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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  June 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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=raj/vo contie >> nbc bay area news starts now. my first thought was what if someone is on that plane like 9/11 who is ready to crash the plane in some san francisco skyscraper or something like that. >> right now at is 1:00, the terror attack in turkey is rattling nerves around the world including here at sfo. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm jessica an greerry.
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it is 9:00 a.m. in istanbul, turkey right now. it is still an active crime scene there. tonight new video as three terrorists attack the city's main airport. ataturk international is a hub for travelers across the globe. the first suicide bomber blew his device in the parking lot near the international terminal. the second set up his explosives at a taxi stand outside the arrival hall and the third bomber was able to get into the arrivals area and there, blow himself up. >> when i was in there and people were shooting, we all ran the other way. and then the bombs went off. >> all indications point to isis as being behind the attack. nbc news learned two weeks ago that the islamic state had sent 35 militants into turkey to carry out attacks during the islamic holy month of ramadan. tonight, there is fear that more terror attacks could take place
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soon. istanbul connects europe and asia into this airport services the sizable turkish here in the bay area. >> ian cole spoke with people ho arrived from istanbul tonight and joins us tonight from sfo. they have to be so rattled. >> they are indeed. their flight took off around 1:00 p.m. local time in istanbul. that was just nine hours before the attack happened. some were shaken as they came through customs here tonight but happy to be hugging loved ones as they returned home. eager families waiting for passengers returning from istanbul. the turkish airline flight left in the afternoon nine hours before the attack. jose gonzales's two sons were on the plane. >> nervous. i mean, i just started pack i canning. >> he reunited with his sons who went through the ataturk airport earlier in the day.
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>> i was at the spot where one of the bombers blew up. that's trippy for me. >> the flight had live tv in the cabin. many passengers flipping through channels came across the news. >> i was like, no, this has to be old. i went on there, turns out it wasn't. like i just completely froze. >> ivan called the airline insuring his son got on the plane but was still concerned. >> even though they were already over canada, i was still worried if somebody's on the plane, it's not over. >> reporter: one flight coming loam, another leaving sfo for turkey around 6:00. passengers unsure if they would take off. >> we tried to contact the airlines and offices but we couldn't go through any of the telephones. so we decided that that's let's come to the airport. >> the plane would take off around 7:00. families now hoping for increased security measures here in turkey and around the world. >> to even have track of people
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who come with cars and maybe check those cars before. >> reporter: officials say there is increased security both inside and outside of the terminals at sfo. they say that is also standard protocol for when something like this hans in the world. ian cole, bay area news. >> we're updating our social media platforms with the latest on this attack. extensive details, video and pictures. it's at can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me none of that was real? >> visibly upset students and parents pack the scotts valley school board meeting voicing concerns about a letter written by a high school student. that letter outlined plans of rape and murder. angry parents in the district did little to address the letter or the 15-year-old teenager who allegedly wrote it. nbc bay area's was at the meeting tonight and joins us with the details parents very
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upset by this. >> reporter: yes, jessica. i can tell you the meeting here tonight was very emotional. parents tell me they're glad they were heard but say they've only just begun to address the issue. >> how about not getting any sleep or having anxiety or paranoia. >> a shaken teen comes close to tears in front of a packed house at a scotts valley unified school district board meeting. see see runyan is one of 21 students and four teaches at the high school who would be stabbed to death and raped according to a letter written by another student. the letter was handed to a girl during the last week of school. >> he threatened my life and my friends life and my friend's bodies. >> this is probably the most escalated type of threat i think that i'm aware of we've dealt with. >> my wife and i attended a parent meeting last night. at that meeting, we found out for the first time that our son was on the kill list. >> scotts valley police
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investigated the case and the boy was held on an inschool suspension how is this making sense? >> but parents want him expelled. >> there's a lot of things we want to see changed. it was letting them know the seriousness of this and we're not going away. >> lisa shaw says she received a letter from the district implying they'll take no further action. superintendent penny weaver wouldn't clarify. >> that's an answer to your question i'm not able to provide. >> reporter: attorneys for the families tell us this case could be criminal if it's considered threatening or exposing minors to pornography if i. police have forwarded the case to the santa cruz county district attorney's office. no word yet if the d. a. plans to file any charges. reporting live from scotts valley, laura malpert. >> see why account parents are so upset. just in, a berkeley middle school is on alert tonight. police increased patrols at
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marin luther king middle school after the principal received a threatening e-mail talking about a teacher who took part against the white nationalist group on sunday. ten people were hurt. the anonymous e-mail said if certain actions were not taken against the teacher within the week, someone would come to the school to harm the students. there are two summer catches being moved to another location as a precaution. a developing story in el dorado and placer counties. a wildfire near forest hill and the american river. it's called the trail fire. it's in a remote area making it difficult for ground crews to access. about 100 homes have been evacuated on the placer county side. heat making things tough for firefighters. 90 degree temperatures around here today. rob has been tracking the extreme fire danger across northern california. rob? >> at its worst this year, we saw temperatures through 5:00 in the mid-90s.
