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tv   Today  NBC  June 16, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is thirsty thursday. don't worry, you have about ten minutes before we have to do i-hoda. wild heart by the vamps. we have a great show today. melissa rivers is here, sharing some very very personal items that brong to her mom, the beloved joan rivers. she will tell you how you can make them yours if you want them. we just were speaking to her in the makeup room. >> she was talking about it just doesn't get easier. sometimes it's just a wave of grief comes over you when you don't even expect it.
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she says in some ways, doing this auction has been harder than mother's day was. we'll catch up with her. because we are so excited, bobbie's here. >> bobbie's here? >> wait. whenever myles comes, it's a big pumpkin head in his sleepy. it's okay, little one. it's okay, little one. >> look at his eyes. he is precious. she's got the latest products for the little one in your life. don't you love to sit them down like that? >> yes. >> he's got a binky. >> oh, it's okay. it's okay, little one. >> why don't you nurse him, bob. right here on television. that's what our guys are wishing for. okay. >> then it is -- that was so out. >> it's the truth. i know these guys. i love them but i know them. >> sibling surprise, we brought
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two sisters in from the pouring new york rain for a double dose of ambush makeovers. we will see the big reveals coming up. >> i know i say it to you every time but everyone has a story will so lift your spirits. we have been through a really tough week as a nation, especially in orlando. we are honoring a wonderful dance teacher and her very special student, and the husband of the dance teacher who sent in the most -- in honor of father's day, i thought it would be a nice thing to honor a man, you know, who just loves his wife so much. >> we will hear from them. fallon had fun last night. he was talking about the bachelorette show and jimmy fallon has this suggestion box. he lets the audience kick in ideas on things they think he should do. one of the guys in the audience suggested instead of using the actual voices of the bachelors on that program, they use the voices of children instead. >> because they are acting like children but have adult bodies. >> let's take a look.
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>> hey, chad. >> what do you want? >> why are you here? >> huh? >> why are you here? >> what? >> i can't believe you didn't just come right up to me and apologize. you owe me an apology and a shirt because you ripped my shirt. >> you're ridiculous. leave me alone! >> kids bachelorette. genius on many levels. >> by the way, doesn't it put it all in perspective? genius. all right. so there is a photo that's floating around of taylor swift playing a little kissy-face with an actor named tom hiddleston. >> he's cute. >> he is cute. the uk publication called "the sun" got a picture of it. it got people buzzing because she had just broken up with calvin harris a couple weeks now, now she's seen with this young man. >> how old is she, 26?
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>> she's playing the field. he's single, she's single. what do people want her to do? hide for a couple months? >> be heartbroken and lick her wounds. >> write some songs. >> she was dating calvin harris for a little more than a year, right? a little more than a year. then they called it quits. >> isn't that a record for her? i don't follow it the way a lot of people do but that seems like a serious relationship. >> we don't get to see the picture of them kissing? oh, that's good. >> she went like this and he went like that. >> yeah. like that. that was it. >> you know who did something more than that? ashton kutcher and mila kunis. they did more than kissy-face. they have another baby on the way. congratulations to them. they are expecting their second child. >> the couple will have they are parents, as you know, to another daughter, wyatt isabelle. and they're such a cute couple. >> they are. >> nice to see them. >> okay. alrighty.
