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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ingfor twswimmerwho disappearedt aeast balake. asoon ashe sun mes up,emergency urgent hours spent searching for two swimmers that disappeared at the east bay lake. as soon as the sun comes up emergency crews will be back on the water. in baton rouge police put protesters in handcuffs after tensions flair. the anger over officer-involved shoots is raw. worthy of the olympics bid. the women's olympics trials are over. we know who is on the team. "today in the bay" starts now. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in. >> i'm sam brock. so much excitement in the south bay. we're doing back flips because
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it's monday. >> go for it, kari. >> yeah. we have some warmer temperatures in the forecast today. a little bit warmer than it was yesterday, but it was such a nice weekend. we really can't complain about a degree or two going up today. as we start out it's 54 in the peninsula and 55 in the north bay with highs today reaching 87 in the south bay, 86 in the north bay. upper 80s in the trivalley with 68 in san fransisco. we'll talk more what to expect throughout the week coming up. now we have a crash going on in the north bay. >> it's just in the north bay. the rest of the bay is seeing green. there's nothing major going on. in even in the north bay it doesn't sound like anything major. the first details were overturned vehicle at southbound 101. they're no longer concerned about what was going on there. the offramp is open. so are the lanes. you can see how light the traffic is. southbound 101. back to you. >> thank you very much.
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we're following developing news in the east bay. two swimmers are missing this morning after they disappeared in the waters at shadows cliff recreation area in pleasantton last night. "today in the bay" is there live this morning. bob, trying to gather details here this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the east bay regional parks police department tells us they will have a dive team back out here at around 7:00 this morning here at the shadows cliff park in pleasantton to find -- to try to find the two missing swimmers. the agency tells us this is no longer a rescue operation, rather an active recovery. in other words, the thought is the two swimmers have drowned and now it's a matter of finding their bodies. it's not clear how the swimmers got in distress. if you're not familiar, it used to be a gravel cory a number of years ago. it's a popular swim spot in the east bay. the park's website notes that life guards are on duty yet we
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have not yet confirmed that was the days when the two swimmers disappeared yesterday. two swimmers missing in a popular swim spot in pleasantton. [ yelling ] as you can see there intense protests in baton rouge, louisiana dozens of people were arrested after a confrontation with police yesterday. this protest in response to several violent events over the past week. including the deadly police shootings of two black men in louisiana, in baton rouge specifically, also in minnesota. also, the massacre of five police officers in dallas is still very much weighing on folks minds. >> one of several cities around the nation where protesters last night expressed their anger at law enforcement officers. >> sunday night was filled with gatherings and marches in cities from atlanta to los angeles. most were relatively peaceful.
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in atlanta people held sit ins and blocked roads. many gathered on the streets of chicago as well. there was a heavy police presence. in the meantime, protesters at black lives matter rally in los angeles spilled on to the streets and blocked traffic at major sbrengss. president obama will go to dallas tomorrow to attend a memorial service honoring the fallen officers. the president arrived at the white house yesterday evening after having cut his trip to spain short. the president will speak at the memorial service tomorrow. he'll also meet with the families of the fallen and the injured officers and he'll do that privately. we're going to change topics here and talk about the olympics and the opening ceremonies which are coming up in just 25 days now. now nbc bay area is your station for the olympics. jessica gary providing live reports. >> olympics dreams came true. the gymnastics team revealed
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here and in front of a sold out and enthusiastic crowd. the team is reigning world champs gabby douglas, lori hernandez, and madison koesha. >> we're going to out li-- olympics! >> yes ally graceman posted this video on twitter after they found out the life-changing news they've been working for so many years. 16-year-old simone biles was virtually a lock to make the olympics trial. she shined during the trials getting off to a strong start and never looked back. gabby douglas had a rough couple of nights even falling off the balance beam. you see it there. in the end her name was also called. >> this is amazing feeling knowing you have worked so hard
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and you just you put everything into it. when you hear your name called it's just -- wow. is it really happening? it's an amazing moment. nothing really could compare. >> i think i lost it because, i mean, you train your whole life for this but for it to happen is just insane. i'm speechless. >> that's so cute. team usa is an early favorite to bring home the gold. >> all right. a lot of celebrations there. coming up next returning to rio summer weather. kari hall is tracking the latest changes. >> it starts to warm up today. we'll see warmer temperatures throughout the week. it's nice and cool now. we'll have a look at the microclimate forecast coming up. a pretty cool drive in around the bay. look at the cool shot of the city. we'll talk about what is going on on the roadways. we'll give you a peek what is going on coming up. plus, hoping for the safe return of a woman kidnapped
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almost two weeks ago. police hope that the arrests they made over the weekend will lead to answers. you're watching today in the bay. a tragic cidenin the rth
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dead. the child w in a soller wn a traffic accident in the north bay left a toddler dead. the toddler was in a stroller when he was hit by a car. >> the mother was pushing that stroller across the street yesterday evening. police say a 3-year-old boy was flown from the stroller as his mom tried to jump out of the way of the oncoming car.