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humidity level at 14%. even now still in the 70s. humidity levels not recovering that much thanks to winds out of the east. humidity 36%. during the day tomorrow, mid-90s and humidity at 11% along the fire lines. here in the bay area, we saw temperatures still soaring into the 90s. a little bit cooler than yesterday but still 99 degrees in cop cord, 9 in livermore. ahead finally cooler changes. a stronger sea breeze will begin to drop the temperatures across the valleys. >> we'll see you shortly. you can track the hot weather and the fire danger from the palm of your hand 24/7 with our free nbc bay area ap. >> a heartbreaking accident. six people from the bay area, four of them children, died today on this crash on i-5 at the grapevine. the minivan they were in had stopped in the right-hand lane after a minor accident. a rig rig hit the minivan. the two dads managed to get out
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in time and tried to save their wives and four children but were unable. that's when the highway patrol officers an rbied. >> we got out to try to assist the two males trying to get the two families out of the van. i wasn't able to talk to them. >> the two women and four children died in the fire. one of the families is from daly city, the other from san francisco. >> a 16-year-old girl is dead and another seriously hurt hit by a car in oakley. two girls were walking along east cyprus road when they were struck this afternoon. witnesses say the woman in the car was driving erratically. police are investigating possibly drunk or drugged driving. the driver is cooperating. >> still ahead, donald trump, hillary clinton and now marijuana. the announcement made today that means california voters could legalize recreational pot this november. and that's what smell? is it safe to drink in the strange odor you might be noticing coming from your tap.
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and we're beginning to see some signs of cooling at least around san francisco. tomorrow morning, morning mist and driz in san francisco with bigger changes ahead with cooling temperatures across the valleys. more on that in the forecast when we come right back.
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> well, not just the presidential race. as of on the, there's a new item on the california ballot. the right to use marijuana without having a medical marijuana card. who's behind the push? new at 11:00, cheryl herd is in our newsroom and cheryl, they cleared a big hurdle tonight. >> they did. and a lot of people are backing this measure. and marijuana is a complicated issue especially here in california where where medical marijuana has been legal since 1996. but we found out here in the bay area that a lot of the folks here don't mind talking about
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it. >> what's the difference between me having a couple beers and smoking a couple joints? as long as i do it in a safe and productive manner, then there shouldn't be an issue. >> reporter: adult marijuana use is a hot topic at paul heyward's overland bar in oakland. >> between the medicinal uses and all the other problems with opioids and what not, the least of our others is legalizing marijuana. >> reporter: the measure that will appear on ballot is called the adult use of marijuana act. the measure asks voters to allow people 21 ran older to buy an ounce of marijuana and marijuana infused products at licensed retail outlets and possibly grow up to six pot plants for personal use. lieutenant governor gavin newsom has come out in favor of the measure. >> it's been a war disproportionately war on people of color and on poor folks. >> reporter: but dave hodges is against it. he has been working with
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businesses that distribute medical marijuana for years. >> it's controlled both on a state and a city level. so you'll have a huge confusion between the city and state issue still. and you'll have many cities that ban them. >> reporter: state officials say the measure could raise up to $1 billion per gleer revenues. reporting live in our contra costa county bureau, i'm cheryl hurd. >> thank you, cheryl. the controversial sentencing of a stanford swimmer in a sexual assault case is on the verge of changing state law. district attorney jeff rosen today told a senate committee that brock turner had not been eligible for mandatory jail time because the victim was unconscious. current law does not mandate a prison sentence when a rape victim or sex is assault victim is unconscious. members of the senate committee were shocked by the news and voted in favor of a bill which would carry an automatic sentence of prison whether the
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victim is conscious or not. tonight, the search is on for a gunman who opened fire near the san jose state campus killing one and injuring another. second deadly shooting in less than 24 hours around 2:00 this afternoon on 11th and san carlos two blocks from campus. witnesses saw someone fire several shots at two men in a minivan before driving off in a car. there are several families with kids in the area so it was frightening. >> it was scary. i was just out here about five minutes before that happened with my daughter. she was riding her bike. i'm on my cell phone so it is kind of scary. it's very close to home. >> there have been 24 homicides reported in santa fe this year. the man was found shot to death in his car off berryessa road. this very time last night. this type last year, the city had just ten homicides. >> a follow-up to last month's murder in san leandro.