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she said she wanted to do it, and this woman gets everything she wants. >> who? >> helen mirren said she wanted -- bfs it was all over for her, to be in a "fast & furious" movie. she loves them. so i guess they heard about it and offered her a role. but she said she could only do it if she could drive. she loves driving. >> she's going to star in the movie coming out april 14th, 2017. >> the bar up to everything, you know. >> she fits in all kinds of roles. you can puat yourer, right? >> like merle. >> and still look good in a bikini when they're 70 years old. >> hello. >> she really does. >> and look what we have here. >> half of them are gone. >> you can't stop eating them. >> perfect before we started putting our mark on it. >> oreo thins, the new nest flavors. this is the lemon. >> yeah. >> and this one is the chocolate. so we have lemon and chocolate. so we try --
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>> you like the lemon. >> really go for them. the difference is this. >> calories, right? >> they're thinner, yeah. so that means there are fewer calories. these are 7.5 millimeters thick. while the regular ones are 12.5. so almost two. >> i wish they would put it in inches. >> because not quite one? >> we don't get the metric. >> less than one. so four of these is 1 -- are 140 calories. so that's 140. that would mean like two regular oreos. >> yes. >> is 140. you know what my problem with thin things like this is? >> you eat more of them. of. >> yeah. >> that's the problem. but they are delicious. if you want a nice snack. if you're going to drink it with tea and coffee, make sure it's not too hot. one more survey -- >> they said if you drink really, really hot coffee, to cause burning of the esophagus. anything, really? >> what about soup? >> or soup. >> anything. >> water! hot water! >> who knew. alrighty. >> these are rolling t, by the way, this month. >> if you've got some cash lying
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around, you might want to look into buying marilyn monroe's new york city pent house apartment, right down the street from where frank and i had our first home together. when she was married to arthur miller, two-bedroom, two-bathroom new york city penalty house, lived in it after they were married in the '50s. for sale. look at that. bobby short lived there after wards and so did bill blass. 2,300 square feet. 3,000 feet of terraces. >> look at the terrace! >> only $6.75 million. hoda, you could buy that this afternoon? >> $6.75 million? 5,000 if you add it. >> more importantly, take this next one. >> so we have a question for you. and we want you to be honest when you think about it. >> we've discussed this many times. >> when you get in the shower and all of a sudden you're in there and you realize you have to go number one, do you get out of the shower, or do you just let it roll?
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most people let it roll. buzzfeed found that more than 80% of people say they're not going to get out, dry off, sit on the toilet, flush the toilet, flush away gallons of water. >> while the shower is still running. >> but just to show how it skeefs out from people, this is kyra sedgewick's character and boyfriend argue about peeing in the shower. >> you're still here, drinking coffee. you went upstairs and the neighbors ask to use the bathroom? >> no, i took a shower. >> what does that mean? you peed? in the -- oh! oh, no! >> oh, for god sake, everything went right down the. >> she makes him scrubby, scrubby, scrub. with bleach. >> do you guys get grossed out taking a shower? >> no. >> you're talking to guys. >> right. >> that pee. >> so that's -- my 26-year-old son prefers a bush to anything else in life. yeah. see, ifl science sees peeing in
10:09 am
the shower could conserve -- you may want to rethink this. 185 billion gallons of water a year. and in places where there is a drought, i highly recommend you start doing it in california. >> wow. some people -- it does gross out some people like that. they think -- >> doesn't urine have a particular purity to it, they say? >> they always say that. but you don't want it around. you don't want it on a seat -- a toilet seat? you're like yuck. >> anyway -- >> so we have time for i hoda. >> we should have done a wine bottle on that. >> so are you ready? remember how much we loved fleuris? >> yes. >> by the way, she has a new music video and the studio is in her music studio. this is a song called "breakfast" and i loved it so much, i had to pick it. >> of course you did. >> let's do it! >> i like her, i will probably like this. ♪ ♪ don't worry
10:10 am
♪ >> look what she did for us. >> yeah. ♪ ♪ all right all right >> am i supposed to be fascinated by you looking at me like that? >> i'm watching you enjoy it. ♪ fleuris. >> she's fantastic. >> if you like the i hoda playlist -- >> and why would you? >> it's on apple music. so go oh to apple music and you can download them and go running. i haven't seen found it -- but i heard it's on there. >> you can find us on sirius xm 108 all week long and find hoda woman every monday and tuesday. >> melissa rivers will share some of her mother's most prized possessions. >> two sisters get glammed up and gorgeous. wait until you see their ambush makeover. and stick around. everyone has a story. because they do. >> i'm afraid to -- the sensational news?
