >> reporter: turner is expected to be released on september 2nd, which is three months early. we also know from the sheriff's department he is being held in protective custody and being separated from the general population inside the jail. 20-year-old brock turner was found guilty of sexually assa t assaulting an unconscious woman. we're learning more about his party history through newly released court documents filed by prosecutors. in a letter to the judge he wrote coming from small town in ohio, i had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol. he says he was influence bd by e
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party culture of the stanford swim team. documents show he has several text messages from high school referring to drinking, doing weed and acid. there's also a video of him using a bong. the judge was aware of the lies before the sentencing. >> our justice system must become better than this. >> reporter: this morning on the house floor congressman jackie spear introduced a new piece of legislation to help sur vvivorsf sexual assault on campuses. >> rape is one of the most violent crimes a person can commit not as mr. turner's father said, quote, 20 minutes of action. >> she is someone. >> reporter: today millions of people have watch and shared this powerful video in honor of the woman who survived the attack. the stars of hbo girl's are
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calling on everyone to stand by her and other survivors. nearly a hundred thousands people have signed a petition to have the judge in this case removed. tomorrow it will be presented in san francisco. on sunday, there's a protest planned on the stanford campus and also happens to be graduation day. it's a political revolution. it's not stopping. >> they're packing up berp knni sanders campaign office. they say this fight is far from over. california's controversial right to die law goes into effect today. we'll have the details on that law, coming up. good evening. a beautiful sunset across san francisco. we're tracking hotter temperatures for your weekend. details in a few minutes.
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california's controversial
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right to die law went into effect today. it gives terminally ill patients the right to end their lives medication prescribed by a doctor. >> some medical professionals are opting out. pete, this is a legal ethical and medical issue here. a lot of factors at play. what's the reaction from the doctors? >> reporter: i spoke to two doctors and they will take wait and see approach to this. their hope is when it comes to terminally end patients, this end of life option doesn't become their first option. >> it's by taking control of what happens to me. >> reporter: jennifer glass was a fierce backer of california's end of life option. she passed away in august after a year's long battle with lung cancer. he's her widower. he remembers her last days. >> she wanted to have an option to have a peaceful end and not having to go through the final trauma of fluid building up in
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her lungs and unable to breathe. >> reporter: it was signed in october and went into effect today. it gives terminally ill patients the option to legally end their lives with medication prescribed by a doctor. they must be over 18, mentally competent enough to make their own health care and givening the prognosis of six months to live. he says patients should consider this option carefully. >> someone cannot make this decision for you and you have to be able, ultimately, to take the medications yourself. >> reporter: laura works at the san francisco v.a. and originally testified against this option. she believes the issue is bigger than just a prescription. >> it's not safe to introduce this type of measure when you don't have things in place for people to have universal access to health care. >> reporter: california's department of public health will track any data as it relates to
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this law. they plan to release their annual report next july. federal court ruled that americans do not have a constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon in public. in a 7-4 vote, the court upheld a california law which requires people seeking a concealed carry permit to provide a good cause for doing so. permits are often sought by people being stalked or threatened along with those who routinely carry a large amount of cash. critics si this flies in face of the second amendment. this case is likely to be appealed all the way to the u.s. supreme court. 21 to buy alcohol and now 21 to buy tobacco. you have to be 21 to purchase tobacco or e cigarettes. the only exemption is for active
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military personnel. big news on the campaign trail and it starts at the oval office. president obama endorsed hillary clinton for president. >> i want to congratulate hillary clinton as making history as the presumptive democratic nominee for president of the united states. i know how hard this job can be. that's why i know hillary will be so good at it. in fact, i don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office. >> the white house says president obama plans to campaign with mrs. clinton next week in wisconsin. the president endorsed mrs. clinton not long after pleating with bernie sanders today. the question remains how long will senator sanders stay in this race. senator is pledging to stay in it for now saying that he will
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participate in the washington, d.c. primary next week. sanders says he will meet with hillary clinton soon to talk about how they can work together. nbc bay area jodi hernandez stopped by the senator's oakland campaign officer where workers are closing up shop. they say they are still feeling the bern. >> reporter: his office has been a hub of activity. bernie sanders himself paid a visit here just a few weeks ago. tonight, volunteers are getting ready to close the doors for good. >> cleaning up, packing up. making sure the landlord still likes us. >> reporter: bernie sanders volunteers are closing up shop. preparing to shut down his oakland campaign office as the race winds down. >> i will be competing in the d.c. primary which will be held on next tuesday. >> reporter: today sanders vowed to stay in the race through early next week. after meeting with president obama, who endorsed hillary
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clinton today, sanders also hinted he, too, may soon join the clinton camp. >> i look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump and to create a government which represents all of us. >> hasn't really fully sunk in yet. >> reporter: sanders supporters who helped rally huge crowds in the bay area over the past several weeks and months, say they're doing a lot of soul searching right now as they figure out where to go from here. >> i think you have a small cross section of people who choose not to vote. i think the majority of them will turn over and vote for hillary because a trump presidency is a horrific reality. >> this is a political revolution. it's not stopping. >> reporter: sanders supporters say they are proud of what they've been able to accomplish over the last several weeks and months.