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three men shot and killed a man at a senior center. the get away van crashed into a car and the men got away. police say they tracked down those suspects. they include 25-year-old norberto villarreal of san jose. the other two are minors. formal charges could be filed tomorrow. plenty of pride but there was also some hate. san francisco police arrested emmanuel morincy for allegedly assaulting two women on sunday during the pride festivities saying he harassed, pushed and threatened to kill them because of their sexual orientation. police need help solving another attack. two men in a dark gray sedan yelled homophobic slurs at a man walking. they then shot him in the hand with a bb gun before speeding away. they are back in harmony today. and tick violin and the owner
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reunited today in san francisco. police officers posed with clinton seen her clutching his instrument one he's played since the age of 16. it was stolen yesterday from his car. the officers patrolling an area where stolen goods are often sold spotted. the violin. today they went back home with its owner. >> could san francisco get a bigger slice of the pie? all those big time and tech companies in the city might end up paying a new tech tax. a ballot measure was introduced today that would charge certain tech companies 1.5% of their annual payroll. that's expected to generate $120 million a year to pay for affordable housing and homeless services. the measure requires six votes from the board of supervisors to get on this november's ballot and then two-thirds majority support by voters to win approval. if you noticed a dirt like smell coming from your tap water, you're not imagining things. santa clara water district say
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they're working to get rid of that odor. it's impacting only parts of the south bay. the odor is purely as they tick caused by an algae bloom contaminating the delta. the district is currently trying to eliminate the odor at the treatment plants to make it better. a popular swimming spot closed. a toxic algae bloom has made lake temeskal off limits. it's the third straight year east bay regional parks experienced the same issue. right now, fishing, picnicking and hiking options are still a go. swimmers are out of lucking. > rob mayeda, we're inching towards this holiday weekend. a lot of people will play hooky on friday. >> we're going to see cooler temperatures by the time the weekend an rbis. but still if you're watching us this hour around tri-valley or around concord, it's still kind of mild. 69 degrees around livermore. north bay, san francisco, numbers comfortably in the 50s.
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across the east bay, 55 in alameda. concord 71. check out antioch and brentwood, mid-70s outside. no sign of the ocean air conditioning or marine air making its way inland across the interior east bay valleys. for tomorrow morning along the coast of the inner bay, a chance of low clouds for the morning. the winds on shore throughout the day. a cooler day towards the coastline. for the inner bay, temperatures staying a bit more mild. 60s and 70s. 90s inland. low clouds in the bay area. south of lake tahoe again tomorrow, watch out for thunderstorms. we saw this today developing with the afternoon. moisture coming up out of the desert southwest will once again rotate up close to lake tahoe with southwesterly winds aloft will keep the storms away from the bay area. keep that he in mind if you're traveling around yosemite. more thunderstorms could be in the forecast for tomorrow. out on the coast, notice the cool temperatures all day sea
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breeze including ocean beach and half moon bay seeing temperatures in the 50s, 60s to low 70s. but the valleys again tomorrow maybe just a couple degrees cooler. low to mid-90s south of downtown. 86 degrees in san jose. 60s closer to san francisco. peninsula temperatures not that bad. sonoma over towards santa rosa, from walnut creek to plent santon wednesday and even into thursday we'll continue to see the hot temperatures inland across the valleys. by friday and saturday, that ridge begins to weaken. you'll see these temperatures dropping steadily. so san jose low 80s as we approach friday and spaptd dublin finally breaking out of the mid to upper 90s to mid 80s by saturday and sunday. san francisco we'll see extra low clouds. we start off the fourth of july weekend hopefully no fog around fireworks time on monday. we will see temperatures for the end of the upcoming weekend
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turning warmer but not as hot as weather the last three days. cooling coming in towards friday and saturday to start the weekend and temperatures warmer towards fourth of july. but staying away from 100 degrees across account hottest valleys early next week. >> thanks, rob. up next, how a burglary ended up getting beaten up by the sam bat he broke into a house with. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, meghan trainor performs tonight. plus we have drake, megyn kelly and tonight #do not change the channel. >> and happening on facebook, he is out at least for now. the giants are resting joe panik who is dealing with concussion symptoms after being hit in the head by a pitch during a game against tampa bay. on you're ap, tweaking twitter and the social media giant unveiled a new feature called stickers. users can stickers to photos they post in tweets. you can share how you're feel
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org just add some flair. we're back income two minutes. the making.