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tragically the boy was hit by the car. he was air lifted to the hospital but later died there. the crash happened in the community on the outskirts of o sonoma. the driver cooperated with the police and not facing any charges. family of the kidnapped woman are holding out hope to finding her safe. police ais unsure if the 57-year-old is alive or dead. she was last seen at the fish market. on july 1st, her son told police she was kidnapped and being held for ransom. investigators made four arrests in this case and police say one of the suspects lived in the same building as the victim several years ago. the search for her continues. a follow up on the historic church that was battling damage by the earthquake two years ago. first presbyterian church opened
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the doors for the first service since the 2014 quake. these are the pictures to get things operational again. the downtown napa church was built 142 years ago. it brought down a lot of blaster and glass. there's been much repair but the work is not over. restoration is expected to continue over the next few months. the bay area celebrates a milestone. >> saint anthony's diming room has been serving the homeless since 1950. they never turn anyone away. they do it every day. today the dining room is going to serve the 42nd millionth meal. they average about 1 million meals each and every year. most of the food is donated. coming up next the raging wild fires burning in colorado. now police have made arrests. the reason two campers face charges. live pictures of the san francisco skyline on this monday
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morning. kari hall has your complete weather forecast. things start heat up again for the brand new week. that's coming up after this break. two men whinvestitors safailed
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are now fang crimal chars in connectin witan out two men who investigators say failed to put out a campfire are facing criminal charges in connection with an out of control wild fire in colorado. it destroyed three homes and burned 600 acres plus so far. it's burning some 20 miles west of bolder.
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there are no reports of injures, but about 2,000 people have now evacuated and two men face charges. right now mike told us he spotted a fire on one of your traffic cams. >> let's get a look at the forecast. >> more summer. >> yeah. >> it's going to be hotter this week compared to last week. we're getting ready for temperatures to start to ramp up a little bit more each day. as we get a live look outside at san jose. a mostly clear start and we'll see the clear skies all throughout the day. a lot of sunshine and we start out with clouds also near the coastline. it's 56 degrees in san francisco, and 55 degrees in livermore. concord starts out at 62 degrees already. and as our temperatures warm up in oakland, this is by lunchtime 72 degrees. and 2:0074 degr 74 degrees. a nice breeze and mostly clear skies into tonight even around
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midnight. a look at the microclimate today. san jose up to 82. the financial district at 66 degrees. 86 in santa rosa as well as pittsburgh, and danville today up to 77 degrees. and we're getting ready for this area of low pressure that brought nice cool weekend to move away. and it will be replaced by high pressure that will still give us a weak onshore flow but it will allow our temperatures to warm up. this is a look at the trend for parts of the south bay. it will be slightly above average for today. up to 87 degrees. 88 tomorrow. you see the numbers going up a degree or two most of the days. up to 90 on friday. as we look ahead to the weekend. forecast it will be still pretty much above average with some mid to upper 80s in spots and san francisco stays in the mid 60s. and the peninsula around 75 degrees. so not bad. now let's head to mike. we're talking about that fire in
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the south bay. >> that's right. i was able to catch a glimpse of the smoke from 101 and 680. our reporters just arrived on scene. we'll talk about that more on the maps and show you the general vicinity off the 286. right about there. more details from the anchors. but so far the freeways aren't affected by this. we'll track it as it affects the local. the only issues in fremont we have a shot of the crew there. and right there on the northbound side right by the truck scale back to you. thank you very much, mike. mike mentioned the fire he's been tracking. in is a view from one of the cameras a little bit closer to the area. you see a sbrobroad swath of wh tobacco. firefighters on the scene with ladders trying to make work of the fire which we believe is at a recycling plant near downtown
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san jose. >> yeah. that's happening, actually, in the 1600 block, chris, of south seventh street. not too far from new municipal stadium. the story started about 4:00 this morning. sharon is on the scene gathering more information. she'll have a live report at 5:00. in the meantime, new this morning a string of nin connection with last month's terror attack that killed 44 people in istanbul. turkey's state-run news agency said the police arrested seven more suspects. there's no indication what role they may or may not have played or their nationalities. it brings the total number of arrests to 37 in connection with the attack. no group has claimed responsibility. turkish intelligence believes it's the work of isis. republicans are hammering out their convention platform.
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the rnc starts a two-day meeting in cleveland. they're charged with crafting the city's principles and values. key issues expected to include same-sex marriage, abortion, and trade. the four-day event is expected to event with the presumptive presidential nominee donald trump taking the stage. the convention starts on u july 18th in cleveland, this is just the precursor meeting in setting up the platform. >> if you believe the major couple buy ya is coming tomorrow word is bernie sanders is going to finally endorse hillary clinton. >> does it mean he's going to back out of the race? we'll have to see. the two are scheduled to appear together at an event in help. various news outlets reports that's where the endorsement will happen. it follows a meeting by the democratic meeting in orlando where the group adopted some of the vermont senator's key positions. the convention starts two weeks from today in philadelphia.