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right next door to us at rockefeller center at the famed christie's auction house, something special is happening. >> starting online today and live on june 22nd, the world will get a glimpse inside the private collection of joan rivers. >> her daughter, our friend melissa rivers, is here to tell us about it. how are you doing, darling? >> i'm all right. how are you? >> this sucks. >> it sucks and it's hard and it's difficult and you're going through it. >> let's make a toast to joan.
10:15 am
she would love that. fine crystal. is this her crystal? >> this is her crystal. >> cheers. >> there we go. we miss you, joan. >> we do. >> you both actually used this crystal before. >> ever friend of joan's at one point or another was there for a luncheon or party. her home was, the first time i saw it was with kathie, we went over there. >> we got in bed. >> you did get in bed. i believe one or two nights you may have gone head first. legs akimbo. >> what is it like since her passing, just having her things and touching them and all of that? >> you know, it's difficult. it's been a really tough process figuring out what to keep and what to let go of. >> did it surprise you, some of the things? >> it very much surprises you what you want to keep. >> what did you want to keep? >> the things i really wanted to keep were things i don't think
10:16 am
anybody else would want. her toothbrush cup. you know? the soap dish. >> but they were beautiful. things she used every day. >> intimate things. i would be in her bathroom talking to her, that was in my eye line that i would see. also as you know, because you knew my mom well, she believed in using her things. >> and sharing them. >> and sharing them. she gave me a great gift, which was she had her -- we didn't feel beholden to her. her thing was keep what you want, sell the rest, let it go, let someone else love it and enjoy it. give some money to charity and get stuff that you love and you want to use. and know that it's from me. >> such a healthy way to look at it. instead of grabbing on and not letting anything go. >> so what are some of the things? >> god, there's so many. the opera glasses.
10:17 am
a judith lever bag. >> we all love that. beautiful. >> there's a lot of beautiful jewelry. the coral and gold. this was a gift one year, joan's trash bag. things from her desk. even something as simple as a little cartier, this was actually a little money clip. so it's a lot of very personal things. there's clothing, there's the faberge collection. >> she had quite the collection. you must have kept one or two of those. >> i'm recurating the collection. i kept the pieces that are most meaningful to me. again, so many things in faberge and things like that, you are really only the caretaker of them. >> are people constantly coming up to you and asking you how you're doing and feeling and talking about joan? how does that make you feel when
10:18 am
that happens? >> i try and be gracious and i try and i'm always so touched that people still remember and usually, you say thank you and it's very meaningful and there are some days you just want to go ahhh! >> people don't realize because they are trying to be kind but it just rips the scab right off, doesn't it? >> i'm having a really bad day! but you don't say that. >> because they're trying. >> they're trying. again, the outpouring of love has been so tremendous. you focus on that. >> and you have a big weekend coming up, too, right? you will be honoring your mom? >> next wednesday at the kennedy center they are launching their comedy festival, and they are opening it with a tribute to my mother, and my mother had always wanted a kennedy center honor or mark twain prize. not that i'm bitter, she was
10:19 am
never given either in her lifetime. i don't know what they are going to do, hint-hint. they didn't give her either and offered to honor her at the comedy festival, and i followed in my mother's footsteps and said okay, we'll take the closest we can get. >> the private collection of joan rivers auction at christie's goes online today and live june 22nd. thanks for coming to see us. so miss your mom. two sisters get ready to turn heads when they hit the town with their ambush makeover. that's coming up. this is how you apply the first paint that kills bacteria. sherwin-williams paint shield continuously kills 99.9% of bacteria. totally breakthrough.