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the doors will close for good tomorrow. in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. as for donald trump, he had the day off from campaign events but reacted to president obama's endorsement of hillary clinton on twitter. this started a fire storm. trump tweeted, quote, obama just endorsed crooked hillary. he wants four more years of obama but nobody else does. secretary clinton then tweeted back. delete your account. this whole exchange went viral. more arrests connected to donald trump's rally last week. four more people have been arrested for playing a role in that anti-trump violence outside the convention center. you're looking at an additional suspect that police are look for. one of them appears to be a woman caught on camera burning an american flag. the mayor has publicly denounced violence. several of the people arrested are minors.
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the latest suspect taken into custody is just 16 years old. he's wanted for allegedly attacking two people and vandalizing private property. a south bay high school wrestling coach is now accused of molesting a 14-year-old girl. investigators have arrested him on charges of committing a lewd act. they say it happened last month. he's a coach at independence high and in charge of the summer school's wrestling club. the girl is a member of that club. he was killed during a home invasion robbery. one of the suspects was convicted and sentenced in 2014. two more suspects have been convicted. both found guilty of murder, robbery and criminal threats and false imprisonment. one of them is due to be sentenced in july. the other in august. the final suspect in the case
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who pled guilty and cooperated with police is due to be sentenced this summer. three teenage girls are recovering after being rescued in an alleged sex trafficking ring in oakland. officers found teenage girl in a home on 65th street just off san pablo avenue. she told police she had been kidnapped. police took the girl to safety. today a further investigation led to the rescue of two more girls from the same home. police have two suspects in custody, a man and woman in their 20s. they say the suspect drives us to businesses in this car, a white dodge caravan and uses a rock to break a window, except in one case where he used the car to break a door. he enters the business, steals money from the cash register and takes off. the crime spree started last
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month. a whistle blower at sysco describe unsafe conditions when it comes to delivering food. >> senior investigative reporter first exposed concerns which prompted company wise changes, but now there are new allegations. >> reporter: it's been three years since we first told you about sysco cooperation storing raw food in out door unrefrigeratored sheds across america. they responded with sweeping reforms. now whistle blowers in canada say the company is still putting public health at risk. fine meet, chicken, raw pork, this is just some of the frozen food whistle blowers say they found sitting in temperatures above 60 degrees. >> they're just doing a lot of wrong things. >> reporter: insiders say for years, they witnessed perishable
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food sit unrefrigeratored at this overnight loading station called the cross dock. it distributes food to thousands of people and supposed to be used as a pit stop to transfer food between refrigeratored trailers. >> it's supposed to be used for only general freight. it's dry goods or farm equipment, machinery parts or stuff like that. >> reporter: they say it's unknown how many hours elapsed but they saw the food sitting out for one hour on multiple nights. workers believe scheduling made the food sit out longer. >> i woun get my groldn't get m out of it. people are eating and they have no clue.
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they asked to be disguised for fear of retaliation after management showed them the report discussing food safety. >> for them to show us that video because everybody knows what's going on and we're doing wrong. they think we're just going to turn a blind eye. it's not right. >> how does it make you feel knowing that this food isn't being properly stored and could possibly be putting these people at risk? >> not good. that's why i decided maybe something should be done about it. >> a spokesperson denied the company allows food to sit out for hours at its cross stop facility. in a statement, they said that conduct other cross docking operations in other locations in the u.s. and canada in manner consistent with our food policies and procedures. days after they came forward, the company brought refrigeratored trailers and hired additional personnel to
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ensure that food is immediately refrigera refrigerated. it's a measure they hope will be enough to prevent this from happening again. >> i hope they do things properly. >> representatives from kfc, subway and dairy queen said food safety is a high priority and they're reviewing the claims. officials tell us they conducted a surprise visit and did not observe any violation. they visited during the afternoon, not overnight when insiders say the food sits unrefrigera unrefrigerated. >> if you like the reach out to vicky and have a tip for her, you can give us call or you can send an e-mail to the unit at bart will be asking for billions of dollars in this election. they just awe proved the $3.5
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million bond measure that voters should decide. it includes $625 million for replacing worn out tracks. another 400 million to replace out dated train control system. rents are coming down in the bay area. a series of new apartment buildings are slowing demand and should help push rent down for the remainder of the year. research shows rent fell 7% in san francisco last month. the average dropped from 40 to $100 to just under 4,000 a month. back to our top story. the sharks survive and force a game 6 in the stanley cup final. the game was out in pittsburgh. >> they really have something to
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party about. >> reporter: what a nail biter it was. the fans were so tense but now they are finally out here just relaxing, enjoying this victory. ta knew this game would be intense. they're still brcelebrating rig now. until the last minute, it was a do or die atmosphere. these guys are so excited that the stars are coming back for yet another game. they're going to take the cup everyone saying. very excited fans out here.