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a little payback for a suspected burglar. a family claims when a santa cruz man tried to rob them, they got the upper hand. this is how he looks after a family in florida claims he broke into their house wielding a baseball bat. with their grandmother and three young kids inside, dad grabbed him in a bear hug. that's when his wife says she grabbed the guy's bat and beat him. >> well, i think he got pretty lucky. had he been there longer, mama bear takes care of her babies. >> people say he ran off and they found him hospitalized
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under a fake name. decision 2016 now. another hollywood type visit for hillary clinton back in the bay area tomorrow appearing with jamie lee curtis. mrs. clinton and curtis will host a fund-raising lochon tomorrow. mrs. clinton is in los angeles there evening. the latest nbc news surveymonkey poll she now has an eight-point lead over donald trump. >> pay up if you want to park at caltrain beginning this friday, a 10% increase. a 24-hour parking permit at most lots will now be $5.50. monthly precipitations go up five bucks in price. if you are looking for something to do on your day off, collect facebook. the company is testing a new events feature in ten cities including san francisco. users can quickly find events near them that focus on family, educational, community, and entertainment. up next, the bay area outpouring of love and
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admiration for pat summitt, the basketball legend. r of the sports wod
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has died. pat summit -- mde a pioneer of the sports word has died. pat summitt made women's basketball relevant. >> she coached at tennessee but made a lasting impact here.
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we have more. as john wooden was to the men's game, so too was pat summitt to women's college basketball. in 38 seasons, eight national titles and 11,08 career wins. >> women's basketball no one knew about it. she put women's basketball on the map. >> head coach jennifer learned of summit's passing tuesday morning. she was recruit bid sum m.i.t. before committing to stanford. their relationship goes back three decades. >> obviously we all knew she was sick and wasn't doing well. for this to actually be it, i don't even know what to say other than i loved her like she was my own coach. every time i went back from stanford she opened the door, let me work out at the university of tennessee. she just was that type of person. >> at her annual kids basketball
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camp in mill valley, azzi used the passing as a teachable moment for all the campers. >> moment of silence in there. with why was that important for you today. >> it was important for both the boys and girls to understand the power of pat summitt and her legacy. and that they showed respect for one of the greatest people of all time. >> a seven-type national coach of the year who graduated all 161 of her players, her influence is unequalled both on and off the court. >> she was such a powerful presence in our game and she's just going to be so missed. >>? >> in mill valley, colin rush, nbc bay area. >> a legend indeed. >> a disappointing night for some but not all. the results of tonight's olympic trials for swimming.
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the road to rio continues to through omaha. a disappointing night for natalie coghlan and franklin. both failed to finish in the 100 meet ter backstroke. both franklin and coghlan have another chance 0 punch their ticket to rio. the competition will wrap up
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this weekend. michael phelps advancing to tomorrow night's 200 meter fly finals. >> watching all these trials is like watching a big cal swim meet. you see so many cals. it's so fun to see our locals. >> that's going to do it. >> thanks for joining us here at 11:00. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- drake, megyn kelly, musigu


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