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10:23 am
they don't sell these. these are adult sized. just for fun for you ladies. >> i love it. >> these promotional sizes. myles will rock away while we talk about some of my favorite things i have come across. first, any mom that has an umbrella stroller knows it's great when you have a lightweight stroller but the minute you go shopping and try to deal with baby and put a heavy bag on the back, it tips back. so this is designed by a mom of three. she came up with putting clips on the bag that slip on and help distribute the weight evenly so you can get ten pounds and it doesn't tip. it's really great. such a good idea. you can pack them in your bag and use them on regular strollers, too, even on bicycles and if you have somebody with a wheelchair, these bags are great. they kind of hook on anything. next -- >> what is that? >> this looks like a hockey -- >> from the jetsons. >> you are sort of trying to defend when baby has toys during
10:24 am
eating time they are chucking them on the floor back and forth. this is called tray amigo. it keeps the toys inside the tray. in the car seat it won't go down the cracks. so it's your best friend. then over here, we have such a precious idea. this is by pinhole press. they make books that you can help baby learn not just colors and numbers, but you can actually put people in there, like daddy and then we have his cousin. so you can flip through and find even chica, who he learned already. >> does chica love him? >> so much. we have kathie and hoda in here, too. i also have fun accessories i listed on our website like the nail buffer and teething toy. one of the last things i want to mention, little baby bum gets over 500 million views a month. >> what? >> you are probably like what is little baby bum. that was my question when i
10:25 am
first became a mom. this is the most adorable video that you can play on youtube that will instantly calm your child. myles is mesmerized. he saw his little friends. i can tell you it's been a life saver. plush animals have come to life and he hasn't even seen them yet but they play toys. >> oh! >> thank you. there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!! someone is carrying well,locally grown produce picked at peak of season of freshness.
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10:27 am
a criminal trial gets under way against pg&e in san francisco. the utility facing more than a dozen federal charges connected to the deadly pipeline explosion. among charges obstructing the ntsb investigators. we'll have a look at traffic and weather after the break.
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♪ this goes out to every backyard hero. for all the effort you put into making the perfect barbecue, there's only one grill that's engineered and designed with the same kind of passion, weber. available at the home depot. we're seeing a lot of clouds across the bay area. futurecast shows we'll see rain
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move in by early afternoon. mainly for the north bay. santa rosa, and napa, you will start to see those showers move in. very hit or miss rainy where south of there with most of the measurable showers continuing into early afternoon into the evening. as far as how much we can see, the potential of up to a quarter of rain in santa rosa and trace amounts elsewhere. now let's head over to to mike for a look at the communicate. >> bay bridge toll plays. >> minor backup but seeing fast track waiting a little more. oakland, nice, easy drive. 12:35 game midday game for a's so a little congestion. warriors viewing party. still around the coliseum. no slowing to speak of around the bay. we're looking at a smooth, easy drive across san mateo. slowing around 101 and airport and 288/80, no surprise the
10:30 am
commute for the south bay. >> make sure to join us at 11:00 for the next newscast. chri we'll see you then. it's thirsty thursday and we are ready to see two smoking hot ladies walk through these doors with their ambush makeovers. >> the ladies have spent the last few hours being fluffed and primped and pampered courtesy of our fabulous dynamic duo, from the licari cutler salon, ladies and gentlemen, hair guru to the stars, louis licari. and "today" contributor, author and all-around style vixen, jill martin. >> the gorgeous jill martin. >> it's damp. it's wet. >> it was pouring. >> everyone looked like wet rats. jill and i needed an ambush to get ready for this segment. >> first up, sandy. she's 61 years old and works as
10:31 am
a food specialist in the local catholic school. she loves to garden and spend time with her five grandchildren. she has been getting perms since high school and does not color her hair. let's listen to her story. >> well, you really went all out. the rain, you brought hoda's book, the signs. you got our attention. tell me why you want this for sandy so badly. >> well, she's my big sister. she works hard, she's got her kids and her grandkids and it's just time to pamper her now. >> well, we will pamper her, and you. we will hear about you soon. you ready? >> yeah. >> high five. >> all right. as we point out, two sisters. the first sister will come out by herself. no one will react to her except for all of us. here is sandy before. all right, sandy. let's see the new you. wow! >> oh, my. >> wow! are you ready, glamour-puss? spin around. here you are. right here.