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it is a neck-and-neck vote forcing a recount in san jose. it starts in the city council 4 elections. only 36 votes separated the candidates. in a surprise outcome the incumbent is losing to the opponent who lost last year's election for the north valley seat. the the markets had a nice little winning streak going on at the end of last week, and they continue that into this week. travel is cheaper for drivers. >> we turn to landon dowdy. we missed you last week. >> hi, there. i missed you guys as well. hope you had a nice weekend. happy monday. wall street could start on a positive note. futures are higher this morning and sharply on friday on the back of the u.s. stocks report which said more than 2,000 jobs were added to the economy.
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the dow jumping 250 points. the nasdaq up near lly 80. gas prices are falling again. the national average for regular unleaded dropping 7 cents in the past three weeks to $2.29 a gallon. mostly due to abundant supplies and lower oil prices. gas is higher in san francisco, though, by $3 a gallon and averaging $2.89 in san jose. that's 54 cents lower than a year ago. the most recognized name in mixed martial arts has a new owner. ufc is being sold for about $4 billion. it generates 2,000 hours of content each year for tv, pay per view, and streaming service. back over to you. >> popularity of that has taken off. landon dowdy, thank you very much. heading to rio to see the olympics and they will be
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representing team usa. they have more to their journey, which is making an entire country proud. that story coming up after the break. while we talk about gymnastics and the olympics, happening now the u.s. olympics gymnastic team revealed. learn more about the hard-working ladies heading to rio on facebook. how the san jose community is raising money to help homeless men living on the street. we'll be back in 2 minutes. returning tour covege of troad e
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returning to our coverage of the road to rio. there are some local stars representing other countries. >> tony and william is set to
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become the first woman cal student to compete in gymnastics at the olympics. the first woman 0 liolympian to compete for jamaica. >> a whole country is looking to me for the sport. it's a lot of pressure. >> she's ready to perform, though. she'll have a familiar face to help her out. chuck howell is serving as the jamaican coach. some comfort there and encouragement. another cal gymnast setting the bar high. >> ryan patterson is the only member of the south african g gymnastics team. the first time more than 50 years that south africa will have a gymnast at out limericks. patterson was born in south africa but grew up in pacifica. ryan is a senior at uk berkeley now and trains more than five hours a day. this is his favorite event.
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>> i love high bar. it's challenging and pretty scary sometimes. get your heart beating. >> ryan is an all-arounder. he's planning to compete in all six events during the games. we're counting down to rio. the opening ceremony is just 25 days away. a good deed from a police officer near monterrey changed the li-- life of one young man. >> his luck was down after his bike, which is his main form of transportation was stolen, officers decided to pitch in and buy him a new book. target decided to donate a bike instead. so the officers then used their money to buy him accessories like a helmet and bike lock. the photos show when the man received his new gear. everyone feels good after something like that. >> it's very nice they pitched in. you seem like the kind of guy that likes slurpees.
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>> raspberry. >> today is your day. it's july 11th. 7/11 free smoothy day. >> best day ever is pretty strong. >> that's my 7-year-old says. >> starting at 11:00 this morning until 7:00 at night the frenzy is on. customers can get a free slurpee through the 7-eleven app. they are offering cheap tickets to six flags for $7.11. that begins at 7:11 p.m. about 11 million slurpees will be given away today, the chain estimates. >> kari, what do you think? >> it will be warming up today. more of the warm weather as we go through the week. it's coming up in the microclimate forecast. we're coming over through livermore now. west 580 moving smoothly. a good amount of traffic. a wood for the rails. we have a problem for the east bay. plus, we're following breaking news this hour out of
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san jose. a fire at a recycling plant is still raging this morning. we have a reportering there gathering information on the scene. we'll tell you how close it is to other neighboring businesses and the risk from the smoke. you're watching "today in the bay." breaking ws.a fireurning a rec.
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we're following breaking news this morning. a fire burning at a recycling plant in san jose, not too far from municipal stadium. you can see the plume of smoke with our live traffic camera. we have a live report from our
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reporter on the ground. mike inouye is tracking the traffic situation as well. good morning. i'm bob rendell. sear soon the search will resume for two missing swimmers. the story coming up. that scene right there in baton rouge, louisiana. black lives matter protests spread across the country. tense moments as protesters come face-to-face with police. and the stars of the world of gymnastics dazzling the bay area. and we have the highlights from the gymnastics olympics trials coming up. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. this morning it's going to feel like it has felt. the difference it's going to end warmer. >> yeah. the temperatures going up this week. and it will still be nice and sunny as we go into the afternoon hours. you'll notice today


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