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still partying tonight. firefighters are getting ready for a long, hot summer. the smoke rising west of highway 4 today, eastern antioch was just a drill. firefighters are setting controlled burns to prepare for all types of wildfire scenarios. they say the hills in antioch is perfect ground. >> the hills can catch on fire. last year there were 3 or 400 acres out. >> it was a real fire that damaged some homes not far from this controlled fire late this afternoon and these crews will be training along highway 4 for the rest of the week. don't be too alarmed if you see some smoke along highway 4.
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our temperatures went down a little bit. tfrs the perfect night to be partying out in san jose celebrating the sharks. >> looking toward that sunday game in san jose. weather forecast that are on sunday. low 80s, pre-game. finding upper 50s and low 60s. we do have some patchy fog in san francisco. that will be making a comeback for tomorrow morning. it does not look like the fog will be super thick but definitely expect some of that fog for the morning hours. south bay also temperatures in the low 50s. as we get a look at the microclimate forecast, the end of the workweek for a lot of us. sang
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san jose, 76. for san francisco, temps in the mid-60s. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, another comfortable day. for the east bay anywhere from 70 in oakland to walnut creek in 78. the main thing that will help to continue to keep temperatures so nice for tomorrow, this area of low pressure sitting up toward seattle. as that moves off to the north and also the east, we have some mild weather your friday forecast. it will also pick up the winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. tomorrow is the last day of this great weather we've had most recently. we'll see this area of high pressure build in by saturday and sunday. you probably seen the results of that already on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. it will increase temperatures anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees. let's focus in more on that. you'll see where we will go in terms of our temperatures.
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for the south bay, 77 for the average on friday. again, looking good. by saturday, 83 degrees. on sunday's forecast we pop up to 87. for san francisco, it stays in the 60s through saturday. for the tri-valley we'll have 78 on friday and a 10-degree jump by sunday's forecast and 88. sunny and warm into the upcoming weekend which may have you thinking about any kind of rain prospects. what's happening with el nino. all signs continue to point toward el nino fading throughout the rest of this month. that will force the storm track off to the north. drought impacts return. next thing we're really looking ahead towards 75% chance of la nina developing. the best guess right now from long range models is not really great one. it could mean below or above average rain. i know it's kind of murky there.
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we'll be tracking closely over the next couple of months and hopefully we'll have a better idea of that. >> thank you. hopefully that ice is okay sunday night at the shark tank for the sharks. not just the sharks making headlines. for the first time in six months, we're hearing from collin kaepernick. we wanted the 49ers to trade him. here he is still in santa clara. >> i don't think it's been odd or awkward situation. that was a business aspect of football. at this point, i'm here. i'm excited to be with chip and these coaches. the offense has been amazing. i'm excited to be back on the field with them. it was a great feeling to be out there this week. >> okay. not awkward at all. he is competing for the starting quarterback role. still to come, we're going to go back out to pittsburgh. >> so much excitement. are cities making money on
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sidewalk repairs? you asked and now nbc bay area responds. that's next.
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a sidewalk repair cash cow for city government. >> chris, what did you find? >> thousands of letters that tell residents you must fix your sidewalk and pay $100 for an inspection. san jose issued more than 14,000 of those letters over the past two and a half years. yes, 14,000. look at the clutter created when we mapped them all out. the dots are simply everywhere. this plot does not expose over zealous inspectors hungry to pad the city's books. the transportation department told us 75% of sidewalk cases arise from neighbors turning in their neighbors. also, it's $100 inspection fee
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only covers half of its costs. taxpayers eat the rest. use the map on your website, while you're there, you can leave us a tip on our response page or you can call us at 888-996-tips. >> thank you, chris. it's delay but it's not a cancellation. leaders are confirming despite a few snags, it will soon arrive in san jose. the flights were due to arrive last month. today the company still has plans to establish san jose to shanghai service but not until september. the company is not saying what led to that delay. : let's get back to our story of the night. we're talking sharks hockey.
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>> reaction from the coach and highlights, next.
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how much do we need? >> $768 per person. that's the cheapest seat for your type of seat. sharks tickets more expensive than warriors tickets. collin joins us from the ice. i think it will be a ticket well worth spending money on. >> yeah, guys. i'm still trying to catch my breath after that one. with all of pittsburgh expecting to party into friday morning, the sharks silence the field and they're sending the series back to san jose. let's get straight to the
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highlights. three minutes in, pair of goals. how about logan couture on the redirect in front. a quick 2-0 lead. logan ties with three points from the first period of the n stanley cup final game. point blank range. 44 saves for jones and for good measure. his first of the series. 4-2, sharks. it's heading back to san jose for game 6. >> we needed some big game performances from our key guys. jones is one of those guys. he was fantastic and gave us a chance in a tough environment. we got some big games from some
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other people too. we found way to stay alive and bring it back to san jose. >> coming up at 11:00, we'll have reaction from the locker room. it's much more fun to interview them after a win like this. >> much better move. >> live in pittsburgh. back to you. go get those tickets. those are cheap for you. >> just keep driving. >> thanks for joining us. see you at 11:00. >> bye. 1-800-688-6621
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