10:32 am
>> what? oh, my god! >> that was a miracle. >> you were like do i keep spinning? >> wow za! >> oh, my gosh. i look like a different person. >> you look beautiful. >> spin right to camera 12. tell us all about it. >> okay. obviously, the first thing is this great haircut by james. what we did is she had those bangs and we tried to sweep them to the side to make them a little softer. of course i lightened her hair color just a pinch. again, it looks like it comes from her, not from me, which is key. >> that dress is perfect. i love it. >> i love any dress with a built-in waistband because it's so thinning. >> all right, sandy. we will ask you to stand right over there. you will face the wall just so you don't get to see your sister. we will talk about her and bring her out. >> she is deb, she's 55 from
10:33 am
oxford, iowa. she's been married for 32 years, has one daughter, one son, works as an overnight clerk at the university of iowa's neonatal clinic and normally only wears mascara and eyeliner. let's hear her story. >> now it's your little sister's turn. why do you want it for deb? >> deb has tried several times to get on. she has been out here visiting her son. it's her birthday next week and we got it. yay, so excited! >> you two are so cute and such great sisters. how do you feel about this? >> we're just really excited. it's our sister trip. we will make the most of it. >> those always make me miss my sisters. >> so let's take one last look at her before. and let's bring out the new deb. all right! wow! >> okay. on three, turn around. look at your sister. one, two, three. >> oh, my god!
10:34 am
you look so different. happy birthday! >> you want to see yourself? turn right here. >> wow! >> this is crazy. who are you people? completely different. >> i don't know who we're going to go home as. >> stand right here, look at camera 12 if you don't mind. i love that very cute 'do. >> james says this is a long pixie, but then he pushes the side back to create sort of a faux asymmetric look that's so chic. >> she could make it the same on the other side. a different way to wear it. that's really cute. >> that's holding it back with a comb, without using the comb, obviously. then i made her hair lighter which just made her look like a movie star, i think. of course, who could put it all together better than enid. >> you hit it with these
10:35 am
dresses. >> so pretty. will you spin around? i just want to show how sexy the back is. maggie london. i love the sheer. >> why don't you come over and hang with your sister. louis and jill, thank you so much. everyone has a story and hers is going to make you want to dance. >> right after this. see, we can agree.reat. that one. ugh, come on. dad, can we turn up the heat? no. put on a sweater. honey, it's called a barber shop quartet. no! out! what? that was in! yeah finally, something the whole family can agree on. oscar mayer deli fresh ham made with pure honey for a taste everyone will love.
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wait a minute. we can't hear that darling kathie lee sing. >> everyone has a story is all about the power of dance. as robert stern wrote to tell us about his amazing wife robin. a ballet teacher and dance studio owner. >> he wanted to tell us about something very very special that robin did for a remarkable young lady. we will meet them in a moment. first let's hear what robert shared in his sweet letter. >> i wanted to send you a note about one of the sweetest things my wife robin has ever done. she has poured her heart and talent out for over 40 years as a ballet teacher and studio owner. she has never won accolades or awards but has guided hundreds of young women and young men through the difficulties of teen years and has produced several dancers who are now appearing on broadway. one student named hannah bloom has down syndrome. she started ballet as a 6-year-old along with other students. hannah always came to class and
10:41 am
did her best but improvement was slow and due to her limited communication skills, she was lonely most of the time. but hannah was almost always pleasant and only wanted hugs from other students. she simply kept coming and never gave up, loving to move and dance. at the studio, seniors in high school get to perform a senior solo at the end of the year. it came to robin's attention that although hannah was now 22, she had persevered and earned her high school diploma. she wanted to do a solo but her mother thought she couldn't since she was still a rather unskilled dancer. but robin would not take no for an answer. robin made her costume, choreographed her solo and worked extra time into her schedule to assist hannah in learning it to the best of her ability. hannah did her solo at the demonstration and brought the house down. i have never been so proud of my most amazing wife and the love that she pours into her students. >> oh, my god. >> i know. i know.
10:42 am
this song is about everybody coming up. really, because everybody is a hero in this, including robert who wrote us the beautiful letter about his beautiful wife. robin and robert are here with us along with the lovely hannah. hello, hannah. >> hi. >> so did you know your husband was writing this letter to us? >> not really. we had sort of joked about it when i finished the book and i didn't know how to promote it, and he said i think you should write a letter to kathie lee and put it on the "today" show. we just sort of laughed about it. i found out after the fact that he did. >> he had to go through the everyone has a story source but it worked out beautifully. hannah, did you know she was writing a book about you? >> yeah. >> were you excited? >> yeah. >> what makes hannah unique? we met her and loved her instantly, but what is it about her? >> well, actually, every child is unique and somebody with special needs, people tend to push them aside a little bit and just presume that they can or
10:43 am
can't do things, and hannah had such a sweet, sweet spirit about her. she was just such a loving, sincere, hard-working, stubborn young lady and being a parent myself, whatever frustrates you about your children sometimes ends up being their best asset when they get older. >> look at robert. look at robert. >> he loves them both. >> beaming ear to ear. we have a special song written just for you guys. >> broadway star tony yasbeck will perform it in just a moment right after this. i can't wait! this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule.
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hey, everybody. we are back with our everyone has a story winners, robin and robert along with robin's former ballet student hannah. her parents are here, too, vanessa and david. >> welcome, welcome.
10:49 am
>> now it's time for everyone to hear the song we wrote called "dance, baby dance." here to perform it is tony yasbeck. ♪ look all around you'll see a world full of trouble hearts full of need streets full of rubble ♪ ♪ but if you look closer you're able to see a light in the darkness within the debris ♪ ♪ all it takes is one person who's willing to sow the seed of a dream so that dream can grow to nurture to nourish to give you the chance to get up the courage to get up and dance ♪
10:50 am
♪ dance baby dance let gladness fill your heart let love and joy wash over you to free you and set you apart ♪ ♪ dance baby dance it's what you were born to do you dreamed your dream now it came true so dance baby dance ♪ ♪ ♪ now look in her eyes you'll see joy in a girl who's living her dream with every twirl
10:51 am
whose glowing and laughing and flying and free being all that she was always destined to be ♪ ♪ dance baby dance let gladness fill your heart let love and joy wash over you to free you and set you apart ♪ ♪ dance baby dance it's what you were born to do you dreamed your dream now it came true so dance dance baby dance ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh. >> excellent. we still have one more surprise.
10:52 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
today we have been honoring two very special families who were just treated to a fantastic performance by broadway's tony yasbeck and by hannah herself. in almost 100 everyone has a stories we've done, we never had that happen before. >> it's very poignant and very beautiful. >> you guys enjoyed it, too? >> we did. >> how about that tony yasbeck? we know you guys all love dance, especially the ballet, so the kennedy center has invited all five of you to go see a special performance of christopher wielden's "cinderella" by the
10:56 am
san francisco ballet. would you like to go to that? are you sure? >> yeah, i love ballet. >> it is such a brilliant choreography and he's such a nice man. maybe you can go backstage and say hello to the dancers. thank you, all. thank you, everybody. tony -- >> "finding neverland." >> until end of august. >> i have an album out right now and i'm doing my own show here in new york city. >> because you don't have enough to do. >> david, what about you? >> three new shows are really happening. very exciting. >> tv and film. >> we are the only people with no talent on this stage. >> zero talent. if you want to read robin's book, it's called "hannah finds her voice." it's a beautiful, precious book. thank you all so much for sharing. everybody else out there, send in your stories to us. everyone has a story. tell us yours. we will write a song for you. >> tomorrow, jim and jeannie gaffigan are with us.
10:57 am
>> and a summer block party. >> have an awesome thirsty thursday. tomorrow is try-day friday. continue to remember a fallen
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, the bay area and law enforcement community continue to remember a fallen officer killed on duty after his motorcycle collided with a minivan. thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. law enforcement just about to start escorting that body to the funeral home. he will be prepared for burial. this is one of the men who tried to save his life, we hear from him. >> bob redell has the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and


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